The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 30, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1008. No. 78 JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER COMES OUT FOR GEN.TAFT KILLS A MAN IN JAIL KINGSTON, Tenn., Oct. 30.—A mob of masked men early today attacked the Reno County jail and shot dead George Cook, who -was being hield for (he murder of John King. The mob bad intended to hang him, but Cook resisted and when he cut one of the ,men with a razor they shot him. Islands are Well Barrisoned Spooks Abroad Last Night The Hallowe'en ghosts began their perambulations early. Last evening the white clad figures could be seen filing about near the First Methodist church on Thruxtun avenue and H street. The Epworth League entertained Us friends at a Hallowe'en social In the Sunday school rooms and the Epworth League assembly hall. The two halls were artistically decorated in a manner befitting }he season. A jack-o'-lantern greeted the vis-1 itors at the door of the assembly room, I while within strange, wierd faces peered out of dark corners and from among stalksjif corn. As the visitors approached the church they were seized by silent, ghostly figures and conducted to the Sunday school room. Here, amid strange scenes and in semi-darkness tho first part of a splendid program was carried out. Later :ill repaired to the Assembly hall where "the world renowned Cleo" waited to disclose to enquirers ;ill that fate hail ill store ) for them. Her visitors were spellbound by her wonderful powers j She told of health, of love, marriage, fortune and of all those things that pertain to the future. A large fire place, cosy and cheerful, was attractive to many. A booth where home made candy was for sale was largely patronized. After much fun and merrymaking refreshments were served. Over one hundred and fifty young people enjoyed the occasion. The laughter, and jollity gave proof of the fact that all were well pleased with the evenings entertainment and those who had the affair In charge -were congratulated upon their success. WASHINGTON, Oct. 30.—An Important assignment of troops was made today to the Hawaiian Islands in pursuance of a plan determined upon hy the department several months ago substantially to Increase the garrison there. The headquarters band and the first and third squadrons of fifth cavalry were ordered to the Islands today. There are now but four companies of Infantry there and that number has long been Inadequate In view of the plan to build up a better INTO OHIO NEW YORK, Oct. 30.—Taft and Bryan, after an almost hand to hand struggle last night for the support of Syracuse and ^Onondago County, Taft speaking tttei-e at two meetings and Bryan at'four, parted company today and will probably not meet again or le within range of each other. Taft remains in the hotly contested terrt tory In New York state and Bryan has gone to take a hand In the final fight for the electoral vote In Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Bryan traveled today naval station, It Is understood that j through Ohio, delivering a number of with the Improvement of Pearl Har- speeches at various places. Onelda, 11 or the war department considered H necessary to have a substantial guard there. Some time ago a company ot eagineera was ordered to the aslands and it will gall from San Francisco November 4th. There is a splendid military reservation now on the Islands, providing ample quarters for the additional troops. It Is understood that the plans also call for batteries of artillery. The band and first squadron of the j fifth cavalry now are at Fort Huachaca, Arizona, and the third squadron of the flfth cavalry Is at Fort Wingate, Arizona. Companies E. F. and G. flfth cavalry, now at Fort Apache, Arizona, are ordered to the Yellowstone Park, Troop H remaining at Fort Duchesne, Utah. Troops F and G. eighth cavalry, now at Fort Yellowstone, are ordered to Fort Huachaca, Arizona, with the headquarters of the squadron and troops E and H, of the eighth cavalry now at Fort Yellowstone, are ordered to Fort Apache, Arizona. Squad. held ' ron headquarters and two troops of ' the third squadron, third cavalry, to 1 be designated by the squadron com- Roroe, Utlca and Batavla are among the places scheduled for Taft today, and there Is a night meeting at Buffalo. Sherman speaks tonight at Oneonta, Kern continues In Indiana, where Bryan Is expected tomorrow. Chafln and Watklns are also In Indiana. The cabinet members on the order of President Roosevelt are all touring In doubtful states. BELL SAYS BRYAN SURE Dynamite for the Aqueduct By its purchase of 236 tons of dynamite yesterday, the board of public works broke all western records for orders of explosives. The dynamite was purchased for the work in the tunnels of the Jawbone section of the Los Angeles aqueduct and the order Is to be delivered In Installments during the next six months. By Us contract the board also gains an option on 235 more tons to be used In the following six months at the same price—10% cents a pound. Bids were opened yesterday and there were five bidders. Each bid the same price per pound and the board divided the contract equally between the three local bidders—the California Hardware Company, the Union Hardware Company, the Harper-Reynolds Company. The bids were all f, o. b.. Giant, Cal., where the factory'! of the Giant Powder Company Ip located. With freight added, the dynamite will cost the city n trifle more, or less than $50,000. The board has not calculated how big a hole it. would make if all exploded at one spot, and as It Is to be delivered In small Installments there Is little danger that it will wreck the mountain ranges.—Los Angeles Times. can majority In the Eighth district. Much cheering greeted the stalwart, clean-featured state leader as he arose to speak. Mr. Bell said tho apathy In the cam paign, to which some newspapers am: speakers had referred, did not apply i'nnc- mander, are transferred from Fort! lions of the Democratic league) for it Texas, to Fort Wingate, the j was announced that Napa's young giant, Bull, and San Francisco's able Democrat, James D. Phelan, would lie | the guests of honor. Since Mr. Bull took the stump In the east at the personal request of Mr. Houston, garrison post. PRISONER LtADS A HOT CHASE TEN MILLION SEEMS TO HAVE GOTTEN AWAY. CHICAGO, Oct. 30.—Ten million dollars of the total of eighteen millions put up by the Investors In the bankrupt Chicago and Milwaukee Electric Company has gone into something else besides construction, according to reports certified to by accountants for the receivers appointed by Judge Grosscup. There Is only a hazy Idea of the disposition of the vast sum outside the circle of promoters. E. M. Morton,- under suspicion of having several forged checks In his possession, was arrested after 3 o'clock this afternoon by Officer Morton, and while on the way to jail, walking down Jap Alley, he made a break for liberty. He ran down the alley to Chester, thence to Twentieth and down that street to the rear of Billy Reeves' store. Cap Mortensen and a crowd of several dozen men gave chase and the fellow was finally recaptured, attempting to crawl In a manger, and taken to jail. Theodore A. Bell, asys the Los A geles Herald, assured 200 .Democrat; and Republicans nssemMtiilv- jK'V luncheon at the Westminster hotel yesterday that Bryan would carry New ! to Democrats, us lie found the mem York, Ohio and Indiana. j hers of (lie party uctivo and enthtisl- The largest attendance of the ruin- astic wherever he had been. He stat- paign marked yesterday's weekly si-s- eil that straw votes had been taken in slon of the Democratic county com- several sections of the country, and that everywhere in the east these tentative figures had been regarded as foreshadowing a Democratic landslide. "One of the Issues that, is winning us votes is Cannon," said Mr. Bell. "Joe Cannon will cut. down Republican majorities at many points." OIL TRUST MAGNATE STATES HIS POSITION CHICAGO, Oct. 30.—John D. Rockefeller has corno out openly for William Howard Taft for President. la an interview, wired from New .York to the Record-Herald, the head of the oil trust, and the richest mnn in the world proclaimed himself for the Republican nominee. In response to a question Rockefeller said: "It seems to me when a question is put directly to any American citizen as to which candidate he will support for the Presidency, he should he manly enough to answer it just as directly. "1 am for Taft," said the great trust magnate, "and I will support his candidacy because, comparing him personally with Bryan, I find the balance as to fitness and temperament on his side. "THE ELECTION OP TAFT WILL MAKE FOR STABILITY IN BUSINESS. (Mr. Rockefeller does not ay whose buiness) nncl it will make for law and order. "I SUPPORT TOO, THE GENERAL REPUBLICAN POSITION ON THE TARIFF AND THE CURRENCY." NAPOLEON, O.," Oct. 30.—Wm. J. Bryan, in a lengthy statement commenting on Rockefeller's declaration that he is for Taft, says he is not surprised. The Standard Oil Com- .pany and the Republican party are closely allied, and their interests are identical. The Democrats, says Mr. Bryan, hould be grateful for tearing off the mask and revealing the Republican campaign as it is. NEW YORK, Oct. 30.—Chairman Mack of the national Democratic committee says the declaration of Rockefeller for Taft is the result of a deal between the Republican national committee and the Standard Oil whereby Hitchcock, chairman of the Taft committee, is to receive a large campaign contribution and that undoubtedly a part of the bargain is to fix up that $29,000,000 fine in the event of Taft' election. "Standard Oil has landed where everybody knew it would land," is Mr. Mack's closing comment. mlttee (succeeding the weekly The first, number of the Oracle, the High School paper, Is about ready for distribution, and It Is a creditable Issue. The fiction titles are "Blue Bryan and since he attained national j that the three key states, New York, j Grass" and "Yellow Chrysanthemums Mr.' Bell then made ills prediction First Number of The Oracle CHINESE DO'NOT ENTHUSE OVER FLEET. MRS. WILLIAM ASTOR IS CRITICALLY ILL. I NEW YORK, Oct. 30.— Mrs. William Astor, the acknowledged leader of Now York society, is critically 111 at her home on Fifth avenue. Relatives have been summoned. The affliction Is heart failure. AMOY, Oct. 30.—The Chinese were apathetic upon the arrival today of the second squadron of the flt'et. Only n few natives turned out to witness the sight. The cause Is the severe re- 'strletion placed on the number of Chinese taking part In the celebrations. MOTOR EXPLODES ON WRIGHT'S AEROPLANE. LEMANS, Oct. 30.—During the flight of Wilbur Wright's aeroplane this morning, the motor exploded. Wright landed safely and the aero- plane escaped undamaged. renown as chairman of the Denver j convention, his words have carried Import. An auto delegation headed by Chairman Albert M. Norton and Treasurer Richmond Plant of the local committee met Messrs Bell and Phelan at the depot and conveyed them to the hotel, where a lengthy talk was had, and afterward an Informal reception was held. The last lew nays 01 uie campaign will be strenuous ones for Messrs Bell and Phelaa, and both took the few hours remaining to snatch a brief rest before meeting the non-partisan gathering of guests at noon at the Westminster. Members of the City Club, members of the leading business organizations and professional men representing all Interests In Los Angeles city ami county were at the function. 'MaJ. William U. Burke of the sp.Mk- ers' committee was In the cliah, and hurried matters along so thai the post- prandial portion of the program could be reached. One result of tin; naili- erlnu was that Mr. Bell promised i<> come back In time to speak at ih 1 ' wigwam on Hill street Friday night- When he goes north, .Judge Sh' ;> herd of Ventura will accompany him, as the judge Is making hig Inroads on Congressman Smith former Republi Ohio and Indiana, would elect their i and White." Principal Conger Is the national and state tickets. Me said j author of an article entitled "The he based this prediction not only on ] Olympic Games of 1908." Coach Grlf- his own observations but on reports , fllh haa an interesting paper on foot- from many sources. I | m u "There Is no doubt," he continued,! Tho ertltorlnl on "School Spirit" Is "that Mr. Bryan will receive a major- 1 cre(mable> and the local 8Cnool newa ity of the votes of the electoral col lege. He is sure of 166 votes In the solid south, Including Misourl and Maryland. I figure also that Nevada will give him 3 votes, Colorado G, Montana 5, Nebraska 8, Indiana 15 and Ohio 2:\, which makes a total of 22:! These 1 regard as absolutely sure for Mr. Bryan. In California, I will say the outlook for Bryan Is exceedingly good." Men's New Fall Hats of Styles And Becomingness A hat has everything to do with a man's appearance. No natter how stylish your suit is unless your hat is smart anil looks well on you, your general appearance is greatly marred. In hat buying he particular—see that you pot your hat here where the assortment is very large and where you're sure ot finding all the latest fall styles. • We've a splendid line of hats that embraces all the latest colors, including the nev ivy preen. Especially fine hat for the money is our L. & 13. hat for Jfj.oO Let us help you select a smart, becoming hat for fall—and now is the time for buyinp. THE BIKE THIEVES AGAIN ABROAD Bicycle thieves appear to bo abroad again. "Dude" Wear reports the loss of a machine and J. F. Cook, residing on F street near Seventeenth, Is also mounrlng tho theft of a new bicycle. His wheel was stolen from his house last evening, last evening. Wear's wheel was taken from In front of the Echo office. Descriptions of the bicycles have been given the police. Is up to the usual standard. The staff Is: Editorial—Will Simpson, '09, editor In chief; Frank Blackwoll, '10, assistant; Pauline Duvall, '09, literature; I»la Reynolds, '10, literature; Rachel Smith, '10. literature; John Stroud, '09, athletics; lieulah Bgan, '09, athletics; Florence Houghton, '09, locals; Mollle Harris, '10, Joshes; Walter Stlern, '00, exchanges. Business—Glenn Bundy, '09, busi- ness'manager; Ben Laase, '10; assistant; Ixiyal Grandy, '10, assistant. Tho class reporters are Ella Hare, j'12; Marguerite Simpson, '11; Elsie 'Slater, '10; Cecil Baker, '09; Marvin Davis, Commercials. ABRAHAM 8TALEY IS LAID TO REST. Kern Woman Goes Insane Sarah Thomas, a resident of Kern, was adjudged insane In department one of the Superior Court this morn- Ing and was committed by Judge Mahon- to the asylum at Stockton. The examining physicians were Dr. C. A. Rogers and Dr. Helm. Petition For Distribution. In tbe matter of the estate of E. A, A, Cunningham, deceased, a petition for distribution has been filed. Fred Uorton Is attorney. Order of Sale. In the estate of Ralph Bower, deceased, order of sale of personal property has been made. George Flournoy Is attorney. THROWN FROM HORSE AND ARM FRACTURED. Mrs. Rose Howell, living on East Nineteenth street, was thrown from a saddle horse yesterday afternoon, sustaining a compound fracture of the left arm. Dr. Crease sot the fractured member. CHAS. ALBERTS SELLS HIS DELANO RANCH. The Alberts ranch, five miles southeast oi Delano, to which HO many Delano land seekers have been taken to Inspect the quality and condition of the citrus trees and fruit, of this lo- CHlity, was sold lust week to P. J. 8. Montgomery of Tulare. Last year from the 28 orange trees which Mr. Atherls has he sold $:)()() worth of fruit. They are now coloring and are ready for shipment. There being so few, however, the fruit Is seldom sold until fully matured and This afternoon at 2 o'clock the funeral of "Dad" Staloy was held from tho undertaking parlor of Dlxon & j Sons. The Masons were In charge, J tho beautiful service of tho order be- j Ing rendered both at the parlors and ! at the cemetery. Tho pall hearers were chosen from members of tho order and all friends of the deceased and his family. They wnro John W. Kelly, D. B. Nowell, James Glenn, S. P. Wlble, Dick Shackelford, The floral offerings were, beautiful, a number having been received by express from San Francisco this morn- Ing, and others coming from local greeneries. Zed Phelps Is hero today from Coal- Inga. J. 8. HInton and W. W. Worden, who have been at the Towno ranch for a week past, leave tonight for San Francisco. L. B. McMurtry of the Oregon-Midway Oil Company, IB here today. Leather The Latest Conceits in this Serviceable Material. You would hardly believe that surh beautiful things could be made of leather as we are now showing. Thi 4 following goods can bo found here In variety. No better «ift could be thought of than something from this line. Ladies' Handbags In Alligator, Seal, etc., etc., Pocket Booka, Purses, Cigar Cases, Card Cases, Bill and Letter Books, Wrist Bags. Prices are most reasonable on everything. Come in and let us show you the goods. See our Window. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist

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