Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 22, 1964 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1964
Page 14
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BEN CASE* By NEAL ADAMS SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL WERE GOfNS AFTER A VERY DANGEROUS MAN. NOW MY ADVICE IS TO SHOOTi FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS AFTERWARDS. DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD THE PARTY REACHES A BRANCH OP THE AMAZON... SHE CAN'T LEAVE AWRKS ON THE WATER. WE'LL NEVER KNOW IF THE INDIANS TOOK HER UP OR DOWNSTREAM. MORTY MEEKIJC By DICK CAVALLI DO SOU UV&tfB YOU TEMPTH? By MY VA6T F0RIUN5?, / IDIDNT ! HAD AVAST" I HAVE 42 DOLLARS IN RJNNY /WONEV, 6IX TRADING STAMPS, AND AN OLD SKATE kS/, 9 .RK THAT KIND OF T5WPTATION I CAN WITHSTAND INDB=iNITELy. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN VDU DOMTBEUEVE ] WHERE WOMEN ARE , . „ IKJ FLATTERING / CONCERNED, TM ( _AN" SUMPIN I \B1? My MENTALmJ NOT SURE YOU'VE V. ELSE,TOO' £Of A MENTALITY—. PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER I KEEP FEELIN& SHE ISN'T PAVING, ATTENTION! CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TLKNER OUT. BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR BOOPLE OUT OUB W4I J. B. WELJUAMS HE?SSniX<SOT AM EYE LIKE RADAR WHEM 6Hoanne,8UCkf > LITTLE LEAeoER ^^T. -^HOWABOUT <\BUT tT5 BETTER VOL)? A NEW jJ ^HANlrlOTWtfG.. 6AUERVn WHATSAY. // A WO cmN S M?£!f"' LIKE SEUDIU& yf^iC„, A6AIMSTTHE M"^""^ "AP .'THAT DRATTED* MACK HAS ' Z MANEUVERED ME) INTOA SHOOTIN© J ; MATCH. WTH / SHERPAiWHEM N WILL X LEARM T<3 KEEP QOIET? .HAS^USTOPEMEC OOWNfCOWN— HOVSl/ ABOUT TRYING HOUR. HAMD ?v _„ . \MA30R?> IFNOU fSvCP &RTENCE ISATARDy „ , TEACHER.MA50R' MS JR.W1U.IAMS HEgQgS ARE MADE* WOT BQgM . miw „ v .,. w .,„ c , Redlands Daily Facts 14 -Wed., Jan. 22,1964 Tittle to n!ay one more season PALO ALTO, Calif. (UPI) — Notes and quotes from the Palo Club's Million Dollar Banquet Tuesday night. Y. A. Tittle, quarterback of the New York Giants — "1 will play one more season and thafs it. I feci OK and no operation was needed on my leg. I never could run very fast anyway so the injury in the playoff game won't make much difference." Tom Haller, San Francisco Giants catcher — "With Ed Bailey traded away, I hope to catch 120 to 130 games this year. Then I'll know how I can do at the plate." Jackie Jensen, former Boston Red Sox outfielder, who retired two years ago—"111 make a decision within two or three weeks on whether I will return to baseball. As I've said before, if I return I'd like to play for the Giants." Al' Davis, coach and general manager of the Oakland Raid' crs of the American Football League — "We hope to break ground for the new stadium within 60 to 90 days. It would be great to play in a big stadium." Jack Christiansen, coach of the San Francisco Forty Niners —"Our biggest problem for 1964 will be to keep everybody healthy. We are looking forward to an improved record — and even three wins would be an improvement." Payton Jordan. Stanford coach and coaching assistant for the U. S. Olympic team— "Our U. S. team is very young but it will be strong in t h e springs, pole vault and weights." Vera Burke, Oregon State's All America end — "Receiving the Pop Warner Award tonight is the greatest honor of my career. I hope to be able to live up to expectations with the Forty Niners next year." Alvin Dark, manager, San Francisco Giants—"The trade in which we got pitchers Bob Hendley and Bob Shaw in exchange for Felipe Alou and Ed Bailey was a good one for us. There aren't many jobs open with the Giants this year. I was leery before the season opened about our relief pitching. This year I believe we can p 1 a y comparable to the Dodgers. Jim Davenport and Jose Pagan will make a fine double play combination." Jim Davenport, Giants infielder—"I don't know much about second base, but I'm anxious for the season to start. I haven't signed a contract yet. But I don't think I deserve a raise." Wolman looks for new coach for Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA (UPI)—Jerry Wolman, who acquired $36 million in his 36 years and the Philadelphia Eagles Tuesday, was looking for a new head coach today. Wolman, a 36-year-old Washington. D.C. builder, officially became the new owner of the National Football League club Tuesday and announced that head Coach Nick Skorich was not being retained. Skorich, whose three-year contract with the Eagles expires in 10 days, was told by Wolman in Pittsburgh last Sunday that he planned a coaching change, the new owner said. Among those mentioned as possible successors to Skorich were former Cleveland Browns head Coach Paul Brown and Joe Kuharich, former head coach of the Washington Redskins and Notre Dame and now |a member of the official staff of NFL Commissioner Pete Ro zelle. Wolman said he has talked to a third man he identified only "as a free agent, a former head coach in the National Football League, not now- coaching in the league, not coaching anywhere." Wolman, who paid $5.5 million for the franchise in outbidding several other groups last December, said there is "no definite selection yet" of a coach. He added that no decision will be made until after the mid-winter league meeting in Miami next Tuesday. Wolman, a native of Shenandoah, Pa., and a boyhood fan of the Eagles, said Rozelle called him Monday night to tell him that his bid to buy the Eagles from a group of local stockholders had been accepted by the other league owners. Barnett may play some against Detroit LOS ANGELES (UPI) —Dick Barnett, hampered by a strained hamstring muscle that sidelined him two games and limited his playing time last time out, was expected to be in the Los Angeles Lakers starting lineup tonight against the Detroit Pistons. Detroit has had its troubles winning this season, but was able to score an upset 118-107 victory over the Lakers Monday night on the hot shooting of Don Ohl and Bailey Howell. The Lakers, current leaders in the National Basketball As sociation western division standings by Viz games over St. Louis, have to play the tough San Francisco Warriors in three straight games following tonight's Sports Arena clash with the Pistons. At Empire Bowl: City of Hope High Game — Lillian Obregon 177. Series Dot Mullenix 478. Standings: Her Majesty 42-18, Van Wieren 39-21, PCA 36-24. Levines 33Vi-26'.i, Emerich and McDowell 29-31, L and B Supply 28^-31'j, Hals Liquor 27 33, Smith Union Oil 261i-33^ Shirtcliff Const IVA-ZZVz, Shawver Shell 27-29. Tuesday A.M. High Game — Chris Schaffer 198, Series — Jane Angus 516. Standings: Pin Ups 33-18, Rolling Pins 30-21, Sidewinders 26-25, Check Mates 24-26Vi, Toppers 23-28, Cinnabars 21-30, Untouchables 14V4-36Vi. Tuesday Night Ladies High Game — Kay Tolliver 194, Series — Adina Morse 526 Standings: DeVolls market 35^-2Hi, Jacks Chevron 33-24, Standard Station 31-26, Tri City Concrete 29W27 1 /-:, Farmers Daughters 28-29, Marys Clean ers 27-30, Brookside Market 25'i-31'.i, Big Four Markets 181i-38Vi. ' City League High Game — Don Pettey, John Gaglardo 221, Scries — Bob Phelps 604. 200 Club — Bob Phelps 213, Carson Kilday 201, Chuck Dundas 211, Clayton Granger 201. Don Pettey 221, John Gagliardo 221, Von Horton 205, Hal Waldum 204. Standings : Micro Lube 50 26, Buds Richfield 46'/i-29'/i, Poe and Richards 46-30, Lange and Runkel 36-40, Sorenson's Eng 36-40, Morbitzers BBQ 32-44, Village Barber Shop 31'/2-44V= Advertisers 26-50. Empire Bowl High Game — Tem Goddard Pat Buyak 224, Series — Pat Buyak 816. 200 Club — Pat Buyak 224, Tem Goddard 224, Helen Sauv age 202, Joyce Lawrence 208 Florine Dundas 208. Standings : Steak Eaters 46 29',2, Jim Glaze 42-34, McCart neys 42-34. Sedgwick 42-34, Di Carias 31 !i -41 '.i, Tenax Town 24-50. Valentine Doubles Lucy Koopman and Marion Burk are currently leading the Valentine doubles at the Em pire Bowl with a 2243 series Bonnie Libbey and Lua Green are in second place with 1139 Third place in the standings is filled by Ruth and Dale Griffith with 1136. Celeste Jones and Bob Phelps are in fourth with 1102. King of the Hill Jerry Moore decisioned Ev erett May, three strikes to two to retain his King of the Hill crown for the third straight week of the contest. The optional jackpot was split between Norm Parker and Leo Puchalski both with 29 strikes for the two squads. Vancouver slides deeper into league cellar Hayes enters LA. games LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Out door sprint king Bob Hayes of Florida A&M will be set on adding inside laurels to his crown when he competes on the boards in the Feb. 8 fifth re newal of the Los Angeles In' door games. . Hayes last week equaled the existing 60-yard indoor record of 6.0 seconds. Julius Caesar Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 "Gallia omnls divisa" 4 Caesar's language DOWN 1 Minced oath 2 Serious 3 Irish seaport 4 Guides 5 Continent (ab.) 6 Hake lace 7 Follower 8 Snug retreats Commentaries of Caesar™ ttnnsL) 12 Indus tribesman SSobber 13 Ne« Hebrides 10 Readying Island 14 Epoch 15 Opposite to tables d'hote 17 Emperor (abj 18 Removed 19 Table cover for war 11 Smart blows 16 Roman commander SO Openings 22 Moths 23 Most efficient 21 Propriety (Scot) 26 Hawaiian tree 23 Tree 29 Mariner's 24 Tennis accessory 25 Talk (coll.) 27 Energy unit "28 Like a hoof 31 Put back in office 32 Russian composer 84 Russia (abj 35 Vase 38 Bacchanalias cries 40 Japanese gateway 42 Opposed to vacuum 43 Mohammedan holy city 45 Japanese statesman 46 Hungarian ragouts 50 Water ( FT.) 51 Prankish peasants 52 Compass point 53 Thing (Latin)' 54 Feminine appellation 55 Depot(ab J direction 30 Alternating 41 Ruminants* current (ah.) stomachs 32 Tribe defeated 42 Ship's mooring by Caesar place 33 Of the iris 44 Offshore 36 Wealth 47 Lubricant 37 Finest 48 Shoshoneaa 39 Symbol of the Indian Roman legion 49Mr.Yutang T 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ro­ u 12 13 14 \i 16 17 Is 21 a l 26 w 28 30 Si 32 33 • !L "ST sy 38 40 5T • I" 44 45 4b 47 W 50 Si 53 M 14 J2 By United Press International The Vancouver Canucks are sliding deeper into the Western Hockey League cellar. The Canucks dropped five points behind fifth place Port land Tuesday night when the Bucks took a 6-4 decision at Vancouver. The WHL story most of the year has been Denver all alone in first place and the other five squads in a knock-down drag- out fight to get in the four- team playoffs. Vancouver may be the first squad to drop out of the run ning. Denver has suddenly added a bizarre touch by running into an ice-cold spell. The Invaders lead second place Los Angeles by 13 and Portland by 18, but could yet be the other team pushed out of the playoffs should they not regain their early-season form. Portland would like to close the gap a bit more when it hosts the Invaders tonight. In Tuesday night's other WHL battle, San Francisco built up a 4-0 lead over Seattle, but then hung on barely to win 4-3. The victory moved the Seals within a point of second place Los An geles. At Vancouver, centerman Art Jones paced the Bucks with one goal and two assists. Sid Finney, Tommy McVie, and Bill Saunders contributed one goal and one assist each. At San Francisco, Len Haley's two goals helped the Seals move out to a 4-0 lead after two stanzas. The Seals could muster only two shots in the final stanza as Bev Bell, Jean Cossette and Del Topoll scored for the Totems. Palmer and Nicklaus favored SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)—The $50,000 Lucky International golf tournament opens Friday with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, who haven't won enough between them to pay caddy fees so far this year, listed as the co-favorites. The winners of all three tournaments in 1964. Paul Harney, Art Wall and Tony Lema, are in the starting lineup. But all take a back seat to (he awesome duo of Palmer and Nicklaus. The chances are that the winner will have to be a good mudder. The Harding Park course has been soaked with heavy rains the past week. And the forecast is for continued rains today. The public course, laid alongside Lake Merced, is a half mile from the Pacific Ocean— so there is some shelter from the winds. The defending champion is Jackie Burke, the veteran Tex-" an who plays in only a few tournaments a year. He isn't counted upon to be a major threat this time — although he always plays Harding Park well. Both Nicklaus and Palmer failed to make the cut at Pebble Beach and aren't rated at the peak of their game. Palmer eliminated himself at Pebble during the third round. Nicklaus didn't appear to feel too unhappy about his showing in the Crosby. He had just come in from Florida, where he had spent a month fishing — and playing a little golf with his wife, who isn't the best teacher in the world. Yucaipa Little League to play 20 games The Yucaipa Rotary-Ktwanis Little League will play a 20- game schedule again this season. Play will start May 29 and end the first week in August. Player Agent Bill Bravin is drawing up the schedule. There will be a split season with the winner of the first half playing the winner of the second for the league championship. Under an agreement with the school district major league teams will start practice on May 1. No practices will be held on school nights. The minor league will start play after school closes June 12 and will continue as long as the major league. There will be six major, league teams. The Regal Pet Shop is a new sponsor this year. The others are Food Fair Markets, 7-Up Bottling Co.. Dean and Gunn Roofing, Milt's Body Shop and Tri-City Concrete. The makeup of the minor league will be determined by the number of players available when the major league action has been completed. Four-inning games will be played. The auction will follow tryouts for all new players and the boys who played in the minor league last year. Membership in the minor league will be confined to 10-11 and 12-year olds who do not make major league teams and 9-year-olds of exceptional talent. All younger boys will be enrolled in a farm league which will have special training sessions under the supervisions of the Yucaipa Recreation District as well as competitive games. A special school for scorekeepers will be held at the Yucaipa Elementary School at 30 p.m. Jan. 27 and Feb. 10 and 24. Additional classes will be held if the interest justifies. The class is open to all interested persons without charge. Liston-Clay fight may set record NBA Standings Eastern Division W. L. Pet. Boston 32 10 .762 Cincinnati 32 17 .653 Philadelphia 20 24 .455 New York 15 36 294 Western Division W. L. Pet. Los Angeles 28 18 .609 St. Louis 28 21 .571 San Francisco 25 20 .556 Baltimore 16 29 .356 Detroit 11 32 256 Tuesday's Results Baltimore 124 Philadelphia 121 Cincinnati 139 New York 124 St. Louis 114 Boston 112. San Francisco 100 Detroit 88 NEW YORK (UPI) — The Sonny Liston - Cassius Clay heavyweight title fight at Miami Beach, Feb. 25, may set an all-time record of approximately $7,450,000 for worldwide receipts. That was the "projection total" reached during a news conference at New York headquarters of Theater Network Television, Inc., (TNT) which will present the Sonny-Cassius fight to a possible 1200,000 persons at 300 locations in the United States and Canada. At an average of So a seat, those 1,200,000 persons would pay $6,000,000, Nathan L. Halpern, president of TNT, explained. In addition, the expected "live gate" sellout of 18,000 seats at Miami Beach Convention Hall would provide approximately $1200,000 and radio, movie rights and other ancil- Iaries should produce approximately $250,000. "Live-fight" tickets at Miami Beach range from $2.50 to $20. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or ap>

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