The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 29, 1908 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 10
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-•";*j%*:!,p?**l7!£" F LEOAL. I LEGAL. LEOAL. there tlOll f !•" i third* of its capital stock, or two- thirds cjt the members thereof. A certificate of mioh vote or consent shall be sluni'd and sworn to by the president and secretary, and by a majority of ihe directors of the? corporation, ami Hied and certified in the manii'T and upon payment of fees requited by law for filing and certifying HI tides of incorporation, and pon the term ul the 1 corpora- lall lie extended for the- period I in such c e-riilicate'. and such teiii":ation .shall the-re-after pay nil annual or oilier t"c-s required by law t t , ,.., :, iid by eorpurations. SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 32. CHAPTER 28. Senate Constitutional A.11'.ndenent No. 32. A resolution to propose to the people of the State cf California an amendment to the constitution of the state by adding A m-w section thereto to be numbered section 23a of article four thereof relating to limitation of the ex- perse of employees of the senate ,inrl nssembly. Adopted March 11, 1907. The ;e-gisJature of the State of California, at its regular session, com- : on the 1 seventh day of Janu ASSEMBLY CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 3. CHAPTER 19. Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 3. Resolution to amend section 2'i of article 2 of the constitution. Adopted March C. 1907. The legislature of tlie State of California at its thirty-seventh session, coinm'-neiut; on the 7th day of January, nine-toon h-mili"! and seven, two thirds of all tin: !;>> tubers elected to ear h cl ihe two houses of said legislature \oiing in faveir i hereof, hereby proposes ihat section - '/a of article 'i ol ill" eonstifiiticiii eil the State: of California U; anieMide-d so as to road as lollows: .Se-ction -Is- '''he legislature shall have' the- power to enact laws relative to the election of delegates to conventions e)f pulitical parties; and the? le-Kislalui'' shall enact laws providing for tin; dire'i't nomination of candi dates for public office, by electors, political parties, or organizations of electors without, conventions, at elec tions, to be known and designated a» primary elections; also to determine propo.-f that section seven of article, governor, provided for In section 10 into said seawall sinking fund, an land cited as the "Second San Fra nine of the constitution of the State I hereof, prerir? '.wo thousand suitable' amount, equal to the monthly Interest Cisco Seawall Act.!' ,,f California be amended so as to ; bonds of the State of California, in j then due on all bonds then sold, de , re-ad ! Se i cat i 1 '" im in!" I. ' I tin- denomination of one thousand dol" ilai> e,x.:!-. Tlio who'e Issue of said livore-d and outstanding. The hoard of state harbor commissioners are .i. ; follows: tion 7. The state board of odu _ ......... ________ __ ............ ____ ....... __ hall consist of the following ' n< nds nhiill not < xcoert the sum of two ' hereby authorized nnif'd'l'i'ncTe'd' by the .;; ; million dollars, and raid bonds shall I collection of dockage, tolls, rents • governor. bear interest at the; rate of four mn- , wharfane and cranage to collect a sum ipeilntendent. of public in- centin _ per annum, frc-m the timg of jot money sufficient" for the purposes SBC. 13. All acts and parts of acts In conflict with the provisions of this act. are hereby repealed." SENATE BILL No. 812. the \ ! of th the ;•! ese-ntativo of i; t'Diversity, s ni thereof. pivrti-ntntivi- of tho ten! ;, yi'le-clod by the •il business man, not th'.'! both principal) o f this ar-t, over and above the amount i stat.' un-,iin.>l 'JUoa-st si'itll IK- payable In gold I limited hy section two thousand five pro,-.idon'..,"(.ln of the prcsfnt standard value, hundn-d and twenty-six of tho I'olttl- jaml they shall he paynhle at the office ) Cil | code of the state- of California. the I.e-land of the state treasurer, at the explrn- j Between the lirst and tenth day of No- ^IIMI ot nineteen years from their date, i veniber, in the year nineteen hundred subject. however, to redemption by lot as in Ibis act hereinafter provided. Said bonds shall hear date tho second day eif .January, A. I), iiineleon hundred jand nine, and shall be made payable purposes CHAPTER 431. An act to provide fop lecte:! b. and eighteen and between the first and j tenth day of November of each year j t!u iciil'ter until the maturity of said: bonds the said treasurer shall, in the' presence of the governor, proceed to, 11 i..d with any school, sc-.on tho second day of January, nine- j drawn by lot. such an amount of honds governor. ' teen hundred and twenty-eight A. D. : as shall bo required to exhaust as near- by i,, of the rural the county super- The Interest accruing on such of said 1 may be the amount in said sink- as are sold shall be due and ; |i )K fund'ut tlmt'tlme, and shall there lliieiel I'H M i.l 1 -.. A schools, tendonts bonds , s al Hie superintendents' hi- payable ut the office of the state irons- j upon and before the tenth day of DC- citiveiiiion. juror on the second day of January, and I comber following, give notice 'by pub- ii.prosontativo of the city i on the second day of July, of each ] selected hy the city superin- j year after the sale of the same; pro-', at the- superintendents' hi-1 vided, that the first payment.of Inter-', lie advertisement to be inserted twice week for two weeks in two news- .....pors published In the city and coun- ennial convention. | est shall be made on the second day j tv o f San Francisco, and also in one !». A r.-pieseiitative of the polytcch-. of January, A. D. nineteen hundred j newspaper published in the city of schools, selected by the principals: and ten, on so many of said bonds as (Oakland, and also in one newspaper ,.. ------ „ ..„,,„ . Ul,,!, nlC' SCIIUOI^, r« IV ».. v .-. -., ..... , ------- , --- - ---- ---- , -- «« »...«., vt UUIU WII\IO 1*0 \JUKUUIll, UIIU 11I3U IIJ UII« lit W BlJtlpt;! the tests and conditions upon which ( of (h(i |x)lvl( , ( , tlllic high schools recelv- may have been theretofore sold. At! published ln the city of Los Angeles, iaa- cl«ctors, political parties, or organiaa lions of electors may participate in any such primary election. It shall nineteen hundred and seven,; also be lawful for the legislature to the members elected j prescribe that any ^primary eec- lion shall be mandatory and obllgft Ing state aid. I the expiration of nineteen years from j and also in one newspaper published The state board of education shall! the date of said bonds, all bonds shall i n the city of Sacramento, stating the I compile or adopt a uniform system j cease to bear Interest, and likewise all j number of bonda so drawn and that of text books for use in the day and, bonds redeemed by lot shall cease to the principal of said bonds will be hereby i tory. The legislature shall also have , oU)pr autll . 3 ,,„ two-thirds of all to each of the houses of said leglsla- S^Xt'V^.Sffb.'SSltta'W« to"establish the rates otj — fo r The rifnsmutlon uf the State of 'compensation for Pr^.ry^elecUon^f., tho California, to be numbered evening elementary schools throughout the state; and shall perform such prescribed by twenty-three of. tej rend as follows: mi4» yl VA'liiycuoin.»wui tv» ^.« «•«-. • j „.„ — — , , „,. I1U u,u». C u section fleers serving at such primary elec- a of article four there- tions 'n_ any city or city anicouJity i or county, or other subdivision of a naay i designated without mak- rlun u ni iu« i^tinjuLuic »*j«j •••" '•''»——-^« «--•-- - _-,i provide for the employment of,Ing such compensation uniform and ' ,,t in no case shall the total; lor nuch purpose such law may de- nPfor officers, employes ana nt-.«lar t the populate* of any city, city - -xceed the Hum or fl»« bundroO'and couuty, county or political sb- n) P«-r'nay for either bouse, at division. Provided, however that un- n H 1 ' v*«j ..!,,in*,,-,, uhnil «>nnrt n. (iirfict legislature shall provide for Ing and publishing of tmch text 'books, when adapted, by tbe su- perinti'iidi'-nt of state printing at the state pilntlug office, and, when so printed and published, to be distributed and sold at the cost price of print- Ing, publishing, and distributing the same. The, text-books so adopted shall continue in use not less than four bear interest us in this act provided, pa id on presentation to the treasurer and the said state treasurer shall call on or before the second day of Jan- In, forthwith, pay and cancel the same,! U ary. following, and that from and aft- out of the moneys in the second San , cr SUC h last named date, nil Interest Francisco seawall sinking fund pro bonds thus drawn shall cease, .. . , vided for in this act, and he shall, on and it shall be the duty of the treasur- »>.«» «T-«» ItAnnrfnv r.f Tnnnai-ir nlnatonn __ .... u 1 _J_ — ,1~, t,,. the first of January, nineteen i er as soon as said bonds so drawn by hundred and twenty-eight, also cancel | i o t are surrendered to him and paid to and destroy oil bonds not theretofore | cancel the same, and the Interest sold. All bonds issued shall be sign- coupons thereon, and each year be-] ed by the governor, and counter-signed ginning with the year nineteen hun-i by the controller, and shall be endorsed by the state treasurer, and each years. The legislature shall provide shall have the seal of the state stamp- any thp day o or essn nor , Ul be legislature b ' • a direct for a board of education In each com, sum of two hundred ' for either house at any special oxtraordinary s«r,sion, nor shall ; primary the pay of any officer, employe or at- dollars per ' primary election law under the pro-;ty in the, state. The county superln- vislons of this section, the present tendents and the county boards of «<J- -ctlon law shall re-main in I ucutlon shall have exclusive control SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 33. twee a nil effect. ASSEMBLY CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 7, (uf the. examination of teachers, and .he granting of teachers' certificates within their respective jurisdiction. ASSEMBLY CONSTITUTIONAL CHAPTER 22. Assembly Constitution- j ol Amendment No. 7. WA-PTER OT. Senate Constitutional Adopted March 8, 1907. Amendment No. 33. A rowUrtlon to j The legislature of the State ot Cal- propose to the people of Wie Stat* , jforala, at its regular session, com- of California an amendment to **>* i mencing on the seventh day of'JaBU- constitution of said state, amending jiiry A. D. nineteen hundred and aevea, Article XII thereof, by «m«mflnfl ' two-thirds of all the members elected section HI thereof, relat'm« to t.hel, o eac j, ol - Uie houses voting in favor liability of stockholders «f a corpor. j tb«reof. hereby propose that section atiorv or joint-stock association. g TW O j article eleven of the constitu Adopted March 14. 1M7. j t j O m of tu« State of California he j Th» tssliilmure of the 9t*t9 of Call- iamanacU so as to read as follows: j fornia at »B thirty-Sevanth awwtoB section 5. The legislature, by S«B- lhfl Slate tbe sevouth diiy of .Ian- \ CI . a j an d auiform law*, b-ball provlao dred and eighteen, the said treasurer! shall, in the manner aforesaid, pro-j , ceed to draw by lot such an amount | iof bonds as shall be requisite to ex- clause that it is subject to redemp- i,aust as nearly as may be the amount ed thereon. Each bond shall contain tlon by lot often tbe year hundred and eighteen. nineteen j | n said sinking fund, and proceed in ! the manner herein above stated. Aft the issuance and sale of state bonds to create a fund for the acquisition by the board of state harbor commissioners of a necessary area for a tidal basin for wharves, piers, harbors, and appurtenances in the city and county of San Francisco; to create a sinking fund for the payment of said bonds; and defining the duties of state officers in relation thereto; making an appropriation of one thousand dollars for the expense of printing said bonds; and providing for the submission of this act to a vote of the people. Approved March 21, 1907. (As amended at Extra Session by Senate Bill No. 7.) SENATE BILL No. 7. CHAPTER 4. An act to amend 1 section five of the act entitled "Ah act to provide for the issuance and s£1e of state bonds to create a fund for the acquisition by the board of state harbor 'commissioners of a necessary area for a tidal basin for wharves, piers, harbors, and appurtenances In the city and county of San Francisco to create a slnklnjj fund for the payment of said bondlj and defining the duties of state or cer» In relation thereto; making appropriation of one thousand dollars for th« expense of printing said bonds; and providing for the submission of thl« act to a vote of the people," .approved March 21, 1907, relating to the redemption of such bonds and creating a sinking fund for such purpose, and adding a new section to said act to be numbered section 10"/2, relating to the publication of said act, and providing for the payment of the cost of publication of the same. Approved November 28, 1907. AMENDMENT, No. 2& CHAPTER 46. SEC. 2. Interest coupons shall be| e ,- t he payment of all aaid bonds, the attached to each of said bonds, so that | stlrp ius or balance remaining In said »*..i».~~u*. *v ~..~« «. ..»._ ~. v _ uu , ~« ...... .buiimiH Ul uuiiUJ*.^ i trilULiiiiii£ in oa*« _ --,-,---- -- - /-,_it#-.^-i such coupons may be removed without 1 sinking fund if any there be, shall ! The people ot the State of Calirornl -------- 4 " J '" "~ ..... '' '"""""• Injury to or mutilation of the bond. | forthwith be paid into the San Fran- Said counons shall be consecutively j clsQO harbor improvement fund. At numbered, and shall be signed by thej»he time of the respective drawings state I any jany treasurer. But no represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows: Section I. For tlie purpose of pro which may Interest onj|j y j oti aa nforesaid, and also at the typing a fund for the payment of the 30 paid for i maturity O f said state bonds, said indebtedness authorized to be incur- De- j treasurer shall sell the United States ref j Dy ^ e board of state harbor com- the water (rone of the city and. county tutlan, in relation to th» approval and return of bills by trie governor and the exercise of the veto power. Adopted March 14, IfO?. Resolved by th» assembly, the senate concurring, That U» teKtabiture of OHiyj, a« jfum 0mn \H \ma uiuanauu | UJCLUUVI uttiuiuLruiuitj yiuviuou mi u^v dollars to feweby appropriated to pay leal* ot bonds hereby snthorlzed to be th« expense thtit- may b» Inclirrett •byjtSBWBfl, aad fihnll use the proeeeds for th« atate troasurer ia haying snid } tho payment of such bonds as may be of San Francisco, aa provided In u» act entitled "An act to authortst anfl direct the board of state harbor com- bonds prepared. Said amount ihalli drawn by lot, and at the maturity of j rnissiouers to Institute condemnation of at Its tblrtr- 1S07 two-thrrds of aM the m«ni- |, ur ' to (ittch of Ui» Jiouseu ' ,j, H of of BUid lestalunire voting la favor i. ^,.,-tUgMj, . hereby propose tfcut ANifl* . jjj,tde:i of the constitution ol' tli* State ! Ciiltforniu Ue umfiiiu>a V».v ins Biwtlon :'. thereof, wo a* IK iBHil; aa follows: i Suction : '. K" 1 '' fioe-klioMi'i- fcf •' corporation . or joini-wtor-U uiisocia tion, shall !>'• individually ,n>U p.->- sonnlly liable for pm'h proportion 01 nil Its'debts and lial.ilitle-s < uutract«--d Or Incurred, dunns tin- linn- he wav a stockholder, as the' amuviut of sstoe-f. or share's owii.-d by him hours to ill'- whole of the subscribed e'ajeilal xto'-K or shares of the oorpovntion ov anso- election or ainiointmont, In ral conntiee, ut boards of HU- tlie'rin't, county e;l»rks, attorneys and Biich other county, township, aiul rauuleipal of-! he'n-liy «••«*" a* public' c-onvonieJice uiaj re (pure, anj thall pre-tcvibe.. their du ;it-i, ami Uv .hull n-^ula bo> - wl i n session, commencing on the ch utlic . I may ' ilirectcji-ri iiid J"iii>' st jointly ;>n(i editors and p , \. i tin- 01 tnibtet'K In to a|.,'l;. ; i.-rm^M/' . / int.-i-h;i Vail v• ; H' and Mi uny i-u 1: and 'In- amount >.!' Uu- clal Ion. Tin eorporatioiit ; tions shall lie- able to the n for all mom proprlatod b> pot'atiou "t Jo diirltiK the ie rm rector e>r trustee-. Notliiiifi in H)'' proci'diii;; of tills see-:Ion shall he to any oxposiiion i'i'iii|':'ii> to proi:;oli' and c-arry on 'it tional o\!iiisitioii 01- worhi h In the- State ol' California, liability of sloe.-kholde-rs in exposition e oiupany shall ho simic- in lien'by liiuiU'il to an not I'xi'eodini.' the par value Htoc'li of said corporation mlj^ci ,'.n-i' for hy such --liH-l-.holelers. i SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL , AMENDMENT NO. 34. CHAPTER 31. Senate Constitutional r Amendment No. 34. A resolution to propose to the people of the State of California the amendment of BCC- tion 26 of article IV of the constitution of said slate, relating to lot terie's and to fictitious tales of corporate stock, etc. Adopted Mar.-'.i I I. 1MU7. Hesolve-d Uy Ule' Seuale the- AM'.e ui bly (rfincurriiis, thai the- Icgishnuu- o; tho State of California, al ll.s re-truhu Besslon, coniiuene-iim on ilie- Vila da:> of Jiuiuary, iyu7, i wo. thirds of Hit 1 inemberK elected to e-ae-li e>l ibe- two houses votlnu in favor thereof, Ivroby proposes that w-ctiou 2(i of article- U ol the constitution ejf ibe- Stale o, California lie amended so an i«.> read Bg follows: Section -0. The louiplaturo sluiil bavo no power to uuthorizu Hit.toiii's or gift enterprises I'or any piu'puK 1 ' shall pans laws to prohibit tlie' in this state of lotte-ry or eUt . u tickets, or tioluilB in oDi' BChenio lw tho nature e>f a lottery. The to'gislAturo sball pass IUWH to iwuhibii Uio fictitious buy ins and uelliug ol tlie shares of tho capital rttook oi' cor- poratinus in any stock board, utoo* exchange or stock market under the control of any corporation or asnucia tlon. All contracts for tho pmvlia,st! or sale of shares of the capital stool: of any corporation or aswoci-iUoii without any iii'ontinn on tin- part ol one party to deliver and of the other party to receive the slum-H, a-n'l con tomplating merely the? payment of difference** between the contract ami market prices on (livr? da\s, hhall he- void, nnd nolther pm'V <o ""Y KU ' ; ' n : ; t::i-. ;,u hy pot lor Hi" u ml '" wi.ic II r ' Svilii iailj ee Ilia) i- -lanu i w 11 In n iheir to.nus of olttoe. It - Mi,, e-oiiipc'iisiitlon <'t all | Se-e-tion 10. in propoiiion to duties, j iiavi; passed I IP e-KUibJiidl loos to be fore-- il he-come 1 • such ofllcerb the governor, in their n;- shall sifjii it; maiiii'-r and ; tuin il, with iaw. i'li 1 lor | house in i cninUc-s i hhall e-nn (olleiti-d pei'l'onne , , -. JL 111 imn :.!•••! 7tU day of January, nineteen hundred imd sovun. two-thirds of all the members oloctwl to tUo two bouses of said voting in favor thereof, proposuit Ll>at .Hec-tlon 10 of ar- tie-In 4 of the- e-onstltutkiu of thei State amended HO as to roadi Kvory bill \\liicli may io< loi,'is]atuie, shall, be- presonti-d to of Ctilii'ornia lj<: aw follows: s a law, he If lit- :ip bill it' not. his lie it, shall he re bo paid out- of the San Francisco harbor Improvement fund cm con trotter's warrant*, dnly drawn for. that purpose. SBC. 4. When th« bonds authorlz said bonds outKtandlng shall pay and i proceedings against certain property redeem said matured outstanding nO rth of ladia basin and extending to bonds out of said moneys In said fund in »vtlnp;uishment of said bonds on Islnis Creek In the city and county of San Francisco, and extending their O*3*V/- "• «¥ mill ma t/uojiUD au«riA^r» AU > •• i- »j*»»» • • »».«•-...—~-, -™ eO to be Issued under thl» act shall be I controller a warrants duly drawn for | j,, r i S( || C ti 0 ii over the same, and pro- duly executed, they shall be by the thst purpose stole treasurer sold at public anctionj SBC. ft. ; vidiiiR for th« payment of judgments The state controller and j from the proceeds of bonds Issup.d and to the highest bidder for cash, in such'the state treasurer Khali keep full and i sold under the provisions of an act parcels and numbers as said treasurer particular account and record of all | entitled, "An net to provide for the shall be directed by the governor of'i heir proceedings under this act. and j issuance and sale of state bonds to which to the ti"igin:ited, which at in tric y the- tluUl provide iltt y of county for all I'e-eii hy them, and su.'.'li objections upon, the Journal and proceed to reconsider It. IV. alter such icconiiiu'iulatiou. it again IHISK both houtx'.i. hy yean ami nays, two-thirds of i-lie members elected to thereof, after n i they shall transmit to the governor an create a fund for the acquisition by Hiioh salo shall • abstract of all such proceeding there-(the board of state harbor commissions' the board of j unrlcr. with an annual report,.to bo; orn of a necessary area for a tidal by the governor laid before the IOK-J basin for wharves, piers, harbors, and Mature biennially; and all books and i appurtenances in the city and county papni-s .perlHinlni; to the matter pro-1 of San Francisco; to create ;i sinking vided for in this act shall at all times j fund for tho payment of said bonds; „„... „„ , „„ be open to the inspection of any party and denning the duties of state offl- public announcement at the place and j inieresied, or the governor, or the at-jeers in relation thereto; making an time fixed for tho sale, continue such torney-general, or a committee of eith-i appropriation of $lpOO for the ex- sale, as to Ihe whole of the bonds of-1 or branch of the legislature, or a joint " '-" '-' ' ' ' fered, or any part thereof offered, to I committee of both, or any citiaen of such time tmd place as ho may select, j the slate SUCU I UUP UU'I 1'IUl.v <m in- IJIUJ rll:l!..\- I . \ in. ..llln.. , - - ; Due notice of the time and place of, SKC 7 It sn all be the duty of the i treasurer shall, immediately after ha ,,, . ., ,.___,._ .,1 »^.-. v n li..,,,,rt.trt,.rtftl-»rt y*i-Mr»M»tYiiit win nr t Mf* the state, under seal thereof, after njthey shall transmit to the governor an resolution requesting have been adopted by state harbor commissioners; but said treasurer must rejoct any and all bids for said honds, or for any of them, which shall be holow tho par value of said bonds so offered; and he may, by pense of printing said bonds; and providing for the submission of this act to a vote of the people." the state The l oriiia, u; on' M leu - ot article' the Slate t" "'ad ".s ASSEMBLY CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 8. CHAPTER 2\. Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 8. Resolution to amend saction six of article nine of the constitution of California. \deillleil Mil roll I'., I'.iU',. egislatnre of '.he- State of f'a! a i. its ;;7ih session, coiiini'-nr the- 7th day of January. l!»"7. 'luids ejf nil the' momlie-rs e-li-<Mee.i a h of Ihe I wo houses of sa voliiiK in favor Uie-n'u:' by iji''>|KJSe> thai se-cUon six nine- of tin- eout-titutiein ol uf California be-- amended ' lollows; ;•>!'(•!ion C. Til'' public scliool -y.- sliall illi-luile dU.V IHld OVe-llillK c 1- schoiiis. and KU'-h ilay and „ .,1'e-ondary schixjls, normal se-hools, and technical sohools as may be estiililishfd by Hie- li'RisUiturc. o- by munle-lpu.1 or district authority The c'lilirc- n-vewuie dorivert from ih' 1 suite, sohoejl fuiKl and from the Ken- oral jitaio school tits; shall be applied i-xi-luslvely to Ilio support of day and cve-niiu', eleine-iiiary scliools; hut tho le'i-islaluro nuiy authorize and cause uj be levied a special state vix for Itn* Sinn-oil of day and a-oundury sn'hool; 1 -, .uid lechnk'al i-i-hoolM, or elthi-r of hiicli s'liooti, In- ciurtod 'in the public school system. ajnJ All rovonu.' de-ri\e-d from such speH-inl tux Blilill he- applied exclusively tu the support of the schooln for \.hie. - b such special tux sbull he 1/ivied. legif- by acliournnie-ut, prevents such return, in which o.i^e. it shall not become a law, unless tin- Kovornor, within thirf, days ut'ii-r such adjournment (Siind.i\.-- exce'ijti'di, shall Hl^n and deposit the' sunn- in ihe ofllce- of tho sec- re'iiir\ of stale, in which case it shall nc'cunie- a law in like manner HS if it h.'ei iii-on si^iii'd by him before ad- je-Jinineiit. It any bill presented to '.In- '-'.(ivonmr contains se-ve-ral items of ip|i:eiprta(ion of motif-y, he may object to one- or moii- iti-ms. while approving port ion i nf tliv bill. Ill such 10 the bill at the e'.tse- he shall append time- of siuninn it a stutonuxtt of the iieins to \\liic-h li«- tibjects, and the reasons tlivre'fnr, and the aypropria •d 'o M.:ill not take of•• e-d nvor tiie.- govern- n-iiih.-fiiri- provided. If In 1 m s»-sslon, the gov- in of tion in one newspaper published In the city of Sacramento, oiu:e> a week dm-; ing four weeks prior to such sale. The-' costs of such publication shall be pater out of the San Francisco harbor im-' provement fund, on controller's war-1 rantH duly drawn for that purpose'. The; proceeds of the s'lle- of such bonds I shall he forthwith paid over liy said I treasurer into the treasury, and must | be by him kept in a separate fund to bo known and designated as the "Second San Francisco Seawall Fund," and | must be tiserl exclusively for th>..- con-1 hundred and eight, as to all its pro-! interest at the rate of four per cen- vishms except those relating to and I turn per annum, from the time ot the il("ev;s;'|-y for its submission to HUM sale people-, and for returning, canvassing, j and proclaiming the votes, and as to; saiel e\pe>cte>d provisions ihis act shall i take effect immediately. | SEC. f). Thin act shall tie siimhiited j to the people of the State of Califor-i next thereof, and both principal' and interest shall be payable in gold coin of the present standard value, anil they shall he payable.' at tho office of Ihe state treasurer, at the expiration of nineteen years from their date, subject, however, to redemption hy lot. as in this act hereinafter provided-f nia. for tneir ratification at uie "exi-! s . lld bon ,, H sh|lU ho;u - tl;ltc tue second general election, to he holden in the| Unv of Jnnl|iU . v A . n . n | ne toen huiv uionlh of November, A. ). nineteen | dl .- >( , . m( , nin(1 -.,„,, sll ., n 1)o Ulildo pav . hundred and eight, and all ballots at | . lb , p fm (1)( , S(1 ,. O111 , (|;lv ()f .,., ml ., rv Btruction of wlinrve-: piers, seawall. s so oil icet unless p-i \eio. as In Ic'L-islalurc Ihe ernor shall transmit tu the house which tin- bin originated it copy Mi'-li slat c'l'i'd in the which h.ivt (.'.overnor. nii'iil. and the items HO oh- diall lie- sepmately rec-.onsid- same manner as bills hci'u disnpprovod by the state railroad, spurs, and appurten anoes thereto on the water front o: city and county of Sun Franc'--Drafts and warrants noon sai. 1 : shalJ be drawn upon an i - : •'; \,;- i,ti eut of said fund in the- .same- ,n; ,-; as drafts and warrants are' d •• • .. :. .i;ion afad paid out of the San 1 .; ;.-.,i harbor improvement fuml. 8EC. 5. Koi- the payment of the saul olectkn,, shall have printed tlie.u-, nlne , O( , n limu ,,. f , (1 and twonty-eisht A. on. and at the end thereof, the words, | „_ , , k . 1 .,, st accnling on 8llch of "-v.r the San Francisco benwall Act. | , ( , b , , ( , Hh „ , |f , (Ulo : ; ,'" I 1 . » l '"» ril . te "" e l ' IU ' C1 '^l^ land payable at the office of the state "Against the San Francisco <":ill Art," and opposite said lines : .. ,-e shall be left spaces In which tho Miie-i-s may make? or stamp a cross to indicate whether they vote for orj against the said act, and those voting for said act shall do so hy placing a cross opposite the words "For tho San pay; treasurer on tho second day of January, and on tho second day of July, of each year after the sale of the same; provided, that tho first payment of in- te-re'st shall lie made oil the second i day of January, A. D. nineteen hundred land te-n, on so many of said honds . am all those' I school contract shall be entitled to recover any damages for failure to perform the same or any money paid In any court of this state. SENATE BILL No. 461. CHAPTER 424. An act to provide for the issuance and sale of atate bonds to create a fund for tlve construction by the board of state harbor commissioners of wharves, piers, seawall, state railroad, spurs and appurtenances in the city and county of San Francisco; to create a sinking fund for the payment of said bonds; and providinQ for the sub- i mission of this act to a vote of the : people. i Approved March L'l. UI07. ASSEMBLY CONSTITUTIONAL , AMENDMENT No. 24. I CHAPTER 43. Assembly Constitu- I tional Amendment No. ?-1. A resell.'-! tion to propose to the people of tht? State of Cdliforii.i, an amendment i to the constit ition cf the Slate, by' amending section seven of article ; nine thereof, relating to boards of ' education. Adopted March M. I'.lu". I The' legislature of the- Stall? of C.ili- ' fornia. at its roi.-iil:ir se-ssion, emu-1 monciim on tlm 7th day of January, i ono thousand nine hundred and seven, ^.ilifoniitt, of The 1 people of iho State roprosonldd In senate ,,,,,, ilSB ,, IU hly, do enact as follows: SECTION ',. For n,,. p urnos ,, provielniK a fund for iti,. p-iymt-nl of llle Iirlchte'diii-Ms herehy authorized to he' Incurre i hy the' state board of state harbor eonimlsHioiiiTs for tht lion of wharves, piers, se.i\v,i11 railroad, spurs, and iipiuirtenin 'ho city and county of San Kr at a cost not to e>.eco'! two eieili.-irs (which said wharves, si'awall, state rallroid, spurs, and up- I iirleMance's the hoard of state- liarhor cc.uinilsslonors :»•<• hereby empowered lei const run m the nianiier autliorl/ed . principal and interest of said bonds a [ Francisco Seawall Act/' Kinkti " ' ...... . - xt ...... •.., natod Se-awall tlie lows, shall, ery n take from Improvement fund such sum as, tiplled by the. time tho bonds then sold against, this ............. ............... and outstanding have to run, will turned and canvassed, and "tier iii red equal the principal of the bonds sold i j n the same' manner and subject to and outstanding at the tinio said i tlu» same rule's as votes cast for state treasurer «hall HO take mild sum from! officers: and if it. appear that said act aatd San Francisco harbor improve- junal 1 have' received a majority of all ..... " thereto- j the have been theretofore sold. At , - . majority of all ment fund, loss tin- a mount thereto-1 the voios cast for ami against it at fore falcon therefrom for sold pur-1 said e'le-ction, as aforesaid then tho pose; and ho shall I'l.u-o 'lie- sum In j same shall hnvo effect as hereinbefore the six-omi San .'.'rancUco seawall j provided, and shall be irrepealable BlnklnK fund croai- ' '•• •' -' a- 1 -' 1 ........ statt) troaiune wnrrnnts employ Said I until the- principal and interest of the i the expiration of nineteen years from sold llke- shall act treasur- cancel the same, out of monoys in tho India basin sinking fund provided for in this act, and he shall on the first Monday of January, nineteen hundred and twenty-eight, also cancel and destroy all bonds not, theretofore sold. All bonds issued shall bo signed by tho governor, and countersigned by the controller, and ahull bo endorsed by the state treasurer, and each shall have tho seul of the state stamped thereon. Each bond shall contain a claufie that It is subject to redemption by lot after the year nineteen hundred U3 treasurer si.all. ,„, controller's ; liabilities herein created shall he paid | am ei«h e m rrantH duly drawn ir,,- that -.uriHjse.. .,„ , ,|ischarKod, ami the govrnor shall' S e c •' interest coupons shr ploy „- numeys 1,1 sa , Hink „.,! Iliuk(> pl , u , !a , 1; , cl . i(m tll( ,., of . ,„„ , f tt j taohed to each of Ll, bomlB. if Ji w J '.I /r ,,r ih I m?h. nf << ^ ! lil: .'J'"'"- v '"' tl1 " v«t«* e-uHt. us afore-! such coupons may he removed L', 04 ^ a : H \; r '.' tlU ,, S ' ! . ,l. Ci -i"-' 11 ' 1 ' ar,. agains, this act, the-n the! injury to or mutilation of tl: piers, and two-thIrdn of all ih« momhors ihorvun, ejected to oach of the houses of leftls- biture votlns »> fnvor then-of, hereby b; , hlw , all(l ilt u said two .nlllioii ,.,,„, „,„ (() i>x( , oil ., fun United fornia, or of tin- ^ovortil counties or municipalities of the- slate of California, which said bonds shall lie kept in u proper reeentarle, approprlatedy la holwl; hut In- niu.-ii i-:e-e«p always on hand a sulllcii rit amount of money in said sinkini; fuiiel wltli which to pay (ho inlorcst nn such of ihe- stnte- honds heroin provided to ho issiieei as may have theretofore boon sold. And to provide) means the- payment of in- hall he' and become void rtHC. II. It shall be tho duty of -••ere-inry of stale to have' this act published in at least one newspaper in each county, or city and county, if one I" slate, for three months next preceding ihe general election tei he- holden in tho month of November, A. 1). nineteen hundred and eiKht, the costs of shall be at- HO that without ...jury to or mutilation of tho bond | Said coupons shall bo consecutively the numbered, and shall he slgnee! by the state treasurer. Hut no Interest on any of said honds shall ho paid for any time which may intervene he- published therein, throughout, thisjlwcen iho date of any of said honds 1 sale thereof to a and the' Issue purchaser. Sec. ;{. Tho sum of one \ thousand t> . rwst Qn Uu , bom , 8 llm , may b dollars), the stato and outatuuding, nulil treasurer so , d Hhull HllQ.ll eiollars Is hereby appropriated to fund, on controller's , truusuror shall, tnimedlutuly after the monthly take from tho San Francisco drawn for that purpose. issuance of tho i;roclaniatlon of the harbor Improvement fund, and pay SEC, 12. Tula act may be known iaid out of the tho expense that may he Incurred by improvement the state treasurer in having said warrants duly bonds prepared. Said amount shall be paid out of the San Francisco harbor Improvement fund on controller's

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