The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 29, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 3
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1908. THE BAKERSPIELD CAMFORNIAN Dependable Qoodt at Welll'i BUY YOUR BLANKETS AND COMFORTERS AT WEILL'S \Viniieii \vlio are planninir on htiyiim more blankets ami comforters should liy all menus come here to yet Ilieni. l''ot' warm, coxy blankets and comforters, out' assui'iiiieni enn'l he equaled anywhere. \Ve en fry n wide faille ol' (triers, mid can always satisfy you. Km 1 instance : Oregon Wool Mills Blankets, $3.50 Splendid quality, and cullies ill e-rcy. Eiderdown Comforters, $7.50 Sateen lined ,-ind \i-\-y pt-eity. Eiderdown Comforters, $14 cind $16.50 Silk lim-tl, very liirlit and exceedingly wai'iii the liesl in the market I'of the niiniev. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street BEST CATARRH DOCTOR Tills is tile, little liyomei inhaler, a doctor that, has cured many thousands Taft's Meeting in New York MADISON SQCAUK GAKDE.V, New York. Oct 2S.---William 11. Taft and' Chailes !•:. Hughes were the ultra* ; lions at a gre-it Republican mass meet-; ing at Madison Square Canleti tonight, ineeiing was remarkable in sever•-peels. At every mention of Cm r Hughes' name the hall resound ; ilh cheering, and when he en | ien.,| tin. ball tin' crowd, which iilled , ! ey,T\ available space ill tbe ait.llto •,' Hum, cheered him for sixteen minute.-' without stopping. i CoM.rnor Hughe., ma.le a character-j tic iiddri-sH. Hut it remained for Mr.! Tafl to inspire the greatest dc.inonHtra- j lion. For nineteen minutes Madison j Square Cardeii trembled will) the stamping of feet and the roar of; voices. Tafi tried to inicll the racket but was powerless to do so. When '' the noise ceased, Taft began ills ad- ; j dress. His voice was hoarse, but. the': | crowd was sattsiled merely to look at | [him and his. every word was cheered. : ! There were a number of other: j speakers before Judge Taft and Gov-', : ernor Hushes arrived, but tbe throng j 'was impatient to hear the presidential land the state nominees. Their appear-j ance iit Madison Square. Garden came »l the end of a day that was most re-! Special Professional Visit of Physicians and Surgeons Representing the Electro-Medical and Surgical Institute of New York and Los Angeles Our Specialist from New York CURES ALL THE DISEASES OF MEN. He makes no misleading propositions; promises no impossibilities, but performs all he promises. Fair dealing, moderate fees, faithful service and speedy cures have won for us the confidence of the afflicted everywhere. We Have Cured Thousands and Can Cure You WE HAVE NO SPECIFIC CURE-ALL PREPARATIONS, BUT TREAT EACH CASE SEPARATELY AND SCIENTIFICALLY, ACCORDING TO ITS PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS. We Cure the Cases Others Cannot cases liat others fail tit cure are. cur- lie has If our of .sufferers asthma, hay and croup. It's easv to run from catarrh, fever, coughs. bronchi! is, I cobb, urip j oiuei. Pour Inhaler and a few drops in the breathe it in. The little, hea!- thc day T.'ift addressed four- '< teen meetings, and Governor Hughes spoke at fifteen. Then tonight, while thi? Madison Square Garden meeting was in progress, a giant parade was j wending its way In a downpour of rain ; roach every .nook and crevice of the mucous membrane of the nose and i flown through the heart of the city. NOW IS THE TIME. To inspect our stunk of whiter robes, horse blankets and storm aprons, our line is complete with every thing nec-deil for the horse. Tents, all sixes and prices, carriage trimming and harness repairing a specialty. PIONEER HARNESS SHOP MATTSON BROS. j throat: will stop the irritation almost j immediately; will allay the inflammation: drive out the foul odor; lull the germs and cure the disease. "My wife has been using Hyomel for two months for catarrh. She has received more relief and benefit than from any other treatment."—E. S. Parrett, Jeffersonbille, O. Baer Bros, the druggists, sells Hy- omei (pronounced High-o-me) and guarantees It. A complete outfit, Including inhaler, costs $1.00. NOTICE. To whom it is hereby eivt, ven signed, have nuiv concern:—Notice . that. we. s 16th rtn.v the under- of October. NOTICE .... . , . Notice is hereby given that I Intend Kern 191)8. entered into articles of, agreement and co-oartnershln for the nur- i>ose of conducting a general merchan- - • • unne 1 ' ' Moiav !u the Town of Kern, and State of California, to apply to the State Board of Prison the firm name and style of the "Mo ve. County of alifornia, under Directors for a parole from the state prison at San Quentln, according to law. Signed. ARTHUR H. SAMUELS "S No. 22407. '"Bnted't'hl'' s Kith clav of October, 1SOS. H. H. J. IJlLL. Residing at Moiavo. ''allforma. Jlesldinir at Moiave, California; GRAND OPENING OP Dreamland Skating Rink Friday, Oct. 30th MUSIC EVERY EVENING Special 'Program Each And Friday C. F. SMITH, Mgr. ANNUAL MASQUERADE BALL Ladies Aiuxilary to the B. of L. E. At; A. O. U. W. OCTOBER 30, 1908 MASKS MUST BE RAISED AT DOOR PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED Hours before the doors of the garden were thrown open, long lines of ticket holders had formed. At S o'clock the police had to bar all except reserve seat ticket holders. A band of 100 pieces kept the crwocl from becoming impatient during the hour or more that elapsed before General Horace Porter, who presided, called the meeting to order. General Porter began by saying that he had never attended such an enthusiastic meeting. Then lie attacked William J. Bryan, saying that he was suffering some political itnd financial delusions. Presently General Porter prophesied the election of Mr. Taft. At the mention of the candidate's name there was prolonged cheering, anil when a moment later the speaker mentioned the name of Governor Hughes there was an outburst thai lasted more than two minutes. Hundreds of small j American flags were waved. I General Porter finally made his [ voice beard and Introduced Senator | Lodge, who said he would attempt [ only to stati' bow the contesl against j Governor Hughes looked to outsiders. He said: ! "We see in Governor Hughes a man ] who rendered a great public service j in tile insurance investigations. \Ve, see in htm an able governor who has labored fiercely and unceasingly for what he believed to be right and In the best and highest interest of Un- people and of organized government. We may or may not agree with all his views or policies, but It is clear to us i that his purposes are lofty and that | his aims are high. He is a man of i leeds, be has striven for what is best, he has shown a great generouslty and roved his staunch Republicanism in aboring for the national cause, even o the sacrifice of his own personal nterests. His dofeiit as we look at t would mean a blow at the best deals of American politics and would nean to every man struggling for the •ight In public life that safety and success are to be found in low alms and subserviency to selfish Interests ind that reward for a brave, battle for the right can only he political do- feat. We cannot believe that the people of New York will permit such miserable message of discouragement and defeat to go forth to us on election night." General Porter introduced Taft as "our next President," and the cheering was resumed. Judge Taft's voice was very hoarse and he made his speech brief. Regular Democratic Nominee. FOR SUPERVISOR, Fifth District H. A. JASTEO A hold statement, hill just as true MS it is hold. Not a ihle liv our methods, hut f'ullv <s~> per cent of them HIV. The'way to Icnrn it" your e;ise is enrahle is to consult OUR SPECIALIST FOR MEN. had yeafs'of experience in trcaliiitf diseases of men. He knows what lie van do for you. case is curable ho will treat yon. If it isn't he will not. Consultation and Diagnosis free. Our honest and candid advice costs you nothing. Nervous and Chronic Blood Diseases Cured to Stay Cured Lost Manhood, Fits, Insomnia. Rupture, Premature Decay, Nerve Affections, Kidney Troubles, Mental Weakness, Indigestion, Heart Troubles, Liver and Bladder Disorders, and any affections of the Vital Organs hitherto thought incurable are successfully treated. ALL CONSULTATION BY PATIENTS STRICTLY PRIVATE. CONTRACTED DISORDERS Of all diseases necu i;ir to men contracted disorders are the most abused by eiit-nnd-try, hit-uud-mias treatment administered by good friends, druggist*, doctors, in gener;-! practice and most of the would-be 81*'CU}1- Ists It is certalnlv interesting to hear the B tory of the average patient telling his experience with the different kinds of so-called treatments he has been "up against." A largo majority of our patients come to us with the original disease and part or all (he complications resulting from delay and mistreatment. \\e gen- erallv have to cure them after some or all of the following symptoms have developed: Stricture or all of the chronic bladder troubles, diseased prostate, sores, swellings, etc., besides n patient whose confidence and mind are so diseased through failure and disappointment. Don't trifle witli these_ disorders; go to a doctor who knows how to cure you; it is the cheapest, surest and shortest way out. \\o have been 2u years In the N.B!— We wish it distinctly understood that we do not claim to perform Impossibilities, or to have miraculous power.. We claim only to be skilled and successful Specialists, thoroughly Informed, in our Specialty, CHRONIC DISEASES OF MEN AND WOMEN. All applying to us will receive an honest opinion of their complaints. NO EXPERIMENTING. We Guarantee a Positive Cure In every case we undertake and do not accept for treatment any case we are certain we cannot cure. Dr Frederic Bell, Ph. D * The well known orator and lecturer, will deliver lectures on the cure" - M. of many of the above diseases before we leave this city. Grand Hotel Rooms 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. Electro Medi- stitute. Office Now 10 to 1; 2 to 5; 7 to 9. And by appointments ABRAM STALEY IS NO MORE Abrarn Stuley, the well known pioneer, and father of Deputy Sheriff Homer Staley and Lee Staley, died tills morning at 1 o'clock. He had been ailing for about two weeks, but was not confined to his bed, and his condition was by no means considered alarming until late last night, when a turn came suddenly for the worse. Mr. Staley. though 75 years of age was a robust man and one of picturesque appearance, towering abovir the average man, and despite his years carrying himself erect. Ho was born In Buffalo and for a Quarter of a century he had resided In Kern county, for a number of years he was tn the, blacksmith business at Tehuehapl where he was ono of the leading citizens, and he was affectionately called "Dad" Staley by all the mountain residents. About ten years since he moved to Bakersfield, where he hn-1 since made his home. Besides his two sons, his widow survives him. The funeral will take place from Dlxon & Sons undertaking parlors at 2 o'clock tomorrow and will be under the auspices of the Masonic order, the deceased having been a member of the Tehachapi lodge. Tl) PROVIDE MORE JOBS ON AQUEDUCT Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY BUTTERNUT 1—lt'8 made hy a different, process than nil lin'iidH, and IK far superior to nil cithern. 2—The flavor Is. most pleasing and Kiitlsfyint,'. '.', —it's c. bread yon never K''" W 11 roil of. 4 —It's liuht. perfectly white, deliriously browned and very wholesome. 5---It's the lies' hreiul niii'le-- «n<J .shoiiM !>o 'M your tahle AMERICAN BAKERY A. J. Ferguson. Phone Main 228. LOS ANGELES, Oct. 28.—To prepare for the extension of the city's operations In the Owens Valley the, advisory committee of the I./OB Angeles aqueduct has recommended to the board of public works that 270 now positions ho created. Those positions arc not to be. filled at once, hut only as they are needed. Those that, are to be provided for are three draughtsmen at $100 a month eacll, flvo surveyors at $123 a mouth each, ono Instrument man at $11.'"; a month, two construction clerks ai $80 a month each, three construction clerlis and Htenographors at $100 a month eacli, two purchasing clerks at $10D a month each, one right-of-way iiKent at $7.Tilt a day, one construction superintendent at $151) a month; six construction superintendents at $125 a month '-;ach; twenty shift bosses at $4 a dai each; twelve shift bosses at $2.50 a day each; ten carpenter foremen at $4 a day each; 200 muckers at $2.50 n day each; two cooks at $70 a month each; five cooks helpers at $45 a month and board each; ono cement chemist at $125 a month; two steam shovel operators at $l"i" a| month each; one steam shovel opera-j tor at $125 a month; one steam-elec-j trlr operator at $125 a month; two! steam-elect rle operators at $100 a i month, ami one loiermin at. $5 a May. , ._.^.«.»._- - | "Wlille in the army in 1863 I was taken with chronic diarrhoea," says •• (ieorgo M. Kelton of South Gibson, I I'a. "I have since tried many remedies but without any permanent relief, until Mr. A. W. MiU-s. of thin place, persuaded rno to t.ry Chamber- Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Bakersflold; Kern Drug Co., Kern. * More Than Enough la Too Much. To maintain health a mature, man or woman needs Just enough food to ;€-•:•...!;• the waste* and supply energy and Lody heat. The habitual con" sumption of more food than is necessary for these purposes is the prime cause of stomach troubles, rheumatism and disorders of the kidneys. If troubled with Indigestion, revise your diet, let reason and not appetite control and take a few doses of Cham- berlaln's Stomach and Liver Tablet! and you will soon be all right again. For sale ty Baer Bros., Btkerafleld; CASTOR IA Por Infants and Childitn. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of NOW IS THE TIME HERE IS THE PLACE LITTLE IS THE PRICE To get the Only Roofing. MALTHOID ROOFING Will cover a ninllitndc of holes in your roof. Yon can roof your house in a ilay at it doesn't take a week'.s wages to pay for it. Once on it lasts for years See us. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Oui •chamblin EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES When yon u'.'Mil reliable help of any kind call np THE BAKERSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. \Ve also employ Chinese and Japanese help. 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313 NOW OPEN—THE GOLDEN WEST HOTEL Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. Under (lie o!<l niHiiaKOjnent, at tin; old location, hut New, Modern and Up-to-Date In Every Respect 1'A Rooms, Private Baths, Steam Heat In the IJeart of the City Opposite railroad and steamship ofllcos. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. Pioneer Hotel of 8sn Francisco.

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