The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE STX CIO Hints Endorsement Wood Wins GOP Of Demos' Stevenson Slot in Idaho BT.rmr:v7tr.E (ARK.) COURIER MEWI By ROWLAND KVA.S'S JR. | for tomorrow, WASHINGTON U»—The CIO high! Today's sessions—Hie vice presl- command opened n three-day political session here today with all signs pointing to endorsement ol Adlai" Stevenson, the Democratic candidate for President. dcnls meet by themselves in tlin morning and witli PAC officials In Hie afternoon—nro llkly to he dull. Physician Charged UN Charter Writren By USSR Hits UNESCO HOISE. Idaho :•>>, — Rep. John dent of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) nnd Jack Kroll, director of the ori<uili/atioiis' Political Action Committee (PAC'i, some SOU CIO lenders streamed Into town to talk candidates, money and strategy. The national CIO has never sone beyond an endorsement of presidential and vice presidential candidates. Slate nnd district CIO councils handle the big lahor organization's political drives on Die stale and local level. Official CIO bucking for Steven- eon, now the governor o[ nitnois, seems n foregone conclusion, l>ul the timing is still a bit uncertain. Best bet is that the executive board. a 46-man bndy which includes a top official from each . of M CIO unions plus II national officers, win get offir tally behind publican presidential nomination u-as "out-Taftine Tail." Tlie API., older and larger labor federation, has no! Kivcn its official blessing lo a presidential candidate siiK-e 1024, alllimifih individual API, nnloitf and nf/tcecs often campaign lor one c-aiuiJdale or another. This year, too. the AFI, Is expected lo keep national lumds off the presidential rare. Tlic PAC sny.s Us number one clecuon-linie. problem is Kctlini,' oill tllo vote—making sure thai el- , i«iii!e void's legislcr and «o to I the polls Nov. 4. j H second problem sure lo come in lor discil.-.sion is mitnev and ' • r:-'-" '(. The PAC is"shoot- MK for ;»(, one million dollars ... ^'ii. I...JN i i 1.-. e-inil- iioji pins membership. The biggest sum it over raised was 51.200.000 'Mummy Killed Me Twice/ Says Boy fro Father NEW YOKK W—John Papkow- l<:h returned from work last nlgta n> find Ins sun Johnny. 3. torn and Weeding on Ihe coui:h. "Mummy pave me some orange juice, K rnbi,ed a (jig knile and Killed me twice. liBre," the yotini!-! sler told police pointing to his client. j In Ihe kitchen rvtplcou-lcli found jlus wife Mary. 33, her wrists cut.; "I wanted 10 end everything nncl I I lake my little ho.v with me," she \ i wits quoted by an assistant dis-s ilrict nllorncy Inter. j | Mrs. PapKowirh'.s wounds u'cro! ' minor, hut Queens General Hnspi- , ; tHl this moimni: s fi i <i Johnnys! condition was poor. ' ! Papkowich Mid his wife has heen j under treatment lor a nervous <:on- j dilion. She was hooked on a telon- i ions; assault charge. ' Stevenson al rt meeting scheduled L m the 1050 congressional elections BoJb Bailey Loses 'Comeback' Bid for Chancellor's Seat LITTLE ROCK M",--Former LI. Gov. Bob Bailey of Russellville was defeated yesterday In'his attempt to re-enter public office. But his son. Slate Sen. Dob Bailey Jr., also illation from losiho's 1st COIIKITM- sionul iti yi'.SK'itluy's pnma- The blc, halt! phvsicjiin, who st-rv- fcl a tr-mi as SodulL-t tnnyor of Cocur (VAlc-ne in 191^!, cluir^ed in his cumpiilKti tlmt the U, N. Chartor was -A i ilfoji piimai Uy by UIP Hu?t>ians. nnd hla-trr) UNKSCO .n.s "the greatest .subvfjslvc plot in history." Complete rrtiirns from 3'JO ol 399 (ifcducts gave Wood J4.379 to VI.'im for jils oppojicni. Htatt; SHI. HvA'iii ficiiwieljri'l, Scliwicboft cun- f^'-ci Wood's nomination party lo- Wood 'Ai'.L bo ni>|] in Hie No- vpmbrr jjf'nrrftJ ek'thon by Mrs. Oracle- Plosi of N';inij)a, a redheaded real c'.stuto dealer '.v|:nin he tlr,- imtnl in On- ]9,:o ^finiml elrction by hut 733 votes. fltiUiMiv :JOJIL :jya o! 399 prctiiu-ts ?a\'c Mrh. 1'Iost 9.U7G; Suite Sen, L. Colty Lowry •!, 292; former Con- , „ , _ u ajuunu ju'O'.sman C'ompion I, White 4,CG2, ( today for housiju; ;nid other needs nnd Dr. P;iu] Eke. former [Jnlver- ] f«r .some 35,000 workers, the problem ;iLso ron- WEDNESDAY, AUGUST IS, 1952 Ohio Town Looks To Housing Needs Of Aiom Workers i WAVEKI.V. O. i,l'.-Pilce County.; O.. .slill numli liom the news 'a billion-dollar utojii ,pl;int win tju' limit ninona its hills, looked around K,r™ r.,^ i^ M °.f DOW N |fJ G U. S. PLANES—Dtu-ing the recent "celebration of Red Air Ru^i-in •>!•,?,, ° w ' ™ posler '* ovc " las P^slered al) over the city. Panel illustrations show T«*bc/o^eE h ^ boycotted Red Air Force Day and lodged an official croiest with the Kremlin ' Pun of Cherry's Nomination Is Historical Repeat For 12th District LITTLE ROCK (n't— In a sense the nomination yesterclny of Judge Francis Cherry for governor was a case of history repeating JLsel/—20 years aftorvnrd. Cherry IB chancellor of the 12th district. J. M. Futri')J of PnrnRonJd—not far from Cherry's home city ot Jonesboro—wns chancellor of' the 12th district when he was niinil- nated--and later elected—governor in 1932. for the nomination us 9th district chancellor on the basis of nearly complete returns from the final j Democratic primary. Hob lion (n Mly of Idaho professor. 1,879. Ixjw- . ry conceded his defeat. I fronted Scioto County, whose coun- Rep. llanier Budte iR-fduho) was \ t.v seat. Portsmouth, is 22 miles (il District GOP nominating rai:e. mer fro/n Uoivnev. wrll oppose him in thr: Keneral ok'ctiojx. Jensen also had no opposition. smith of the-site of the plant that I will extinct Uranium 235 Iron! uranium ore. The Atomic Energy Commission in Washington announced yesterday that the $ 1,200,000,00o" plant would be erected a few miles south of here. Corinne Caivet Sues Zsa Zsa Bailey Jr., seekln? noinlna- I Hohlivicf lumther tenn in Hie Senate. I "°°°>". eliead of F. P. Acree of Perry Own Flying Saucers His in the 10th senatorial district. A brother learn was nominated yesterday —but ivftltotit opposition. Nalhan Gordon of Morrilton received the nomination for another term as Lieutenant Governor. Ktl Gordon, also of Morrilton was sHli'Mcl '° r |lr " SC ' : " Ulr °' ""inn.pretra.ih.i-from^VtipVlh; J ' disc and hiiidini! gear on the tol- I lorn. Only he calls them flying pla- i The Australian goveinment will j nets. i allow Japanese nationals to enter j Whether there arc any flying sati- | the country for limited periods to cers lit present Georgeff doesn't! act as wool buyers or conduct oth-lknoiv but he sayj, lie believes they , er tmsine, 1 ^. n tc possible. WNGHAMTO.V. N'.Y. i,T'._ While (nOflt people are just talking about living saucers, %'uiccnt Gcoigeff is building 'em— at least, in "model fo; in. models are cliMi-shapcd v,'ith SANTA MONICA. Calif. Movie actress Corinne Caivet has filed a million-dollar slander suit against Zsa Zsa 'Gabor, Hungarian — beauty. Miss Calvel said a gossip column isl quotert Miss Gabor as, saying "This Coritlne Caivet is not n.:h »irl, as she represent, he»- EClf. Caivet Is a Cockney girl who couldn't even speak a lew years ago." Such statements, Miss Caivet d< clarcd in her complaint yesterday are "false and scantfalous" and wern' uttered "with the intent of Injuring the plaintiff personally, socially and financially." Her attorney said Miss Caivet li prepared to prove she was born In Paris, April 30, 1925. Read Courier Newa Classified Adi. Ask for BOTTLED IN BOND " miOWSTONE, INC., LOUISVIllE, <y, Refrigeration costs so little because of low electric rates r 406 W. Main Phone 4591 CATALOG SALES DEPARTMENT AMERICAN REFRIGERATOR makes it possible for almost euery home to en/oy it! Have You Shopped Wards New Fall and Winter Catalog? Far Ihe big news in fashions, iur- nilure, all your personal and household needs, call our Cnlalog Dept. lor a Library copy ol Wards 1952 Fall and Winler Catalog. You'll be amazed al Ihe sparkling array ol fashions—100% Cashmere coals; beautifully detailed 1 dresses; suits In new surface-interest labrics; soft-spun nylon, wool and cashmere iweaters, and a variety ol lounging robes and slippers designed for solid comfort. Wards big Catalog features Ihs very lalesl in home lurnishings loo. See Ihe new "Cotdelle" wool- layon rug with lexlured effecl; drapery fabric reproducing a famous Gtandma Moses painling? new low-priced gas and electric ranges, honie freezers. Wards guarantees complete salisfaclion, so call our Catalog Depl. (or a Library copy now. Remember—if it's not on our shelves it's in our new Fall and Winter Catalog. When you compare living in America with that in other countries, one of the great differences is American advertising and American salesmanship. Like the man who was selling feed. His slogan was, "The more we sell, the cheaper we sell; and the cheaper we sell, the more we sell." Behind that very idea lies the reason why you can buy so many fine things at such reasonable prices. Long ago, the American businessman realized that more people would buy more automobiles, more radios, more refrigerators, if the price was lower. In order to lower the price, the company had to make nnd sell more of its products. Advertising came into the picture to create the desire for new products. By convincing folks of the usefulness of a certain product, it greatly increased sales. The more products sold, the lower the unit cost... thus, lower prices. Certainly, this principle has worked to the advantage of American consumers of electric power. Today, you get more than TWICE as much electric service for your money as you got 20 years ago. That's because advertising convinced you of the value of electric appliances, and the more power you used in your home, the cheaper it became. J PERCENTAGE OF HOMES WITH ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS: Uniied Siolei ... Sweden Great Britain Germany , Denmark f ronce Russia — lejs lhan 74% 11% 10% 8% 5% 2% IV. In so many ways, advertising works to create better things tor more people... whether it is selling American products to make lite easier or American ideas to keep us free. Ar!<-AAo Power Co. Tktlrto Bwviw Vott So«« CosU So LK4U*

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