The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 29, 1908 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 9
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THE bAKBRSFIELD CALIFORNIA^. 9 LEGAL. GOVERNOR'S ELECTION P80CUMAIION LEGAL. LEGAL. LEGAL. LEGAL. car companies operating upon rail- rnarls (loins In tills state: every s* business company any rail- stearr.lioat, vessel or stage line against officer thereof, to have value 01 the capital stork or any bank there .shall be deducted from the val ue, a s defined above. th c value, as as , ni this article, declared invalid or to sensed f, )r county taxcs.-of any real | prevent or enjoin the collection there- any tax. levied under the provisions ., telegraph companies, i >statc other than mortgage Interests | of until such tax has been actually telephony . omi.'anli-s: companies en- tin rein, owned by such bank and tax-j paid; but after such payment, action State of California, Executive Department. In accordance with law thereunto directing me, 1 hereby proclaim and give notice thai a General Election wilt be held throughout the State of California on Tuesday, the 3rd day of November, A. D. 1908, at which election the following officers will be elected, and the following propositions and proposed Constitutional Amendments will be voted on, namely: Ten Electors of President and Vice President of the United States. Also, eight Representatives to the Congress of the United States, being on e Representative from each Congressional District in the state, as prescribed by law. Also, one Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of California for the unexplred term ot T. B. AtcFarland, deceased, term ending January, 1911, vice Henry A. Melvin, . .appointed, • Also twenty Members of the Senate of (he State of California, being one Senator from each of the following Senatorial Districts, as prescribed by law, to-wlt: First, Third, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, Eleventh, Thirteenth, •Fifteenth, Seventeenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-first, Twenty-third, Twenty- fifth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-ninth, Thirty-first, Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth, Thirty-seventh, Thirty-ninth. Also, eighty Members of the Assembly of the State of California, being one member of the Assembly for each of the eighty Assembly Districts in the state, as prescribed by law. ; - Also, four Judges of the Superloi Court of the State of California, In and for the City and County of San Seawall Act" and the "India Basin Act," will be submitted to the people >f this state, to be voted on by them. SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 1. CHAPTER 27. Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 1. A resolution to propose to the people of the State of California amendement to the Constitution of the. State of California providing for the separation of state and local taxation, providing for the taxation of public service and other corporations for the benefit of the state, and to that end amending sections one, nine, ten and eleven of article thirteen, and adding to article thirteen two new sections to be numbered sections fourteen and fifteen, and repealing section ten of article eleven thereof, all relating to revenue and taxation. Adopted March 9, 190T. WHEREAS, It is deemed desirable the sources of ;aged In the transmission or sale of j sas or electricity; insurance compan- I ies. banUs, blinking associations, savings and loan societies, and trust companies: and taxes upon all franchises of every kind and nature, shall be entirely and exclusively for .state purposes, and shall be levied, aa. M'*sed and collected In the manner hereinafter provided. The word "com- innies" as used in this section shall include persons, partnerships, joint- stock associations, companies, and corporations. All property, not exempt from taxation, except those classes of property enumerated In this section, shall be subject to assessment and luxation, in the manner provided by law, for county, city and [county, city, town, township, and ed for comity purposes. The banks shall he liable to the state for this tax and the same shall be paid to the state by them n n behalf of the stoek holder, in the manner and at the time picsu-Ibed by law, and they shall have ;i lieu upon the shares of stock and upon any dividends declared thereon to secure the amount so paid. The moneyed capital, reserve, surplus, undivided profits and all other property h,-IonRing t.o unincorporated banks or hankers of this state, or held by bank located in this state trict purposes. Provided, that until the year IJM-l the state shall reimburse San Dcrnardino, Placer and Yuba Counties for the net loss In county revenues occasioned by the withdrawal of railroad property from county taxation. (a) All railroad companies, including street railways, whether operated in one of more counties; all sleeping car. dining car, drawing-room car, and palace car companies, all refrigerator, oil, stock, fruit, and other car-loaning and other car companies, operating sources of revenue for county and municipal purposes; now, therefore, The legislature of the State of California, at its regular session, commencing the seventh day of January, nineteen hundred and seven, two- LJUH.trM Ul «••'• —..-,. . —• i-- from the I upon the railroads in this state; an 1 companies doing express business on any railroad, steamboat, vessel or stage line in this state; all telegraph and telephone companies; and all companies engaged in tire transmission or sale of gas or electricity shall llJIUTt l.TIl 11 II 11VI I *JU Wilt* EJC « tn t i r» w --.- ~ n tnV tl TUMI thirds of all the members elected to | annually pay to the state a tax upon each of the two houses of said iegisla- their franchises .roadways, ; joadbeds ture voting In favor thereof, hereby proposes to the qualified electors of the State of California the following amendment to the Constitution of the State of California: First. Sections one, nine, ten and eleven of article thirteen are hereby amended so as to read: law. Also one Judge of the Superior Court of the State of California, la and for the City and County of San Francisco, for the unexpired term of Frank H. Kerrigan, resigned, term expiring January. 19H, J- A. Hosmer appointed and deceased, vice Georga A.' Sturtevant, appointed. Also, four Judges of the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Los Angeles, for tbe term prescribed by law. Also, one Judge of the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Los Angeles, for the remainder of the uuexpired term of B. N. Smith, deceased, ending constitution provided not exempt under the laws of the United States, shall be taxed in proportion to its value, to be ascertained as provided by law, or as hereinafter provided. The word "property," as used in this article and section, is hereby_ declared to Include moneys, credits] bonds, stocks, dues, franchises, and all other matters aud things, real, personal, and mixed, capable of private ownership; provided, that property used for free public libraries and free museums, growing crops, property used rails rolling slock, poles, wires, pipes canals, conduits, rights of way, and other property used In the operation of their business in this state, computed as follows: Said tax shall be equal to the percentages hereinafter fixed upon the gross rcelpts from op- ration of such companies and each thereof within this state. When such companies are operating partly •within and partly without this state, the gross receipts within this state shall be deemed to be all receipts on business beginning and ending within this state, and a proportion, based upon the proportion of the mileage within this state to the entire mileage over which such business is done, of receipts on all business passing through, into, or out of this state Such taxes shall be In lieu of all other taxes and licenses, state, county, and municipal, upon the property- above enumerated of such companies; which lias no shares of capital stock, or employed in this state by any brandies, agencies or other represen- of any banks of the State shall be likewise assessed and taxed! to such banks or bankers by the said] hoard of equalization, in 'the manner to be provided by law, and taxed at the same rate that is levied upon the shares of stork of Incorporated banks, as provide,) i n the first paragraph of this sub-division. The value of said property shall be determined by taking the entire property Invested In such business, together with all the reserve, surplus and undivided profits. Including (he soort will of the business, at their full cash value, and deducting therefrom the value as assessed for county taxes of any real estate other than mortgage Interests therein, owned by such bank, and taxed for county purposes. Such taxes shall be in lieu of all other taxes and licenses, state, county and municipal, upon the property of the banks and bankers mentioned in this paragraph, except, taxes on real estate. It Is the intention of thl moneyed capital may be maintained to recover any tax Illegally collected In such manner and within such time as mny now or here. alter be provided by law. Third. Section ten of article eleven of said constitution Is hereby repealed. SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 14. CHAPTER 37. Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 14, A resolution to propose to the people of the State of California, an amendment to the The legislature of the State of California, at Its regular session, con* mencing the 7th day of January, A. D. UIIIT, two-thirds of all the member* voting in favor thereof, hereby propose that article thirteen of the constitution of th State of California b« amended by repealing section four thereof. Article thirteen of the constitution of the State of California la hereby amended by striking therefrom and repealing section four thereof, which (section reads as follows: Section 4. A mortgage, deed ot trust, contract, or other obligation bjf; which a debt Is secured, shall, for tha purposes of assessment and taxation, be deemed and treated as an interest In the property affected thereby. El- cept as to railroad and other quasi- public corporations. In case of debt constitution of the State of Car- M) Ko ;, u| . cd the value of the property fornla, amending section nineteen nn -,. ( . u , (1 j, y SU ch mortgage, deed ot trust, contract, or obligation, less the value of such security, shall be assessed and taxed to the owner of the property, and the value of such security shall be assessed and taxed to the owner thereof, in the county, city, or district in which thu property alien ed thereby is situate. The taxes so levied shall be a lien upon th« property and security, and may b« paid by either party to such security;. if paid by thu owner of such security, the tax so levied upon the property affected thereby shall become a part of th debt so secured; if the owner of the property shall pay the tax so levied on such security, It shall constitute a payment thereon, and, to th* extent, of such payment, a full discharge thereof; provided, that If any such security or Indebtedness shall be of article five of said relating to the compensation of state officers. Adopted March 14, 1907. The legislature of the State of California, at Its regular session, commencing on the seventh day of January , A. I), nineteen hundred and seven, two-thirds of all the members elected to each of the houses of said leg Islature voting in favor thereof, here by propose that section nineteen of article five of the constitution of the State of California, be amended so as to read as follows: Section 10. The governor, lleuten- enl-governor, secretary of state, controller, treasurer, attorney-general, and siirveyor-foncral shall, al slati-d tlmOB during their continuance. In office, receive for their services a com pensatlon which shall not be Increased or diminished during the term for which they shall have been elected, which compensation is hereby fixed , for the following officers, as follows: ils paragraph that all Governor » Pn thousand dollars per al and property of the I nnnum; lieutenant-governor, four * - • ... . Ulllium, IK.IH rTiieiin-ftw»t-t in'i , tvji.i banks and bankers mentioned in >"'» thousand dollars, the secretary of paragraph shall be assessed and tax-| g(ate con t r0 ]ior, treasurer and stir- ed at the same rate as an incorporat-i VOVO r-general, five thousand dollars ed bank, provided for in the first par-1 oar]l ppr , innunli ,, n(1 t i, e atlorney-gen- agraph of this subdivision. In deter-1 pra , slx ,h 0 , 18and dollars per annum. States, this state, or to any county January, 1. '•:'•! vice appointed. i Also three .ibices of the Superior! 1 U Court of he. State ot California, In In th,- case of cred <* and lor each of the Counties of Ala- Raise or trust deed, fm exclusively for public schools, and provided, that nothing herein shall be such as may belong to the Mnitert construed to release any such com' puny from the payment of any amount agreed to be paid or required by law to lie paid for any special privilege or franchise granted by the municipal authorities of this state W H Jamison ' or municipal corporation within this ! state shall be exempt from taxation, legislature may provide, except mecl'.i, uml Sacramento, respectively, , iur the term prescribed by law. ; <'»'; ' Also, one Judgi.' of the Superloi ] M- Inn,, cred, s of debts due of this state, state board of deduction to bona ltializa The percentages above mentioned shall l>e as follows: On all railroad companies. Including street railways four per cent; on a sleeping car. Also, one Judge Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Sacramento, for 1he remainder of the term of E. C. Hart, resigned, ending January, liw:> ' vice C. N. Post, appointed. Also two Judges of the Superior her Court of the State of California 1,, UUe successor vear one thousand nine hundred ',,.„, and at each gubernatorial election thereafter, whose term ot oin-.-i- shall l>e for four years. The control ler of state shall be t.-x-oHU-io a mem- of the board. Said board shall be of the present state OUll OI Llie OLaic ui v-f*."".....-, --• : ,.!!.,.,H,m •md for each of the Counties of Hum- board ot equalisation boldt Santa Clara. San Diego, San shall continue in office whose members Also, one Judge of Court of the State of ed. Joaqiiin and Sonoma, respectively, for the terra prescribed by law. ' the Superior California, In and" for'the" County of Sonoma, for the remainder of the term of A. O. Burnett, resigned, ending January, 1909, vice Thomas C. Denny, appoint- Also, one Judge of the Superior Court of the State of California, In aud for the County of Santa Clara, for the remainder of the term of A. L. Rhodes, resigned, ending January, 1909, vice John E. Richards, appoint Also, one Judge of the Superior Court ot the State of California, in and for thu County of San Diego, for the remainder of the term of N. II. Conklln, deceased, ending January, cd. until their successors, as 11109, vice T. \<. Lewis, appointed. Also, one Judge of the Superior Court of the State of California, In nnd for each of the following Counties, respectively, to-wlt: Alpine, Amador, Butte, Calaveras Colusa , Contra Costa, Del Norte, El Dorado. imperial, Inyo, Kern, Lake, lessen. Marin, Marlposa. Mendocino, Merced, Modoc. Mono, Monterey, N«pa, Nevada, Orange, Placer,, Plumas. San Benno San Bernardino, San Uiis Oblapo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Sierra, siaklyou, Sotano, Stanislaus,, Suiter, Tthama. Trinity, Tuolumne, Venture, Yolo and ^ u' )U - lor the term prescribed by law. 0 >,v,,, „ -~ herein provided tor, shall be elected and shall quality The legislature shall have power to redlstrlct the state Into four districts., as nearly equal in population as practical and to provide for the election of members of said board ot equalization. H shall be the duty of said board to assess and levy the taxes provided for in section fourteen ot this article and to perform such other duties In relation to taxation as this constitution or the legislature may prescribe. The boards of supervisors of the several counties ot the state shall constitute boards of equalization for their respective counties, whose duty it shall be to equal izo the valuation of the taxable property in the county for the purposes of taxation. Such county boards o equalization are hereby n«">oilze«l and empowered, under sue), rules ot notice as they may prescribe to raise or lower any assessment contained in the assessment roll so as to equalize the assessment of the property contained In said assessment roll, ami make the assessment conform to the true value In money of the property n all compan- engaged in tho transmission or sale of gas or electricity, four per CMIt. (b) Kvery insurance company or association doing business In this -late shall annually pay to the state a t-ix of one and one-half per cent upon' the amount of the gross premiums received upon its business done in this state, less return premiums and reinsurance in com panics or associations auihurlzi-d to do busings this state; provided, that there shall be deducted from hull' per cent upon mining the. value of the moneyed capital and property of the banks and bankers mentioned in this subdivision, the said state board ot equalization shall Include and assess to such banks all property and everything of value owned or held by them, which would go to make up the value of the capital stock of such banks and hankers. If the same were Incorporated and had shares of capital stock. The word "banks" as used in this subdivision shall include banking associations, savings and loan societies and trust companies. (d) Every corporation Incorporated under the laws of this state, excepting the corporations mentioned in the preceding subdivisions of this section and excepting all educational, religious and charitable corporations, and all corporations which are not organized for pecuniary profit, shall pay an annual tax to the state upon Us franchise to lie ii cornoriilion. and every corporation incorporated elsewhere •••id doing business in this state, other 1 CHAPTER 35. paid by any such debtor or debtors, after assessment, and before the tax levy, the amount of such levy may likewise be retained by ' '- 1 -'" such compensation to be In full for all services by them respectively rendered in any official capacity or employment whatsoever during their respective terms of office: provided, however, that the legislature may, by law- diminish the compensation of any or of such officers, but In no case. Khali have the power to increase the same above the sums hereby fixed by this -constitution. No salary shall be authorized by law for clerical service, in nny offtcn provided for in this article, exceeding eighteen hundred dollars per annum for each clerk employed. The legislature may, in its rtls cretion. abolish the office of surveyor general; and none of the officers hereinbefore named shall receive for thler own use any fees or perquisites for the performance of any official du SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL. AMENDMENT NO. 16. (ban the corporations (lie mentioned preceding subdivisions of this section, sli.-dl "in <>» -••nnii'il I"N '" (lie slate upon UK right to do business [ In tills -stale, as follows: When the, authorized capital stock of the corporation does not exceed ten thousand dollars fSHi.ono) the tax shall be .ten dollars ($in.u<)); when the authorized capital stock exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000) hut. does not exceed I w such debtor or debtors, and shall be computed according to the tax levy for the preceding year. SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 29. CHAPTER 40. Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 29. A resolution 19 propose to the people of the State of California an amendment to th« constitution of the State of California by amending sction 1, of article 16 thereof, relating to state Indebtedness. Adopted March 14, 1907. Resolved by the Senate, <:ie Assembly concurring, thai the legislature of the State of California, at Ita regular session, commencing on the 7lb day of January, l'.N>7, two-thirds of all members elected to each ot tha houses ot said legislature voting In favor thereof, hereby propose that section 1 of article IK of the constitution ot the State ot California, be amended sf> as to read as follows: "Article Iti. State Indebtedness. "SKCTIOX 1. Tbe legislature shall not, in any manner, en-ate any debt I'M -ii-nis. liiihilln in ..alnlitie-., which. Uha'.l, sitiRly or In the a«Kren'ite with any previous debts or liabilities, ei- I cecd the sum i)l t 111 ee hull ! ijred thousand dollars. except ' |n case of war to repel 111- o ' • - in-iii'i'.'et ion. unless the same slnill be autln/rized by law fm fomc siiiKle object ur work to and limiting the expense of employees of the senate and assembly. Adopted March 14, 1907. The legislature of the Slate of Cal tax 'shall be fifteen dollars ($1F>.00); | ifornia, at its regular session, com Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 16. A resolution to propose to the people of the State of California, an amendment to the constitution of the state, by amend- ' ing section 2 and 23 of article four | thereof, relating to the length of |,,, distinctly .specified therein, which legislative sessions, the compensa- i ] aw shall provide ways and moans, tion of members of the legislature,! ,.i, , , IM.I,-. "u- tie !<•.•> inent of enty thousand dollars ($2n,0flft) the the authorized capital stock exceeds twenty thousand dollars ($20.. 000) but does not. exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) the tax shall he the Interest of suc'i debt or liability as It falls due, and also to nay and discharge the principal of such debt or liability within seventy-live years ',..{ tbe time of tbe contracting thereof, mciiclng on the seventh day of Janti- ; an( ] shall lie irrcpealable until the ary, In the year one thousand nine hundred and seven, two- thirds of all the members elected to each of the principal and Interest thereon shall be paid aud discharged, and such law may niiil.e provision lor a sinking fund twenty dollars ($20.00); when the an- houses of said legislature, voting In ', to pay the principal of such debt or lla- sald one and the gross premiums the amount of any municipal taxes paid by county and such companies on real estate owned by This tax shall be licenses, the in this state. in all other taxes and state, county and municipal, upon property of such companies, county'and municipal taxes on estate; provided, that when l» iaws of'any other state or count,, te-u the thorized capital stock exceeds fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) but. does not. exceed one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) the tax shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00); when the an- favor thereof, hereby propose that section two and twenty-three of article four of the constitution of the State of California, bo amended so as to read as follows: thorizi-d capital stock exceeds one. Sections. The sessions of the leg- hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) j islaiuro shall commence at twelve exceed two hundred and o'clock M. on the first Monday after the first day of January next succeeding the election of Its members .._,„ and after the election held In the year riKim-yH raise,] by authority of such, shall he biennial, unless the gov- ] a w K 'hall be applied only to the spe- iifteh iha Incurring of such debt or liability of not more than a period of one-fourth of 'tin- time/of maturity of such debt or liability, but no such law shall lake effect until, at a general election, it shall have been submitted to the people and shall have received a majority of all the votes cast for and against, it at such election; and all luit does not fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) the tax" shall be fifty dollars ($50.00); when the authorized capital stock exceeds two hundred and fifty thousand ! . dollars ($250000) but does not exceed I ernor shall, In the Interim, convene , ,.|ft r object therein stated or to tha ,-e hundred'thousand dollars ($500.-! the legislature by proclamation. No ' payment ot five hundred thousand iiOO) the tax shall be seventy-five dol- j bill shall be introduced ' payment ot the debt thereby created, in either ,, m | SUI .|| law shall be ptibllsriod In at anv taxes, (lues, penalties, licenses, >r of sccurl- tees deposits of money, or of Benin!et or other obligations or prol tions, are Imposed ou 'isumuce «oi ' of this state, do ng such other state or country, their agents therein, lu taxes, flues, penalties, deposits of securities, Katlons or prohibitions, impose insurance companies ot sucii state or country, go long as bin. in or upon t of such licenses, fees, or other obll- d n pi in h laws contained In said roll. But no board c . onUlmo in force the of equalization shall raise any mort- tlona and prohibitions, oi gage, deed of trust, contract or other 1 - • - - —« >» obligation by which a debt Is secured,, lars ($75. 00); when the authorized | house forty days atXor the commence- i,. a .si one newsi»,i|"'i' In each county, or capital stock exceeds five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) but. rtoen not exceed two million dollars ($2,- i)0(i,nofi) the tax shall bo one hundred dollars ($100.00); when the authorized capital stock exceeds two million dollars ($2,000,000) but does not exceed five million dollars <$5,000,nofi) the tax shall be two hundred dollars sion as may be provided by law, and merit of each session without the ' elty and county, It one be published consent of three, fourths of the mem- I [Herein throughout the state for three bers thereof. j i. .->• . ue\t tiri'cedinii llie election at Section 23. The members ot th« ' which it Is submitted, to the people. legislature shall receive. 1 for their ser- i The legislature may, at, any time af- vices Hie sum of one thousand dol- i ter the approval of such law by the lars each lor ca< b regular session, to , people, If no debt shall have been con- be paid at. such times during the ses ! traded in pursuance thereof, repeal ($2urt.00); when the authorized capital slock exceeds five million dollars <$r>,on0,u00) the tax shall he two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00). All franchises, other than tions and proiuimi«»= ••• ••• . Rla i a . ; section, sh '•'kind may be imposed by int i h ^ ^^ ^^ . | ture upon Insurance <•"'"'' Oolnc; ; actual valu ouiuu whatsoever those expressly provided tor In this Also, one Judge of Court of the State of the Superior California, in and for the County of Shasta, for the remainder ot tho term of C. M. Head, failed to 1913, vice Also, one —„Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Plumas, for the remainder of the unexplred term of J. D. Goodwin, deceased, ending January, 1909, vice James O. Moncur, appointed. Also, one Judge of the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Santa Barbara, money or s'olvent credit, above its j 81K .|, other state or countij f business in this state. except as, (M Thn suan , s O r the face value. SBC. 10. All property, £}jzt\~i, "*-"> *»11 \i\*j \**~i* \ j i ...---,- ( \ t ; ill i." n tt"» v - *• -* » otherwise In this constitution provld- j stof . k o{ aU b anks, organized ed, shall be assessed t n the county,.^, , awg ot tn i s state, or "' city, city and county, town, township, | pd statP8| or O f any oth or'district In which It Is situated, In U)( . nted tn tri | S state, shall be the sum of ten dollars each, for each day while In attendance at a special j or extraordinary session, for a mini her of days not exceeding thirty; and' mileage to be fixed hy law, all paid out of the state treasury; such mil- shall he assessed by the eage K ha!l not exceed ten cents per equalization at their i mile; and each member shall be al value, and shall be taxed Billowed contlngont expenses not ex- the rate of one per centum thereon coodlng twenty-five dollars per mem ' each year, and the taxes collected I ber for each regular biennial session | thereon shall be exclusively for the [The legiHlatnrn may "Iso provide fur' benefit of the state. tbe same tho manner prescribed by law SEC 11.' Income taxes may be as,or B « ,». « UBUl W i~ Isessed'to and collected from persons, Judge of the Superior corporations. Joint-stock assoclat ons, - - - or companies resident or doing business In this state, except those pro- ed and taxed to the owners or hoM'T* (t) AU the provisions of this section shall be self-executing, but the legislature may pass all laws neces-inve hundred dollars i sary to carry this unction Into effect. I house, at any rgular or biennial ses I'll auu \.a.\vti '" j a t*(\\\\\\' "" * J *-' v *** i j *-«iin n s "- •••"« *<* w .-... thereof by the state board OI ' ... (1 jTho taxes herein provided for shall zation in the manner to be nres , )C , eviod and aBSesBO ,d O n the first by law In the city or town WIK-I" , Mon(Jay tn March of each year after bank li located and n^elBe*^.- — There shall be levied and s , .^ BUOII _ _ vided for in sub-divisions (a), (b) Q g(|( . h suar es of capital bto<K «u. flm ta < , • A the adoption of this amendment and . '•-•" become due and payable on the or attache he increased and (O of section fourteen of this ar | » ual tax , paya ble to the B |a. •; tide, or any one or more of them, in I „,„,,„,,- centum upon the value \w • such cases and amounts, and In such ' The va i ue o f oar h share or st»n „„ oi\n!i ho nrpRcrihnd bv _..~v. i.««v- «v/innt such as art- In June thereafter. or appointed. manner, law. as shall be prescribed by Second. There Is hereby added to The value of each bank, except such as liquidation, shall be taken to amount paid in thereon ^euje, •of. In In with gross earnings and gross premiums herein mentioned shall be computed for tho year ending the thlrty-finit day of December prior to the levy of such taxes and tho value of any property mentioned herein shall bo fixed SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 31. CHAPTER 16. Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 31. A resolution to propose to the people of the State of California an amendment to the constitution of tho State of California, relating to the c/.tenslon of the terms of existence of corporations. Adopter! February *~, 1907, T!ie legislature of the State of Cat- ifornia. ut its thirty-seventh session, two-thirds of all members elected M Assembly voting to the quaHn»:l _~v... j — °f tno Stato ot California 'ho the"nay"of any ofncer~, employee j following amendment to flection seven after he 1*1 of article twelve of tho constitution: i s... tion seven of article twelvo or 1 th.- constitution is hereby amended, a- to read as follows: •'••• -tion 7. Tbe legislature shall not. additional help; but In no case shall [ . the total expense for officers, employ ees and attaches exceed the mini o sion, nor tho sum of two hundred dollars per day for either bouse, at any special or extraordinary session, nor, .Senate and or, proposes SENATE CONSTITUTIONAU AMENDMENT NO. 26. CHAPTER 11. Senate Constitutional r«m«tndpr of the"""unexplredi| nrticie' thirteen two new sections to jy*' '" ro ~ rata O f t he accumulated mir- of )h date of g(i)fl 1( , vy Nothing S em w n T e a rgg0 art. th re e a lB ned,_ P end- ff ! ± be ,ed fturteen and fifteen and j J )hls > and undiviprofits. Th. vaU- „,,;„ containedhal.t y tax ing January, 1909, vice S. E. Crow, appointed UUU »J IIU I *'*••**- vt i<»— •-- —. . Il'l'lll *,»JilVt*llHJ(I »•«(•«•* "-• 1*"«-- ^ «-"«j -~... of each share of stock In each baiiK ]( , v((l() (|( . aH8eH8f>d pr | or to the adop-! BEA, ••• •«— levied, assessed wh>h ls i n liquidation shall be taken t(Qn Qf tn , g Bect | 0n and a ]| lawa tn | and collected as hereinafter provided I „, , ita pro rata of the, actual .IB ,. ( ,|. t ,j 0 ,, „, s ,icn taxes In force at the: umivm. 1 ''*"--***-'* ...«•. n . .,_ mui,, *nvc>ia11nC .. .... _*._n — ~.0il.t,. « A «tl nn l to read as follows: SEC. 14. Taxes . more' counties; sleeping cat, dining Btato county and by the legislature. Alan fit said election, on sum i m-t>- nnci couecieu us m-i vnmnci >..-••••-- lo t)e , ir , ,,.« .„.- •-• , •• <•> - "... ., aw the third day of November, A. „,,„„ railroads, Including street "rail-1 80tH of 8Uch bank. This tax shall b« tlmfl of tna adop lnn of ], 8 section I) 1908. the following amendments W ' ay8 . whether operated In one- or, ln Ueu of tt » other tax«8_an<MlcenBeii. gha! , romaj ^ , n torce unU1 chaiW!d to'the Coustltutlon of the State of California, and the following AcU ot the Legislature, designated respectively M the "Second Ban Francisco Amendment No. 26. A resolution to propose to the people of th« State of California an amendment to the constitution of said state by amending article thirteen thereof by! state striking therefrom and repealing other section four of said article relativ« to the assessment of a mortgage extend any franchise or charter, nor the "forfeiture of any franchise or "charter nf any quasi-pulilic corporal ion n ow existing or which shall hereafter exist under tle> )««'» nT thi3 more countes; seepng , Btao co . car drawing-room car and palace car Buch shares of stock and upon the SBC 15 No 8U | ti ac Uon, or pro- companies refrigerator, oil, 8tock, propeny ot such banks, except taxes ceding shall ever be maintained ID trult and other car-loaning and other% re ai estate. Ir determining the ony court agalnut t ( bls atate, 01 The term of existence of any •orporatlon now or hereafter . xlsted under the laws of this stato may lie extended. ;n any time prior deedI "of Trust contract, or other ob- to the expiration of its corporate et- ligation by which a debt Is secured intence, for a period of not exceeding and to taxes due upon such assess- fifty years from the data of such et- men t tension, by the vote or written com Adopted February 19, 1907. sent of stockholders representing two-

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