The Daily Republican from Monongahela, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1929 · Page 3
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The Daily Republican from Monongahela, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Monongahela, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1929
Page 3
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WjjpXESDAY. OCTOBER 2. 1929 THE DAILY REPUBLICAN PAGE T11REB A Quartet of Connie Mack's Star 1 advertising must be paid in advance. tfo advertisement taken for less than 25c . , 1 Female Help Wanted 30 WANTE ousework. Girl for Phone 844. general tbcl-tf Male Help Wanted 31 LETTERS FROM STUDENTS I - V' '"'"'- 1 ' t ft i::r nnin a wir- WORLD SERIES HURLERS BIG Two reliable men wanted. Steady t;kers only. Good earnins to! who qualify. See Mr. Smith ! Massanutten Academy -'-' " Woodstock, Va. j t' Hotel Donora, Wednesday and Dear Daily: liursday after s p. m. tbc-30-2 j I arrived down here to find my- 1 : i KPif in fast comDany. we have Birds-CatS-DogS PetS 43 I sonie 0f the best backfield materi-! ,, ot,, al in country. We are a little weak onongahela. 39-30-2 finding center matenal but, ;iaier we migui ue amc m um-uci " Miscellaneous For Sale ttieoniething good. May go out for guard but I don't know what to For Good Soudan Coal C10-R-4. J. H. Zekoll. phone j go out f or COAL Get your coal now. For ice call 2G1-M. Arthur L. Hil-m. 157-25-Oct. 8. OAL For good coal, call 916 mith-IIerron Coal Co. Aug. 2-tf ZOV-l-Ol 1 iri, Jr. is a nipn nlaw liprp Rpau- 1 11 1 0 1 0 M ...w I ' -" - - - - tiful hills in the distance, beauti- Apartments For Rent 52 FOR RENT One four room nd on fire room apartments. 11 conveniences. Inquire Dan's Storo, . tbc-July 10-tf Furnished Rooms 54 FOR RENT Two furnished toms for light housekeeping. Pri-ite porch and all conveniences, ill 407-J. . tbc-l-tf FOR RENT Nicely furnished torn, adjoining bath separate en-ance to hall. Heart of down ,wn. Phone 444-M. 27-tf FOR RENT Nicely furnished ont room, centrally located. In-lire 424 Chess Street. tf HOUSES FOR RENT 56 ful sunsets, and last-but not least beautiful SUNRISES. We are swinging into flie regular grind as the days pass. You ought to see me in a uniform either look like i a mailman or like a West Pointer. Well, I guess I better sign off as I have already caused enough static. Thanks for the paper, and say hello to everyone for me and write me how Simms is getting along. . Will write to you after the Mercersburg game. Your friend, RUBY SKLAR P. S. My address: Cadet Richard Sklar, Massanutten Academy, Woodstock, Va. 1 P I. ' : I T , ' . ! W I X" S :lt ml; HAAS FQXX SIMMONS I r . . " QUESTION tTTTF 17 27 A wtmcms i ' ; J . :' -. r 7Tl lrrep (i By Davis J. Walsh N. S. Staff Correspondent.) ; New York, Oct. 2. 1 may have; been just another day of devotion j i and self-denial on the beach at i Coney Island but," to smart base- j , ball men," last " Sunday furnished j what is believed to be a pre-dated account of "the first' game of the 1929 World Series, at least so far as" the starting pitchers are concerned. : These will be George Earnshaw, for the Athletics, and j Charley Root for the Cubs, altho Malone still has a chance of get-Ling the nod from Joe McCarthy when howev At least, that is baseball logic after what happened on Sunday. The incidents of the day, numbering two. The first of these saw Root shut out the Reds with six 'hits, a. rather significant gesture at this stage of the proceedings. The second recorded the debacle of the Athletics' ranking left bander, Lefty Grove. He failed to come up tor the sixth inning against the Red Sox after spotting them elev- anng por Washington Mi sc." "--- i "... . . M w " - 1 Monongahela Gridders Free DEMPSEY TO START PROMOTING RACKET - Arrange to attend the Cooking j School, sponsored by The Daily I Republican to be held in the First ' Presbyterian Church, Thursday jand Friday, October 10th and 11th. Frorn Alumni Today. To Meet If you like to f iffht put your energy to work for The Chamber of Commerce. i ELECTRIC ad ACETYLUIE Chicago, Oct. 2 (INS) Tonight : Jack Dempsey conies back in a j Tf f s Rrnkpn. start oil' the home lot for the Wild cats.' " ':: ' Washington has already played and won two games, haying defeated Burgettstown and Browns-yiile. A feature of the Washington" play- is a fleet back field that is protected by a heavy, fast charging line. :'" ", The' Monongahela high team en hits. The performance was j came through the opening game rather typical of the Grove the last j with Duouesne wfth the sfjuad in-tour weeks have known. itact and will apparently present nnv nn?iliKli rata, tllnf nf iw- The Red and White football ma- Lessful promoter of a big-tin.e box- chine, intact from the opening con- J jg 8how. test with Duquesne on Saturday is And fate, oddly enough, has de- j being put through a fast pace by creed that the Manassa Mauler ,. , .... . ,- . . will make his managerial debut Coach C. H. Wine in an effort to' ., .. , , less than one mile from the place iron out a few or tne rougn spois where two year8 ag0 Le weiIt down to defeat before Gene Tunney in a bout which the experts wisely pre- j dieted would usher him into pugilistic oblivion. Jackie Fields, welterweight chiini game Saturday will be the first pion from Chicago and Vince Dun that are still in evidence on the team before before the contest Sat- the time conies. Earnshaw, j ur(Jay with tue LjtUe presidents of rer, can't miss. !. t,i.. ,:i'i"' i. vvasuiugiuu 111511 otiiuyi. iiic Dear Daily: Just a few lines toilet you know I'm still living. I wanted to write sooner but if you knew how busy we are up here FOXX Four young men upon whom Connie Mack pins hopes for a world's championship in baseball are Mickev Cochrane catcher-Jimmy Foxx. first baseman, and AI Simmons and "Mule" Haas' ?u nfid.e.": Th.cse f!1,ows p,ayed a big: Pa,t in giving Connie Mack irin cv.i ! lj-v American league pennant. Al harA h .-.. j Saltsburg, Pa.j SXwrJdriw trouWe801Be t0 the C1,icaso Cubs in th There will be a lot of hocus po-cus about pitchers before the first game of the series , iiext Tuesday. It is the big "if" game of the event and neither team "can afford to blow it. They, therefore, must start the man in whom they have the most confidence and Connie their entire strength on Saturday. Ko'nreceiyed a' bit nip "on his ankle, but is in fairly good shape now, Harrison arid Baxter did not appear for practice yesterday, the latter having an attack of boils and the former1'.'-' being' slightly sick. They will probably be in uniform Mack wont have to .wait until next ifodav. The workouts after school Tuesday to . find that out. He j yesterday were in offensive instruc-knows now who that man is: in tion with various players being fact, he has known it for some j drilled in points they were weak time. He has no choice in the I in. The defeat Saturday has not matter, which may be just as well. I made the team downcast, instead dee, are the principals on a card ! of three , ten round bouts. Dave Shade will meet Joe Roche in the ten round windup. Both are California middleweights. WE'LL WELD ITL AUTOMOBILE AND TRUCK WELDING Frames Straightened We Specialize on Wrecks OFFICIAL AAA TOWING STATION Open Day and Night CALL 570 LAZZARl'S GARAGE AT RIVER BRIDGE East Monongahela !!!fUTH AMERICA'S LOWEST-PRICED FULL-SIZE CAR tells the full story of FOR RENT Six room house and 5'0U would easily understand the itli, all modern conveniences, orner of Third and Short streets, ill 381-J. ' 41-2-3 FOR RENT Two houses, at $20 id $25 per month, with gas, elec-ic, -water and bath, located on iiith street. Inquire C. Barbero, 3 Main street. 145-1-7 fOR RENT Cottage, four large . pm's, water, gas, electric, large t, on improved streets. Call 15-M. Nelson St., First Ward. delay. We have to work plenty! . . .. both athletically and scholastically. But for all that it is certainly a nice place. ; In regards to the team. Well, it is tough staying on the squad V this year. Almost every one is a back too. Tt will keep me hopping around to stay on the squad but then maybe I'll get in a few games Let's hope so. .' '- There's 'quite a bit of difference i Football Gossip From High School And College Squads WAYNESBURG The Yellow Jacket football outfit of. Waynesburg College went ; through a tough practice session j to start at o ciock Sharp. yesterday afternoon. The game : u; "i, ,i,t ti, Atit. 1 Saturday with Pitt is now a mem-1 PRINCETON 11U111 lllg J 1IC UUltlVilLC , t f Connie Mack may have wished to avoid starting his two left handlers in successive games but I don't see how he can avoid it now. Besides. Walberg and Bush may not pitch the third game of the series; depending on what happens in the first two. If, for instance, the Cubs, smack Grove, then Mack may take a chance with Qui mi's spit ball and if ' the Athletics get ; friendly -with the Cub right hand-win from the Galloping Ghosts, ofjers, McCarthy might want to gam-East Washington, Friday after-ible with Nehf, the left bander, who noon at College Field, the contest 'showed a nice performance against the Phillies "on September 11 and hasn't been asked to do a thing since. LARGER BODY WIDER SEATS 11-20-2 ;9 ag great as ," between grade FOR RENT Five room jd bath, situated in Park avenue. Dim Bryan, real estate agent, irst National Bank Bldg. -tbc-30-tf FOR SALE FOR SALE Spotted pony, quiet, I jod worker. Reasonable price, hone 326-R. 43-1-3 HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOR SALE house 'school' and high school. ory ana tne waynesuurg piayers Prinrnimi M .1 net '?. I oi.n t.o(ii!i,,r ir. mnnt ,n i I ... . ... ..... . ... .(lie worth a. whirl for one came cc""" ""--k. ' ri-ne r icer s urn nas oee i iwis e - They are a couple of old flS)"' 1 tll7 .U.1, iuiiil are How is everything there. Tough M. . H. S. lost Saturday. Wasn't bad though. . , , Remember me to the gang. Your friend, JIMMY SIMMS P. S. Getting the ."Daily" every day. It sure is a life saver. more nearly in their class. The i before he got started,,. .,, grldders" are billed to. meet the In-, For yesterday" in a practice game jciiana Mate college team at w ay-j Rntgers defeated the . Princeton whole incs,),,1'K 011 Saturi'ay- ! eleven 7 to 6. Despite the slippery field Rut- WASH-JEFF Coaches Ray Ride and Bill Amos are driving the Washington and ! Jefferson players this.. week in or- T Donora High school gridders made 15 first downs to !) for Trin- FOR SALE Four complete oms of furniture. In good condi-on. Inquire Jno. L. Thomas, hess St., near hospital. 73-2-5 FOR SALE Combination Stove, elephone 759-M. 49-30-5 Houses For Sale FOR SALE New Four room Durham, N. C. Dear Daily: I would appreciate your kindness very much, if you would send the "Daily" to me. I have missed it greatly this year. I guess it's Hcxrn no I'm tzr far fi'mn liitno I ',.:. - .. ... . ! way with all possible speed Duke is one of tlie prettiest i ' . schools I have ever seen, all laid i 63 out in sixty acres. There are eight hundred and gers flashed a fine aerial attack and it was a 30-yard pass over the goal line that earned them victory. Ed $ttmer, Princeton backfield ulerjo have them on top for the .'star, was injured during the game, ;itv j ,lle Eame Saturday but thev ll.tKimirt. Cnrn..1ntl ...ItU ..l,l..,wl ! 1.,.. ,1.. ! P . I College. I tier yesterday in the W. & J. camp. Special attention was devoted to having the interference form fast er. The college s fleet backs require that the forwards get under rtMuauu ; oui is exinscieu w ue reuuy . ior Iin Uu Rf.,.e of 50-1. nci'iiiaiiuge was me or-1 Aiiinersi on sauiruay. The .. YALE i Now Haven, Conn., i (INS) Yale's 1929 football edition j i looks better with each succeeding j practice. In their first practice of; . i aerial attack of the up river team was very good with most of thier touchdowns ' coming from that Oct. 2. j source. South Brownsville will meet Du quesne High school I'Tuiay. rue it has filled them with determination. This afternoon the members of the former school teams are scheduled to' play the varsity members to give them some real opposition. Calling themselves the "Coshocton U" as a number are employed hi this establishment the former stars remember their , plays very Well and had the varsity on the "go" last week .when -they first met. A real game is not played, i the ball is put into play at the forty yard line and each get a j chance to work the' ball down the f field. With the wet weather today i the' team will get a chance to dem- j onstrate its ability with a slippery pigskin. i The game Saturday will begin at i 3 o'clock sharp. Franlt Barbe, of i Waynesburg, will referee Satur- j day's contest, Samuel Weiss, of j MORE HEAD ROOM MORE LEG ROOM WIDER DOORS at Duquesne has been chosen as urn-1 pire and Arnold will be the head- ! linesman. I BETTER VISION LARGER BRAKES AND UPWARDS, F. O. B. FACTORY C CHRYSLER MOTORS PRODUCT LARGER TIRES Arrange to attend the Cooking j School, sponsored by The Daily ! Republican to be held in the First I . , I . ! rrccDyienan unurcn, inursaayi and Friday, October 10th and 11th. 217 Park Avenue Park Avenue Motor Co. Phone 718 TRINTY Coach Tom Ell wood sent his Blue llay of offensive strength. use with two 'acres of ground ' 801Me freshmen in school, and a jand White Trinity players through "ilr new " Raidlnml SHinnl r...J i hundred and sixty' five are from a stiff scrimmage drill yesterday Pennsylvania alone. The freshman football squad ts the largest in the history of tlie school. There were one hundred and fifteen out but they had to cut the squad down to five 'full teame. i the week the Eli Varsity whipped j Brownles nre aljnoKt a ,.ebuilt ma. the sciuds, Zi to u, with a tine dis- r.,lillp nll(i f1l nmp to ibe a real test for them.' LOOMING "Lr new Raid and Srlinnl. rjji a rf fine well water. Reasonable, all Monongahela 820. 130-30-5 FOR SALE New three room ouse at Baidland with two acres round.'. A bagain. Call Monon-ahela S20. 100'30-5 LOTS FOR SALE 64 FOR SALE At Baidland, two ores ground with gas and oil. ight on good road. $1,000 takes lis if sold before 10th of, October, all Monongahela S20. , 150 30-5 r LEGAL ADVERTISING " evening,- the varsity meeting the) freshman team in a real game. The varsity won the contest, but wore forced to the limit to defeat the yearlings, who time and again took the ball deep into the first team's NEW YORKU. New York, Oct. 2. (INS) They give the varsity some stiff j territory only to be held for downs Arrange to attend tWe Cooking thool, sponsored by The Daily Republican to be held in the First resbyterian Church, Thursday nd Frida, October 10th and 11th. iThe secret of the varnish used by ttradivari on his violin has been jSt From February to August, the nockingbird sings both ; day and light. ;.':d ';'-;,. Read the advertisements In The Jaily Republican and your Dollars Vi II have more Cents. I0RSE RACING TODAY I AND TOMORROW AT ; BURGETTSTOWN FAIR Hlorse racing is the program t6-lay and tomorrow at the 74th an-uial fair of the Union Agricultur-ii Association at Burgettstown. Yesterday was a busy day but he largest crowds are expected to-;ay and tomoriW. While this agricultural assocla-Von has stood the tests for nearly hree-quarters of a century, those nterested in a good show of stock wll still find it here, although hot .,' larg as In many forhier years vlicn there was more interest dis-ilayed in live stock by the far-ners thnu there is today. '; ' '".All (IcparlincntS' nre 'Well " filled, ii.l wlille tlif show ii not an nm ,Ih quolily nf iitock shown cannot re bonteii. opposition in scrimmage. Duke is-pointing for its game with Pitt this coming Saturday and I presume ''if' will be a pretty good game, but will hot predict j any score. .They are expecting a, I crowd of 35,000 people. A friend KENNY ABBOTT, Duke University, Box 7G3. Durham, N. C. W. & J. FR0SH -TO MEET KISKI Coach "Pete"-Henry's Washington and Jefferson College freshman eleven, which has been taking its blimps in scrimmages with the varsity candidates, will make its debut at Saltsburg Saturday in a contest with the strong Kiskimin-etas schol team. "We are hot making any claims" said Coach Henry, former All-American tackle and rated by many gridiron critics as the greatest of all time. I . Four games are on the schedule of the Vice Presidents. Saturday, October 12, the date on which W. & J. goes to Lewlsburg to meet the Bucknell athletes in a home-coming struggle, Henry's players will meet the Carnegie Tech plebes at College Field. The Vice Presidents will, also, play the Panther Cubs on their home field, the date of the contest being October 26. In concluding their season the Vice Presidents will journey to Morgantown to play the Mountaineer yearling athletes. when they got within scoring dis tance. '. Tho' Trinity. varsity is not showing the fight that they will have to produce if they expect to A new design in football pants -New Ms the latest innovation for the York University has suffered its ; gridiron game to come from Head first major football casually of. the coach Elmer Laydeii, of Duquesne season. Harry Schneider, veteran University. Layden, star fullback center, wrenched a shoulder in :0f Notre Dame's Four Horsemen" scrimmage and will be on the side-jand called Knute RockheV most lines when tne Violets tackle West ' brilliant pupil, is almost as prolif- Virginia Wesleyan. Chick Mee- (c in his inventions and contribu-1 hail's desire for another punter may be fulfilled by Charles Marshall, an end. SIMB tions to football as his former mentor. The trend of the time is toward lighter football garments, which will also fill the required protection. Layden's new pauts have the Cf 6 B E R 4 th BELT LINE ROUTES APHIINn I A PTC riTIFQ ! the' rare combination of full pro AKUU1NU LAKUb UUL5 ,tectioll ,vith little weiKnt. Resem STUDIED BY STATE Wn lhe conventional "shorts" MTIOXAL MUtiUR Results Yesterday. Cincinnati 3, Chicago 2. Brooklyn-Philadelphia, rain. Only games scheduled. The mistletoe never takes root n (he ground. -' Miissiilinl was educated profession of teaching. for the Standing of Hie Clubs, . Won Lost Ict. Chicago 95 52 .646 Pittsburgh ,. 86 64 .573 New York . 82 66 .554 St. Louis ........... 76 73 -.510 ! Philadelphia ........ 70 81 .464 Brooklyn ............ 70 Si .464 Cincinnati ,.' 65 84 .436 Boston 54 97 .358 Cnmt's Today. Chicago at Cincinnati. AMERICAN LEAGUE. Results Yesterday Washington 'at Philadelphia, rnin. both games. Standing of the ( intra Won Lost ret. Philadelphia ....... "102 : 46 .689 New York 1 88 -64 .579 Cleveland 80 68 .S41 St. Louis 76 72 .514 Washington ........ 71 79 .473 Detroit ., ','.'.,., 69 81 .460 Cliiriigo v. ,......,. 56 92 .378 Boston 50 90 .368 flumes Todny. Washington at Philadelphia, Ilarrifsburg.'.Oct. 2 (INS) Constantly Increasing traffic vol-uins, with resultant congestion in all the larger cities of the State has caused the' Department , of Highways to begin a study of belt line routes which' will permit through traffic 'to skirt outlying sections, it was announced today. The first study will be ' made in Philadelphia. When the engineers complete their report on the Philadelphia situation the study Will be made in other cities." Philadelphia's "City' Line' Avenue" no longer Serves (ts purpose as the city has spread far beyond It, members of the Highways Department pointed out. '' '' . ' i . City traffic' is divided by highway engineers into ; the following six classifications: Local delivery, serving business houses and private homes. r , Lot:al transit passenger service. Employees driving to and from iworn by English boy scouts, each leg of the Layden pants ends just above the kliee., A basketball ribbed knee-guard which holds the regulation blue stocking In place, helps dispense with the heavy and binding of canvas of the pants now in general use. This feature enables the player to bend the knee with more freedom and to run with greater ease. ( One-piece thigh guards, side- swiped pads and felt kidney audi hip pads, reinforced with fibre, give protection where needed. An elastic "V" section in the back of each leg lends further freedom of movement when bending. The absence of the usual knee padding is an aid to speed. WORTHY SUCCESSOR TO A GREAT SUCCESS.. THE New York has more Italians than Rome. NASH work A passenger, train arrives hi New York every 52 seconds. One tenth of all the Jews in the World live in N.v lork City. Local and suburban residents intra city. . t . Tourists, visiting.' ' y Tourists,; through. ' . The first three groups, it, was said, must of necessity, use existing routes. Providing alternate routes' for fhe other threfl classes is t ho- mnhr object of the RludleS which -will lie hinde.'- ''" ciua shortest, distance on the map, regardless' 6f the. time which wilt 'be required, adds to down town traffic congestion, engineers said. It was 1 believed that ' tourists who have no desire to visit any section of the cfty ' ihrn which 'they pns will he glad of opportunities to - The desire of tho averags motor- iivold IieHvy traffic In the heart of Ists to take what looks like tho 1 the larger cities. ' KEENIE'S GARAGE "We Never Sleep" First and Mam Streets Phone 490

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