The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 29, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2!). 1908 No. 77 TO SAVE TAFT NEW YORK, Oct. 29.—A scheme has been exposed whereby It Is shown •that the so called "Business Men's League" Is working Jointly for the election of Taft and Chandler and that It is being financed by the Republican national committee. This means that the national committee has thrown Hughes over, In trying to save Taft, and among Hughes friends there Is bitter resentment and threats of defeating Taft. Chairman Mack of the Democratic committee, exposed the plot today, and shows how the "business men" are circulating sample ballots, leaching how to "split" the ticket BO as to vote for Taft and Chandler at the expense of Hughes. NEW YORK, Oct. 29.—The two principal candidates for President have been following esroh other all day campaigning up state. They reach Syracuse tonight, where both are scheduled to speak. Taft began his traveled eastward. He stopped at day of speech making at Lyons and traveled eastward. He stopped at Canandalgua, Geneva, Seneca Falls and Auburn. Bryan's last day of campaigning In New York carried him westward and he speaks at Cohoes, Albany, Utlca and Rome. Ex-Judge Parker will be with Bryan at Syracuse tonight. Kern and Sherman continued work today In their native states. Sherman spoke at Albany and Kern addressed several meetings In Indiana. He speaks tonight at Terre Haute. ..Cortelyou is in New York, Root will be at Toledo tonight and Meyer Is the speaker in Maryland. Chafln Is In Ohio and Debs' "Red Special" is In Illnols. Bryan Gets an Ovation. COHOES, Oct. 29.—Refreshed after a good night's rest Bryan opened his last day in New York this morning He spoke In the opera house and ev- ery seat was filled as well as the aisles and lobbies. The applause was tremendous throughout. He predicted his election on Tuesday. Taft is Fatigued. LYONS, Oct. 29.—After a strenuous day In New York yesterday, Taft reachde this city fatigued and hoars* but In good spirits. He was ready ta meet the crowds and In the largest, hall here made an extended address. OFFICERS RAID OPIUM Officers Glenn and Bowen early this morning raided the opium den known as Sing Lee's place, and arrested two women and two men who gave their names as follows: Jack Kelly, E. Taylor, Bessie Jackson and May Richmond. The place was full of sleepers and several well known characters In the tenderloin, among whom are Kid Howard and Kid Murray, formerly from Sacramento, escaped by Jumping into bed with some Chinamen. The prisoners assert that they were arrested out of spite-,, while the others wore allowed to escape. . OIL FIELDS TAXED TO IMPROVE CITY SCHOOL PROPERTY CONVICTED JURY FIXER FOR NOVEMDER Tom O'Brien this afternoon announced that Billy Morris, a protege og Frank Carrlllo, and Jack O'Keefe, a well known welter weight fighter, were to be matched for a fight here November 13. O'Keefe Is under the management of Teddy Murphy, who this morning Informed O'Brien that he would match his man against Morris. They will fight near 150 pounds. O'Keefe can make 148, while Morris will not get much below 152. Both men will go Into training soon. Morris has been working easily at the Standard for several weeks past In anticipation of the match. OWLS HELD INITIATION LAST TUESDAY NIGHT. Tuesday night the Owls held Initiation. The following were made members of the nest: Arthur Rench, Chas. Emerson, Victor Gulnlas, John Len- neger, R. A. Johnson, Al Johnson, H. Hapes and Fred Krausse. The $5 rate which is now In force has Increased the membership. After November the initiation foe will be $10. C. S. Garfleld came In from Marlco- po last evening. The morning paper, which is advocating the defeat of Supervisor Jastro. wants the oil fields to pay a part of the special tax that Bakersfield annually raises. It distinctly makes the point that the tanks of the Stand- Oil Company are not taxed to help the Bakersfield district meet this special tax, and of course, it would be impossible to tax the Standards tanks without taxing the other property of the A/.tec and the Beardsley districts. Now let us see what Bakersfield has done in the last few years. It has expended for permanent improvements and equipping special departments IN THE PAST SIX YEARS THE SUM OF $30,166.96. It has spent during the same time for salaries in maintaining special departments in sloyd, a cooking school, music and drawing teachers, $15,000 more. The permanent improvements consist of additions to school houses, furnishing now rooms, building cement sidewalks, laying out handsome yards and lawns, equipping a manual training school, etc. Bakersfield has had a special tax of from 1'J to 18 cents per year to meet this expense, and which raised from $MOOO to $6000 annually. Fresno this year had a special tax of 4:i cents for the irrammar and high schools, and the amount raised was $54.001). Fresno has not thought of calling on Malaga or Fowler or Kingsburg to aid it in mooting the burden of such school expense as properly belong to the city. That is a new idea that is advanced for the first time in Bakersfield. The morning paper would assess this expense to the oil Holds and other districts which, if THEY want a new school house, must find the money to build it. Next your. Bakorsfiold will probably be at heavy expense to connect with the new sewer system. The city school authorities are also contemplating further improvements all of which will involve the expenditure of many thousands of dollars. The morning paper practically pledges its supervisorial nominee to FIX THE COHNTY SCHOOL TAX RATE HKill ENOUGH TO RAISE THIS MONEY ON THE PROPERTY OF THE OIL FIELDS, FRUITVALE. BEARDSLEY, STINK AND OTHER DISTRICTS. It says it wants Bakersfiold's expenses for its cement sidewalks, blocks of lawns and fancy concrete fences "DISTRIBUTED OVER THE COUNTY." That would be good for Bakersfield. BUT HOW DO THE OUTSIDE DISTRICTS LIKE TE PROSPECT ? TELLS ON ROEF AND MURPHY SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Oct. 29 —Standing in the shadow of the penitentiary with sentence about to be passed upon him, and having seen his beautiful young wife led from the court room weeping hysterically, crying "No, No," E. A. J. Blake, the contractor convicted of attempting to bribe John M, Kelly to qualify as a juror in the Ruef case, made a complete confession in court today. He told how, after he was arrested, Frank J. Murhpy, Ruef's counsel, came to him and promised him $10,000 if he would keep quiet. The amount was in notes signed by Ruef and delivered to a third party to be paid to Blake immediately after sentence. Besides this Blake said his wife was to receive $100 a month while he was in the penitentiary. The confession is one of the most sensational disclosures in the bribery graft cases FRESllNGETS THE CHOIR AND CLUB AT ST. PAUL'S. The St. Paul's Senior Choir had a re- hersal this afternoon at the home of Mrs. G. J. Plan/. They practiced special music for the festival of All Saints next Sunday at 11 o'clock. This is a feast of obligation and all communicants of the church should be present Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock the junior choir will meet for practice. ' Saturday afternoon from 2: "O to 4: SO at Miss Pluss' room In tho Grand hotel the young girls of St. Paul's Sunday school from the age of 10 upward will meet to form a club. Miss Marjorle Trude will assist Miss Pluss In directing. Leonard Merrill, the Los Angeles oil man, is In town today. BAKER8FIELOAN IN JAIL ATJISALIA Daniel J. Raymond, said to be a former resident of this city, has been arrested and Is held in jail In Vlsalla under suspicion of being one of two men who the night of October 14th held up another at Goshrn Junction. Raymond claims to have a wife In this city and letters on nis person show that he had been In communication with a woman residing here during the summer. The Vlsalia officers believe the case against tho man a strong one. His companion is also under arrest. C. D. Brown of Fresno was the low. est bidder for the erection of the new home of the Woodmen of the World and lie was awarded the contract at the meeting of the building committee yesterday afternoon. The amount of his hid is $18,995. The other bid- dors were James Arp and J. H. Redstone. The building Is expected to be ready for occupancy In four months. In the estate of Abisha S. Hudson, order of final account and decree of distribution has been entered. ROOSEVELT ONCE MORE PLEADS FOR GEN. TAFT. NEW YORK, Oct. 28.—President Roosevelt has sent to 0. B. Wolftran, editor of the New York Herald, a letter praising William H. Taft and Governor Hughes and predicting the success of Taft and the governor's re-election. The letter, which was made public here, Is as follows: "Washington, Oct. 27th, 1008. "My Dear Mr. Wolffran—I thank you for your remembrance of my birthday. Will you let me take this opportunity to thank you In return for the admirable work you are doing for clean and honest government by your support of Taft and Hughes? I have profound faith In the good sense and conscientious devotion to duty and the high Ideals of my fellow Americans of German birth or German parentage. I am certain that m-erand ID.LpcertH 1 —rmanbAteaorlnun they will go right if only the facts can be clearly presented to them; and thanks largely to your efforts tho facts are thus being clearly presented. "Mr. Taft stands In the nation and Mr. Hughes stands in the state for that high order of governmental efficiency and that high' standard of ;overnmental honesty, the union of which is absolutely essential In order to secure good government. Each adheres and has always adhered, in public and private life, to the most inflexible standard of honesty and fair dealing as between man and man. Each represents what Is best In American citizenship. Not one word of any kind can bo truth- full said against the private or public character of either. "Each has the broadest sympathies for his fellow- citizens—for I hardly need say that the accusation that Governor Hughes is a narrow minded Illiberal man is preposterously false. I believe that tho victory of one In tho national election and the other In the state Is assured by overwhelming majorities and I thank you for tho way in which by your efforts you have contributed to bring about this result. With all regard believe me, sincerely yours, "THEODORE ROOSEVELT." BI6 MEETING ON DESERT The desert portion of Kern County s coming in with overwhelming ma/- Jorltlos for Bryan. Last night at Mo- Jave there was the biggest political meeting In the history of the town to listen to speeches by Rowen Irwln and 13. L. Foster. The hall was packed to the doors and people .stood on the porch and about tho windows to listen to the Democratic arguments. The meeting was in sharp contrast to that held by Congressman Smith, who had only eight people present to listen to his speech. Mr. Foster devoted himself to a scholarly discussion of the two platforms, making strong comparison In favor of the declarations of that pYo- mulgated at Denver. He received the closest attention, and his speech called forth much praise from the thinking people assembled. Mr. Irwin spoke on local Issues and explained fully the bank guarantee plank. Jack O'Brien presided at the meet* Ing7 which was notable because of th* fact that tho assemblage had such a large proportion of -wage earners. At Randsburg. On Tuesday night Messrs] Foster and Irwln addressed a big open air meeting at Randsburg. E. B. Magln- nls presided and, though the night was cold, the large crowd gathered about tho platform stayed during the entire evening and gave the speakers earnest attention. Messrs. Foster and Irwln returned this morning and they are enthusiastic over the outlook for the party in the desert section. NEGROIIAOS ARE BEFORE COURT SAYS HEARST GETS CAMPAIGN FUND FROM REPUBLICAN SOURCES Men's New Fall Hats of Styles And Becomingness A hat has everything to do with a man's appearance. Xo natter how stylish your suit is unless your hut is smart and looks well on yon, your general appearance is if really marred. In hat buying be particular—see that you get your hat here where the assortment is very large and where you're sure of finding all the latest fall styles. We've a splendid line of hats that embraces all the late'st colors, including the nev ivy green. Especially fine hat for the money is our L. & B. hat for $3.50. Let us help yon select a smart, becoming hat for fall—and now is the time for buying. THE TOGGERY lOWtU * W.04M KANSAS CITY, Oct. 29.—J. L. Woods Merrill of this city. Missouri's national commltteeman of the Independence League party, resigned today, and in a letter to Hearst he says he believes that the so-called party Is being financed by the Republicans. Mr. Merrill In his letter of resignation says ho does not wish his name connected with a party who by purchase or otherwise oh- tains for publication correspondence stolen by other persons to ac- compilsh the downfall of anyone "for the upbuilding of yourself or of the Independence party." "I do not," says Mr. Merrill, "wish my name connected with a party whose only aim is to defeat Bryan. Taft wanted Forakor put out of business, and you played the part of 'remover' and made a grand-stand play, to keep up app'aniiK'os, and wont after Maskell, without proof of his guilt. And the purpose; of this was to down Bryan. "It is now my belief that the Independence party receives its campaign money from the Republican party. The Independence party has not kept Its promises." Johnnie Alexander and Brawl King, the two negro youths accused of the burglary of Winters & Bridges second hand store, appeared before Justice Black this morning for their preliminary examination. Several witnesses gave testimony, but the proceedings were continued until November 2 at 2 o'clock when the statements of other witnesses will be taken before the Justice passes Judgment on the case. The boys are still In Jail, having failed to secure 91000 ball. Marshal McKamy testified he searched their rooms and found the clothes and suit cases which were later Identified by Henry Simpson aa having been a part of the stock of the second hand store. Simpson told of the discovery of the burglary. A. C. Ross came In from Hazelton last evening. A WplVIAN WHO OOZES TYPHOID FEVER GERMS. NEW YORK, Oct. 28.—For 450 successive days physicians at the detention hospital on North Brother Island have examined M^ry Mallen in hopes that she might be found free from typhoid germs. On several occasions no Korms have been found but on the following day they have reappeared, and on no two successive days have they been missing. The physicians are troubled, but say there Is nothing to do but keep the woman In the hospital until such time as the germs disappear. .. The woman was first heard of on l^ong Island, whore a sporadic outbreak of typhoid occurred. It was iraoori to her, but she got away and In another place obtained a position as cook. The family developed typhoid and again she moved, only to be the I cause of another slight epidemic of typhoid. The woman has never shown any of the symptoms of the disease, but for nearly a year and a half she has A FINE NEW PROGRAM AT THE MORLEY THEATER Some of tho best comic films evor shown In Bakersftold are on I he program at Moi'ley's tills week, tho nt>w program starting tonight. "Ills First Frock Coat" is saiil to !><• a scream all the way .through. "The Story the Boots Told," a thi-iiii' won often onoujjh on illustrated postcards, Is presented for tho first tlmo by the motion pictures, and is said to be especially good. The other fllfs. all of which aro excellent, arts "A Spanish Romance," a dramatic number, "Tho Hermit of Sicily," "A Clown's Christmas Eve," and "A Western Courtship." The Illustrated songs, with which Porry Emerson, tho new ballad singer is milking a great hit, are "I'll Ho With You When tin; Clouds Roll By," and "Under tho Tropical Moon." been thoroughly Infected with thej germs. Unless some method of drlv- j Ing baccilla from her system Is dls- j covered Mary Mallon's address for an j Indefinite period will be the detention] hospital. Le ather The Latest Conceits in this Serviceable Material. would hardly believe that KIIC.II beautiful things could be made of leather as wo aro now- showing. Tho following goods can bo found here In variety. No hot- tor gift could be thought of than something from this lino. Ladles' Handbags In Alligator, Seal, etc., etc.. Pocket Booki, Purses, Cigar Cases, Card Cases, Bill and Letter Books, Wrist Bags. Prices aro most reasonable on ovorythliiK. Como lu nnd let U.H show you tho ijoods. See our Window. THE KODAK STORE. J. A, HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist Phone* Main 94 and 74.

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