The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 30, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1908. Dependable Goods at Welll'* BUY YOUR BLANKETS AND COMFORTERS AT WEILL'S Women who tire planning on buying more blankets and comforters should by nil means come here to got them. For warm, cozy blankets and comforters, our assortment ean't be equaled anywhere. We carry a wide ranjre of prices, and ean always satisfy yon. For instance: Oregon Wool Mills Blankets, $3.50—Splendid quality, and comes in grey. Eiderdown Comforters, $7.60-—Hitteen lined nnd very pretty. Eiderdown Comforters, $14 and $16.50—Silk lined, very light and exceedingly warm—the best in the market for the monev. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street .NOW IS THE TIME. To inspect 0111' stock n>l»>s, horse blankets of winter and storm aprons, our line is complete with every thing needed for the horse. Tents, all sixes and prices, carriage trimming and harness repairing a specialty. PIONEER HARNESS 8HOP MATTSON BROS. NOTICE! Notice is hereby given Hint I Intend to apply to the State Board of Prison Directors for a parole from the state prison at San Quentin, according to law. Signed. ARTHUR H. SAMUELS 78 V- ""407. EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES When you want reliable help of any kind call np THE BAKEESPIELD EMPLOY MENT BUREAU. We also employ Chinese and Japanese help. 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313 Minstrel Men Remembered There was a pretty scene In • ono of the dressing rooms at • the Bakersfield opera house • last night just after the inln- • atrol iierformance. when Harry Miller, Clint Draper and Mrs. Miller were surrounded by the burnt cork artists and a crowd of other enthusiastic Elks. The Elks knew what WIIH coming but tho three named did not. Charley Lee took the Initiative, and In well turned phrases presented Mrs. Miller with a handsome sold pin made of California nuggets. The lady, though taken by surprise, was equal to the occasion, and her neat little speech was the signal for three mighty cheers. Then Mr. Lee in turn presented to Messrs. Miller and Draper beautiful gold knives set with diamonds, and each In turn responded fittingly to the calls for speeches. The minstrel men an.I the charming Mrs. Miller, are given credit, and justly, for the successful performance of tho past two nights, and the remembrances were Intended as an expression of the appreciation of the lodge. After the little ceremony, the Elks filed out of the dressing room, singing "For They .lolly Good Fellows," Special Professional Visit of Physicians and Surgeons Representing the Electro-Medical and Surgical Institute of New York and Los Angeles Our Specialist from New York CUBES ALL THE DISEASES OF MEN. He makes no misleading propositions; promises no impossibilities, but performs all he promises. Fair dealing, moderate fees, faithful service and speedy cures have won for us the confidence of the afflicted everywhere. We Have Cured Thousands and Can Cure You WE HAVE NO SPECIFIC CURE-ALL PREPARATIONS, BUT TREAT EACH CASE SEPARATELY AND SCIENTIFICALLY, ACCORDING TO ITS PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS. We" Cure the Cases Others Cannot Are NOTICE QF MEETING. Notice Is herebv given that the annual meetlne of the itockliolders or HJS M° w ,. "Wed canal company foi- \ bold statement, but just as true as it is bold. Not all cases that ntln-rs ibli- by our methods, but fully S.l per cent of them are. The way to learn if your case is curable is to consult OUR SPECIALIST FOR MEN. had years of experience in treating diseases of men. lie knows what he can do for you. case is eurable he will treat you. If it isn't lie will not. Consultation and Diagnosis free. Our honest and candid advice costs you nothing. to cure are cur- lie has If your Nervous and Chronic Blood Diseases Cured to Stay Cured Lost Manhood, Fits, Insomnia, Rupture, Premature Decay, Nerve Affections, Kidney Troubles, Mental Weakness, Indigestion, Heart Troubles, Liver and Bladder Disorders, and any affections of the Vital Organs hitherto thought incurable are successfully treated. ALL CONSULTATION BY PATIRNT8 STRICTLY PRIVATE. the nut-nose, o med T el najiv. e held at .Kern C ectinK directors and iness etine. , the transaction of such other business 1 before the meetine. aid Com- st reels. date and . jefore the e office of a tountv Land Cc .earner pf 19ti m -- • i"Yij*i VJWWWIT i-*auu v>pnininy s ojnce, bulldlne. corner of 19th ' " .akersfleld. Canfornli and H _——. at the our set opposite the name: °"\ ° V ' '' ' a V. 8f. I&UNZER. Sep.. to ajjove named Canal Company, .omnan.v's office streets. 10-24 . Kern County Land buildlne. corner I9t Bakersfield. Calif. NOTICE. To whom It may concern:—Notice is herebv given that we, the undersigned, have this 16th dav of October. 190S. entered into articles of agreement and co-nartnershin for the vmr-i,, pose of conductlnir a general merchan- i llu ' Eer ', b dise and store-keeuing business at and .1,,, .i,,,,!,.!,.,.. ....... „«.,„.. In the Town of Mplavo. County of i U1L tlu IMO " VNdb S Uyn Kern, and State of California, under hy Referee Jack Welch the firm name and style of the "Mo-1 * '"-"-'i-t J'ic.iv ,\ LH n. THE "B(E" SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30.— "Cyclone" Thompson practically knocked out Rudolph Unholz, the "fighting Boer," In the eleventh round of a j scheduled twenty round contest last t night. Thompson floored the Boer , twice with a right hook to the jaw. A j third punch put Unholz through the ropes into the arms of the newspaper men at the ringside. At this stage of , . .. ., . , .. . contest the police interfered and to Thompson „ .-me. -. iave Mercantile Comuanv." Dated this 16th dav of October Iflos. Residinc at Moiave'. 'rialirnrnla. 10-27 Residing at Moiave! Calirornia. During the first two or three rounds UK; fighters lived up to their names: and their clown-like antics evoked much merriment from the spectators. GRAND OPENING OP Dreamland Skating Rink Friday, Oct. 30th MUSIC EVERY EVENING Special Program Each And Friday C. F. SMITH, Mgr. led a couple .'i 1 , the Hot r long range. > tile mat in !< to the Jnw Mind Tboinp- • Mi ANNUAL MASQUERADE BALL Ladies Auixilary to the B. of L E. At A. O. U. W. OCTOBER 30, 1908 MASKS MUST BE RAISED AT DOOR PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED t After Thompson had Ion I of good punches, bowev concluded to fight at i Thompson dropped him t (he fourth with n lei't ho< and again In the eighth i son toppled his man over. Unholz managed to stall the round out. He • was again sent to bis haunches in the ; following round. His .seconds claimed 1 that he had broken the bones in his \ right hand, which was subsequently j substantiated by an attending phy slcian. Thompson was a 10 to 6 favorite iu tho betting. The preliminary between Lew Powell and Johnny Murphy was a slam- bang exhibition In which blood flowed from the outset. Murphy had the better of the early rounds, forcing tho fighting ami landing the harder blows. After the eleventh round, however, Powell steadily Improved and when the final gong sounded he bad evened | up matters. Referee Hilly Roche promptly declared It a drawn battle. The decision was a popular one. epNTRACTgp Of all diseases peculiar to men contracted disorders are the. most abused by . cut-and-try. hit-and-miss treat- moiit lulmlnlMcrcd by pood friends, druggists, doctors !n genera! practice and most of the would-be specialists. It Is certainly interesting to hear the ntory of the average patient tolling his experience, with the different kind* of so-called treatments he has been "up agnlnm." A largo majority of our patients come to us i'ilJi i&S ailjjlual ilK-ase and part or all the complications resulting from delay and mistreatment. We generally have to 'euro thorn after some or all of the following symptoms have developed: Stricture, or all of the chronic bladder troubles, diseased prostate, sores, swellings, etc., besides a patient whose confidence and mind are so diseased through failure and disappointment. Don't trifle with these disorders; RO to a doctor who knows how to cure you; It Is the cheapest, surest and shortest way out. \Ve have been 25 years in the business. N. B.— We wish it distinctly understood that we do not claim to perform Impossibilities, or to have miraculous power.. We claim only to be skilled and successful Specialists, thoroughly Informed In our Specialty, CHRONIC DISEASES OF MEN AND WOMEN. All applying to us will receive an honest opinion of their complaints. NO EXPERIMENTING. We Guarantee a Positive Cure in every case we undertake and do not accept for treatment any case we are certain we cannot cure. Dr Frederic Bell, Ph. D The Veil known orator and lecturer, will deliver lectures on the cure? ' «w. of many of the above diseases before we leave this city. I Grand Hotel Rooms 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. Electro Medical and Sugical Institute. Office Now Open 10 to 1; 2 to 5; 7 to 9. And by appointments CHILDREN HAD DRESS REHEARSAL ANOTHER WELL FOR UNITED CRUDE HAS PICTURES OF FLEET'S RECEPTION IN AUSTRALIA. Charles nickerdike is In receipt of an illustrated magazine from Sydney, Australia, picturing scenes on the island during the entertainment 'if tho fleet. Pictures are shown of the flag drill of 9000 school children, which was witnessed by 60,000 people. One of the formations Is a representation of the American and Australian Hags, with the words "Hail Columbia" above. Regular Democratic Nomine FOR SUPERVISOR, Fifth District H. A. JASTRO Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET The dress rehearsal for the children's entertainment to take place at St. Francis hall this evening was had yesterday afternoon. The program is one of much interest and one that is to entertain a good audience Ibis evening. The Blks minstrel WHS fine, but watch Master Burl Malloring pass Pink Hamilton In the coon songs this evening. Muster Burt Is backed by a j first class boys chorus. The opening ; sketch by Masters James and I'ett'r j O'Haiv assisted by Masters Gregory | | Newhouse, James McKiimy, Htirold j | Junes and George Wilbur is the latest i In vaudeville. The Peek-a-boo drill and song by a number of St. Francis ! young ladies is another number that ' will make you think that you are In the Hakersflold opera house. • The illustrated scene of the guardian ' angel hovering over the Innocent child 1 Is one so natural as to bring learn to 1 the witnesses. Sam Kurgerson was | good in "I'm Going to Exit," but bear I Muster Mclorlng In "She is Only H ! Cousin of Mini-." Miss Bernlce Me| Guire has something in store for all in the way of pretty stage movements. The Hallowe'en part of the enter- liiininent will be one long to be re- i uiembered by the children. Pumpkin and ChostK will be the latest method i of electric appliances In the hull ; WIRELESS MESSAGES j SENT FAR OVERLAND HKATTUC, Oct. Ilu.— Advice received at the local signal office yesterday show thill the signal service wireless stations In Alaska have made another record, removing all doubts as to the feasibility of sending win less mess ages overland. Fort Gibbon, at tho junction of tli.' Tannna and Yukon rivers, several hundred miles Inland, Is receiving ines>. The United Ciudc on section 2, 11- L'4 In Sunset, has brought In another well. The new addition is well No. 5. Night before last at a depth of 832 feet, the. drill dropped Into tho main sand, with tho result that oil was thrown as high as the crown block. Superintendent C. H. Uurdlck, who was in town today. Is well satisfied that the well will be another good producer, lie is not prepared to estimate it as yet. Mrs. Uurdlck nnd children, who have been spending tho summer In tho east, are expected to arrive here next week from Minneapolis. Tile bouse occupied by Walter Barnhart at Sunset wa» slightly damaged by tile U'cdliesddy. The roof was partially destroyed but no other damage was sustained. Is Too Much. a mature man enough food to supply enorgr habitual con* Vore Than Enough To maintain health or woman iieeils Just .-c-p?!: 1 the waste and and body heat. The sumption of rnoro food than la nary for these purposes is the prime jausQ of stomach troubles, rheumatism and disorders of the kidneys. If troubled with Indigestion, revise your diet, let reason and not appetite control and take a few doses of Cham* berlaln's Stomach and Liver Tablet! and you will soon be all right again. For eale by Baer Bros., Btkersdeld; CASTOR IA For Infants and Childitn. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of HOBSON IS PROVING A GOOD VOTE GETTER. Captain Richard Pearson Hobson is proving the best vole Better that lulu ever come to California In many a year. He discusses the tariff, executive interference and government by Injunction in a clear, logical way, and makes a great bit with his plea for a big Pacific eet. After bis meet- Ing Monday night many Republicans Informed their Democratic friends that llobson's arguments bad turned the scale and that they unuld vole for Bryan. Tonight Ti" Is to speak | in Vallejo. lie lias In lie in l.os An- ! geles Saturday niwhl, but an effort | I was made to indue.' him to remain ; j here an day and address a i meeting in Dreamland pavilion tomor ! row ni^ht. Pnimiii'-nt Democrats of- 1 I'ered to pay the co-1 of a special train . ; to hos Angeles, but the necessary , NOW IS THE TIME HEBE IS THE PLACE LITTLE IS THE PRICE To get the Only Roofing. MALTHOID ROOFING Will cover a multitude of holes in your roof. Yon can root' your house in a day at it doesn't take a week's u-a^es to pay for it. Once on it lasts for years See us. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Gui lohamblin ! change of dnti'H could not be arranged, I ages from Nome and Ht, Michael, f.mi i uiid Hobson will leji\e for Santa Mai j miles distant, with many ranges of i hills between the two stations, A .message sent by the steamer Northwestern 1100 miles west of Cnpc» Flattery, to the United wireless station ut Cordova, was copied. The message traveled about 1200 miles In an all line over two high ranges of mountains capped with snow. bara tomorrow. -The C;ill. DUCK LEG IN CATTLE CAN Bl PftlVfNTtO CUTTER'S BLACK tEO VACCIRB California's favorite, the most sue. c«*ful, easiest us*d «nd low«st priced reliable vaccine made. Powder, ttnng or pill (onn. Writ* for free Black Leg Booklet. TBS CUTTER LABORATORY BIHHH.BY, CAL. If your drucaiat doe* not atoek out vaccines, orckr <kr««t from u*. NOW OPEN—THE GOLDEN WEST HOTEL Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. Under the old management, at the old location, but New, Modern and Up-to-Date In Every Respect ~\~>1 Rooms. Private Baths, StiMMi He^t. In the Heart of the City. OppoMte railroad and steamship) offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. Pioneer Hotel of San Francisco.

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