Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 18, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1898
Page 19
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HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, doe« flrtt class work. Stylish and well flt- tlnr clothes made. Cleaning and repair- Ing neatly none. See aim. 324 PEARL STREET. Kroeger & Strain. CJNDHRTAKHR8 C«lli promptly attended to D»y or 818 Broad-way. TBtlPHOMB - Office, 88. Kroeuer, Strain, 94. 18 3EITH M-VELSEY Loans Moner at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and Writes Fire. Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance TEA DKINEEES Or Logansport Are Probably Not Aware of the W. J. Barnett, 8ucC68aor - WoU< Undertaker, Embalraer aad Funeral Director. «7 Market utreet- Calls attended day or ntelit. The finest outfit In the O. S. Col. C. L. Wou. •will remain with mo. Office 1C Keaidence-Mutual' 65: C. U. 169. Phones When You Need BD ABSTRACT or a LOAN —GO TO— F H. Wipperman, KM Fourth Btreet Opp. Court House Entrance, DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. •Over City National BanR Comer ot Jourtb and BrO*dwa» •Central Telephone No Office 38S, residence 3*3 E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLOKS, 318 Market Street. New Alumlnlte Rubber Plates. Bat Much of the Tea Imported to Country Is Impure. Logansport tea drinkers are probably not aware tbat much of the tea imported to this country is impure, and they will be glad to know the efforts of the government to cure the evil are producing |£00d results. It is estimated that from 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 pounds of teas have been rejected by tbe examiners at New YorK, Chicago. San Francisco and Tacoma. as below the .standard fixed as admissible. Tbe heavy falling off in the volume of importations — nearly 12,000,0000 pounds — Indicates that the law has been even more effective in stopping the shipment of inferior tea from forelga ports than in preventing the landing of the stuff at our own. Consul Afaer- crombie, at Nagasaki, Japan, reports to the state department that the Formosan teas have been much freeer from dust and broken leal than usual. This is said to have bsen especially noticeable during tbe oarly part of the season and after the wire sieve received from America was distributed around to the several Chinese native firms for use in sift- Ing Formosa tea, It is estimated that yO per cent of the Formosa crop comes to thia country, the remainder going to Greali Britain and the straits settlements. The estimated value of the tea shipped dur lag tbe present oeason may be placed at 13,400,000. in UANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand Goods. Give us t call. 200 8th street D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Upstairs o?er Bruggeman's Millinery Store. Private Monej to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. «08 Fourth Street. OITY NHWS. TPra.uk Kinney continues quite •sick. Lots of remnants of carpets at Wller &Co'B. Fred Wagner, of Longcllff hospital, la visl'tlng; at Osgood. Herman Sohmltt Is here from Dan- fille, Ills., on business. Cuas. Decker, of Frankfort, is in the city Tisittng friends. John Dare, of Chicago, was a guest of Al Young over Sunday. Miss Gertie Tousley Is entertaining Miss Effle Mitchell, of Delphi. Dr. B. C. Stevens was atBurnetts- •ville today on professional business. Miss Mollie Homer, of Wabash, is in the city for a short visit with relatives. Miss Laura B. Henderson has returned from Battle Greek, Mich. Her health is greatly improved. Mrs. Nyman, of east High street, Is 'entertaining her sister, Miss Georgia McPharlaud, of Plttsburg, Pa. Agent Duesner, of the Western "Onion Telegraph company, is on duty again after a two weeks' ill- jaess. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Meginnis, of! Terre Haute, returned home yesterday, after a short visit in Logansport. W. Ticen, a druggist at Coif ax, Ind., 19 in the oity visiting Dr. and Mrs. Holloway. He is a brother of Mrs. H. Freemont Goodwine, appointed a member of the Longcliff hospital board in place of Mr. Banks, of Warsaw, resides at Williamsport. Hay Loft No. l"0i, Haymakers, will gite a ball a Dolan & McHale'a hall on next Wednesday evening. A. •plendid time is assured all patrons. * Mrs. I. N. Gash and Mrs. E. M. Walden entertained the Penny club of the W. B. C. thia afternoon at the home of the former on Markel; street. The funeral of the late Sarah A. Tarn, wife of John H. Tarn, was held at 10 a. m. today from the residence, 40 Lobelia street, Rev, Huckleberry officiating. Interment was made in Mt. Hope cemetery. TALUE OP PATENTS. Government Protection ie Better Theory Than In Practice. The delay of Mr. Nickura in giving a general exhibition of his new light may be explained by the following from The Forum: "In the present state of the patent law if one can keep his process to himself it is undoubtedly better to do so. Most inventions, however,cannot be guarded by lock and key,ancl in many, if not ail cases, it becomes necessary for self-protection to take out patents. One of the main difficulties in the way of the patentee lies in the fact that it is cot easy for the best lawyer to draw a patent HO that his client will not iipeak reproachfully of him. It-takes a very experienced hand to avoid defects which will nullify the patentee s proper ad"antage. An omission is fatal; an addition is fatal; and ii vagueness is fatal." THE 185)8 WHEAT HELD. Ferj- Little Decrease lln the From Last Year. Acreage John B. Connor, tbe state statistician, is at presenl; receiving reports from the township trustees throughout the state as to the condition of the growi!3|,' crops. The reports so far received are encouraging. Last fall a heavy decrease in the acreage planted in wheat was anticipated on account of the protracted dry spell, but the reports now coming in indicate very little, if any decrease in the acreage from last year, many farmers having planted their fields as late as lihe latter part of November, since which time the rains and the continued warm weather have brought the plant out in fine shape. Whilo the growth attained is not as great as it should be at this time, other Indications point to a fair yield of wbeiat throughout the state next year. Union Services. The attendance last week at the union services In observance of the week of prayer was so satisfactory that the ministers have concluded to continue the same during the present week. Each evening, including Friday, services will be held at the First .Presbyterian church, participated in by the congregations ot the following churches: The Broadway Presbyterian, the Baptist and the Market street M. E. church. Eacn afternoon at 2:30 a daily prayer meeting will be held at the Baptist church. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. •it rugs for $1.50 at Wiler & Co's. Miiss Mabel Penroseis visiting at Walton, Ciias. Williams, of Delphi, is visiting In the city. Mrs. Bumgarner, of Walton, is visitlpg in the city. A. great many odd paiirs of lacn curtains at almost your own price at H. Wiler & Co's. Tbe pig disposed of at the korn Karalval last night was awarded to Mrs. E. B. Shaffer. Richmond Item: Frank Owen, of Logansport, spent Sunday in the city, the guest of his parents. The Elite Mandolin orchestra will furnish music for the Oppenheimer party at Peru Friday night. The Wabash bridge and iron works Is overwhelmed with orders and today will oegin running night and day. "he Brotherhood of St. Andrew is arranging to give a series of entertainments for the benefit of Trinity church. Two thousand ranks dry wood for sale cheap. Inquire at Dr. Bradfield's office, or at yard, corner of Markfltand Eel River avenue. Capt. Joho 0. Bropby has purchased of A. J. Kobinson the lot and warehouse at the corner of Toledo anfl Fourteenth streets. Consideration, «1,400. There was a large attendance at the ball given last night by the Eastend Pleasure club, and a delightful time resulted. Steinhart's orchestra furnished the music. The 2.'Id anniversary of the institution of Morse lodge, I. 0. O, F., of Deer Greek, was celebrated Saturday by the members. A big dinner was served and J. C. Newer, of this city, was there to enjoy it. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Patterson, Misses Agnes Hefl and Delia McCarthy and Herman Sehmltt, of Danville, Ills., are guests of E. Schmltt, manager of the Golden Rule and family. Misses Hen* and McCarthy will be engaged as clerks at f,the cGolden Rule until the store at Danville, recently burned is rebuilt. A Pharos subscriber at Gordon postoffice (Georgetown) ten miles down the Wabash, writes us that he received a letter a few daps ago that bad been'malled to him from Philadelphia on April 26th, 1889, and had been lyin^ in the postoffice at Georgetown, Floyd county, ever since. The writer made the mistake of making the "return," Georgetown, when it should have been to Curveton or Gordon, Thci letter had not been tampered with, acid was one of hundreds that were recently found accumulated in the Floyd county office, presided over by an old maid, who evidently be- leved that mall matter not called for hould nevertheless be held fast and right. AHDSE1EJITS. Lewis Morrison In "Faust" Tonight— " Uncle Tom's Cabin" Follows. Lewis Morrison, the eminent actor, will appear,at the opera house tonight in his famous impersonation of Mephistoin Goethe's sublime play, "Faust," Morrison and Mephisto are synonomous terms, to speak of one is to call the other to mind. "Faust" will always be popular with theatregoers; 16 contains much to commend it; its idylic theme and strong heart interest will always command hearty support. As Me- phisto Mr. Morrison Is known wherever the Baalish language is spoken, having appeared in this strong character in every city of any size on this continent. He has appeared in the role over 3,000 times, and it has been computed that over four millions ot people have witnessed this grand characterization. Electricity plays an imjportantpart in the production of "Faust" and the effects produced by it are little short of the marvelous. UNCLE TOU'S CABIN. The thaatrlcal season would by mauy be c insldered rather incomplete without tue annual appearance of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in this section. It really seems quite remarkable, when one stops to seriously consider tbe almost perpetual popularity of this daoral and beautiful play. It is not frequent nowadays that the learned and finely discriminating commentator of things theatrical cares to refer at any length te this play as being moral and beautiful, as he considers, usually, that "Uncle Tom's Cabin" has seen its day and should rather be placed in a glass case with the antiquities of earlier ages, and viewed with curiosity and perhaps some admiration as such, but as for its periodically bobbing up for presentation upon the public stage, some of these gentlemen frequently feel that they are somewhat going out of their way to treat its production with much consideration. The Davis company will present "Uncle Tom's Cabin" here Thursday. STRONGEB THAN EVER. William J. Bryan Grows In the Public Esteem. REPRESENTS TOTE DEMOCRACY. Hj» Popularity Doe as Macli to the Principles He CliampiOES as to His Personality—Silver a I.ivlng Issue — Money Power Menaced the Xa±i<m. The New York TTorld has made a double leaded appeal to Mr. Bryan to drop the silver question and. "take up live issues.'' The World opposed Mr. Bryan in 1896, and as it has since shown no signs of repentance it is difficult to understand why it should object to Mr. Bryan adhering to a "dead issue, " says the Omaha 'World-Herald. The World has not always been a good guesser. It made a bad guess when it declared that Low would be elected mayor of Greater New York, and it makes a worse guess when it declares the silver question to be a "dead issue." The fact is that that question is tbe foremost issue. This fact was demonstrated in tbe recent elections, and the statement will be corroborated by any one who takes the trouble to investigate. Tbe conceded facts tbat Mr. Bryan, although a defeated candidate, has steadily grown stronger since the election, that his presence and his utterances are in greater demand now than ever before—these facts are not due entirely to the personality of the man. Although he has a pleasing personality, this could not be strong enough to give him the conspicuous place he occupies in tbe public mind today if he was in truth the "dead leader of a dead cause." Tbe New York World ought to remember that tbe largest popular vote --THH-- New Furniture Store. Cor. Market, 5th and Erie Ste. ANOTHER SPECIAL BARGAIN. THIS COJIBIJfATION BOOK CASE. Only $6.90. LIFE ISSUE 1NCE COMPANIES Regret the Cbanee Which Lost Them an Important Suit. to »f ft P03TA6E STAXtS Special Series to be fggned the Omaha Exposition. Fighter Dlxon in Indiana. George Dlxon, colored, the featber- welgbt champion, is at West, Baden, for three weefes' preliminary training while waiting the completion of arrangements forama.tch with either Ben Jordan, tbe Englishman, or Solly Smith. William O'Rourke, a brother ot Tom O'Rourke, his manager, accompanied Dlxon. Dorcas Sewing Society. All members of Dorcas Sewing society, I. O. F., are requested to meet at the hotse of Mrs. Emma Nethercut, 604 Miami street, on Wednesday afternoon, January 11)th.—Alice McGowen, president. Smoke The srovornment postal authorities have determined upon the subjects which shall be illustrated upon the new aeries of postage stamps to be issued by the department in com- memorsition of the trans-Mississippi and international exposition to be opened on the first of next June at Omaha. They are illustrative of the conditions, progress and accomplishments of the great west from its discovery to our own day. The series compriaes nine denominations of stamps as follows: One cent—The discovery of the Mississippi river by atarqueUe. Two cent—An Indian chief. Four cent—A buffalo hunting scene. Fire cent—"The Pathfinder,"beitig a picture of Fremont raising the flag on the summit of the Rockies. Eltfbt cent —A train of emigrants crossing' the plains. Ten cent—A mining scene. Fiftv cent—A cowboy and cattle. One dollar—A harvesting scene or a greali flouring mill. Two (.dollars—The Rock Island bridge, showing part of the city of Omabu. The Indianapolis News says the representatives of some ot the life insurance companies regret that the position originally taken in the tax case tbat a life insurance policy is not "property" was not maintained all the way through. They nave an impression that the court might have sustained that view as readily as the one that, under the present law, policies may not be taxed. The impression now is that the subject will come to the front during the next session of the legislature. While the members of the state board of tax commissioners are not yet ready to outline their policy, it Is pretty well understood that, if they fall to get a hearing before- the supreme court, they will ask the legislature to amend the general tax law so that it will provide for the taxation of life insurance pulicles. Insurance men say it is not likely that such a law will ever be passed, and they feel confident that If such an enactment should be made they could have It set aside on the ground that life policies are not "property." TIN WEDDIS6. Grass Creek Items. Pleasant weather. Willie Russel, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. David Keesy, was burled at the U, B. cemetery on January 12Dh inst. Mrs, Alice McLaughlin, who ha* been Tory sick is improving. The Sunday school recently organized meet? with very good attendance,' Mr. Thomas Harrison has commenced giving a series of Bible readings. _ Kntghts of Pythias D«nce. Th« Knights of .fythias of this city will give their next dance of the series oo Wednesday evening, Jan. I9th, at their Castle hall, corner of Market and Fifth streets. .411 Knights of Pythias and persons holding special invitation to our fomer d&nciB are cordially invited to atitead. —Committee. Conductor and Mrs. Timothy Conghlan Entertained Last Night. Tim Coughlan, the Panhandle passenger conductor, and wife, of 629 Miami street, celebrated the tenth anniversary of their marriage last night Oy entertaining a party of reja- tives and friends in a delightful manner. Reed's Southside orchestra was present and the party danced until midnight, when an elaborate luncheon was served. The list of presents was large and Included everything in the tinware line. Mrs. John Kienly, sister of Mr. Coughlan,and daughter, were present to enjoy the festivities. The other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hooley, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McCarthy, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Hooley, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Fansler, Mr. Michael Hooley, jr., Mr. and Mrs. James Hooley, Misses Margaret and Mary Murphy, Miss Lizzie Campbell, Miss Agnes Bllgh, Miss Anna Hannigan and Misses Mary, Kate and Nora Hooley. Jle*t at Indianapolis. The State Board of Commerce will meet Wednesday and Thursday at Indianapolis. J. T. Elliott and W. A. Osmer were appointed by Mayor McKee to represent Logansport. ever cast for a candidate for the presidency prior to 1896 was that cast for Cleveland in 1892, being 5,556,918. Bryan's popular vote exceeded that cast for Cleveland by 898,025. Bryan received 31 more electoral votes than Harrison received when he was defeated in 1893 and 8 more than Cleveland received when he was defeated in 18S8. Since tbe election the great principles •which Bryan represents have grown in favor, and Bryan himself is closer to the people than he was in 1S96. There are some things more to be considered than mere political victory. To be a Dem ocrat these days means something. A Democratic vote emphasizes great prlu- ciplesi rather than a strike for a few offices. Mr. Bryan would not abandon the cause of bimetallism even though such abandonment would mean bis election to the presidency. If Mr. Bryan should abandon bimetallism, the New York World would be privileged to observe, a demonstration of tbe eternal fact that great principles are not dependent upon any one man. Individuals whom God has blessed with eloquence and logic and steadfastness of purpose have been in the past and will be in the future of great service in tbe establishment of great principles. But men are not essential. Some die, some fail in purpose, some succumb to fbe insinuating influences of great moneyed interests, but the principles live. It happens that William J. Bryan is a man of exceptional characteristics. He believes in his cause, is brave enough to defend it in all places, honest enough to adhere to it with the devotion of a patriot and able enough to disarm every gladiator that is sent to cross bis steel. He cannot be bought or bullied from a causa vhich he believes to be the cause of the people. The money power has no one to pit against him in a discussion of the great principles he advocates. These principles are growing in favor with each passing day, and from New York comes the plaintive appeal urging Bryan to "take up live issues." Take up live issues!" This is the same appeal that was made by the Tories to our colonial fathers when the spirit o:E American independence was growing stronger each hour. That was the same appeal that was made by the uncompromising slaveholder to the men who believed in the freedom of all human beings. That was the same appeal thai was made to the people whose patriotic spirit crowded Abraham. Lincoln to tbe front in spite of tbe gold of the same money power and the abuse of the same press that throws its influence against Bryan. That is the same appeal that came from Jeff Davis when he wearied of the demand that the Union should be one and inseparable. It is the same appeal that has been heard in every contest where one of the contestants realizes his defeat, but has strength enoagh with which to parley. Here's a real g-etti for alow price, solid oak. its worth $12. Ton can buy it of us <t/C f*f\ this weekfor-.nlr .pu.yu We show an elegant line of Combination Book Cases in Oak or Maho.rany nnish ojfv i-/v atf30, S25, »20, f!5, $12 and , 'Py-J'"' Our buyer is DOW at Grand Kapids selections for our spring trade- The Logansport Old Phone II Hood's Are gaming favor rapidly. H^kB • • Business men and travel- E3a I I £* ters carry them in vest ^^ III 3% pocket», Ludiei carry them ™ • • • %^ in panel, housekeeper] keep them in median* •laMts, fejendj rwitpniwint Vuam to Iritnd^. Sc. Merely » Grab For Spoils. They are having a very warm "time in Chicago at present over what is termed by its authors the metropolitan police bill. The Bepnblieiin governor and his legislative supporters appreciate tbe opportunity to reach out and seize a supply of jobs. If the boot were on the other foot, and they would get tbe patronage away from the Democrats by declaring that tbe police appointments should be made by die mayor, they would be as loud in declaring in favor of home rule as tbe Democrats are now. Commercial High School, If you wish to secure a position to work for Experience Only. JLtOX'T attend th* JLoranwport Commercial Htxh School If you wish to secure a position that will pay you from 11 to 12 per week. Don't attend tho LogansporC Commercial Hi#h School If you wish to attend a School where you CRD have plenty of tun. do as you plea&e, and have a"HotTimo"ing-eneral.I>"n ; t sttead ths Loeangport Commercial High tlchfrol But, if you wish to attend an n n * n Dflf P School wuere yo i will receive ^V «•" UO.IK the best instruction and the best preparation, for the repponsibiiiiies of life: -wnere you -will receive a thoroujch mental and moral discipline and training that will develop 5-0-r intellect, arouse your ambi ion and equip you so that you may live worthily, that you may lead a life of usefulness and tbat your Ilia may be crowned 'with the laurels of succefs. the esteem of your fellow men and the approbation of your own consoieooe. tbeo, Attend The Logansport Commercial High School. M. W. MDRPHY I J w. HOOKK J Over321, 33)and 325 FOHrth Street. REMOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker wnere you are invited to call and see a Hue line of Winter Woolens For Suitings and Over- coatings that cannot be beat. W ft . II. Merchant Ta ii or . Pearl SLNext to Dr. BeU'a Office. Tiresome Mr. Dingley still insists that the un- precedentedly heavy deficits \vill cease as soon aff his tariff begins to produce the revenue he estimated for it As that time is yet uncertain, however, he •would like a few profits ble taxes, as he is getting tired of figuring revenue into the treasury. Hie Detective Wins Yes, the dotectfro won, M* f& tb» story of how to did h to •_> J. one of the iao«t exciting •*«• told. You canned itia1 colrnzm*. It is «DtrtU6 A Conflict i of Evidence The Same In the End. The Republicans do not seem in accord on the civil service system issue, j Some wani openly to repudiate their ! platform declarations for it; the rest ; wish merely to disregard their pledget j while hypocritically repeating them, I It -was -written by Ottol*ng-oi.th««rtbo*o£"A». ArtMt in Citew," «nd on* of the it; ougert write* «£ 4»- ftective storie* Bring. for this thrilling «•!• mA tb* •ret chipttn wffl MOM t

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