The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on May 23, 1972 · Page 25
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 25

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1972
Page 25
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26 BRIDGEPORT POST Tuesday,-May 23, 19/2 Child Guidance-- --By Joan Berk , Hnl «l a IHW Dgtl_fv Da«l Mr Your official promotion to the new status and title of father is marked by the great exhilaration and excitement of your baby's birth, congratulations of your colleagues, the masculine ritual of cigars, and the ultimate proof of your virility. There's even o last chance for a few days of freedom while the infant and mother are still in tj, e hospital. But the arrival of mother and baby at home immediately ends this euphoria and plunges you into unfamiliar and urgent problems. Many of the executive strategies you have learned not only are inappropriate but are counterproductive now. To cope, . you must develop new skills, methods of dealing with person; nel, and economies. Expect to feel threatened and insecure during this process. Your first problem is to provide for your offspring's physical welfare--tasks that total at least four to five hours a day, unequally distributed at inconvenient times. Because of the large volume of this work, you'll probably have to pitch in your- sell. Babies Are Deceptive The physical handling of a new baby looks easy when you watch it in the hospital nursery. But like a golf siring o r a tennis serve, this case is deceptive for the skills must be mastered with practice. A new baby isn't as fragile as he looks; he won't break. But he does scream, wiggle, jerk, arch his back, and flop in ways that make him awkward to hold. He can't help his uncoordinated movements, and he needs to be handled firmly and securely, yet with great gentleness. Long before his birth, during the 2d, 3d, and 4th months of pregnancy, an unborn infant has plenty of room to stretch, exercise, and develop his growing muscles. He moves around in the watery environment of his mother's womb, at the end of his umbilical cord, as gracefully, easily, and wightlessly as an astronaut in outer space But during the last weeks before birth, his increasing size cramps him and traps him in awkward positions. After birth it takes many weeks before he gains firm control over his muscles and can make his arms and legs obey his conscious intentions- , Cope with Gravity A newborn, infant also must learn to cope with gravity for the first time. His flailing arms and legs no longer encounter the confining, protecting walls of the uterus, and he sometimes seems to startle and scare himself into screaming by his own random movements. You can o f t e n comfort your fussing, crying, offspring by holding him closely. This is why it's easier to pick him up if you wrap him securely in a receiving blanket first, and why you can sometimes soothe him by p u t t i n g your big, warm, masculine hand gently on his abdomen )Qr back. You also must support of his life. lengcs, Y( out soiled diapers Lewd Film Leads to Indictment Of 6 Charged as Sex Deviates ; MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) -Lewd film at a Long Island drug store reportedly led to an investigation and indictment against six persons in con nection with what was de scribed as an international club of sex deviates using the serv ices of young boys. - Nassau County Dist. Ally William Calm said Monday tha the men induced as many as 3! boys, eight to 14 years of age fo engage in deviate sexual be havior by using expensive gifts money and.trips. ~ The loosely organized group kept up to 15 men in mainlam United States, Puerto Rico Mexico and Canada informed about the boys, many of whom were fatherless, through newsletter, Cahn said. School Salesman T h o s e indicted includec George W. Brehm, 49, of Flora ·Park, N.Y., a wealthy schoo equipment salesman; Angelo Riviezzo, 22, a Brooklyn chemist and Russell Hoffman, 44, o Uniondale, N.Y. an English professor at Adelphi University Brehm, charged with 41 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare o minors, was released in $10,00 bail- He holds' a master's de 1 · Y.*r TERMITES? BRIDGEPORT EXTERMINATING, INC. 333-3068 or 334-9357 OLDEST LARGEST In Local Pest Control e from Columbia University and is the father of three teenage children. Hoffman, who has two children and holds a doctorate degree from the University of alifornia at Berkeley, was charged with one count of sexual abuse, third degree. Riv- ezzo, who is unmarried, was accused of third degree sodomy. They were both released in lesser amounts of bail. Cahn said the indictment also named a Queens couple and a Connecticut man. whom ha did not identify, pending their arrests. Pose As 'Big Brothers' He said some of the men made their contacts with the 3oys by posing as "Big Brothers," members of a legitimate organization that seeks to provide boys in need with father figures. Cahn stressed that the organ- zation was in no way implicated. He said Nassau County au- ;horities received a tip that lascivious film hart been left for irocessing at the drug store. The location was staked out and the man who picked up the film was followed, Cahn said. EX-RESIDENT NAMED TO WEST COftST JOB Theodore T. Bache, Jr., a for- icr Bridgeport resident a n d son of Theodore T, Bache, Sr., of 62 Spindrift lane, Milford, has been named by Pan American World Airways as director of public relations for northern California, headquartered in San Francisco. Mr. Bache, 34, a former Post Telegram- reporter and aviation writer, joined Pan American I99 as a public relations reprc senative in New York. KAYLORE'S Memorial Day SPECIAL C III T PURCHASE jALt ,, COUSINS By Wilbur Coon 12 Many styles to choose from in; · White Calf · White Patent · Bone Calf · Blue Patent- · Brown Patent · Red Calf · Red Patent · Black Patent · Black Calf · Blue White Sizes ro 12--Widfhs AA to EEE Kayiore's Shoes 17-19 ARCADE--DOWNTOWN BPT. (Opposite Read's) U*« Your Kaylore Charge--or Master Charge you lift him 'at st 3 01- 4 months un easy skill to o at l l . with the ed attitude with rlakc other dial- iy want to send JCTS rather than yourself. Or you in analysis of la- bor costs makes disposable diapers more economical despite their comparatively high price. Bathing a baby isn't hard to leain, if you approach it with self-confidence. It can be skipped on desperate days, provided the diaper area is kept clean and dry. Or, Iho job can be broken down into its component parts for easier management; yo-j sim stalcgy ' ing an a Your the babj can co: breast-fc iminate ing and gates th yo-j simply use the sponge-bath stalcgy of uncovering and wash" arm or leg at a time. Caring for Baby Your direct work of caring for - u aby will be easier it you convince your wife to breast-feed him. This should eliminate most of the bottle washing and sterilizing and delegates the time-consuming joh of g entirely to her. You can that mother's milk is bet- in cow's milk for a human and there is some evi- to back you up. You can rgue that it's cheaper, ·e are some indirect labor icnetary costs. A nursing r needs extra rest, and ay discover that you have nged the relatively easy and rewarding task of feeding your Infant for KP or latrine duty. And she'll need extra, nourishing food which will in part cancel out savings on formula, If you are cost conscious. The shake-down period with a new infant usually takes 3 to 4 weeks for first-time fathers and mothers. By this lime, the fringe benefits of your new c,n- terprisf are increasing) as baby begins to smile at yo spend to the sight and tou you, to grow and change a while you are watching. By you should') be sure that have never b^ert involved In thing quite so fascinating (Next: ' ',' Personnel . scheduling problems). you and TOMORROW AT 10 A.M. OUl ANOTVERSABY Any Simmons Hide-a-hed you see here, now only *399; with big queen size Beautyrest, with immediate delivery! USUALLY $494 to $519! USUALLY months of waiting! V In color choice of long-wearing soil-slopping YOU'RE SO MUCH BETTER OFF BUYING SLEEP SOFAS AT WAYSIDE: Wayside uncrares, inspects and adjusts the mechanism'of every sleep sofa. We don't send you a cartonful of squeaks, muscle strain and trouble. Before delirery. Wayside men check every seam and welt and cushion, vacuum every inch. Wayside protects every sleep sofa with a dustproof cover on the way from our door to your door. Wayside knows that sleep sofas are far heavier and trickier to handle than ordinary sofas. Only our best men handle tKem, and they deliver them to your room, not your doorstep. And place them just where you want them. And then rc- , check everything all over again. Wayside offers you immediate free delivery from stock, or free protected storage in our warehouse until you are ready for delivery. Woyside gives you accredited decorators to help you choose the right style, fabric, color. Agoin, no charge for this skilled assistance. Wayside offers you 90 days to pay with a merciful 4-part plan, without any finance charges. Or, if you want more time. Wayside will arrange it for you of the lowest rotes possible. Wayside guarantees that the price you pay will not be bettered by any store with equal service and identical merchandise at the time of this sale. Wayside wants you back here again and again--and your friends and family. So, what we promise is what you'll get. V Some eager beaver or Simmons jumped the gun and sent these to us too soon. Right in the middle of a sale period. And when Way. S e should b e e . V $ l d e m " n$ "'*· S ° thCy ' re $W t0 $12 ° bed R,! h0t W ° Uld be / ea$on no "9h to grab ANY Simmons Hide-abed But suppose you found out that this bunch also hod Beautvrest mattresses, that the mattresses were queen si* e instead of fuH site v£f/« e w n PCrS * eW x e ° Ve , red '" «P«"»iw «e- and- abuse- lov'na Vectra? Well, you just found out. So what's left to think over? Simmons has other nice fabrics (can t h e y possibly wear Vectra?), and Simmon, has other comfortable martresses (can possibly sleep you quite like the famous Beauryrest) and has ''full size" mattresses instead of queen size if y o u like Ihl J^Vr me? " 'L 9 ^' But '* y ° U Want * he »cst y of S immos the best of bargains, better get here early. -»nim«ms, 1 louse Beautiful USE MASTER-CHARGE USE BANKAMERICARD FURNITURE OF MILFORP d TM , t near Turnpike exit 39 East. Open' 10 to 9 weekdays, 10 to 6 Saturdays. Accredited decorating staff to help, advise or take over aTe«^9^38B ^V'°H SWe ^'IS' A , NY « U "T°N» Dial 878-1781 Mi[?o rd areas), 799-2388 (New Haven and Shoreline orcas); 367-6631 {Bridgeport areas).

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