The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana on July 19, 1961 · 12
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The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana · 12

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1961
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1 iprallielIMONIMON MIEMMINIIM S st Sr TWELVE A Founded January 7 1895 T R GRAFTON Vice P GEORGE W SHANNON Entered Shreveport Member of the Associated Press OtIrmtpart Xottritai Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday JOURNAL PUBLISHING COMPANY INC DOUGLAS F AMWAY President and Publisher resident S BERTON HEARD Treasurer Editor and Secretary ROBERT F PACKWOOD Managing Editor DOUGLAS ATTAWAY Publisher 1922-1957 Louisiana Post Office as Second Class Matter Under Act of March 3 1879 No Shreveport Journal Stockholder Owns Stock in Any Other Shreveport Newspaper Sometimes it is difficult to fully comprehend the size of this thing called government To those who long ago gave up trying to visualize the mountains of million dollar bills played with so haphazardly by the national government it will be good news that Sen John J Williams of Delaware has informed his colleagues and the public which foots the bill what this means in terms more easily understood Uncle Sam is going further into debt by $1 million every hour reports the senator and the federal payroll is being expanded by four persons every five minutes These examples are comprehensible if staggering There seems to be no rational explanation for hiring of 50 additional employes every hour The back door of the Treasury is issuing checks so much faster than taxes can be carried in the front door that Uncle Sam's indebtedness to his stockholders and other creditors increases $16667 every minute Runaway Spending Two-thirds of the cuts made so far by the House of Representatives in Administration spending proposals have been "paper cuts" mostly restored by the Senate later studies by the Council of State Chambers of Commerce reveal They warn that unless Congress is prudent about remaining spending bills the current budget will vault to $86 billion and the next to $90 billion Six new major spending bills are still EDITOR'S NOTE — The following editorial is from The Chattanooga News-Free Press published by Roy McDonald a n d edited by Lee Anderson: Former Vice President Richard Nixon speaking to the national meeting of the Young Republican Federation in Minneapolis gave a clear example of the kind of approach that lost him the election as President and the kind that over many years has greatly cost the cause of freedom "The greatest danker of war is if American continues to talk big and act timidly" Mr Nixon quite soundly and justly said But then almost immediately he began the kind of sidestepping backtracking punch-pulling that in part characterized his campaign and the same kind which President Kennedy has practiced since election with failure to show for it Having warned against big talk with timid action Mr Nixon fell into that fault himself Our nation has been talking strongly for years of the dangers of Communist aggression and we have strongly opposed it in some cases But in others we have been ridiculously timid Mr Nixon exemplified this when he told the Young Republicans he disagreed with the action they had just taken calling for withdrawal of American financial aid from the UN if the Chinese Communist aggressors should be admitted By his position Mr Nixon was showing a degree of timidity after all the years of Washington Report— What Was It He Said? By Fulton Lewis Jr WASHINGTON—The Eisenhower administration proclaimed t h e Democratic presidential nominee had made a mockery of the American foreign service Untrained untried ambassadors were sent to foreign parts solely because they had contributed to the Republican National Committee men unfamiliar with world problems and unable to speak foreign tongues he continued represented the United States abroad He said in the fourth radioTV debate with Richard Nixon: "I believe it incumbent upon the next President of the United States to get this country moving and then throughout the world appoint the best people we can get ambassadors who can speak the language not merely people who made a political contribution but who can speak the language" SIX MONTHS after assuming office John Fitzgerald Kennedy has revamped the foreign service of the United States Eisenhower appointees have left Kennedy men taking their place Yet It is apparent that the heavy campaign contributors have not 4 Mountainous Millions Contradiction been forgotten and obvious also that the number of envoys "speaking the language" is no higher than it was under the previous administration A report furnished this reporter by Tyler Thompson director general of the foreign service shows that in many major capitals the United States is represented by envoys whose language knowledge is below "minimum professional requirements" These envoys are: Netherlands: Ambassador John Rice is a Pennsylvania farmer who contributed $5000 to the Kennedy campaign kitty Unable to speak a word of Dutch before his appointment he is now "studying" the language SS SWEDEN: Careerman J Graham Parsons directed Far Eastern affairs during the latter part of the Eisenhower administration He was shifted to Sweden by Kennedy despite the fact he speaks no Swedish Switzeriznd: New Mexico newspaper publisher Robert McKinney a former Truman bureaucrat has been sent to Berne He possesses a "working knowledge" of French This is a necessary evil citizens are told to stimulate the economy into gaining momentum at an annual rate of 412 per cent this objective having been determined by the administration as necessary to maintain the lead the US now enjoys over Russia's economic performance Besides says Secretary of the Treasury Dillon inflation created by an accelerated deficit will be offset by a rise in productivity resulting from the same pump-priming If anyone seriously believes all the government need do is spend more money than it takes in to accelerate the economy he has ignored the obvious lesson of the past For almost 30 years the national budget has been unbalanced more times than balanced —with the result that a $300 billion national debt has been accumulated This "cure" is the opposite of Grand-ma's mollasses and sulphur It tastes good going down but it leaves a terrible tummy ache pending The council estimates their cost at $745 billion---$25 billion for public school construction and teachers' salaries $18 billion for college facilities and scholarships $18 for extending the National Defense Education Act $700 million for occupational training and retraining $375 million for civil airport aid and $275 million for youth conservation pilot program The money all comes from the already heavily burdened taxpayers our sharp talk and even after our fighting the Korean War against the Chinese Reds The Communists do not represent the Chinese people but only dominate them The UN is supposed to be a world organization for non-aggressors for peacemakers It already has too many aggressors in it Certainly there is no reason for admission of any more Red China exists because of aggression Red China has continued aggression Red China right now threatens aggression against Formosa Red China currently is engaged in aggression against Tibet and Northern India and Southeast Asia where Communist guerrillas at this moment threaten the United States with the possibility of war as a necessity in holding the borders of freedom And yet Mr Nixon after bitter experience and much strong talk would pull his punches The withdrawal of financial support from the UN in event the Chinese Communist aggressors are let in would not be wrong it would not be enough If the UN is to become the kind of organization in which membership is given aggressors and blackmailers the United States ought not only withdraw its financial support but withdraw itself by getting out of the UN and getting the UN out of the US Mr Nixon was contradicting his own counsel about the way to maintain peace And unfortunately Mr Nixon's comment about the danger of talking big and acting timidly fits the Kennedy Administration exactly VI Telephone 422-0381 which means that he is able to "satisfy only routine social demands and limited office requirements" His language knowledge is below "minimum professional requirements" Czechoslavakia: Edward T Wailes is a longtime foreign service officer who is proficient in French He was named ambassador to Czechoslovakia where he cannot speak the language DENMARK: Adial Stevenson's old confident William Blair is rewarded with the job of ambassador to Denmark His knowledge of Danish according ot the State Department enables him "to satisfy routine travel needs" and nothing more France: Retired General James Gavin a contributor of $1000 to the Kennedy campaign fund has language skills in French covering only "routine travel needs" Finland: Ambassador Bernard Wier a carcer foreign service man speaks no Finnish Luxembourg: James Wine Kennedy's religious adviser during the campaign and a refugee from the liberal National Council of 11 THE SHREVEPORT JOURNAL SHREVEPORMOSSIER CITY LA WEDNESDAY JULY 19 1961 Trying to Bushwhack the Sheriff Declares Americans Have Duties Too— Letters to The Journal The Journal welcomes readers' comments on matters of current interest Such letters should be courteous and brief—not more than SOO words—ad are subject to editing Each letter must be signed—The Editor SAYS WE MUST TELL WORLD OF OUR PRIVILEGES Editor Shreveport Journal It is becoming increasingly apparent that there are great numbers of people in this country who have been thoroughly briefed on what their "rights" are without having been given even a hint of what their obligations are—or even that they have any If one is to accept the definition of the word "enemy" as one who wishes ill to another then on the evidence the white people of this country are by no means the enemy of the colored people On the contrary the activities of the NAACP and CORE indicate that those two groups are the enemies ' of our country I am convinced that most colored people do indeed "only want to live at peace with their neighbors" but certainly that is not what the NAACP and CORE want These two organizations (composed not just of colored people but a conglomeration of individuals many of them with dubious connections) obviously want to blackmail the communities in which they operate into living as the NAACP and CORE think they should live—which is a different matter entirely While our country is at war today with the most ruthless enemy we have ever faced and while the rest of us are called upon to make sacrifices in the national interest CORE and NAACP are using the situation to further their own ends by attempting to pressure our country with the threat of "prestige among the new nations" into giving them exactly what they want Since there are no rights without accompanying obligations if these people have a real interest in our national prestige it's high time they started telling the world about the advantages they enjoy here and that the standard of living of colored people in the United States is higher than in any other country in the world Certainly the rights they have now are incomparably greater than they will know if with their assistance the international Communist conspiracy prevails against us Mrs ELIZABETH M ROBIE 351 South St Medfield Mass DONATES $10 FOR ANONYMOUS RECIPIENTS Editor Shreveport Journal Your publishing and broadcasting is outstanding I listen every night to "Party Line" and I file every editorial page of The Journal Enclosed find $10 for eight one-month subscriptions to parties of your choice E M PERCY Weyanoke La PS—The only suggestion I have to offer is that if you could see your way clear to do so print your editorial page as a loose sheet We could file it better then EDITOR'S NOTE—Our thanks to E M Percy for his donation of $HE Through his generosity gift subscriptions will be sent to persons in Salt Lake City Utah Beloit Wis Detroit Mich: St Louis Mo Birmingham Ala Churches has been rewarded with an ambassadorship His knowledge of French is almost nil YUGOSLAVIA: Truman diplomat George Kennan has been selected ambassador to Tito land despite the fact he does not speak Serbo-Croatian In other countries Kennedy ambassadors are unable to meet "minimum professional requirements" as far as language is concerned These countries include Turkey Malaya Korea Burma Spain Norway Iceland Peru Colombia Morocco and Upper Volta Little Rock Ark San Diego Calif and Chicago Ill BROTHER AND SISTER TO HAVE GIFT JOURNALS Editor Shreveport Journal Enclosed is my check for $750 to cover the cost of two three-month subscriptions to The Journal to be sent to Missouri One for three months is for my brother whose address is Carl IL Allison 9207 Reavis Brrks Rd Affton 23 Mo the other is for my sister Mrs G Gardie 4263 Humphrey St Louis 16 Mo CORINNE DREW 1519 Division Shreveport CALLS PREACHER-RIDERS HINDRANCE TO RELIGION Editor Shreveport Journal These wandering persons Elton Cox and John Rains who have made their "bunk" with the "Freedom Riders" are a hindrance to the Gospel of Christ and have "pitched their tents toward Sodom" By the titles "they" have assigned to themselves not God the "Shepherd of the flock" they should be at home tending the sheep by "leading them in green pastures beside the still waters" instead of trying to draw them away into "unwanted pastures and beside troubled waters" God entrusts His Gospel to faithful men " and the things that thou hast heard of me (Paul) among many witnesses the same commit to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also" 2 Tim 3:2 These men have proven themselves to be unfaithful ministers by dishonoring God: "Thou that makest the boast of the law through breaking the law dishonorest thy God" Rom 2:23 Paul said "Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers to obey magistrates to be ready to every good work" Titus 3: I Peter said "Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king supreme or unto governors as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evil doers for so is the Will of God that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men" I Peter 2:13-15 We who challenge the Supreme Court's decree that segregation is unconstitutional hold forth that authority is vested only in the legis lative branch of the government to enact laws and not in the judicial It is not becoming to the Gospel of Christ for two preachers to be traveling companions to two women to whom they are not married without proper chaperoning for there is grave danger of public opinion casting doubt upon their innocence losing their influence and usefulness as ministers The Negro teacher Bliss Ann Malone who is using her skill and ambition for no greater victory than a front seat on a bus a seat in a white waiting room or a place in the white rest room could serve her profession better in her own vicinity by devoting her talent to the advancement of the morals and social standards of her own race Anyone who would waste so great an opportunity deserves no more than "crumbs from the Master's table" The housewife Janet Reintz betrayed her sacred duty to her home and family when she left to chase rainbows The Negro teacher and the white housewife spent the night in Shreveport in the house of a Negro woman Cohabitation of the races is a reproach to any people C E THOMPSON Sarepta La REQUESTS BROOKS OPPOSE FEDERAL AID Editor Shreveport Journal Following is a letter I have ginwWm written to Rep Overton Brooks: Dear Sir: Please stand up and speak out against FEDERAL AID TO EDUCATION Why should we accept a dollar from the federal government that will require $215 in taxes out of our other pocket? Please do not take time to answer this letter — just devote as much time as you can spare to defeat FEDERAL AID TO EDUCATION CALE MARTIN P O Box 630 Winnsboro La PS—Looking for a government handout? There's always free cheese in a mousetrap but you never saw a happy mouse there— CALLS ON CITIZENS TO RECOGNIZE DUTY Editor Shreveport Journal All men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights among which are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness To secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government Prudence dictates that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes and experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed But when a long train of abuses and usurpations evidence a design to reduce them under absolute despotism it is their right it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security John Hancock and his associates subscribed to these principles and incorporated them in the Declaration of Independence One of their chief complaints was "taxation without representation"—the Lord has spared them living in our time of taxation WITH representation But the fact is we are no longer being governed by our elected representatives instead our lives are being directed by Civil Service bureaucrats minority pressure groups of one kind or another and a handful of thoroughly irresponsible public officials including the President Vice President Attorney General and most of our Supreme Court justices with especial attention to Chief Justice Warren The time has come to "throw the rascals out" and provision for peaceably doing this is contained in the Constitution: amendment constitutional convention or impeachmentIf the bureaucrats are so firmly entrenched as to render peaceful means ineffective then it must be accomplished by rebellion And let us not forget that our country was born out of a revolution and we are today sorely in need of a re-birth Impeachment has been accomplished in the past and is certainly possible now provided only enough people let it be known they want it As a starting place I suggest Earl Warren as a candidate write as many members of both Houses of Congress as you can EDWIN MOORE PO Box 32 Shrtveport FEARS US MAY LOSE ITS 'ONE MEANS OF DEFENSE' Editor Shreveport Journal Jacob Javits New York City's gift to the US Senate is all for world law Under the guise of the Utopian slogan he plans to deprive the United States of its one means of defense by scrapping the TODAY'S NEWS TODAY-WITH TODAY'S PICTURES Popularity Seeking— We Just Might Stop! WASHINGTON — No one in of ficialdom is saying so openly but the United States seems on the verge of withdrawing from tile In ternational popularity contest Many and more men of influence are saying privately that they are fed up with the national propensity of seeking to be all things to all peoples of the world of pleading for the love and affection of tyros and tyrants and of weighing every action in the light of reaction abroad It will take a terrific wrench to dislocate this pattern but the poll ticians along the Potomac are be ginning to realize that the folks back home want no more toadying by Uncle Sam Furthermore there are non-political types in and out of government who are increasingly willing to step on alien toes if the stepping be in a good cause THESE ARE NOT happy times in Washington for those who seriously contemplate their nation's future Men of national stature in both the legislative and the executive branches have some hard desisions to make But the decisions must be made even at the hazard of offending other nations and— what may be more hazardous for some politicians—their constituents Some of these decisions are long overdue Some will have to be made to redress a lack of decisions in months past—or perhaps a lack of action on announced decisions The fact that national survival is becoming an increasing factor in deciding the questions gives alarming proportions to issues which occur with unwelcome frequency Virtually all of the really grave questions are linked directly to the relentless and ruthless march of Communism throughout the world —and to the shores of the United States WHAT DO WE do about Cuba for example? An answer to that one cannot be postponed much longer Many people and many nations will be acutely disturbed by any answer which casts the United States in an aggressive role in Cuba even though that role be simply an active manifestation of self-defense But the unhappiness of others must be secondary to this nation's security Connally Amendment Then we will come under that travesty of Justice the United Nations court —the international court of justice which is straining at the leash to get the US in its jaws The Senator has much to say about the American Bar's Committee on World Peace through Law which sponsored a conference on the subject in San Jose Costa Rica The head of this meeting was Charles Rhyne past president of the ABA and strong for the repeal of the amendment Who do you suppose paid the expenses of this conference? You can make a good guess if you read on According to Human Events our chief foreign aid agency is the United Nations International Cooperation Administration It gave the ABA Committee $200000 to help it study the question This money will be used according to Mr Rhyne to finance a meeting of 104 nations including Russia and its slave states as part of the international campaign to force the US to accept the jurisdiction of the World Court (Which incidentally Russia hasn't) To further put the skids under Uncle Sam the Ford Foundation has contributed $350000 to make certain that they are well greased $550000 will come pretty near to buying a unanimous vote BURTON A PRINCE 114 West Silver St Westfield Mass HITS LOUISIANA COLLEGE INVITATION TO TRUMAN Editor Shreveport Journal Recently there was an item in The Times stating that Harry S Truman is to address the students at Louisiana College in Pineville La this coming fall The fact that Harry Truman was President of the United States does not make him anything more or less than what he is — a vulgar-speaking two-bit politician It's a little nauseating to even think that a group of decent young college students should be compelled to sit and listen to a person whose morals are as low as those of Harry S Truman Every decent man and woman in Louisiana should protest the invitation of Harry Truman to speak to any group in our fair state We have been disgraced enough in the past by politicians of his caliber The majority of the American people knows at least a part of Harry Truman's blunders while President We all know that he stood by the Reds and Pinks—calling the facts "Red herring" Then there was his vulgar letter to a music critic who dared speak the truth about Margaret's singing But could any of us forget a public statement made as recently as the last presidential campaign by Barry S Truman that "the Baptist who did not vote for Kennedy should go to hell?" Just what kind of standards should we set for the young Americans who will be taking their places in society? Or are we going to do away with all decency and stay in the gutter with undesirables and listen to their vile tongues? There are no laws or rules of ethics to control the behavior Of 'political bums In fact decent standards and honor are foreign to most politicians But let's keep our college at Pineville out of politics and keep its standards on a high moral plane Let us not ask decent Americans to By W D Workman r ' Other hard questions must be answered on the American role In Asia in Africa in the Middle East and In the perennial hot-spot Berlin And any answers which look realistically to the best interests of the United States will be unpopular in many circles But difficult as the answers may be now delay will only make them inure so We have been long on words and short on action up to this point and time is running shorter and shorter Today WE are the Ones being contained and coerced We have submitted to harassment insult and encirclement long enough and the attitude in Washington is reflecting a rising determination to halt the retreat THERE ARE STILL those who warn of the risks of war if the United States stands boldly in Berlin or removes Conmuinists front Cuba or takes a strong line in Laos But even they cannot muster any logical argument that backing down On any of these will enhance the hopes for permanent peace There are leaders on and off of Capitol Ilill who are thinking in terms of courses which will give first priority to the interests of the United States—not the United Nations or the disunited neutrals or to the Soviet bloc And they are calling for plans which look all the way to the end of the road—even if war lies at the terminus s HOWLS OF anguish and of anger vitt arise in this country and abroad when Uncle Sam rolls up his sleeves for a fight—but the alternative to fighting may be worse than the fighting itself And always there is the possibility that calling the bully's bluff may solve the problems without war Whatever the consequences the American people can take heart from the fact that the fog seems to be lifting along the Potomac The signs are that the leaders are about to follow the lead of the people and declare America's willingness to do that which is right and necessary—leaving the rest of the world to like it or not But this must be remembered—that what serves America serves the free world and only the United States stands between freedom and global communism blindly follow the party line and tolerate and pay respect to political bums HENRY O POOL 2740 Malcolm Shreveport EDITOR'S NOTE—Former President Truman was quoted by the Associated Press as telling a San Antonio audience last Oct 10 that if it voted for Nixon and Lodge "you ought to go to hell" In Washington two days later Truman declared he had "never said that" 'PSALM OF BUREAUCRAT' CONSIDERED TIMELY Editor Shreveport Journal Today as we watch the transitiohof one form of government to another and the socialistic attitude of many of our people the following received recently seems quite appropriate: ''PSALM OF THE BUREAUCRAT" The Government is my shepherd I shall not work It alloweth me to lie down on good jobs It leadeth me beside still factories It destroyeth my initiative It leadeth roe in the paths of the parasite for politics' sake Yea though I walk through the valley of laziness and deficit spending I will fear no evil Its doles and vote-getters they will comfort me It prepareth an economic utopia for me by appropriating the earnings of my grandchildren It filleth my head with bologna my inefficiency runneth over Verily the Government shall care for me all the (lays of my life And I shall dwell in a fool's paradise for ever Amen O C KEMP PO Box 1301 Shreveport Just Folks By Edgar A Guest THE DAYS OF LONG AGO Through the lane of bygone days To the field where memory strays Age and graybeard love to go Where are joys they used to know 'Tis a meadow ever green There the little tots are seen Romping laughing trouble free Just the way they used to he - Memory's my patient guide Leads me where the children hide Takes me back to where they stay Just as when they went away Where their laughter rings as clear As it did when they were here Every song they sing I know Same as in the Long Ago Through the lane of bygone days Age and graybeard tread their ways Back to journey on and on To the children that are gone Through the years they wend their way Once again to romp in play Memory remains to show Age the road to Long Ago ANTI-RAILROADS "Government has cost the rail- roads thousands of Jobs by regulation has denied the public better and lower cost transportation has weakened the defense program and has crippled the nation's economy by railroad restriction and taxation"—Altoona Pa MIRROR PMft 111r""!1-110ttt kW( i e) "'"4411 " N4"r! n r: i ' —' 'i o ' s :!:'q :1:' '! 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