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Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas • Page 6

Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas • Page 6

Lubbock, Texas
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Food, Drug Lobeis Mean What They Say FDA Concerned With Purity Of Product; FTC With Ads, Selling (EDITOR'S NOTE: TUl the lilt In a lulu of articles on what the Food and Dnii Admlnlitrstlon to yratoct you from the danverous chlv len WBO cheat the The went written by NBA Wiinlnr- IMI reporter Fattt who went hchhid the icenen with Rep. Leonor Sullivan (D-Mo). By PATTI SIMMONS WASHINGTON-An ineffectual inspection law and a congressional' threat to cut their budget isn't att the Food and Drug Administration has to worry about at the moment. Another headache is that consumer protection is split in two: FDA concerning itself with the purity of the manufactured product and the Federal Trade Commission with policing of advertising and selling practices. "This results in efficiency and duplication of personnel for both FDA and FTC," declares Rep.

Leonor Sullivan For instance, when the same false claim is made in advertising and also on the label, the ad is subject to the FTC Act; the label violation comes under the Food Drug Administration. "Both should be FDA's baby," says Mrs. Sullivan, The irate lady legislator cites examples: "A few years ago a clever promoter, capitalizing on nation's taste for alcohol and vitamin pills, combined the two; bottled them at a cost of about 12 cents and retailed same for $3.50." Or take chlorophyll, which Mrs. Sullivan admits has a pleasing green color. "In spite of the fact that science hasn't been able to prove that it deodorizes," she points out, "almost every product taken externally or internally advertises the magic ingredients." Some examples of FDA's work with labels include cases where drug labels are by mistake either a ub bock Evening Journal WOMEN'S NEWS PAGE SIX, LUBBOCK, TEX.

WEDNESDAY, JULY Your Signature In Frogrono KISS-PROOF RABBIT: Behind scenes at FDA, NEA reporter Patti Simmons watches Rep. Leonor Sullivan apply lipstick to rabbit for ultra-violet test which Dr. John Draize (center), cosmetics chief, will make to see if cosmetic is harmful. mix-up with two different drugs or where half strength products are labeled double strength. Most drug work and much of plenty by selling weak pills cheaper.

InvesttKate Dangerous Cosmetics FDA is trigger-quick in in the cosmetic work falls under vestigating reports of dangerous what FDA dubs dangerous com-! cosmetics. modities. I Touring their Washington laboratories with Mrs. Sullivan, this reporter watcher Dr. John Draize, chief of the cosmetic testing branch put the congresswo- tion against illegal sale of drugs I man to work testing lipstick which or harmful cosmetics can't be can be harmful.

FDA solves the In the event of a budget cut it's easy to see that while work on filthy food and economic cheats will have to suffer, FDA's protec- lessened. Cosflscate Barbiturates problem by kiss-proofing rabbits with lipstick and placing them un- cooperation with der Ultra-violet lamps. These rabbits also serve to try out home permanent solutions and fancy beauty preparations. FDA has pushed off the market bubble bath and shampoo products whic hcause eye injury. Recently, the police department in New Orleans, FDA raided a drug store and confiscated some 50,000 barbiturate pills being sold without prescription.

The problem is widespread. Be- Beauty After Forty By EDYTH THORNTON MeLEOD PERFUMES can denote your personality or they can dramatize it. All women, no matter what age, should find the perfume for them. The fascination of perfume lies in the mystery of the fragrance. All of life is stimulated by perfume.

The odors are many; soft, sweet, exotic, sophisticated, and there is always the natural flower fragrance. And, just as'there are so many different kinds of perfume, there are also many different types of women. Write your signature in fragrance but write it in different odors for different occasions. Women who exude charming fragrance are always more attractive to men than women who do not indulge in the feminine allure. Men like an illusive, drifting fragrance, it must be subtle.

The early-morning mood of a career woman calls for a very different perfume from that of the sophisticated woman of elegance. The housewife, up before the family, is is fresh as a flower Jf she uses just a touch of fragrance which harmonizes with her simple house frock. The idea of using perfume is to give that last touch, that fragrant finish, to your costume. If you are a certain type and you adore a certain peijfume because you know that it suits your personality, use it, the same odor in all of its variations; cologne, sachet, toilet water and bath accessories. Don't mix odors you might not be a good mixer! Make you favorite fragrance really yours.

Don't tell the name, not even to your best friend. Perfume should be used on the skin, never on clothing, as the organic substance of your skin causes the perfume to take afc an individual odor. That is why perfume that become the rage can be used successfully by so many different women. The organism of your skin changes the perfume just enough to make it yours! Mary Haworth's Mail Devoted Wife, Who Is Having Affair, Too, Says Woman Can Love Two Men At Once cause of funds FDA must confine I They can tell you about a nail work to spot-checking. polish base supposed to make A new drug racket has de- 1 polish stay on longer.

What it veloped in recent years imita- actually did was turn nails black tions of expensive drugs which and cause them to drop off. look like the real McCoy but have During the last fiscal year 10 little or no activity. A typical EAR MARY HAWORTH: It isn't true that a woman can't be in love with two men simultaneously. I love my husband, my home and son. But the "other man," with whom I have been having an affair nearly two years, is equally as dear to me.

I am perpetually down in the dumps, when I don't hear from Pat (which is not his name), or on top of the world when in his company. I know it is unfair to I heading for a explains the first. There is an unconscious tie-in between them, I fancy. The nub of your unspoken concern is whether Pat will break away in pursuit of other game before you tire of him. Also, is he maybe two-timing you now, when out of your sight? You're probably not a split schozold type who farcnrdins? to socie- (withdraws from reality into soli- laccoraing 10 spcie- i case involved tablets with estrogenic substance used to alleviate dangerous.

the symptoms of menopause. The genuine tablet costs 40 to 50 cents so the racketeer could still make cosmetic products were forced off the market because they were Other Foods' Category Sometimes food falls under this dangerous category, food other Nothina beats Says Arthur Godfrey Snow Crop Fresh Fruit Thirst-Quenchers Naturally better for you than artificially-flavored, "bubbly" drinks! Nothing beats the natural flavor and goodness of Snow Crop pure fruit juices. All the true flavor and vitamins of fresh-picked in by quick-freezing for only pennies per glass. Get your favorites at your grocer's today during big Snow Crop Juice Value Jamboree. doesn't suffer from or lack of love as this other part of my I am not bored or idle, needing excitement.

I am just in love with two men. I had thought it would wear itself out but the flame burns brighter all the time. Are there persons who can't be true? Or am I heading for a fall? I'd just like to hear what caustic remarks I may have coming. Maybe I just need someone to pound some sense of shame into me. Am I a split personality? Signed K.

S. ARE WE SURE THIS IS LOVE? EAR K. It Is problematic whether you are exemplifying love or lust in your attachment to the two men. In any case, whether the emotional urgency that keeps you mired in adultery, it is evident that you aren't happy or satisfied in the experience. May I offer two points in support of this assertion? First, as regards your bright burning flame for the "other man," it is a matter of addiction, not devotion, I witness your melancholy moods of suspense when he doesn't call.

When true love exists and is shared, it is morale building, a iplr- itual tranquilizer, whether the beloved be present or not at any given time. Second, if you felt sustained and encompassed by double measure of theoretically you might, while the interest of husband and lover continues wouldn't have precipitated this discussion of thu triangle situation. A woman contented, lapped in a sense of security, is quiet, self-contained, with the serenity of emotional poise. She isn't analytical, self questioning and so on, as you are in exploring your affair. WORRY STIRS IN HER MIND ACK to your melancholy when Pat doesn't, call what does it mean? It signifies anxiety and distruct.a conviction of hapless insecurity in relation to an unreliable, parasitical personality, probably.

In saying he is dear to you, equally with your husband and son, you are cutting a brave face on captivity, I think. You are hypnotized by the uncertainty of the arrangement I and obscurely compelled, in ego- defense, to perpetuate the "proof" yourself mostly) that your charms aren't failing you. You ask, "Are there persons who can't be true?" which seems a redundant question, inasmuch as you haven't been true to your marriage contract. However, your next question, immediately Snow Crop Quick-Frozen LEMONADE ORANGE JUICE ORANOIADE GRAPEFRUIT ORAPI JUICE ORANGE-GRAPEFRUIT How ywr 8 Valu. Jamboree" featuring KING SUE SWIRL MIXER i jo) suit 1 2 miiiAD6rGu czift bottoins from your favorite Snow Crop Juices.

Send to Snow Crop Swirl Mixer, P.O. Box 781, Rochester 3, New York. than the filthy variety. When It was noticed that housewives pinched bread to test freihntu something was thought up to make it pinch right. FDA reveals this something if polyoxyethylene monostearate, a substance whose safety remains questionable after prolonged Investigation.

Rats given the Ingredient have developed bladder stones and tumors. Two cases against its use have been won by FDA; a third is still pending. This last case is holding up enforcement of the softener ban. Mri. Sullivan hopes the time will come the entire food, drug and cosmetic industry will devise an insignia to indicate that every product on the market has been sampled and found pure.

"Why," she know, "should meat be the only privileged commodity marked US- inspected, the guarantee that it meets government requirements?" (LMi ft tary day dreams. Rather I'd say you are immature and is, childishly self-loving and self-indulgent. It seems you've not matured up to the level of adult integrity in facing life. There is nothing, remarkable in having the capacity to love several persons simultaneously. It is how one manages this capacity that marks the individual weak or strong, wise or imprudent, admirable or otherwise.

M. H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by mall or personal Interview. Write her In care of the Lubbock Evening Journal. Marriage Is In Brownfield BROWNFIELD Juanita Louise Kerby Lanious of Wellman Henry George Robinson, formerly of Panhandle and now of Amarillo, were married in a double ring ceremony read recently in the Wellman Baptist Church.

Rev. W. L. Kite performed the service before an altar banked with arrangements of white flowers and greenery. Mrs.

H. E. Truitt of is the mother of the bride, and the bridegroom the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W.

M. Robinson of St. Vrain, N. M. "All For- You" was a solo sung by Miss Mollie Earp.

and Misses Dessie Mae Yvonne Oliver sang a duet arrangement of "I Love You Truly." "The Wedding Prayer" was sung by Misses Oliver and Misses Jo Frances and Mollie Earp, all of Wellman. Traditional wedding marches were used, and pianist was Mrs. Jim Jackson of Brownfield. Mrs. Robinson wore a navy ensemble with navy and white accessories.

She was attended by her daughter, Mr, Frank Decker of Brownfield, who also chose a navy frock. Elbert H. Robinson of Amarillo sei-ved his father as best man, and when were Eddy Lanious of Wellman, son of the bride, and Sanford Lee Swope of Lamesa, nephew of the bride. Assist At Reception At a reception held in the home of Mr; and Mrs. W.

F. Decker of Brownfield, the couple were assisted in receiving by Mrs. J. L. Swope of Lamesa, sister of the bride, and Mrs.

Lowell Sharp of Hereford, daughter of the bridegroom. Guests attended from Brownfield, Plains, O'Donnell, Lamesa, Hermleigh, Dallas, Amarillo, Panhandle, Hereford, Lockney and Clovis, N. M. After a trip to New Mexico and Colorado, the couple will be at home on July 10 at 4202 Cline Road, Amarillo. Both Mr.

and Mrs. Robinson are former teachers. She attended Texas Tech and East Texas State College, and his advanced study has been at Texas Tech, West Texas State College and the University of Texas. At present Robinson is preparing a publication of family connections with the history and development of Texas from the days of the Republic of Texas to the present time. When completed, the work will be placed in the archives of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, at the San Jacinto Monument in Houston.

Brownfield Garden Club Hears Illustrated Talk BROWNFIELD When Brownfield Garden Club met today at 3 p. m. in the Seleta Jane Brownfield Clubhouse, Mrs. John Powers of Lubbock gave three demonstrations, a line arrangement, a mass arrangement and a mass line grouping. The workshop program had been set an hour earlier than the club's regular 4 o'clock meeting time.

Each member brought flowers, containers, frogs, foliage and other necessary materials for making her own floral arrangements. Hostesses for the day were Mesdames Tim Faulkenberry, Nell Chesshuvand Glee Barnett. Garden Club officers are Mesdames Lee Fulton, president; Arlie Lowrimore, first vice-president; L. M. Rogers, second vice- president; Otis B.

Lamer, recording secretary; L. M. Lang, corresponding secretary; and Herman Chesshir, treasurer. Mrs. Harris Is Honored Complimenting her daughter, Mrs.

Leonard Harris of Roswell, N. Mrs. H. T. Wilkins gave a breakfast Tuesday morning in her home, 1651 Idalou Highway.

Places were set for 10 guests. An arrangement of red and white garden flowers centered the table. Mrs. Harris was honored with a luncheon today in the Hemphill- Wells Tea Room by Mrs. G.

H. Ball. The guest and her small daughter, Lynn Marie, are spending the week with the Wilkins. They will return to their home Friday. "ASPIRIN AT ITS IEST" DMifortf Moft St.Joseph Britain expects the reduction of its purchase tax to stimulate domestic auto sales.

Miss Frances Gibbs Leaves For Maine Miss Frances Gibbs is leaving day for Bath, where her map- miage to Lewis H. will ulace Saturday. Tuesday at noon Mrs. James O. Cade honored the bride-elect she gave a small luncheon at Hemphill-Wells Tea Room.

A gift of linen marked her place. Her mother. Mrs. E. Y.

Gibbi, and Mrs. J. E. Maisen were otter guests. Mr.

and Mrs. Cross Leave For Chicago Mr. and Mrs. W. S.

Cross, J004 22nd left Monday lor Chicago where they will spend the remainder of the summer with a daughter, Mrs. A. H. Prater, and family. They will also stop in Oklahoma City for a short stay.

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Used daily it is actually 1 Vi times as effective as any other leading deodorant in keeping your underarms dry, sweet and moisture-free. Safe for normal skin and fabriet. Get soft, creamy Arrid with PERSTOP today. Rub 1t out I No other deodorant givci you Arrid's exclusive iubbed-in protection. Arrid is America's largest selling deodorant.

So don't be half-safe. Be completely Use Acrid with Perttop to be sure. At teen in Btuem Aed-A. DE Now, here is important pointed shoe! The high thin flute heel tapers to a streamlined degree; the toes are narrowed to a sharp, clean point, a straight-from-Spain look. 16.95 I Houri FREE Jack RutUdgs Parking Lit I Oth Dana bUelc sutaY with patent liathtr creietntt for your eJirk lummtr cocktail drotiot, town lintni tottwu.

Dial S-MU.

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