The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 29, 1908 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 12
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^«^t,_l,, t :..,„.'.',;.!; • 3 BAKERSFIELD CALIPOR NIAN. LEGAL. LEGAL. lo en. iet as tollow-: Si:<'TI(,\\ 1 On anil after Hie first. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. L.EQAL. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extension Water Comnnnv. LEGAL SUMMONS. ^unerlor Court of the State of Cal- LEQAL. together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. UCAIi corporation; also ail other pe sons unKown claiming any rlgt ,ri,\ v | ,if J.-iniMi->. A O. nineteen hundred nine, die si 1 .it of government of i Staff 1 of Cjlifornin shall be rhane- rotii (lie cifv of Sacramento to tin-! \ i. of H'-rlielev. and it Is hereby il <• | ml thai '>ti and after said date tin in of Belli'.ley shall be the seat of ,-i'nimi'iif of this state. ;KC 2 Tlie question of such irme of the seat of government ,11 he submitted to the people of yi.-ite .'it the general state election tii held in the month of November, the yiir nineteen hundred »nd uhi. anil in the manner, and subject the regulations and provisions pro;,. I ill title two, of part three, of Politi ;il Code of the State of Callia, foi HUbtnltttiiK any proposition .institutional amendment to the of t!ie people, anil said question y»-',il be <li".ignateil on the ballot In as* followIIIK words: "An act to thange Hi' 1 seat of government of the State of California from the city of Sacramento lo the town of Berkeley. of the Superior Court ern Stale of California. , In the init'er o r the. aupllcatfoq of "Stalo of Callfornl it'er o r thn a "Hl'iilnni Mrivini; Park •jo h f . n a corpora u "Kern ('»': tion." 11 i y As to change Its .•\.gricultui-;il Delation, name to Assocla- It sotlsfai-torllv apneaijn:-' t,i me that the ''Hudniii Or I vine Par't Association " has Died this dav nn application to change Its name to "Kern County Agricultural Association." and that said application or petition IH signed by a majorlh of the directors of the said "Mudtuit Driving Park Association," and said petition states sufficient reasons for the change of the name of the said corporation. there- It'is herein ordere-1. that the hear- Inn or the ajiiilicaUon for change ,or name In the rorecpBe, nd the same Is herein- set for nv. the nth dav of November. t 10 o'clock a. ni. of said dav at — artment one at its court room the_re.o_f i the Countv courf ialltornia. and thi sons interested in and appear before t any and a said matter , . this court „ time and place aforesaid, and.then, and I per- to be at the there siio'w" caiiae. If any. tnev the application tor the chat name of the .said corporation b not be enint* (I. For Canghs and Colds RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE NATURE'S BALSAM We Recommand the Use of Our Guaranteed COLD TABLETS A Curativ 2nd Laxative When RED SPRUCE ANDJWHITE PINE Is Take is have "J? e PJ . should further or lerod that a com- of this order to show cause be published In "The Baker* field published In "The BaKers- 'ornfan. a newspaper nrlnted nhecl in the Cltv of Bakers- nlv of Kern. State of Call- C and nu Held, CoTlnlv o£ Kern. Sta.. _. ---- fornla. uccordlLtf to law, for at least four weeks successlvelv next oreced- In? the dav o(.hearine. , Dated this oth dav of October. 190S 10-5 .ludce of the Siineflor Court. Location ot principal otace of Dusinosa'. wiiscg. Kern Couutv. California. NrJlco.—Thpre are" detfnduent noon the follpwlnir described stock, on account of assessment /No. one), levied on the 25th dav of August. 1908. the several amounts set onposlte the names of the respective shareholders. List of shareholders with No. of certificate. No. of shares and amount due: No. No. Name Crt. Shs. Amt. California Home Kxten- slonAssociation. trustee .cor August Anderson James B. Anderson . .. James B. Anderson ... California Home Exten Bion Association, trustee For J. E. Anderson ... :e.r. John ... 3are Seard. , Jeckett. Jennett, Dallfo fhcis" (Yeo. Alice M. Sarah ..3 E^ -...-'orrila Home Exteu slonAssociation. trustee for Bower. Samuel . .. California Home Extension Association, trustee for Bower. Samuel ... 7 California Home Exten- slonAsBociation. trustee forurlggs. Warren F. 19i Caster. John A 52: California Home Exten- si onAssociat'"!!. trustee for Chales Hezeklah . California Home Extension Association, trustee 36 2% 2.60 10 16.00 2§ m 89 10 10.00 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Maude E. Galtes. deceased Notice Is herebv given bv the undersigned executor of the estate of Maggie E. Galtos. ilccenseil. to the redltors of. atnl all persons having aims against the said deceased, to xhibit them with the necessarv ouchers. within four months after the rsl publication of this notice, to the :dii executor, at the office of George 'lournov In the Stoner Block, corner f 17th street and Chester avenue, in he Cltv of Bakersfield. Kern Count. California, the same being the place or the transaction of the business of he said estate In the said County of Kern. State of California.. Executor of the estate of Maggie E. Galtes. deceased. Dated at BaKerstleld, September 2f!_, illX O.o-J 9U8. NOTICE OF SEALED BIDS, Sealed bills for grading D street be- ween 19th anil 20th streets and eurb- lr,c same to the, official grade will be received up to the 25th Instant at the office ot .1. B. Herges: 1«23 19th street or at R A. Edmond's office, nostoffice Bakersfield. Figures on cost of curb Inu per running foot, either cement curbing or redwood to be put separate lv: the cement curbing (jo lie, 7 to 1 R. A. EDMONDS. 10-19 T. C. METCALF. \r;*'<\ii>« »Ji i'. o. . - • «>uv California Home Extension Association, trustee for Coolev. Chus. M. ..37 5 G.OO California Home Exten- slonAssociation. trustee tor Crowton. Cvrus ...258 10 10.00 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Dickinson. Win. H..191 onahue. Michael 531 OJT. Frank 534 alifornla Home Exten- sionAssoclation. trustee 'or Evans, Liimls A. ..97 20 20.00 alifornla Home Exten- gionAssoclatlon, trustee or Evans, Lumls A. ..98 16 16.00 alifornla Home Extension Association, trustee or Evans, Lumis.A. ..99 16 16.00 alifornia Home Exten- sjonA ssociatlon. trustee tor Evans. Limits A. . . KiQ 20 20.00 alifornla Home Extension Association, trustee for Finuon. Walter ...2S6 ,riedhiniler. Max 414 oster. John 115 ..ojllornlu Home Extension Association, trustee tor Gardiner. H. H. ...240 20 20.00 ""' •' Home Exten 10 10.00 20 20.00 The LITTLE RACKETT STORE is im\v open in the old Drury ner mih and Chester nvo- liue, wilh ;i nice ne\y line of Dry (iooijs Mini Xnliuii Spe- ciiillies. which \vill l)i> sold on the ."). II), Ifi and I'.V ciitin- tetvs. .Special sale .Saturday io.s and Mori's TToso ir»i' Turkish Hath Tow- liuse I'nr l"ie : T.")C for f>0i» iair: ,"0e bioiiAssociatlon. trustee for Griffin, Edw. W. ... 7^ -alifornla Home Exten- sjionAssociaUon. trustee tor Green. Alfred 277 California Home Exten- slonAssociation. trustee for Green. Henry W. . . c 'lL' fo . r PJa .Home Exten- or Green. Henry W. . .;UO 10 10.00 iillfornia Home Elxten- sioiiAsso<:lation. trustee jo.c.Harv ../ ,'al si r Harvey. "J"."™ lifo.rnia Home Exten- G.OO , sion Association. t rtihlce fornia. County ,of Kern. Southern Pacific Railroad Company. lalnttff. vs. R. H. Countiss, John I. itousland. Henrietta N. Hob;Js..Elvlra w. Percv. Clarence W. Hobbs (a minor), and John Doe. Defendantf ' ' broimht |n t/ie Superior Co >ple qt t nla send ({reeling John I. Stousland. Elvira W. Percy H minor), and .! Y'ou are herebv 0 answer the Complaint filed therein, within ten davs (exclusive of the dav of service) after the service on you of this summons if served within the safe! Countv: or. If served elsewhere, with- And vrm'nrcj herebv notified that If you fail to so appear and answer, the •'laintlff will applv to the Court for he relief demanded in the Complaint, Given under my hand and the seal of the Superior Court of the St Sillfornia. in and tor the C kern- on Angus H.lpoj 1 =><."".-. ... ^—iii, benuty c 1 -- e State of County of Bedell Smlt .. ..i. Singer. Jr.. ....... Attorneys for plaintiff. Wm:'singeF."jr:;-and-o: v: Deputy, Clerk. and D. \. Cowden. . 9-12 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Burks Oil Company. Location of principal plae« of business. Oakland. California. Location of property. Kern Couutv, California.. Notice.—There is dellnaueut upon the following described stock of the corporation, on account of Assessment (No. fi) levied on the 18th day of ,/ulv. l9i»S. the several amounts set opposite ;he names of the respective share- lolilers as follows; No. No. Name Cert, ,ov J. Burks J: Burks . Burks Burks Burks l born dr. B. Lamkl'ri'.':::.':M(5 Delia Shea 2i7 Oeo. Smith :538 A. A. Smith 362 1 ' ' Smith 30?. 9. rs. E. O. Burks 170 4000 40.00 TS. T. C. Clark 340 4000 40.00 rs. .1, C. Clark 348 10000 lOO.QO an ide so r\. on uuil K. Stroud tyt K Stroud 293 Thompson 27fi _, And in accordance with law. and order of the Board of Directors mi on the Sth day of September. 1908. __ manv shares of each parcel of such stock as mav be necessarv will be sold at public auction at the ~ the company. 1068 Broadwav. California, room, 20. on Monday, the 19th dav of October. 190S. at the hour ot 8 o'clock a. m. of said dav. to oUv said delinouent assessment thereon together with costs of advertising am: expenses of sale. -_ A. A. SMITH. Secretary. Office room 20. 1015S Broadwav. Oak land. California. 10-: Oakland nuav. tht APPLLCATION §EL Of Drug Stores Bakersfield's Finest GODLEY & CO. GENTLE HORSES. Onuige Groves of South an California; Cotton Fields of Texw as:' iaua. FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED •TEAMEBI 74 sionAssoclatlon. trustee for Hefner Nelson ...Ml 'alifornia Home Extension Association, trustee tor Hevilen. Eilw. T. ..179 Hen-man. D. M :?" ' California Home Exten- slonAssociation. trustee tor Hen-man. O. M. . . . Herrman. O. M. ... - Herrmaii. I). M. ... : California Home Extension Association, tmstco for Herrman. A. J. California Home ET» 20 20.00 20 20 20 20 29.Of 50.0C 20.00 20.on 20.0(1 sionAssochition. I rnst for Herrnrm. A. .1. ... 1m; (.'alitornia Home K\len- sionAssociat ion. trustee tor Herman. B. \\'. . "II ('aliform i Home Kvten- ijlon Association, trustee orlli-mK,,,. R W. ... . ,. . .. Ctilitornla Home Extension Association, trustee tor Hnddleston. ('has. L': Cilllfornia Home E\ten- sloii.\"iatiiiii. trustee lor Keenev. .1. \\- ..... ir California Home Extension. \ssocial toil, trustee for Keenev. .1. w ..... 17 20 20.00 °o To 10 m .E|TATE OF In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County o Kern. In the matter of the estate of Franl Lass, deceased. W. A. McGinn, administrator of th estate of Frank Lass, deceased, hav me filed his petition her° ir >. pravln tor. an onier of sale of all the minin claims belonging to said decedent, fo the purposes set forth In his petition uoun mat an persons interes lie estale of said Frank l.iiss d. anpear before the sairl Si ~"ourl on Mondav. the 2nd da si on .Association, trustee 1 for Keenev. .1. \V 171 2i C:\lllunn.i Home 1.xt(-n- sionA:ssociatlon. trustee for .Klpssen. Henry ...IT,:: !»f ck. c. c C c: c '" tHIlS ft:: Edith M. I. Cr c<. Eillth iro . C'has. vrol , Chas. B. McCartnev. Harry McCartney. Heni. ... California I.Men slonAssoclat Ion. trustee for,,McConn«-ll, J. S. AH. .m •III! 117 .US .4Hti .4*57 .44* .489 20 ° "0 III) 20.011 20 00 Jl'l.OO jo.on JO.OO JO.OO 2().(M JO.OU 6.00 5.00 er. Branov Ann torn'-i Home T xt i° 525 520 always hnvo on hand safe and ycntlo l-orsos tliat ladies pan drive. You will find everything spick and spat, about our stables, out- liorses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, cte., in good running order all Ihe time. W. T. RATLIPF Cor 21st and 1C St« Tel. Main 88 Bankrupt Stock E United Harness Co Of all classes of Harness, Saddles, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Buggies and everything belonging to the harness and saddle trade. Corner Chester Ave. and 20th Street. slotiAssoclallon. tnisleo for Myron Raymond ..151 Mullen. Robt. Jr. cert. Mullen. Boht. J. cert. Mullen. .Robt. J. cert. Mu e Millie... , California Home Exten- slonAssoclatlon. trustee for Nelson. Oeo. F. ...192 Nelson, James J 4*i',t Olsen.FrankA.aniir,race 4!»0 Pardee. Wlllard 452 Ciilllornia Home Exten- ijlon Association, trustee tor " California Home Kxten- HlonAssociation trustee Dickerson. C. 1SS for Dickerson. C. A California Home Exten sum Association, trustee for Prewjtt, Edgar D. . Rose. Walter M California Home Extension A SBOCi at IOIK trustee for Schiueter. Fred \V. 7 Schroeder. Robt r,:', Sterl ng. J. R Sterling. Geo. W. "JH'Ifot'nla iionie Exteu 23S -122> 14 j.00 20.00 20.0(1 20.00 10.00 20.00 > ^ 11 slonAssociation. trustee for Terrell. Daiiiol P.. California Home Extension Association, trustee for Tlft. Bert . . , . rodeen, Reuben F rauden. Ruehen 209 20 20.00 Criterion. Ruehen F. . . f>;!S rt'arreckjjr.Otto (:;4 i\'e sel. P. J 420 iulfornla Home Extension Association, trustee for \Vllllams, Mrs. C. P. H nllforula .Homo Exten- 10 20 20 10 10.00 20.00 20.0(1 10.00 "ii On Pf _ __ slon AssocfatrorT. tr'ustee for Wojoaarsky. Mever 202 California Home Extension Assocliitlou. trustee for Young Jus. B 31 And iji orde manv "shares stock as sold \nd in ace ler of the the 2f)th 10 10 On illl . tii*o, 1- ; '; - • ccordance with law and .. Board of Directors tn-id dav of,August. 190s. so of each parcel of such . - ,-,,-V be necessary will be at public auction at the office of the secretary or the company on the 20th dav of October. 1908. at the hour of 10 a. in. of snld day, to pay saiil delinquent assessment thereon, together wfth costs of advertising and expenses of sale.. ALFRED B. JORDAN Wasco. Keru Countv. Cal, Secv. 10-3 POSTPONEMENT Notice is hereby slvon that the date sale of the Fourth delinquent Extension stock Water It is therefore ordered bv the Juds of said Court that all persons interes ed in the estate of deceased perior Oouii Ull .>iumiiit. (lie _;uu nil ot November. 1111)8. at 2 o'clock, in th afternoon of s:U<l dav at the coin room of salil Superior Court, Denar nient No. 2. thereof. In the Citv of B: kersfleld. Countv of Kern. State c California, to show cause whv an o der .should not be irranted to the sal administrator, to sell all of the minln laims belonelnir to the estate or sai dec-eased, at private sale, and that of this order be published fo COPV of this order lie published a least four successive weeks In th Bakersfleld Callfornian. a uewspane of general circulation, printed an published In the Citv of Bakersfleli Countv of Kern. State of California. Dated this 2Gth dav of Sept.. 190S. PAUL W. BENNETT. Judge of the Superior Court. Thos. Scott, attorney for aduiinlstra tor. Bakersfleld. Cal. 9-2 NOTICE TO . CITY OF TAXPAYERS OF THE _. . . -F BAKERSFIELD. Notice is hereby slven that clt taxes for the year 190H are due an pavable on the 21st dav of Septembei 1008. and will become ilelimiuetit or the 2d day of November, I'JO.H. A.' taxes are pavable ut the office of th City Treasurer and ex-offleio Tax Co: , EABER. asurer and lector. 1822 Chester avenue, A. W . . Citv Treasurer and ex-offleio Tax Co: lector. 0-2 NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. In the or Court in and for th ern. State of Calitornia. County ol __ In the matter ot the estate of Em Erickson. deceased. Notice Is hereby ulven that In pui sunnce of an order ol the Court of the Countv of Kern, Cullfprnla... JXiaiie on the Superio Stale o day California, niaite on the fith day o October. 1908. in the matter of the ea tate of Emll Erickson. deceased, th " . E ad undersleneiT" ad"nifuTstnitor "of tate of said deceased, will .the es i.i". -v ?Vy- at " r highest bic ... _ the tinl .. ...... . the 20th dav i at 10 o.plocR_tn the lorenqon o ill sell at pr st bidder fo United State or all of said property at h flee up to the hour herein aid 20tn day of October. vale sale to the ...—.......... „ .„ cash eold coin of Uie United State on Tuesday, the 20th dav pi Outolmr 1908, at 10 o'clock in the forenooi that day at the office ot the said IK ninlstratorln the court house, in th 5itv of Bakersfleld. County ol Kern State of California, seated bids will b received by said administrator for an of said property at Ills said oi named o; 19UK, sal with tei lowing;"is a description of the propert offered for sale: Twenty-five books, one 12-guage single barrel giiu; one K gnuse Dumn eun, one saddle, one bed stead, mattress and spring-one dress er: two large tables, six chairs: on sofa: one Ice liox: one desk anil chair dishes and cooking Utensils. The fore going nrooertv wjll be tound at th resPdeiiee of I T. Curtis at McKittrick Kern countv Also one horse and ton goats on pasture at the rynch ,9^ Djiv must oe per cent of th e anipunt^i^ ranch -. Maddox, near the town of McMttr Korn couutv. where the luutv. where the same may b d. One dwelling house local he town of McKittrick. Ken ... rn co Insnectei.. ed in the countv. For \V. A. Mo '^Administrator of the estate" ol Erickson. deceased. nn. Inforiiiatlon applv t s a i Em I 10- A38ESSMENT NOTICE. Rio Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place of business, San Francisco. California. Ijocatlon o works. Kern County. California. Notice la hereby given, that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on the llth day of September 1908. an assestnent of two (2) cent per subs atlon payable Immediately In Unitei State gold coin to tho secretary, a the f-'Mro of the company, No. 2270-A Mar!.- t street near 16th street, San Fran' :«eo, California. Anv stock upon which this assess ment -hall remain unpaid on Monday 'tare was levied upon all th ilbed capital stock of the eorpor the 2iHh day of October, 1908, will be Company has been postponed until delinquent and advertised for sale a 'lo a. movember 19 ' l90l! - at 10 public auction; and. unless payment the Board, of Directors. Is made before, will be sold on Frl Ak . a ^ day. the 30th day of November, 1908 aueBam«nt, By order of the Board of Directors. W. C. GRAVES, ecretary of Rio Bravo Oil Company, office 2270-A Market street, San Francisco, California. 9-12 TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the axes on all personal property, and ne-htilf of the taxes on all real prop- rty, will be due and payable on the econd Momlay in October, and will e delinquent on the last Monday In ovember next therafter, at 6 o'clock . m., and unless paid prior thereto fteen per -cent will be added to the mount thereof, and that If said one- alf be not paid before the last Monay in April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., n additional five per cent will be dded thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of le taxes on all real property will be ayable on and after the first Monay In January next, and will be de- nquent on the last Monday In April ext thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., nd that unless paid prior thereto ve per cent will be added to the mount thereof. . That all taxes may be paid at he time th first Installment, as here- n provided, Is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In the ffice of the Tax Collector In the ounty courthouse between the hours f 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. and p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, o-l Kern County, California, APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL Tn the Superior Court of the State of Calitornia, In and for the County ot £ern. In the matter of the estate of Georeo v. OJjer. deceased. V. A. McGinn, the administrator o estate of_.Georxe K. Ober. deceas having craving for eal estate purposes set ntlt TA^ erf! t of said Court that a ed In the estate of near before the s o George K. Ober. filed his petition an order of sale of of said decedent forth In his a t herein all the .— for the , .jetition d bv the Judcf 11 persons Interest aid deceased, an cl Superior Cour November -,-,-- - —ternoon o the court room of sale ourt, Depaj-tnient, No. 2 in DtlK^ Monday. ,the 2nd dav of Novemb 2 o'clock, in the afternoon said dav at \~ * f\ t i ^^V" fl ^""^-"""ri ».|»4V.*I.«, A^V. Ii II Oie City ot Bakersfield. County o Kern. State of California, to show cause why nn order should not be granted to the said administrator tc sell the whole of the real estate of th< said deceased at private sale: and tha a copy of this order be published a east four successive weeks in the Ba kersfle d Callfornian. a newspaper p fiimn Cl % U e Iat Jjj?v nr * tei ^ *" Countv of Dated th _, Judge *o' _ Thomas Scot Bakersfield, ~ NOTICE SENT THE E !A NL ME L ROF SAID ESTATE. In the Superior Court of the Count Kern. State of California. in the matter of the estate of J. Patterson, deceased. . Notice is herebv iriven by the undei signed administrator of the estate o J. M. Patterson, deceased to the cred II 01-8 of. and all persons liaviiu. claims airamsl the said ileceased. ti exhibit theni with the iu>cessar\ vouchers within four months after thi first publication of this notice to tin administrator at the law otlice o Thomas Scott. No. 1.">it!> "Otl street rooms. 2 and 4. Bank of Bak orsfield buildintr. corner Chester avenue and, 20th street, in the Citv of Bn kersfleld. Countv of Kern. State o California, the same beinir the nlaei tor the transaction of business of sair estate in said Kern Countv. Dated October 13. 190S. . , . . ROBERT PAL Administrator of the Estat Patterson, Deceased. Thomas Scott, attorney for estate. __ _ ____ ____ lu-i: DOG LICENSE NOTICED Notice is herein- given to all pe; sons owning and keepinir dogs, wlthii the limits of the City of Bokersflelc that License Toes ror the year 190? are now ready for delivery at the ot flee of the City Clerk, in the basemen of Producers Savings Bank buildins and on after the loth dav of Janu arv. I will proceed to impound al dous found — are the _ rnnnlne on the streets tha we_arine the license tae fo- not ...... year 1908. J. k. COX. Pounduiastcr. Dated January 9. 1!)OS. ROAD NOTICE Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Kern Countv. California. lo all non-consent inir owners of the hereinafter described lands, take notice: That the report or the viewers on proposed county road No. 270 described as comrncnciiiE at the corner to sections 2i.2S.33 and 34 of Twp. Rane In the eal property described la the cotu- alnt adverse to plaintiff's ownership r any cloud upon plaintiff's tltl< hereto, defendants. The people of the State of Callfop la send greeting to the Southern Pa, iflc Railroad Company, a corporation, he Pacific Impro w ement Company, a ocporatlon; the Western Develop >ent Company, a corporation; also II other persons unknown claiming ny right, title, estate, Hen, or Inter st In the real property described la complaint adverse to plaintiff'* wnershlp, or any cloud upon plain 'ff's title thereto, defendants. You arc hereby required to appear i an action brought against you by he above named plaintiff, in the Sti- erlor Court of the County of Kern, tate of '"alifornla, and to answer th« Complaint filed therein, within tea ays (exclusive of the day of service fter service on you of this summons, f served within said county; If serv«4 Isewhere, within thirty days. The said action Is brought to deter mine a claim made by said defendants adversely to the plaintiff In and to hat certain lot, piece or parcel of land ituate, lying and being in the Town ot rtojave, County of Kern, State of Cal- fornla, and designated as Lot Numbttr Vine (9) In Block One Hundred (100) of said Town according to the Map hereof, filed in the office of the Coun,y Recorder of said Kern County, on :he Third day of March, 1905; to iompel the said defendants to produor .heir title, If any they have, to premises, Sn3 that the same, and. pretended claim, right, tltfe, Interest, and estate of said defendants,. and also all other persons unknown claim- ng any right, title, estate, Hen, or la- :erest In the real property described a, the complaint, and hereinbefore described, adversely to plaintiff's ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiff's U:le thereto, and each and all of them in and to said premises, and every part thereof, may be adjudged and d» creed to be Invalid and void. That the said defendants and each of them may be barred of and from af' right, title, Interest and estate In ana to the said premises, and every part thereof; That the said plaintiff's title may be adjudged and decreed to be a good and valid one as against said defendants and each of them, and all persons claiming under said defendants and each of them, and for such ether and further relief as shall be just and equitable as the nature of the cas« may require, as will more fully appear by the Complalut on file herein, and to which reference' Is here made and for costs of suit. And you are nereuy notified, thai If you fall to so appear and answer, the plaintiff may take judgment for any money or damages demanded lo the complaint as arising upon contract, or will a,5ply to the court for any other relief demanded in the Complaint Witness my hanc. and the seal of th* said Superior Court, County of Kern, State of California, this 10th day of April. A. D. IbOS. (Seal) I. L. MILLER, Clerk. By Ham Farrls, Deputy Clerk. J. W. P. Laird and Rowen Irwln, at f.orneys for plaintiff. g-l| NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Springfield Oil Companv. Location of print-trial place ol business, Bakersfield. California. Notice is herebv u-lven that at a meetinir of the Directors held on tha -•nn <iav of September. 1HOS. an as- '(.•ssmcnt of one and one-nuarter centa •er shnre was levied upon the capital -tock of the corporation, pavable tin- iiediatelv In United States eold coin to IIP secretary of said corporation at (dice of the company, room 1. Pro- lucers Snviijffs Bank buildins. Bale- ersfield. California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 7th lav of November. 1HOS. will be de- llnnuent and advertised for sale at iiubllc auction and unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 28th lav of November. 1!»08. to nav the de- iliuiuent assessment, together with cost of advertising and expenses of sale. Bv order of the Board of Directors. A. T LICfHTNER. Secretary. 25 South of ee. . -. — „ ._„ 23 East: thence west along and 30 feet on each side of the line between sections 28 and 23 to, the corner of sections 2.S. 29. 32 and 33. a distance of 1 nine, lias been earing before the said set down for h Board of Supervisors. ... !n the court house jp the ersfleld. Countv of Ifornia. on Friday at. the ' juse In the Cltv Countv of Kern. State Fr at their rooms Citv of Bji . ...ner 0 o clock, a. of Bjik- of Cal- therein may appear and make ob- lectlon thereto If deemed proper. Tho said proposed road or public hlchwnv will pass over, throuch and upon the lands of Geo. Ravmone and Monzo Snrlne. . ,, _ , „ _ Bv order of the snld Board of Supervisors. „ H. A. JASTRO. Chalnnan of the said Board. (Sean' I. L. Miller. Clerk. 10.13 ROAD NOTICE. Office, room No. 1. Producers Savings Hank biilldln?. conier 19th and H streets. Bakersfield. California. 1075 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Mascot Oil Company. Principal nlaca of business, Canin ori N. E. V* section 2«. Township :!2 South. Ranee 23 East. Kern Countv. California. Notice Is hereby stlven that at a meetlne of the Board of Directors of the Mascot Oil Companv. a corporation, held on the Fifth dav of October. 11)08. an assessment of five cents per share was levied upon the capital stock of the ^orijpratlon. payable 1m- streets, Anv Los Aneeles. Cafifprn'fa. unpn which this assess- day ment shall remain unnald the on th ay of Novembpr 1908. will be delin- nuent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment la made belore. will be sold on the 5th ' . (lav of December. 1908. to pav the ' mother nla. 10-6 Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Kern Countv. Califo ' nervjs I'o. air non-consentlni owners of the hereinafter described lands, take nolice: That the report of the viewers on proposed countv road No. 274 described as commencing at the northwest comer of section four. Townsh p thirty-one South ot Range twenty-seven East: thence south along and 30 feet on each side ot line between sec- ons 4 and a. S and 9. two mites: mce west along and ISO feet on each e of line between sections S nnd .. one mile to countv road NO. 26. has been set down for hearing before the said Board of Supervisors at their rooms in the court house. In the Citv of Bakorsfield. County of Kern. State of California where any and all persons Interested therein and make oh ' advisable. The said proposed road or public highway will -MISS over, through and upon, tjhe lands of the Kern Countv own Companv. feel tfor the ?7 d : mav appear biection thereto If deemed pon the lands and Compan Amaranth Land Companv. of the said ~ and Bv order pervlsors. Attest: (Seal) , ds of the v. .The Io Chairman L. Miller Clerk. aid Board of Su- 11. A. JASTRO. in ot suid Board. 10-13 SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California. William Collins, plaintiff; vs. The Southern Pacific Railroad Company, a corporation; Western Development Company, a corporation; The Pa- clflo Improvement Company, • NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is hereby given that the, Board of Supervisors of the Countv of. Kern. Stale of California, will re- ceivi of 11 or proposals up to'the hour the Sth dav of b'cTbck. a. m., ol November. 1908, at th.. ...,,....._,,. ..... C_ountv_ Court House. In the City ot lij. Countv and State afqre- an addi- at thei,r ropmsjn the said, for th'e ^construction "of of th( Bakersfleld.- i.ald. for th Co .nit, ivn it*(7 tiisunii u\ on to. and alteration ' " al bulldln he present mntv Hospital building as per plans cfe oHl?e" - ' n ltje ~ offlc visors. and Bpec of the Clerk ...„ In the office Board of Super- No bid. or proposal will be received urcl unless ac- or considered bv said Bor_... eompanled .by. a certified de.poslt in 10 nor cent or the amount of such bid. The said Board of Supervisors reserving the right to reject any and all bids. Bv order of the said pervlsors. H. A,. At test:. (Sea Board of ,, , ... n . JA8TOO. Chairman of said Board. Su- eal) I. U Miller. Clerk. 10-15 NOTICE. Holiness convention tor Kern county will meet in the "Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene," corner 24th and I streets, Bakersfleld, Cal., on the 18th to 25th ot Oct. Experienced workers from Los Angeles will be present. Bring "Waves of Glory" song books. Let every worker In the county be present. 67 WILL, C. WILLIAMS, In cTiargo.

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