The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana on February 15, 1920 · Page 21
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The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana · Page 21

Billings, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1920
Page 21
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lunday, February IS, 1920. BILLINGS GAZETTE WIFE AND DAUGHTER OF ITALIAN ENVOY JOIN WASHINGTON SOCIETY SOCIETY NEWS bv E P. l.ane, the' couniy agent; Mr Henael, or Baaiii, wJ Ray Brcwn county tilub leader. HIGH SCHOOL. Father and Son week besinr; lonior-row. The "gel, together banquet" night has tieerj set for Thursday Friday, wae the night originally selected, bur thin date conflict T.ilfl Ihc liiih etbool fonsVel bull game with Bis Timher. Co m mi trees for the vaiIoue crunchen been anpoiultri. Invitations have .' been sent lo the rslhorB and sons., "The Iiova having no Taili-era, or having fathers that are away from the Pi I y, will Ije'Ktveii temporary fathers for the evening. The pur-liose of'.-this "gel. together bantniel" Is u amuae. the Interest or fathers In their Knn.v and ihe interest of ?ons in ihelr feihers to a creater heleht. The prograsiu for Hie evening " in the I various '(-hurdles are practically the same.. Every church will fry to have noma ''apeciai Rel;ar for the hancinet. Ooo of the speakers .will eiplain the "'Christian Citizenship Training l-'ru-p.ram." and there will he several talks by holh fathers and soils. The 'onien o( the uhurtlies .ire nre-paring (he banquet. The price v ill be ?1 for each rather and his son. The Lime- has been set for 6:311 o'clock. The following is a prnrlamatiou issued by Mayor TV. I,se Mains: . "AyrnountementH are out for 111 e na- j linnarobserTanre of 'Father snd-SoLl' week for February 16 to 22 inclusive. Kach rear, more Interest is shmvn in hoys ami Iheir future and it is tny opinion that these father and son j 'set-tog'ethers' Hre a great factor in sotting, them hotlf to find meir genu- ! ine relationships. "Because of its admirable purpose j and Its 'direct bearing upon civil wel- 1 come In 'Billings, I deem it mv iliitv- to ! tall attention to this well conceived rrlah. Anything which tends t" hrinB father ajid- son closer togelher in friendly spirit cannot belli hut be beneficial lor the community Rud :)r.-llon. 'T therefore, call njion all tho fathers of this city and request iheir heartiest co-operation in currying c-ul this plan in TWIincs. I would suggest Itiej attend at least one of Ihc tnect ings to be held during father and son eek and assist wherever poisslhle in planning ' and promoting such an event. It would be a splendid service-tor men who have no sons to nafriend the boya who have no father!,,'' The .enior . class presented Miss Phyllis I.ieb rnth a hnn of cnacly In l'tcognition or her willingnoee r. iilar for the dincini l Ihn .mnr -, :,..- which wns given In ' the high school ! January at. The annual staff appointed hy Miss Ruth Wood, journalism Inntruetnr. follows; Relti. editor-ln-thler: Sam Meudeiih.-ill nod niehard Hois, huniness mannjer;, rrmrles Chappie end .Txck Carter. ' associate editors; Don Ilritiain. athletic cdllor; hdwin Park, class editor: riorenr-e Clsrk and Martha Spear, art editors; Marie McDonnell and Sain Stern, photographers: Cur-dwell Thomson and lone T.iber, humorous editors; Mjrlle Hea. i-'ocleiy editor; Iluth PtIs and Esther Alcorn, nrsanlna-tion editor; anil I.uella MuFadriln and Adella Alt, calendar editors. Miss Patlie Scott, recuntly of Byr and now of Roct Springs, is visiti at Byron and Cowley. Mrs. William JJastoa is in Denver, summoned by the news -.that her mother. Mrs. lrlnger, wu ill. Word haa been receivrid here Bince. her departure that Mrs. lrlnger died: The. ISurleau home was the scene of a children's party Tuesday evening, the oceaaion being the birthday of Frerl Bnrleau. Farmer, Scott IS. Sessions, V. R. Ken- I dall and Charles Miller were In-Lorall i Tuesday. Mr. and .'Mrs. P. n. Sessions went ! to Basin- llie latter part of laat week, i Mr. Sessions being summoned - for : Jury duty. day in Billings A mtmtief of Byron, people are'Eiir- faring rrnm cnlrls and a faw from In-I fluenia. Among them are Jesse. Ps.vis, j J. T. Lindsay, FLobert Pi-yde and sev- j eral children. Byron was wall represented 'Monday at the farm sale at Garland, ' Among those attending were Mr., and Mrs. Dan Neville, Mr. and Mrs. Frannk Jonea. Mr. and Mrs. Matt- f.lo2jeii9, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Jone, Carl Anderson, Oscar Jones. Bcot't H. Sad gloria and Mr. Boukout. BIG TIMBER The Junior high V. M. C. A. met. with Its leader. C. C. Cohagen, al his oTflce laal Wednesday evening. An assembly or all studs.nts was held In the auditorium Wednesdav afternoon. It was addressed by n man T.ho knew I-Incoln. thereby' makin; tha Uncoln mainnri!il progfam most appropriate. T-Je is E. Faust of Codr. vt'yo.. and he told or tha Lincoin-Pouglas dehale in Freepurt. III., In TiSS. M"r, Faust was Ictrounced hy .'edge ,T. n. Goss of this ctr.,'. Following Mr, Fanst'fl address. Donovan Briltaln. Coach Glenn nih-lmr.i and M. f. Dlelrich made short talks. Tha T::icheiuer mrl al ihe high school WednendHy evening. Cnrriwell Thomson rt-nil dm tirnl chapter of an orlgmai novel, William lieiii re.-.d clu.pler III or "A Year at Lincoln l-bgh." and Kcrmil Hammer led ihe. psrlismentary drill. The uc.vr pro-sram of the club will he civil, February 23 and is a follows: An criminal hovel, chapter II hy dnseph nonlov; ev(empDr)1neoiis apeech. liichartl riots; one chapter. "A Tsar al Lincoln High." Kermil Hammer; recitation, hloyd Carleton: trio, saxophone. ban-Jo and piano, William Rsid. Chsrles Chappie and Cecil Morris: dehate. I ReaolVfld, thai Uilliiii-s should adopt the city manager plan of admitilBtra-Hon;" affirmative, William Held; neg-anve. Charles Chappie; ciicmporari(.-ous speech. .Maywond Brockwav; pai-lismentary . drill. Sam Menuenliall ; critic's report, M. r. nletrich. The sophomorea held a dancing party in room No. 7 Friday evening. .If. was given under the supervision of .Mils Ruth Winkley, clas facnlrv ;id-visor. Game, -(Te nflrclI Bn"ri ve. fresh men rs served, The high cnoohakal bsll team left Thursday Tor Uwisiowr, nhera l.hy played Friday nirtht. Jjist nlfht thsy plajert at Great. Falls. All or the atudent body are planning on me.ellnst the team at. the depot whan they ar-riv this ariernoon. Next Friday night. Fehroarj- 2t3, Hie blgh nrhnol will play Big Timber at. the Coliseum. The Radio dnb niM Tnesdav slier school in room n. IS. Brsw.'tr Krnsi exvs a taiic 0rj F',lertm..MBtneiirm. The rest of Ihe "Tenine was sper.l in pneticing code. Margajet MehcV of Grrai Falls has reglabsrer) as memher of the Junior class. BYRON aawtai t tne nnnt Oom. FvHON, Wro- Fb. 14, Mr, an Mfg. Asm PttsI, rcfiHy marrirt wsj gin a ktfcB sherwer thia irstk.. apclMl to the Blllrna QEttv. BIG TIMBJSH. Feb.. H. At the meeting ol the Sweet Grass county Rsd Cross chapler, Mondav, Miss Monica Welber, of Sr. Cloud, Minn., was elected county Bed -Cross: nune. Miss Arrlls M'lnson, woo resigned the first o.t tho vear ie still Id the city and will remain' until her Huccug&gr arrives, Tlie personnel of the eiecutlve board Brands as follows: Mrs. H. I.. Travis, chairman; Mrs. C. F. Uliman, Vice chairman: Mrs. J. E, Cameron, secre- i tary; Mri. A. Know-Jes, treasurer, Mrs. j u. .1. eiiiingtun is cnairman ol the nu rising committee, Mrs. Harvey Found, chairman of the emergency committee, and H. C. Pound, chairman of the. home service committee. The home isrviee committee Tepovted emergency cummlttee collected clothing for the needy and sent out a number of Christmas parcels.. Mrs. Sarlh Morse, executive secretary of the Association fgr the Study and Prevention . of Tuberculoils In Muntsna. wroLe a delightful letter of commendation from her office l Helena lo Mrs. Harvey Coit, chairman of the committee for the sale of Christmas seals, thanklug Ihe coriimlttae Tor the check of t'7?.79, sent in from Sweet Graaa cnuiiij1 under adverse conditions of weather and shortage of fuel during the week's drive. Barsineic Romano Avezsana (ahovt), wife of the recently appointed Italian ambaatedor to the United Static, and their daughter. Miss Ydanda Romano Avenana, have clreao'y taken their places in diplomatic society circles at the capital. The baroness was fnrmr.Hy Mlso Marii JaaijueMn Taylor, dnughter of imer Taylor of St. Louis. r and rrom the pnt'l ml: Little Mi Viola Mnndc talned a number of her fi if seventh birthday anniversary day. The gnosis v. cm Violet StiUucIl, Alherta Grace Maeon. Maxlne Muson Camfleld, Violet Sitlldu, l',i-l Hanson, Evelyn Hansen and SherrDll. Guy Kohcllu and Watt liuBs visited thf; I'urnier's Saturday and Sunday. Mrs.-.U. 13. Stlllwoil ' moved to l'u::iin; i1, I'" If A Mi BAH I! WE DM KjSTum- tniii. lrank 1-icr of Billinps and yiss Florence Graham of I'liUndelpUia wivo iuai-ricf.1 Sundav al. tli bom-! uf Mr. .',',,.''.' a;i-i Mrs. Fr:;n Hudson nf :"1 South mi i.iiincc Tiiii-y-rourlh struct. Juri.c Kay An-I ilor.i: pfM'ror.'ir.'rl the cerpinuny. 'Hie. . r nil ! bride is the daughter of n railroad 5f ' n,J Of ,l!f.lephSa vliii. Mr v,,r, '" " h.i!i res-'ded i;i Hillinrjs diirinf; 'he last I li.i years. Mr. and .Mrs. Haer's romance ill entertain I bc-nau I- year:; apb at Dcnvor. They Wed-io-rlsv ''vil1 m!lft(i l!lclr l,rj'110 ''' '-( Buulh GR1NNELU LAUNDRY QUEEN You can wring from the washer to tne rinse tub then to the blueing then into the basket without any lifting or stooping just swing the wringer. And by the simple pulling; ot a lever the top with dolly swings over the proper tub and doei your rinsing. The Laundry Queen has but few moving parts and thej are all on top and completely guarded. It stops operating tha minute you lift the lid and costs bat a cent an hour fcr ckctiic fovxr. Other Laundry Queen Feature wood dolly; washer an, vrringrr may be w-& to feiher or independently ?.flft:y wringer dtv're light, strong 3tcel bench planetar tear driv. Our washer pays for itself out of the saving it makes. You will never know you are buying it. Let's get one before next wash day. The machine to do all the talking. "At Your Service" TheMontanaPowerCo. Phone 1735 Electric Bldg. GAZETTE WANTADS FOR QUUK AND PROFITABLE SERVICE Mr. and Mrs. I larmau 'Dodge tame in from the Weet Boulder. Monday on thfiir way to .Llriutiou to attend ih Tunoral of Mrs. Elmer Eonehrlght, a., Vi-ho riled at her ranch homo, aleo on tho HVeat Boulder, of pneumonia. Mia. Bonebrleht leaves a baby a few day sold. nincinf. is under the ban o tbe health hoard in Big Tim bar.- Tbe complimentary dancs after the Billings-Bin Timber basket, hill g-amr, the leap year ball, tha h'nfuhts or Pythias party, Ihe fireman's hall, the MaRonie club dance and the Brotherhood of Norway pnrlv all were tailed oft becauss ot influema.' conditions, Mrs. T. A. Yehlon-. entertained in-ormally Monday night :at (our tables of auction brtdrt. A social semion and banqtiel fol lowed- the reRtilar meetint of- Sweet . Craas cliaptar of the- -Eastern Star: 'l'ue5daj nlrhf, at -which four new can- j didafes were Initiated. Music and Uie reaHine of lip-tn-the-rnifiiite Jokes , ridded lo tbe pleasure of-tli'e assembly, j -T. P, Fahrick, ot EelKrade and Boie- man, who. has been tiiany times : vislinr in fljg Timber for severs 1 years ; and is Tell known In tha cfly, has gone in New York, where hen-ill be married to Min Arleen SbJitb.: ATter i a. wadding .iourney of two months to1 Holland the couple will' rr.rnrn to; Poieman to make their home. j Elmer Arneson, bod o! A.- H, Arne- j son of this oilr. is arcone those In- i iilated into Omega Beta for the sec-j nnd semester, held al Ihe ffs-ternffy i house at Bo7.eiuan Saturday. Ha is a student, at the Montana State Jig- j ricusrwral colleae. I S. 0. S. 1 1,1' II IS TlVJfJi KM V RTALVHD, The a- 0. S. club iva.i enlci-U by Etta Spui-Riu ."it thn liouii: a( sister, 3D Iwnis .tvenii?, ypmer afternoon. On I'Viduy lif,.- cluH cuterlajni1,.! in Mv- lnim,i it' ,uii Siuiiperl. IDS Wyomli.r iiviiup. ' entert.Binment or tho evimii's; r;, valrntiiio hiirty. ami r,-- ii niniiiijcr . BASERAM, tlKN Kl'I'P MM'X SI Tbe dancr yiven lo rulliP'- tlir in-I areata of Litis Killings base-hall I en in Saturday nighi in !:io ballroom of thn Billings l.'ouimei'iiinl i:lu!i: ;irnOil n (iitcesf frorii both v sociiil mill lin.-in-c-ial slandpnlul. Tlits iriiri-ids- win ivi toward 1 lie? uroction or :i 'uiv.v hall park in BlUlsicu ami rcctirirsv t-iirn.l for. the toain lo voiirifscn! t'io io,vn in the cominK r.casnn. This in ill- f, 1-51 nf a series nf ihrce clanufr, vj shu by the baf,eli,ill fans. MISS p, SIU1.TZ IS tlOSTFSS. :.lis:i Priscllla Rhultz. ilaualtter or Mr. and Mrs. ;'. K. Shnll.: uT :iii srnith Thiri.v-eifhn, stnmt. n ns r!i bnslefs at a pretty social ovant n,i Saturd-iv evenint; when she cniertainotl 12 couples of htir ynnnp frlen:!,: :i(. a leap POMPEYS PILLAR . W. Jones, ajwiatant cashier At the tt National hanh, was visitor in ings Wednesday. is v.-ek. lrs. .Tohti Bellinger en leTta'tn'sl bon:.-2i frinla at an ifurnsera tjeat Saturday. Thaae prl. were Srs, T. F. Prle. Mr. Keirrge rrilmore. Mrs. Hnrray Koblln, Mrs, Harrj- CjMnlltlrt, Mrs. C. A, Mokler, Mr. R. B. Sti'.IwelU Mra. Charles Kuan, Mrs. B. A. Serf. Jar. C. E. Hrf. Mr. Wiltcr Smith. Mrs. Oairte Mown. Mra. fillTiton Srasttr. Htaa K. Kotatlfa, Mhut K. Sim-mrina. Mrj T. Wllwft, Ml 5!. fiiaae and MIjs ti. SeTeraflTi. Kirhy Kollin' jtaeT'Eetna Rerrg are t.h t.Y-n Pomptys Pillar flfl oft the fiitrs:i high achool tctrn. The ttsrj i For Economy's Sake I've decided not lo jrr-' now t:ioilics this season. Things fit-o ton ridirnloiisly liifrh and Ihp povcrnnipni .-i?.ks us io v,car out t;u- olit clothes for fii'iinoniy sake. T know vv'lien you pel through cleaning- I ii 0 111 they will look us new find bright as if I boncht (hem yesterday. PHONE 1193 Billings Laundry Co. Opposite Post Offke Save (1) On Your Washings Just 4c Per Washing With a Woodrow Washer I 4c Per Washing Argument Enough 4s For You? WOODROW WASHER SOLD ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS A deposit down- - 'With pavments monthly will pat a WOODROW WASHER in your home No Modern House Is "Really Modern" Without An Electric Washer When yon siy your house is modern, you should tnke itilo consideration your laundry equipment. Have yon nn electric washing machine or juM h. wash board and several tubs? Is your washing done conveniently electrically or is it a task that cause? you inconvenience and hard work. Buy a Woodrow Now at ihe Old Price; all Electric Machines Are Going Up Prices on Electric Washing Machines are advancing from 25 to ?S per cent. By buying a Woodrow Wnaher now you ran save save. During t.hfi sale all machines will be sold at the old price. Just as ,;non this alo is over, the prices will .jump. A factory expert m here lo loll you all about tire Woodrow. Phone 1204 for Demonstration in Your Home Billings Electric Supply Co. Opposite Montana Power Block

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