The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 29, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 5
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1008. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA 8 \Weeks TO Xmas There's a 8i<j Demand For Our Catalogs Be sure and get yours right, away. A well gotten up book like this will help you plan your Christ mas gifts. 8 Weeks TO Xmas American Jewelry Co. SOLOMON & LAW 1430 Nineteenth Street CKKS8KKKKK83 Kern City | I Kern City I Women's Correct and Exclusive Wearing Apparel at Kern Wage Earners Applaud Bryan Speakers Last Night! Knar's Hall was tilled with the al Ta-ft win u lie was a judge on the wage turners of Kern last night to beach. Mr. I'l.itz read from the rec- hear the political issues of tho day asjord showing the unfriendly attitude discussed from the Democratic stand- of the candidate towards labor, and point, und there was that earnest at-j the presentation was vigorously ap- tention and hearty approval that be- plauded. spaks a Money to Loan We have unlimited funds to loan on improved farm property at 7%% per annum, and on long terms and easy payments. If you are paying a high rate of interest this proposition should Interest you. Bakersfieto Abstract Company GEO. HAY, Mjjr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Bucment F. Lindsey, the Fresno oil man, and J. P. Kerr drove down from Fresno last evening l n the letter's automobile. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown and Charles C. Taylor were arrivals at th« Southern from Kernvllle last evening, All members of Sumner Lodge, No. 143, K. of P. are requested to be In big llryan vote In the railroad town on Tuesday next. M. T. Kean presided ai the meeting, and after music by the Bakersfleld Band, Matthew S. Platz was presented as the first speaker of the evening. Mr. Platz dealt mainly with the injunction planks In the two platforms, and showed by both President Roosevelt's message and the letter of acceptance of Taft that the Democratic position is in harmony with the constitution and with the progress of human liberty from the days of the Magna Charta. The speaker read Mr. Roosevelt's emphatic demand on Congress for legislation to check the usurpation of the courts. That wa» before the President "changed his mind," which change did.not occur until ' after the labor organizations had endorsed Bryan and the Democratic platform. Taking up the discussion of Oener- | MRS. UPTON HOSTESS I TO LADIES AID. The members of the Ladles Aid Society of the Rosedale Congregational Church, and a few friends from Kern and Bakersfleld spent the day with* Mrs. William Upton yesterday at her cosy country home In the Virginia colony. Mrs. Upton, who is a most entertaining hostess, made the time pass pleasantly for her guests. Among those present were Rev. and Mrs. Ful- W. H. Jacobs followed in a stirring speech that awakened much enthusiasm. He covered practically the same ground as he did in his Bakersfield speech, and his fine tribute to a man and a statesman evoked great applause. The Kern meeting was the best that has been held in that city for many years. The thoughtful wage earners were present to hear the truth, and they left the hall with many expressions of good will towards the great Nebraska Commoner. | WOMAN'S CLUB | I HAS GOOD MEETING. | The Woman's Club held an interesting meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. V. McClure on N street. The ladles talked some ol serving lunch on election day, but no definite arrangements were made. Mrs. William Upton has invited the club out to her house on next Wednesday afternoon. There will be a bay- rack at the drug store corner at 2 o'clock to take the members out. Two new members, Mrs. Al Herrington and Mrs. A. McClure, were taken into the club yesterday. After the business of 1 the club was disposed of a social hour was enjoyed and the hostess refreshments. ler, Rev. Mrs. Wieman, Rev. and Mrs. Knudson, Mrs, K. E. Armstrong, Mrs, H. H. Brown, Mrs. Jandreau, attendance Thursday evening as there 1 M rs. A. Wildman, Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. will be a big initiation. , .77, p p Lowe Mr(J Northupi Mrs. C. J. Planz, President Arthur S. Critee, Cashier. AS YOU GROW OLDER it is such a comfortable feeling to realize that yon are establishing strong protection for the future—that yon are each week depositing part of your income in the First Hank of Kern, where it will steadily work to your interest at the rate of 4% interest. F<mr per cent interest paid on time deposits and savings accounts. Capital *:>0,000. Thropp, Mrs. C. T. Sanders, Miss Emma Thropp, Masters Harmon and Sanders anO Misses Harmon. The Tejon oil Co. Formed A: (.'<!< s of incorporation of the Tejon Oil Company were filed today, all of the incorporaiors being local men, and i he directorate being composed of the following: H. R. Peacock, J. \V. Malion, J. W. Kelly, C. L. Taylor and J. W. Tatura. Tlie capital stock is $20,000 of which $3000 has been actually subscribed. The land acquired by this company Is a portion of the Hart Crude in the Ken: Klver field. NOTES AND PERSONALS. General Superintendent H. V. Platt arrived In town yesterday on No. 107 R, O. Whittekin of Mancopa Is registered at the Metropole. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Hutchlns of Fres. no are visiting friends In town. PHONE MAIN 108 CHESTER AVE COR. 20th Tailored Suits—Fancy Dresses 'I'lii- new styles ;ire superbly altriictivi' and distinctly different from previous seasons. We have been exceedingly careful in securing 1lie proper iMaterials, tlie rifjbt colorings mid patterns; we nro now showing some of the snappiest models imaginable. Nearly every day new express shipments are arriviuf? and yon may be sure when buying here of getting the very latest styles only for the smallest possible price. Strictly Tailor Made 25 Striking Millinery Models UNUSUAL STYLES AND PRICES We show several dlfterent styles at this popular price. The coats are cut mostly in 36 inch lengths with either fitted or semi-fitted backs. They have mannish collars.bbroad lapels and are beautifully tailored. Good fitting, full cut- skirts, many with bias foot folds. Suits that would easily sell for $35. Our price, including alteration, is only $25 Children's Coats $2.95 to $7.50 The wee girl, the school %ir\ and every girl can find among the many models of coats which we are now showing some style that will express her own ideas of what's "jnet the thing" for her. We show many natty, snappy jaunty styles, coats that seem to have the dash and go; the very dare of youth wov«n right into them. In every detail they apponl to the Miss Up-to-date, ATM the prices are very moderate indeed. Let us show you this morn- CHILD HAS NARROW ESCAPE IN BURNING OF HOUSE Fire, from causes unknown, broke out in the rear part of the dwelling Mrs. D. O. Hoover and son have re- of c - Duclos at 2410 K street this aft- turned fro m Los Angeles, where they j enioon. An alarm from the box at have been spending the summer ! 24tl > " nrt L stm>1s l)ro »sht the de- P« r '™'»< ( l" ickl >' to the acem 1 have 2000 lots in Kern City for sare. Prices from $155 to $350. Terms easy. A. J. Woody, 810 Baker st. tf Robert Miller 1ms recently arrived from Nashville, Tenn., and will take up his residence in Kern. Air. Mil- The blaze was subdued with the building I partially destroyed. The home of j Mrs. Charles Scribner on the south, hud a narrow escape but sustained ,' some damage, while the housi occu- ler is a nephew of Conductor A. \V. I pled by Jack Bennett on the north was Sulder. | endangered but not damaged. The Get a lot in Kern. Two thousand to) Duclos family last practically all of pick from. You can't miss gelling J their furniture and effects which was what you want. Terms easy, prices ',•„.„,, right. A. .1. Woody, SHi Baker st. tf \ 11I11 " S11IC(I .Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Davis returned j H was shortly before ". o'clock when yesterday from Lima, Ohio, where! the blaze was discovered. Mrs. Duthey have been visiting Air. Davis'jclos was in the front part .of thc parents for the past two months. | house having just left her little child Fireman Etter an-1 wife have gone | I>layins in the kitchen. The mother to Visalia to reside. \ beard the chikl scream and then the Ben Cohn came up from IMS Ange- "Hie one cry "Don't burn the house she in that corner of the room the flre was burning fiercest. The house Is the properly of Mrs. Moeller. H can be repaired at a small expense. Duclos is a machinist employed in tlie Bak- ersfleld Iron Works. NOTICE les this morning on No. 7. Mrs. A. Freeman returned yesterday from Los Angeles, where she has been visiting for the past two weeks. You can get a lot in any part of Kern. You have I'ooti to pick Iron:. Terms easy. Prices $35 to $:'.5u A. .). Woody, SHi Baker street. tf Mrs. A. Puuly of Tehachapi is tin- Bakerslteld Lodge, No. !), Knights of the Royal Arch, hereby gives notice that it will prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, any person, either licensed dealer or otherwise found J of h ' j o pau]y Utility ot selling liquor on election d-,y, Tuesday. November Ilrd. between the hours of the opening and the clotting of the polls, as prescribed by law. K. A. nOAGI.ANT), Recorder. , , ,, . T , , „ , , J. J. Goodwin, Val. SO] 11 !' l " eh ' residence In Bakersflold Mrs. Walter McKnight Cole of Mojave is visiting friends in Kern. Mr. and Mrs. J. Tyler have taken Bakersfield Opera House Tonight Grand Chorus BAKERSFIED LODGE NO. 266 Partial Chaste of Program Thursday night. Augmented Orchestra BPO ELKS »f'MINSTRELS Prices 50c 75c and $1.00 Curtain at 8 :20 sharp. PLENTY OF GOOD en- A TOOTH i ,_„ 3C.A 1 j a I ILL Lt.r 1 clean, Prices 50c 75c and $1.00 Carriages at 10 ;30 sharp. NOTE— No person will be allowed to reserve more than ten seats any one performance. The box sheet will open absolutely First come, first served. Advance sale of Seats open at Box Office for either night up." Running into the kitchen found the room ablaze and grabbing up the child carried it out of the i house. The fire was burning fiercely, i Mrs. Duclos says, and she considers I the escape of her child a narrow one. i She then returned to the house to i secure her valuables, but the beat was i so Intense she only wan able to reach j one of the .small safety banks. One (containing $7.50 she could not secure. | It was found later. In the attempt j to secure it her hair and eye brows j were singed. Neighbors and. men • Irom the iron works were soon to Mrs. Duclos 1 aid and some of the furniture \va« carried on; in saftey. The (ire department male a good run and 'he chemical soon had a stream playing on the arues. While not sufficient to subdue them entirely, the chemical served as a check until •.vatIT was pumped. The water came jimt in time. The Scribner home on i tlie south was about to catch when i lie water arrived. Several windows were broken by the heat and the root was smoking. Harden streams playing (in ilie structure helpe-cl to put down the danger for a time. MiKli of '!-.(> furniture of tho Scribner place was removed, but damaged later by water. The interior of the house was also damaged l/y smoke .•uil water. Fears were felt for the house occupied by the Bennett's on the north and •ouie of their effects were moved out, !>ut the house \vas not damaged at all. The cause ol'the fire das not been ' x|,i,lined. When Mr.-". Duehis readied the Kitf-lit-n it v,aj- abla/e. The ppe. suinprlon is that In playlrif, the child ;;o; hold of some matches. Thf.p had been a fire in UK- kitchen • Move at noon, but tins. Mil- Dticlo» said. v.a~ fxtiiiuuli-lieil. The child w.ih j jdayins.' I,",'-- the wix»! t,o>; and it was The funeral of Ramon Sesmas, who ilu-d yesterday in the Borgwardt. addition, was held this morning at 9:3u from ^t- Joseph's Church in Kern. The Oil Field Rally Friday Rowan Irwln, Thomas Scott, If. A. .lastro and J. W. P. Laird will address the voters of the oil fields at Recreation Hall on Friday nights. The tlnior. Band will be in attendance and a big meeting Is anticipated. At Delano tonight Matthew S. Platz, Roweu Irwln and others will address a meeting, for which big preparations have been made. BORN. SHULTZ— In Kern October 27, 1W&, to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Shultt, ft daughter. NOTES AND PERSONALS. I Mr. and Mrs. Al Thackery of Me- Klttrick are guests at the Metropole. Mr. and Mrs. U. 1.1. Brown have gone to Pioneer. Hallowe'en novelties ;il the Bon Bon. 76 Andrew Brown and M. Taylor of Kernvllle are viators in town. Bankrupt sale of harness, saddles, whips, robes, blankets, buggies and everything pertaining to the harness and saddle business now on at tho corner of Chester avenue and Twentieth street. tf M. B. Berry is in from Marieopa and is the sucst of his aunt, Mrs. B. F. McCulloucb. White felt hats cleaned and re- blocked. Leave orders with UK at the Willow; also old hats retrlmmed and made to look like new; get our prices before going elsewhere. 73 Mr. and Mrs. C. R. I*a Gourgne have gone to Bakersfleld to reside. All • classes of harness, saddles, whips, robes, blankets, buggies and everything belonging to the -harness and saddle trade ai'o on sale at the bankrupt sale of tho United Ilarnesf Company, corner Chester n venue ami Twentieth street. tf "TEA '•'•"* New York is too far from Japan; San Francisco is nearer. Vour grocer rpf'^ns your mon^r if you dt/a't Ilk* bchillinif'i li''^ 1 w*' pay 1'iui. Remember That Friend With a Handsome Stein Those friends of yours who are collecting steins will appreciate one chosen from our elegant assortment. Our steins are beautiful- — they're so original and artistic and .lifl'erent from the usual steins that they're sure 1o delijjht you. Prices range from 50c to $f>, (.'all and sue our steins — they will interest you. All Fred GuntherCo. Family trade solicited. Store and warerooms 1511 18th street. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. The Little Racket Store The little store ti[ L. T. CjDilley & (.!()., corner iKth and Chester avenue, is still adding new lines of 5, 10, ]'> and 2~M; dry goods and nation specialties. Our latest will lie the Richardson cm bN)idery outfits, which is t,h<' most popular embroidery line ladies 1o call and inspect n in the world. We invite UN- few samples, already received, .loin a Richardson Club lud learn the beautiful art of embroidering. \\'e give special prices on many useful articles, L. !i GODLEY & CO. Granada Hotel Slitter and Hyde Sts,. San Francisco. Absolutely Fireproof American plan, |:;..".o Idi one, $(! for two. Ten slorii-s of -.olid comfort. Country trade solicited. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL o* Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRE-J P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN New buildum Modern in e\ cry ies|icct. Ifi'i rooms. Opposite Railroad and Sieativ shin rifllci-.-.-. K.spocialli cuiivoii Idit for eriinmorclal tra\ elers, ].\ TUI? IIKAHT OK Till-: CITY Free i.i:-. meets all i lains and boils. Take Market St. cars MI- Koiirlli and ICIlis ear to hotel. Kilt ranee on Powell St.

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