Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 20, 1964 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
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Monday, January 20, 1964
Page 9
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Davidson rallies west to 27-24 win No shoulder harness, race driver killed RIVERSIDE (UPI) — Joe Weathcrly, national stock car racing champion for the past two seasons, may have lost his li/e Sunday because of his aversion to the shoulder harness IN HOLLYWOOD Divorce Saga: a la Liz Taylor By Erskine Johnson SAN DIEGO, Calif. (UPI) -'".' e ounua y wcausc °i nis aver-; HOLLYWOOD — (SEA) —'more profits MCL will make. Cotton Davidson, who was se-! slon , !° lhLc shoulucr n 3 ™"^!^ stage is set for the last tuo! Liz had been paid her salarv lected to play Sundav onlv bv used . by a . b ? ut 80 ' ,er ccnt of :acts in "Divorce. Americanifor the film, the nip of a coin, came off thc| s „. k " r ? nvcr f; .... (Style: the Saga of Elizabeth! But through MCL she still is bench to rally the West to a L ^'vivVl V^l \%V Taylor '' a bi " "rfockholdcr" in the 27-24 win over the East in thep_ _ „_ .Vtl While Miss Taylor and Rich-j movie's profits. And as her hus- third annual American Football OUR ANCESTORS League All-Star Game. Davidson hit Oakland team- in a single-car accident on thc| aR , Bur(on „. ait in Mexjc0 toiband Eddie Fisher was. through! 76th lap of the Riverside 500 mile stock car race. His 1964 .Mercury skidded out of control mate Art Powell with a 25-yardjand slammed against a rctain- scoring pass with only 43 sec-|ing wall on the multi - curve onds left to bring back thej course. West from a 24-3 half time de-| The round-faced driver, point ficit. Powell dived for the ball : champion for 1962 and 1963, al-j invoIves „, e s , viss corpora , ion near the back end zone line;ways used "an ordinary seat JJCL named after the Taylor and tumbled to earth. |belt" in races, claiming that aj chi , d ;. en _ Mic ], ae |, Chris "and West Coach Sid Gillman!; sh0 » lr,c , r harness ^ould snap j Liz erly indicated he would rather! Un(il "cently. (he corpora- be loose when a quick stop or jolt rocked the car. wanted an Oakland quarterback, ^."^j",^ ™ ci ?™}j W _cath to spell his own Tobin Rote""" since the Raiders finished sec ond in the division. He flipped a coin and Davidson won over Tom Florcs. The 29-year-old, seven-year veteran said of his pass to Powell, "we used the play often this season and we knew each other well." | Tries Similar Play He said a similar play was; tried a few minutes earlier; when the East held the West on) Heinsohn comes through to win for Celtics By United Press International become Mr. and Mrs., courtesy! legal agreement, entitled to a of Eddie Fisher, a new cast of|share. supporting players has appeared! Since their parting was not in the spotlight. jone of those "best of friends" The bookkeepers and bank-j affairs, the lawyers behind the ers, attorneys and accountants] scenes are almost as famousi are the stars of this act, which!as the principls. ! Eddie's attorney is the famed Louis Nizer of New York. Milton Rudin of Los Angeles represents Miss Taylor. Only division of the spoils of tion held Liz and Eddie to-j " cleo P atra " could pave the way gether more effectively thanj for Eddie's divorce, and Liz' byQuhcy Redlands Daily Facts Monday, Jan. 20, 1964 - 9 TELEVISION IN REVIEW By KICK DC BROW ! HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Not; home, for that was the splen- ;long ago. Los Angeles newspa-jdor Sunday night. ; pcr readers were amazed and! A few other thoughts, howev- j delighted as seeing in print a er. Perhaps the art experts 1 painting by a professional basketball player. Gene Wiley, of found in Sunday night's display a wondrous threat of the sports columnist Jim Mur-|glimpsing so many great-works. |ray. Wiley, who picked cotton!But as one thoroughly un- jfor a living at one time, paints [tutored in the subject of art, their marriage vows did. How much of the corporation was "Hers" and how much was "His"? That was the question worked out by their attorneys. Until they decided, the Taylor-Fisher divorce waited. marriage to Burton, who paid his own wife Sybil $1.5 million to ease the pain. j . Her divorce from Burton last: LlQIltS ItlGTCh December cued the final two! * 3 With Sybil's divorce, a wed- 1 h « S CC "* "We better go and kiss a few babies. Senator—this is an election year!" as a hobby, and this revelation gave a suddenly human aspect to the often distant subject of art. Thus Sunday night, in NBC- TV's hour special about notable art collections, the most diverting moments for the layman again were those that revealed human elements of surprise: The possessions of a Fullerton. Calif., businessman, and a Seattle airline pilot. Three other collections were also displayed — those of Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, who was on hand at his mansion in Albany.! Today is Monday, Jan. 20. the' NY - : of New York investment! THE ALMANAC The , , , , ding gown "of many colors"' #ltcnnnanrc corporation, hush-hush (or Liz was skctched bv a „ 0 ,. OlSappeOrS until now was formed to handle , yw00( , , ashjorj (lcsi „ ncr Miss Taylors percentage of the; During tne mom|l profits from the movie Clco-, sincc their ti • m , £ , OCCIDENTAL. Calif. (UPI)- flrst quar(er . 1 20th day of 1964 with 346 to i follow. The moon is approaching its • ( j The time is 6:25 p.m. The evening stars are Venus. this viewer wished that NBC had followed more closely its title: "The Art of Collecting." Most of the paintings and art objects were passed over without any lucid explanation of their relevance to the particular collections. As a layman, one wished that fewer collections had been explored—say one or two—and that they had been explored from end to end, revealing the logical steps and experiences that brought together art and collector. The Channel Swim: Rep. Oren Harris, who heads Con- jbanker Robert Lehman: and ofigress' longtime probe of televi- interior designer-architect Alex-jsion ratings, should be fascin- andcr Girard of Santa Fe.iated by an appraisal by Varie- N.M. Yet it was the unexpect-; ty, the show business weekly, ed collectors, the businessman!of the status of the numbers "Analyze a close Boston Cel-jP atra >" which put Liz in Bur-( (iic Fj sncr frequently expressed Gilbert Encinas is cleaning;Jupiter and Saturn the one-yard line. "Charlie \vas;tj c victory and you'll find morei tons arms and cast Eddie as: : .. .... .... i n„ .»,;«. x. :weariness with the continuing;the gas iine of his car. ... - - — „ . !saga of Liz Taylor's many; it is getting dark Encinas! *" -* wi » i.iuio.iau » ru- . .. lobbed the ball instead of firing Heinsohn was the hero..." | The legal entanglement which; loves, but insiders say he has'lights a match. I ginia was named chief justice 1 it," said Davidson. j "Tommy Heinsohn is a delayed the divorce of Liz andjbeen a stubborn as Liz about! 'The gas line is cleaned al- of the Supreme Court. I Eddie until the 11th hourjthe problems of how much is;most instantly. In 1887. the U.S. Senate ap- |brought bookkeepers and bank-i"His" and how much is "Hers."' It is feared, however, that the'proved the leasing of Pearl open at the sideline but Ijoften than not that Tommyj ttlc odd man out. Davidson entered the game heel. . ." with 12:32 left to play and the! Check Waller A. Brown, pres- (Norton Simon) and the pilot!system: the publication says On this day in history: | lJoh " penman), who made thejthat "this season, more than In 1801 John Marshall of Vir most im pressive examples of ; e*er. the shrewd buyers are in J8U1. jonn Marshall of Vir-!. u _ , : _ k - q{ e d Kfc and !following the rating firm "form West behind 24-17. His first j 'dent of the Celtics and the ers, attorneys and accountants pass was intercepted, but hei man who made both state- settled down to lead the| ments - and chances are he'll a field goali nave t0 So along today with to the touchdown and almost to another score. Buffalo safety man Willie West, who stands only 5-feet-lO. was the unfortunate victim of the play. He just was not tall enough to outleap the 6foot-3 Powell. East Coach Mike Holovak and Gillman both said the first comment. Because Heinsohn demonstrated Sunday why he is one of the best clutch players in the National Basketball Association. Heinsohn hit with the first of three quick baskets—the others were by John Havlicek ami Bill Russell — to spark the Celtics into the act because of the high stakes car may prove to be a total;Harbor, loss, when found. The Division of in the Hawaiian Is- When she becomes Mrs. Richard Burton, Liz will have added another "Mission Completed", "Cleopatra" is expected to note to her record as the galjcailed out to protect its trees.; in 1936, King George V of Eng- gross $100 million. (who always gets her man. Bur-'reported that Encinas was not;land died, with his son succeed- again j" The longer the film plays, thc|t°n will be her fifth. jhurt. Eddie was her fourth. | Preceding him were hotel iheir Nicky Hilton, her first: |actor Michael Wilding, her sec-i , • • jond: and Mike Todd, who died] (jetting SpeCIOI universal greatness. Simon, the businessman, was perhaps the most effective guest, explaining explicitly with , , , IT „ ,a reasonable passion of the re-jschool dropouts and adults who .lands, as a base for the U.S.;i ationsh j p of art t0 understand-'lack literacy. Forestry,!Navy. | ing others _ and how impor .| tant that is in a world obsessed! SELL IT TOMORROW sheets." New York City's educational television station is seeking a second channel to help high with material things like! Past ratio to defend title Tax collectors West had an excellent gamejto a 108-101 lead and an even-{heavyweight champion Willie otherwise. jtual 108-105 victory after the!Pastrano"has agreed to defend Defensive statistics credited;San Francisco Warriors hadjhis title in late March or early West with intercepting pass, defending five others andj Heinsohn also wound up as'day night's return Gregorio making two unassisted tackles.!'he Celtics' high scorer with 27 Peralta-Waync Thornton fight the best performance by an Points while Sam Jones had 22. [at Madison Square Garden. East defensive man. ! wilt Chamberlain had 31 for j Teddy Brenner announced to- lin a 1958 plane crash. As a, NEW YORK (UPI) — Lightjfrjend. E ddie consoled the 1 insurance ;ing to the throne as Edward;bombs, high finance and the VIII. {economy. Denman also made a In 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt]worthy interview when he was inaugurated for his third 1 was asked what his fellow term as President. (pilots and neighbors thought I about his collecting. He replied A thought for the day — A'with eminent sense that he few hours after Italy declared;really wasn't concerned with war on France. Franklin D.jwhat they thought, that it was widow to the point where he fell; in love with her, divorcing Deb- 1 LONDON (UPI)—The British'Roosevelt said: "On this tenthia private matter. one.cut the Celtic lead to one point.! April against the winner of Fri^ '** ^ f^™" 1 is T"™ 5 ,j ,S , ' m '\ S^daS' h« llul -k* ilL^ "° St an ^"! c rviewer of . .... . p... _ . '•»• ,land revenue tax collectors" 5111 lne aa Sger nas SIUIK it, t h e hour was NBC s art critic, Personally, I hope Liz and against angry citizens who do*" 1 ' 0 the back of its neighbor."| A[ine S aarinen. as attractive Burton make it—forever. Like not like to pay up. { las a work of art herself, a love Mr. and Mrs. U.S.A., I suspect.; The insurance plan covers fits of up to S2.800 for loss of'ly guest to have for an hour. Lincoln Named MVP West halfback Keith Lincoln was named the game's most valuable player and his 64-yard scoring run at the start of the third quarter was singled out by both coaches as giving the West (he impetus to take command in the game. The run tied an All-Star record set by Curtis McClinton of the Kansas Cily Chiefs in last year's game. Lincoln's total yardage for the day was 121 yards in 14 carries. Boston Patriots' quarterback Babe Parilli led the East to what appeared to be an insurmountable lead. His short passes mixed with bursts through the line by Cookie Gilchrist of Buffalo and Larry Garron of the Patriots set up the first score. Parilli threw to Garron and Bill Mathis for the other touchdowns. West middle linebacker Archie Matsos of Oakland, who intercepted one pass and was in on numerous tackles, was named the most valuable dc fensive player in the game. Uie Warriors. The St. Louis Hawks defeated the Cincinnati Royals, 114-109, and the New York Knicks upended the Baltimore Bullets, 109-107, in other Sunday game's. Bob Peltit scored 35 points and Lennie Wilkens had 21 to help the Hawks overcome a 44- point effort by Cincinnati's Oscar Robertson. Jack Twyman chipped in with 22 for the Royals. Johnny Green's two free throws with one second left enabled the Knicks to down the Bullets at Baltimore. Bob Boozer's 23 points and Green's 22 led the Knicks while Gus Johnson and Walt Bellamy had 21 each for the Bullets. Liston trims to 218 pounds LAS VEGAS. New (UPI) — Heavyweight champion Sonny Liston, who has trimmed down from about 230 pounds to 218 in 23 days here, was given the day off today in his training schedule for a title match with Cassius Clay. Trainer Willie Reddish said Liston was losing weight fast enough and only put Liston through 12 rounds of exercises Sunday. Liston was scheduled to resume his workouts tomorrow in what is likely his last week of training here before he travels to Miami Beach. Fla., for his February bout with clay. Moo ty/io Has a Tnlhday JANUARY 21 — James Christopher Donald Kelly, Sr. Robert C. Williamson Bill Shawver Bill Robinson David Veglahn Chris N. Paulson Henry Schuil Teddy Measures David Howerzyl Donald Johnson John P. Doyle Edward Wagner Jim Mulherin Otis A. Hudson Ben Gay James Paffison Darrell Rice Charles E. Buckingham Happy Birthday from 11 E. State Ph. PY 3-2505 34 player limit for AFL SAN DIEGO (UPI)—A new player limit of 34 has been ap proved by club owners in the American Football League as well as a plan to establish pen sions for eligible AFL performers. The AFL owners wound up their annual meeting Sunday by agreeing to the 34 figure after tentatively arriving at it earlier in the week. The one condition accompanying the agreement was that the injured defcred list would be dropped to two instead of three. The pension plan was requested by the newly formed Players' Association. Commissioner Joe Foss said a player would become eligible after completing the third game of his fifth season. The plan will be submitted to the owners in Buffalo in June after preparation by Foss and Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson. day Matchmaker Brenner added that Pastrano of Miami Beach has advised the New York State Athletic Commission of his willingness to risk the 175 pound crown against the win ner of Friday's nationally tele vised 10-round bout. Both Peralta, champion of Argentina, and Thornton of Fresno, Calif., boast a non-title decision victory over speedy pastrano. However, Thornton was held to a draw and then outpointed in two later non- title bouts with Willie. Black-haired Peralta, 28 favored at 7-5 to beat 24-year- old Thornton because of his split decision over Thornton in their previous bout at the Garden, Nov. 15. I'd hate to go through it all!death or injury for tax collec- ! limbs, again. ;tors while on duty with benc-lment. sight or total disable- And it is a pity that color tele vision is not yet in everyone's With low - cost Classified Ads FREE PARKING AT REAR OF STORE DOWNTOWN REDLANDS NBA Standings Eastern Division W. L. Pet. Boston 32 9 .780 Cincinnati 31 17 .646 Philadelphia 20 23 .465 New York 15 35 .300 Western Division W. L. Los Angeles St. Louis San Francisco Baltimore Detroit 28 17 27 21 24 20 IS 29 .341 10 31 .244 Pet. .622 .563 .545 Sunday's Results Boston 108 San Francisco 105 New York 109 Baltimore 107 St. Louis 114 Cincinnati 109 Saturday's Results Boston 121 Detroit 115 L. Angeles 115 Philadelphia 111 St. Louis 121 Cincinnati 120 Baltimore 93 S. Francisco 86 Monday's Games Detroit at Los Angeles Dodger stars win raises LOS ANGELES (UPI)—Catcher John Roseboro. pitcher Bob Miller, centerfielder Willie Davis, first baseman Ron Fairly and pitcher Pete Richert all received raises of varying amounts in their 1964 contracts with the world champion Los Angeles Dodgers. Dodger general manager E. J. (Buzzie) Bavasi announced Sunday that 11 signed contracts were returned last week. STEREO and HI-FI TUNERS and AMPLIFIERS 40 % OFF SELF SERVICE TUBE CHECKER Everything for the ^i"""- 11 " 1 Homc Technician DO IT VOUKSELF ELECTRONIC WHOLESALE MART IOCS X. Waterman Open 9 'til « — Sunday 10 'til S Redlands Store Eedlandi Blvd. at Texas St. Open 10 A.M. -8 P.M. Sunday 10 A.M. - 5 P.M. Lakers hit by injuries LOS ANGELES (UPI) — The Los Angeles Lakers return to launch a three-game stand, but they will be forced to engage the Detroit Pistons with a less- than-healthy starting lineup. Dick Barnett, Elgin Baylor. Jerry West and Frank Selvy all underwent treatment for leg injuries Sunday when the team returned from a four-game swing through the East. Wins jumping event LE BRASSUS, Switzerland (UPI) — John Balfanz of Minneapolis won a special jumping event Sunday with 229 points and Russian teams finished one-two in the 30 kilometer (18.641 miles) relay of the International Nordic ski meet. for the best it's — Sammons Auto Service Expert Auto Repair (30 years experience) PHONE 792-4161 313 E. High Ave. (Between 7th & Sth.) REDLANDS SAVINGS,TO CHIRP ABOUT IN A&P's SELECTION FOR MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY! FRESH SLICED WILSON CERTIFIED FROZEN FRYING CHICKEN BREASTS or LEGS 89 Mb. 14-oz. Pkg. LIVER SERVE WITH u ALL-GOOD" SLICED BACON . . 49 m Farmer John or Hormel Fully Cooked HAM SLICES 33 33* LEAN BEEF SHORT RIBS. SUPER-RIGHT-SLICE0-C00KED SMOKED BEEF lb 4 -oz. ...Pkg. LEAN STEWING BEEF SUPER-RIGHT FRANKS A & P BRAND PINEAPPLE H H NT' w HUNT'S WHOLE POTATOES 3 ii DAILY DOG FOOD FISH * MEAT LIVER 12 Cans ^ JANE PARKER—TWIN-PACK ASSTD. COOKIES T ^wAWs GARDEN FRESH PRODUCE TANGERINES 3 25' SWEET JUICY Fresh Crisp ^) Cello Pack M FANCY CARROTS 15 Mb. Pkgs. Prices Effective Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 20, 21 and 22 320 Redlands Blvd. 'Taxable ifcms sttbfecf fo tax—Optn Sunday THE GICAT ATUNTie « PACfC TEA COttfAMr, MC HM Cfcip Stamps ghrcn M ed Htm ticcpt oJcsltefic twrofts, tobocc* ptrodacfe, flaid Milk m4 crton

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