The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 30, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKP:RSFIELD CALIPORNTAN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1908. the Bakersfitia tlie !>' South. Sunday* at Callloi ina. craey ol' interior and Ciilil'orniii. It is ably i a -_r I newspaper. City and County ••I in l Paper : iitl'i , I I',,! . ii- H. I "Md-e-hli-S -Mill!'. ',» I . • • !'".U',i; .*.-, a Ye-|| ill A'!-. J',ce I \\' u — - - 'the IM At FT. 1 ED HARRELL. Editor ,ind Prop. 1 ! Mr. jtlian -' For President, WILLIAM J. 6F1YAN ».i ys 1 H'll. iiitioiis. The 1 •|.> Ml -Ill't- i •rvisiir MI fr.' Mnin 31 Per Vice President JOHN W. KET.N Fcr C'T^ressmnn—Eighth District W. E. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY In III. | I intls ;i i ' i • )>!<•. Tim inoinlienn •ttiell j. B» Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, LJ^'ors And Cigars mHi^mi^^^mmm^^^^^^^^^mmif * - .....-••. ji i • in ^•••WM** '•'•••••••••••••I The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street •Is .I. M. Hush's! -iipcrvisiii 1 liriirhtens { For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, 66th District, HOWEN IRWIN For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Vnti' ima IHllllliri- 1. tion will ci ! Jiiiils i)t' dol m--! senate amendment |)u il sure. It's adop- '.st Kern county thons- lars annually. Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, J. A. JASTRO A vote for Ko\ven Irwin is a vote f'ni' sin intelligent and eom- i petent assemblyman. Bryan's Election is Figured as Certain I j Ohio is a doubtful stale, it is I now conceded by the Taft men. V.«. KHIDAY, OCTOBER 11, THE ELEVENTH HOUR. Look out for the eleventh hour canards. It mav be set down that ANY CAMPAIGN MATTER ISSUED BETWEEN NOW AND ELECTION DAY. INTENDED TO 1N.1KRE A CANDIDATE 1 meat FOR OFFICE. IS FALSE. [ This is true whether of the national or of THE LOCAL CAMPAIGN. Party management and party papers have had weeks and months in which to present their cases to the public. If there is Here are some election figures compiled by an authority, and they will Interest. The following states he gives surely for Bryan: Solid South 151 jit is iiiii'-ii easier I'm' Air. Bryan to 'L-.iin torty-'tto electors than for Mr. T;iu in Kain 145. ot ilic stales in tin 1 doubtful column Mi;. HHYAN W1U, CERTAINLY CARRY Connecticut 7. Delaware 3, Indiana 1">. Maryland 8, New Jersey rj. New York 39, West Virginia 7 and Wisconsin 13, a total of 104, which will give him 304 electors, or 62 more i Man necessary. Mr. Bryan also slands an excellent chance of carrying the electors o f Illinois, Ohio, North Dakota and Oregon. H!B election is therefore a foregone conclusion, and he will go In on a Bryan landslide, similar to the Roosevelt landslide of Colorado 5 1904, which was not partisan by any means. There can be no doubt that Mr. Bryan's majority in the electoral j college will be greater than was Mr. j Kansas 10 Montana 3 Nebraska ................... ____ . 8 j • Nevada ......................... 3 ( Roosevelt's over Parker. However, I FRESNO, Oct. :;u.—An announce- was made yesterday among; the motorcycle riders that evinced more than ordinary interest. It is proposed by Fran); P. \Varnekros to «ivc a motorcycle endurance nm to Dakersficld and return, in one day. at a date to be set later, possibly about November 10. Mr. Warnekros stated yesterday that lie would leave for n.'ikrrsnVld on Ills Sunday, mapping out the line on his trip, returning Mon- benefit the entries. alight they have neglected to say J machine in the way of rjivmy; fac-t.s, it is I of mutt because it WAS NOT WORTH j day niKht. While in Bakersneht the SAYING. I itinerary is to lie formulated, when the So view with suspicion any ut-| points for control will be designated to terance of a sensational natun that willies on the eve of the linn. There is still time for argument and for appeals to reason. Anything else is an effort to lake unfair advantage, of course, ban-inn the news happenings of the campaign as they develop day by dav, elec- | flic nukersfield run is to be made in one day, the first riders leaving at !>'. 15 o'clock. The schedule will be arranged so that Bakersneld is reach- Oklahoma ....................... 7 South Dakota ................... 4 rtah ............................ 3 Wyoming ....................... 3 Idaho ............................. 3 Total ......................... 200 lie concedes to Taft the following I states: Iowa ............................ 13 Maine ........................... 6 Minnesota ........................ 11 New Hampshire ................. 4 Pennsylvania .................... 34 j Rhode Island .................... 4 j Vermont ........................ 4 I Massachusetts ................... 16 i Washington ..................... 5 do not anticipate or predict that his plurality in the popular vote will be as large as was Roosevelt's. If anybody doubts the accuracy of these figures let him retain this forecast and compare it with the general results. 97 Remittance is Heard From Acknowledgement of remittance of $108, the second Installment of the Bryan fund raised by the Californlan has been received. The third and last installment of $15 was sent on Tues,,,i ), y H-,;;O, A half hour is allowed I Tl 'e authority Classes as doubtful j'. day. The letter from the committee Roosevelt Gave Standard Oil Monopoly * FOR RAILROAD MEN. M. K. Fuller, national l.-yisla- l.itive reproeiilativc o!' the hrotli- (•rlioods of Locomotive Enirineers. Locomotive Fivetiien and Railway Trainmen, has eiven out information relative to James Schoolcraft Sherman, vice presidential candidate, that oiicjlit to insure the rejection of the Republican ticket by every railroad man in the country and particularly is tins true when it is recalled that Sherman Will, if elected, stand within one step of tin- presidential ehaii- 1111(1 WOllld be President ill ea^i of the death of Tal't. Jit'. Fuller sent out Ins statineiil several Weeks since, and it is IIMW pretty thoi-oiiL r hly distributed aniouc; 1 railroad men. It diM-l.iM- hits const ii lit I Y i |e . • Tor leTj js,|,-ii ion IM lahui-. s essentially a re le was tile choice Vice president, j. d him in nomiiiiit i upatliy with the p the presidium nfli for lunch and the return trip started ' the following states, which were ear- as the clock strikes 12. T ho riders' rl( '(l »>' Cleveland in 1892: lire- due hvre at <J o'clock. Mr. War- j California 10 liekros stilted that an avenge .speed Connecticut 7 of twenty-one miles an hour will have , Uelaware tt Indiana ID Illinois L'7 .Maryland 8 New Jersey 12 New York H9 West. Virginia 7 Wisconsin 13 n- W"til(| In- a lilt inu for .\ldi-i,-h. Hi,, sen- : e fur |)ie Standard 1'fesii lelil Mr. Taft. sorry day that Sherman dined to vol. tlie interest of Sherman i.- nctionary. Hi Cannon for Cannon placi lie has no sy pie and as (>f the senate running unit ut.e miiutlipi Oil. Hut more danecrou- be if be should lioeom thi'oucjli the demise i, That woidd indeed be for the country. No man who toils >h.,nld i, Mil' l'i*li. He oil Ihe safe side. vote for Bryan is a vote auai the chance that .lames Sell. craft Sherman will ever lie p idiMit. Several dry seasons in the early nineties, in the administration i,f Harrison and Cleveland, brought down the price of all kinds of live stoelc. Of eonrse the I h'inoerat ic party was to blame hecaiise it didn't rain then. — • -^.«~^. JVirliaps you recall that in ]*<*'2 ,ti/o hcltiny; was all for Harrison, and the "estimates" were all fur Harrison. I5nt the landslide against him was tremendous. -*-»-* -—• • - ('oiiditioiis ai'e favorable t<> a Hrynn victory in California. Kc member that Mr\,m once ran even with the |)opnlar McKinley. and divuted tin 1 electoral vod- of the state. Vote no on all amendments a!' fectinK the public estiools. They are either bad or useless. to lie maintained hy the riders to arrive at each point for registerln.i; with ihe officially opjioinled checkers. As in former motorcycle endurance runs each entry is six-en a card with ills name and th<- points designated lor checking. His handlca|i is so arranged thiit the hour of arrival is stated in one space and it will lie the checkers duty to put down the exact time the rider arrived in an opposite column. Five minutes leeway is given for arrival at each town. The event gives promise of being one of ihe biggest of Ihe season. Over thirty local riders hav-' .-dsiiinVd their intention of starting. Another exeiil in cycledom is another emliiraiice run to S;in l-Vancis- co iiad reiiirn. consuming two days for i he trip. -»•»-<*- -"A FORCED PAYMENT" AT THE UNION. will open tonight at KOI ceil Payment" is it will continue for four , inrludin^ llu- Saturday This new piece will «ive the leads a far better opportunity tor good work than (hey liuve done before. Miss Cnnninuham will play Mrs. Brooks :unl .-nine oi' her scenes are stronger than any ihey have had since open- int; here. Mi. Hrael.i ll will play Ihe t'.iptain, \\hleh will be his tlrst char- iied-r part here and in such parts he is always exeelleiu. The seene is tho third net where Mrs. Hrnok.s calls on Hie (,'apmin In plead for her husband is a beautiful climax, The entire company will lie well cast. The part of i lie mother will he played by Miss Uoherts, Ihe husband by Mr. Nu- L-ent, and both will be seen to ad- \antHKe. Miss ttames and Mr. lllrch- eit will have suitable parts. 1 A pri/.e inatiiuie. will be given Saturday. Lady's prl'/.e, a Uico waist on exhibition in Hamilton's window, and child's pri/.e, a pair of shoes at (Uind- Inch's shoe store. Matinee prices, 10 and _."> cents. Next week for four nights the Cunningham Hlocl; Company wlil put on a correct production of "Tho Devil." ••*> • •«* i "I have used i ntuutten.nn's O'lte 'i'i".'. 'ii't i-iarr-ine-i Keitiedy wince If was nrHi imrouuced to the puhuc In IKT'J. ami have n-ver "ounil OIK tn stance where a euro was not speedily effected h,v its usn. 1 have been a cotumerclal traveler Tor eightoen yearn ii.; - ei- stiu't out on a trip without •'.':• v •••ilthi'ul fr!'-nd." nays H. 8 •. ' .•'• ^il(i-nid. In-l Ter. When n ID-'li ; •> ' ' •' '"' ...i.. • > kn 'wg UR valufl and la oonape- Total HI He classes the following states as "debatable," meaning that they are so close that their electoral votes may bo split: is as folows: j I Democratic National Committee. ! ; Chicago, III., Oct. 2(5, iftos. j ; The Californlan, Bakersfield, Cal. ! j Oentlemen:—Replying to your favor j I of the L'lith. inclosing $108, subscription J ; received through you to the Democrat-1 iic national campaign fund, xvish to; j say that souvenir receipts xvill be i mailed direct to you for distriljution. ! Assuring you that the national com- j inittee appreciates the good work you are doing, 1 am, yours very truly. J. B. DOOI.1N, Assistant Treasurer. Oregon Ohio Michigan .. . North Dakota 4 23 I- 1 4 ASSESSMENT NOTiv-E. Oakland Oil and Asnlialtum Coin- business. .Oakland, galiforn naii,». i-.oea.uon QI jiriticiuai place ot nia. ice is nereuv iriven tl ular meet in held on the Notice'is here'liv" erven"IhYft"at a ree- .ihir' ot tilelio.':.rd of Directors Total -13 Regarding the possibility of states dividing their votes, the authority gives the following bit of history. In l'.'S2 Oregon gave her popular vole to Weaver, together with one elector, and Harrison got the other Ihreo electors. In i lie same rlec;ii>n North Dakota gave to Cleveland. Harrison and Weaver one (.lector each. In Ohio Harrison got twenty-two electors and Cleveland one. Harrison secured the popular vole by a plurality of I'i72. In Michigan thep murkable division oi not wilhstnndlui', the son carried ihc -Ml 24,11(1(1 plurality. Mr. live of tile loiii .'iiii In the .'•..'line year Clevi land i i'.ibt Harrison-, (Me I nth rlav ol October. . an assessineiH ol one cent per share was levied upon the subscribed camtal stock ut the corporation payable im- mediatelv m t'nited States gold coin to the secretarv of said Companv. at Us oth.ce. i-potn 72. at iiiKi liroadwav. ill tho City ol Oakland. Ciilifornla, Amstock iiDon which tins assessment sl'i'" reinnin nninid on the 17th dav of November. 1MOS, will be deliuinient ami advertised tor sale at mimic auction, and unless navment is made before, yill bo sold on Monday, the 21st dav «»' December, liitis. to nav tlie ile- llnauent ussessnu-nt. together with the costs ot advertising and expenses of l"-2» .1. KNMS. Sei-retarv. sale. v v v v v •»• •*• •*• •-.• •:• •;• <i< •:• •> •;•. E. H. LOVELAND Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, 15e,au> Eggs, and all farm products f * * * as ii mast re I lectors, HIUl, I t that llarri- by upwards of Cleveland won lectors. Ca:i:oniia cave •ctor-i and one to mi i :r,-rj '.ng- the BAKEKSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU evening the Fresno Tribune stated: "The Standard Oil Company IB t« have a competitor in the retail trade In this city in the Union Oil Company, which has secured property on the Espee reservation and will soon be In a position to supply the trade." Today Information was received which apparently shows that the Union Company Is simply a branch of the Standard Oil, and that there will be no real competition In Fresno. It has been claimed before that tho Union was no real competitor to the Standard and that It was organized to delude CalKornlans. Now come) the New York World, in a sensational expose of how Roosevelt granted a monopoly to the Union Company In Panama, and states without hesitation or speculation that the Union Is a subsidiary company owned by the main Rockefeller combination. Here Is the story. While William Nelson Cromwell, attorney for E. H. Harrlman, was chief adviser to President Roosevelt and Secretary of War William H. Tal't in all matters relating to the Panama Canal, President Roosevelt, against the wishes of Theodore P. Shouts, then chairman of the Canal I Commission, signed on June 10, 19i»t;, i a concession, amounting to a mono- i poly, by which the Union Oil Com; pany built a pipe line across the Can- 1 al /.one on the isthmus from one ocean to the other. The Union Oil Company is a California corporation owned by the Standard Oil. In signing this concession to the Standard Oil Company's subsidiary ('resident Roosevelt took the matter out of the hands of the Panama Canal Commission, Likely to Be Perpetual. The monopoly gained by the Standard Oil Company is, hi the opinion of those who opposed the concession, likely to be. perpetual. In the fust place tlie pipe! Hue, runs from the city of Panama tin the Pacific side to Colon on thy Atlantic side. These two cities are in tin; control ot the Republic ot 1'anauia and the agents of tho tSandard Oil Company obtained exclusive ri.guls from the republic to inn a pipe line in those cities. Kven if there were spucu for another pipe liiiu across the Canal zone -—and engineers declare there is not— there would be iiu reason for another I company buildiiiK one to cumpctu : v, itii tiie Standard Oil, because of the .'wiusive rights to enter the two i'it- . h it obtained from tliu republic after a gut the concession 'to cross tho ; intlnmis from President Roosevelt. | There have been rumors that at i least one member of tho Standard Oil group of capitalists was in the, Ameri- i can syndicate which is reported to road business proposition pure and simple, the granting of a pipe Una concession might In effect take away- business from the Panama railroad and In future from the Panama Canal." fop •:• THE ALBANY NURSERIES * It you need anything m the * * nursery line reo them at their •!• •{• ranch opposite Producers' Refln- * * ery.on Beardstey Canal. Write * * them Rural No. 1, Box 8. Or * * call them up, Black 511. * Capital Paid Up, 9100,000 Surplus, $25,000 Jfirsit CALIFORNIA A checking account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that you will, find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have yon open one and test it for yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. » CHESTER AVENUE * » NURSERY * * 4. I* ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. * «• First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, -fr fr Shrubba, Roses, Cut Flowers, Flu.- •{• I* al Designs'. Orders promptly fitted + fr Corner Sixth St. and Chester A«-e. * » 'Ph«n«, Main 745 * *j» * * * »> ••• * * * * * * * *+ * * * •$• * # PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting Is my specialty. I use nothing but the beat materials, guarantee my work and charge reasonable prices. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor . 211V b bv Main 172. PAYNE 4 SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMbULACNE Phone Answered Day or Night When you \\nut ,-ellahlo help of •) any kiii'l at uo v:o:!t to you c:all'•; i luivc ' niavle a huge; stun throiiKh C!ilue.s« •* sale tu the United Stales in us up. We .tad Jnp.'iiies Phone 313. •>•$••:•* •:• •:- ilso supply help. 1219 19th St. state by a plin allty of 1 I I. In I'.HI I Kon : ievelt carried Maryland by H plurality <>i :, I, hut only u<,i one elector, I'arker \\innin:; the niln r s.-v en. ; Commenting upon the situation as ' he has siudled it, he siiys: From ihe nbuve list of doubtiui and debatable slates having I M; electoral votes. Mr. Hryar. must gt t forty-two electors in order to win and Mr. Tuft must get I-to electors to j'uve sec-! iiMiful. Ally "' the following conibin-j al inns of stati s will give liryau thj I i.ecc.-isary I'oriy-two i lectors: j Nt w York .'") anil Deiawaie '•'>. \ Indiana 1"> and Illinois -7. j Maryland s. Indiana l?i, New Ji r- • sey 11; and Counectiiiit 7. West Virginia 7, Maryland s, In- j (liana lfj mid New Jersey 12. i Wisconsin 111, Connccticni 7, West , Virginia 7 and Indiana 15. Indiana 15, Delaware :). West Virginia 7, California 10 and Connecticut Coffee The aroma-tight can protects it against impurities and deterioration never sold in bulk. Your fc'rocer will grind it— oetter if ground at, home—uot too fine. sale tu the United $ l",iHHi,(MH) of tlie property of French Panama Canal Company SVilliam Nelson Cromwell. Will Reduce Canal Earnings. The granting of the pipe line concession across tin; Isthmus hy President Roosevelt to the suhsidiary .company of (he Simulant Oil Company, not only cuts into thu earnings of the Panama Railroad, which is owned by the I/idled Slates, but, it is declared will ndm-e the earnings of tho canal when it Is completed. Oil which would he tuiiiHporied hy the railroad and uliiih would go through the canal when completed is hent through the nly pipe line, i chairman Shouts, in a letter to Sec- ;i'fMi'y Tat't opposing the granting of tic monopoly concession, made it ' clear ihin if the Standard Oil's suhsld- Mary company xwre given the pipe lino • rights they would he exclusive. Summarizing his objections, he wrote: i "To grant it to tho Union peophi wtuild be an exclusive concession, contrary to policy, when others are j undoubtedly anxious to secure the privilege. "U might be added that as a rail- DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONG CO. DRUG STORE 19th and Q. Bakersfleld. OLD RELIABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting IB all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING 8IQN8 Phone Main 1136 1627 Wall 8t •aktrtfWd, Cal.

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