The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 28, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1908
Page 5
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I Get One of Our Handsome New Catalogs Our new full ctilnlog in yearly for distribution now find we will be pleased to trivo or send you one. We're ijiiitc provid ol! our 1'ntii.loj: and vve'iv sure you'll enjoy jierusinjr its contents. Everything is beautifully illustrated, with prices, A catalog like ours will help you plan your Christmas <jjf v 5. Don't forgot—but get one right nway. American Jewelry Co. SOLOMON & LAW 1430 Nineteenth Street Kern City t * SCHOflLSf PLAY FOOTBALL I Kern City iBErsrsr BRUTAL ATTACK Women's Correct and Exclusive Wearing Apparel at Money to Loan We have unlimited funds to loan on Improved farm property at 1%% per annum, and on long terras and easy payments. If you are paying a high rate of Interest this proposition should Interest you. Bakersf ield Abstract Company GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement. The boys of the Baker street and Emerson school of Uakorsflclti will play a game of football next Sat ttrday morning at 9:30 at Recreation Park, the management having kindly given them the use of the park. The officials and line-up of both teams is as follows: Umpire, Tim English. Referee, Drury Wleman. Water-boy, Ed Fussell. Bucket and sponge. Frank Cuneo. Emerson line-u^—Edwin BaKer, Fred Kloffensteln, Jack Pinnell, Peter O'Hare, Dan Murphy, Ralph Stevenson, Irvln Stockton, Wallace Wleman, Blton Wieman, Roy Furman, Ben Holmes. Substitutes, Roy Newhall, Orover Fugate. Baker street line-up—Willie Marmion, Elwood Claflin. Noble Marshall Herbert Hearle, Leon Cage, Malcolm Baker, Herbert Blair, Robert Adler, James Thompson was arrested last evening by Officers Dressy and Selna for beating Joseph Denny over tli.' head and knocking hjm senseless. He appeared befor Judge Marion !lii> morning and plead not guilty and as ho demanded a jury trial, the date \\n>; set for toni.irrow afternoon at o'clock. Liisr evening Jos. Denney and .las. Milroy, two carpenters started up the track on their way to Delano. Close behind them were four men and whe-i they icached the freight shed one of the. men, who was afterward identified as Thompson, stepped up to Dennev, striking him a blow on the head with some sort of heavy instrument, and knocked him senseless, from which state he did not recover for half an hour. As soon as the deed was done the gang ran away and Milroy came back to town to get nn officer. When the officers arrived they could see no Arthur Carlson, Clifford Farrls. Sub-j one around but after searching a bit. stitutes, Floyd Farris, Roland Curran f omi(! Thompson hiding behind a box and Milton Hitchcock. HER PALM. Denotes the Highest Tragic and Artistic Powers and Talents Mme. Inez, the celebrated palmist, has added a number of Imprints to her I famous collection of palographs and | among the number is that of a certain I lady whose palm denotes a career I most flattering; at least that is what j Mme. Inez says. The young lady in I question is now studying hard fitting herself for the stage, and If Inez's pre The mother of a conscientious little miss, wishing to rid her of the fear of some cows in a field through which she had to pass, told her to go right by and pretend she didn't see them. "But, mamma," protested the small maid, "wouldn't that be deceiving the cows?" — Chicago News. All members of Suraner Lodge, No. 143, K. of P. are requested to be In attendance Thursday evening as there will be a big initiation. • 77 Handsome Stems 50c to $5 Alf stein enthusiasts should see our elegant assortment. It's impossible for us to describe their beauty, so just a word to tell you that for originality, artistic designs and beauty, our steins surpass anything ever shown anywhere in Bakersfielcl. If you have a friend to whom you've promised a stein, <ret it here where you can art the handsomest. All sixes. Fred GimtherCo. Family trade solicited. Store and warerooms 1511 ISth street. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. car. He was taken to town' and locked In jail. NOTES AND PERSONALS. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Cooper and children are recent arrivals from Georgia and have taken up their residence at 714 J street. The Misses Rhoda and May Brennan .have gone to Bakersfield to reside. Mrs. W. E. Russell of Button WJl- low is in town for a few days. Mrs. C. \V. Lamont of Piute is the guest of Mrs. G. P. Stroble for a few days. Lloyd Killough went to the oil fields yesterday. George Lockwood of Famosa Is a visitor in town. Trainmaster Croy went south this morning. •VI dictions and the hopes of her numer ous friends are realized she certainly will move In brilliancy. It is said that she tells the conditions of your health, what ails you and whether or not you can be cured. If you will soon make changes in your business conditions; If your home life is or will be happy; if you will be fortunate in your love affairs; if you will win your lawsuit; if absent friends will return; if you will travel; and if you wish she will also tell you when jou are !o die PHONE MAIN 108 CHESTER AVE COR, 20fh Tailored Suits—Fancy Dresses The new styles lire .superbly attractive and distinctly different from previous seasons, We have been exceedingly careful in seciirinir the proper materials, the right colorings and patterns; we an; now showing some <if the snappiest models imaginable. Nearly every day new express shipments are arriving and you may be sure when buying here of getting (he very latest styles only for the smallest possible price. Strictly Tailor Made $ 25 Striking Millinery Models UNUSUAL STYLES AND PRICES We show several different styles at this popular price. The coats are cut mostly in 36 inch lengths with either fitted or semi-fitted backs. They have mannish eollars.ubroad lapels and are beautifully tailored. Good fitting, full cut skirts, many with bias foot folds. Suits that would easily sell for $35. Our price, including alteration, is only $25 Children's Coats $2.95 to $7.50 The wee irirl, the school girl mid every ^irl can find ainon?.' the many models of enats which we are now showing some style that will express her own ideas of what's "just the thing" for her. We show ninny nntty, snappy jaunty styles, coats that seem to have the dash and go; the very dare gf youth woven right into them. In every detail they appeal to the Miss Up-to-date, and the prices are very moderate indeed. Let us show you this morning. Elks Paraded at Noon-looks Like a Big Time Tonight" TooLale For Classification .OST—harge wool shawl at S. P. «)»• pot Tuesday evening. Leave at this office and receive reward. W. J. M. Dunn of Marleopa is registered at the Metropole. Mrs. D. A. Russell is expected to arrive from Los Angeles tomorrow to spend a few days with her daughter, Mrs. R. Rosenberger, before returning to her home in Sacramento. Mrs. G. R. Peckham has returned from a short visit in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Mason have re From the looks of that parade, in the language of Pinkey Hamilton as Plnkey is going to say it on the stage, "It looks like a big night tonight." They were all there, the whole antler- lights tonight, for the price of one. Everything is ready tor me word and a glorious riot of melody and fun wil bt turned loose. While the sale has been extremely large, there are stil It -is said by the most prominent ' ^eles. men and women pf B:ikers(lel.l thai she ..K rlorms marvels in reading the palm mil in her clairvoyant readings she actually tells your mime in full- age and date of your birth. l!cr parlors remain open eveninccs ed herd that's going to be in the dark i some 50c and 75c seats for tonight i face aggregation and don minstrel j and a few dollar seats for tonight am j garb at the opera house this evening, tomorow night. Each and ever; j And every actor had the regulation one of these seats Is- good, fo j light and dark overcoat and" silk licit this character of entertainment ant turned from a short visit in LOB An- i un j ,] lev looked like tbe real filing— no one need hesitate to occupy them: in fact Miller and Draper guarantee there Is assurance that they can see Conductor Monahan has been trans-j dial they are the real thing—nil of it. and hear easily. The change in the ferred from Los Angeles and is run-1 in the line of march were—well entertainment tomorrow will consist ning over the hill between Kern and, what's the use. See them for your- of different jokes, some new coon Mojave. : Fireman Bud Orr and wife will oc- until S o'clock. They are at the Motel ctipy the new cottage on Baker street | Arlington, 19th and Chester, rooms ">"> HERRING'S AEROPLANE DISABLED AT TRIAL. NKNV YORK. Oct. 27.—The first tii,\l of A. M. Herring's aeroplane -':'; ".'lidi lie will try later to meet the requirements of a government test, fook place at dawn Sunday on Hemstead Plains, L. I, It is said the machine wiis damaged considerably and that at least two weeks will be required to effect repairs. Herring escaped injury. It is said that the accident was due largely to haste and neuleet in assembling the parts. recently built by Contractor Red- i stone. ) 1. D. Carr has a force of carpenters ! at, work making improvements after; spending a few days in Los Angeles. C. M. lluvkhalter, district freight Hiul passenger agent of Fresno, is a visitor in town, Walter and Frank Mason have returned from Olennville, where they have been going to school for the past ' Ihreo months. j Tbe funeral of our late brother W. C. Gregory held at 2 o'clock on Sunday and all members of F. O. E. No. SK! are requested to be at the Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Bow have return- hall at the hour of one. ed from a visit in Oakland. * .1. P. CARROLL, Secy. Bakersfield Opera House Tonight and Tomorrow Night BAKERSFIED LODGE NO. 266 Grand Chorus Augmented Orchestra Partial Chaste of Program Thursday night. Prices 50c 75c aad $1.00 BPO ELKS*'MINSTRELS Prices 50c 75c and $1.00 Grand Parade Wednesday noon in Kern City and Bakers field. Curtain at 8:20 sharp. Carnages at 10:30 sharp, PLENTY OF GOOD NOTE—No person will be allowed to reserve more than ten seats for any one performance. The box sheet will open absolutely SEATS STILL LEFT clean. First come, first served. ™^""" 11 ™ 1 ""'" 1 "" 1 " 1 "* <l ™''"™ lll ""' — """"" Advance sate of Seats open at Box Office for either night • self at the Bakprfefleld this evening It you haven't got a seat, get one. - you are still in time. The parade quick-stepped down Huh street to M, took one of Jimmy (iood- win's street curs to Kern, marched down Haker to 1 and coiintermarche:] back to the cars, while all Kern Oily admired. Then »t M street the line CLEM WILSON AND J. A. HUGHES Can You Beat "Em." SOUKS and a different monologue, and also a ch lingo. In one of the acts. The curtain will he prompt at v L'fi. lie on time. It will be worth the pnVe ;>f admission alone to see tin- handsome couple who/e photo adorns tin- article, promenade on the stag* toiii.-.'ht dressed in the height of fashion. The grace and lieisnty of their movements mid was formed again, and the i-howincn walked their prettiest on the iwo main thoroughfares. At tile opera hou~>- was a photogvap eli, and the aggregation had iis pic RUMMAGE SALE IS & BRINGING GOOD RESULT*. The rummage sale being condndtaB by the ladies of the Congregatkmafl Church in the Stoner building Is stUB In progress and is meeting with gowfi results. The ladies have all sorts ** useful articles on sale and Invite Offi Inspection of purchasers who are lajfc- Ing for good bargains ( NOTES AND PERSONALS. ' K. Kothe, representing the Pacific Monthly, and R. Shaw, well known JK oil circles and formerly a. resident <£. this city, were among the arrivals from Los Angeles. Hallowe'en novelties at the Bon. W, Bankrupt sale of harness, saddles, whips, robes, blankets, buggies a«< everything pertaining to the harntts* and saddle business now on at ft* corner of Chester avenue and Tw«tr- tleth street. tf K. J. l.'oiiii: v.'i'Di to .Midway tW& morning. White felt hats cleaned and TO- blocked. Leave orders with us at ll» Willow; also old hatH ret rimmed HW& made to look like new; gel, our prloae before going elsewhere. 7? H. (J. Walte a l.os Anr.Hea ollraasv, is here today. All classes of harness, saddle*,, whips, robes, blankets, buggies att4 everything belonging to the harn«i« and saddle trade are on sale at tfeft j bankrupt sale of the United Harness j Company, corner Chester avenuo aafc Twentieth street, tf Wes Drown, who suffered a palalMi injury to his Uncc in the fouU>*I3 game Saturday, was on the streets M> day navigating by means of crutchw. SMOKER AT THE CLUB ON ELECTION NIGHt. The llakerwfleld Club has issued the ; following notice; I "Your special attention i« called n 'a smoker to be given to the club mem hers and non-resident visitors In tbfe rooms of the club, Tuesday evening, November :id. The election re-lurns* will be received by wlvc- direct A suitable program will be arranged, and a lunch will be served. ICvery effort. will ho made to insure a nenjoyabU evening. Dont mir<s the fun." "aplomb" ami "saroir lain 1 " of their realistic acting Is somcthUi'u, that will not be forgotton soon. The French expressions vised in this writenp, wer' 1 liiinisheil for the ocas-Ion by A. K. Hire taken, ami tbe camera flood tin- Sioner, whose knowledge of that Ian strain. in i;urg"oii.-; COM lime: I fairly holler with in.-;iHtciit t-portincss, i willing to lake a long chance and thus backed by costly scenery, and an aug-! describe the act which will make the inented orchestra, the gnni'1 chorus . two artists famous. At any rate it will of forty voices will shout, t.even dol-1 be great and no one will regret his lars worth of melody across the foot- attendance at the opera house tonight. NOTICE Hakernlleld Lodge, No. !'. Kniiih!* »f the Royal Arch. I by gives not if*' that II will prosecute, KJ the I'nllesi extent of the law. .in> pel son. eilh' 1 ! licen.'.-eil ileab'r or otlii-rwlse. I'minu guilty of si'lling liquor on election iV,i\ . TucK.lay, November ;:rd. between Iht: hours of the <ipcuinu, mid ihe closinp of the polls, as prescribe.I by law. 10. .\. HOA<;l,ANl>, Kevordei. ' .1. .1. Coodwin, Val. Conmiaii'ler. '•>''• A BUSINESS MEETING. The ladles of the M. B- church north, will hold a business meeting ft the church next Thursday aUerncwu at 2:30. Important business will b» transacted.

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