The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana on January 19, 1959 · 15
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The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana · 15

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1959
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" ioltimk44004644)4A0444N041414040 ' i01140010440114044-4$) 04011 - 4i040(414esa44ii6106AmiiiiAt4v '146i430404041:ogetrokiA104iwootu0140410441Awkrosh4g: iofritio00040440doovotroa000)160iiimmo4140 oettq0A:orPc1015$”) evXWOSNXX4501WM4795 "" ' 4 41e1:031ilik0 ---- ' hroittts tri 4nrn 014 vi 40:44 tyrtittport ournat AIONDAY JANUARY 19 1959 BONE Al s5fmv7771 s' '':'- is 1 ' : : ": ::': :: '' :: 'i :'il ': -' ::' ' :'' 'J-: :::::- :?:'-! '' ::s: :-7 : :-::::-::sii ' ::- :4 : :ipA4: ::'::!-' :::: ::: :-::::::st:: 1 " n 1':: : 11: i'" ''-:' (1!1"-- '' :?::si):-:: 1 il: A: s: " : -:'):?-rtr-44-1oft$ ''4st:::::s: ti!''s:::f :f':ii-i:-1i::--1!:::: :': ig:::::Y1711":7t4il' ':''4:Pf-: ' -:!:::::: ::: ''' ''''twzkie14:00:4:-': 460--" ::Nj:::1 : ::::::: io : - : f IS IT FROM LUNA?---Tech graduate W Gordon Allen undertakes to prove the existence of unidentified flying objects in his book "Space-Craft From Beyond Three Dimensions" Among the many photographs is this shot of "a UFO photographed by a Marine Air Group photographer in the Korean Theater of operations" Book will be available to the public Monday Jan 26 Book by Tech Grad— Unidentified Flying Objects Supported By KENNET!! F HEIVINS RUSTON—Traffic from out of this world and return may have been going on always and "pure electrical propulsion"—not rockets—is the answer That's from W Gordon Allen a Louisiana Tech graduate in electrical engi- :"-:-:rmIrr-717rr Irrno :-::-44--------:::?:::::: neering who undertakes to :i!r 110::::::i:::g-i I prove the existence of Un-:S!'''1 ::):: ' 'kli:'-:::it identified Flying O b j e c t s 44 4::- (UFO) in a book based on f!- ' 1:-'-o::::: ::t k:': :::: :--: seven years of investigation The volume is titled "Space-Craft irt:441::i:::'7-i4-444:i' 4404 ::14 From Beyond Three Dimensions" '1'''441 ''''': and is subtitled "A New Vista of C:444 t:-:''i::: -4 : 'i:i the Entirety from Which Emerges :: "k ‘ :4140( i' the UFO" It is scheduled to be : Vs?a:' i:! 4:': -- available to the public via the Ex V:!::11:': 'C1::145 --F i 1:::! position Press of New York on : -?:::!4': 44:- :1 Monday Jan 26 at $350 ' et'a:0::1!::::::1:'::i: The author a native of St Paul -1 N 4:':-ij': ::: Minn now lives at 260 Hansen in : '? 4 :::1i? ''1-::4--eg':511 :1 Salem Ore !le owns several ra- ::-::' iA ' l 4ip :- 4 clio stations in the Northwest i:: Nit 1 :!: : Tech Freshman in 1939 Allen came from his home town to Ruston in September of 1939 to enter Tech as a freshman Later enrolling at Oregon State College and the University of Washington he returned to Tech and received the degree of bachelor of science in electrical engineering in 1944 lie did graduate work at Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology All of this schooling shows up in a scholarly fashion in his book Some of the discussion may be above the head of the average layman but most of it is in plain English For example: ''Our military insist upon towing a tank car loaded with rocket fuel into 'space' while overloading the United States tax structure to the point of national bankruptcy Elec trice' flight is the answer to space travel but in spite of the example of the UFO in our atmosphere the military seem still to insist foolishly that rocket flight can be ex tended into space with a trussed-up human being board" Allen a former U S Navy radar-radio officer and the holder of a pilot's license says the U S Air Force has hundreds of pictures of flying saucers but "in return for billions of dollars in military budget has never given the taxpayer his money's worth and told him the truth" The author had better luck from other sources however and the book is well illustrated with UFO photographs "Saucer Crewman" Leading the pictorial parade is a shot of a "saucer crewman" less than three feet tall being held upright by the hands by two men in Germany Wording under this picture states that the little fellow "is from a UFO that crashed near Mexico City in 1950 the corpses were sent to Germany for study Was he based on Luna?" Another picture which accompanics this article is "a UFO photographed by a Marine Air Group photographer in the Korean theater of operations This UFO flew relatively close to the aircraft then flew off at a rate of more than 1000 miles increased its acceleration and 'disappeared' It had a bright top and a sort of a bronze colored under portion" These pictures as well as the others in the book have not been published before the writer said Extra-terrestrial entities using electrical space-craft propulsion are "all around us" Allen de dares "The mystery is why this attention seems to be paid to Earth at this time—unless this space traffic has always been with us If it bas—and certainly there are indications that the UFO has always been with us—then the ruling powers-that-be who have oppressed the mind of man over the last few thousand years on this planet have been guilty of the universe's most incredible crime against humanity" At the outset the author says one of his purposes is to examine the problem of man's readiness to leave his "frog-pond prison on Earth" and to consider travel of the infinite "To the thinking man we must point out that his universse exists in only one place—his own mind" be adds "It Is a truism that it is man who must co-exist peacefully and in harmony with the universe because the universe cares not a whit about man It is he that must ' conform If he does not he is suddenly stricken with hundreds of man-made troubles" A Partial Premise Them he advances what he phrases as a partial premise of his work namely that man must learn to understand so he can pro ceed to some higher level of understanding through his accumulated worldly experience "It is his experience and background then that govern his ability to understand the reality of :m?Mrt'c1!!'llfrr:4'''Ilf:'r1:r:r :':':''-'5ig:"'''4064thii3bk'''1:':!::::'tI::: :yok z:t1::!:::::::: 1 :i- gwA:-t-:-: :::e--e ::::'')!i:::: -s:::::11-1-: ''!'t -4:i5P3::':: El: '''':!iiiii'-H'::::::::-::: ‘::ft i:t :K'::::::::i::: :1 f:: :::o:::::i0:4:ii3m: :i-:r"1:::::i:!:::) 1' : :i's":: :':4fe:gri:'': tkOa : A z: :-: " ''-::: ::sz:: ::-i'' r'- ':--:l:::: : 7-'-:i':17:'::::'::::i::' - '::f o‘‘ :: ''!i':-::-:-? -:4 :-) i" :::: :&-:::::::i:iii::::-: :i::::::: ?s::::?- J:::vi:moliiio: F :-:-::? : ti?::1-: ::'::::::::'::::r:f95' '::: :e : : : :::::::: :: - :::toc4: 1 :i: ::::::: - ' :: ::: c':ZS:::-1': :':4':':k-!': :: I :' 11 : ::Fi :::::::::::::::i-':: 1 : 4'':::': ''1?iti-AON:r : ::3 j !:::-:: 4 ''''''''i'eAg--4 '1 ::: :::5: :14 Vr'' :::::::-::-'::: :x:::i:::t ' :::::::::::i1 l'Us':::'::-: 4t': ::::::!':'::'i1 ?:::::! " :—::::l - 00 C::' :::::1 k t iikpx::xx I ' 'k IV Gordon Allen observed natural phenomena" the author continues Allen discusses at length the workings of a "world mind" in a chapter on new dimensions of thought resonators But the parts of the book which probably will be most fascinating to the easy-chair reader are the sections concerning sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects in various parts of the United States One of these reports published in the Portland Oregonian quotes John Truhan an Ohioan who incidentally was Allen's roommate at Louisiana Tech and who at present is part owner of station KBAM with Allen in Longview Wash Truhan described the UFO he saw as being "low and slow over Longview and that porthole-like spots were seen on the side of the cigar shaped craft" Dairyman Sights UFO Another example of experiences with UFO's concerns the Trent family who operate a dairy farm on the coast of Oregon at Cloverdale One day at a picnic Trent was engaged in taking family pietures when he looked up and saw a UFO hovering about 300 feet away at about 100 feet altitude lie quickly took two shots These pictures show the flat hat-shaped saucer somewhat in profile The saucer promptly flew away in a silver flash Allen points out that the Trents are "not metaphysicists not photo-fakers just good solid 'salt of the earth' people who have an excellent UFO picture" The book is filled with similar reports and experiences — and there's a chapter on "Some Extra Terrestrial Visitations" which con tains some amazing stories to say the least Thus W Gordon Allen devotes a book in support of Unidentified Flying Objects Even so the author points out that a poll (Gallup) showed that 37 per cent of the people do not believe in "saucers" under any conditions Nevertheless Allen goes right on to say: "Without doubt there are certain phenomena that accompany a UFO's appearance in a certain area that seem of great importance Understanding of the possible sequence and ability to 'read between the lines' enable an alert UFO hobbyist to have a much better chance to see for himself" Whether his book will swing over many converts to the UFO cause remains to be seen of course But it is likely to stimulate interest in some mighty far-away places and their vehicles Local Contractors up Damage Claim Against City Sandell and Lastrapes contractors today added $3492 to the $15322 damages demanded in a suit in Caddo District Court against the city of Shreveport growing out of a contract for work at the Out fall Pumping Station south of Shreveport The contractors claim that a delay by the city in delivering pipe for drainage called for additional payrolls and excavation work already done had to be done again because of heavy rains They now ask for $18814 The contractors claim the additional damages because of further delay in giving a sub-contractor E Reeder Construction Co a work order The suit is set for trial before Judge John A Dixon Jr for Jan 29 Two Boys 15 Admit Spree Of Vandalism Two Shreveport teen-agers are facing Juvenile Court action as the result of a vandalism spree they admitted embarking upon yesterday Both William Mitchell 15 40812 5th St and Chester Eugene Simmons Jr 15 3306 Clarke Blvd made a clean breast of their activities following their arrest be fore dawn yesterday Police said they admitted smashing the windows of five parked autos ripping off seven telephone receivers in pay stations and setting fire to a stack of newspapers It was the burning of the newspapers that led to the arrest of the youths Detective Sgt John Iloppe said he drove his son who is a carrier bdy to the corner of Line Avenue and Boulevard Street early yesterday to pick up the papers Hoppe said he found the papers in flames Hoppe said he managed to put out the fire but 65 of the papers were burned The off-duty officer said he noticed the youths pass by in their auto three times while he fought the fire and stopped them for questioning on their last trip around Under questioning they admitted the acts of vandalism police said The boys had discarded all but one of the telephone receivers and Mitchell kept that one police said Both were released to the custody of their parents pending Juvenile Court action Shrine Circus Nets $9705 For Hospital A check for $970585 was given inclay to the Shriners Hospital for rippled Children by the El Karubah Temple of Shreveport The check was presented to John A Walden chairman of the board of the Shreveport unit of the hospitals by W L Fisher illustrious potentate of El Karubah The money represents proceeds from the 1958 Shriuers Circus sponsored by El Karubah and will be placed in the endowment fund for the hospital Proceeds of the circus last year were the greatest in its history exceeding the 1957 total by about $850 Fisher's term as potentate of the local temple will expire Tuesday when the annual election is held for his successor Abramson Named Regional Officer Of National Assn Joe Abramson Caddo Parish engineer has been elected Southern district regional vice president of the County and Local Roads Division of the American Road Builders Assn Abramson is one of four regional vice presidents elected for one year at the 57th annual convention of the American Road Buiders Assn in Dallas Tex The county and local roads group is designed to provide means of close contact among local officials concerned with the administration financing construction and maintenance of the secondary roads and between the group and other segments of the highway industries and professions Levi Bird Duff of Pittsburgh Pa was elected president of the division City Sues to Foreclose On $1928 Paving Lien A suit for foreclosure of a paving lien against the Line Avenue property of Joseph J Ve lotta was filed in Caddo District Court today The city claims the lien was taken on Velotta's property in 1956 for paving of Line Avenue from 70th Street to the city limits The original amount of the lien was $1982 of which $198 had been paid The suit was filed after two December installments became delinquent Monday Building Total Is $56018 Fourteen permits were issued today at the office of Benton L Kelly director of building for a total amounting to $56013 Permits for four new brick-veneer dwellings were let as follows: Veteran Builder 624 Rainbow $9656 L P Stevens at 1221 Georgia to cost $13987 and at 1225 Georgia $12870 A J Levesseur at 3939 Fairfax $12042 VENETIAN BLINDS Custom Built by HODNETT ELIND COMPANY 1710 Kings H1gitwele4671 t941:610 field on Federal Charge Youth Tells Officers Here He Killed Woman Near NO An 18-year-old Marrero La youth who is awaiting Federal sentence for automobile theft has told authorities here that he murdered a woman near New Orleans in the summer of 1937 The youth Wendell Odell Carpenter was arrested here Dec 20 when I he was involved in a minor I School Board Month Behind In Lunch Fund The Caddo parish school board is still one month behind in reimbursements for school lunches after having received the claims for October amounting to $140739 The October reimbursement was received several days ago after James S Reily state finance officer instructed the state treasure to release more than $2000- 000 to prevent school boards from raising the prices of lunches Supt Roscoe H White has said the release of the disputed funds would not have an effect upon the decision of the board to raise the prices of lunches from 10 and 15 cents to 15 and 20 cents beginning a week ago Claims amounting to $113989 for November and $104536 for December have not been reimbursed The December claim however was sent in only a few days ago The reimbursements are generally one month behind The smaller December claim is due to fewer meals served because of the Christmas holidays School authorities are awaiting a ruling by the state attorney general as to whether a $4500000 statewide balance at the end of the fiscal year can be used for the school lunch program School officials call the fund an operating surplus needed to start the program off at the opening of schools Caddo had $296000 surplus on June 30 last year which is involved in the state total of some rp4 500000 A small balance would be left after the September and October claims already received are taken out Budget Includes Planning Fund For Mooringsport Dam Prospects for construction of the new Mooringsport Dam and Reservoir were improved today following inclusion of $100000 for planning the project in President Eisenhower's budget according to Congressman Overton Brooks Brooks said today from Washington D C that the new recommendation brings to $409000 the total allocated for the dam which would serve as a flood control installation and add to the water re serves of this area "The new appropriation means the project will get under way at the earliest possible time" Brooks said Other Red River Basin projects for which appropriations were included in the budget were Red River bank stabilization $400000 planning funds for dams on Dorcheat and Bodcau-Loggy Bayous $20000 and $25000 Lake EndPowhatan project $30600 and Millwood Dam planning $172000 Negro 26 Jailed In Probe of Attack On 11-Year-Old Girl A 26-year-old Vicksburg Miss Negro was beind held in Caddo Parish jail today for questioning in connection with the rape of an 11- year-old Negro girl here Wednesday Officer E L Farmer of the city police arrested Robert Leon Sims yesterday at a Negro cafe at Pierre Avenue and Mi lam Street following investigations by both city police and parish deputies The girl was found early Wednesday morning wandering in the vicinity of Hollywood Avenue and Mansfield Road She told police she was picked up by a Negro man as she walked to school and was taken to a house past 70th Street and Jewel la Road where he criminally assaulted her and then released her The girl provided police with a good description of her assailant Caddo deputies said Sims had recently been discharged from the Air Force RENT OR LEASE A TRUCK t)11111i1d IN the Hour Day Week or Longer PICKUPS STAKES PANELS VANS Reasonabie Rotes tete Modei trucks The Ong Imps see eett-iettiopett Trutt Rom& ir the Shrovegtoet Ares SHREVEPORT TRUCK RENTAL CO INC 1326 North Market lotion 4-6659 At Pottol Auto Smolt lemmonom-EnnommEnorgammen mannoolimorosnmormontal IM tv tom traffic accident in front of the Shreveport Civic Center At the time he was driving an automobile which had been stolen Dec 18 from a used car lot in McKinney Tex Carpenter's confession which was in his own handwriting said that the victim was "Anette Rovera" Authorities said that his handwriting was hard to read and they assumed that he referred to Mrs Ruth Tilotta whose body was found near Marrero Aug Aug 4 1957 In Jefferson Parish the Sheriff's Department told the New Orleans States that it was proceeding on the theory that Carpenter had confessed to the Tilotta murder Carpenter pleaded guilty Jan 9 to violation of the Dyer Act and was ordered held pending a pre-sentence investigation While awaiting final action on the auto theft case he notified Sheriff J Howell Flournoy that he wanted to cnofess to a murder Sent to Jefferson Sheriff Flournoy said that contents of the confession were forwarded to a Captain Earl Rolling of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department "four or five days ago" He said that Rolling talked with Carpenter on the telephone but no further word had been received here from Jefferson Parish authorities 'We don't feel that we should release the confession" Flournoy said "It is a Jefferson Parish case and they have all the information down there and they can't tell whether the confession is a hoax or not" Captain Rolling could not be reached immediately nor could Jefferson Sheriff Coci Body Found Near Marerro The body of Mrs Tilotta was found Aug 4 1957 in a wooded area south of Marerro Author ities had been searching for her PLAN FOR n QrJGR STOCK UP BEA ')) BUYS r sIfttvALut0frigsIs5 ) inlia-san paIltt 1 poNb's ! s coilic -40--- $300 POND'S COLD CREAM Routs stale makeup refines skis prevents coarseness Giant 16-oz f 11 Natural Curve NAIL SCISSORS land ground blades are surgically sharp Sanitary 150 sealed— — Here for CoPyright 4959 Post Office To Issue Supplement To Stamp Book The Post Office Department Washington D C has announced that a supplement to its popular "Postage Stamps of the United States 1847-57" embracing only those stamps issued during 1958 will be issued shortly according to Postmaster Arthur L Layton In addition to the illustration and description of these stamps there will be tables showing the quantities ordered plate numbers used designers and engravers and number of first day covers canceled Copies of 'Postage Stamps of the United States 1847-1957" are available from the Superintendent of Documents U S Government Printing Office Washington 25 D C at $1 each Layton stated since July 13 the last date upon which she was seen alive The fact that she was missing was reported to authorities by her sister Mrs Robert E Day of Little Farms a suburb of New Orleans Mrs Tilotta who lived in Houston had been visiting her sister State Trooper Questioned After discovery of the body a State Trooper—Barry A Roberts 34 of Luling—was questioned in the case He admitted that he had been dating Mrs Tilotta Roberts was suspended but no charges were filed against him Authorities said that when Mrs Tilotta's body was found it was so badly decomposed that they could not determine the cause of her death The body was clad only in red undergarments Mrs Tilotta's automobile was found abandoned on a New Orleans street several days after she was reported missing Authorities here said they did not know whether Carpenter had a police record (I) 0 (speclal'1 ' offer JP T 411 K: n 1 I m' Avid 1 41Bilfty0 voo It AA"knti tat I 9Ptee 'RINSE AWAY' Dandruff Control with ALBERTO HAIR DRESSING $140 Duo 9 for only 75 IMEMION All prices plut la lax mem — 7-- ' 51150 I 00: u0- ner Implement Twin f one c) li I( by FARR 06 0 ta0 dor z f 'Y rakteelt Co menimwesmmoS I ll It All INATIR 41 NM IN Finer Implement by FARR Lo by riagreels Co FOR ALL '!Ilk t''''' '1'1: ' XOP ":: Y ‘ 4 ' ' 1 1 f: ot '''3 11 "31 ':'4 '41 1 )Ai:--ti:-- ''' ftd klk ‘ ' " - - Ir "t" l44'4 3' 4' i ? "'3 1 ' 3 4-3 '3 ":' ' e t f3133:'"'"43 433' :I 'i3-14 4 1 V' -3 -7' ''' 3 43 13 ) A -3 Ai :::14"34 3 14' 3 '4 f A -- '''' NEW BANKING OFFICERS—Walter B Calvert vice president of the First National Bank of Mansfield center was elected chairman of the Northwest Louisiana Regional Clearing House Assn today in the Lake Room of the Captain Shreve Hotel He is studying the day's program with D C Hayden left president of the Bank of Coushatta new vice chairman and Gerald M Peace assistant vice president of the First National Bank of Shreveport new secretary-treasurer (Journal Staff Photo by Jack Barham) Walter B Calvert Elected— Mansfield Man Heads Clearing House Group Walter B Calvert vice president of the First National Bank of Mansfield was elected chairman of the Northwest Louisiana Regional Clearing House Assn at the group's annual meeting attended by cashier i Bank ofpresident L o a n s p prt e iandr some 500 persons today in the LEhe Captain Shreve Hotel State Bank Pelican Calvert succeeds E B Noland iviksell is speaker Jr assistant vice president of the Professor Wesley Wiksell of the Commercial National Bank of speech department at Louisiana Shreveport D C Hayden president of the Bank of Coushatta moved up from secretary-treasurer to vice chairman anu Gerald 11 Peace assistant vice president of the First National Bank of Shreveport was elected secretary-treasurer Directors O B Roberts president of the Oil City Bank was re-elected to the board of directors along with these officers New directors named were J N Birdwell vice president Bossier Bank and Trust Co Hertzog De Bieux executive vice president People's Bank Natchitoches R R Gleason vice president People's Bank and Trust Co Minden Jack R Jordan assistant cashier People's State Bank Many J R Kavanaugh president Caddo Trust and Savings Bank Belcher R B Kearby first vice president Shreveport Bank and Trust Co L H Vid ler vice president and 424' LIPSTICK WITH LIP MIRROR Lipstick creams off but the color stays on keeps lips soft as silk Get an attractive goldpleed lip mirror with each Coty '24 lipstick Both For el WILE El Rinse Avitzt i toZIO 40 V05 5 leNK Prince Matchabelli $ n Duchess of York $ I Am Lilac Cologne— $350 SIZE-175 nail sailors $1150 — THAT'S cashier Bank of Logansport and L E Fincher president Pelcian State Bank Pelican Wiksell Is Speaker Professor Wesley Wiksell of the speech department at Louisiana State University was principal speaker today He discussed "Have You Tried Listening" Dr Wiksell said that supervisors can improve efficiency by learning to listen to employes Management must know the attitudes of employes to increase productivity and listening can be used as a "tool of management" he said The banking group a division of the Louisiana Bankers Assn was called to order at 10:15 am in the Lake Room of the hotel Appearing on the program were Mayor Clyde E Fant Dr Scott L atum pastor of the Broadmoor Baptist Church J A Dunnam Jr vice presiednt and cashier of the Lank of Benton and Walter B Jacobs Jr president of the First National Bank of Shreveport and of the Louisiana Bankers Assn Fourteen men died before miners were able to complete Africa's longest tunnel near Maritzburga South Africa E AN ipio att ItSairrg s 1 Abano Bath $11 Oil Capsules I (1114"11: r 1 '''' : '-'ii: iv A: i:ii !74:i ji ' : r 1 '4! 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