The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 27, 1908 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 12
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»HE BAKERSFTELD CALIFOR NIAN. LEGAL. Ml do I'll iri as follows- <r<'TIO:\ I. On mill after tin- tirst f.,\ oi .l.iMiiary, A l>. nineteen hundred ,nil niii". Hi" * of iwvci-mnont of 3 I,,. S'-ite of ('-ili'ornlii shall he chant;5,1 (mill the HIV of Sarramento lo the •own oi Hcrljclej. mill It Is hereby il i- .•iatr'l that on .'in I after said Mute the *i'ii n of HerKeley shall l)e the seat of -.^rriiment of this state. * SK<" - T'" 1 Question of such jfiim'u" of I lie seat of «ovonum-nt ^, ri n in- t,iilni>itt<Ml to I ho people of i),,. ; .t.iii- :ii the general state election •O IIP !"' !l1 '" ""' '"""'h <>f November. l/i fiV >e;ir tiinetei-n hundred and ' •/iVhf.''i'" 1 '" ""' I""""'' 1 '- !ini1 S" 1 '!'''' 1 •n'rlii 1 regulations anil provisions pro., |,.,| in title two, of part three, of 'h,. I' Code of the State of ('al- f.rnu.i. tin snlmiiitiiiK any proposition „- i .institution >' amendment to the „„., ,,( tli,- p.-..pie. ami saiil question jjiufl he ile.imi.iteil "n the ballot in ttte follmviim wiiriM: "An net to titans,'*' Hie .-.-I- •>:' noveriimenl of the Sfitf of ('.ili'" 1 "'- 1 fi'i'tn tlu> city of Sacraiuea! > I" <!••• town (lf Berkeley. LEGAL. I ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. I In the Superior Court of the Countv 'of Kern. Stalo of California, In HIP mat'er o' the implication of (Mi- lluiinut driving Park Association. ii rorpontlon. to chnnef it~ name to i "Kern County Assocla- i Hon." I It satisfactorily appearing to me that the- "Hudnut Driving Par 1 ; Association.' has filed this dnv nn application to change its name to "Kern County Agricultural Association." and that said application or petition is siqned hy a majority of the directors of the said "Httdnut Driving Pnrk Association," and that said petition states i sufficient reasons for the change of the name of the said corporation, therefore. It Is, herein ordered. that the hearing of the application for changa or mini* In the foregoing proceedings be. and dav. at 10 and the same Is hnrebv set for the 9th dav of November. ' e 9t o'cloc , „.,.. a. ni. of said dav at de- nartment. one at its court room thereof In the Countv court house. Bakersneld. California, and that anv and all persons Interested in salt! matter to be ai and appear before this court at the d, time and placo aforesai s the , and then and , there show cause. If any. thev have application for the chanee of of the said corporation should For Canghs and Colds RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE NATURE'S BALSAM We Recommand the Use of Our Guaranteed COLD TABLETS A Curativ and Laxative When RED SPRUCE AND;WHITE PINE Is Take der to show Ba why nanu dered that a'coiiv ,.,. . cause be published In "The Bakers Held California!!, a newspaper nrinted •-•ncl pulabhed IP the Cltv of Bakers- Held, County of Kern. State of California. to, law. for at least four weeks successively next preceding the dav of hearing. Dated this 5th dav of October. liJOS 10-r> Judge of the Superior'Court.' NOTICE TO CREDITORS. R.state of Maggie E. Oaltes. derease<i ' Notice Is hereby given bv the undersigned. executor of the estate ol Mairirie K. (ialtes. deceased, Creilitors of, and all perso against them yen I " to the ions having the said deceased, to with the LEGAL. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extension Water Company. Location or principal place of tjuslnoss, WascQ. Kern Countv. California. Notlre —There are dcllnnueitt upon the followlnu .le.-<erfl)etf stock, on jic- count or assi.'ssinen.t /No. on.'t levied on the 25th dnv ot August. IMS, the several aniotinis set opposite the names of the respective Bhareholders, ""List ^''shareholders with No. of certificate. No. of shares and amount due: ' No. Crt. No. Shs. Ami. California Hoine Kxten- slonAHso<:iatii> lUitue for Atlgust Aliilerson James Atlgust s B. A s B. A Atujerson James B. Anderson . . California Home Kxten- slonAssociation. tniateu for J. K. Anderson ---Barger. John .......... SXV Beard. l Y hos. (!eo Beckett. Alice M. , ---Bennett. Mrs. Sarah ...i ilallfornia Homo Extension Association, trustee sion Association, i nisiei.' for Bower. Samuel . . • California Home Kxlen- slonAssoelatlon.trustee for Bower. Samuel 2<A 2.50 — _,ower. California Honn KM. ijlonAssoci a tic m. trustee forBrlggs. Warren IS aster. John A. . ., • allfornia Home Kxten- slonAssoclaii": 1 .. trustee for Chales He/eliiah . California Home "I 10 10.00 K 5.00 20 20.00 8!» 10 10.00 slonAssoclation.trustee . Christten. Win. K •,>'-!' Coats. J. H. S. . . . .t>n Calit'ornia hxten- slonAssociation. trustee for Coolev. ('has. M. . . .! i California Honie Exten- sionAssoclation.trustee . for Crowton. Cvrus . ..2,,S California Home Exten- slonAssociatioa. I riistee for Dickinson. Win. H..1 Donahue. Michael Dorr. Frank \.... tHUifOrnm finine Extension Association, trustee for Evans, Lumls A. . . California Home Exten- slonAssociatlon. trustee for Evans. Lumis.A. 10 5 10.0C 5.0( 5.00 10 10.00 20 20.00 said ('state in the said Countv of rn. State of California,..„,.,-, Executor of the estate of Maggie E. Galtes. deceased. Dated at Baucrsticld. September '2?.. l!)t)H. 9-2o 98 16 1G.OO 09 16 1C.OO .100 20 20.00 tor Fimlor., Walter .. .2Sfi Frledlander. Max 414 Foster. John 145 California Home Extension Association, trustee c^lifon.'ia'Home'l"'ten.- 240 sionAssociation, trustee , , 10 2p.0< 20.0( 10.01 LEOAL SUMMONS. Superior (Jourt Tornla. Countv,_. , ^'IfFvsrft. iHtlQ, ?ff ! of'tlie'State''^'^ ,he ' r PlaTnW Stoufilani W. Percy. _ minor), and Action l>rough .,.. .„....„ he Countv of Kern ai ilaint filed In the office of ald Court In the said Co. The People of the State o( Cal; nla send Oreetlng to Tl. H. Coun John I. Stousland. Henrietta JPt Hp Elvira W. Percy. Clarence W. H State of Cal- road Company. : i88. John I. oyps. Elvira . Hobbs (a ,. Defendants. ie Superior Court 'ornla. ,ln. and. for and the Com- 3t the Clerk of .Countv, ~~ Toris. UtOAU i together wtth the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. By order of the Board of Directors. W. O. GRAVES, ecretary of Rio Bravo Oil Company, office 2270-A Market street, San Francisco, California. 9-12 (a minor), and John Doe. defendants. You are hereby required to appear .n an action broucm against vou j>v the above-nameq Plfllntlff. in the 8»i- ...... ....... _ --------- . _ „—- . perlor Court of the State of Caliorn. the Countv of Kern, and he Complaint nled therein, days (exclusive or the dav in and for to answer t within ten of service) ....... __ _ ..... „ _ this summons It served within Count v: or. if served elsewhe In thirty davs. Anil voti are hereby notified that If you fall t",a,o appear anil answer, the Plaint ff will annlv to the Court for the reilel demanded. In the Complaint, Given under my hand, and the seal f the Superior Court of the State of lifornia. In and for the Countv of service) after the service on you of " ' " n the Haul ere. with- Bv Bedell Wm. ShiK attorneys for ell Smith: \ iiKor. Jr.. ai for nlalntl a 'rf (1 lemitV ,Cler .. _d D. V. Cowden. 9-12 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Burks Oil Company. Location of P rincipal plac" ol business. Oakland, iimornla. Location ot property. Kern ounty. California. , ,, Notice.—There Is delinouent upon the following described stock of the corporation, on account of Assessment (No. 5) levied on the ISth day of July, Ifins. the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows: Name ov J. Burks ov J. Hurkf 20 20.00 NOTICE OF SEALED BIDS. Sealed bids for grading D street between 19th and 20th streets and cm-bin:: same to the official grade will lie received up to the 2">th instant at the office of .1. B. Herges. lf>2:; Hull street or at U A. Edmond's office, nostofflce. Itakersneld, Figures on cost of curb- Ing per running foot, either cement curbing or redwood to be put separately, the cement curbing to be 7 to 1 per cent J. B. HEROES R A. EDMONDS. 10-19 T. C. METCALK. •••."M iirrav '.'.'.'.'. i5l5 "rrav 504 The LITTLE RAGKtTT STORE i\y n|ii-ii in the old Drury ISI ll !l Mil ( 'lies! el' M Velille. \vilh ;) nice new line of l)ry (looils iincl Xolicii; Specialties, whic'h \vill he sold mi the ."i. 111. 1") and L'.'ic cciiiii- ters. Special sale Saturday of Ladies nnd ^Fon's Huso jind liir^'i' Turkish Bath Tnvr- llcise lor 1 ."ie : 7-"ie "idf pail 1 ; ")l)e Califonilu Home Extension Association, trustee for Green. Alfred . ...i California Hume Exten- sJonAssociaTion, trustee tor Green. Henry W. ..; California Home Exten- sionAssoclatlon. trustee tor Harvev. J. M ('alifornla Home Extension for Harvev. J. M. Haves " •Haven Ha.ves rk • •'. iiMiim liouie I'.yien- gion Association, trustee for Hetner. Nelson ...1U California Home Kxtf-n- sion Association, trustee tor Hevden. I-Mw. T. . .179 Horrman. 1). M. . 1174 California Home Extension Association, trustee i for ilernui'ii, D. M. . .. f4" Horrman. D. M. , tc; r ' I Hen-man. I). M ' ' lii"; 'Jalit'ornia Home Extension Association, (i-ustoe €Herrman. A. J. ...105 fornla Home Ex^en-,•)• tor Herrmnn. A. .1. . . tin; ( alitoniia Home K-.ten- HlonAssociation.tru.stee tor.lleiinaii, B. \\". . . .L'll i alilorni'i Home I'jxteu- slon.\K>oclalion. trustee /{;;&.'i'T 1 "-"- NV - ---^ novk'. j. \v.':::;;."•••4-;i I'alilornia Home' Exten- 10 10.00 for Iliidclleslon. C'a.lilornia Home «ion.\ssoclation. tor Keenev. ,1. ' Calilnrnia lliimr .. sionAssoc-iatlon. t n lor Kei-nev, ,1. \\' , , C ajilornia Honie Exlen- sionAs.sociatitin.trusli'e for Ki'c'iiev, .1. W. 17 Calit'ornia Mome r.Mc-n- (•has. Exti-n- . I'listce \v, .... IStc-l- Henrv Of Drug Stores Bakersfield's Finest TO NEW YORK THROUGH GENTLE HORSES. i Orange Groves of South California; Cotton Fields of Tex« and i iaua. FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE 20.00 10 10.00 D 5.00 3% 2.5i i( lft«. 2 5 1 'S§:58 20 20.00 Mrs. J. C. H. IXirii r. B. LaniKln elia Shea it K B . K. Stroud . Thompson ....... And in accordance wit . order or the Board^of Dlrectora mad on the 8th. day at September. 1908. s many shares or each parcel of suc stock as may be necessary will b spirt at public auction at the. office o the company. 1068 Broadway. Oakland California, room 20. on Monday. th< , 'ornla. fith dav of ..,.. of 8 o'clock a. m. of said dav. to oa> said delinouent assessment thereon together with costs of advertising anc expenses of sale. A. A. SMITH. Secretary. Office, room 20. 1068 Broadway. Oak land. California. room 20. on Monda. f October. 1908. at the hou . Oal( 10- 20 20 20 20 2M 20.00 20.00 20.00 20:00 20 20.00 APPLLCATION FOR , SELL CERTAIN MINlT._ BELONGING TO THI ESTATE FRANK LA88. DBSgAlIp" .In the Superior Court of the Stat of California, In and for the County o Kern. T Ju the matter of the estate of Fran Lass, deceased. nu^'f'/A r M £ Oin , n - administrator of th Pni- at Hi f °i f ,V imkt .V/» s «-,deceased, having hied his petit/on hero'-i. pravlng f°, r ,"n order of sale of all the mining claims belonging to said decedent for Ml V, nu 'fl"«r«V JL'lt /Pith In .bis-, trjtltlpn 1 . It is therefore ordered bv the Judge • TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the axes on all personal property, and ne-haU of the taxes on all real prop- rty, will be due and payable on the Monday In October, and will e delinquent on the last Monday in "ovember next therafter, at 6 o'clock . m., and unless 'paid prior thereto fteen per cent will be added to the, mount thereof, and that If said one- alf -be not paid before the last Monay In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., n additional five per cent will be dded thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of he taxes on all real property will be ayable on and after the first Monay in January next, and will be de- nqiient on the last Monday In April ext thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., nd that unless paid prior thereto vo per cent will be added to the mount 'thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at tie time th first Installment, as here- n provided, Is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In the fflce of the Tax Collector in the ounty courthouse between the hours f 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m, and j). m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 0-1 Kern County, California. APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL k tJl e Superior Court of alifornia. In and for the the State. County o ed pear Kern . 3 matter of the estate of Georefi r. deceased. ... ... McGinn, the administrator of tlys estate of George K. Oher. deceased. Caving filed his petition herein. Draylns: for an order of sale of all the real estate oj said decedent for the purposes set forth In his petition It Is therefore ordered bv the Judge of fjald^Qourt that iill persons Interest- deceased, ap- uperlor Court it da,v of November, ...._„.. In tne afternoon i & - ,--iv at tho court room or sa SupeHor Court Department No. f the City of BakersTle d. Countv Kern ^»>i»*» ~0 /^iir—~..i~ i\ •« cause . sen the whole'of "t'h'e reaY'estate*or' trie said deceased at nrlvate sale: and that a copy of this order be publlsoed at east four successive weeks In tne Ba kersflejd paiifornlnn. a. newsn », before the 9.n n Monday the 1H08. nt 2 o'clock. §.ald d of said .said Si !nd day >er, "f tern. State of CariIorhla7T6"shQW ause why an order should not be : Wfel J.°... K .«Wrt artmlnfstrator. to isiiqur successive weeks lu the Ba- irsfle d palifornlnn. a newspaper of neral circulation, nrinted and nub- 'hed in th« CUV' of, Bakersifeld. mntv of'Kern s State of California. Dated this 2SYU day of Sept.. 1908. r, T h °" Bakers 1 Scott. "Attorney Tor Cal. "II 0(1 10.011 III.01) I 1'" WEsffflW room of said, Superior Court. Depart ment No. 2. thereof, in the Citv of Ba kcrsflehl. Countv of Kein. State o! (alitornla to show cause whv an or der should not be granted to the sal< administrator, to sell all of the mining claims holonglnsr to the estate of salt; deceased, at private sale, and that a copy qt this order be publish ' at least four successive weeks in the Bakersfleld Callrqrnlan. a newspanet of general circulation, printed and published in the Citv of Bakersne d. Countv of, Kern, State of California. Dated this 20th day of Sent.. I',io8. , , PAUL W. BENNETT. Judee of the Superior Court. ' -I! 7 .-tlV :4«7 OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED ITEAMERI ANV er, w. t. . :-,s-; ,er. Braiiev Aim ! ; ; ;,-,->;-, . Itornl'i Home l \i,. n . sion Association, trusii.,.. Ol) t. ,1 V H() ('(•' vf en. Hobt. ,|. . .'„„ ,.,.,., en, Uobt. ,| ornia Home and gentle lorscs that Indies can drive. You will find everything and spai. about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in j good running order all the time.! W. T. RATLIFF Cor 21st and ',; Sts Tel. Main 88 S for . .no ei-rl Kxten- S'elsoiY'Tieo. K' 9ion Axsoclatlon. trustee for Ponder Ceo. M i .Home Kxic-n- 20.00 ^U.IKI 20.00 m ttw 20.0'. 20.00 20 "0 20.00 R.OO 10.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 "0.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 10.00 Bankrupt Stock OF THE United Harness Go Of all classes of Harness, Saddles, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Buggies and everything belonging to the harness and saddle trade, Corner Chester Ave. and 20th Street. California Honie"Kxt'eii ffi^ntx* Ho fiV . falter M. Ix-i . lltornia Home iAssoclution en Schhieter. Fred \V 20.oO sloiiAssoclution trust for Schhieter. F Schraeder. Hobt. lo.QO 20.00 t: 1 , t On Jter ii^'X ll. Sterling. Geo. \V. " ' i Calltornla Home Exien' tjlon AsHoclat Ion. trust oi- tor Tfrroll Daniel F >•; California Home Exten Hlon Association, triisto.- for Tlft, llert ... 7 Trodgen. Reuben !•' . ! Tragden. Rueben p. Wnrrecker.Otto wofsol. P. J Califonilu Homo Extension Association, trustee Jtff.Williams. Mi-i C. P. U Cnllforniu Homo Exten- sionAssociation, trustee for Wolodarskv. Mover 202 California Home Exten- HionAsHOclatloii. trustee for \qung. ,las. B 317 10 linin And In accordance with law and uu order of the Board of Directors ma",' on the 2;jth dav of August 190S so nian,y shares of. each parcel of suoh Notice Is hereby taxes for the vear navablo ' 11I08. anil will become delinquent o the 2d day of Noven.ber. 1908. A.. taxos._are payable at. the office of the elven that city 1908 are due and tember. '.avable on the 21st day of Septe 908. and will become delfiuiuei he 2d day of Noven.ber. 1908. -axes are payable at. the office o. i., 0 City Treasurer and ex-officio Tax Collector. 1822 Chester avenue, „., „ • A. ^yEABKR. City Treasurer and ex-offlcio Tax Collector. Col 9-23 NOTICE OF p SAL| R OF PERSONAL In the Superior Court in and for the County of Hern. State of California „ In the matter of the estate of Kmll Krickson. deceased. Notice is hereby idven that in pur of an suance order the Superior Court of the County of, Kern, State of California, made on the ntii dav of 8. In. the matter of the es- l Erlcksou. deceased, the , October. 190 tate of Emil understEn ned adm tate of said deceased, will . , dministrator of the es- eceased, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder for cash, eold coin of the United States • " pf October. orenoon of said ad on Tuesday, the 20th day of 1908. at 10 o'clock In Uie tot that, dav at the office of the mtnlstrai Cltv of otatC3 Of yciuiwt l llu s oi:iii^7u I7CUS Will IM; rece yed, bv said udinlnlstrator for anv or all of said propertv at his said or- flr i e i 'ULtP l ne no "X hoivln named on said 20th dav of October, llios said bids must be accompanied with ten jM-r cent of the amount bid. The tor lowing IB a description of the im offered for sale: ~ one 12-guage single pump gun. one r in the court house In the iikerslleld. Countv of Kern, alifornla. sc-afed bids will be "Twe'iVt v-'ilVe mok. barivl KUU; one Ifi- stead, mattress and spring: one dresser: two large tables, s sofa; one Tee box: dishes and cookln on ut saddle, one iring: on six chal , six chars: one e desk and chair: . ses and cooklnc utens Is. The foro- y[> eolnc nronertv will be found al the 2...0 residence of 1. T Curtis at McKlttrick, I Kern countv. Also one horse and four giiats; on pasture at the ranch of Dave Madrtox. near the town of McKlttr ck. Kern county where the same may V Inspected. One dwelling, house local cc'inmv " McKittrick. Ken l-'or 'furtlier information apply tr :Olnn. administrator of anic c(!IN" i W. A estate. Mc OF-SATD- EsfAT^^N.STRATOR oftt. Wo r , ^Wofilir C ° UntV i, VJ tno '"utter of the estate of J. M Patterson, deceased Not ce is hereby given bv the under ! 5 llI IV- Ml r> ailni ' nl!Sll ' ll , t01 ' of the estate o iV ''• '''.t'orson. deceased to the crec Itors ol. .and all persons bavin: c ''1'il'u ai ?V ln>f t the said deceased, t. exhibit them with the iiecessar vouchers within tour months after th> first publication of ths notice to th' administrator at the law office- o Ihomas Scoti. No ir>u<» -Titi ?,S£ t ri l ? f "iV ! ?! - !lni1 4 - B;«pk of Bak eistleld hiilldlng. corner Chester ave P''V Ji",' 1 ," 0 ;," street, in the Citv of Ba Kersflpld. County of Kern. .State o ^! 'f?™ :!.•.„'":., s ''"i»\. iH'intr the nlac. corporation; also ail other persons unKown claiming any right title, estate, lien, or Interest In tho real property described In the complaint adverse to plaintiff's ownership or any cloud upon plaintiff's tltli hereto, defendants. The people of the State of Callfop ila send greeting to the Southern P» Iflc Railroad Company, a corporation. The Pacific Improvement Company, m 3orporatlon; the Western Develop ment Company, a corporation; also 11 other persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, Hen, or Inter est In the real property described In the complaint adverse to plaintiff'* ownership, or any cloud upon, plaln- Ift's title thereto, defendants. You are hereby required to appear n an action brought against you by the above named plaintiff, in the 8u- >erior Court of the County of Kern. State of California, and to answer the Complaint filed therein, within tel days (exclusive of the day of service) after service on you of this summons, it served within said county; If servtd elsewhere, within thirty days. The said action Is brought to deter mine a claim made by said defendant* adversely to the plaintiff In and to that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being In the Town o! Mojave, County of Kern, State of California, and designated as Lot Number Nine (9) In Block One Hundred (100) of said Town according to the Map thereof, filed in the office of the County Recorder of said Kern County, oik the Third day of March, 1906; to compel the said defendants to produc* their title, if any they have, to salcv premises, and that the same, and th« pretended claim, right, title, Interest, and estate of said defendants, aait also all other persona unknown claim- Ing any right, title, estate, Hen, or interest in the real property described in the complaint, and hereinbefore described, adversely to plaintiff's own«r- .Bhjj}, or any clou3 upon plaintiff's title thereto, and each and all of theo% in and to said premises, and everjr part thereof, may be adjudged and d* creed to be Invalid and void. That the said defendants aha of them may be barred of and from, i right, title, Interest and estate la antt to the said premises, and every pan thereof; / That the said plaintiff's title map be adjudged and decreed to be a good and.valid one as against said defendants and each of them, and all person* claiming under said, defendants and each of them, and for such other and further relief as shall be just and equitable as the nature ot the cas« may require, as will more fully appear by the Complaint on file herein, anl to which reference is here madje and for costs of suit. And you are nereoy notified, that If you fall to so appear and answer, the plaintiff may take Judgment f °C •qu>' aionfty or daffiageii deman'iied Ta Uie compullf.l g| arUlng upon contract, or will apply to the court for any other relief demanded m the Complaint. Witness my hand and the seal of th« •said Superior Court, County of Kern, State of California, (his 10th day of April, A. D. IbOS. i Seal) I. L. MILLER, Clerk. F3y Ham Karris, Deputy Clerk. J. W. P. Laird and Rowen Irwln, at torneys for plaintiff. S-U NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. transaction of bus ness of sail n said Hated October nsa estatp n said Kern Count v „,,- .ittcrson. Deceased. " Ihomas Scott, attorney fdr estate. 10-12 DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is herenv given to all . lim at License s nereny given to all pel is and keeping (logs, wlthii of the City of Bakersneld se Tags tor the year 1908 Sji.dv for delivery at the of v,Clerk. in the ly -.tsemen buildlne of :e of the Citv „..,. Producers Savings Bank d on after the 15th dav arv. I will proceed to impound a dogs found running on the streets tha tho vc"i vmli e llle " cense Ule ' G n f i T •*• K- C P X - Poundmaster. Dated January 9. 1908. ROAD NOTICE Office of the CleriTof the Board o bunerv sors. Kern County. California lo. all non-consenting; owners of the on .,„ •;•'. '*'L "*"'-^ wii.-iy-in cnu uwiiLTM Ul tut hereinafter described lands, take no L l .? 0 . : ..-.r] la . t -.the report of the ie "con ;i of.Tw ist: thenc . each sU ms_28 ar „„,.,proposed countv road l^o. scilbed as commencing at the corner o sections 27.28.33 and "4 of Twp :fi South of Range 23 Enst: thence yst along and 30 feet on each side if the line between sections 28 am 23 to the corner of sections 28. 29. 32 and 33. a distance of 1 mile, has beer set down for hearing before tne sale Board or Supervisors, at their r 71 w 10 , court house. In the Cltv of. 5 rsfield. Cot Itornja. in t n ho_court housoTn'tlVe CTfv of kern. S.tnte^of.C rnla. on the hour ere therein . of 11: where anv and all 'rh\av Jf ovet...,~., ...0 o clock, a. _. y persons Interested mav appear and make - 1 .on thereto If deemed proper. . The said proposed road or nubile lilghwav will nass over, through and upon tho lands of Geo. Ravmong and the iiervlKors. Chairman of I. L. Miller. Clerk. e sai ROAD NOTICE. Office of the sors, 1C admi w Mc ' . A'lministrator of the estate' ot Krlekson. deceased. mil 10-9 sold at mill stock as niav be necessary will bo • " public auction at the office of retarv or tl v of Octobe . m. or sali nnuiuit assessniL,.. with costs of advertising the secretary of the company on the 20th dav of October. 190S. at the hour of 10 a. m. of said day. to pav said delinquent assessment thereon, togeth- m>llBM M8hB. — — Coi „, Wnsco. Kern JORIU ounty. UN. Cal. POSTPONKMKNT ^Notice U horeby clren that th» date delinquent stock Hxtonslon Water sale of the Fourth ASSESSMENT NOTICE, nio Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place of business, San Francisco, California. I^ocatlon of works, Kern County, California. Notice is hereby given, that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held nn the llth day of September 1908, nn assesment of two (2) cent? per p) ire was levied upon all the subsc ! :>ed capital stock of the corpor- aad ex- atlon, »ayable Immediately in United Secv 8tnteii '-old coin to the secretary, at 10-3 tn e ol" •» of the company, No. 2270-A Markf street near 16th street. San Kranci«"o, California. Any -took upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Monday, the 2Gth day of October. 190S, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction: and, unless payment •la' made before, will be sold on FrU day, the aoordjv Q^oreuber, 1»M, _ v ._ Clerk of the Board of SunervTsors, Kern County. Califo ' To all non-consenting owners of the erelnafter described lands, take no Ice: Tnat the report of the viewers or proposed countv road No. 274. de scribed as commencing at the narth west corner or section four. Townshu thirty-one South of Range twentv-sev East: thence south along and 30 et on each side of line between sec". two miles: feet on each en fee on s 4 tloris~"4 "and "BV 8 an., tpence^west ajong atul lin d ' (V ...... ii( .„....„, u . .»^.». of Calirorntiir VKere" iinV anrifall per sons Interested therein mav appear and, make obiection thereto If deemed advisable. The said proposed road or public highway will lass over, through and upon tho hinds of th hand Company. Th _ ---- ami Amarant porvlsors. nds of te any. The Iow ith Land Com of tV,e «"l owa Company, nauv. Attont: (Seal) Chairman of said 1. U Miller Clerk. iTRO. Board. 10-13 SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California. William Collins, plaintiff; vs. The Southern Pacific Railroad Company, a corporation; Western Development Company, a corporation; The Pa- Snnncfleld Oil ConiPanv. Location nf princimil place of business. Bakersfield. California. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the Directors hold on ths .(in ijiiv of September. 1908, an as- •essinent of one and oiie-auarter cents ••r t-hare was levied upon the capital -lock of the corporation, payable !m- :edlatelv In United States gold coin t<? corporation at i 1. V>ro- ng. Bak- IIP secretarv of said office of the company, roon lucers Savings Bank build ersfleid. California. Anv stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the <th fay of November. 1908. will be dc- llnauent and advertised for sale at niiblic auction and unless payment Is made before, will be sold on the 28tli lav of November. 1908. to pav the de- imnuent assessment, together with cost of advertising and expenses ot , By order of A. T. 1,1 Office, room No. 1. Producers Savings Bank bnlldln?. corner 19th and H streets. Bakersneld. California. 10.5 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Alaspot Oil ^Company.^Principal place of business, Camp on N. E. V t section 2ft. Township 32 South. Range 23 East. Kern County. California. iOS. an assessment of five cents per share waa levied upon the capftal stock of the corporation, payable Immediately to the Secretary of the cor- loratlon. ai the pranch office of ing vornpanv. Room 4 13 Citizen s National ank Building, corner Third and Mam streets. Los Angeles, California. Any stock upon wnich this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 3<Hi be dellr unpaid on dav or NoveniDer. 1908, will d for sal . , nuent and advertised for sale lie auction, and. unless pavm before, wil made dav of _ linquent , . efore, will be sold on , . December. 1908. to uav the. ogether assessment, costs of advertising ale. \V. m. TV rkijijr\\_<uw. iecretarv of Mascot" Oil Company. Office, room 413 Citizen's National Hank building, corner Third and Main streets, Los Angeles. California. 10-6 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice Is herenv given that the Board of Supervisors of the Countv of Kern. State of California, will re- or proposals up to the hour ?k A a- ni- PI the 5th day of 1908. at their rooms In the urt House, In the City of . Countv and State afore_. ,.ie construction of an addl- Jon to. and alteration of tne present rountv Hospital building as per plans nd specifications on flic In the offlce f the Clerk or the Board or Super- No bid or proposal will be received or considered by said Board unless ao- :ompanied by a certified check or ;ash deposit in 10 per cent of the iniount of such bid. The said Board of Supervisors reserving the rfgkt to reject any and all bids. Bv order of the said Boi )ervlsors. , H. A. JAi Chairman of sui Attest: ea'D I. L. Miller, Clerk. ioard. 1*-I5 NOTICE. Holiness convention ror Kern county will meet in the "Pentecostal Church if the Nazarene," corner 24th and I treets, BakorsflelU, Cal., on the 18th o 25th of Oct. Experienced workers rom Los Angeles will be present BK "Waves of Gtorr" song book*. Let every worker la tha county be r«w»t. WILL 0.

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