The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana on April 19, 1918 · Page 5
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The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana · Page 5

Billings, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1918
Page 5
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TIT'K-im-.MNC.S GA.ETTK IJIWDAY. APPdL , 1918" LAUREL LEADS IN YELLOWSTONE COUNTY LIBERTY BOND SELLING RftGE WITH TQTALOF 5115,010 County Chairman W. Lee Mains Voices Praise For Neighboring' City Which Subscribed One-Third of Quota for Entire CountyReports Frorn Outside Districts' Slow Complete Total Undetermined. ; . ' I i ' SKEIN' Tin XGS y " " f ALLEGED GERMAN SYMPATHIZER PLEADS GUILTY TO Laurel, with a population (.1 ahcul 1,200, subscribed o luwttone county's. piot.-i of 5285,000. Eight business c.nnctcm or uroupt. ( individuals in tlii r.n amount equal to Die county's allotment. Molt, with an allotment of 52,000, subscribed :f8,fiCJ0. Ihrouuh lo the tun.' of $5,000. 'Country districts, excluding Dlllln'oc are believed to an amount equal tc the entire nuota for the county. Yellowstone county has more, thae doubled its allGtmc Liberty bond salesmen nave a cnrr.nlele check on .ill fi The boy scouts wi't deal with this Cass Saturday. If then availing, a citliens' committee will wait i.non them hut rot i Vellowstiine county is assured ar heno.- flag with '. While It known thai Yellowslono ( :))MinHlcmtii.ii, eo'iiiily Imi nunc llliin doubled its Mb; inly lionil .nal;i of $:t,sr,0ii aceu- -alc 1 cii ill tail Ini iirrivi'd at. ii i Li 1 all districts nrr licn'ril from. 'I'liis prob- ably will tiiko 10' day., or two wwks ,).,.., wh.i faiU-i! h, Coi.aly C r.ia:i W. Lee S. ll:s an- vr y , ,,, s ;,M. tlic coined! If.s; lll".at. Ad. Ill iill::l --it- v,uil -I,,,,, Sn.'.iilav si f",:liii:t, : ei.l bleed to pun:' .a '.rni:i ,,' ;,":.',' '., "..i',,'iei all rnfirtois yiwenl.iy. i farther ael lor, w 111 be (uk. llonOis fur coi.lir.U'.l'.C Sl.l ;c. Ii ,..,! com ..niece. '. Kvcrv ;iIl- (ailed lu llu tenia; -viik ' ' ii'.cre.-.sed lo ir..:Kr. t'h.ilr.u'.iii Ma'us Is tin I M li. ' ii! III? .:.l:;o for IS!l'.'.l;H- i. ' nrii;li I elll co a ill be I...- -."I HI j- subscribe niui'o tiinil 1KO iiulli. lain to keep pace with l.auir! tow n, with iibniil l,i"ii popnlali. subscribed onc-thiiil .f tin- mi ihe cnlirc county. Laurel liai a remarkable record. :nul uhl .niinily in'this stall'. 1 ii i lu" i tilled lo four or live stars in in liar,." Yellowstone ".molly's. nuoLi w scribed ill h:Hs llll'll 20 minutes after the drive mii'iivd .Monday hy oiKhl business concerns ir mnups of individuals, in which are Included the sutTHr foctorv employes anil employes .,1 lie- s'nrllmin S'acili" railway m nil -Units. Mr. Mains announced, trout l luivn subscriptions eonlinue In conic in lis they ilid yesterday, the ontsidi districts nlniie. will total I he amount iif'lhc ruunly'.s :i H ot iixm I . c'licphcri' reported : iihsi'rip'.isns of ?i.l! W yes-terdhv, aval Wenlim rcporlo.l i'S.'A.. Illi:illL.s I'.ip'or i eiders subscribed $11 .- , ..,l:,s. Vs'!. . LESLIE BRINGS IN THE FOURTH ILL AT THEIOPOLIS All Oil so Far Found There Is in the. Embar Sands M 't'n'.ifnyiVf Tri in.i Kir-.i-.ei ,"" all HiiljH.:illli:ri 'or NOW GENERAL IN rla,n! HVWl rM', 'i JMr HW,m i ! .iu si,. iimi ! I r i mm "w i -, t w-j&j :mi. i taw;7jiivii ioc.':,;. d - m:mmmmmmmiM-:mmWLmm hnniiT OTnn Riiri i x uv u u nu l i n S .M r lulHLHLini rUUILHUU 1LUI V Ull It V I UUtVIalLll PLEDGE SUPPORT xn nnrn -urn nnil Herman Bausch Admits Making AlleS.& ditious Remarks and Sehtence; Wii) ;Be -Paid' Saturday by Judge Taylor -Defendant? P5 All His Property, Valued at $18,000, to Wijf. Al:er IliniiuK over lo Ills: wife, ,lr" S-len I., linnseh. all ltiH provcrty, vnlaed nl $13,000, I lertmut. ISaiiHCli. iiate.inllzcil licnmr. lanelier Jallr-I horn Saturday on a ohiirpc uf iiuiUini; n'.lered seditions Hls.lcineaLs. pleaded ti-.-.ilv lu the ehavire lilcd naln.-l him Ucl'ore .lnd,';e '.:ha:le ;. 'layli.v in district court yesterday. .Hnl 'fay ni llxcd Snlurda; ir.lernooa at " .;'cloclt as the thar for passine, sentence. Iluusch is held In the eouDly Jail ill default of"$2.50 liond. Itausch iH the lust man in Yellowstone rmii t to ha prosecuted uudei the new nntl sptlillnn Inw of Molilalia. AimoKUieiiicLit that ho was to enter ii plea yesicrtby attracded a larije eiowil tr Interested citizens. .Indue Taylor louli Hie case under advise llienl. ami yesterday afternoon held it private conference wilh Bausch that lii uitsM an Uc at. a sat'sfitctnry con-clusioa. . In j Lerd nr.:l bill of sale r.ef. v ii: terday. lIc:1; ca effecu:! the all his wife. of 'one (hi. la:. I:).. mil alfrclimi." Wliell.i I l ie tiacin: vou'.d hn'.il BSni'. in tliecvcv. Ult iso'.l I-jrilcied :o ,.ay a fine is ugnvded a: lotiblful r.nionc local atlorr.oyx. Th. iruperty consists of 50 acres of In. iiir.'.U '.'a tin- -Toman wel. ti-in lnsl Moiii';..'. This ' Unown as'- I.ce No. I 'it at least: as so"! a1 "Hie'. i cservoir ante deplli as iper than Xn idly, than it: indlcallnji .1 125 DBftFT REGRUTTS TO REPQHT HONFilM, JPflyEJT.O'Ks sen f.niiiii in Ims the I esplnred. la this lasl well Hie tiilK eoneeni and the linlncrs jjioiinil have deeiduil o lUtv del.elnllue whal e.sis sands, which lb l,eb IhmiKht will he sir (cel.. When the oil 1 il was cased off and drillil.ii: sunned. 10 feet below the first ;i ililjrilld ill ab.i l:i)lii ii xnli. of :he Government Passes 12 Jurors to Defense in In I. W. W, Trial : OHH-JACiCi. , oeipijsinc r.u :ir.-t peaiel uf enin -i.icn ;:) he exunilncd by eill'.er sldo wine lurned over to tin- do! hy the jn useev':'o:i iii'l'.it lib', o:' inure lis i, one '.uilKlVc i Insesi-i il ;-.rn of the' WO'r'.d on ibari-es of i .:( Ihe' esi:lnna,;o ' A(T :oib y. 'leo.fc'C I'.. VKiiilurvcco, ii-.tnvr.oy lor IV.o ile-fensr, was ciKakrc ' CM.iilinliiK Hi" second imili of II'" pr.nel. wher. :nrl;;i) ..nulls a:!Jour:ir:l Twelve :be ;!w cv uf ehalleilKe over liny man In the bane', despite Hie fuel Hint iis examinations for causes are. couiplcleil. It was Icnnieil Icvlny Haul, y,' I II In 111 Kiumak. foriiiei Chleai;naii. iiidicleil Willi the other. 1. w. W . and for whom Kueernnirni a-euf- have been sean-h-iit. h:iH been iiclinB as ncnnral In the llulshcviki army in Itus.ia One if tint defemlaiilM received a letter from hint. , BELIEif COMPANY K NltN ARE SNIF1NG TtUTS NOW Tlint'Conipitny K of Dilllni'.s now e nefivdy ensu'eil III the. rronl Hni lirnclies Is tu.;:t:aieil by a letter re eelcrd bore, from Seritt. A. K. Sullicr Imvl. ivallri! soi'ievV.cre In 01 : Bruh 1 L: "' r.rc lira euoil .-mi! inw-f Inil 'aro Ki)i:ii: lo :hc f.oi:: sum :n;d prnhaljlj will SCO same, hard u" (-creeiint S'.ither'.ar.d w iles. V n i,,i w'e'wdl be '. c's lurno !' ei-ilsl-nT-' fur" I iian'1 sr- im- tb- (icrr.i'niis hold evil much l;n;ftt We do-i'l Rot as. til itch. i:.C-w hoic n cn::d wo' i: lie until the Tees,e. ;i 1. 1int they will ..niilein. bin l ie st.-IV. Ftiif fur lllulllii lliclilm.;! -liny dra.fl call . . -I i .-lit . lb- i m repnn stone iimir.v eseinn: lieiiil.-Hlaricrs In the Kile, build .reetllm.ijl' Ml;'-:, meh who.aYi! iiprite-the 'siiecial eoiilicii5nt iiiado at that (line. AnntiuiKs-if ibc exact lime lor rcpuis.ei; nail" esteiday by .tUminmr. Williams and :'1erh Caldwell, rinrl Ins e torre are sendiiie. imlivUliiat lie- s to II len luiliiy. Ml rep-isliunls who are onita-jeil 'm fanning niny UK: uiiplicalloiis fo: .tin e- . . . iiiarshnl. well. "The these men OlUcial unlir.e mail" b t'.ie ,"i-:,l'.icd Chief C!c-k ml would ptelcv fiictr anplii .uinio :. so Hint ii may lo !:r. Dowel' .vi'l ':, enlratlle. y , (ollowintc Al.n celled until at'te. C:ftl-;.V .tifii Apti;i4T..-Tlln .Vlivnv t anif '3 1 jH-neifa as cljt !l y' lIKbn sin- the prosecution Ol uie "in ,1 pi.-dsmg lie- -tujii'-ojl "' no ciatiein ' U President v tlson in ew.i ..noi l lo liuilirc ade.lutc ,H otluel mi if such r-imnnoditici- in ma; lie uecue. in carrv one file val: and .(.iicrease ill otricteitey ::' tb.e Aiuurican aoliii.'is and sailors, and Hint "w be.imi hint ill his e:io:ts in tnaltc Hi.- wur'.t l safe place la wnlell to live. ' 'I'lm resolntiur.s s'.-.ti )iot sl ax.l'.a.-.. tlte upenim; of llu' fliaelifcxi'. reserv.e IS FINED W FOB FIGHT WTH BOND CflMPRiGNERS l'Oliri.AMf.Ore.. Ainil IT William Isensee. a Ocrmaii born blaeksinith, who has aimwirt a fortune estimated at ilou.vuo siueii i oiuihy,. lo (he Unllel Slates I'roiii llcrniany 2ii years aso. was fined r.nn ami m 3'i ilnys in iail here tiiday lor ibsonicrl? conduct when called in by a cinu- niittc" soliiilins; slllsi:rtp;:oi: s len (lie 111 I'll Liberty loan. The leslilliuny slioweil Hint suiicl; at the members of (he :om-niitlpe. IhreiUellcd Iheni wile a clfalr Lome-. :n- WILLARD-FULTON GO TO BE STAGED E State Boxing Commii sion Waives Rule as to Decisions f'.ic Ihro'Vil. isoil f lieiuc; bet'.rr fu sncialioll. Tim oeu of H'.c M ro.Vorve. '.he b Aim;, says ill" r.u: ., . UBli ." "M rb iiitivoii hull of lb' :l. I. Kill''. Son to :iv."i: l-'orttus ol MSC. '.:ic HH:I ::.K T.'-'b. '. :.! Is: and orli'o-.v wore sled, the Briint! of Caulon. sob! oi i::-yser, Moiu.. a. price at Ihe day lie s-pci'ieil H at imi head ore clos'tik. Sovera: re in. nl.' I'il'S lb' : i.,, ',,,,;, ,:,,i ., i,a,i,i, i. ir-T'si .i. '' :r!:B;'B GEORGE T. RIBCS PIFIDS W, GUILTY IB HBDtli .-Ith ils principal ifllci no'ls. Willi .h old Stale Street Trust .company o that dltv. Xu stuck lias been nfiered locally, the first issue having been all taken by men win. have mvcsiiKuteil the re wIIHiik li vcloniiienl. I ;. (Ion led lo development Huntley i guilty in distrlr the charge ' decree nun (lev wlilell dr.uled s.iu-.n r.icrioiis ileal I; o ins wife on Hie nis'lit oi Maich The ai)tlicniii"s arc procepillim on the theory I hat the woman w as reit- luls of II. . "Yon can send over nil ihe loljaceo von wish, wflliout tear ilml. wo will iiave an over-supply. Clicwlnv. and .,,.:iiu; of Ihe Howl old American liinmls are. n Rrcat ileniaiul, mul often are niii ohltiiunlile. . . "Krcil V'I'I"5 iH "llh "v' Nn"":"1 lel.eod, M'liif Is a ctirimrii w Tim bovs lu Cmnpaiiy K i I well mm im'sioiis lo net Inlo .ifHoii." their money in if Ihe xround nthor Issue ni funds to carry Inrxer scale. I''. W. 1'aKe, preshleni of Ihe. 'con pa'ny'iind a well firnvu ii n Kriiui is ntioiiiov. aniie.l 'ierc :asl week u will mnke this ,-lncc homo.' he nlve.H bis ii'irsoiml iitlenlioll :n I) affail'H of llu: rif POi -n-tnii. SAYS GERMANY FOMENTED THE: REVOLUTION IN INQIA . S.yV l'Tl,W(;ISCO. April '7. .Kei'lln tool; the ier.d in ii world-wide :oa-spirecy lo overlhrow ItriHs'.i rule In I, din lu l In: hope of forol'ij? I' Urlllsh; ilobai.le or. the west fror.l. Mrs. ,n-nec.r ,. Ailanfs. iiHsislaiil lulled Siaies dlsirlel iiltonic.v, l-ilil Hie ury tot'.t.v in the trial hero nl r y.otui ol llir.iii'.s ii-.h" niher allCBed i ieiv.bers oi 111" corsplracy. Mrs. aiimi.ii. was i" TinlsH lior arKiiiiiciU today. Tim Hei'imin foretell oine: airaoou the taiuaplrncy In lilts counlr.v ibrnucli Covml von LiixbciK. I'.crmna nilnlalor ,-i-. n I 1 1 it - of the r.tneli where her cloth kerosene and 11 was found on a neighbor had Willi 'ni.r I I.. fiom III" I lie krclien. sun e of tliu time, and ,'110 oniccrK and UCXI '.dace of I) close Hie convention Ibis i" annual bull will be licM iniuitui. Miles :ilv seems the only applicant for Die nest 00 stock nmn are AMSI'lvitDAM. April MENINGITIS EPIDEMIC IS CHECKED IT VANCOUVER eVOlllllH. Mn.lll POItTl.AXIJ. Ore', April li. -lfow siucilv and c Bi'M.C wore by die medical section has checked a serious .l'plricinle n( cei i'bi'O. spiunl ineniiisltls ,il Hie Vnnr-onvei. Wash., cantomneni dining Hie .p:iHt monlli and pievenlod Ihe disease from spri'iidins to loinjiiib' eauips whore soliliera are liclng sem lo aid in spruce production, was described lii'i'i) tiiilny in a stalenionl is- ihe inlol ilialiou section ol Ihe lunnl corps. es ol ineninnHis wore Uii-bollt the middle of March. A slilcl (luirantiuc linn'.eiliiilely was placed upon (lie enlire is'.v.ip ami ilur- of the IhoueiKic s of men at s e.v.i'nlneil Indi- bluntly every 1 hours. Their ilpnor csiiiraiory orsaiis were sprayed daily. ... enpt llu- Isler ad. .I'll. In. 1 1 Ueruslorll ill Dr. K. Cliukvavrrly, a apeetai Indian revoi n s. Ailanis said, i-'endnnf In the .I! e niasary of lie parly In Xew Vnrfc F.M.U1ENCE URGES ILL CHILDREN TO CULTIVATE GARDEN PLOTS THIS TEAR In iiu effiiri Ki enlist. vary child in limbics over. 10 ynars of ano In Ihe national army of food producers, Knit Muusinnv Lawrence . vestenl.n- am! Tuesdiiv visited all schools in :lic elly and nin'de short talks on Hie i.ecessltv fur eulilvatlii!; every foot of vacant space iivulliilile Ilml tbero r.uiy be no shoi'l,ino of'foail I'm Hie nlli"'! : nlillers ami llioae at home. 'I'lm speaker's re-m;iil;r weio received wllii enl I'-.isltuan and Hie clillitrcn promised to sot lo w ork lllllliedlalcly I" m-cu re n. l clll- II vale a siti'deii plot. mwever Ihree si l.c ;:ov i I... t t.lniiivf.r.y n'..n.-Il-.e.r wuv. H lias. I i may as In her ill , IHolhini'. mu certainty reach Aiv.crlca. rcaov. lo uHSiu no impediment: h.-Avnvrr, asked t.v.i'.uir.s bui h IV-. l.nndon ammiiecc.l flint ho lias been '.i: formed by liic Ansln-Anierlcnn CoVoruriibiifs Huil n.tii'lt ships eptor 'v.K ibiilsli or Min i ice. pons an" Apii! :'ii w ouiil nan t Anierici lalcc. II" said : of llm AliKlo .saffielclll KU i ci'iii' Am II 17. -The fu "in Icanliii' vireln al lb" lop of lb" Allien eiillicdral. now liclilnd lliu Cei liiien, was sbol down by' C!ci inati lilk-rv on Tuesday, says :, disp rrnm lliitish heaiKiMiirtcrs in Kn I,. I.','.,, lei's lliullcil. Il is li ol k n llm coi'ivsnorile il adds, .vhriiier t' " cc LI e nl i iTY T(is m: 1 1: l : k . rule' of I'n'.ler Tillao 1ms rel'Civn' ii stipp'o :f I'uloiiiobl'e Lilts, and all will bo fa i..::, lines-., far tlmlr n li'lliullor, when tl-.oy hit pl.iri-l nn sn May I MlXXI'IACOl.l!;. April I Tim lis Wi I '.aril -.-red. I'Tllton world's licav woiL'lil hoxvne ehninpionslir,: inalr -eb" lor July I. VHP be '-l , cieil- :br mid. I'll ul ami M'.a- m l '.:elveei UCHIioLs, nei'Oi'diut; to nn ai: nuance. v.: aiade hern tonifthS. licbcrl Scibcrlieh, U.'.l" lin.vir.s ran: uib.Klmie: . made lie ni.r.ornrci.ieni .ill-: b.yli:ii, ions lelcpso.n eoi.vmsa'.loi: with Colonel . I C M lb" iromulur oV die bONiliu coutCSl, who a ia fllildasii. la Compliance with tlx slate law Ihe liplil will lie limited lr :(. rounds. The stale commission, bow-ever, will waive Ub rale aKainsi j decision and will penuil uatiilnn o I'u- wi 'r al Ike finish. Mr. Sclbcr Hell added. Hundreds nl sicn.s seats, to hi skipped from llnieni.o. will necessltuli an onflav of ap;irovli:mlcly ?J..'..()0(i foi vliieh Colonel Miller has asked assistance of Twin City business men A fund of f 0,000 alreniiy lias oeei pledi;. of the c'ily. lognther .wllii: ail' appur.'i can. H . I.-. iii. . . . :' ,i. .. : imi farm machinery, mill . three lot-'S in, I iwo houses In-lllliiiiBiii.-.-nliiiBda', values the ranch at ilO.OOO attd;(ti "itv property at S.0i.-: - '"' '. Sajs He. Has Hlslfil, ; .'' 'I think 1 niive. bceii 'mfsjinilc r-stood," ilechired Ilaiiscli ip b1,s .broken faicUsli. wlieu Kmriteil .perml? i o-. :; llm coiiil to say a tew "words -.irtfr ailinilliur. lus Kidlt ' I nlwnj's tlioutehl I was as Bue a.: A .. ri. r. as limre is. I will IKut 1. carried suiiie resentment on account .d.fs.t)te halTed Howard Ceri.iansV. thure .. I. ' here ami iherc. more1 written ''tWo spoken. .1 an) very r.'fd. and wljl M glad in ilu auytbiii'f; i' can ' to 'make cr-od the error ami I . t'arow myself on (be nii'iev of Hie court " - '-. 'i I'eaally fni Hie crin'ie .of sedltian, s set forth lr. flic law p'assed by Ihe Mr'uoriliaiiv..- session of the Rta lem-ln'.ure. Is a una ot.not (ii:kS tnai :Sf J nor more. '.l or jzu.i.MW, or iruprus-me.iev.t iu the slate prison; for not.ksi 'anil one year no'. SO ycar-i, a- 'ioI'.i snc'.i fine and tmprlsoniy.ont. lief ascs in TMy Btindsi llacsr't Jallrd 5atilrriay nigM- lifer l.f in.l e:.c:i hi, -,ih. factory. an-. amis to a eomiiiittc? of ne-ore wlioiu lie won summoned. .IT ha Ii bnn's .committee siimnmiid l?ab !or a hearini; after '.f.ilierty .boai mlesmen re.porlod that kc had. eoq-, ilstently refused to invest ia-'boBds r thrlt'1 stamps, or lo . contribute ; to, ihe Ited Cross or any other. organi sation directly or indirectly connect-: al with war aetivities. " ' Since his lucarceralon. lia.usch Arts vecn visited by his lio-.. father ami other i elnllv es.'-ai'l 0," rhom are reporled '.o .have made ,.id.' ffectiuH attempts to cnaviime 'rBausc., if ids an Auiericaa .'il-itiitlei 'andtad-iseil hin In alter his stand. :. Ban.sch-. nv.'rvur. rcniaineil tirai In the.;.stati' ,,. t.MK before ibe eiliil'e.r.'iloniioittw; lm-.. present t the'. tiale, md siiiblmriily c,.ii::i.W that llo ,;is' t "la ubUlinr. cinren." .and.thit:h, "did not have to soe.tribu'te t-;t. nusi.-s miles-, he chose." ; .'C:-'..'..S ' ecnvdle.s;- l ie .publicly cxprcssi-j se:i(mieat. n' ..lur .. nusuano.. . aire I ii-8-v siiliscribeil'.to .yxj orlii of Liberty bonds ll-.roui Sfte; ntarv C. l . Able Ol I lie 1. ,.-., , ,!;;:i enpacity of (he , be constriictec (or one I ::e.:. in..: leillbc cr.rips. I)i.- c. b.:.i:l of :':.! i :.ii;;a. il-OC'o Iii illlv'n to the cc'.l'.li. developed i'.t tie "olcnel Hrlcc " LIEUTENANT BIREL! 1W WITH BATTER! OF; FIELD GUNSINAFRENGHPDRT Cmnpnny K. eomixiscii. iipiiuly itilHui;:! buy:;, was Hlnllnne'il .nt a : port .In southern l''ra.ire Maicli when Lieut. M.'-Hllroly aildiessct a letter, to Clnmle lllviter of Hillings. The letter reached brie yoslcvila "We have lieell l:c:i: ' aliOlll weeks and like il pretty yell." Lieut. Lirclv writes. "Hill '(!. i.rcj . is here, M il Paul MeCoinilck. I... .tack tlnvls i-ainc or Hie .aire 'ooal , r.rc" v'ler,- lr: of flcli! B.ins some suns from Uir.lns ;. Haiiain -ill (be nioney He'!' ..tad .:i Lie bank she. said,, ar.d. anoapcM .,s. Hansel: i ailed Mr. Able J. .,. ,. jti'il aim 10 omc ranch and nei Hiv. .subs...ri(i,.lor..,-, STOCKS YIELD '.'to !tM CONTIttCT MIT HlliXKI) SAVS f'tll.ONKl. AHI.l.KI' CIII'i'AUO, i:. Colonel .1. ( Mil I Or,, promo I er. of the Willaril-Kultn clir.2iipiiuv.diip hustiii; nialeb. here. H said: ,Ve have been in ion " il Al'-aacapolis men fo" sevesal noys no contrael baa yci been sicned. ill probably o lo Minima no! s In v da s to discuss plans. Fi'.ill'.ci . this : have ncil.biK lo say Just . I also am ncsoli.HiUK w lh fitfbl piomotees ia several cine, nines mi , i ncited .Icln.ltc oii.s .... n.t flBlil. I do nol care to atl'.te n t:: her ciiies are coi,-..... v. ....... exiu'cl lo 1:.' in pof-Uion to make definite aniio.inceuienl rcBaidinu here (he hie CiKhl will be held In linear future." FRANK HARRIS PROMOTED T0IFIR5T5ERGEANTGI KnlUlliiB us u private 111 the uvlatlon ctlon of the rr.nnliir army in llll- linns just tw o monllts LITTLE GflOlf Market Holds Up.:Wlji Under Dishearten-; ' in'g News' " ket yield. ' r r.'yir. L.y iii t.o sroiiml. again piiA ioc. Us m'.d on I coe.clit'.on. A few Icaueirsvieii Oberl's Mrs. C. U liar- : ilr.-i serceant. siaiioned held. Itoanoko. Arknusas. Serireani Harris is a jjradnate ol Ihe Hillincs llinb school and was a sisir biisUntiinii and I player He also was popular in amateur theatrical circles here and no local pro-ihirlion was complete wILioul Haiti; ami his pv.rlner in p.'OR.Iiipi-inK. "Miki Allen.'' Allen Is no-..' il Cmr.p l ewis Afic.v e'HIslliis here k'okrtiaiy 17 1-arri.-. winl lo. Kollcy lioid . 'cis (:er a lew weeks in. 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