The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 30, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 7
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1908, THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIAN El Belmont HAVANA CIGARS Hie NEW kind NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. In the Superior Court. State of California, in and for the County of Kern, _ In the matter of the Estate of Ralpn Bower, deceased. Notice is hereby elven. that in nuance of an order of the Sup Court of the County or Kern, sta California, made on the,26th do October. A. p.lSOS. in the matte. „ the estate of Ralph Bower, deceased the undersigned administrator of tli pn __ nur- uperlor tate of of County, situate the City of.Ba. tornla. And notice Is hereby ,elven. that sealed bids will be received bv said Countv. to the lawful mpnev of the United States n the 9th day of November. 1908. at the hour of G, o'clock n. ni.. the oersonal nrpnertv belonefnc to the estate of said Ralph Bower, deceased: Three small houses: 1 easoline eneine: 1 ptimnand nine: 1 water tank: 1 horse trough: 1 barn: 1 corral, all situated on the west oTie-half (M>) of the northwest quarter (Ml of section thirtv- three (33) In townshln thirtv (30) Kouth of ranee thirty-seven 37) east. M. p. B. and M.. In Kern county. Cali- Mdmlnistrat'or" VVir"faid"li)ro'n'ertv'iif)"t<'i the hour of sale thereof, and that all bids must be accompanied bv cash or certified check in an amount equal to ten per cent of the Dl-ls mndp. .. . . w. A. MCGINN. Administrator of the estate of Rnlnh Bower, deceased. 10-30 «-«-* "While In the army In 1863 I was taken with chronic diarrhoea," says George M. Felton of South Gibson, Pa. "I have since tried many remedies hut without any permanent relief, until Mr. A. W. Miles, <ff this place, persuaded me to try Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Bakersfleld; Kern Drug Co., Kern. » The Rosedale Institute The Rose i.ile Farmers Institute will meet nn November Kill and 17ili and a nio-'l inii :<'siln<; program has been pivpat''d. Tlii 1 committee of nr- rani'.einenis is composed of John \Y:iters, L. S. liarmau and Charles Hsniiii. and 111 1 ; program follows: Monday Morning, 10 O'clock, Music. "The Duly of Water and Evaporation," .1. 11. Neff, Anaheim. "Improvement of (ho Dairy Herd," J. O. Stan!, fiakersfleld. Discussion, led by Mrs. M. E. Sherman, Fresno. Afternoon, 1:30 O'clock. Music. ..Question Box, J. B. Neff. "Insects Injurious to Alfalfa," Prof. C. \V. Woodworth, University of California. "Raising Young Chickens and Turkeys," Mrs. A. Basley, Hollywood. Tuesday Morning, 10 O'clock. Music. Question Box, J. B. Neff. "Growing Eucalyptus For Lumber," Ernest Braunton, bos Angeles. "Feeding Cattle, Other Than Ensilage," Mrs. M. E. Sherman, Fresno. Afternoon, 1:30 O'clock. Music. . .Question Box, J. B. Neff. ' "Thrips," Prof. C. W. Woodworth, University of California. "Pure Food From the Housekeeper's View," Mrs. M. E. Sherman, Fresno. Smith Cannot Speak Tonight It is announced that Congressman Smith will not speak in tonight, UK- date for this city having been r.incele,!. Defending til"! Chicago phiu'ovni is pretty hard i>n Me ihroiiis nf Republican speaker •-< thi; ,\ear, ;in,j from (leneral 'l'i>i't down, iheie'is a good <!cal of ; -ufl'criin:. Mi Smith liiis been complaining lor several weeks mill ho l.a.-s advised ihc party management here Unit his (Iirout i.s In HiK.'li condition as vull'iioi permit of his speaking tonight. MEETING AT PANAMA. There will bo a socialist meeting !• ri- • lay night, Oct. :;o, «t Panama church. 1. T. Sharp, candidate for assembly, ized. 74 * WELL BORER. * J. H. KEEFE •fr Well Borer. Work Guaranteed 2917 Chester Ave. The Mathie Brewing Company OF LOS ANGELES of Celebrated Bottled Beers Red Ribbon Wurzburger A. P. EYRAUD, Agent PHONE MAIN 241 Free delivery to Bakersfleld and uarantee for purity and quality. The beat beer of all—a $1000 g Kern. RECORD RREAKIN6 MUSICAL ATTRACTION ON SATURDAY NIGHT A HARVEST FESTIVAL AT HOME OF MRS. IRWIN. On Monday evening next at the home of Mrs. Rowen Irwin, 2215 G street, there will be a harvest social given by the Indies Aid of the Congregational Church. A pleasing program Is being prepared and refreshments will be served. Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager of tlio Optical Co., 1033 I street, Fresno is in Bakersfield 1hi.s week»;, Monday, October 19, 1908, and will stop at the Now Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free AH Work Guaranteed BAKER8FIELD IS TO HAVE A NEW MILLINERY STORE. A most complete and exclusive millinery store is to be opened in the j next two weeks by Mrs. Wm. H. Gee- Ian at 1329 Nineteenth street. She ; has just returned from a very success- j ful purchasing trip and promises to j show the very latest and newest cre- I atlons for the winter and early spring j wear. Mrs. Geelan is an experienced ! milliner and she invites ail to her | opening, which will bo announced in this paper later. JACK O'BRIEN AND LANGFORD WON'T NEW YOHiC, Oct. I::-,--I he six- round boxina; ni 1 .! leh betwen .laci; j O'Jirfen and Sam Lancrford, scheduled to t-il;e place before the National Athletic Club tomorrow night, has hex .11 postponed for » week. The post DC'iiement is owing to a recent order of public commissioner Bing- Vi'rn. directing the police to prevent all matches. The National club claims to he a legitimate club ami will hold a minor ni-iicli tomorrow ni'.;ht in or, 'e • to test the right of the police to ' •.. . . ..u. .. . Business address Phono 161. THE MAJESTIC. THIS IS THE CAR Now try and conceive a ear almost ;IK silent as the photograph itself ' cur vibrant with pent-up power under (!lnger-tlp control; a ear that will glide noiselessly up alongside the nri-itoc.niey of motorilom and lack nothing that the hitter fjosser'sen Oi-rejil. a hi'.;liei- price--JUKI v O u will have t'ornii"! a fair mental picture or the revelation that awaits vou IMsmisK from your mind the ide i thai \iiii h.ive ever seen a low-priced car which was In Hie same class ito tliis $lj,"in four cyllndiM- ;!0 hort-epow- er Cadillac. Where you have seen little cars at a low price, you will now sec a big car fit ;: low price. \\ Here you have liltherto seen spidery outlines and bandbox proportions, you will now sec Klze and Kt:vngih find dignity. \Vhere \ oil have seen indifferent material skimped and saved to make possible a low price, you will now nee a car built ot the finest steels money can buy. used in full and gener.jns measure ami the same p;tln>;fik- jing, conscientious system of contjtruciion, down to the last nut and bolt, that lias been typical ot the Cadillac plant from the llrst year of its history. Deliveries early next month. First car load already sold. C. E. Getchell, Agent, 5akersfield Auto Supply Go. 19th and G Sis. Tel. Main 1260 At last, the record breaking niusi- cal sensation, "A Knight for a Day, is to be seen here, coming to (lie Fla- kcrsfleld opera house tomorrow evening, and in all its scenic picturesque arb. After a whole year's run in Chicago, and ten mouths in New York and Boston, this operatic comedy ciaxe i.s io be shown in n few of the larger cities. The scheme of the liouli involves a will leaving an Inuiien.-'c for- nine to be shared by the holders of two identical Corsica!! im-lals. There you have a simple plot around which has been woven many prcit> songs, some grand choruses and incidents so fast ;ind furious it requires a coi'inany of over seventy people to unravel it. Robert H. Pmlth, whose effort:; as /i librettist are favorably reeouni/.ed, is res|iuns!ble for the bonk and be bad il worthy coadjutaior in Hnymnn'l ll'ib- tiell. a composer of ilie first ranU who Mas surely supplied more lii.m (lie UHiial jiortion of c;itch,\ air.-, iii'iiy worthy of grand opera.etauinsln dlut choriucs., some of which arc worthy of grand opera. The central characters in "A Knight for a Day" are all young persons. Tin 1 hern hims>'lt' Is an undersl'/.ed waller wh<>, h:t\im: laid bands on certain leual dcicuiMT.!-', endeavors In pans as a lawyei*. Hi- comedy partner is a "servant" of a t\pe i Inn might be imagined i" a nli;lit mare after searching iiiti-iii- 1 --nt Im- reaiis. Tin- balance nt ;: Iniu 1 . energetic fast of <vi|mb|e p: incipals iire 1 busy all evening lielpinu nui with the i fun. What seems to be the n;'.l kernel of the enleriainmcni i- h> some regarded as the faiiimi.- Ant' ilcan lieauty choruH, The diix/liiiL- di.-iibiy of eniTgy and life of the churu-c-i, especially 'the "biiKiness" nl' i!i" "-nigs, "Life is a See-Saw," "l-in! 1 ' 'iiH in Illue," "Whistle as Vnn Wall, Out." eshed. Ono The leaves feeling the theater steals over re- us one who mighty." has sat "In the scats of tl* WE NOW HAVt STEAM HEAT UNION THEATRE ONE OF THE FASCINATING MUSICAL NUMBERS FROM "A KNIGHT FOR A DAY." and others, all will be remembered I (his most difficult role, he sonr* snr. thnl we hnv* and hummed with pleasure. The electric effects used In the finale of both acts are surprisingly ingenious and remarkably beautiful. "The Devil." "The I>vil" will be seen at (ho Uakersfk'ld Oji'Tii on Sunday evening. Harry Lclghton, the loading actor In "The Uevil," IWH had one of the most thorough courses of theatric scholarship possible Coming originally from "rule ould IrlHh .stork," gnul. iiiiliriff Irom Utiblin University In 1889, he came io (he United States originally in support of Mndame Uangtry, having joined her company at the (er- initiation of her trann-Pnciflc lotir. He j was speedily gobbli'd up by Margaret i .Matbi'r. Hi' succeeded ihe lato Alex-! under Salvini UK leading support to \ Miss Mather. Then camo a season I with the !n(e Torn Keene. PaHHing | through six yearn of stock work, llm j neiiKon of llHii-112 tiiuls him being J starred In "The 1'ristnuT of Xeuda." 1 Then comes a year of Othello and in I lOi'n; William A. Urady engaged him (is Icailins .support, for Hubert Mantell. The mnrvi.-loiis work lie did In hit;<). no doubt led him tu iUlempl tho Kile of Satan in "The Devil." Nature has i..ecn must UonU to him. She has given i)i m weight, height, genius and temperament. From the moment he makes Ills appearance one feels as though a master hand was at. the tiller. Through all the. gradations of 128 rrrrrrrrnrr PRICES 10c, 25c. 35c, 50c MATINEES SATURDAY, 10c, 25c. NOTICE Uaker.stield Lodge, No. !', Kid^bts of the Hoyal Arch, hereby • f :\\"- notic that it will prosecute, tu ill- fullest extent of the law. any persi.n, either liceimcd dealer or otberwis' , found guilty nt selling llrjuor on elfi'inm day, Tuesday, November "rd, bctwei'ii the hiiiifH of the opening and tin closing of the polls, as prescribe.! |,\ i,iw. K. A. HOACI.ANI), K'-corder. .1, .1. Coodwin, Vul. (,'oiuiu:iij-. "•''• s " --^.»» .......... TWENTY 1HOUSAND COLONISTS THIS FALL. SAN FHANCISCO, Oct. 2!'. — According to figures supplied by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, 111,275 colonislB have entered the state during the period from September I to October 28, all with the intention of remaining In California, as is evidenced by the fact that they traveled on one way settlers' tickets. 1 12,500 ciirne by w»y of Ogden, 5000 by way of Kl Paso, 501) by way of Urn | Angeles und 1500 by way of Portland. jADVANCE IS ANNOUNCED i IN SOME FREIGHT RATES. j* SAN FHANCISCO, Oct. 2!).— i •!• An advance in commodity rates j •'• not to exceed Hi per cent and a !* reduction in class ratc.s was an!•:• rioimced by the California rail way lines today in a general Ktaemeut. Dried fruits, canned goods, be.'inH, and wool, dry hides and green hides will all bo advanced Id cents per 100 lioundu while leather will bo put up from $l.|. r » and $1.20 per hundred pounds to $1.20 and $1.-10. \Vlne, >!'>iis, rugur ami THIS WEEK Friday, Saturday Matinee and Nignt and Sunday A Forced Payment Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday The Devil Prize Matinee Saturday LADIES' PRIZE WAIST CHILDREN'S PRIZE A PAIR OF SHOES aipbulttiii' 1 the •- affected by

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