The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana on April 23, 1959 · 27
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The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana · 27

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1959
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— s 14 ' 11 -- '-'s!- '' " ::: pA44610utawlkodiVALII 41inWidil4wi4041011ihai164044t01Ailia4116144-41041SiniitaitatktlbâilikWakt011411640olginiipiird4roiiii411M4iNialdfilo6b104bistitaarda4itoiltrOigeWeetsiiMIAkiiiiimiêtozáletkAnaLemi12t 41kiaa WgWkto4idtiokiadekiteNiAeaiWuisrk'kklitilidLdfsoimdkibaMoalIIb:igiAkjdovahclkfa:taiiiit6dxkO ' UlutFiklieuidi1614ALaimiiai 4"E00 )A 404u4 ILMh6 4 040ii 4 a 11:i:41'g''I '1ili 1a ' i :&6- ii A ii):! : - hig4111“ a W1410a4 ------------wammastoeminaw opummhow la oatvaa 61111A01141 AZ f4 ddi 4 i 14aii-4 4teci 6 46mA --0Yw044010000 0 A''' '''''' "I"' 't t ' ' '" TODAY'S NEWS TODAY---WITII TODAY'S PICTURES TIIE SIIREVEPORT JOURNAL TIIURSDAY APRIL 23 1959 t C FIVI'l t Pet Prattles— ' Flyer Facts-- I :11r1 v xt --r- 4 t : : --E-E4Q R - 11Pi tir 6'' l'''1' --) Homer Students 1 1 i' -- - St John s High Lists ) v :4 p i ' c s : t tt H ' t ::ti ' - : : - ':! ' ' :' o ec ions Teen Screen Chatter-- Graduating Students A " ' " : : ti15 :q6:::::-11 " : : 1 : Pick Student Council Actor Cary Grant Has Place By ANDY IVIICIOTTO 02 irti- 1" '''''' ' - Ki:::!':''?7':!4-::P'':l ' :- ottii: lel : l: : ':- Only 17 days left! This is what can be heard at St John's l P' :'''1-:!!i i:'1"::i:7':!!:'-:'-:4 -J i 4 s40 " : " IP-'' - - Officers Pelican 1 -:: ::11 :- ': --i: 'n:': 1 High School by a certain privileged group known as seniors ::i : '' i''::::Nt7j:l!:Zel':ti ut4:: -- It State Delegates Among Top Best Dressed Men The senior class has only 17 school days left and then they ''!ii:'l 4-1 :':r:f'''::'::::::::i::i: : : : ::: i i : :: : : - : i i : By BEVERLY &MITI' By RAE ANN APPLEBAUNI — I VIll be through with high IpA4 ? 4i 1 so--:i‘" f'':Is!y) : 4? : :i:- SOF f:':::!'"' I I- i:4::::4::4-:::-N4 : :- ' '':' ' 4 "1C This seems to have been a week Charmin1 irrepressible Cary Grant was born January b- GHS Chatter— school for the rest of their :'i --7i:::::::i:!:- ii :":::::441::1:eL41!:z:1it it:7 !::7-4 : 11:: :: ' ' !'::7::::::i::if11o :: iii(n)oryaelesitioait:)Iseratidietrotalieerii101i1gliAlsoentidoae)ti 18 1904 in Bristol England a very industrial city Ins lives—at least they hope so e- I father Elias Leach made a respectable living in the cloth- This V el11"S graduating class will '! "(!:: !': : : Vt- 41 "::: ' :k : cetied the coveted 1959 An consist iil Jim Adger John Akin ': ! t!:! '' A ett-4 ! ing business and his grand- i actitig ability from his grandla- i lout Akins Furtnan Barnes Louis :: " :: " '' -2-- -:'-' ' -- ' : ::1:2 3°:A:1"'Y''''''''-'4:':1 i l'' R9 " ' : - a! !!!!( :!:1't'':4! honor ot heading '-'"-:-(t4-:-' !': : !!!! -t-I!: '"z--' --:- !: the IIIIS student iloakq(--i!fitt father Percival Leach had' ther and from his father he ac Are Given Outlwu Brill Phillip Cannella IZa y Gha : ' '4 : : tr ii1 4:4---:: : zit wo : - f : i ! body s p aresident ! ' b een a vvell-known Shakes' Richard Coker 1 1 ! !!! 2!-Ff !- k ' -1:!:i':?1':(1:' ''' r 'r ! ! ! ''''' ''' of t h e Student v!!!!!: (mired the nae tor clothing For the past 12 to 15 years he has been i daro J F Cordaro Tonimy ' '!! -: '! :i' !''41ii':'" '-: 1 !t'ii!!1 :!!‘15o:'1!:' :NI 4:! :r:ii” ' ' ' Council Assisting rri II ipearean actor although they 1 na ( med among the top 10 best At Greenwood :--- Crowe hildie Do- : : 4: —' g e ?f':- honey s t a c e y ' "(:-4:: :4: !! '!- 'I'I ::y: tr''' him in his admin- ! istration will he :!-! "'' ' I had vet to know that young Archi dressed men in the world It is said 'tir's' bald'Alexander 'Leach' as Cary was that he and 'Frid Astaire have done 407itv --!!"" Freeman Bennie t:' '''!-: !'?'!' ::::I:i !:7!! "8 ?'!'':!0 '''"---0- it'tfi'71r 4 ' Tommy Townsend 4 I formerly named would develop ' more to make the countrv clothes By JOIIN MAI'S :041!:-ofr:!:0:i Garrett J l-' Gig - 1 ' : '-:: :::: Janet ':1:':434o045:: :'"tril'' :)4 :::4:''- :? ' Nr:' ' i I two fin'e charleteristies inherited !conscious than anyone els' e in the The auditorium was very quiet ! : "y:'::':z 4 lio Don Guettg 1 3':- i!::::: :: 7: 75091'$ :: --::1-:' : : : :::::0:: : v i c e president ! White ee - s- ' !"-ii : 1 from each of then) ' business 7 a s everyone listened to the an- ! 1-"'!:': : : ' Eugene II o r n o t1 ::!: ::!: :: ::::::: ! : 9 i it it i:::44:- '' ''!' : -:: :: :! !!!!!!1:1 " --( w retary treasurer: : : rtnlintsrvInnt 0 knirknr a vnrt ho Kice ! :--4in 00"'" i hi ith 01t11 1-11111 Ino TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Flyer Facts— St John's High Lists Graduating Students By ANDY MICIOTTO Only 17 days left! This is what can be heard at St John's High School by a certain privileged group known as seniors The senior class has only 17 school days left and then they I will be through with high ti GHS Chatter— I school for the rest of their lives—at least they hope so 1959 Annuals This year's graduating class will I consist ()I Jim Adger John Akin i 'tom Akins Furman Barnes Louis Are Given Out 1 L(1 IrpicilhliaprdCgkke411a jit ail Cchoar: 1! darop J F Cordaro Tommy At Greenwood --- Crowe Eddie Do- honey Stacey -!-::W-'55‘ Freeman Bennie By JOIIN MAYS !!!:: iii -: ''''i:0i Garrett J E Gig-The auditorium was very quiet 1 : 'V11!: !: lio Don Guetig as everyone listened to the an :':!: ! ' f Eugene ItornotI nouneements being given by Miss 1 4 1Aist 1'"e'': Michael Hull Joe i Willa Smith corn- 1 IV' 1'''l Jimenez Mike! -i: 43 '' - - ::i4 mere teacher at 1 ‘ i Jordy R onnie! " ' !1N !Greenwood High --?- Lewi s Mikei q ': But when she said 11i 43 :: :!!! Loone y Eddie 1 ! al!!:i4! that the 1959 "Tad-1 41 'f& 4: Melton Andy NH- l :1 Cl2i5 PiciPor0::t poles" were here ':i2!!-: A'' &: ciotto Johnnie! By JOBN MAYS I :::4r'A:t4 Garrett J F Gig- 1 -06 :- The auditorium was very quiet ''iF:: ys: lio Don Guetig 1 as everyone listened to the an- - - k Eugene 11 o r n o t nouneements being given by Miss 1 0: :"'A1 4:'''''' i Michael Hull Joe Willa Smith corn- 1 V:"1 Jimenez M i k e -:i::: 3 merce teacher at 1 ‘ i' Jordy 11 o n n i e ': itt G1 eenwood High ---4--z L e w i s M i k e : But when she said 41i 4-3 ' L o o n e y Eddie 4"1iii that the 1959 "Tad- 41 t!§ 0 Melton Andy NilPk5 FPiC"TUO:k1 Poles" 14 ere here tZ!' ea' I-::: ciotto J o h n n i e i'i ' :C - ifi 3 the happy yells of 1 Nackley L o u i s '''' 'tile0 :0 Greenwood k i d s 1 Andy Mielotto Planchard Fran- J'k lwa" g:li :Iveked the build- els Pistorius Jimmy Salfovich 1 ing Yes last Fri- Vincent Santone Eddie Sullivan 4: day students of and Diekie Young ''''f :::: GIN got their first I CIA ' ' Li GlIS' got their first looks at the beau- 1 Forenthespie Members tiful and unique I New members of the ForentheJohn Mays annuals with a 1 tipic Society were chosen at the eover picture of our wonderful meeting of the society last Wednesalma mater The "insides" are just i daY' Woddy Nackley Eric LeBlanc as good and complete and tell the I William Robinson Donald Vaccaro story of tile at school well The 1 Robert Ferris and Jack Caplis are annuals are dedicated to Mr Jos- the newly chosen members In- eph Garner principal of ow' SC11001 i j stead of the regular try-out sesThe staff that put these IA ondvr- 1 skin tor application into the so- ful books together is headed by ciety which consists of a speech Nancy Stutsman and Deborah Bor- of some sort before the members ing co-editors Others on the stall these boys were accepted by their are Linda Hawthorne Dottie Swan- i perarmance ill the play "Ilamlet" son Silvia Arnold Babs Hollings- One of the biggest events of the worth Reba Ivey Frances Rus- school year not only at St John's sell Jimmy labor Gene Bryson i but in all the other local high Judy Wilkerson Fay Smith Mary schools including Bossier is the Lou May and of course the very I Junior Cotillion Ball This year the talented and charming sponsor ball will be held in the Municipal Miss Willa Smith Congratulations 1 Auditorium on May I It is spoil Nancy stutsman ann venoran nor- - of sonie sort before the members 1 By LYNN FRIEDMAN ing co-editors Others on the stall th se e boys were accepted by their t Four SVA debaters have showered are Linda Hawthorne r e S i -1" tt i w "I peroirmance in the play "Ilamlet" the Academy With honors—they on son SilVia Arnold flabs Hollings- i One of the biggest events of the 1 second place in last week-ends vorth Reba IVey Frances Bus- school year not only at St John's IState Debate Tour- :: sell Jimmy Tabor Gene Bryson I bin in all the other local high nament in Lake :::'i:4 i'::""j Judy Wilkerson Fay Sin"' 'NI-I' 1 schools including Bossier is the Charles In these fri)-: Lou A1ay and of course the very 1 1 Junior Cotillion Ball This year the state wide finals :''' ' i''' talented and charming sponsor - l' I ball vvill be held in the Municipal seniors Sara Gail Miss Willa Smith Congratulations is ) A ido itc -ium on Ally I It - spoil- Clcutier and Mar- -' I :: on a marvelous job! soired by the junior Chamber of garet Gorton won If George Howard and Dottie Wil- I :-: - - Commerce One of the highlights I in the senior wom-- ms lia have been selected by the of the dance vitt be the crowning errs division while '"""w : g:'i faculty of Greenwood Iligh to rep' of the King and Queen Both the ' f r e s h in e n Ann ''' ) resent us in Pelican Boy and Girl King and Queen along with other ' Braswell and Caro- I'-VH I!' State this summer These t" ' members of the court are unknown I lyn McCary took - ): ::? ) noteworthy juniors received the to evervone except those Jaycees the same high Po - honor tor outstanding contributions - working with them This should sitioll ill the junior to school spirit good citizenship prove to be an interesting and sur- I women's division Lynn Friedman ' and service in the community ' prising event for those who attend i Congratulations from a proud lac-"Rack 'em up stack 'em up ) i I ulty and student body to these 1 - let's go Bullfrogs " This is one special Tn haks I outstanding SVA "argu-ers" of the many cheers that will be i Special thanks and praise should I Last Saturday night Jeanne Mart-ably performed fly the newly elect- I ' be given to one of the persons who ' zell senior reigned beautifully as ed 1959-60 cheerleaders In the elec e s ep the St John's students going Band Sweetheart for the annual St lion held Tuesday April 14 many during the day I am referring to John's Band dance SVA citizens girls tried out and all did a really ' our r dietician rs 'Madge Crouch I are proud to congratulate their good job of cheering T I lovely school representative 'll"se w1" ) Airs Crouch has for a number of received the coveted honor are I t11s not only been - producing l Tickets to the April 27-28 senior Betty Britt Faye Smith Deborah ' manv fine meals but she also PlaY Schubert's Alley went on sale Boring Alary AlcClurg Reba Ivey ! filli s a great interest in each stu ' Monday: although student activity i e- - and Jan Wise cards are good for one night I dent and in any activity that the 1 ' Last Saturday night a large school has The studthts are grate i tickets must be purchased for the crowd of Greenwood Iligh students i i second night and for friends and' ' MI to her f sh or all that e has done were seen at the Waskom premiere 1 ---- i or family Contact your class ticket of the "Ten Commandments" I I VO as" KA Ael et r rt e- 1 elmirman (MP nf filo Nyninr rinss crowd of Greenwood fowl students she hasdone ' 'second night and for friends and idl to—her for all that were seen at the Waskom premiere ' ---- or family Contact your class ticket of the "Ten Commandments" I L YOU B g Moderns— chairman one of the senior class am sure that all enjoyed the per- I officers: seniors Mary Gwdwillie tormance as much as I did I u 1 juniors La Velle Hunt sophoThe 19594960 staff of the "Chat l s young Set mores Lynn Friedman: and fresh- terbox u " has been announced by ! men Rita Davis Dottie Williams and Caroline Wil- l Tuesday the journalism juniors hams editors of the "Voice of shouidn t Be sponsored the annual White Ele CH 11 S" The 0V staff will be headed ! phant picture sale—students were by Dottie Williams and Mary Mc- ' able to buy envelopes with their (:lurg i editors) : Jan Wise Butch C I 41 S I pictures which were lett over from McClurg Jimmie Prock Geneal j0 I u riort Yearbook work — these snapshots Dunn Dot Hammett Bobbie Clin- ' ! proved to be as usual a huge Ion Patsy McDaniel Darlis Lebleu By VIVIAN BROWN source of hilarity Mary Sue Pitner Barbara Brown Al' Newsteatures 1sriter Latin I and II students have put Ann Lewis and Pat Hollowell I There's a lot of talk about young 1up posters and bulletin hoards to Loads of luck to the new staff from people hibernating at their tire- keep the student body conscious a senior member who has enjoyed ! places and around the juke boxes 1 of the fact that this week is Nahis work on the staff a great deal! l and not getting proper exercise tional Latin Week For all of us that are just starting There ore complaints that "evel out on our journey into tife's great ' become a n a I i o n ' of teen-age l Lion s Roar— adventure I have found this Verse I Jalopy owners and that our devothat solves many of Youth's Per' tion to Me tour-wheeler is keep- plexing problems: "Remember thy ling us from using our legs Critics am Dealing Creator in the days of thy you h point to young people in other while the evil days come not 1 ' I — (1 healthy nor ' lands as oot exam) is ) t the years draw nigh when I shall bodies because they use their own rack Team say I have no pleasure in them i' two feet for ordinary transportaWhile the sun or the light or the i tow i nu n i OM Ill i 10 ) nnti !a iii- saw a aaa a a a IN nue tne sun or tne iignt or Inc moon or the stars be not darkened nor the clouds return alter the rain" Rocket's Report— Rocky Mount FBLA to Do c01 Id al irt k iN iN II Scrapbook 3CrapDook By ANNETTE YOUNG FBLA students at Rocky Mount Iligh School are making plans to start oft the State scrapbook ix hich they have been asked to make for '-'''' : the Nation al ::- :'--:-: --- -' l'!' FBEA convention : 4:k'- ' '''' '- The book All! C011- ' ' ': t a i n materials -' sent from chapters ' '? '''''''' - all over Louist- ' ": ' I Club L'""' " ana and will be a part of the Na ' ' ' tional exhibit at :'!: 4- the convention s': :': 11 mem- !' :a: - :: over winning It '' t club of the year at Annette young he Achievement Day last Saturday Ann Rhodes won best senior girl and Jimmy Young best senior boy Runners up in the contest for best senior boy were also from Ro cky Mount: as Bruce Gibson came in second and Kenneth Bass third Congratu- lations kids! me convention 4-H Club mem- ' '':''' ::' : : " over winning hest dub of the year at Atmette young the Achievement Day last Saturday Ann Rhodes won best senior girl and Jimmy Young best senior boy Runners up in the contest for best senior boy were also from Rocky Mount: as Bruce Gibson came in second lations ki and Kenneth Bass third Congratu- ds ! The seniors are busy with play pr actice d the an juniors are orking on the Junior-Senior Ban- may be ripe before the big spring quiet IAhih will be held May 8 : road jam to otter some salety Everyone will be busy With various rules: activities until the end of selloff! !Safety Rules 6 LEAD IN ELECTRONICS I icycle riders should observe CHICAGO — Although there are the same red and green lights and electronics factories in nearlyi traffic regulations as autorna every state almost 70 per cent of bites Thht - goes tor one-way the 700000 employes in this in- streets stop signs and hand dustry are concentrated in six signals They should not weave states: Illinois Pennsylvania New I in and out of traffic or swerve Jersey Massachusetts California from side to side There are and New York About 100000 are ways the stunt-men however who engineers hicth dangerously onto other vc - WITII TODAY'S PICTURES on (say a Jew miles) and a bi! 11 ' cycle tor their jaunts in the coun- 1 try ! zknyone N ho has had occasion I to ride a ski train to visit a i !roller or tee skating rink in sea- son Or to swim al resorts knovt s 11 !till salt aAs I I liectilickiel" 2s1)Itil‘legn-aTTPsie 1 ra inet cross the ocean It s lust that we have a great number of interests aand puritans we are not all in- tcrested in the same things 44 cal I't iicica College C3 clists ! Take the American bicycle for ' instance Europea m ns ust go some to curettw v e witt'eeh °te or laustic2 o te i' es I 114-111t n tw: I 1e mg oy a tutu t butio o l cru II At assar Colle i ge lor n stance i Mere are I too bi kes and 1300 tyk i students Tim e are 1 Mt) i -es a m o n g the 2 l50 students at ' - Smith Thu UMVersity ot Maim ' ' bikes Princeton giAn boasts 4500 ib w I d u houses too ant Stan ot ni ‘iirsity LOW There are ‘3200 bik s it the University ot Florida L' ' ' til Yale University Pruves "lai 11 bicycle is still as USettit a veilide ' LIS it Was in the GaY Ntlitql” itil impressing the lady lair Every i year Yale boys members ol 'the 1" bull Beer and Bike Societv lulu v Conn to race from New Ila cn !Poughkeepsie NA Y 773 miles away in teams where they meet with the girls trom Vassar at the finish line The 1k Inning team is ! feted that evening at a dance at 1 Vassar College Bicycle riders aren't always the cautious little gentitimen one — r- - ---- --- - - ! Itilpressing th kidy lair Every lemliets ol The ' i yeiir VIle 1111si n i 1 d Bike Societv 1 Trumbull Beer an 1race from New Haven Conn to !Poughkeepsie NA Y 773 miles away in teams where they meet 1 with the girls trom Vassar at the finish line The IA inning team is ! feted that evening at a dance at ! I Vassar College ! ! Bicycle riders aren't always the cautious little ge ntlemen one would presume when in traffic 1 'ne1 however so it seenis the Bi i eSCHUBERTS ALLEY' — Rehearsals are now in progress for St Vincent's Academy's senior play which is scheduled for presentation April 27 and 28 Practicing St Vincent's Vignettes— Four From WA Take Honors Student Debaters Win First Places In Two Divisions places Th ird By LACRA IkteLEISII The Plain Dealing track team participated in the NSC Relays at The team INlaateceldl"tti:iiille(si wFitriild"Y: -2 P 0 I n t s Ihe K::-!!::' :: events' in vhich P o i n t s were !:- scored were: mile run pole vault 0---ok 440-yard r clay : Or! !A !! 1 770-) 01 0 1 1 0 ) ::: i ‘: I and the mile re- tar : 1 ::! t s Congratulatam : to Maxine Code ' (graduate of 1958) :0- : ) : -ho was recently "'" 1 chosen to repre- sent Plain Dealing Laura MeLeish in the Holiday in Dixie Contest Alaxine is a student at Northwest- ern State College Students at PDIIS real ed re- port cards for the filth period to- 1 1 day The honor roll should be ' posted next week Seniors have mily i6 more days until senior priv- ilexs I The high school band members I are busy preparing for the band ! trip to Memphis to the Cotton Car- 1 orAal A tag day will be sponsored : by th e band but the date will be ' i announced later I !MGR ENLISTMENT 1 CAMP PENDLETON Calif LP-- When Marine &Set James R Da- vis Jr '28 reenlisted in the Ma- rine Corps he did it on the fly Ile was on a Marine 11-1() "Flvin g 1111: gn Z51:111M11 thillti II letilDerS re busy preparing for the band!' B ' trip to Alemphis to the Cotton Car 111 al A ta day writ be sponsored 7 i but the date will be : by the hand announced later 1 NiiN1:--- I 111G1 ENLIST CAMP PENDLETON Calif iit'L--1 When Marine SSgt James R Da reenlisted in the Ma rine Corps he did it on the fly 1 He was on a Marine:114Q "-1-1v ing 1 Boxcar" trip from Cherry Point i ' t NC IAN n he time came o he s L WI len me time came so he I epeated the enlistment oath 3txin s '1 ' - feet above Camp 1' 11(1k ton j le ! (7(1-(r at first enlisted in 1948 size send SI For Patterii -- ------- No 15 send $I Address SPADEA hides endangering lives of Box lon5 S7 -11 New' others or who carry riders or York I NY heavy packages which may oti1 struct their YiSion or prevent HAD SPINES proper control of the bicycle NORFOLK Va group of It bicycles are to be used at 10-yeat-old Nortolk girls were night white front light and red guests of Iris Rountree on her tadanger signal at the rear are ther's dairy farm One found a necessary and its a good idea cockle burr too to wear white or light-colored "Oh lookie" she cried ''a pot-clothes I cupine egg" TIIE SHREVEPORT JOURNAL THURSDAY : : : A 411 -? f --4NN dg--i--42------z4k-i---- ! 0-4i10 k-s-'-----:-? ---A-:0-1-iikt: r -04 A4-- - 40 : Ni- -Y-- 6 '19 ::: ' :Nrii : ' '7': 0 i ' ":' 4 i ' H ' : ' ::''' 7 - t " ''' '4 ''Y ''"4' ' ' ' -: :- ' 4 : v0256a '4''::'t 4 - -----7" : ' :::: ::-' 4 ' 1: l 4 4''2 ''' Oz--:::::::'4 ::? L:::-:tZ' : - - 46fii of?:'--:::- i - : ' ::?::: :: :- : $:::::-?:or'' '::' :f 00" :: — i BAND SWEETHEART—Reign ing over festivities last weekend at St John's High School was Jeanne Martzell a senior at St N'incent's Academy The occa sion was the Band Dance held annually at the schoolt Journal Photo by Lawrence Lcal 8padeal& 62ernati3ed : :1:1-'7:gaftern Rntrionlj Ttotta FOR TALL FIGURES In this model tor the tall girl Anthony Bifida keeps to simplicity cutting a perfectly shaped square neck giving softness to skirt The cummerbund which is meant to he a contrast has a sell drape pulled into a wide purchased buckle set over the center inverted right ple at Bank e d ith a ciss w sor pleat at either side Select your correct size trom this chart ro Length Fm Bust Wa st Hips to Waist zs S i Nape ot Neck 2 a 34 17 inches 180 '" 33 34 24 35 1714 inches 12 33 23 36 171i inches 14 3612 2612 3712 17"4 inches pi 38 28 39 18 itiehes 18 40 30 41 1814 inches size 12 requires 3 yards ot 36 i i rie1 imitorini mr filP 1nd 3A vnrd inch material tor dress and 34 yard 11'1'a l'eTi asl" for e"o'iist r t7i: - - I - A-2150 - -"( - ' 41 CII 1 f) ? 0 414 rib i 4 :i-- :: 1!'4' ' '"3TA ' 4 '-''N 2!:t11 7 1114-Cf:'!44g —1— ' tlwl ' t ! i i 1 4 4 A — 1":)-' c i 1 'ti i : rs i ' ' ' 4 i I s i c- ' 4 I i A t - 1 'i li 1 i i - II 1 -? i ' A i 1 i Ill f t ---- de-N- — some of their lines are Sheila Myers and LaVelle Hunt seated and Frances Rowe and Catherine Calhoun (Journal Photo by Lawrence Lea) Kat Kapers— 20 at Bossier IA LII 1d)VDIUI 1 eceive 0 norc ! R honors I I Students Named o Membership T on or oc In H Si ety 1 By BE TTY CAMPBELL I The junior and senior classes of Bossier High School met in the auditorium today to hear announce- ment of the new m embers of the 'I ' ' -1 National II o 0 0 r ' ekewth ' ment of the new members of the : National II onor Society The 20 IlieW m e nt bers 0: were chosen I o r their high high saw- Ni' lastic aver age their I e a dership ability and other outstanding quail- ties Congratula '1 3 dons to these stu- t ' f :i t4t ' ' : : anted cents for students :‘:mAN l dents I n i tiation I annual contest She gave a dra- l Things were better there First he ' TIlhey CAROL hL cAaNdIBAsTentti ir plav Io be ceremonies w i I I Betty Campbell ' C Sc matic reading and sang as her ' landed some minor roles in milsi i is be held Thursday April 23 talent Mary Iludgens a 57 grade' cal comedies Then a talent scout held tonight in the North t The Junior Senior Prom was : ate was ' runner-up The title of for Arthur Hammerstein saw him l addo High hool auditorium gin :3 pen ' held Friday night April 17 at the "Miss Congeniality" was awarded 1 and brought him to America again The play trill be- Palmetto Country Club Despite in to 111113 senior Grace Jackson In I to sing the juvenile lead in "Gold- at 7 0 lenient weather the occasion was addition to "Miss Homer and en Dawn" One part began to fol- eeee4 rf ' osealind up srons3Anorc a hiewe h eakd tor adult an r0 S s one dollar pr i ce T h e admission :eree'leeeeeeeefee e c " l i ef '' e':"::e-1"""l'te: a large success The room was Betty Richardson sponsored by the Il low taedno hthitenr w' w I d e'"'''' eit eee-- e e leee :::'"' decorated in accordance with the Lions Club two other finalistifi but he asn s i m w Ile I tee' theme for the evening "Some 1 Brenda White sponsored by i ::!"': '- 47'‘? where O the e Rainbow" l Kiwanis Club and Mary Nell Title of the play is to be a headline lo t satisfied comedian ! "est Assure" et :: e ie : The cheerleader clinic is now l Lowe spns oored by the Civitans rather than play the leading man R d o over but was very successful The will enter the "Miss Holiday in Vet Archibald Leach was getting M i s s Dorothy : ee '"ee- ' girls ho participated in this Dixie contest May nowhere lase He accepted an offer i Brown a senie- 0 t :eev'-':- m l " L the lead in 12 summer at No wor ked ery hard and sll ue vtis H W W hatley principal called to PlaY after I operettas at the Municipal Opera r th Ca ddo keefeee : lee' in St Louis that fall he was back placed fifth in the Vkee ie eiee:ir Vhat they learned there to their ' a special assemble FridaY on Broadway I contest e a t ti te — advantage when cheerleader elec noon in which two of our outstand- ! s 1 i eliss Shreveport" tion are held in the near future ing boys gained recognition Joe -eeeiteeeee ve A thought for this Week: "For l Bates HHS senior received a let-1 In 1932 he decided to visit some ! day night el i s s Carol Bateman life is a mirror of king or slave: I ter of commendation from the Na- ' friends on the Coast and arriving i Brown's talent was playing the It is what you are and do So give i tional Merit Scholarship Founda- in style in his new Packard he l pian0 to the world the best that you have lion Also honored Billy Thomas : was offered a screen test by a di- ! The Northwest Association of : And the Best will come back to i was awarded a $250 cash Prize l rector he met at a party and a ! Student Councils held its spring Unknown l'irom the Underwood Typewriter l few days later Paramount came ! meeting Saturday on the North e I you l S Corporation for the winning reasons 1 up vitt) a contract l Caddo campus During the meet- ee you n ext week! I ! for preferring the Underwood type- I The studio insisted on one thing l ing the election of officers Was --- 1 writer l hnmediately after he was signed l held The officers are president Care for New l Representing Homer in the dis- l with them and that was to change ! elinden and secretary-treasurer ' i : trict tennis rally April 24 will be l his name In his first picture he l Springhill Marilyn Fuliner Emily H lten l was to portray someone called I The Hebei Steppers of North ' ' Spring And head Jess Robertson and Carty l Cary and decided to adopt the l Caddo were chosen last week The l 1 Nlartin : name for himself Then producer ! Rebel Steppers are the strutters for 1 Summer Shoes 1 The seniors turned in a first-rate l B P Schulberg ran a pencil doe n l the Pep Squad They a' re Marilyn ! performance Friday evening when ' a list 01 typed names and upon ! Hardy Sister Connell Nan Ban l With so many colors and va- ' "Strictly Formal" was presented reaching Grant knew the first step Hoo ' ee Pat Shivelylerry Ruth 1 I : rieties of leathers fabrics and to a caPacitY crowd This light e had been made toward making Brent Pat Smith Dixie Payne ' plastics featured in the shoe fashion comedy written by William David- : Archie a star Cary promptly I Sirall Ethridge hay Watson hay ! picture for spring and summer ! son was directed by Miss Evelyn I bought a Sealyham terrier WhiCh I Beuce Judy Savage and Sunny women should know that what pre- Holcomb their sponsor In addition i he named Archie Leach figuring I Flores The Junior alternates are serves one type is ineffectual for l to their scholastic activities our I someone had to carry on the name Claudette Hall and Shirley Rob 1 another What's a real spruce up ' upperclassmen are cheerfully bear l Cary was a bit at first and then ! erts The sophomore alternates for patent leather is death Oa a ing the "burden" of such extra- l his eolellarite simmered down It are Nancy Dennig and Linda By plastic pump: caring for reptile l curricular events AS many parties i was when RKO borrowed him to erly shoes is quite a deferent easy does ! honoring the Class of '59“ co-star with Kmitharine Hepburn in The National Ihmor Society ju0 l it procedure trom refurbishing ! Tomorrow evening is the time "Sylvia Scarlett" that Cary re- Mrs elected officers for the coin- smooth leathers ' tor the long-anticipated Junior- l gained the interest of the public ing year They are president After years oh research on these Senior Banquet Next week's l Then he quit Paramount because ! Perry Riley vice president Frank problems the chemists and shoe column will contain a resume of : Ile felt confident that he could make ! Clements secretary Cleve Pardue I experts at a national boot polish these festivities I it on his own which litter paid ofl l and parliamenterian Harriet ROLM I laboratory have assembled some Ronnie Broughton announcer of l In 1949 Betsy Drake the writer- tree I worthwhile stiegestions to hell) the the twice-weekly radio program i actress was given the lead op- The Northeast Seat band under 1 ladies keep their shoe svardrobes "High School Highlights" has re- posite him in "Every G irl Should the direction of Mr Mullins pee1 in good order and thee're all quick linquished his position with KVIII Be Married" and whether the title ! sented a concert to the students of l and easy! Homer's radio station to your had any earring on their later lite North Caddo Everyone enjoyed The No 1 admonition is this: Be ' -leenorama" columnist Beverly 1 or not is a mystery because they ! this special treat very much sure that the polish or restorer l Smith Tuesdays and Thursdays at : were married soon after they fin- The North Caddo is going to be you apply is intended for that par- r esentin a sp g r ing concer t My a to elder shoe You are working on ' 4:13 the program is another means i ished the picture p of bringing Homer Iligh's actieities 1 Today at 54 Cary Grant had 3 in the high school auditorium For instance: to public attention So-teens in ! reached the essence of stardom Allis is free to the public I Patent leather: which has lost thi Homer area Please forgive the l and still maintm3ms a yout hi ul ap- ' The annual band concert is to be its briehtness needs a special at) - ' plug and it member to listen 0 i pearance Ile owns oil wells and a held in the school etileteria to1 pheation that lays down a corn- ---------- --- --- - --- ------ l chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce morrow night pletely new film to restore the cloth helps absorb the dirt being l Immaculate impeccable Cary I Mr Rebel says "Be good and l original finish Don't use any water l removed by the cleaner I Grant had inherited his magnificent be with us next week" i to clean patent leather shoes Don't ll'abrie shoes: Apply the fabric ! pssvetste4esAsivsess 4 44s4eswesseeteteetteeetteelitsvistvetst4wei l use the patent finish on heels he- t cleaner using cloth that comes with Is e l cause they are celluloid covered the package and work up a suds e GIVE A GIFT THAT WILL ! and can he cleaned easily with a l which helps remove dirt Wipe off : l cloth The rehnish that does a re- i foam and dirt and allow the shoes : : 4 juvenating job On the patent can ' to dry thoroughly before wearing : : 1 LAST A LIFETIME l dissolve the celluloid Reptile shoes: The very nature of I e : To renew suede pumps: Never i reptile leather makes it essential ' : tallampo saturate suede with the remover 1 to treat the shoes gently When rep- l : I Spray it on evenly and lightly over ! tile cleaner is applied with clean $ e : the entire surface after dust and cloth rub eel ire surface and allow $ na ncy aylor OFFERS l lint have been brushed oil Be sure i to diy Then rub up with a soft : the shoes thy thoroughly before l cloth to restore the glossy finish ": A 2 for 1 SPECIAL FOR JUNE GRADUATES a : wearing them For any glazed Plastic shoes: Many women be- sleds use a little dry cleaner and ! lieve that because plastic shoes : Basic and Advanced Course for the Price of One! $ it sufficiently worn rub the spots have a high gloss they may be Qualified Instructors Will Train You in the Following: tvith sandpaper very gently ' treated like patent leather Patent o Mesh footwear: tVhen c leaning l dressings xon't do the job because VISUAL POISE MAKE UP FENCING cover inside oh the shoe with a 1 the plastic shoes need a cleaner to : POSTURE WARDROBE DICTION I o renew stieue pumps: Never ( reptile aquifer maaes It essential satuate suede whe re mover 1 to t reat the shoes gently When rep- Sprar ith t y it on evenly and lightly over ! tile cleaner is applied with c lea n the entiro surface after dust and : cloth rub enti re surface and allow lint have been brushed oil Be sure 1 to dry Then rub up with a soft the shoes dry thoroughly before l cloth to restore the glossy finish 'wearing them For any glazed Plastic shoes: Many women be- spots use a little dry cleaner and lieve that because plastic shoes it sufficiently WW1 rub the spots have a high gloss they may be with sandpaper very gently treated like patent leather Patent Mesh footwear: ‘Vhen cleaning dressings lArOn't do the iob because cover inside of the shoe with a the plastic shoes need a cleaner to l white clot h so that Alien mesh replace plasticizers that keep the i cl eaner is put onto the shoe the materials alive and flexible t -- i – — — UUUMUSZIMUS 1 k ' 7 - TYPEWRITER '''N contol a v' Y ''''':4 b01 ! -' '''s ' 4Skc-- A :r:gt' i limir t ' : 4e-- $6995 ':!:::t4 ftrit" ONLY N ::'''':'eetbit011111611111ribb ''' grootbiblkOles 300 Down-200 Weekly ii ewirPcit it At hem p or at i e attics i i p q 41 ei ti 0 v stii— yritt nickel thit tafal gill with theiia li i — 0tetii4 06014 features: Clean and i li:i't 0----- -4- eatiy Ribbon Changer tri a a lc Niatn toueitt rn t d t:41 1 co iijoi10 tizo 1eyboord ' i !cwilsta 1th it 0 - lib t pbelis) Cerryitie Cam -comoiftt VALLIII LISC nS k8all 110 mottit STIllers littillo tti telCIAIJ In OUR 10400Wi talt MU I 1 Sage APRIL 23 1959 Pet Prattles— Homer Students Hold Elections Pick Student Council Officers Pelican State Delegates By BEVERLY SMITH k ! : - I i ) ! ! I : ! ' I ! him seems to have been a week for elections at Homer High school! In a $chool-wide election 1onday Loy Weaver re- - eeived the coveted honor ol heading ettitsil the IIIIS student I 1AWNig4 body as president of t h e Student 'vo '''' Council Assisting - v ' 1:1 him in his admin ' istration will he ' ' 407476r Tommy Townsend :& vice president IStir' -7' Janet White sec- r 's '--4 retary treasurer: 'I :: ' - '' and Mary Celia Moore reporter Beverly Smith The clas also elected their re- spective representatives tor the s coining session The delegates elect are: Jan Alexander and Jess Robertson seniors: Patricia Glad- ney and Vernon Ferguson juniors Nelwyn Kimbell and Allen Hollens-i head sophomore and Kay Al- britton and John Kinder freshmen s: In an election restricted to the junior class its members chose 1 from a list of those recommended by the faculty the following dele- gates to Pelican Girls' and Boys' State: State: Janet White Mary 1 Celia Moore and Beverly Bunch Girls' Staters: Billy Thomas Loy I Weaver George Camp and Wayne 1 I head sophomores and Kay Albritton and John Kinder freshmen In an election restricted to the juilior—clas-s7it's - We'n'i-heT's - t'-'11O'ile from a list of those recommended by the faculty the following dele- gtates to Pelican Girls' and Boys' S ate State Janet lute Mary Celia Moore and Beverly Bunch Girls' Staters: Billy Thomas Loy Weaver George Camp and Wayne i Richardson Boys Staters 1 The FHA members also elected otticers to guide their activities in 1959-60 Lynda McCalman was elected to the post for president: Patricia Gladney vice-president: Llan ' Alexander secretary: Mary Elizabeth Rainach treasurer Mary I I Lil Moore historian: Judy Rich- ardson parliamentarian: and Mar- garet Rose Gladney song leader 1 r-11ZilDeUl ilidillitt:14 LIVilbtat't i mai y Lil Moore historian: Judy Rich- ardson parliamentarian: and Mar- garet Rose Gladney song leader T he girls all had to carry out their campaigns in clever ways betore the group and the results were entertaining as well as informa- tive Homer High is proud to have among its students a double win- ner Mary Celia Moore 16-year-old junior won both Most Talented" and "Miss Homer 1959" in the a 646ii401:110th C11 del i -TEEJ4R A Teen Screen Chatter— Actor Cary Grant Has Place Among Top Best Dressed Men By RAE ANN APPLEBAUM Charming irrepressible Cary Grant was born January 18 1904 in Bristol England a very industrial city Ills " 0 father Elias Leach made a respectable living in the cloth ing business and his grand father Percival Leach had ! ittiit:g I been a well-known Shakes (mired ability from his grandfa- and from his father he ac the :lac for clothing For the east 12 to 15 years he has been pearean actor although they n med among the top 10 best had yet to know that young Archi i dressed men in the world It is said bald Alexander Leach as Cary was that he and 'Fred Astaire have done formerly named vould develop ' more to make the country clothes tvvo fine characteristics inherited 1 conscious than anyone else in the from each of them I business i - -- ---- 7- -'—'" La i Cooper : ter after a childhood of u m n ! Soe people have mistaken Cary happiness Archie Leach was placed for Waller Pidgeon lie informs 1 in a ver r y espectable school hem that he s Gary ool the ' Fairfield Academy Ile spent most I Once a shopkeeper identified him by the time he was :he told him the usual address— his free hours studying because as Mr Gable kVhen he finally I °3 Ole had to win scholarships to pay asked Cary where to send the bill 1 his tuition But 13 young Archie felt he had i Clark Gable llollywowl enough of school Cary as far as character has I and i 0 i: n e d a :-'e I been said to be a bit snobbish g r o u p of stilt- ::'' I foremost because he likes to as()- walkers tor four -'io'r'' "'-' ciate JUmslf only vlith top-drawer eeks until his :' ' ' names thus bolstering his own w "' angry father had "11- :i----- 14'' status but he has a cliarming per- v '''' ! tracked him - A 1 sondlity down Z 1 o-s dIS in six of his films have Archie stayed at 11 ''S ! won Oscars but Cary though the academy for 4' 44: nominated twice hasn't achieved another year and q7' '"O the honor yet tr: i a half and then 7e)::: I Recently Warner Brothers Nvas wzain ran away to z:iv 1 so eager to come up with a hit -AA 0111— 1 weeks until his ' ''' angry father had '1- t r a c k e d him 1- --- 4 doxv ilichie staved at ' IITH'— ' " :: :t' the academy y for -I 4400- another year and i to 0 : vt s a hall and then 7-:::w: : again ran away to ule Bob Pen- Rae Applebaum d e r's Acrobats" Although his father objected again he later decided to submit to his son s actions So tor several years Archie and 35 other boys like him traveled all over the Worll but when they arrived in America Archie loved it so much that he staYed instead of going back to 1 when they arrived in America 1 Archie loved it so much that he 1 sitaYed instead of going back to I England with the crew I There were jobs to be found in Coney Island a n d 16-year-old 1 ! Archie Leach obtained his fill of I i them Ile became a barker tor 1 sideshows and carnivals painted i neckties became a lifeguard and even displayed billboards on his I back After two years of merely 1 1 exciting he went back to England e 1 1111 I : $ ! : : nancy aylor OFFERS : AP A :': 2 for 1 SPECIAL GRADUATES DIANTEES : : : : Basic and Advanced Course for the Price of One! $ : Qualified Instructors Will Train You in the Following e : o VISUAL POISE MAKEUP FENCING ' 1 Poston WARDROBE DICTION MODELING FIGURE CONTROL SOCIAL GRACES FOR INFORMATION ABOUT CLASSES OR e Take Advantage of Nancy Taylor's 2 for 1 offer ENROLL NOW FOR SUMMER CLASSES! - - : MISS CADDO PAGEANT MAIL COUPON TODAY - e 1 NAME ' AGE o ADDRESS ' TEL $ CITY STATE 0 $ i) : f 427 Giddens Lane Bldg MASS JCEISSAINT 1 4 It Phone 41443 is Available for $ r Lectures & Fashion mloommaitmoisiatell0111WER" I ows bn at no ' 101 nancy ay Or Charge N i -Beauties are not born they are toylormode" t4444411tt 441b4t044444410441110 t44 0 S44444t 4 16SVb 'W a 44 I: FIVE N 1 names thus bolstering his own !status but he has a charming per- SOnalitY u (t)(1)-ticsa is hut six t of f ficisrf ilms have y though nominated twice hasn't achieved the honor yet Recently Warner Brothers was 1 so eager to come up with a hit I they offered Cary and director 'Stanley Boner 85 per cent of the I Picture illSt so they could distrib- ute it That's it for nowt Be seeing you i 1 next week when ''Teen Screen i Chatter" Will celebrate its first I birthday I Rebel Review— I I birthday — Rebel Review— N orth C dd a o senlor Play pens TonIght 11 ( 1 1 to 13 00-414640WMvefg4 0101V 411100 MMOSWPIA-oleikelloPein-!MOvaaPAlto11 !-: --- '77 -'744!

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