The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 5, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1971
Page 3
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TV' KSDAY, JANUARY 5. 1971 by Helen Bottel Never the Sound Shall Meet . This column is for young'people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help Us!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question | with a brush-off. Send your teen-age questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help Us! this newspaper. Dear Helen: When I play rock music,-which I dig, my parents turn it off. When they play old-fashioned dull stuff, I turn off, but not the stereo or they'd blow their stack. ! I I. What's the use of having records if you can't play them? Don't you think they should compromise?— TIRED OF BEING'TUlCNED OFF V \ • . : Deaf Tired: ; Certainly "do. But the best compromise is a record player for yourroim. Watch the January sales for portable stereo sets and start counting your Christmas money. — H. Dear Helen: ' Pd like to address this to all young girls who have affairs with their boy friends. Please answer the following questions'honestly, for your own sakes: .. M 1. Are you sure there's more than just security in what you feel toward your boy friend? 2. Does he love you through your "relations;" or does lie love "relations"-through you? Be sure now.. I . • 3. Is sex an expected thing on your dates with this guy? 4. -When was the last time you went out with the girls and boy- hunted? ••.'- . . j | 5. Did you have fun (if they were able to talk you into it?) 6. Or tdid you just sit there with an "Pm going steady*' look on ' your solemn face because you've forgotten how to flirt and be ; young? '• 7. Have you ever thought you were pregnant? 8. If so, how did your boyfriend act? .Or were yqii afraid to tell him for fear he'd leave you? 9. Have you ever thought about what your parents would do or think if you had to tell them you were pregnant? i 10. Have you ever thought about what you're missing? , Helen, I hope you can print this little questionnaire bjecause it's too late for me, but maybe I can open just one girl's jeyes to the lfact that for every unwanted baby, there's ah unwanted mother. 7 - ONE OF THEM AGE 17 Dear Helen: My mother died two years ago. My father remarried [this year, but he's a salesman and seldom home. He figured my stepmother would take care &my sister and me. * I , When we're inbed, she throws parties and she sells dope, too, because Pve heard her talking on the phone. My friends know about this. A guy even asked .me the other day if Pd get him some "mes'.'. At the parties, most everyone is stoned. We*jve watched when she thought were asleep. ' ]| When Dad's home everything is all lovey-dovey. Should I tell him or would he. believe me? --DEEPLY CONCERNED AND SCARED Dear D.C.: Tell your father I If you don't you're protecting the wrong person, (your stepmother) and you're endangering yourself and your sister. — H. having kid This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're 1 trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of/HE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. life is Worth Living Solemn Covenant "If my people who are called by my name; humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)•-• We can experienceanewrealm. of power and blessing with. God as we enter a solemn covenant with Him upon the basis of his own promise. Stepping forth in abso- lost Union Mr. and Mrs. William E.Smith entertained at a pitch-in supper and giftexchangeWednesdayeve- ning. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meyers of New Orleans, La.; Mr. and Mrs. John McCory, Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCory and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Leper and family, all of Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCory and family of Fort Wayne; Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson of Anderson; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ringer and daughter, all of near Sheridan; Mrs. Keith Vawterand daughter of Noblesville; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gasho of near Atlanta; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gasho and family of near -Hobbs; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Arnold and daughter of Noblesville; Mr. and Mrs. Phil; Thompson and sons Nell and Jack, Miss MartaOver- dorf, and Mr. and Mrs. William Smith Jr. and daughter Tammy. ] lute faith and obedience, fulfilling the conditions laid down, a mighty covenant God will hear from Heaven and meet our every need. Conditions set forth for us to meet are first to be humble. It requires a deep, jionest heart- searching humbleness before God before-others and] self. It requires turning from sin, seeking forgiveness and completely rededicating self to j Qod and his work. r By prayer in an that God will keep' his promise we know that he hears as we en ter this wonderful nant. We turn to knowing he will cafe for our ev ery need. j j • As we stand on covenant ground we hear the mighty God declare: "Call epon me andj I shall shew you;, great and mighty things to come," and "we shall see God move into action." i H my people will, then I will ... and we can be certain that God will standby His word. I: solute faith solemn cove-: him in trust Improving David Gar hart, reported seriously . ill last week, has been returned home and lis improving daily. ^ THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE They Must Be Kidding" H Coming Events PHILADELPHIA: With a name like Gayton Glen Teddy, this Yorkshire terrier,| would seem to have enough problems without the addition of hair- curlers, which are supposed to give him the added beauty to win at the Philadelphia Dog Show competition. UPI TELEPHOTO Q Return Home •'; Miss Teresa Ann Henry of Kokomo, Miss Laurie LeaShupperd of Burlington have returned home after spending a few days at the home of .their'grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Goodman and Mrs. Nina. Henry. Family Gathering The home o{ Mr. and Mrs. Allan Goodman was a gay and happy place on Christmas Day. Santa Claus visited after dinner. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sne'll and son, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ward, all of Kirklin; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Henry and children of Kokomo; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodman and son of Pensacola, Florida; Mr. and 'Mrs. Herald. Shupperd and family of Burlington; Mr. and. Mrs. Michael Goodman and ; j)ian-to return to -Taylor late Jaij;,! Destination Florida By Mrs. Mark Weismiller Miss Bernita Stewart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stewart, route 4 Tipton, who is a Junior at Taylor University, is a member of the "Coed Wondering Wheels Winter Trip" to Florida. This trip is sponsored by the University. The group left Taylor University Jan. 1 by bus and drove to Jacksonville, Florida. The group is composed of 50 students, 30 girls and 20 boys. They will be divided into groups of 5 or 6 and will be riding 10 speed by cycles traveling a total of a little under one thousand miles. They will travel 60 miles a day and will put up sleeping bags at night. A chuckwagon is to travel ahead of them for meals and their sleeping quarters will be sleeping bags unless someone invites them in to stay/ They daughter of Tipton; and Mrs. Margaret Graf of Tipton. Womens Council ' • .i •••. • ''. •.The Womens Council of the Christian Church will meet Wed? nesday January 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the church with Mrs. Jerry Williams and Mrs. Eddie Nash as the program leaders for the evening. . Mrs, Elizabeth Patterson, president, will be in charge of the business meeting. The highlight of the program of the evening will be when Mrs. Kenneth Lininger show her pictures of the Holy Land, which she and. her husband Rev. Kenneth Lininger, pastor of the Windfall Methodist, visited the Holy Land and saw the Passion Play the past summer. Hostesses for the evening will be Mrs, Max Herrell, Mrs. Frances Courtney and Mrs. Ola Dean. 25 or early Jan. 26. They will be performing a 45- minute musical program, group singing, individual singing and testimonials. They leave Jacksonville, go to Daytona Beach cross over to Orlando, then to Tampa down the west coast Naples,, then thru the Everglades where they will spend, one night, also visiting the Seminole Village, on to Homestead, then to Miami up the east coast to Merritt Island on to Coca.: Beach there to "Jacksonville and return home.. EKIN Holiday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Billingsley were Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Billingsley, Mr. and Mfs. Harold Billingsley andfamilyand Mrs. Henry Wood. ' * ' Visits Parents First Lt. John Hanscom and wife, Roberta, of Mather Air. Force Base in Sacramento, California, an electronic navigator, have been spending the Christmas vacation with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Howard Hanscom of Sharpsville and with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ward of Indianapolis. They also visited with the Lt's grandparents in Martinsville while here. First Lt. Hanscom will bc^ transferred to the Wurtsmith Air Force Base In Oscota, Michigan where he willbe permanently located. Theta Delta Theta Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Psi sorority met Tuesday, December 15 at the Kemp United Methodist Church for their Christmas party. Hostesses were Mrs. George' Landseadel, Miss Sue Landseadel, Mrs. John Patrick; Mrs. Marilyn Rose and Mrs. Vincent Tragesserl Following dessert, a program. was presented by the Drama Class of Tri-Central HighSchool under, the direction of Mrs. Sharon Kinder. ~ Group presented several types of drama and "each were very enjoyable. * . Favors and a gift exhcnage added to enjoyment of the season. Sara Smith, junior at BallState University, is spending the: Christmas holidays with ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Smith and daughter Anitei Greg Smith, serving in the U. §. Armed Forces and stationed at Gordon, Georgia is home for the vacation and visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert ft.. Smith. Merman-Morris Dependable Ambulance Service Helpful Civic Information to acquaint ynu with your new community. Call the Welcome Wagon Hostess so that; she may visit you. Phone 675-4492 Phi Beta TUESDAY Psi Sorority -1 Page 3 7:30 p.m., Mrs. route 1 Gregory Caldwell, 7:30 Phi Beta Psi, Associate Chapter 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Claude Hoover 302 S. West St.. IN WEDNESDAY Women's Association of Presbyterian Church * 1 p.m., coffee hour at church. Miss; Linda Myer will be speaker.! ; jj Fellowship Circle of the Normanda Christian Church p.m., at church Dunbar Extension Homemaker's Club, Mrs. Lloyd Grinstead .Redi-Maid Extension Homemaker's - 7:30, Mrs. Alan Schul- enbuf g, route 5 Cancelled j Eye Cue Home Demonstration. . Club - 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Jackie Miller, southwest of Windfall THURSDAY ! jj Present Day Club, Mrs. Margaret Hobbs, 414 Green St. WSCS of Goldsmith United Methodist Church - 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Bcrnice Phifer, Goldsmith Tipton Union o'fWCTU Mrs. Don Clouse s Silver Belles Extension Homemakers Club - 7:30 p.m. 1 , Mfs. Otis Underwood, route 2 Sharpsville i\L HOBBS By Mrs. Mark Weismiller » • '. • • ' •• . Mr. and Mrs. Bud Castor and family of Lugar Acre, Florida spent the holidays visiting relatives and friends. Little New York 2 p.m., Mr, and Mrs. James Melson have returned to their home after spending the holidays with their son Kim Melson of Charleston, South Carolina and also spent a few days in Florida. By Mrs. Eugene Kirby Holiday dinner guests of Mrs. Mayme Barnett were Mr. and Junior .Barnett,, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry j Barnett, Jim Barnett and friend, Mr; and Mrs. Harry Barnett and son, Mr. j and Mrs. Harold yfeyne Amos and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnett. and daughters. , | Holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Junior Guffy were Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Luter of Mishawaka; Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn Blake and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lee of Lafayette; Renee Wilson and Chris Dolley, Previews Silver Belles Club • . i The Silver Belles Extension Homemakers Club will meet on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the home of. Mrs. Otis Underwood, route 2 Sharpsville. : Mr. and Mrs. Estel Legg have sold their home in Hobbs and purchased property in Elwbod where they have moved. Mr. Jean Barnes and family have purchased the Legg property in Hobbs, Rev. and. Mrs. Robert Gerrett of Alba, Penn. have accepted the pastorate at the Hobbs Christian Church. They plan to be here on January 17th to start their pastorate here. He plans to attend CTS in Indianapolis beginning in February. A belated Christmas dinner and exchange was Saturday eveningat the home, of Mr. .and Mrs. John Friend.. Guests were Mr. and Mrs.JMilton Butcher of Sheridan; John |W. Friend, son Ron, Mrs. Judy | Goad, son Jeff of Mount. Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Friend and sons of near Tetersburg;! Mr. and [Mrs. Stephen Friend of Tipton; | Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman, son Keith and Miss Marcia Thomas of near Little New York. |. Miss Sue Cauble was home from Indiana State Teachers College to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cauble. Mr. and Mrs. John Friend were guests New Year's Eve in the. home, of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mathews near Pickard. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Noel, Jones and family and Mrs. Henry Wood were Thursday supper guests of Mr. and- Mrs. Walter Alexander. Cancellation i the Redi-Maids Club scheduled for Wednesday, January jB has been postponed and will be held on Wednesday, January 13 instead. .-. Homecraft Home Demonstration !ciub will meet Friday, Jan. 8 at the home of Mrs. James Melson, north of Hobbs. The lesson on the Use of Blenders will | be presented by Mrs. Melson and Mrs. Don Hinds. : Thursday guests in the home of Mrs. Opal Cox' were Mr..and Mrs.! Carl Longfellow, Mr. and Mr's.i Robert Griffin and family and Mr, and Mrs. Jim New. Mr. and Mrs. John Friend were Sunday guests in the "home of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Butcher in Sheridan. ' Other guests were Mrs. Marigrace Holmes and dau- - ghter Anita of Sheridan. StVaQirt Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Napier are the parents of a girl born at° Community Hospital,'' Indianapo-, lis on January 4. She is the third child in the family and her grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Paiil.H. (Red) Jones j Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Weismiller of i Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weismiller of near Hobbs visited recently with Mrs. Alta Weismiller-and Mr. and Mrs. George Leemari of Indianapolis. : - Mr. Ronnie -Jordan," west of Hobbs is a patient at the Tipton Hospital where he has undergone surgery.. Mr, and Mrs. Carl Longfellow entertained with a turkey dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Carl Crull, Howard B&ett, Mrs. Doris Crull and sons of Bluffton; Mr. and and Mrs. Robert Smith and family of Tipton rural route; John Mike: and Debbie'Longfellow of Frankfort; Mr. and Mrs. A]ten .Crull of Sheridan; Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Reed and son Larry of near | Zionsville;' Mrs. Woodruff of Kentucky; Gertie Weathering and daughter Rosie of Zionsville; and Mr. and- Mrs! David Bailey and family of Pickard. Holiday guests in the home of Mrs. Anna Bailey and Cad Goff were Mr. and Mrs. Bud Harris and sons, Mr. and Mrs. David Paftlow and sons, Mrs. Ethel Beaver, Mr. and Mfs. John Venton Thomas and family, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Boyer and son, Mr. and Mrs.TedSturdevantandfam- ily, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Baker and family, Mr. and Mrs. David Bailey and family. • ' AmrriraV fii^l nr^'ini/i-il sport . was linrsrrai-iii^, -wliirli w;is inilialril in Ni-w \ ork in SAVE WITH US AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR YEARS TO COME - WE PAY THE MAXIMUM ALLOWED BY THE STATE OF INDIANA . 4*% interest paid each 6 months CD 90 CD 12 CD 24 s-6 5*% interest paid each 90 days ! "BANK AT THE FRIENDL.Y BANK" where it is our pleasure to serve you FARMERS LOAN & TRUST CO. TIPTON, INDIANA PHONE 675-2172 "Use our special drive in, service"

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