The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 28, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1908
Page 2
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.*^^ BAKERSFIELD CALIFQB NIAN. Che: BakertTieid i:\,i> l-'venlriK lint Sundays (it •.ft.-I.I. Kern County, Califuniia. City and County <r^ Official Paper Wednesday, Oct. 26 DEAH TOM:- Dori't you thinfc that ,„.._....... your "best girl' « - -.77 would enjoy a box of i M;,7ier jGruenhagen' s candy? -.-.--..--.—.-;-.-----•-• - -—) QJ- course she would to "^; ! """I. _ 11 "'-_".:.'..:_- j so buy her a box to- ALFRED HAP.RELL, Editor and Prop, j n ^ gj-j £ y •£ MeTOney'S. BILL WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 190K Mam 31 For President, WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President JOHN W. KERN For rcrnressman—Eighth District ' W. E. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY For Juclye of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, J. A. JASTRO ,,,„, ,,a\e i ii nuule ill the effort to injure Mr. .!;isln>. Hut the ! statement speaks for itself. Reail tit. ^.»* ITeMi'sl'". papers tire now openly siipiiurtiiiLT Tnl't. ' i Has Ihe In rill' raised your wages 4S pci nt, or any per cent? That is what it has raised the cost of -*~ JJljerges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liauors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room, Quotations and samples sent on application -. .„ ,07 1623 Nineteenth Street Phone Mam \ All ciiliinet memlier.s arc now out making speeches for Taft. Their salaries j?o on tin- same, and the people pay Uie bill. «_»> Cabinet meetings now consider what to do to beat Bryan. Such meetings used to discuss affairs of state. The Examiner advocates the WDSWDAY. OCT. U. ^j^^r"^^ | county thousands of dollars every year. Only the corporations favor the amendment. Vote against BT1LL STRUGGLING The morning paper announces jt tkat "it only took a lay off" on tie tariff question, and it is again Taft has held office ever since on the iob trying to explain how i b e W aB 23. He is still on the ,joh. ! _ . *" * .. i ..ii* *V,« ' *-* i . i ii • i!__ :* Battling Nelson has Just received a letter from .liimes toward Britt, who is traveling through Europe picking up n little easy mony, and the white ex-lightweight champion Informs the Battler that a fortune awaits him on the other side. Britt says in the letter that the flgh-loving public of England have watched with intense interest the movements of the Bat for the last year, and are anxious to get Wm over on the other side. Britt states that the foreign fans are becoming greatly wrapped up in prize fighting, and that the poorest kind of a match draws big money. He advises Bat to come immediately after his theatrical engagements and take on some of the lightweights there. Bat says he will take the matter under consideration. VU V»JV* ,jvw «- - fc i ---rj — » tie tariff is going to beneht the •wool grdwer, and the raisin and prune men when there is no market for wool, raisins or prunes. | Tne tnist organ is having a trying time of it. Some of the most intelligent fruit growers have heen telling the public through the Cal . But then this time it is not appointive. —• •»•* New York state seems sate tor Bryan. The Examiner says it will go 100,000 for Taft, and that is a good deal more than even Hitchcock claims. tfCll *^*fS *** % * J* «•"•»" -.-- n - - ifomian that the tariff is not a, — poucE DO i r» « * j.1 i.i>4 4 I*«i *i»ir»n r* cjnVu 1 —- T WANTS NELSON THE NEW MARCHING BRITT SHOE FOR THE ARMY TO GO TO EUROPE. The new marching shoe for the army has heen manufactured and is to be tried at one of the western posts, where there Is a large force of troops, the members of the military command representing naturally a variety of shapes and sizes of feet. By this means it will be possible to ascertain whether the different sizes of the new army shoe will meet all the demands likely to be made upon it by those of the military service. Great care has been taken in the development of this new marching shoe, which is of the russet type, with a top not so high as that of the old marching shoe. There are fewer lacing holes, and these are of a size which will easily admit the lacing. The shoe is made on a last which gives the greatest freedom for the foot, being of square toe and of a shape which has, by inquiry, been found to represent the greatest comfort to the wearer in walking. There has been much criticism of the army marching shoe, especially from those on duty in the Philippines, where there is a good deal of walk- Ing to be done, and some of the march- Ing is over the roughest country. The changes which have been made embody the suggestions which have come to the war department from various sources, and it is believed that the objections which have been made have been completely obviated. JOHNSON DOUBTS IF BURNS WILL FIGHT. ERNEST WIEMAN HAS SPRAINED KNEE AND HIP. Hard luck seems to be following the Occidental football team this season, for. although they won their game with Whlttier last Saturday, the cost was dear—Captain Wieman was forced to leave the game on account of the same bad knee and hip that has been handicapping him all season.—Heralil. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27.—Sam Fitzpatrlck, Johnson's manager, writing from Naples, just before they sailed for Australia, says that the match seems too good to be true, and he won't believe that Burns is going to fight until he sees him in the ring and hears the bell ring for the first round. As the men are going to .box with four-ounce gloves, it can readily be seen that the affair will be a grueling one. It seems rather strange though, that Burns would agree to box in Australia, where the fighters hardly get more than car fare to fight They may dig up the $35,000, however, and surprise us all, but It seems a big bunch of money for an island to separate Itself from. EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES "When you want reliable help of any kind call up THE BAKERSPIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. We also employ Chinese and Japanese help. . 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313 have got to continue the medicine •whether they like it or not. But our neighbor can explain and explain, and the fact will still remain that the wool grower can't sell his wool and that the fruit man can't get as much for his dried fruit as it cost to cure it. "When the organ hns finished trying to extricate itself from• tin predicament into which its own argument precipitated it, it may. if I it sees lit, discuss the tariff for a ' while from the standpoint of tin consumer. YORKL ^ tAL2 De8plte the ban b on box , ng Club night pulled off six bouts without police interference. Two other clubs, the Manhattan, In Harlem, and the Bedford, In Brooklyn, did not attempt to hold their scheduled fights, and at the Bay Kiilge Athletic Club the police stopped the bouts. In the star bout at the Roman Athletic Club, Young Otto outpointed Young Erne of Philadelphia. Otto opened n gash over Krne's eye In the fourth round, and In the last round tie lundcd several stiff punches. The. limit was slow because Krne did not appear to bo fi^htiiiK at bis best. "GREAT WHITE WAY" pretty effectively disposed of tin argument that it makes prices I'm the man who u r ro\vs the raw pro duct, hut it is i|iiitc willing t< agree that il sets the flu'Ulv to tliei — —•—•• -• consumer of the mann.actnml I HFTH AVENUE TO BE article. Here is where the tariff gets iti its protection work pro- lection f,,r Ihe u.imnlVtnring NKW YOIU<. Oct. :;x,--Ro,ardless of i ihe atmospheiic conditions, the Ropuh- 1)!, von want ;i suit of clot lies'.'! !ir ' m ''""'"V "i^nn'/atlon has phmned What'is the coxl todi.y as compar- "» " 1!lk " ''' im ' » v "'""' ""tshlne IJ.oad- <>d with the cost a few years aeo. w '»' tonight, lluildlngs from •Fifty' Do Von need a pair'of *hoes ; ninth sired to Fifleonth street will be Kemeinhcr, if von can. whal si s l el-Hrically lighted. The I'uion and cost yon ten years since, and coin- pare the liguiv with il ovt today. Who gets the increase? Labor, yon might think, if yon could accept the view of the editor of the morning paper. Hn' within the last twelve months thousands and tens of thousands of the wage earners throughout the New Knir- land inannfaciurinii- distrids have had their wa'j'es decreased, and this has heen particularly true in the wo'ileii and shoe manufacturing p|ani>. The price to ihe public has not lieen lowered, however. The wage earner then lias his eurning power decreased, while the cost of liviim 1 continues to increase. Who is licnclitod ' But out neiehlior's position is a peculiar one. lias not Mr. Taft Fortunes of the World Are Founded on Oil Joe Chanslor, now several times a millionaire, was, not so long ago, a clerk in Los An- •••eles He borrowed some money for the purpose of operating in California oil; the result was that it made him one of the wealthies men in the state. John A. Bunting, formerly a brakemun on the Southern Pacific, through the investment of $170.00 in California oil land, became a millionaire. lo ll'll I'tiinn Lcauue clubs will he illumitiat- e 1 :nid llashliuhts from skyscrapers and steeples will help. Interspersed in ihe man-hiim clubs from thirty-five districts will be fifty bauds of musicians While toni.nht will not be the lust l>> several nicetiiiLvs and rallies, il will be. Chairman Hitchcock said today, the climax, uf the campaign. NOTICE. Notice is hereby s.;lvcn tli:n I intend (n apply to the Slate Hoard of Prison Directors for a parole from the stale, prison at San Quetitiii, according to law. Signed. AUTIiril II KAMl'KLS 7S No L'lMOT. | ASSESSMENT NOTIOE. Oakland Oil and AKiiIialtiini Com- liany. l.ocaiinii of principal place of business, Oakland. California. Notice is lies eb\ uiven that al a t'eii-, nlar niectlnu of tin HoTd of Directors I held on ll\e l.'ilh I|MV of Clototier I'.HIS. an assessment oi one cent per share was levied upon the subscribed capital hiock ot the coriioi-alioii uavable iui- niodlalelv in I'nited Stales :.'<>ld coin ! to the secretaiv ot said Comnanv. ;it i its olllce, room TL'. at !mti Hioadwav, in the Cilv of Oakland. California. Anv committed lii form? And does u<>! tlie party platform advocate tarilV reform.' Of eonrs'e, there will l-e no rel'.,in:i if tlie trust nai'tv wins, liccanse i siian remain m,,.,,.,, ^ ,., ;", . ,,' ' -,| ,, . ,, ., 'of NovfUU her. ISiOS. will he dellmnicut a Stand pat Congress will not per- j .,„,( a ,| V ertlsed for sale at nubile auc- jnit it, but where is the consist en- | 'j".'\. and )S!, l ^ 0 M l ' (!1 Vi'Mon(l'rv' l t i |\e ( ''Msi <>y of a party paper clamoring for "V abuses is prom-, iljjj pe ;io rei'MV'l I lie v ll^ i)i t'ilhiaii'l. ^ aoii'iiitii. /\u> . stock upon which Ibis assessment wins, liccanse | shall remain unpaid on the 17th duv itav •" ueccmucr. ti'e> 10 nav me lie ..- ,. ,. . • M ,1 ,, . . i nnuuent ussesKtpent. iiiiiether with tin H eontnilllltion ot tlirill alillses ; eosls of adverdslUL-..a.nd expenses of while the party candidati iwing their abatement ? It is nothing for principle, and anything to win. But the people i lav ••!' December. Unix to nav tile de- ment, together with t tising and expenses .1. KNMS, Secretary. NOTICE OF MEETING. , • . ' i Notice Is hereby uheii that the an- nri> not being deceived. .\s a mml meetlnu ot the stockholders of . Aii,,,] ,,-,,.11 ivlu, O'e helow nuincd canal company for t)rt)tninent local wool man. \\no ,[ u , i mr t)ose ot ejectiiu: directors and * v> l .,.,,,I,uiilixl nt the niectiii" 'lie transaction of sucli other Bat and applauded at ui< im iin^ |)s , h(i bl . oll ,, h , i,,,, 1 ,,,.,, , IM . nieetiim. hint lliv'ht Said, "Toil CUtl t iool will be held at (he office ot ml Coin Him lu^in. •""•'• ,, , panv. Kern Coimtv Land ( omiuiiv s «11 the people all Hie time. And O fl],. ( . Uiildim;. comer of i:«'h ami ii ' . <i,.,.. i,., Htrccts. Hitki'rxtield. Ca lotnia. al the there was a greater man than who once said the samothing. A STATEMENT. Klsowhere in this issue, the California)) publishes an address by II. A. Jastro to the voters of the district, It is a straightforward statement of H straightforward man who 1ms handled the affair^ of the county on business lines. It ia an answer to the silly charges oce iiint:. coiner o «< an streets. liakerxtieid. California, at. the date and hour set opposite Ui- name: Kern River Canal and 1 1 rivaling Co.. Nov. 7. l!'»v ai - P. in. F. C. MCN/mi. Sec. to above- named Canal Company, Kcin Conn!'. Land Company's olllc l\ei|| tl>i|ll!> l.ttlMl tlMIOMIl* .s UI1III builiilm;. cornet- r.nh and II streets HltU.M'slleld. Calif. !»-:' iot IEO IN CATTLI CAN Bl P«IV«NTIO j CUTTER'S BLACK LEO VACCIHB Cab(ornia's tavori'.e, the most sue- , wssful, easiest used and lowest | priced reliable vuccine made, i I'owder, string or pill form. Writ* I fur five Black Leg Booklet. I TUB CUTTER LABORATORY ! BIRKEIBY, CAL. If your drugaist doe* not stock oui vwcineo, giatt dinct (ram u». \\'e could tell you of innumerable others. Why were Bunting, Chanslor and many others, who made their money through Investments in oil, successful? Because they were shrewd, H-vel-headed, observing men possessing unbounded confidence in the great future of the California oil fields and the oil industry. The demand for oil Is increasing daily. The consumption far exceeds the output. Several oil companies paid substantial dividends when oil was selling at fifteen cents per barrel. Oil is now soiling at SIXTY CENTS PER BAR- KICL at ihe well. The total dividends for the year llius from all the oil companies now doing business in California, not including the Standard, will probably reach the $t;,<>(in.o(t(l mark, and reach the $111,0011,000 niiirU for the year 1909. Therefore, the natural conclusion to arrive at is INVEST IN Oil. SKCUKITIKS; INVICST AT ONCE. We are offering for sale a limited number of shares on what we consider to be one of the best Companies operating in Kern County, in fact, in California. \Ve refer to the stock of the KERN ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY. The stock of the KERN ASSOCIATED Oil. COMPANY is the best oil proposition ever offered the investment public. This Compnny owns free of ineumherance FORTY ACRES IN Till'. VICKY HP.ART OF THE KERN RIVER OH. DISTRICT, and situated on the Southern Pacific Railroad. It adjoins she San Joaquln Oil and Development Company's property, which was recently iner:-'cd with Die Associated Oil Company, whose STUCK IS NOW SELLING AT $34.00 PER SHARE. H also adjoins the justly famous .Discovery well, v.hero oil was first discovered in the Kern River oil field:--. THE KKRN ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY ha- two wells on its property. Well Nn I is !.\ I'll., ;,nd gives about Kixty-fhe hai'ii-1- u! M! p,. v d-iv. With a greater depth aiH a more :cperi>vi-d pump, ihe production will b.- largely lacroasi.-d The company desires to sink lour mure v,, ;..• ,,,-it :,, Uu.tall modern compressed- air pump:,. W.- I . Ii. ve tlrit well No. 2 will, with areater dep;!i p-od iee a large and Inexhiiustib!- oil supply, as ate the other wells on adjoining properties. We :,iv offering a limited number of shares in this Company at 20 cents per share. Do you reall/.e what thai means? It means that in purchasing this stock >ou become interested in a company that can produce the oil. It is not a case uf "They may, "They should," but "THEY ARK." Let us again impress upon you these highly Important facts: The property is a producer; is entirely surrounded by reliable producing properties; that there is sufficient acreage (forty acres) to justify the drilling of forty more wells, all of which would be in the very core of one of the richest oil producing districts In the world. Remember that Kern County produces as much oil as any other thre£ oil-producing counties In California. Shipping facilities could not be better, for the property adjoins the Southern Pacific tracks. The company has valuable assets In improvements. Two wells, derrick, tanks, tool and bunk houses, etc. Before accepting the fiscal agency of The Kern Associated Oil Co. we thoroughly Investigated every detail n; rtaining to the Company and its property. We did not take snap judgment, we never do; consequently want to assure yon that the stock of this Company at twenty cents per share is the most, unparalleled opportunity for the investor thai ever came under our observation. We sincerely believe that the Kern Associated Oil Co. is destined to pay dividends as surely and a.-, regularly as the Associated Oil and other companies operating on adjoining properties, and we see no reason why within twelve months the stock rjuoted at many times Its present should noi selling pr! We ii!i». you c; ;t TH ! !•(]). twi : CM -.•<,•.;• -;;?* : .ns-ly advise yon to buy every share s-ibiv afford. Watch the stock advance • rents to two dollars. Do not delay. • ; ei- in to us quickly. .T .: v. ' buy 100 shares, par value $ 100. $ :.•• will buy 250 shares, par value $ 250. • Von will buy iiOO shares, par value $ 500. jr,eo will buy 2,TiOO shares, par value $2500. Kroai ;h'- above cash price you may deduct five t••••!• cent If you are not prepared to pay cash, then buy on our easy payment plan of one-fifth cash and one-fifth monthly. loo -hares for $20—pay $4 down and$i monthly. 2-Mi sliarje^ for $50—pay $10 down and $10 nionthlv. '.mi shares for $100—pay $20 down and $20 monthly. 1.500 shares for $300—pay $60 down and $t!'i monthly. THE" STOCK OF THE KERN ASSOCIATED OIL CO IS THE BEST BUY ON THE MARKET TODAY. ACT QUICKLY, HE FORE THE SHARES ARE ADVANCED IN PRICE. JOSEPH J. HOGAN COMPANY, 8023 Metropolis Bank Building SAN FRANCISCO COUPON JOSEPH J. HOGAN 00. 802-803 Metropolis Bank Bldg San Francisco, Cal. Please send i u >- full particulars about ihe Kern Associated Oil Co. N a nit.' Street City ., JOSEPH J. HOGAN 00. 8Cr-803 Metropolis Bank Bidg San Francisco, Cal, . , t part payment , 1 "'"•"'•-" * full payment for ' shares o)' the Kern Associated Oil Co. Name Street : City Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 Hank PA K r nsriri. D' A checking account with the Bint National Bank has •o many advantage* that yon win find it a great aid in your financial affain. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have yon open one and test it for yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN 8AKER8FIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Street*. CHESTER AVENUE NUMEBY * * * » NUMEBY + * ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop, * * Firat-claas Nursery Stock, Tress, * ¥ Shrubbu, Roses, Cut Flowers, Plw- * * al Designs. Orders promptly Oiled * fr Corner Sixth St. and Chester Ave. * t 'Ph»n», Main 745 * i* PAINT YOUR HOUSE + House painting la my special- * ty. I use nothing bat tne best * material*, guarantee my work 41 and charge reasonable prices. 4 I. O. MEREDITH, Contractor ..* 211V B tti Main 172. * ****************** PAYNE |& SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMbULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES If you need anything in the nursery line .-ee them nt their ranch opposite Producers' Refinery on Boardsley canal. Write them Rural No. 1, Box 8. Or call them up, Black 511. .;* .;, ^. .j. .;. .5. .;. .;. .;. .•. .•, ... ... ... ... * * * .;. * *. •{• * * * .5. * ***<;.**.{. * <• „ BAKERSPIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU When you want reliable help of any kind at ao oust to you call us up. We ilao supply Chinese and Japanesu Lelp. Phone 313. 1219 19th St. * * + <f> * OR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONG CO. DRUG STORE Cor, 19th and Q. Bakerafield. OLD EKLXABLE Painters •NYDER & JACKSON Fainting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING 8IONB Phon« Main 1186 1527 Wall 8t ••kcnftold, Oak

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