Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 20, 1964 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1964
Page 7
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1r4 WASHINGTON Johnson's past dictates fight against poverty Sy Kate Osano By Kay Croniley WASHINGTON President Johnson (NEA) — had fought the same boll came from, wcev ji s to grow it. We sweated a -depressed area" or "pocket' the amount f t to of povertv of three decades .... ago. Almost his first job in Con-i hoe 11 and P ,ck ll - 11 cosl thc gress in 1937 was to seek and,same amount to gin it. Thc get quick government aid for freight rates on it were un- a major improvement in thati c hari"cd area—a sort of Appalachia project of the 1930s. Here is his own words is Lyn "The next year I hitchhiked from the little town of Johnson City to the town of San Marcos, which is quite a piece, if any- lone asks you. And I entered school. "I sot a job moving rock, and it was not any WPA project either; it was a bread project." entered college scarce. He took a IIMh NT 1. Uc T.M. u%. Ui NL Off. l~ZO "Ed and Doreen have a lot in common. They're both flunking algebra!" it 17 years ago. Friends insist it explains what lies behind his urgent requests for fast congressional action on "distressed areas" and "pockets of poverty." "I was born and raised on aj \v| lcn nc farm and did all the chores a r unc j s wcrc farm boy has to do, including p art ; timc jnI) as janitor at , he! colon picking. On rare an.|, co|| so|(J |l0sj door . !o ., celebrated occasions I got to f , oor an( , . vorkc( , as secrclarv j take the cotton to the gin. : , o (he co)lf ,„ e presidcnt Bu[ hc | (At nine , Johnson shmcd ran oul o{ mon cy and dropped |L shoes in Texas barbershop). 0U ( of college for almost a vear. "I was a kid some l:: or 14 A(ltr j. r aduation. a short years old when cotton dropped, spc n a ( teaching and a term from 40 cents to G cents and wc. as SPcrc tary to a congressman, lost our homestead. President Franklin Roosevelt "The experts on children (ell named Lyndon Johnson National us that one of the necessities Youth Administration director for children is the feeling of for Texas, where he worked '• support their familes swept out security in their formative with young people caught in in the depression." years. ; "pockets of poverty." j Friends say that as Johnson His reaction was emotional.!saw it then, it was government "I know that as a farm boy He said in 19'!9: laid that saved his own dc- T did not feel secure. And when "Had it not been for thc NYA! pressed area and made it pos- I was 14 years old I decided I . . . thousands of Ameri -sible for these young men and ing in the San Quentin Prison was not going (o he a victim can boys and girls never could!women, caught in a depression, News, remarked: of a system which would allow have seen the inside of a high'to have an education. j "Remember folks, we're not the price of a commodity like school or college. They would) A less sympathetic friend j criminals, but merely emotion- cotton to drop from 40 cents to have been dumped uneducated,!analyzing his emotions today ally disturbed personalities. 6 cents and destroy the homes unprepared and untrained intoiadds that a lot of the depressed:And the one thing that dis- of people like my own family. ;a world unable to give jobs toihave votes located in areas turbed our personalities most "It was the same cotton. We half the experienced persons ap-ivhere Johnson needs votes, 'was gettin' caught . . . " plying for them — requiring them, in fact, to live and Personality disturbance annoying SAN QUENTIN, Calif. (UPI) -Columnist Don Nivcns, writ- Washington Window Country heading for two bit dollar By Lyle C. Wilson Redlands Daily Facts Monday, Jan. 20, 1964 - 7 American citizens should be shuttling between shame and alarm this week as they hear from their President that the U.S. government again must borrow billions to pay its bills. The shame belongs mostly to politicians who have collaborated over the years in the reckless policy of deficit financing. President Johnson will tell the Congress Tuesday that he expects a S4.9 billion deficit in the 1965 fiscal year. That will be Johnson deficit No. 1. The U. S. government has been in the red in 26 of the past 33 years. There has been a Treasury surplus only six times since 1930. That is a shameful record. If the politicians and the voters lack the, grace to be ashamed, they should have the wit at least to be frightened by this extraordinary record of loose living by the U. S. government. Dollar Value Declines These repeated deficits have been a major factor in the rotting of the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar. The S2.50 haircut and the 25 cent bus ride have arrived. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this week that the U.S. dollar had lost 55 cents of its purchasing power in the past 25 years. These were the years of deficit spending during which the public debt exploded from about S40 billion (in 1939) to S310 billion today. The dollar you saved in 1939! is now worth just 45 cents in purchasing power. If you saved a dollar in the 1947 - 49 period and still have it in the bank, it will buy about "6 cents worth of groceries compared to its take when yod salted that buck away. Your dollar put in the bank in 1957-59 is worth a fraction of a cent more than 93 cents today. From October to Novem- er of last year the U.S. dollar shrank by two tenths of a cent. Not much, maybe. But over the years the shrinkage has been enormous. The country is well on the way to a two bit dollar.! Thereafter the buck could shrink i some more. If it could shrink to no value at all. At that point we would be a a nation of bankrupts in a bankrupt nation. The American way would have become an American memory. Another 30 years- of spendorama government could achieve all of that. Didn't Balance Budget That is the direction in which thc leaders of the United States are leading. Two of our recent presidents never once achieved a Treasury surplus or, even, a balanced budget while in office. They were Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Kennedy piled up a spending deficit of nearly S18 billion during his*' brief time in office. j JFK sent to Congress a 1963 fiscal year budget message pre- 1 dieting a surplus of about $463 j millions. That fiscal year ended! with a S6.2 billion deficit. The: 1964 fiscal year deficit also will' UNIQUE EATERY SEATTLE (UPI) — The revolving restaurant atop the Space Needle, built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, is unique in more ways than one. j Besides its dine-in-the-sky \ feature, the restaurant hasi Choir member objects to his present TUNBRIDGE WELLS. England (UPI) — John Tester, a braille menus for blind custom-! ™ emb , er , of * c choiT /} C ^ n 'f ers. And two assistant manag- fhureh tor 60 years, did not at- . „„„ „,„,„J i-„ tend services Sunday because ers have mastered sign lan-i. , , , - ,. . - „ •» :„,»„ ,..; (V ,;he was rewarded for his long guage to communicate «ith aUcndance with an ..^,^5 deaf persons. present He received only framed pho- run into billions — and many;tographs of the church and of them. I choir, which he estimated cost The odds are against Presi-iess than one pound (S2.S0). dent Johnson scoring a budget: "Now I'll go and sing only balance in the one, five or nine!when I feel like it," the 6S- years he may preside in theiyear-old Tester said. White House. LBJ is tied to a political party which is tied to!PEN CLICK pressure groups which are tiedj FORT MADISON. Ia. (UPI) to big spending. I — Here's news for people who Dwight D. Eisenhower had relieve their tensions by click- three surplus years, 1956-57-60,; ing a ballpoint pen mechanism and was proud of them. The Re- ; over and over again, publican 80th Congress forced j In tests on latest ballpoint surpluses on Harry S. Truman'models at the Scheaffcr Pen in 1947-48 for which he ap-'plant, the clip mechanism that parently never forgave the j works the tip has been clicked legislator. HST also was in the more than 61S.000 times with- black in fiscal 1951. !out a miss. Figuring 10O clicks Now comes another anotherja day. this means 17 years of treasury deficit. Two bit dollar!therapy before the mechanism here we come! I falters. If You want Your Child to have the finest of Educational Opportunities . . . PHONE 793-3063 Ask for Mr. Brandlon, Headmaster VALLLEY PREPARATORY SCHOOL Kindergarten through 8th Grade FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 'T^U^k MAYTAG BUT! YER BEFORE AT THESE LOW PRICES! ft Cycle Performance • DEPENDABLE • BIG CAPACITY • WASHER ( NOTTPFI ,FYOUPLA N TO BUY A WASHER OR DRYER ^ IWllUii. DURING THE NEXT SIX MONTHS, YOU OWE § IT TO YOURSELF TO BUY NOW DURING MeMAHAN'S MAYTAG # BLITZ...AND SAVE! WITH OR WITHOUT TRADE-IN NO CASH DOWN 0 A Month I : m : Multi Cycle All Fabric HALO-OF-HEAT DRYER FREE NORMAL INSTALLATION • FREE DELIVERY • Ail BRAND NEW MODELS-EXACTLY AS ILLUSTRATED MAYTAG (A-500) HIGHLANDER® AUTOMATIC WASHER 88 NO CASH DOWN SUPER HIGHLANDERS AUTOMATIC WASHER MAYTAG (A-700) $J88 A MONTH 88 CASH DOWN $|Q88 A MONTH ALL FABRIC AUTOMATIC WASHER | 288" J CASH A MONTH FURNITURE STORES IN REDLANDS: 127 East State. Phone 793-2812 IN YUCAIPA: 34599 Yucaipa Blvd. SUPER DELUXE WRINGER WASHER A MONTH FURNITURE STORES

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