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Salt Lake City, Utah
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Wvw 'yrrnr "rw a rrv rt ry yrrr- mrym 1 Be a Lucky Winner, lyids A Steelworkers Sur-prize! Fun for 4th 9 To Strike be a thrill-packed" day of free entertainment. To carry the star billing of the day will be CapL Jimmy Jamison, an Oro-ville, school caretaker, who will somersault back-wards into- a six-feet-deep tank of water from a platform 110 feet up. KCC Today Pickets of USW to Leave Mine, 2 Mills Operative Prizes for youngsters will be order of the day Wednep day, as The Salt LakrTrtb- une stages the third annual Old Fashioned Fourth of July celebration at Lagoon resort LATEST ADDITION to an already Impressive array of Is a group of, 20 Schwinn bicycles to be awarded to lucky youngsters under 14 years of age throughout the day. In addition, The Tribune will present some $5,000 in free passes to rides and the Lagoon swimming pooL THE NUMBER of passes given out will be determined by the number of occupants of each car entering the Lagoon gate. Its The Tribunes way of saying, Have a wonderful time, on us, on Independence Day and, above all remember that you are an American.

WEDNESDAY ALSO will UJt pi Ahiia jfJtfatg their hands United States flags, suitable for home display, will: be awarded to wmners of melon and pie eating contests, as well as other races and games, throughout the day. GATES AT the resort will open at 10 ajm. and time, trials for sports car racers in the annual Tribune Khana will begin. Final competition for qualifying drivers begins at 2:15 p.m. Competing for The Tribune trophies will be drivers from the Utah and Bonneville Regions of the Sports Car Club of America.

WEDNESDAY will prove to be the biggest celebration in Utah. Bring your family, bring your lunch and spend the day. Activities will be climaxed at 8:45 p.m. by a spectacular fireworks display at the lagoon boat pond, to be followed by Lagoons featured performer, Ella Fitzgerald. bn TV Fare Pge D-6 Section Salt negotiations early Sunday failed to produce a contract agreement between" Kennecott Copper Corp.

and the United Steelworkers of America (AFL-CIO), and union members moved to launch a strike against the company Monday morning. PICKETS WILL APPEAR at the start of the day shift at the companys Utah Copper Division smelter and refinery at Garfield, and at the Kennecott Western Mining Divisions operation at Ray, said Angelo Verdu, business representative for the steelworkers. Mr. Verdu said the Bhltjiarfl open pit copper mine and the firm's mills at Magna and Arthur would not be picketed. mmM Joan Rice, front, and Sue Stayner, both of Farmington, pose with line-up of 20 bikes be awarded to youngsters under 14 at the gala Fourth of July celebration at Lagoon.

COMMISSIONERS S. Lyle Johnson and Daniel Edwards of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, met Sunday night Svith company and union officials In what he termed "an eleventh-hour effort to see if we can help them find some basis for peaceful settlement. He said his office arranged the meeting on its own initiative, under powers granted by the Taft-Hartley Law, when neither side invited federal assistance in settling the dispute. Dan Valentine Suit fake fibmw Local Newg Sports Lake City, Utah Monday Morning July 2, 1962 THREE years against Kenne THE DAYS. schedule also includes sports car races, motorcycle races, baseball games, races and games for youngsters, brass bands, flags waving and many other attractions.

Serious about the bears in Yellowstone Park," she said. THESE BEARS just roam the highway wearing nothing at all. They are in full view of thousands of tourists each year, and it Is close to a national scandal. Would the boy bears get pants, and the girl bears wear dress under your program? I asked. NO, THE WOMAN explained.

"Our plans call for all animals, male and female alike, to wear trousers of a type. Dresses for bears would be Have you ever thought that if both boy bears and girl bears both wore pants, nobody would be able to tell which is, Which? With all bears wearing pants, it would be difficult to which was a boy bear and which was a girl bear. The bears -would know-the difference, the woman said. And, after all, that is all thats necessary, isnt it? I had to agree. SAM, THE SAD CYNIC, SAYS: Remember back to the good old days when people took vacations instead of vacations taking people! Nothing UNCLAD CATS: I have been asked to put the full weight of this column behind a national cam- pw a I to put pants on cats.

Dogs, too as well as cows, bulls, hamsters, horses, and the bears who live in Yellowstone Park. The associa- tion sponsoring the drive to clothe animals is the Society Dan Valentine clothe annimals is the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals. It has headquarters in New York City, and is in the process of forming local chap- i ters across the nation, TO DATE, THERE Is no lo- THE THIRD STRIKE IN operations fol- cotts Utah lowed a complete stalemate in negotiations for a new contract to replace the one which expired Saturday at midnight The Independent International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers joined the steelworkers in rejecting company wage offers, but agreed to continue work on a day-to-day basis, as did 12 other local unions. SOME 1,250 steelworkers at the smelter and 700 at the refinery will be Involved in the walkout. Another 375 will go on strike at the Kennecott operation at Ray, Ariz.

The USW does not represent workers at Kennecotts othes Western Division properties in Nevada and New Mexico, and a company statement issued Sunday said full-scale operation is expected to continue there. MINE-MILL represents abo utT4 ,000 workers at Kennecott properties in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. The Kennecott statement said the latest wage offer would result in increased em-ployment costs to us of more than 23 cents per employe per hour," and has the effect of maintaining Kennecotts wage structure as the highest in the industry." VERNE CURTIS, regional representative for Mine-Mill, said the offer amounted to only about 17 cents an hour. And Orville Larsen, staff representative for the steelworkers, said the offer was -about six cents per hour below what Kennecotts competitors have agreed to pay. Mr.

Curtis asserted the company had placed a grossly inflated value on Its last offer in an attempt to fool their employes and the public. THE COMPANY statement termed the final offer fair See Page B-4, Column 5 Hurry for Holiday 4 cal chapter of the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals in Utah-r--r-but-one-woman 1 called on the telephone and said she is interested in start-J ing such a group if she can find other people ready to join the fight. We are interested mostly In animals who appear in front 'of the public, she ex- plained. 4 Like race horses and monkeys at the Hogle Zoo? I asked. birthday by eating cake and ice cream.

Helping with party festivities were Russell Petersen, 13, Shauna Russell, 12 Cocker spaniels, Aussie, left, Pugs, Daisy May and Flaps, who were born 10 years ago on July 4, celebrate Growth Stymies 9 Davis on Park Page One Accidents Utahns LATEST HIGHWAY victims include an elderly Kamas resident who was struck and killed as he walked across U.S. Highway 189A Saturday night and a 39-year-old Ogden secretary who died in Box Elder County near Mantua in a two-car collision. Special to The Tribune MANTUA, Box Elder County Mrs. Beth Paxton Hanson Wilson, 391-13013th Ogden, was killed early Sunday morning in a two-car collision on U.S. Highway 89, at the mouth of Sardine Canyon, a mile from Mantua.

OFFICERS, WHO were continuing the investigation late Sunday, said the woman died of head injuries when she was thrown from her southbound automobile. Her 4 vehicle collided with a northbound car driven by Harvey W. Peterson, 49, Logan. Both drivers were alone In their vehicles. Mr.

Peterson was uninjured. UTAH HIGHWAY Trooper Burtis L. Quarnberg said the accident was reported Sunday at 12:45 a.m. Special to The Trlbune FRANCIS, Summit County George Prescott, -T9, -was killed when struck by an automobile late Saturday as he was crossing U.S. Highway 189 toward his home in Francis.

HE HAD BEEN visiting his son, Leland, in Kamas, two miles north of here, and he had just left' his sonrf automobile when the accident occurred. Utah Highway Trooper Doyle Van Wagoner said Mr, Prescott was crossing the road as two cars were coming from opposite directions. HE TRIED TO avoid one car and was struck by a northbound-automobile- driven by Kenneth Collett, 24, 943 E. 39th South, Salt Lake City, who was traveling with his wife to Kamas. Trooper Van Wagoner Highway Kdl Two Two more Utah highway deaths were recorded Saturday night and Sunday morning in accidents in Summit and Box Elder counties to raise the states toll to 86, compared with 98 a year ago.

Summit County To July 1, 1962 To July 1, 1961 All of 1961 Box' Elder County To July 2, 1962 To July 2, 1961 All of 1961 9 0 14 For 4 Fidos Party Wows Em (the Bow Wows) Every dog has his day, so they say. And, for four aging cocker spaniels, their day Sunday was a family affair, as they celebrated their 10th birthday anniversary together. THE PARTY, at which Pugs, particolor cocker owned by the Ralph G. Robinsons, 2517 A1 den (1340 East), and his sisters, Aussie, Daisy May and Flaps, celebrated their natal day by lapping up ice cream and chewing hunks of birthday cake, was really the bow wows. The four were bom In the same litter 10 years ago on July 4, and are owned by friends.

AUSSIE BELONGS to the J. Max Petersens, 2675 E. 21st South; Daisy May to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Russell, 2473 15th East, and Fhlps to the Bennett, Nasons, 2525 Alden St Nifty Fiftys a Perfect Gift, Let Freedom Flags Fly (Editor note: Thil 1 the last In a series of articles examining the Critical shortage of park facilities In the Salt Lake City residential suburbs, and the blight on the areas future that shortage will cause If It Is not corrected.

By Robert N. Said Tnbune Staff Writer Salt Lake Citys rapid and continuing population increase has found a home in south Davis County. At any rate, a good part of it has. THE COUNTYS population Granger Youth Hurt at Field A 15-year-old Granger youth suffered a head injury Sunday at 7 a.m. in Derksr Field when he apparently fell in the south bleacher seats.

TREATED AT Salt Lake General Hospital and later released was Jay Mitchell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gail Mitchell, 3335 S. 1940 West doubled between 1950 and 1960, and much of the increase in the area south of Centerville came from people who work" in Salt Lake City, reports County Commissioner Wayne M. Winegar.

The heart of the area being filled by this commuter population is the curve of highlands sweeping from south to northeast of the city of Bountiful, and as far up the Wasatch slope as the wave-cut benches of old Lake Bonneville. INTO THIS scenic bay in the hills literally thousands of fam- dies have moved in the past 10 years, and the trend shows no sign of letting up. An expected problem is where their children, and indeed they themselves, will relax and play outdoors. Apart from school grounds, the area south and southeast of Bountiful has no public park facilities now and is unlikely ever to have any, for residential development has pushed up the land prices. FOR DAVIS County officials See Page B-4, Column 1 Child, 5, Dies After" Fire Burns Dress Special to The Tribune PLEASANT GROVE A five-year-old Pleasant Grove child died Saturday jaight lathe Utah Valley Hospital, Provo, of bums she suffered Monday at her home while playing with matches.

DEAD IS Sharlene Larson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen S. Larson, Pleasant Grove. A relative said Sunday the child suffered burns over 70 per cent of her body.

RELATIVES said the girl and a three-year-old brother, Ralph, were playing and the boy ran to tell his mother about the matches. By the time Mrs. Larson reached the little girl her nylon dress had ignited and burst into flame. THE TRIBUNE Home Serv-ice Department, 212 Tribune the place to purchase the flag kits, is 5 pen early Monday through Sunday, from 9 a.m. to midnight Flag display kits may be purchased for $3 each.

OR THE COUPON on this page may be clipped, the blanks filled in and sent to The Tribune, 143 S. Main, Salt Lake City, with a check on money order for $3.50, and the flag will be packed and shipped to the -purchaser. -However, The Tribune cannot now guarantee parcel post delivery of the flag kits By July 4, Wednesday. Your Flag Kit purchased for $3 each at Service Department, 212 purchase a flag kit by $3.50 each. nagjfc-to: TZone" Thats right, she said.

We dont care too much about cattle who roam the ranches in remote spots of the West wearing pants. But we do think that farmers and ranchers should think about clothing their animals who are in view of the highways. "THE FARMERS enough trouble these with parities, imports have days and price supports without having to worry about putting a pair of Capri slacks on a cow who grazes on the east 40, near the super highway, I said. We feel that animals, as American citizens, have as much right to modesty as human beings, the woman said. You do have a point," I admitted.

OUR CAMPAIGN could Improve the country economically the woman said, and it might even make the stock market go up. So, I said, just how do you figure that putting pants and shirts on cats and dogs will make the stock market go up? VERY SIMPLE, she said. There are millions of cats and dogs and cows and sheep and goats in the country. If all these cats and dogs" and shepp and gnats were to have at least two pairs of pants one orirone at lhelaundry, think of the great market for animal pants. An entire new Industry would develop, the woman said.

I agree. I think Gus Back- man should get busy and rustle up some clothing factories, I said. Who knows, Salt Lake City might become to animal pants capital of the -world. THE WOMAN said that SINA which is the abbreviation for the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals is particular interested in clothing animals that appear In public. like animals at the Zoo, the said Looking for a different kind of gift? LOOK NO FURTHER.

United States Flag kits offered by The Salt Lake Tribune make wonderful presents. Many of the more than 4,000 purchasers of The Tribunes flag kits have bought several to give away. ONE SALT LAKE man bought 10 kits, saying he wanted each of his grandchildren have a 50-star flag. And many of the orders cum-ng to The Tribune by mail have specified far-away mating addresses. How to Order Flag kits may be The Tribunes Home Tribune Bldg.

Use this coupon to mail for Flags The.Tribune Home Service Department .0 Box 867 Salt Lake City, Utah Enclosed is Please send Name Address (T have IHttentanrtetarfrjiff-Jerry deBary at the Hogle Zoo trying to put a pair of bloomers on an elephant!) Make check or money order lor $3.50 for each flag kit to be mailed payable to The Salt Lake Tribune. Please do not send cash or currency by malL across the road and apparently died instantly. The driver of the southbound car was Robert Applegate, Heber. 9 Wed like to do something Airs. Fred L.

-Wilson, 39, Ogden, jlied early Sunday when thrown from her auto, foreground, following collision 4 4 4 t-with vehicle In background. Driver of theseeond car, Harvey W. Peterson, 48, Logan, escaped serious bijury. i.

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