The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 28, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1908
Page 8
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si^ THE BAE331SFIELD CAL1FORNIAN WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1908, TELEPHONfcS MAIN 39 and 86 Still Got That Cougli and Cold ? fry niir unarantec Kucalyp- :HN ;nnl Money Coujfli Syrup. Wi- s;i\ I lint it will slop that foagh lii'i-anse we know ivhnt it has done for others jinl know what it will do for f'A\. t.'et it a I I liters. The Store of Eastman Kodaks, Baer's Leading Druggist*. IAD HAS A Dili I! ESCAPE FROM STREET CAR Dleli Vena, ilclivpry box Capitiin sliililcs. (iwcs his (lie Elto the j perfect working of the fender on the Chester avenue street cur. This morning about 7 o'clock the lad was thrown from hid to the street car track directly in front of an approaching car. The car was on him In a moment, but the fender, dropping to the track when the safety was released, caught the prostrate lad and held him safe mull Mnlornian Draft brought the car to a stop. Vega, although skinned and bruised. Is uninjured. He lias a cut on one elbow, two small scalp woimilH and a small cut over the right eye. but otherwise was not hurt. It rc(|iilred considerable effort, however, to release him from his dangerous position. A half do/.en or more witnesses to the accident had to lift (he car so that he could crawl from under. He was removed to Baer's drug store and later to Dr. Fowler's private sanatorium. Imt after the cuts! had been bandaged, he walked to the street and thence to the stables. "We were going south on the 7 o'clock trip." said Motorman Bratt, In talking of the accident, "Vega was coming In the opposite direction galloping his horse leisurely and when a few gan feet ahead of us 1 noticed he be- checking the animal. The pavement was slippery and In another moment the horse the boy on the feet ahead of the had fallen, throwing car track about four He fell across one rail with his head almost on the other. The fender worked perfectly. I stopped the car at once." NEW TRIAL ARGUED IN LAND FRAUD CASE. WASHINGTON. Oct. 27.— The nrgu- •IONAL CREST YOU WANT IT ! SOLD ONLY IN TINS • Bakersfield Grocery Co. Bakersfield, Cal. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th inents for a new trial Kmlerlck A. Hyde Schneider, who were ! spYing of conspiracy asked for by and Joost H. 'Convicted last in connection JUDGMENT OF $115,000 OBTAINED BY SOAP MAN. LONDON. Oct. L's.— Edward Cook, soap manufacturer, today obtained II- ! bel judgment of $115,000 against cer- 1 tain newspapers owned by Lord Nor^h- ; ellffe, which charged that the company ' was attempting to form a trust. Other firms accused by Northcliffe's newspaper of being parties to the same combine, have suits pending. Lord North- ellffe Is at present In the United i States. frauds In the west, were taken under advisement today by Jus- lice Stafford of he criminal court of th<> Illslrlct of Columbia. Counsel for the convlc'ted mt'ii con tended that the verdict was the result ; i of a compromise, some of the jurors ' | who favored conviction of all four of i tin. 1 defendants who were tried (Hyde j Schneider, Benson and Dlmond) rot- j ing to acquit Dimond In order to 1 change the votes of the oilier jurors, who were inclined to acquit all. Tho prosecution asserted that compromise verdicts were being rendered daily by juries. The defense charged that the court had erred in telling the jury that one of the defendants might he convicted of conspiracy. BASEBALL GAME IN OIL FIELDS SATURDAY. Saturday afternoon t!ie Oilcenter and Kern City grammar schools, which have been rivals on the baseball Held for some time past, will again meet. The contest this time will take place on the diamond at Oilcenter and a hot game is looked for. Boys' Serviceable Shoes The boys require shoes that arc solid and well made. We have them. Shoes made of velour, satin or box calf, in lace or bluchcr style, heavy sole, solid heels anil counters;,every pair guaranteed. Sixes 'J'.j to .">'j, price $1.50 to $3.00. Sixes IMi- to '2, price $1.25 to $2.50. Sizes 9 to 13, price $1.00 to $2.00. Redlick's $5 Boys Suits Are Rain-Proof . and Very Strong Get your boy a $•"> suit at Redlick's. Our $5 suits "stand the racket" as no other boys' suit' will. To begin with, the cloth it is made from is selected because of the wearing quality pi>y a special process it is made rainproof. Then the suit is made right. Made on correct lines so as to allow perfect freedom of movement. Put together with that same wearing quality in view. The seams are silk sewn and taped. "Doubtful" points are reinforced. Buttons are on to stay on. \ A Redlick $5 suit is as near "boy-proof" as men who know boys can make it—and it is just as stylish and good looking as it is stout. MARRIAGE LICENSE, A marriage license was issued today to Thos. F. Price, a native of Cal- it'ornia, age !H and Fannie Huni, a native of California, age 26. Kahler Says Now is the time to buy Rubber Goods Buy them now and make use of them these eold mornings. An Absolute • Guarantee for one year j:oes with every Hot Water Hoi tie or Syringe from us. Get one today. BAKERSFIELD ORIG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONF. MAIN 42 Corner 19th * I 8t«, BUSY SENDING OUT COUNTY ELECTION SUPPLIES. The dork's force is busy sending out election supplies, much of which I goes to remote precincts by special' messengers. Handed Down From Father to SOD. In thousand) of hmillti, all oter tho Urn), Schenck's Mandrake PUU lia" 1 , through thron generation), given proof of, ni>t only their i-ur«ti»» propertliw, but sUo thnlr Purity and S«lety. SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS QARTMAN FUNERAL WAS i HELD THIS AFTERNOON The mortal remains of h. Gartman were laid at rest this afternoon In Union Cemetery. The funeral exercises were held at 1 o'clock at the undertaking parlors of Dlxon & Sons Ui charge of Rev. \V. H. Welman. The pall bearers were C. E. Baer, L. F. Godley, G. Young. C. E. Keys. Peter Koessel and Paul Mortensen. There were numerous floral offerings. -*MINING COMPANY FILES ITS ARTICLES. Articles of Incorporation of the Sunset Cold Mining Company have been filed. The capital stock is $Jun,(H)0. WATER AGAIN IN MIDWAY LINE Word was received from Midway this morning that the wells of the Oregon Midway were again started pumping last evening and water turned into the pipe lines, of the Producers Water Company. New tubing has been installed in the wells and the two compressors have been repaired. How long they will hold up is a canundrum, but they are expected to give good service now and allow the work to con- tinue until the arrival of the new Leyner compressor, which is expected almost any day. A number of the companies which closed down started Up this morning and others will as soon as the water reaches th£ra, '• THE RUMMAGE SALE leilhetdl aylor FOR Brussels Sprouts Peas String Beans Green Onions Lima Beans Celery Cauliflower Head Lettuce All kinds of fruits of season. Bellflower Apples, $1.50 per box 1423 19th St. Phone Main 401 Schenck', Mandrake Pills are For Sale Everywhere 25 cents a box or by mail. Liven the Live I.H.SCHENCE&SON The rummage sale at Stoner's, cor ner 17th and Chester avenue, goes steadily on. Much good Is being done and substantial returns are being realized. The sale Is expected to close Friday evening. So that all the newly married couples and political candidates that have not been»fitted out will need to hurrv. VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Late of Detroit Conservatory of Music Studio Phone 338 Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC EX-TREASURER IS . SERIOUSLY BURNED. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 28.—Charles Bantel, former city and county treasurer, was seriously, perhaps fatally, Injured at C o'clock this morning by *b» explosion of a gasoline stove which he was lighting in his Turk street, restaurant. REMEMBER Aimett's Bakery, the place where you get all kinds of dell- cacloB act good as CHER'S After trying other places and fulling to get good pastry, come around an* get some ot our PIES Annett'sBakery 162719th St. Phone M 390 GETTING IN In a well stodcod harness shop like ours you have numerous styles to select from. Look at our $5 plush robes, our $4 wool robes. Law horse blankets, $1.50 with double surcingle. Street blankets, 84x96, $2. Gloves all styles and all prices. A. B. HERRINQTOH 1517 19th St. ^il^i^Pii^ifll '!> is of such quality that y»-i tas'-, % just the tobatvo. And the tobacco used ia Itnp<;:i- nlcs is F^ jiv.:-o,cKv..-.,c.iiucior.f. ly se!ecU\l r.r.d j-.;.'.in.nisly b!e:ulc,l th.'.t it :.".;-;v,o3 a tl.ivor knosva t; no other ci^uroUc. Furthermore, i.i Imperials tho paper is crimp-\l, net pasted, and the individual r.i'Uithpieces cool tho smoke. Smoke them a'l chy Irr.g it you want to— no after effects. The men of the \\'cst smokedor:r 125,000,000 Imperials Ctgare'.tei in a/)/. 10 for lOc Sold Evtrywhara K- JOHN TOLLMAN COMPANY, Manufacturer, a*a Fr.nciwo H. 0. HARNESS With J. W. BrocKman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld, Cal NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL TY T AT ISFY LIEN AND SAFE . „ Notice is her.>bv given. that on tho 24th day of October, ipos. at the hour ot 10 o'clock ii. in. or that date, tho undersiKned will sell at miblic auction ft 1 Tl; lr W e 'J l>r A IU TS- B i>' tk "» ,1«. T. 28 S . u. .ID W.. m. AJ.,,m. Kern Coi'int'v. Cal- Itprnlu. the following personal prop. One 22 h. u. F. M. gasoline engine; four-Btnmu mill complete: two 50 gal gas tanks: 1 blacksmith vise: 1 forge- .1 iron wheel barrows: 1 anvil: 1 galo storage tank: 20 emptv distillate drums; 1 2-horse watson: 1 scraper: 1 hand uumw: 1 loir chain: I coal stove: 116% drill: 2 steel forks: 1 (>alr.^Buffalo scijles^ 1 .grindstone: 2 L' I'n n n 1» - I imn jjuutnw o^tiien. I KlUUlbUWe; t broad axes: 2 large pipe cutters: \ small pipe cutters; I! Stlllson wrench PS; 2 pr. large B. S. tongs; 2 pr. lane saws-f Xcuf saw: 1 lack plane: 2 wood chisels; 1 claw hammer; 1 brace and bit: 1 shoeing hammer; 2 10-inch rasps; 1 ur. tin shears- 6 hammers. .IV. IDS: 3 hammers. 8. Ibs: 1 draw knife: 2 pinch pars- 1 lever wrench: 6 S wrenches: 14,% short drills:! motor: 8 old shovels: 1 pr. counter Ecales: 1 set blocks: 2 vds. sheet rubor: 6 lamps: 1 assurers outfit: 3 wet atteries:,B spring cots: 1 air-tight heater: 1 large chair: 7 chairs: 1 wall clock; 1 alarm clock: 1 writing desk: 1 Ink stana: ,2 letter files: 1 waste basket: 1 dining table- 110 S-in. guttering; 1 meat safe: 200 ft. 1-in. roue: 2 boxi-s dishes: 2 lanterns: 4 dl ' nans- Icook stove: 2 hand sci " mill I) 1 assav office: 1 ble' . 4,)j) •oom: Ishes: 2 ranterns: 4 iflsh lok stove: 2 haud scales; 1 .._,-ng: 1 assav office: 1 living 1 Dunk house- 1 2-room cook table: 1 T i Tr i •» *••*-' »»!*•»• ut i IHT til \fi f ga>l P: operFv in section 16. Township 28 S lianee IJ5 B.. M. D. M.. at Tunnel Siii'lncs. Kern Countv. California. r so iTiucli thereof as may be neces arv to .satlstv said lien and costs o ale, ..said Hen l)elng for the sum o or sa unv. aorna. as may be neces- . lien and costs of gale, ..said Hen l)elng for the sum or $640.0(p. being lt> months at $40.0() ner month. The said nersonal nropertv fii.Wjosed to belong to Francis Mining. Milling and Cvanldlng Conipanv. a onrooratiQu, and. L.,S. Tweedv and Qthffs. The undersigned Is lawfullv l ff ooasesslon of the sai »i t »irt°yRt ec fle nJau ' ! ' ?% e .K 0 ated this Bin dav ot October. 1508. DROP IN = On Your Way Home . ct A A little chat is good for you, and goad for us. Get acquainted with the "Collegian Clothes". Something for you, and something for the boy. A neat little suit for your boy to wear to school. Or surprise him with an overcoat. You are proud of that boy; and lie will be proud of himself when he wears one of our suits or coats. You must see the goods to understand our new proposition of combining quality and price. No argument on our part; all we do is show the goods. You are the judge, and you are the jury. Don't take our word for anything, but take a look at those all wool cheviot suits for boys; a nice double breasted coat and pair of trousers to match. All for $4.50. We don't sell cheap goods, but good goods cheap. S.WISEKOPF NOT THE CHEAPEST BUT HE BEST.

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