The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 6, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1971
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY; JANUARY 6, 1971 life U Worth Living faith to follow Through our requests. Another pitfall is that we resist God's leading many times be- . cause it does not agree with our reasoning. . We make up our own minds before consulting with God and expect things to work out our way. But God does not work in this manner. He leads in the di rection that will benefit us and and that will be good for us. We lack the .foresight to know what is best in most instances and therefore resist the leading hand of God. Each day there is something new to learn..patience, confidence and trust. As we look forward to I each new tomorrow We can gain the faith to follow through when we keep our .hearts in tune with Christ for in Him all thmgsare possible. THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE I am crucified with Christ; -evertheless I live; yet not V but Christ liveth in me; and the. life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. (Gal. 2:20) .'; . How easy it is tor us to place our faith and trust in people around us, and in material things. We depend upon the mechanic, the grocer, the salesmen, doctors and other individuals to do things right" without question. Yet how often we neglect to realize the greatest source available to us in all situations we encounter. God made it possible for us to rely upon Him for allot our needs, yet we lack the trust to call upon Him or for that matter really expect Him to answer Project Lesson Uses of the Blender Thirty-six project leaders of Tipton County met = January 4 at the 4-H and Community Building, Tipton for the project lesson "Uses of the Blender". Mrs. .Betty Combs, Area agent from Delphi, Carroll County, specializing in foods and nutrition, presented the lesson. Mrs. Combs gave some general buying hints when selecting a blender. A blender should be weU balanced not top heavy, that does not tip or creep while in use. They should have a rather heavy base. Its feet-or base should be smooth and hard enough for easy sliding on counter tops. Soft rubber feet may stick and tip the' blender. Base should be easy to grasp and hold securely when moving. Base-should have smooth 9 The LO.O.F. and Rebekali Lodge .of Kemp ton will have their joint installation on Saturday night, January. 9. InstallationwiU be an open one and public is cordially invited. Time is 7 p.m. and all officers and members of both lddges are urged to attend. ~ As hew year begins, and new officers are installed, a successful and rewarding year in lodge fellowship is hoped ,for." Three links are a constant reminder that both lodges are bound together for the goal of Fraternal Friendship. Each has the responsibility of feachingthis goal. Friendship, Love and Truth. Computer helps medics PALO ALTO, Calif. (UPI)A new system which can produce diagnostic reports of <*lrc- troencephalographic .(EEC ) tests has been developed by a Veteran's Administration Hospital neurologist. . Dr. Stephen Sherwood said a 35-poundniinicoinputer prepares the diagnostic report in less. than two minutes anil draws conclusions in tests for cpilepsv, tumor location and other brain damage. I "At present a neurologist must.spend 15'to" 20 minutes dictating his analysis and conclusions of EEG recording charts, which themselves can measure 100 feet: to half a mile in length," Dr. Sherwood said. • { • "After 10 to 15 patients per day, the neurologist tires and-his judgment and accuracy - can be dulled." •'• The neurologist or technic cian prepares a diagnostic report merely by typing a group of four letter memonics on a teletype keyboard.. The computer processes the code words into a and draws diagnostic conclusion. The new * method's advantages include standardization of reporting; time saving in ( processing' EEG ? s; use of a check list which obviates errors •and omissions; automatic evaluation of the EEG. The big ; stir in ski wear concerns the anatomically — molded ski boot. No two pairs ; are alike. They're made by injecting plastic foam into a ski boot and then shaping it to the contours of the right and left foot. Within ,15 minutes, skier removes cast. After 12 hours, he has a ski boot that's said to allow him perfect control on the slopes. \ .easy to clean surface. They should be convenient to store. Choose a low silhouette blender' that fits under standard kitchen cabinets. Also "the cord may be stored in the base. Mrs. Combs said never to touch appliance when hands are "wet. ^MosJ motors;, are permanently lubricated, and protected from spilled liquids. The higher the wattage, the heavier the load the blender handles. A blender should have a wattage of 500 watts or more. Wattage will be printed on the bottom of the blender. If it has solid state controls it will maintain speed and power regardless of ..what foods are being blended. Low, medium and high are usually the only speeds needed for a blender. The jar on blender should be at least 5 cups and made of heat and cold resistant glass; It should open at both ends for easy removal of heavy' mixtures. The top cover should fit securely and have a removable center'cap for adding ingredients 1 while blending. Consider whether or riot it is made by an American manufacturer. Mrs. Combs said electric blender is truly a versatile, time sa- ving . appliance. ^She prepared fresh apple and orange bread, cherry whirl, a gelatin salad, quick vegetable salw with celery seed dressing,;low-cal sour cream and blender applesauce made from fresh apples. Project leaders; attending were: County officers - area agent Ruth Winter, also Mesdames Charles Henkey, Wm. Wolford, Lloyd Brinson and Elbert Harper. J Project leaders attending were: Mesdames Dave Nanda, Fred Cook, Wm.! Throgmartin, Walter Burkhardt, Raymond Stipp Frank Bell, Alfred Howery, Ralph Beck, Kenneth Achehbach, Russell Morrison, Ella!Wilson, Robert Foor, Ned Grayson, Alan Schulenburg, Don Whisler, Walter Schulenburg, Max Simpson, ^Gerald Barr, Don Vawters, Stanley Williams, Clarence Lindley, Guy Horton, Joe Messick, Don Richards, Glen Huggler, Glen Munro, Don Lacy, [Elmer Butler, John Mack Miner; Emaline Qrr, James Melson, Don Hinds, George Sheedy, Harry Parr, Lester Carlen, Ezra Leininger, Everett Rude and Miss Ruth Mohler and Miss Marv Merchen. / J'! JUST MOVED? What you heed right now is a helping hand.. Be sure to get in touch with the Welcome Wagon hostess. She can help you get to know your new community as quickly:as possible. \ ' Phone 675-4492 by Helen Bottel- Too Much, too Late Dear Helen: •Looking back over 40 years, you can see the, mistakes --when it's too late to change them. I earned good- wages. My wife is a good manager, so I let her : take care of the money. As the years went on, we went out less and less. There was always an excuse — the children needed . clothes, the trip "wasn't worth it," but mainly — "we're saving' for retirement so we can enjoy ourselves." So we sat in.front of the TV, watched other people's travel movies, and our bank account grew. At first I fried to pers'iade.- my wife that spending for amusement wasn't a mortal sin, but :the few vacations we took, were never" "right", She'd get tense and worried — like I was robbing of her pf her old age. \ After awhile, the virus took hoia'or me, too. We'd have that pot of gold when got to the end of the,rairibow, and THEN — we'd, live! Last year I retired. My wife fought against it. "The money," she wailed. "What will we do without your paycheck?" I have; \ an. adequate retirement fund — over $500 a month — plus a big savings account, enough to see us through until we're 110. Inasmuch as we.won't live that long, I expected to go on the trips we denied ourselves and the children-all those years. Or did I really? If my wife suddenly changed her tune and sug- . gested a 'round-the-world cruise, I must be truthful and say Pd find excuses to stay home. The habit of years is too great.. I no longer yearn for the travelling and. enjoyment that I once thought would be great. It's too much trouble, making plans -- andhear- ing her shudder at every check we write. Advice won't help Helen. I'm writing this only as a warning to • young, couples. Spend as you go! Don't save it for that "someday" or you'll get into such, a rut that someday will never come. — MISER AGAINST MY WIL1 Dear Miser: ' Advice might help — if your wife, were advised by the children, her doctor, pastor, friends -- and YOU asked the advice of a tra- - • vel agency who would take the "planning" hassle off your hands. Rise up and assert yourself, man! Youmight be surprised how fast a woman changes, when her husband takes the reins. — H. Dear Helen: ' We moved here last spring and the neighbors helped a lot. I got a job and,' when vacation came, the lady next door started . looking out for our children, aged 14 and 15^, She has a teen-age... girl and boy. They also have a swimming pool with a high fence around it. • One day last summer I got sick and came home from work ear-, ly. I stopped at my neighbor's to let the children know, and was.I shocked! Our two girls were swimming with the other two teen- ; agers, all nude. Just as I got to the pool, the.mother came out of the house, also nude. . ^ Naturally, I found another place for our children to stay while '•" I worked. • Now we're thinking aboutsellingour house, as we can't condone this depraved kind of goings-on.. What bothers me is our children thought so little of it that they didn't mention "this so-called "skinny dipping." And. the woman had the nerve to ask my husband and me to swim. I thought they were such great people—before. Pve said nothing to them—but: Are we right in leaving?S.F. ; ,' Dear S.: Nudists, aren't depraved — they simply have different attitudes about clothing. If you don't like skinny-dipping, stay out of their back yard, but don't feel threatened. Their moral values are probably as strong, as yours. — H. -• This column is dedicated, to family living, so if you're having kid trouble pr just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. The Duchess of Marlborough, formerly Con'suelo Vandcrbilt, is Credited with starting the cra/x for dog collars. She wore 19 strands of pearls on her swan-like neck, a' feat that has never been equalled; fashion historians say. Womens Democratic Club The Tipton Co. Womens Demo-: cratic Club will meet on Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs.. Leo McCann, route 5 Tipton. Parking is. limited so please meet at the courthouse for a car pool.. Olympic Sized Rooftop heated pool, sun terrace, chaises, cabanas Unbeatable for convenf/ons (10,000 So.. Ft. Of Meeting Rooms & - Banquet Space! BEAUTIFUL HEW VACATION RESORT^ DIRECTLY OH THE OCEAN! • Beautifully decorated ait-conditioned rooms, ill with a view of the blue Atlantic. Ample free parking. Bank, Movie Theatre and 21 . retail shops right on the premises. • Shuffleboard, ping pong, children's play area-. Perfect location for sightseeing, shopping, excit- ingjiightlife, golf, raciiie. boating, water sports, •Windjammer dining Room, coffee shop, • 3 cocktail bars (two indoors—one outdoors under the Rooftop Suspended Swim. Pool). FREE HOLIDEX RESERVATION SYSTjEM Confirms your reservation immediately, in fcriting—just call any Holiday Inn or your traytl agent. HOME OF FAMOUS WINDJAMMER LOUNGE Featuring live entertainment, two great bands, dancing nightly. — „,« 0 0 „ Malida) Inn Oceaniidl 3000 East Us alas Blvd.. Attn: Jim Davis i Ft. Lauderdale. FU. 33316 Oirector of Sales'••; Please send information: Q Vacation Q Sales Meeting • • ' J .'• NAME, ADDRESS. Page 3 WEDNESDAY Fellowship Circle of the Nor ; manda Christian Church -7:30 p.m., at church THURSDAY Present [Day Club, Mrs, Mar-| garet Hobbs, 414 Green St. WSCS of Goldsmith .United Methodist Church - 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Bernice Phifer, Goldsmith Tipton Union of WCTU - 2 p.m., Mrs. Don Clouse i ' Silver Belles Extension Home. makers Club - 7:30 p.m.; Mrs. Otis Underwood, route 2 Sharpsville ' American Legion Auxiliary-7:3p p.m., Legion Home 1 j- FRIDAY • ' j '• I- Home Craft Club - 1:30 p.m Mrs. James Melson - j • T. SUNDAY ' j;' .' Loyal Workers Sunday; School : Class! of the. Hobbs Christian Church - at church. Pitch-fin :• dinner at noon i • < MONDAY i Tipton Co. Women's Democratic Club -7:30 p.m., Mrs. lefo ; McCann, route 5 Tipton | TIPTON TRIBUNE- P, m Tipton Lions Club Tipton lions will have a directors meeting Wednesday, January .6 at 7:30 at the lions Clubhouse. Next.! regular. meeting night, January 13 at 6:30 p.m. will be a Ladies Night dinner meeting at the Bowl-O-Drome. Louis Russell,the heart transplant patient, will be the guest speaker. Public invited. 1 '• : : | 128 Austin Lodge No, I F. & A.M. : I Tipton, Indiana 1 ; Stated Meeting; . j 'i Thursday, January 7,1971 | "' [ 7:30p.m. |. | Missionary Society The Missionary Society of the. Baptist 1 Church met Sunday at the home of Mrs. LettJe Scott and daughter Margaret, east of. Windfall following the regular. Sunday School hour and morning worship service at the church. . A carry-in dinner was served at the noon hour with prayer "being offered by Rev. Raymond Hills pastor. ' • Miss MargaretScott, president was in charge of the afternoon- meeting which, was opened with singing the hymn "Take Time To Be Holy". Scripture readings were* read by Miss Sarah Kay Holder followed with devotions by Miss Margaret'Scott using as' her theme, "A Thought For The New Year." Prayer was offered by Rev. Hills. The study lesson "How the Word Gets Around With People Serving - People" was presented with several of the. members taking part. A poem entitled, "A Guide for the New Year" was read by Miss Margaret Scott. The meeting was dismissed with singing the hymn ''Leaning on the Everlasting Arms", followed with prayer by'Mrs. Laura Shaw. .... American legion Aux. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet at the Legion Home at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday; FAMILY AFFAIR /, ') K UKr, j^/^. 675:2115 WINDFALL East Union .Mrs.rChester Frazier returned home Sunday from spending the past week with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Whetzel of Vermillion, Ohio. Mrs. John Samuels and "Mrs. Dorothy Billingsly are ill at their respective homes. Randy, Scotty and MissDeanna Bryan, (students at Indiana "University; in Bloomin'gton, have returned to their classes after visiting jtheir parents, Mr. and Mrs. John" Bryan. Miss Esther Spurgeon, Indianapolis, entertained at dinner New' Years -Day, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spurgeon and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Spurgeon and daughter Anita Of Arcadia; Mr. and Mrs. Lester IHges, Miss. Mary. Illges, .Miss Marie Ann Illges, Mrs. Leo Egler, and James Partlow;. Miss Lenore Plummer was the weekend guest of her brother and family j Mr., and - Mrs. Wayne Plummer of Selma. Mr. and Mrs. James Curtis and sons were dinner guests New Years Day of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne: White and family. Miss Carol Corn, a first grade teacher in the Windfall School,, returned to her classes Monday after spending the Christmasand New Year holidays with-her parents in Oakland City. - Mr. and Mrs. lee Egler and Dick and Nancy Egler visited a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Dan Egler. Dan, who is serving with the UjS. armed forces, is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. .Mr. and Mrs. Guy Trimble were the Sunday, dinner and afternoon guests of Mrs. Ola Dean. •J- Installation of Officers! \ •!.•• - ^ • -i-i . Robert E. Dickover,. WM George W. Greene, Sec'y. Home Craft Club The Home Craft Glub will meet on'Friday at 1:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. James Melson. Hogf&recl at Party Miss Dee Ann Arnold, Noblesville, was guest'of honor at a birthday party recently at the home of her. grandmother, Mrs. Mary Arnold, of Tipton. Other guests' present were Mr. and . Mrs. Jerry Arnold, Noblesville; Mr. and. Mrs.-Phil Thompson, Neil Thompson, and Miss Marta Overdbrf, East Union; Mrs. Maggie Fox, Frankfort; and Miss Pam ' Pace, North Manchester. Cyrid Simkins was guest speaker at the East Union Christian Church Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Simkins returned to the states December 31 after serv­ ing'as missionaries in Southern Rhodesia, Africa. He will be teaching next semester at'Lin­ coln- Christian Seminary, Lincoln, Illinois. Mr. Simkins is a forftier minister of the East Union congregation. Hobbs I oyal Workers The Loyal Workers Sunday 'School Class of the Hobbs Christian Church will meet at the church at noon for a. pitch - in dinner. CITY. STATE. ZIP_ FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA FRESH PORK SIDE 49* TIPTON MEAT MARKET 117 S; West St. Phone 675.-4410

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