The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 7, 1971 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1971
Page 2
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age 2 THE TIPTON (IND17 N A) DAILY TRIBUNE The Tipton Doily Tribune 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 j ; Phone 675-2115 ' By, carrier in city ............. 45$ per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties; j 1 year .. ...............$11.00 6 months 6.50 I 3 months . 3.50 Subscription" PAID IN ADVANCE-No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter Octooer 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress' of March 3, 1897: j SECOND-CLASS POSTABE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. j PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY I wit a 3ke £>fock Willi tke DriL tune NEWS NOT MERRY! By R.D. Money PLENTY OF NEWS ITEMS in todays headlines I The sad part about the matter, is the fact that most of it carried on the front pages of the newspapers.. .and top stories on the air, deal with sad situations, situations which tend to make the media a sort of sordid scoreboard, a scoreboard on which the ways of. men throughout the world do seem hateful,, and paint a picture of a world in which men are not aiming at the right goal... but seem bent on destruction, either of their fellowman or themselves. : CHILDREN and a mother slain by an ex-husband, an order blocking 'Twelfth Night Tree Burning", war in which welseem to get nowhere, and are criticized by egg heads at home, who give succor to the enemy, and many, many other things, all showing a hate of man for man, instead, of love for one another. - The ANTI POLLUTION has gone so far that it is smothering a portion of things that might be important. . .and not actually hazards to health at alL For instance. . *a man who should know, a -WEATHER EXPERT advised yesterday,, that the burning of Christmas trees in Indianapolis would not create enough smoke, etc; to pollute the atmosphere, there, not a sufficient amount; but "do-gooders"., in this case there youths, obtained an injunction from 1 a court, staying the burning. Where they are going to put the trees they haven't figured out as yet. They might use. them TEMPORARILY. to cover some of the UNSIGHTLY JUNK CARXOTS we see along highways throughout the state! | POLLUTION is wrong. . .but it is like everything else, it was taken as a matter of fact for so long, it now is used by some to forestall every move made by some people to keep a tradition going, especially one regarding religion! j SO FAR as the other stories are concerned. ..they are sad- but true. Man's inhumanity to man is certainly evident on every side. • . . ..', ii.. ROUND TOWN WE ARE WONDERING if any action is to be taken by the city, ; regarding the WALK SIGNS on the traffic lights in the downtown area.) Many people, especially those of middle age and over, have complained that the WALK SIGNS are not set right, not giving the people enough time to cross the intersections. We have checked them. . .and they are right! Unless you start right on "the button, when the WALK LIGHT comes on, you'll never make it to the other side of the street before the light changes! ! AND THERE IS ANOTHER DANGER, It seems that motorists are not exactly 'in tune' with the pedestrians. Many times there are narrow escapes, where motorists make turns without really noticing whether the PEDESTRIAN has the right-of-way! Perhaps the City of Tipton could negotiate with the State of Indiana.. .and •S-T-R-E-T-C-H the WALK LIGHTS a little. If so.. appreciated by many people in the area. WHY? WHY THE SUBMARINE BASE in Cuba was not mentioned in the latest talks regarding the country is not quite clear to this writer. It is far more dangerous to have a sub base in Cuba... than to.have Russian helping with missle sites against Israel, it would seem. 5 . Now:we have an admission from government officials* . .that the sub base the Russ were building in Cuba.. .and denied by them. . .is operational. And Cuba, a short distance from these shoes! But we presume that the do-gooders don't wish any trouble with Fidel or the Russ at this time. . .so nothing is being done about it. .or if it is, is being kept strictly confidential. J A Russ SUN TENDER was seen) in operational services in . Cuban waters. » ' ! WE SEEM to have plenty of do-gooders, telling us what to do regarding PEACE... .but none with enough intestinal'fortitude to advise in situations of this kind. Why? .']"-' If there is a communications gap between naval brass, the. White House, Congress- it should be closed. This is not the time to allow Russia to secure a foothold of more consequences in Cuba. Mr. Kennedy' called their bluff once; why not call it again? * . . ; • IF RUSSIA is violating her promise. . .then it is time to do something about it, not when it may be too late. If we tried to stop short of a confrontation of minor importance with Russia, every time Jthis type of thing happened. '. .we would find that we 'peinted' ourselves into a corner! The wait and see attitude never won an argument.. .a war.... or a peace!: TIME FOR the general public to react! It seems this is the only time the solons in Washington. . .and the members of the elite ever react! What seems to be needed at this time. , .is a civilian with enough STATURE. . .and RESPECT by the people and high echelon officials, to cry out against the slam at our security. If none comes forth, then it is up to the CONGRESS to REACT . . .and" do something about.the matter. Why is SENATOR FULBRIGHT silent? He seems to have quite a bit of WIND on other occasions, not nearly as dangerous as this one. - TODAY'S TIDBIT MOST MEN who berate their luck, never stop to question their judgement. TETEVISION "SCHEDU LE 6:00 O (61 Dick Van Dyke O Early Report O Big News IB Eyewitness Newt . ED What'* New 6:30 O Daniel Boone Boone's young friend. Josh, is saddled' with on "inheritonc? he 'doesn't know what, to' do with. Q. Early Report (Cont'd). O Big New, (Cont'd) CD ABC Newt jjj) Misferegcrs • • 7:00 O Daniel Boone (Cont'd) O NBC Newt O CBS Newt °. O Beat the Clock EQ (8) Malting Things' Grow ' 7:30 O Petticoat Junction Steve gets c job offer, but he must move to New York, O Flip Wihon Flip's guests ore Bing Crosby, the , Supremes and comedian David 'Steinberg. O Family Affair , Buffy and. Jody overhear Cissy talking about marriage. CEI **orr Lincoln' 9 Matt Lincoln helps a disturbed young mother to' overcome cmo- tibftc-t problems that, made her". beat her: child, Ej) Book Beat . Repeat of Mondcy's program. 8:00 O Truth or Consequences O Flip Wilson (Cont'd) O -*' m "abort Hoar Jim's guest stor is Barbara McNair. . . ' IB Lincoln (Cont'd) ED Week In Review Capitol Hill newsmen look behind the week's headlines. 8:30 O What's My Line Q Ironside The disappearance of a folk • singsr prompts Ironside to Icunch 6 strange search that follows the form of o mathematical shape called a quincunx. O. Nabort (Cont'd) © Changing Scene Musical revue' "wrrh Engelbert Humperdinck as host and guests —Don Adams, Barbara Eden and : the Osmond Brothers. B3 NET Playhouse "Lay Dow/Your Arms." A young genius wjeaks havoc- upon the- British Foreign Office during the Suez crisis. . ' 11:00 O Perry Mason O Final Report ' O Local Newt (JD Eyewitness News 11:30 O Perry Mason (Cont'd) O Tonight' . O Late .Show C9 Dick Cave't j Fri^ Jan. 8 6:30 : O Today In Indiana ; O Sunrise Semester Q Quest For Adventure 7:00 CB ^) Panorama O Today O CBS News IB Clover'Power 7:30 49 iCarroon Karhiral O Today (Cont'd) .. O CBS News (Cont'd). © Kindergarten College 8:00 QV Karnival (Cont'd) O Today (Cont'd) Q Captain Kangaroo (B College (Cont'd) 8:30 O Karnival (Cont'd) ..TS Today •'Zor-t'd)' <TQ Capt, Kangaroo (Cont'd) CD TBA i 9:00 O (B) Topper . O Virginia . Graham . O (B> Coffee Cup Theater "Father Was a •Fullback" (1949), with Fred MacMurray and Maureen O'Hara. Fcther faces problems with his t.e e n • a g'e daughter and her football playing boyfriends. CD The Paul Dixon Show 9:30 O Jack LaLonne' "3-Graham (Cont'd) O <B» Theater (Cont;d) CD Paul Dixon (Cont'd) 10:00 O Lucy Show O Dinah Shore O < B > Theater (Cont'd) 10 Paul. Dixon (Cont'd) 10:30. O Movie Game . j L O Concentration f O Beverly Hillbillies CD That Girl 11:00 O Girl Talk O Century Sole 0 Family Affair CD Bewitched 11:30 O New, O Hollywood Squares Q Love of Life CD Eye witness News ' 12:00 [ Q Chuckwogon Theater O Jeopardy O Where the Heart It CD so-so ciub 12:30 V O Chuckwogon (Cont'd) X3 Afternoon (Cont'd) -0 Search, for Tomorrow CD 50S0 Club (Cont'd) O Hollywood Movie '"'Carson City" (1952), with Ran ; dolph Scofrj.- Two brothers jtake opposite sides in a railroad war. '•• O Afternoon (Cont'd) j i . 0 Local Newt ; I CD SO-SO Club (Cont'd) 1:30 (Cont'd) ..;••'• |and Music I 4:00 Popeye end. Janie O Another World O Gomer Pyle *D .Dark Shadows 4:30 0 Popeye (Cont'd) O Mike Douglat 0 Early Show "Sign of,the Pagan" (1954), with Jack Palance and Jeff Chandler 'Attila and his savage hordes of- THURSDAY, JANUAK¥ 7, 1971 tack Rome. CD Big Valley QD Setame Street . 5:00 O TBA ' O- Mike Douglat (Cont'd) O Early Show (Cont'd) i CD B'S Volley (Cont'd) \ g0 Sesame (Cont'd) 5:30 O (B) Addamt Family : O Mike Douglat (Cont'd) 0 Early Show (Cont'd) CD Dragnet Q3 Misteragert Citizens Alert SHERIFF 675-2111 POLICE 675-2152 . O Movie O Words O As World Turns CD Let's Moke A Deal | 2:00 O Movie jtConttd) 0 Days of Our Lives ' 0 Many Splendored Thing CD Newlywed'Game •I -. 2:30 Q Movie (Cont'd) O The Doctors 0 The Guiding Light CD Dating Game ' 3:00 O Gourmet Q: Another World 0 Secret Storm' CD General Hospital 3:30 O TBA ,\, 0 Bright Promise *j ! 0 ifdge of Night CD One Life to Live' THROGMARTIN AUTO SALES WOULD LIKE YOU TO BE THEIR SPECIAL GUEST FOR THE SUPER COMEDY BOWL. Join these stars and athletes for one of the biggest comedy specials of the year ...the "Super Comedy Bowl/' : Sunday, January 10, at 8 P.M. EST ON CBS channel 8 ,.7'. FLIP WILSON JOHN WAYNE CHARLTON HESTON JACK LEMMON LUCILLE BALL ARTE JOHNSON CAROL BURNETT NORM CROSBY. TERESA GRAVES MARTY INGLES JOE NAMATH DICK BUTKUS JOEKAPP i JOHNNY UNITAS DEACON JONES .THE FOUR JETS ALEXKARRAS ROSEY GRIER MIKE REID KENNY AVERY Be sure to tune in for a follicking affair with some of the top comedy and sports figures in America. And catch all the facts,about the "What .Would You Do Special" free TV be featuring. Don't Miss the party! TV offer at Throginartin Auto Sales. offer that Throgmartin's will And don't miss the special DON American Motors DENNIS Throgmartin Auto Sales SONNY BURDEN 704 West Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 9:00 O David Frost David's guest i n c I u d e James- Brown, Marshall McLuhon and George. Rhodes. O Ironside (Cont'd) O Thursday Movie "The Bridge on the River Kwai" (19571, with Alec Guinness and Jock Hawkins/ A captured British . Army officer directs prisoner construction of a; jungle railway\ . bridge for the Japanese. (Part I).. Part II will be shown - on the Friday Night Movie. © Scene (Cont'd) £0 Pfovhousa (Cont'd) "' 9:30 O Frost (Cont'd) O Noncy Adam suspects that a stray dog that Nancy wants to keep for a pet is a ti'Qined circus performer. O Movie (Cpntjd) Q Odd Couple Feli* reaches the finals of c cooking^contest. ' 83 Playhouse (Cont'd) 10:00 O Frost (Cont'd) O Dean Martin . Dean's guests ore Dennis Weaver, Bob Newhart and Kay Medford. • O Movio (Cont'd) (Q Tho Immortal Ben is befriended by a group of Indians when he is injured in an Occident. 03 Soul National platform of Negro ideas looks ct the role of Negro women. 10:30 O Local News . O Oeon Martin (Cont'd) O- Movi* (Cont'd) ID Immortal (Cont'd) B3 S»"l (Cont'd) Drop out Pay later. Twice as many dropouts are out of work as high school graduates. If you're in,.school, stay there. To get a good job, get a good education. MON.-SAT. 9 to 9 SUNDAY Noon-6P.NI* / TIPTON AMD ALL i OANNCKSSTORES variety stores LIMITED QUANTITIES Variety Selection • Discount Prices WRITING TABLET AND ENVELOPES • Lined or Plain , Papar • 125 Count • Envelopes-#10, 50 Count-#6, 100 Count PERSONAL FILE 48 • Standard Sisa • Walnut Wood Grain . • Gnat for - Important JTam Rocards • Regularly: $1.99 NOTE FILLER PAPER c • 300 Count • Fits all Popular size Notebooks .• Regularly: 72c • Limit 2 • PRESTOME ANTI-FREEZE 1 78 •One Gallon Size • Never Pick Up a Stranger j • A Winter Must • Limit 2 Gallons EVEREADY MAGNET LIGHT 1 18 • Rugged Triple Plated , Meta! Case • Magnet Switch Holds , fast to Steel , i • Safety Gib Leqi Ring ' • Regularly: SI.76 • PREST0NE SPRAY DE-ICER o With and Without Scraper Top ' o Always keep a spare Regularly 68 KITCHEN TOWELS j e Valour Tarry ! 'i • Rtgulorly; 77c e Assorted Patterns and Colors to Chooie from QUAKER STATE OIL • One Fluid Quart • Super Blend . • Regularly: 48c • Limit 5 JUMBO GARMENT BAG • Quilted Front, Top and Cuff • Largo 54" • Regularly: $1.47 * BANKAMERICARD • • master charge TEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK

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