The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana on December 11, 1927 · Page 31
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The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana · Page 31

Billings, Montana
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Sunday, December 11, 1927
Page 31
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Sunday, December 11, 1927, THE BILLINGS GAZETTE Page Fiftters LASJ, WtSI AND SOUTH SHARE ALL-AMERICAN HONORS OUTHBOOMS East Captures 4 Places, DIXIE GIVEN 2 PLAGE5ASBHIE ins middle West 3, South and Far West Each 2; Brilliant Squad. By ALAN J. GOULD (Associated Press Sports Editor) Now York, Dec. 10. M The fleeting star o( nll-Anietkaii football f nine, nfipr following .1 iv: :1v, l: rourso for the last few, uliifts toward (ha south lliis bcus-oii to hnglitriii up ft new gridiron constellation. East &:! it, where the :-ci: usually Is swifter, share the major all-Amerlcan hnnoro for 11127. (! .1. n 11 1 r 1 M r L 1 L alu;:. point, but the contributions of the suuih 10 tj all-star array, greater uiun e before, form tho ntnst striking feature of the Ililr-U annual consensus, compilot by The Associated Press from U10 upln-tons of mere Ihnn 200 qualllled obsers'- ere coaches, ofnclnls. sports editors nnd slatf experts who covered every sector of the bntlrerraitr-. On the first loom, nn cloven so nil American In clrnractcr that no college has morn than cue rcpresontatl cast captures tour places, the mtddln nest three, the south and far west cacti fro. Tho all-Antrrlcarr squad, 33 players nltoscl her, Including the. shock Iroopa df the -ccomi acid third teams, reveal the cast uni! intddlu west tied, with 10 places each, while the touth. lnclud ins the southwestern nrea, crabs eight and the far west live. Twenty-three uni vcrsltlcs una colleges ore rcprciintcd In tins cainny, To ;ct au Idea of how tho south hen progressed It is only necessary 10 norc thnt It contributed only three to the air American squad last year. Ir-.elr.r; .r :r.i- I Irs-. t..:,im irxiiliutlor., nn.l i: ibus this season the south lr.j-crts rr.c-ro stars Into the picture than It has two previous yems combined. Georrln Is Honored. The University o! Georgia Is the chief contributor; In fact the Bulldogs lead all other colleges by gaming four places fill the mythical lineups. Minnesota has three, whllo Michigan, Army, Pcnnsylva-nla, Southern California nnd Dartmouth' have two cicli, The Qccrgl;-. phalanx !s led by Cant. "Chick" Shiver, a first tram choice at end, alone With tho smith's o'.V.c; rcprc-nelitatlve, Capt. Bill Spears of Vander-bllt, at quarterback. Hcrdls McCrary. crack Georgia fullback, gains a post ou the second eleven, whllo Tom Knsh. 3hl-vcr's' running mate on UieOeorg'.n nnt-. putt Gene Smith, guard, are 011 the third Not since little Center college leaped to national lame soma years ago, placing o: '.-. r.Luni, V.Y-iiver nail MCMII1II1. on Walter Camp's 1U1B all-Amerlcan team and another; Red Roberts, nn the 1921 mythical list, has the south had is much to cheer about as it lias imci this year with Georgia, Centenary and otticr teams leading a touchdown parade. Such teams ns Oooigia Tech. Alabama, Van-dcrbllt mid Tuirinc have "done thelrblt" tor the south, but this year marks a new high water mark for the brand of football ployed below the Mason tmd DlMin line. This prominence of the south, as well as the broad spaces of the southwest, has added to one or tbc merriest whirls ot all -American selection. Increasing the difficulty of picking any eleven from a host of closely matched and "Snllyhpacrt" talent In every Eccttnn. Spr-iguc nnfl .IncstliiE Survlfc. Tlie two survivors of the 1923 Associated rre:s all-star team, Captnln-elcct Mortimer Spmgtie of the Army nt tacWe and Citpt. UerlJ Jocstlnir of Mlnnesola at fullback, retain their jjlaces. while Bunnlc Oosterbaan. Michigan captain and cud. "returns to the wing Job he held down on the 1025 mythical ariay. Jocsting was a decisive choice among experts lor the fullback berth again, although he did nuL (idle measure up to his 1020 brilliance, but the battle of ballots was not hot and heavy Insofar as t,nn rest 01 tno acKiicm was concerned, MDrlcy nrury. Southern California cap tain and ttall-c;,:y!nc, nr.... was as close !s being r. nnanimotis cclcetlon as any star, but be Is shitted to holftjacit. his natural posltloil, front qusrtcrback. In order to make itiom on the first team for Bill EiMais. Vanderbllt's triple threat and one of the greatest tjaces the south has over produced. Gibby Welch, hard- rumih:g rittsbureh ace. gains the other halfback position. Many critics found It dlfflcnlt to omit Irani the first teams such stars ns Al MarstcTs, Dartmouth Eopnomorc, who passed, picked and ran to famci Glen Prcsnell. Nebraska's batlerlns-ram; 1 ncr Cajle. fleet' Army DacK: Flntingn Notre Dame; Gilbert of Michigan, and L.nrrou 01 wasninfjion. In the southwest, two cf the year's greatest nuartcrbnclts, Joel Hunt ol Terns Aggies and Gernld Maim of Southern Methodist, vfcro the keenest or rivals. To most unbiased observers, Hunt earned the pa!m mid Is placed on 1110 sccc-rni all-Amcrtcan team, as a result, but there was little to choose between them, lucllc.lbllily llohs luldvrell. But for belbff riecrared Ineligible for the Princeton and Harvard games, Bruce CaJdwell of Vale probably would have been a certain first team selection It was, many observers accorded him a .first team place, on tho trails of what he did ngnlnat, Drown, Army and Dartmouth, but the majority considered his failure to play out the season, plus lit-, u chul crd status of Ineligibility, sufficient to prevent his belli r picked In the top ingnt. Oostoibaan and Khivcr, n big majority agreed, were without 1)ccts In the end positions, but then) were nvany close contests Tor tho other line positions, par-llciilarly nmonr; the (nekles. The glnnt Spraguc, -Army's captain, and stocky Ed Hnio, Pennsylvania leader, gained the tacWc (icsllloiis by none too comfotUble margins over such other stars la Jcs-e Hlbhs of Southern calirornln, John Smith of Pennsylvania, rated close to a par with his totnmate, ItASkowsk! of Ohio State. Nowack of Illinois and Perry of the Anny nill Wobstcr, Yalo loader, stood out conspicuously anions tho guards ruid was a general choice, but John Smlll Notre Dame, tlie other :electlon, had strong rivals m Hrmurm of Minnesota, naer of Mlchlgnn.'.illl ;f Tiiiiomv and Gene Smith of Gfovgls, Ttio Smith nmlly a-as mmsnnlly conspicuous In the list of cnnrsitiores. It n-(3 a msrry battle, too, for the ecu tr berth, but Larry Bettcncourt, vei-sti- MYTHICAL ELEVEN AVERAGES 185 .POUNDS WITH FIltST TKAJf tlOl.'OH ros. ASc Vcht llgt nermle ti. ttcistcrtirmii Jffcli'u find nt inn G:0ii .Morlhuer K. Sira3llu Army Tarklo 2.f 2IU B:n:t S"l 1 1 In 1 11 A. Vt'elister Vale tiiim'1 U-I 2rio rr.VD Larry npttrncoilrt SI. M.iry Center HI 1ST r,il)) John 1. Smith .V. Maine t'-ilard 1 70 J:ll) Kdaard ITake reiui'a T;u-l,k- H.'l 110 r.:nil Ivy . Slits cr Ceorjila llinl 31 inn rv.fii tviiilam .-SjiCitri f.-mirjr qn-.ifriik 21 ir,r, s:o? .Mnrlfv Drur.i s'rn i:ni. H.-dfhsrk 2 1 IH.1 ti:0( tHIliert M'elcli 1'lim-h itaUh'li 21 ir!i 5:11 Herbert Joestln; Minn. riillliur!: 'i: ISO G:01 SECONtl Tfc'AM , CcDrge Cole, DiUtmouth Jesse ?i1bhi. Southern Cel. Hay Baer, Michigan Claude Grlcstj'. Ceorgelown John Bamhlll, Tennessee John Smith, Pennsylvania Raym'd Mathews, Tel. Cbrls. Joel Hunt, Texas Aggies Alton Marsters. Dartmouth Glenn Presncll, Kehmska McCrary, Georgia nnd Tackle Guard Center Gmrd Tackle End Quarterback Hnlfljack Halfback Fullback IIOMlIIAISht; MUXTIOX, ENDS f.'rowlcy. Georgia Tecli.; Born. Army: Sic,-.;-.?. Navy; Elnyeraft, Minnesota: Grange, Illinois; Kchub, Washlugtoir; nankin, Col,orado Angles; Lccronc. Oklahoma; Donciresa. I'lttsburgh; Scott, Yale; Burner, Iriahu, iln-Mr, Princeton; Frnnkllri, St. Mary's. r.csHo, Penn. State, TAC1CLFS RandClS, Kebrasl'.n-, Coltlln, California; Kelson. Iowa: Kern, Pl'tts-burgh; Perry, Army; Sprott. Texas Angles; Freeman, Stanford; Gary, Minnesota; Fltierald, Tufts; Cardwell, Virginia; Douds, Washington ,t Jefferson; Quasrler, Yale; Pickluuti. ASabama; Hood, Georgia Tech.: Tinjeiy, (.ouisteim state. GUARDS Mathews, Indiana; Bowdoln. Alahalrs; WripU. '.Vattrluuton; Post, Stanford: McMulUm, Nebraska; C. Dtchl, Idaho; Hcdgeo. t'lregon; Miller. Missouri; Ccrvinl, Holy Cross: Von Miller. Amherst; Tips, Washington k Lee; Davis. Centenary; Bloke, Princeton; Pauly, Washington A: Jefferson; Woerner, Navy; Smith, "Ole, Miss"; Cecil. CoioiaC.o: Dumont, Colgate. CENTERS Cl'.srleswerth. Ynlc; Butcher, Tennessee; Sluup, Vanderbilt; Schwarts, North Carolina; Ayres, Iowa State; ItelUCh. KHtii-ts. Staderman, Oregon; McCrcery, Btonford; Mahoney, Penn state, Howe, Princeton Vlekers, Coiomdo QUARTERBACKS Mann, Southern Methodist; Davis, Colorado Aggies; Baruch, Princeton; MacPhni, Dnrtmtnitii; Connor, New York University; Hoban, Yale; McJJowall. North Carolina Stale: Williams, Southern California: Maple, Oregon Aggies; Crofoot. Wisconsin: Mciker, Washington State; Weiss, Iowa Stole; Eby. Ohio State: Shobcr, Pennsylvania: Hoekelman, Cornell; Vandenberrg, Colorado College; Schftcirern. Gcrcva; Ellis, Tufts; Unyslnger. Syracuse. HALFBACKS Caldwell, Yale: Thomason. GcorS!a Tech.; Lorn, Calllornla; Snyder. Maryland; Ellis, Alaboma. Toly; Gcbert, Marquette; Crllbcrt. Michigan; Mehrlc, Missouri; Welch. Purdue; Hylantl, Staiilord; Smith. Uulicislty of Colorado; Teueau, Washington: Paul ScutI, PennsjI-.arda; Barnes, Virginia Military Institute; Hume. Snnihertv Methodist; Peake, Virginia Poly; Tlmm, Illinois;-Smith, Mercer: Lane, Dartmouth; HavreHs. tllnli; Flanagan, Noire D.ime; Wflttmor, Prlucelon; Hocpkc, Penn Slate; Nork, Georgetown; Alldny, Centenary; llanker. Tulane; Cole. Arkansas. FfJIjLBACKSBrlaiUe, Now York University: Itoutli, Pittsburgh; Miles. Princeton: Murrain Army; Armlstcad, Vandcrbllt; Dodson. Tennessee; Howell, Nebraska; Hrjrrmmi. Stanford; Clork, Colorado College; lwls, Norlliwcstem. Dlehl, Duckncll; Flctudlien. Geneva; Clifton. Navy: Flomaiik, Missouri. CENTRE COLLEGE LOSES SPOTLIGHT AFTER FLASH OF FOOTBALL FAME Danville, Ky, Dec. 00. (,p.-Plrtle fonrtom ts quick to forget the stctisr accomplishrnents of the past tor those of Ihe present. Little Centre college probihly offers ns titling an example of fleeting fame as any In the realm of football. A few-years ago Centra sprang Into the spotlight with a sterling eleven. It swept aside all beture It. 11)0 Praying Colonels, as the team became known because tl nlwnys knelt In prayer Just before starting a game, soon got to be 1he tslk of the gridiron world. Coached by Chortle Mornu. veteran National league umpire, centre turned out 6UCh twlnklers as Bo McMDlln. find Weaver, Roberts, Armstrong. Covington and others, some gained recognition. It wasn't long ere little Centre college, situated down among the Kentucky hills, was tho meat sought after school In the game. Offers for games camo from for i He pivot of St. Marya eleven, of San, E'ranclsco. got the csll over Claude Qrlgsby of Georgetown, Dud Charles-worth of Yole, Ken Rouse of Chicago str.rt Bub Rellieh or Illinois. Bottcncourt, among hie more enthusiastic admirers, his been coinpurcd to sue famous centers an Peck of Pittsburgh and Sehuta of Michigan. HOME Sltiskc-oii. .Mich, linlllls, Te.v. SlieUon, Conn. riat'uniir;;!, Tcnn. 11 n K Hemh, Cnl. arl;'l)lirf,', 11". Vs. THIRD TEAM Tom Knsh, Georgia Ira Rnskowstr. Olllo Slate Harold Stanton MlnucEota Ken RoiiEO, Chh-jgo C.-.-ne Smith, Georgia r.eo Morrack, Illinois tivlnc PlUlllpi. California AlniculBt, Minnesota Keener Caglc. Army Charles Carroll. Washington Amos Wash 1115 top Jeff, and wide. Centre was the biggest altrnc liven Harvard askerl Centre to come to tho Camhrtdr;c stadium. Centre accepted; In fact, met the Crimson in the Soldiers' licld enclosure several times. In 1921 Centre chalked up one of Its greatest Teats, defeating Harvard a to Centre's reign around 'the top was short-llvco, However. Tlie sparkling Me- Millln, the Weaver, Armstrong, itanrns aim ine rest were graduated, leaving tiic Kentucky school nothing nvuen Eavc memories of other campaigns. During the past few years Centre has done but little In a football way. Its Lcnms nave ucieat wun an too much regularity end mostly nt the hands of schools Hie Praying Colonels would have, considered hardly moro than set-ups in the winning days. Only recently Vsnder-hlll thumped Centre 53 to fi. In a word, Ceittre coliego lias slipped out of the limelight ahout. as fast as It had readied tho purple Heights seven or eignt years ago. No longer does the Utile hamlet here close tip shop and turn out on masse to welcome honw (lie conquering heroes. No longer does the b.mtt play triumphant airs to itiui uraio mere riondl il o1 students In a snaso (inner-. Uirough the main sccrron ol tuo town. Seed, Brawn and Brain f lentitul in 1827's AlLStai Team Chosen for Associated Press. By nitfAN BELL. CAssociateil Press Spurts Writer.) New York, nee. 10. m The all-Amerlcan football team ol the Assnentert Press rnr 1027 will never will a i;ni:rj hi,-only because It will not have a chance . From end to end and m the back Hold His- lean- rrnrK- u ; -f ;.t,irs as an all- star team should be. Averaging HJ5 pounds, trio 11 nlaveri ii.v.i i on ari aveTa'rc of one i, , feet or 11 Inches over five feet. The hue scales 150 pounds to n man while ns h:lrk'l:ll w1Ehs In at e.n average of The teem has everything In a iaotbnii ''-. -Sliced In r.huuclancr. Is t-ii:n::r'.:-r! -v P'fy of brawn and that i:-c j' n jA of buii, i i, wltm-v-d ;.y the fnrt ;!ini 13 of the II choices were captains of their teams this reason while ti-.e eleventh Is a captaln-clect. Can Puss Well. The 1927 galaxy of stirs is especially well equipped to play n paEjing game. All the backs Spears. Drury. Velch and Joesrlnr; cm throw and catch passes Oosterbaan imrt Shiver, the ends, also spoclnllM at both ends ol the overborn attack. Bettcncourt. the center, is Just - iJ""" ;::.::.n:,' :p-- f,vc y:;-r l-:;e. ; I the lino ns He la In the center or It. Billy Spears can punt nnd dropWck and he could cet n toe ud from m.i, i Shiver It needed. "Bud" Gnraeun Is also a man at parts ami can kick off wits mw of the free booters. tlie u2i r,-prcs2rlts an onuj oi versatile atlllotlu ta ent :n i,H- oltion to tho best football players lo be i iijLju me a uumuer wtio rlouble ..I or.iss Dy piayiug Boseball nnd bssket-ball or attacking records of field and track. I The M players come from nine states. ' "' '" fallfornla ItcIih; ''--Ice represented, Connecticut furnUhea Hie two guards and while Bill Webster remained at home, John Smith went far uway to Notre Dnme. BENN-F G. 0O5TEHBAAN, Mle'rUgBli end, takes his letters nl Ann Arbor as nt, iiiius iicrn. hc lias won seven nnd H he makes the grade In basketball and aseDau in nis last chances hc will tie i-c .! arn ot Harry Klpkc with nine. Oosterbsans name lias became svnonv- mous with rust class end play since he """ "om aiusKcgon high school " ""Jor. i-ar fnmed ns a receiver of passes when Bonnie Friedman in. 'ns the ball he stepped Into the oihcr Bennlc's vacant shoes this season nnd utcamn iirst string lesser for tho Wolverines. IVY M. SfllVF;:i, Georgia, end, was a sinnshlrig fullback when hc went to t,"!a b"1 w marie Into a ,-.-. n ; cud when ho heenme eligible or tho varsity. Standing an inch over slit feet ul neighing 1B0 pounds hc stopped nil oim ,i.o nan oesigns on the flank he protected. "Chick" showed great uro-ltolcnoy c.urlri3 the- season Rt catching passes when niovlnc- uuder a lull head rt steam, He Is a member cf the married incus i-iass m coliego football. -MOHTJMKH E. 8PRACIIE. A; lackle, Is the only member of the team who was not enpMIn and his teammates remedied mat as soon ns possible after the Navy game. "Bud," who pack) sis pounds of bono and muscle on his 0 02 frame, Is the Ideal UcVle, big and fast He was ft stnr ot the University of Texas hefwe he went tu West Point, He lias fnown an uncanny knack al "doninir' plays and most of the Mine has broil where ha could do the most damage to the opposition. Hc Is a shot putter and eji nier on rue sine. EDWARD HAKE, ftmnxvlvanm l.rilo hf,s ployed 17 gnmes in a row r,ir t; Red and Hhie nnd has not failed to ntart a contest In two years. Hake Is t! . - t;:,- vji imijci umtnes aircctioualcly rofr bs "tough," Weighing IK) pound knows how to use ovcry ounce of it in putting opposing linemen out. Hake is nn appointment to the United States 1 Military academy m 1&23 but whs "re - ir-aed ::n n: r'.i-T--; : i', e i'Vc:,fl:t. WILLIAM A. WEBSTEE. Yale, ouard, in even figures with 200 pounds ight and six feet height, came lo star- dam In lils final year nitor a series of misfortune. After preppui at Hotehklss he reported at Yale and proved himself f a'titrassive lineman from the ouuet 1 -j l -: -i J .-ilr.i.i:;:. ; 1: ;'ir U: Hi.- hospllal as on the' football flt-lu u::t.: y.-.-:ir When lv l-lnycrl - i. ... t:i'i i.-l his ramllJar injuries. Hc was stamp-id hy ii!; coaehea and felluw players as a mental as well as ulrvsicni n fever. JOHN P. SMITH. Notre Dame, gunrrl. -.rljlli.;;: on.y 1 !d p. U:;:ii .:.rl M,.- U j H- : man in the line, is ol the type rf layer who when asked by Coach Krule h-'-.-.r.-j '.! l-.e n,-,i, . lilt!.' I-Pt le.r i:;rd repllrd, "Yes, arid I'm a ' little ougli too- stocky mtd quick, Smith developed the useful liabit ol sitHuj ne UiTPj) on bis opponents. Vb;o a his Ihlrd and best season at South Bend. '- 'as hard to get off Ills Icvt nnd eld rnucil tackling flown the field. LAWRENCE BETTENCOURT, St. " 1 . -i -. '.ii'-.r. K i. ;:i-::i.-,- rt;;:.:-:- v ho--- actlvllles e.rc limited only by the play- hi.; tied. He counts that gnmc lost In v,-lrlch he does not bloc: n kick unc, achieved his ambition ot least once In r,l vanes this season. . Although he liaa i-o chance to carry toe ball from collier he Jibs scored 12 toiiebrlowm ; 'n bns beer, playing for St. Mnry's. litis snch a good catcher nud thlul "lase-mnn thnt he will probably enter the professional baseball game as a member of (lie St. Lotils Cardinals. WILLIAM. SPEARS, Vandcrbllt, quarterback, mnde himself into an athlete. He was suoh a Irn.etlc youth that hc em samelbliig would have to be done If he vns to be a lootball player .-j i,c worKeti a- ncisos until he entered McCsllla's seiiool in his home town nt chaltnnoosn, 1tn:i. There lie ployed iootball and rasehall but lound himscll still ton sT.oil when he went lo Vnudcrbllt. Working s-.rmmrrs furnlstllng the riiDtlvc powe: f!M be.rrows of sing in a foundry hc finally Increased his wclEllt to 1SS pounds Bllrl us he was even then n broken field runner and passer extraordinary they could rot keep him olf the Coinrnodorcs. He was good last year and better this season. MOHLEY- DRURY, Sou thorn California, i.-.-tonrk. can play ari , v. ; -.., and his played almost everywhere on f, footiM.l team, In his day he has been an end. couler, tackle and all the backs. Ills running has been cbaTacterhted by a lldellty to his Interference, He always knows where the men nnin'ns; w'.th him are cutting down their opponents. He Is a last and evasive runner and when tr.cklrrs finally get by the Interference ilnd that lie takes a whole lot of slopping as he may not be through when they reins their elfortr. to scop 1M pounds or forward -movement. OII.BERT WELCH, Pittsburgh, halfback, is n great running bnck. 11 o has adopted a, plan of never putting off until tomorrow anything that can be done today, and converted two klckolfs lnto iourii.1 i .ns this season. He ran 103' yards against West Virginia r.nrt in y.trd against Nebraska, stopping in each In-ttanco because there were no more yards .0 go. He throws and receives forward I'lsses without discrimination. He is a track and field stnr and Is the trsck captain. He will be a candidate tor the 1528 Olympic team. HERBERT JOKST1NG. Minnesota, lullback, is as rugged as the trees lie studies In the school of forestry. For three years he hns pounded the ojvposl-tlon to Minnesota without fear or fnvoT, although his senior year round him shining- In Interference Hr.d forward passing as much as in hall carrying. An Inch over six reel, be rurrlea his I no pounds easily and Is hard to atop, v.-ith or without the ball under his arm. llLOt'Ks riiLif;i; n NTS. Colorado Springs, Colo.. Dec. 10 li-j Bioi king three punts Iti a slngic quarter, Arlle Decry, Colorado college end. averaged nc cvry five minutes and paved tho way to 10 lol ilia in the. Denver university game. EVERY MAN Last 3 All -American Teams ,0.'jHKs Hansom Syrncurc Wlcihnrst, Navy . ConnauEhton, Geo'fir fiaerlnger.iN're Dame Shlvcly, Illinois Spraguo, Army Winslett, Alabama Friedman, Michigan Baker, fror.thweslerj! Kaer, Southern. Cel. Jocstmg, -Minnesota End Oaotterbaan. Michigan Tackle Weir, Nebraska Guard Dlehl. Dartmouth . Center McMillan, Trlncelcn Guard Sturhahu, Yale Tackle Chase, Pittsburgh Fnrt Tulip, Dartmouth 0.itar1crb'lr Orange, Illinois Heifbnck wusou, WnshTon Uallb'knbcrlander. Dnrfh Fullback Nevers, Staiilord m:w uENvnri m.vnackr. Jack linight, veieran Inflcldcr, whn was with Sacramento In the l'.-iclfle coast league for the last t-.vo seasons, has been appointed manager of the Denver team of tho Western league. Knight was with the Philadelphia Athletics from 1093 to 1907. arid later played with Boston, New York, Cleveland, Unshliigton nnd many minor league clubs. He was on the Denver pay roll In 1921-25, Knight succeeils ioo Bcrgcr as manager at the Mile High city. In Automobiles as in Football "All American" Is the Word f N the all Ameriean football leant . . . the grealcil talenl American college fields produce and in lha all-American SL . . . the outstanding automotive development! cf tlir prc4enl day. Power . . , drive . . . (peed . . . apirft .'. . thrilling chanae of pace . . . itamina thai welcomes the rough-est grind. The qualities of America's gridiron stars . - and of this hrilliant American car. Come in. See it. Sol behind the wheel. Learn tha thrill, that are offered in the Oakland all-American Six. RICH MOTOR CO. 30H FIRST AVENUE NORTH. PHONE 62!).S. OAKLAND ALL-AMERICAN SIX PRODUCT tr GENERAL MOTORS A CAPTAIN 1921 Oosterbaan. Michigan Hake. Pennsylvania Webster. Yale Bettcncourt., S. Mary'r SinltH, Noire Dame Sprague, Army Shl-.i-r, rj.orgi.i Spears, Vandcrbllt Welch, Pittsburgh Drnry, southern Cat Jocstlng, Minnesota FANS 5TART I) HIVE. Baseball enthusiasts of Greensboro, N. C, have started a drive to lalsu $10,000 which will nssiJi-e ihe city of a berth In the Piedmont league for next season. Gieen-sboro was wllbniit baseball last season having turned its franchise over to Rocky Mount. Rocky Mount did not go so well anil Greensboro was given back the franchise. The backers will post their $!,500 guarantee with President Brans-hum and make other arrangements lor putting a team in the Hold.

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