The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana on June 14, 1954 · 18
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The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana · 18

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1954
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p 1141 phi migi i 11 ip' np)ii injiww-iiir---prTyrW n")i"Til"W'nr‘‘W HF X "W Hi M r v n an iparipMHg(ripB'TTiT-l Wy f y i TODAY’S NEWS TODAY-WITH TODAY’S PICTURES SIX B THE SHREVEPORT JOURNAL MONDAY JUNE 14 1954 D Kow Turiny Tou Don't Go in There and Mix With Marciano1— Louis Says Charles Training For the Wrong Kind of Fight By JACK II AM) MONTICELLO NY (’ll — loc Louis thinks Ezzard Charles is training for the wrong kind of fight in his bid to win back the heavyweight title in his bout with Rocky Marciano Thursday night at Yankee Stadium The Bomber watched Ezzy go five rounds yesterday pressing the attack as though he meant to carry the fight to Rocky "You don't go in IIipit and mix with Marciano” said the former champ who Saturday called Marciano "slate" tn answer tn a question Louis admitted it would he suicide for Charles to mix with the champ "The wav to heal Marciano should tic to stick with your left and then throw the right when he misses If Charles fights Rocky ) tike he fought against me he could ! 3 1L‘ ' bent Marciano Rut lie doesn't scorn to lie training for that kind of fight” Tom Tannas one of Charles’ co-managers said the 32-year-old Cincinnati Negro was perfectly tuned for his best fight "Mentally he was newer better” he said "and physically as Louis" Et Works 113 Rounds Charles planned one more walkout and possibly two before he breaks tamp Wednesday afternoon His five-round drill Sunday boosted his training total to 143 rounds Marciano finished the heavy) work yesterday going two rounds 'n0 Kin to Bobby with Keene Simmons tor a total of j This analysis was made by Rob-183 rounds since April 2 He wilt j Crt Ticnt Jones the internationally loosen up with a little shadow box-1 famous links architect whose hand ! ihologically at his best since his ing to hold the edge has been seen in such courses as! first tournament in 1937 "I'm in the best physical shape the Augusta National at Augusta ' "If he will just play percentages of my career" he said "I’m cer-(at Oakland Hills in Detroit and 'not worry about the various trou-tain in my own mind that I’m a numerous others He's no km to j hies and sink those (our to six much better fighter than I've ever! Robert Tyre Jones lr the grand foot putts lie can win it He is too been I came up to Crossinger’s I slammer ' bold a putter early with just one thing in mind to practice up a lot of different things I'm completely satisfied" Seldom has a champion over driven himself through such a long training grind as Marciano Although he has fought only 12 rounds since the night he won the i tv Page 4-R title in 1952 he boxed about 37 rounds on his Pacific tour before Then Untie Sam removed him front circulation as a coming to camp Although he didn’t piaycr the next two seasons ahead of his debut as a hlon in°camnUm1ceAlb!n i° run Shreveport freshman in the current race & over the hills ami working I The Willis angle of last week’s big Shreveport-Chicago There is great difference of deal also had its odd aspects opinion among those who have watched Marciano Some think he is too fine Others believe he is just approaching the edge lie has been hit easily by his sparring partners and has missed wildly But the thought is lino that he will he his usual rough-and-ready ) Jf tup rPilS(m self with those six-ounce gloves Ul instead of the padded training mittens Everybody including spar-mates make Rocky look bad— until he knocks them out Suggs io Defend Title in Western WAl'KEGAN 111 hNS'-Dcfcnd-ing Champion Louise Suggs of Atlanta leads a field of nearly 180 of the leading pro and amateur feminine stars into the qualifying round today of the 25th annual Women's Western Open Golf championship at Waukegan Miss Suggs who also is the loading women's money winner of 1954 is a four-time winner of the Western Open Chasing the Atlanta golfer will be red-haired Tatty Berg of St Andrews 111 who also is a four-time winner of the Western which this year is celebrating its silver anniversary Pioneer Auto Racer Succumbs LOS ANGELES Rene Louis Le Goube one of California’s early day auto race drivers is! dead at 71 He competed with I NEW OR K tf'— Some 2500 golf-such greats as Barney Oldfield I ws were entitled today to wear a on tracks here in San Diego and model inscribed "I beat Ben Bakersfield Hogan" despite the US Open Le Goube who succumbed yes-1 champion’s blazing 64 over Bal-terdav retired from auto racing ! tusrol’s lower course at Springfield 15 years ago to start one of this N J- area s first chains of service sta-1 Some 165000 golfers paying one Lons I dollar each attempted to beat — - 'Hogan by using their handicaps in I 1 the National Golf Day competition sponsored by the Professional Golfers Assn and Lite magazine At Wray-Dickinson A New '54 FORD DOWN DRIVE BY TONIGHT or phone 2-3161 ond we'il coll for you Open evenings Monday thru Saturday On Sunday we'll see you in Church Your DOWNTOWN ford Dealer 308 MARKET Fairway Architect's View— National Open Declared Hogan-Snead Dead Heat By WILL GKIMMFY SPRINGFIELD NJ UP-Robert T Jones the golf course maker and not the onetime course wrecker today j called the 54th National Open championship at Baltusrol this week a "dead heat between Ben Hogan and Sain Sncau can win it by four strokes 1 if he can ma ntain Ins present alti- tilde and put a birdie on his put- ter” added the energetic little I fairway architect win has made a careei of putting fangs in modern j courses 1 "Bobby Locke will he very tough I it lie’s not so fat he can't pivot rum’ The fimsb was Hogan Clayton Healner Locke Mangrum "I disagree with both Hogan who says this course is very easy and Snead who calls it hard and forecasts a winning score of 290" "You have to consider Lloyd ' Jones said "If Baltusrol is kept Mangrum a threat 1 don't think I at its full strength— 7027 yards— 1 1 1 l0 Cary Middlecoll will have a chance 1 look for a wir ing score of 283 to -his temperament is not good tori 285" this course I He said Snead "One of the younger fellows At dous power should revel in Mengcrt Bub Toski or inrdner course's length while Hogan with Dickinson may gel in the first' Ins "slide rule mind" should tour or live hut 1 don't consider I piotit from his ability to place his Others who were sold by Shreveport to Chicago or its affiliates through the main office and returned for tours of dutv for verjing periods were Warren Barker Bruz llamncr Dojle Ladr Fred Baczcwskl and Hank Wjsc The most recent Shreveport-Chicago deal is subject to delayed completion ‘The Cubs are still in debt to Shreveport for an acceptable plavcr for 1955 delivery - That means a long look along the nose will be taken before the thing is wrapped up as a turn-kcp job Querbes Handicap Ends in Deadlock Tics were the order of the day in tho Canadian Handicap at Qurrbcs Park yesterday as Craw-j bird Womack Rock Rawlinson Horace Holder and Tommy Moseley all posted 71s There also was a four-way deadlock (or run-norup slot among Smokcy Jones Jack Kcrlcy Leo Sebastian and J K Sistrunk all of whom had 72s 2500 Golfers Defeat Hogan Cincinnati Trade Rumored by Scribe CINCINNATI Ohio W-A Cincinnati sports editor said Sunday night that the Redlegs are nogo-America's Budge Patty Sunday tiating with the Philadelphia Phil-scored a 6-4 6-4 6-2 ictory over I Res for a pitcher and a deal may : Milan Branovic Yugoslav exile in announced in a day or so i the finals of the International Han- lu Smith sports editor of the nover Tennis Tournament Cincinnati Enquirer said that “despite reports to the contrary more than cash was involved in the deal that sent Hermie Weh-meier to the Philadelphia Phillies late Friday night” Free Book on Arthritis And Rheumatism how io avoid cmmiNG deformities Canadian Net Title An amazing newly enlarged 44- pace bock entitled "Rheumatism'') will be sent free to anvone who will write for it It reveals why drugs and medi- ernes give only temporarv rebel and fail to remove the causes ol the trouble explains a specialized non-surgical non - medical treatment which has proven successful for the pat 35 vears ) You incur no obligation in send- j ing for this instructive book It may he the means of saving vou vears of untold rruserv Write today to The Ball Clinic Dept 3705 Excelsior Springs Missouri (Adv) I Oakland Hills whore ho had the players crying openly lie predicted tins finish: Hogan Locke Mang "If lie can match Hogan on the lie the next Open Pro Tennis Title Won By Dick Gonzales IOS ANGELES (INS) — Richard ( Panchoi Gonzales has proved once again that he is the best tennis piaycr in the world Gonzales blasted his way to victory yesterday in the finals of the US Professional Men's Tennis Tournament defeating P a n c h 0 Segura 6-4 4-6 2-6 6-2 6 4 A crowd of 2000 fans at the Los Angeles Tennis Club watched Gon- rost 7ales who has pared his weight ' F(i''rn down to a trim 178 smash his rttri CtiMW4 Keuador-born competitor to defeat with blazing power serves and sizzling smashes ItpoUpv cn In the doubles finals howecr f Vnnvf?rn llie two Fanchos went down to de-ljevas Fast feat to Jack Kramer and Frank Sedgman of Australia Scdgman and Kramer defeated Gonzales and Segura 6-2 6-2 6-4 Won by Bobby Riggs QUEBEC Lf— Bobby Riggs of Miami Fla last night won the 1954 Canadian Professional Tennis Singles Championship by defeating fcliow-Miamian Bob Stubbs 1-6 6-0 6-3 6-0 A few minutes later Riggs and Yini Rurac of New York teamed tip against Charlie Swanson of Providence R I and Herb Stead of Manchester NH to sweep the doubles crown in straight sets 6-3 6-3 DOS Slugger Hints He'll Have Last Word in General Manager Hedges On Possibility He Will Trade Star Batter PHILADELPHIA Ml— Big Gus Zernial of the Philadelphia Athletics hints he hasn't spoken his last word in the bitter verbal battle with Manager Eddie Joost j The home run slugger was) quoted yesterday hv a sports tele- i castor as saying “the fact that! loost isn't playing me everyday) is only half the story What the1 other half is I won t say now but I'll speak my piece beiore this is over” A s PI'LL OUT OF CELLAR Meanwhile the reaction of the club to the Friday night dugout clash of Joost and Zernial and the slugger's subsequent $250 fine has people wondering if more fights shouldn't be sponsored The A’s have won four straight and bounced out of the American League cellar f Earle Mack vice president and general manager says he hopes two men will shake hands and forget the w hole thing "Making a choice between them with his tremen- imposes a terrible responsibility l'c l Both men are too valuable to lose" the club general manager said t Mack has begun a canvass of other players and hinted he has received other complaints "But of course” he said "we have to stand behind our manager" The big question here is just bow far in back of skipper Joost the general manager plans to stand From his conversation with reporters on Saturday one got the impression Mack wasn't anxious to dispose of Zernial He said then that "I think we have a pretty good ball club out there but it doesn’t look too good without Zernial” He left Ihp impression that lie felt the team should be winning He hedged on the responsibility of trading Zernial The trading deadline is midnight tomorrow After that it would he necessary to place a player on the waiver list in order to make any deals "I’m not worried about that” Earle said "I can always gel money for the big guy any time we decide to dispose of him" Mack Wants Player He admitted some clubs were after Zernial but added: "We'd want players and for the tile of me going over the rosters of these teams 1 can't see any players ol equal caliber that they’d be willing tn give us" Mack brought up another thing: Zcrmal's box office appeal "We have been drawing well on the road and I still think Zernial is one lug reason" In 20 road games the Athletics have played before 225645 In 25 home dates they have attracted some 153000 tn Connie Mack stadium ADULT SOFTBALL STANDINGS Stmllntt A Of June 1“! INTI R HI RCH SOI THI RN Fmamtri ldkr'thntf InKlrsidr C 1st Chinch of God Bioadmoor Baptist F P Christian 6 0 4 2 4 2 2 5 ft 3 0 4 1 nno 6h7 1 667 2e 040 000 1 INTI RC III RC If TFX A8 W L MenKiim ft O 11 $ 1 Trimtv j 2 Inglende P 2 4 M Pies B I 4 Wynn 1 6 ARK-LA-TtX Lf 401 F rvt 1 nno 7V 6f0 3 n 2'V) 142 W 6 4 4 2 0 IV f 1 non 714 4fi7 71 400 17 000 f? r cnu Ameruan Linen Caddo RtiMnfs Industrial Sheet T"tat statr J locti ic Mosher Mer Esso Dr le is IN Dl STRIAE EE 41 IE w 4 4 5 4 3 1 0 L 1 1 2 4 3 5 8 ft': R'7 714 500 17 000 Hovsatd Crwmlev OMMERCI4L Lf 4GI E W 7 ti 4 x J t ans 2 KC S 2 L 1 2 3 6 7 7 Bet 87 i 75t fih7 rru 222 222 SISJOR lEACI e vv CUrirn Rnl 5 j CoUbp Rarbrcur 4 J C Fnnf Watrh 2 j Rtghtway Cleaners 2 j JuNcees o (IH RCH LEAG1 E f V 1 SnuthsiHe Rantixt 4 j Inglrxule Bantut 2 i In Fresbvtenan 2 1 bt I iitheu an 2 1 C i nrv Raptut 1 Qurrrhorn Baptist 1 1st Baptist 0 Pet 1 000 67 400 400 nno Pet I 1 non VtO vOO 20 20 000 WOMENS LE4GI F W Buxines GiiU 7 Ymnee Drive 5 Reorratmn Dept 3 Not ihw extern 3 RakdV 1 Telephone Women Club 1 Pet 1 nun AJ3 427 4 ’7 167 142 Fl sixrss LE AC t E VV B’-pvvsrr Co 7 U tiler Irmnanee 4 I aw rt 5 4 I'm: red Oa ' 3 Gulf Rrfimn 2 Wa'er Droattment 1 Andr rvs Hanna o Pet i 875 857 ftnO i0 28 142 O0 Pistol Club Results hi -At a a - cl fit) F eg T?Si tk IS C : t £S ! 41 ND4Y J! NF 11 I larK 9 10)1 47 98 205 ga d'r 92 loo lo Ke 48 98 4 JatK Prudhome 88 92 90 T Kldwe’1 87 95 97 C’ide Rameft 77 97 8ft H J Bn! Jr 75 9! 8 R C Holmes 75 R5 77 F Tl! 75 90 79 5 H Alma n rod 49 9’ 75 Lil Cornell 52 69 60 Tyler Wins 9th Straight In Big State By The Associated Press Tyler’s Tigers are disheartening to the other clubs of the Big State League There just isn't any future if the club ahead or you wins all the time That's what Tyler is doing The Tigers have won nine straight and are holding down first place Waco is winning too but can't get out of second place until Tyler loses Sunday Tyler clouted Bryan 6-2 making fivt hits count the maximum Bill Spicth yielded eight tn Bryan but kept them properly scattered Waco stayed a game’ behind Tyler with a 10-4 decision over Galveston Ramon Majias w'as the hero of the Waco victory pounding two doubles and a single and driving in five runs He also stole two bases one being the theft of home Corpus Christ! held onto its third place with a good margin to spare as the Clippers whipped Temple 7-2 to sweep a 3-game series Ray Sims spaced 11 hits properly Hop-py Hatcher of Temple gave up one less hit but walks and loose fielding kept him in trouble Austin beat Harlingen 4-3 to race was win bj Dawson with only player in the 72-hole scramble 1 7 ' rr)akc 11 ® svy5eP or jie f‘rst Gholson in second position and over the par 69 6 065-yard Cavalier S ® 1 V1Mm Cluhs'TJC1iourth'pla5c Pl0' Louis Scibe of Houston Tex in I Yacht and Country Club layout 1"" -nminAinunhiulh 1 "CCLS strug£lcd 10 nnmgs for the third spot with 1 riding time of! who tired lour sub-par rounds He ‘‘ ®f " h “Sh 1 CCISon whlch Camc whcn Har 3 09 06 minutes First three places shot 67-64-64-68 for a 13-under-i tb°r0USh R°Und i aoa0 p h regulation ! t&£T5?1U Into cot- cooper who left immediately for locate champion won the Men's Baltusrol to see if his consistency 1 Division of the fifth annnal Round would continue figures he was “a Robin yesterday with a plus 56 out to regain his title Claude J)awson of Waco winner of the 1049 national at the Louisiana I State Fair returned to the local ex-1 position's oval yesterday to win the1 iive-nule expert final in 503 1 He outsmarted Houston's Jack 1 Cholson a long time threat in local events in the final to take the top share of the 5900 purse at stake for winners of nine events j Beaumont’s Tommy Byars was) the leader for two laps before hr j was subdued by both of the other I exas stars Byars finished Hurd Keith Barkley ot Port Arthur hell the lead in all 10 laps of the of Houston end ( P Johann- Tommy Byars A1 McAlcxamlcr of Memphis Tcnn and Harold Hain-er ot Tulsa Okla I'ime was 305 Winners of tin first amateur heat race were Barkley Wayne Adams of Tyler Tex and Wick Hefner of Dallas Time was 3:1009 In the second heat Stilwetl Bruce Drcnnam of Houion and Johann-sen finished in that ordei Time was 3:15 4 Novice heat races went to Don Byars Walker Reswcbei Raymond Milburn 01 Houstor J D Jones of Fort Worth lex and Richard Kincaid of Houston Only spill of the day occurred when Johnny Adams of Fort Worth novice idcr whr had moved into the amalcur class for the day went down in second position in the second lap of the amateur heat races He walked away from his machine unhurt Goldsmith Wins 10-Mile National Motorcycle Title COLUMBUS Ohio (Jx— Paul Goldsmith of St Clair Shores Mich Sunday won the Charity newsies JO-milcs national championship motorcycle race by three length Time was 9428 over the Fair-Grounds track here A crowd of about 20000 attended Other top men included: Bobby Hill of Colutnhus second Ernie Beckman of Battle Creek Mich third George Malrk of Chicago fourth and Dick Klam-fortli of nearby Groveport filth Bill Tuman of Rockford 111 who twice before has won the feature event placed eighth this year Mrs Pat Boatright Shreveport's women’s champion was one of the motor inaids here for the races BOWLING SHKEVF PORI BOWLING CENTER Major (3-Man Summer) Sf ANDINGS Team — Won Cail Pnn Eire Co 12 Pm Head 12 Brwlrv Furniture Co 11 Datrv Quern 10 Bricr’ "Meat Balli’’ 9 Shreveport Journal 8 Dodgeis 7 1 a Second Rreon Scidn 1'a Gamblri 4 Patrick Peed t hr Co 4 HaMnn Pin tna 4 Hot Shots 3 TEAM SCORE Trams— 1st 2nd Hrd Shievenort Journal 700 3 Pat Bred i hr Co 502 603 Sec Becon Sodn 5ft4 611 606-Carl Tons Flee Co 602 636 6J8 Brice' Meat Balls 647 616 600 Lost 4 4 5 6 7 8 ft' a ft1 a 10 10 12 13 Total -1045 1791 Iftoi I— 1R96 1—1883 — 1761 -1645 1708 Gamblers Brv lev Furn Dodgei s Ralston Purina Dauv Queen Pm Head Hot Shots INDIVIDUAL HIGH SCORFS Plaver's— 1st 2nd ird Bill Williams 22 228 212 C Butler 212 185 187 R Needham Iftl 204 191 A SusU 2o8 202 !1 E Ashbaugh 191 174 202 t Friday Mixed League 81 ANDINGS reams- Won Loti King Pint 11 6 Go-Getter 9 7 4-Krglrr ft ft Vn-Srttrr 7 ood -Chopper 7 9 Pin-Splitters 6 10 IEAM SCURFS — 1653 : 1819 I I— 1814 — 17J0 Total 672 584 576 571 567 Team Pm-Snlitter King-Pip 4 Krglrr I’p-Srttrn Wood-Choppers Go-Getter l-t 2nd Vrf Totat 494 525 561 — 1580 472 618 5fll— 1691 6)1 495 515—1428 452 477 516 — 1 55 638 640 602— 1880 5J8 661 329 — 172ft IMMVllll'AL HKH StOKPS ( PUvrt— J i ?ii (in Total P Tohm 0 2n2 m ? F Steles lnv 2'-0 ifH V21 1 n Stewart !tv 17V ta ya H TnOl'l 1VS 17V Hfl D Gow- ISV 174 r4 4-3 J Binwo 147 ISO 137 444 W Hov AIR-CONDITIONED Our Stor Shop In Comfort For Whiskey -Yine Beer For Fort Fret Delivery Phone 2-0290 From I AM 'til 1 1 PM Sofurdoy 'til 12 PM KENTUCKY LIQUOR STORE 2425 UUm Bv ROBERT MOORE VIRGINIA BEACH Va OTu-Thel G()lf hlars aong lhc higtlrne lourt nament trail fcWCrc calling Pete! Cooper "Mr Consistency" today ) as they turned their attention to this week's National Open at Bat-1 little lucky" in beating out Tommy Bolt of Houston Tex and Doug Ford of Kiamcsha Lake NY Bolt who had the championship in the palm ol his hand until the pressure got the best of him on the final hob took second and 1 $1800 with a 264 Ford defending' champion was third with 265 and ' pocketed $1400 Bolt entered the final round tied ! with Sliedcy Maytield of Chicopee Mass and lost om when lie lifted ! his tec shot from the 200-yard 18th! hole into the waters of Yinkhorn j Bay which flanks the 18th green j After Bolt had blown his chance of winning Cooper a native of Florida paying out of Tampa and Ford camc up to the 18th regarded by many professional golfers as the toughest finishing hole ini America Ford who needed only j a par 3 to virtually assure himself of a tie drove into the water and like Bolt took a penalty stroke and wound up with a five The consistent Cooper played it safe dropped his tee shot on the r ' a itk anBena With The Purchase 01 COMPLETE WITH I BRAND NEW ATTACHMENTS A CLEAR HOME 1 OUT-OF-TOWN ERS — USE COUPON! STAR APPLIANCE CENTER INC 723 Marshall St Shreveport La I would like a FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION of a rebuilt Elettrou Vacuum Cleaner of $1293 Including Hair Dryer NAME ADDRESS PHONE CITY STATE It RF D Address— Please send specific directions points The Intercollegiate Tourney starts at Houston Tex Thursday Miss Mary Lena Faulk of Thomasville Ga won the women's title Saturday There were 16 men and nine women entered in the tourney Robbins a college junior swept to the title by holding of fa late bid by Jimmy Jackson of St Louis Missouri Men's Amalcur champion "'(j0 finished second with plus 46 points Bob Moncricf of Houston Tex medalist in the five-round tourney 'witli a nne-imdcr-par 344 came in p'us 29 po‘nts- Robbins edge of the green and two-putted for the title Art Wall of Poeono Manor Pa and Freddie Haas Jr of New Or- carded an even par 345 while Jackson was in at 346 leans posted four-round totals of 266 for a fourth-place tie May-field George Fazio ot Clementon NJ and Paul McGuire ot Wichita Kan all finished with 269 for a sixth-place deadlock Our famous Reconditioned lingen relief pitcher Bill Mills walked in the winning run with two out It was Austin's seventh straight victory HOMER LIGHTING STRIKES TWICE BOSTON (Pi— Wally Westlake of the Cleveland Indians lias discovered that home run lightning can strike twice in one afternoon The veteran outfielder hit his sixth homer of the season with the bases empty in the second inning of yesterday’s first game against Boston He came up with the bases empty in the second inning of the nightcap — and again smacked a home run 1 Beni Auto Glass Installed by Experts Southern Glass Co 215 Texas Phone 2-4679 MON-TUES AND WED TWO YMR SHWCf GUMNMI Open Evenings Til 9 PM A HEALTHY HOME STAR APPLIANCE CENTER INC 723 MARSHALL ST Serving (he Ark-La T for 6 rear -m- 3

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