The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 29, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFTELD CALIFORNTAN OCTOBER 2». «0f. IS THIS MR. OKITES' POSITION? lie (';il • i'"ni ; ;m \v-lios to »sk the Ri'piililioHii nominee for sii- . ,. -.,,!• it' | i.rlor^.--- tlie contention ol' his newspaper supporter •i,.,; orofii-i!' in ihe )''illh supervisor district, outside of the Hak. _; , ;«1 M'| ili-.lric|. •-hoiild lie subject to a tax beyond what is :.d for <lo' i'rd::i;iry school, meet city expenses and pay for ...••. •••.!:. -! ,. i .••- t !;,ii ;: re not i Deluded in t he school course as . ' • i •. •-1 a t .'! e i! '. .', '>: 'i '.i i:! '"pn.i iloM'.'ii.iles lh<' sl;it ntory school course. ''!,'!• tit "I' ,.-!i""U ;i!id the hoard o!' supervisors auree • ., . ,: i i.i\ »';;''icu•!!) •" r.n^e a sum of money which, added to > '"! HI y. \<-.|| s.u,port the scl Is upon the le^'al ! . >!!o!iev. • ifii ,•-, oi nil t he disl rirts oi the comity, more • -,-. ii ii'iml'i r. h soiiices In inainlain the schools tor the ,;,- . ''. ...' t'tii" t!i;it i>'h"r schools are maintained in other ,.,,• ',1 ., n |n-iv,.iov uin|ie\ tu p,iy more liheral salaries than are ., .' ., nidi's, !: [ii.!'•'•>• I >a':'Tslie|i| on exactly the same ., , ,, .lie ;• ills! i'ii-1 •• ill Up' count;,'. 'I I.. ', ",\ in 'lie oil lie|d-. tie schools ill I !a kerslield, 1h(> |;,.j ; r,j. , . ho"!, ihe l''riiit viilo school, (he Stine school, all in the |.'n.;i; ,;.- t. are treated exactly alike in the apportionment of .(i"i.. \ . i ••' I'V tin supervisors. Axtec. Heardsley. I'Yuitvale and ,thev- •.. L >!.!'.'• to vote a special tax to m;iintain their schools. J. B* Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street Che Bakmfieid gaiiforniau •> |!a|.;i-r-.(ii-ld. and very pr c 'MM .llVol'il -olllethillU' lllol'i \\'e will provide I'D!' it I ||,i|| .. \Ve will '.h'd Kvcry lOveiiinir lint Sundays at Dal.-er.stiehl. Kern County, California. tl lnyd de e-lalilksh also i. lie i I'.akersliel 'n\ p e. and -I in ;, city of its ntious than the ar-l melit. Milll- eiMikinu' school. music. Let us \\ linse annual ::iie||| liet ter- A l'e\v years I'Mi'iill lire is ',' Heeds of the lawns planted. for these ini- ill'se, (lie I a \V City and County Kutoreil in Cal., as S I'ostoitioe erdie 1-chi- fc> Official Paper iit Bakersfield, Mall Matter. 56 cents a month ; Vein- in Advance; ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop, j Main 31 j Telephone Hit' is!ri HI I, . ins lor it : special was ci . ', ' I".' Veal'. I 'i '!!' .• e lieell illlpfo'. ,'l| '. sj ' . cellietlt -lde\\ all, - hi . - I'M!' the eX ' |';( -1 tllli'"- ill til • district shall lind its own money. i' .'. >(iapef snpporle!' of the Ijepulilicaii nominee h. property ol' the oil ticlds and of the Bcards- !'e called upon to aid in makinu' these nerma- i'i I'.akt rslield, and maititainiii'i depart menls iinmon school course. • lately huilt a a school house and furnished it. its hnildini; and hoti<_ r ht some more furniture. Did Makersfield supply any of the money.' Not tax was levied on tlie property of the district and llected in that district to pay for its improve- was true in the Hcjirdsley district a few years A u a in it a Win. n, nd at all. A the money jnent.v T since. Hut the supporter of Mr. f'rites says this is all wnmy, and seek- IIIL; to appeal to prejuilice, it avers that I he Standard Oil o>mh! to aid in ipieetinir BakersficM's extra expense. Hut ohviously the Standard oil tanks could riot he singled out and taxed without tax- iiii; all the property in the Beardsley and the Ax tee, districts where they are situated. So the aru'Uinent comes to this: The county provides entiiiL'h money to support A/tee and Beardslcy schools, and Ihe property there in common with the rest of the property in the county is taxed to raise the money. Then comes Hakersficld and says we have to huihl a new school house this year, or furnish some new rooms, or we are (l ;oin^ to add a kindergarten department, or we need a thousand dollars more to perfect our manual tniiiiiiij< section, or the Bryant school block must Vie graded and sewered or a new cement walk must he laid, and it is all ^oiny; to cost $f>UOO. And I'.akerstield votes a tax to pay its hills. Then says the newspaper supporter ut' Mr. , ('rites : WUONti; TI1K OH, KIKI.DS OfCHT TO HK THKSK THIXiiS. is THIS THI-; POSITION <>K TJ i io PARTY NOMINHK? nis newspaper has committed him to the policy and if he coincides with this view the voters of the nil fields oiiuht to know ahout it. Hakerslield has never cotitrihuted in the permanent improvements in the oil fields. If the Ivdio and .Mr. ( 'rites are yninir to make the oil fields build sewers and cement walk's and pay Cor lire escapes, in Hakersfield. the taxpayers over (here oiiylit to he advised of it before election. "THIS IK 'I'AX HI) FOR ELECTION FIGURES How much dependence is placed on esl nal''S of tin lion'.' A few days now wi bill si are compih chairmen of i'rcipioni ly ;;• - "ii'-i'i ui. Ilial miirht \ iinreliiihle. The ul'cat pivo);,l claiiuoil hy holli ures that show how dlll'er j|!|,| f( eluded ilia! |)i< Ihe ex| imalcs. a. e r.iai illnsl n : io!i Hit- I :ni". s ili u mil , \v" may I'llf \Vcll ilit'iiril I' \\'ll(l f, ,11 tl'lli-ll \\-\\ ll lr\'rs. Min lli 1 cii ll l; l \ i is i«'!i..t'. that Ker \s'ill l(> tllilt li)02. T has llliulf illl estimate lix plurality for- liryan ;il J Tiicsdiiy will ilfiiii'iistral fif^liri^ is niot'f nearly Hasi'd tijion a fiirel'iil imiuiry. the intelliv.'fnt iiii-er- , ',, i . i 1 imuiy (lisci'i'iiiii^ men. die ('alit'nr nian lii'lieves llif firyan vole will i (.'Xi'.ot'd that of any |)eimirralie ' nominee who has conn 1 lielnre the pooplo. Anil it' this is true, ami iho opposition is us Host' lu the mark iti other places us it is in Kern, there is n'"i"H' '" '"' " wide differenee between the estimates and the results, so wide that Bryan will be the victor by a land slide. WHERE IT STANDS. Hee says o factor in trust control of Ihe American market, and that pi'ivilfN-e is worth many times $l(Hi,i)UO. "It lias been shown by jroveru- m"iit invest iiriit ions that the Standard sells its oil in foreign markets from ;!u to "id per cent he- low the prices it exacts from \ l!|e!'le;ui collMllael'S. "No Ucpuhliean oryan or stump pe;d<er bas as yel bad the hardi- I tn say the Rockefellers are "i' l'i'> an and a 1 >( iiioeratie (,'on- "I liave use'i i.[i:unncn,.1rrs (>ollc, i'lioli'ra iiiui HuuTiioea n«nu»ily since It vv;is nrsi iiurouiiced to Uio pubuc In 1872, and have never round one in st;tnc(.- wlirre (i cure \v;is nut suceililj ClT'TIe.) liy its IIKB. 1 hi'IVC 8 ceiumoreln! travolcr for (iiKht.oen yoars nml nuvor start out 071 u trip without Oil;;, my faithful Crtond," my a ll. S clmlH of OjtUlantl. Inii, Ter.' When H Hi,m tins UKOil (\ remoriy tor thirty-flv* \i>:ir lie knows Its vnlti* nni! In conipo ffiit to .speak of It. For .salo by Riiei Bros., BakersfleUl; Kern t)niK Co., Standard JHXi in I'uinl oi' '!'''•• Sacramento Standard Oil as a lies : " Alllmiii.rh (he <\>mpany i;avc .-f'KH publican campaign aild Roosevelt ordered ('oftelyoii to return the contribution, it now appears that the trust never .not bunk its money. "Hut the tarilV remains contrived to give t It It to i-nu'h it Cold on Iho Ch«t •• »»•••" .-.ryi-jPi".^. guiuil yuunaK with « l«,tii e O f Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup A airillrli , lo t.-ikn, Mamr taeii. KM? iit lu iho tunic. nu oplvliv i« uuki' > ^u f,. e | „„,!_ Sold 1i» nil (IrHifijutu SOc. inii Jl no per llottU Dr. J. H. Sohenok & Uon, Pbiladolpbia, Fa. For President, WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President JOHN W. KEHN For Congressman—Eighth District W. E. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN BERKELEY BOYS HOLD OWN WITH VANCOUVER. MKHKICUCY, Oct. 2S.—With both lean, liKhMni; (H'sperately In the rapidly tleepealiiH dusk and the hall near the in.ilille or the Hold, the first en- r i,et,veiii the Vancouver Rug- et-n ;md ilie I'nivers'ty of Cull- 'vnislty emieil today ill n lie i .'! to ::. The battle was a eiie from blai't to fnii.sli, tlio api-earlm: to ]je evenly match-' California's Fitpi.'rlor Ing in Africa, so It la presumed that he will pity the regular license, $250, when It conns time for htm to enter the jimsles after big game. The license will n<>t permit him to kill more than sixty animals. i tea ifi- welght I olj'', anil i.'i-eatr ability at kicking discount- '"' ed iho northerners' wider knowledge ni 1 ill 1 name 'i'"' sure passing. -»—S>- . Wra. J. Br;, :•!! riay on the issues of Mr. Win. J. lir;, :-n rijiy )jo hoard to sneak on the issues of the day at Xlodoranr's Furniture Store, 1408 I9tb street. Come in and near him For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, J. A. JASTRO This nilment Is usually caused by rheumatism of the muscles of the small of the bade, and Is quickly cured by applying Chamberlain's Liniment two or three times a duy and massaging the parts at each application. For sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfield; Kern Drug Co, Kern. • NOTICE C>F_MEETING. N'otici' is lierebv civcn that (he an- Di:al ineoiiiii; ol' the stockholders of the below named ealinl ooninaav for tlie iminos-0 of electing directors and tii" t :am .iction o!' Mich other nusinoss as mav he liroimht before the meeting, will he held at the (illice of satd Cont- ii or'. Ke-a ('o'.intv l.riiiil CoMinanv'H • huudiii£ corner of I'.itli and Fl is. M.'ilioi-sfield. Californlfi, at, the and hour set oiinosito the name; Kern Illver Caiial and lrricatin« Co.. .Nov. 7. lints, at 2 n. m. R (1. MKNXJCU. See to above named Canal Connwnv. Kern (Vuiiilv l.nn«l CornnanvV office biiildiiiL'. col'liei' ''.Mil all.I II siv e'" Uakerstield. Ciilif. 10-24 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oakland Oil and Asnhnltuni Com ula Location of nrlnclnnl iBim-Hi-i. Oakland, ('allfornh.. Notice Is lierebv Riven that at a ' the Bojml of plre( ice ot rec- Oakland. California. .s lierebv Riven thatj, Mine of the B0!»rd of Directors the 15th rtnv of October. 1908. isment of one.cent oer share niURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 190s OH, FURY! TEDDY MUST NOT KILL MORE THAN SIXTY. LONDON, Oct. 28.—President Roosevelt has not asked the Colonial office for special privileges while hunt- pauv. business. Notice ._ .. vilnr meeting held on ... _. _ .. an assessment of one cent per sha.., was levied upon the subscribed capital stock of the corporation payable 1m- medjatelv In United States cold coin - • • ftomnanv. at _. ._ ..^roadway. In .... „. J5akrand. Calffornla. Anv stock upon whlcn tnls nssgsBment shall remain unpaid on the 17th dav of November. 1908. will be dellnauent and advertised for sale at mimic lion, and unless payment,is m^de fore, win he sold ot) Jjtt r>f Dece ' " meniateiv in unuea Hiaiei to the secretary of said C its office, room 72. at. 906,fi the Cilv of Oakland. Calffi 'ecember, 1.908. tp.nay thg de- costs of Y(iveit5slbir.arLtrfixpenses of Id on Mondav. the •>,r, 1908. to nay the nient. together with '•ertisinir and expenses J. BNN1S. Secretary. Fortunes of the World Are Founded on Oil .Toe Clnuislor, now several times a milJion.'iii'p, was, not so lon£ a^o, a clerk in Los Angeles. 1/e liorrowed some money for the purpose of operating in California oil; the result was (hat it made him one of the wcalthies men in the state. John A. Bunting, formerly a brakeman on the Southern Pacific, through the investment of $170.00 in California oil land, became a millionaire. We could tell you of innumerable others. Why were Hunting, Cluinslor and many others, who made their money through investments in oil, successful? Because they were shrewd, level-headed, observing men possessing unbounded confidence in the great, future of the California oil fields and the oil industry. The demand for oil is increasing daily. The consumption far exceeds the output. Several oil eompimies paid substantial dividends •when oil was selling at fifteen cents per barrel. Oil Is now selling at SIXTY CENTS IM3R BAH- RIOl, at the well. The total dividends for the year 1(108 from ;i!l tlie oil companies now doing business in California, riot including the Standard, will probably reach the $<5.<Hio,l)00 mark, and roach the Jlo.iMW.otw mark for the year li'O.'i. Therefore, the. natural conclusion to arrive at is INVEST IN OIL SKCHHITIICS; INVEST AT ONCE. We lire of- 1'ering for s;ile u limited number of shares on what we consider to be one of the best Companies operating in Kern County, In fact, in California. We refer to the slock of the KKRN ASSOCIATED Oil, COMPANY. The stock of the KERN ASSOCIATED Oil, COMPANY is the best oil proposition ever offered the Investment public. Tills Company owns free ,,| inciiilibennife POHTY ACHES IN THE VERY IIE.MIT OF THE KERN RIVER OIL DISTRICT, and situated on the Southern Pacific Kailroiid. It adjoins the San ,/oaquin Oil and Development Compnuy'H property, which was recently metre-! with ih.' Associated Oil Company, whose STOCK IS NOW SELLINC AT $31.00 PER SHARK. ll also adjoins the justly famous Discovery well, where oil was first discovered in the Kern Rjver oil lields. '['HE KERX ASSOCIATED Oil- COMPANY h:is two wells on Us property. Well Nu. i l.s !\ on, ;,,„! j-ivos about sixty-five bun-els of , a more ;'i> largely liu-r "is four miii-i- well. ii n- piimi'S. U' greater ,u.;>Tli. oil siipiiij, as proper! l<.s. \\' shar \e.| ',av. With a greater depth and |»ump. the production will lie '('he comp:ii<y desires to sink ,: to install modern compresstMl- li.-ve thai well No. 2 will, with ;,,,,. ,, 1:iv ,, ( , |in(l inexhaustible tlie other wells on adjoining e offering a limited number of res In i his Company (ii io cents per share. Do you realize what that means? It means that In piircluislng this sincVi you tu-come Interested in a company that can produce the oil. It is not a case of -They may, ..... i'hcy should," but "THEY AUK." Let us again impress upon you these highly important facts: The property ia a producer; is entirely surrounded by reliable producing properties; that there is sufficient acreage (forty acres) to justify the drilling of fortij,- more wells, all of which v.-oitM be in the very core of one of the richest oil-producing districts in the world. Remember that Kern County produces ns much oil as any other three oil-producing counties in California. Ship?>irig facilities could not be better, for the property adjoins the Southern Pacific tracks. The company has valuable assets in improvements. Two wells, derrick, tanks, tool and bunk houses, etc. Before accepting ihe fiscal agency of The Kern Associated Oil Co. we thoroughly investigated every detail pi'.rtaming to the Company and its property. We did not take snap judgment, we never do; consequently want to assure you that the stock of this Company at twenty cents per share is the most unparalleled opportunity for the investor (bar ever came under our observation. We sincerely believe that the Kern Associated Oil Co. is destined to pay dividends as surely and as regularly as the Associated Oil and other companies opera!ing on adjoining proportion, and we see no reason v;l'y within twelve months the stock should not be i;';o;ed at many times its present selling price. We unhesiij't'ir'iy .idvlse you to buy every share >'<<;; '••-.!•, ,i.i.--,- i!/;. .-Yoi-ii. Watch the stock advance from twin!" :en(s to two dollars. Do not delay, (iet yr'ii- or!' .- in to \}x quickly. ? '.. ••' '!! l.iiy ion shares, par value $ 100. $ ,'," will buy \i',<\ nhares, par value $ 250. $li>" will bay 500 shares, par value $ 500. $'iim will buy 2,"iiio shares, par value $2500. From the above cash price you may deduct five per cent. If you ate not prepared to pay cash, then buy on our easy payment plan of one-fifth cash and one-fifth monthly. 100 shares for $20—pay $4 down and $4 monthly. 2&0 shiirics for $50—pay $10 down and $10 monthly. no« shares for $100—pay $20 down and $20 monthly. 1,500 shares for $300—pay $60 down and $60 monthly. THE STOCK OP THE KERN ASSOCIATED Olh CO. IS THE BEST BUY ON THE MARKET TODAY. ACT QUICKLY, BEFORE THE SHARES ARB ADVANCED IN PRICE, Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A checking account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it fo* yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKER8FIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Street*. * * * * *•{••}• * * CHESTER AVENUE NUB8EEY * * * * ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. * First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, * I- Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Fl<w * f al Designs. Orders promptly filled + * Corner Sixth 8t and Cheater Av«. * » 'Phtne, Main 745 * •?• -5- •{•**•$• > PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting is my specialty. I UM nothing bat the beat materials, guarantee my work and charge reasonable price*. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor . 211V a «v Main 172. *.;..> .^ .5. .j. .j. .j. .j. .5, .}. * * * .* + PAYNE ;& SON Funeral Directors Embalmera AMbUlACNE Phone Answered Day or Night ? v '"''' V SWE|T BRcfs! 5 * *' : ' * t Are Agents for * nursery line ,-eo thom at their * ranch opposite Producers' Refin- •:• cry on Ileardsley canal. Write -5- them Rural No. 1, Box 8. Or * call them up, Black nil. ^ . »• When you want reliable help of * £ anr kind at ao cost to you call * t i 18 . 11 ?- We llso supply Chinese + and Japanesu help. A 1219 19th St * JOSEPH J. HOGAN COMPANY, 802 3 Metropolis Bank Building SAN FRANCISCO DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUQ STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakersfleld. E. H. LOVELAND * ~~~~ "* ^ Wholesale Produce Merchant + Hav, Grain, Potatoes Beans, + Eggs, and all farm product* <f '********+s'" 1 ' '• * + * * COUPON JOSEPH J, HOGAN 00. 802-803 Metropolis Bank Bldg San Francisco, Cal. Please send mo full particulars nlmut the Kern AKSuctati'il Oil Co. Name Street .. City JOSEPH J. HOGAN CO. 802-803 Metropolis Bank Bldg San Francisco, Cal. I enclose \ shares of tin Name Street . City for part payment ''' ' full payment Kern Associated Oil Co. OLD XILXABLE Painters •NYDER & JAOK80N Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING *IGNi Phone Main 1138 1527 Wall 8t •akftrafUKU Cat.

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