Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 21, 1964 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1964
Page 2
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2 - Tuesday, Jan. 21,1964 Redlands Daily Facts MENTONE-CRAFT&I By GEN SCHMIDT Facts M&itone Correspondent Telephone Redlands 794-1903 Mrs. W. F. Kohl of Omaha, Nebraska, is visiting with her son and his family Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kohl, 2053 Salerno. Mrs. Kohl has several relatives and friends in th«> Southern California area and plans to visit them before returning to Ohama. Back From Trip Mr. and Mrs. Everett Phelps of Mentone arrived home this! last Thursday from an tended trip and vacation! through the middle west, the deep south and Florida. The Phelps visited in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with Mrs. Phelps' 97-year-old mother, Mrs. Agusta Kried, and also their son and his family Mr. and Mrs. Leland Phelps. Leland is a Research Engineer at the Minneapolis Honeywell Co. There were many other relatives and friends in the Minneapolis area with whom the Phelps visited. | Their next stop was in Poinette, Wisconsin, where they visited with Mr. Phelps sister Miss Gladys Phelps. On November 10 the Phelps left for Florida, where they rented an apartment in Pinellas Park, a few miles from St. Pet- tersburg. This is where they spent all the holidays with friends from Canada and Northern Minnesota. They enjoyed many side trips such as the Cypress Gardens and the Bok Singing Tower at Lake Wales. The group also did some beach combing, and visited the Million Dollar Pier in St. Petersburg. The weather was not as pleasant in Florida as it had been 12 years ago when the Phelps visited there last. They saw that many of the fruit trees were dead from the terrible freezes that they have had the TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — We read the network press releases: —From ABC-TV's "Discovery," a children's show: "The next time you see a child playing jump-rope and singing some disjointed song lyrics, don't take the music lightly." Okay. —From CBS-TV: "Among the many Jack Benny jokes is a description of him as so tightfisted that he has varicose veins in his knuckles." What are some of the other By Ruth Milleft last few winters. Mrs. Phelps „ Y ,said that the moss that covers [Jack Benny jokes? the trees is much worse than| —From ABC. quoting Dick lit has ever been. So they did'Clark about appearing on a see many changes but they en-j"Burke's Law" episode: "It joyed their trip and found every thing very interesting. Miss Margie Walker of the Mentone Library would like to pass this information to the people of Mentone. She says, many people no doubt would like to see some return on their investment and here is the way or one way you may not be collecting. As I may come as quite a shock to my ABC-TV daytime audience when I loom up on their TV screens ... as a father-hater in this 'Burke' episode whimsically titled 'Who Killed What's- His-Name?' " No more than the shock of that sentence. —From CBC-TX: "Madelyn Martin, writer on 'The Lucy Show,' goes through all the show's stunts herself to see if a tax payer you are supporting! t „ are practicaI {or star Lu . the Mentone Branch of the Sani c j lle B a n j.— . And? And? For heaven's sake Bernardino County Library and as a businessman, housewife oi student you can take advantage of its many services, so collect the return on your investments by using your public library. Services held for Teagarden HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Funeral services for famed jazz trombonist Jack Teagarden Monday featured a choir of trombonists playing "Going!terday was Mr. Langstons son Home" and other melodies. land his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Rob- The Bridgettes met last Wednesday for a luncheon and afternoon of bridge at the home of Mrs. Joseph Harriott in Yu caipa. Those present were Mrs. R. C. Langston, Mrs. Noah Reed, Mrs. Phoebe James, Mrs. Hugh Kirby, Mrs. Ernest Chamberlain, Mrs. H. M. Crosthwaite Sr. substituted for Mrs. Ethel Marquardt, and Miss Emily Dawton. Door prize was given to Mrs. Reed. Visiting in the home of Mr. and .Mrs. R. C. Langston yes- Teagarden, 58, was found dead of an apparent heart attack in his New Orleans mote) room last Wednesday. ert B. Langston from Berkeley. Mr. and Mrs. Langston are both teachers at the University of California at Berkeley. I finish. —From ABC-TV: "Tom Egan associate producer on ABC-TV's 'The Jimmy Dean Show,' began his TV career from the very bottom. While a senior at Ford ham prep school in New York he took an usher's job at CBS." The assumption in the above is that if he had taken an usher's job at ABC, he would not have begun his career quite so low. —From ABC-TV, quoting Gene Barry as saying: "As a performer who has been trying to stage a one-man revival of vaudeville before I went into the ABC-TV 'Burke's Law' series, I'd like to express my feeling of elation over the basic idea of ABC's 'Hollywood Pal ace' show. This is a great place to expose new talents and re- expose great vaudeville acts." Strangely, I believe that Gene Barry may well have said just that. The Channel Swim: The British prime minister. Sir Alec Douglas-Home, appears on CBS- TV's "Face the Nation" Sunday . . . Oxford University's educational climate is the sub ject of the same network's "One of a Kind" Feb. 2. Robert Morse, who made his name in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," guests Friday on NBC- TV's "That Was the Week That Was." A doctor recently told a group of his colleagues that the worn an patient who keeps telling her physician, while he is taking her case history, that her bus- band is "just wonderful" is a neurotic. Women have long suspected there was something fishy about the wife that goes around bragging about having a per feet husband — and now they have a doctor's opinion to back them up. And the interesting thing is that women in general suspect the woman who claims her husband is wonderful in every respect for the same reason the doctor does. They figure there isn't any such thing as a perfect husband. So does the doc tor. Say he: "I'm a husband. Most of my friends are husbands and I don't know of a wonderful one in the lot." But what makes it so frustrating to most women listening to a wife claim perfection for her husband is that leaves them without any comeback. In the face of such bragging complacency, wives who love their husbands — faults and all — find themselves strangely silent. They certainly aren't going to admit to the woman who claims she has a perfect husband that their own have plenty of faults and, in fact, they don't believe a perfect husband exists. That would just make a complacent wife more complacent and give her a chance to feel sory for them for having to put up with husbandly faults— when her own husband has none. So other women sit silent when a woman starts telling them how absolutely perfect her husband is. Not till she has left their company do they dare to express themselves and it is usually in some such words as: "Who does she think she's fooling, anyway?" Now they can afford to feel pity—instead of annoyance and simply shrug off the my-hus- : band-is-perfect routine with.j "Poor thing. She can't help it.j She's plainly neurotic." ' ccietif MISS JOSEPHINE REAY Society Editor FRACTURED SCIENTIST — Doctor Alden (Don Van Meier) interrupts his golf game to check up on Col. Mark Baxter (Chuck Palmer), injured in an accident predicted by his neighbor with extra sensory perception powers, in this scene from the hilarious Footlighter comedy now playing at the Grove Theatre. Theatre patrons are advised to try 1o attend tonight's or tomorrow night's performances of "Roman Candle" which may be a sell-out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The theatre box office is open from 4 to 8 p.m. daily, telephone 792-9022. All Footlighter plays benefit the Optimist club's youth activities. (Photo by Richard Kidd) UNDERGOES OPERATION LONDON (UPI)—The Duchess of Windsor, 67, underwent a minor facial operation Sunday at a London clinic. A spokesman said her condition is "extremely satisfactory." NELSON draperies accessories fifts the decorator's touch Whether it's a single piece of furniture or complete furnishings for your home, our experienced decorators prepared to assist you in selecting and pfocing it. They will be. happy to counsel you in your choice of carpeting and draperies, correlating fabrics and colors, adding the right accessories to achieve room effects of beauty and distinction. 128 e. state redlands py 3-5665 N HOLLYWOOD Four President films still held By Erskine Johnson HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) —[are on the shelf, along with Onstage, offstage and upstage: |Vaughn Meader JFK routines. The first of five completedjHe has dropped all JFK voice movies dealing with fictitious; impersonating and has just presidents of the United States, opened an entirely new act in temporarily shelved hy Presi- a New York night club, dent Kennedy's assassination.! Dialog and lyrics pertaining will have its key city release on Jan. 29. It is "Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Slop Worrying and Love the Bomb," with a plot revolving around the accidental triggering of an H-bomb attack. Peter Sellers plays the U. S. president in the film, which had been slated for release last December. Still being held on the shelf for later this year are "Kisses for My President," "The Best Man," "Fail-Safe" and "Seven Days in May." The latter deals with a Pentagon plot to take over the White House. All prints of "PT 109" also LosRios RANCHO Open Every Day 9 AM. -5 P.M. Cold Crisp Apples — Pure Raw Apple Cider Los Rios RAMCHO Oak GJen Road OAK OLEN Yucaipa, Calif. 7 MILES EAST OF YUCAIPA 10 MILES NORTH OF BEAUMONT to the Kennedys have been re vised for numerous stage shows as "How to Succeed in Business, etc," "The Girl Who Came to Supper," "Call Me Madame," "Mr. President," "Here's Love" and "Stop the World — I Want to Get Off.' Rex Harrison is a candidate for the film version of "Camelot". in the role created by Richard Burton. It's a blow for Mr. B, who also lost the "Cleopatra" critical notices to Harrison. As everyone expected about "Geo," the film has been banned in all the Arab nations. Liz is on the UAR blacklist . . . Edward G. Robinson replaced Spencer Tracy in that cameo role in "Cheyenne Autumn." j HERE TOMORROW — International renowned pianist Jose llurbi will play selections by Mozart, Chopin, Ravel, Debussy, Albeniz and Granados when he appears in Memorial chapel at the University of Redlands tomorrow at 8:15 p. m. on the Winter Concert Association series. Admission is by ieason membership in the Association. Membership information may be obtained from Miss Linda Olson at the university's public events office. De Molay Ball To Be March 28 President Mrs. Joseph W. Enarson announced the annual "Sweetheart Ball" for March 28 during the recent meeting of De Molay Mothers club in Masonic temple. Redlands De Molay chapter wil be hosts for the ball in San Bernardino's Municipal auditorium. Wedding delayed for new ink supply DEN BURG, Holland (UPI)— The civil marriage of A. Boogaard and Miss J. Bekker was held up because the officiating civil servant's pen went dry and no ink could be found to validate the wedding. The ceremony was postponed long enough for a clerk to go out and buy a bot.tle of ink to sign the marriage licnese. A new member, Mrs. Syl"Flipper" may come back as| vestcr Ralph Granillo, was wel- "Penelope" in another movie I corned and Judy Jenkins, chap- about a dolphin in which DickU"" "Sweetheart", was also! KENTUCKY EXPLORER Van Dyke and Bobby Morse are!present. I J-R.^KJ-ORT Ky (UPI) — being paged to costar. It was announced that De Mo- Thoma * s Wa]k ' er ' a715-1994) Ul . . i' a >' rw " £ '1V vc< * of Physician, soldier and explorer. Funny funny about magician-Marchi lo and the date of the^ • Kin and Q ^ Harry Blackstone Jr. reporting!'a m i\y night dinner was the disappearance of a full- ' " dress suit when a thief broke into bis Chicago hotel room. Thief AND police got a surprise. The suit has 16 pockets! Burt Lancaster is slated for leg surgery in March. His 16- year-old son Bill, who had polio as a toddler, just checked out of a hospital following corrective surgery. . . . Now it's Peg-Hey gy Lee who wants to do straight j drama jAD FOR COFFIN Jimmy Stewart and Fox arej LONDON (UPI)—The Times changed to March 19. A banner, bought by the Mothers club, was presented to the chapter. Mothers present were Mmes. Enarson, James Q. Harbison William W. Holcombe, Kenneth L. Lowrance, Clancie T. Jen kins. George W. Hillery, D. D. Isgrig, Granillo, Clair Kooiman, Wayne E. Bradley, Jack W. Wi- Jean Fox and Lily Nelson jty, Va., was the first white man to make a recorded expedition to Kentucky. He discovered and named the Cumberland Mountains! Cumberland Gap and Cumberland River. Woman's Club Welcomes New Members Group New members were officially welcomed into the Contemporary club yesterday with their introduction by Mrs. William B. Clark, membership committee chairman, during the business portion of the afternoon meeting. Mrs. Chresten Knudson presented corsages as the new members were introduced. The group includes Mmes. L. E. Collins, Nellie J. Valentine, George Milburn, Howard R. McPherson, Ruth M. Hanks, Carmen McClelland, Carrie Hamilton, William D. Crawford, Leo A. Bereda, E. E. Ball, Lawrence Hurley, Edith M. Shapcott, Herbert E. Owens and L. E. Nelson. A pleasing musical program was presented by the Symphony Harp Quartet, four talented harpists whose selections were representative of "Music Around the World". Arranged for the four harps were pieces from countries of the six continents and ranged from the little classic gem, Chopin's Prelude in A to a North American spiritual. A busy agenda for club mem- ers was noted as Mrs. Carroll Crane first reminded them of the District Fine Arts Festival scheduled for Thursday in the clubhouse to include an arts and crafts exhibit and a luncheon. A coffee hour is scheduled from 9 to 10 a.m. to open the day's affair. Exhibits are due : between 8 and 9 a.m. The annual Valentine party, always an eagerly anticipated club date, was announced by Mrs. Lewis Rothstcin, chairman, who asked for early reservations for the February 10 event. Another "Gadabout" trip was reported planned for sometime in February to Descanto Gardens during the camellia season. Mrs. Rodney L. Cranmer, international relations section chairman, announced that the speaker at the February 3 meeting, sponsored by this section, will be Gerald Pettis of Loma Linda, economist and world traveler. Mrs. Christopher Barnes and Mrs. Lewis I. Pierce were chairmen of yesterday's tea committee. Pouring were Mmes. Charles O. Pierpoint. II. II. Constant, Emmett Tuck and William Throop. Tea room hostesses were Mrs. R. D. Graham and Mrs. Ralph Owens. On the door committee were • Mrs. R. L. Whitman, chairman; Mmes. H. P. Walker, Jack Levine and E. R. Larsen. Yucaipa Square Dancers Plan Special Events Yucaipa Square Dance club board made plans for four major dances during their Sunday evening meeting at the Yucaipa home of Mrs. Bettie Armstrong. Of interest to all local square dancers is the Max Forsythe dance scheduled for January 31 in Terrier hall on the RHS cam pus. Mr. Forsythe, of Indianapolis, Ind., was a guest caller last year for the Yucaipa club and was received with such enthusiasm it was decided to have two "Max Forsythe" dances this year. They will be January 31 in Terrier hall and February 1 in the Yucaipa Woman's clubhouse. Both will be open dances. However, square dancers are urged to attend the Friday night dance because of the greater capacity of Terrier halJ. The Saturday night dance will be limited to 200. Tickets are available for both dances from a _, , . . , Yucaipa club member or at the „ ™ e slate convention of the (JOQC California Music Teachers As- Ed Gilmore will call at the Ration, to meet in Redlands Yucaipa Woman's clubhouse! 1 " Jl,1 - V - was "^cussed Sunday February S and 15. All square 1 afternoon at the home of Miss dancers are invited. February! Margaret Dow. 709 Bermuda 15 will mark the square dance drlvc - " Mlss . Dow 15 Iocal con club's lfith anniversary. The mention chairman, theme will be "Gingham An-' Guest °/ hon0 ^ " as •*• Anniversary" and decorations wiui roe Lan S l0 of Santa Barbara, be in keeping with the theme. i state vlc ? President and conven- Thc new board will be pre- tl0n chairman, who acquainted sented at this dance. ! locaI committee chairman with Attending the board meeting!P lans m Progress. Music Teachers Of California To Convene Here were Carl and Vorene Anderson, Rusty and Bob Ricketts, Rolls and Arlene Clotfelter, Wash and Estelle Pratt, Tony and- Norma Stumreiter, Walt and Dorothy Baumann, Beverly Weisberg and the hostess. SALEM CIRCLE MEMBERS MEET Redlands Salem Circle met recently at Bethel Christian Reformed church with members of the host church as hostesses for the social hour. Mrs. Peter Vande Vegte led devotions and two recordings, "Table Talks" Present were Helen Daun, president of the local M.T.A. branch; Edith Jankay, chairman of advertisements for the program booklet to be mailed to 2500 music teachers in California; Vera Van Loan, branch president; Margaret Pierce, Geneva Mills, Muriel Spelman, Vera Beatty, Hazel Robb. Kathryn James and Mary Evelyn Golz. and "When Home is Heaven" by Dr. Louis Evans were heard as presented by Mrs. Everette Franken. Mrs. Clifford Downey, president, closed the meeting. talking about turning his film hit, "Take Her, She's Mine" in to half-hour situation comedy for home screens. If Jimmy says no, another actor will step into the home screen role, Carroll (Baby Doll) Baker landed a three-picture contract at Paramount An ironic note, because Paramount is where she bombed out a few years ago in the fdm, "But Not for Me.". . . Phil Silvers made the decision. If the changes on his television show — he's acquiring a family—do not help his rating, he] today carried a classified ad vertisement by the University of Manchester Union which said "wooden coffin wanted. will fade the series and concentrate on specials next fall. • Valentina Cortese is the latest to play "Cleopatra" — on the stage in Milan, Italy — in the Shakespearean play. She just played Ingrid Bergman's rival in "The Visit." Promised and hoped for: Plans to costar Peter Sellers and Brigitte Bardot in a satire on "The Sheik of Araby." NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT BEAK VALLEY EXTENSION WATER AND PIPE LINE COMPANY Location of Principal Office: 101 East Olive Avenue. Redlands, San Bernardino Count}', California. Notice is hereby given that at a' meeting of the Board of Director* held on the 6th day of December. 1963. an assessment 'No. 91) of Eight Dollars f$8.oo> per share was levied upon the shares of the corporation, payable to the Secretary of the corporation at 101 East Olive Avenue. Redlands. California. Any shares upon which this assessment remains unpaid on the 22nd day of January. 1964. will be delinquent, and unless payment be made prior to delinquency the said shares, or as many of them as may be necessary will be sold at the said office of the cor-; poration. 101 East Olive Avenue, i Redlands. California, on the 21st day of February. 1964. at 10:00 o'clock; a.m. of such day. to pay the deltn-i quent assessment, together with a' penalty of five per cent of the amount of the assessment on such sharet. or be forfeited to the corporation. Dated: December 6. 1963. Lee R. Hill. Secretary. BEAR VALLEY EXTENSION WATER & PIPE LINE COMPANY, 101 E. Olive Ave.. Redlands, California. I Famous Skadron Superior CONTRACTORS' SCHOOL! FOR EVERYONE IN CONSTRUCTION NEW EVENING CLASS Starts on WED., JAN. 22 AT 8 P. M. ATTEND FIRST SESSION FREE Learn the latest in building methods, code requirements, estimating and blue print reading. Three expert instructors. Meets on Wed. evenings for just 6 weeks. Prepare for General or Sub-Contractors License Come as Our Guest, Bring Your Friends, en Wed., Jan. 22 at 8 p. m. SKADRON COLLEGE of BUSINESS Fourth Sfrect at H Son Bernardino T . TU 5-3896 Educafion Spccialiitt Since 1907 Evening. Home Study Courts Accredited by ACBS

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