The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on February 1, 1977 · 16
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · 16

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1977
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BYURitc For Fund Drive 1 te Mil Lake Tribune, Tuesday, 15 4 February 1. 1977 Moots Leaves Ms Mark on World To Honor Cancer Unit Picks Team saamstSMBismssm m rp 1 4 eieviMm 1 041 ay &ftAF?r?r . lT M Wwjr r j fotpfO?, & AS a.C 1 ' vtt:'' tH MfeeJNc- f - ' r. II SE Oud fAf,&X?lnt5 niuiwg'aisB'BwmaMM X&Ld LXgiea' Frr.,UlV1,V .,n Rtf' P - r ePot -isssf Tb?- 0se' vja1 ,5c pa'V' n,es'CW'0' Warning The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health Tuesday February 1 $ m. 2 -Today 4 Good Morning America 5 The Price Is Right 11 Sesame Street S SSi m 7 Figuring It Out 9 a m. 2 Wheel of Fortune 4 Phil Donahue Show 5 Romper Room 11 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 9.10 am. 7 Electric Comoany Mam. 2 Shoot for the Stars 4 Haopy Devs 5 Love of Lite 11 Lowpll Thomas Remembers 9 40 a m. i Scienceland Siam. S CBS News lJe.m 2 Name Th Tune 4 Don Ho Show 5 The Young aic the Restless 7 Sesame Street 10.3oa m. 2 Joker's Wild 4 Ryan's Hope 5 Search for Tomorro' 10 53am 2 On V lew 11 a m 2 The Gong Show 4 All My Children 5 Guiding Light 7 Song Bag . 11.15am 7 Inside Out ll-Ma m. 2 Hollywood Squares 4 Family Food 5 As the World T urns 7 T ruly Ame. ican 11 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 11 50a m 7 Performance Noon 2 NEWSWATCH 2; NOON A MITCHELL AND STODDARD DON'T MISS A THING 4 520 000 Pyramid 7 Infinty Factory 11 Sesame Street 12 25P m 2 Consumer Action Report 17 30 p m 2 The Doc'ors 4 One Lite to Live 5 Eyewitness News t Vma Aiq-e 1 p m 2 -Another World All in til Farnilv 7 Utah Natural Science 1.15P m. 4 General Hospital 1 20p m 7 You and Eve 1 .00 p m. i Watch Game 1 40 0 hn 7,V,r,t:,.r ot f act a"0 f cticn 2pm ria.5 nf Our L iv s 4 The Fnae of Niq. I 5 Biq Money Movie Angel in My Pocket. Andy Griff, th 7 -A II Atout You By Harold Rrhmdler Tribune Television Editor Ronts" has i 'in its course and is over The liln adaptation of Alex Haley's sega of an American farnilv has left its mark on the world national television audience The full impact of what Halcv has accomplished will not be know immediately, perhaps not for jcaia xut ABC estimates 130 million viewers tuned in to some part of tne senes, and it estabbsned daily Niel-n records, leaving ft only Gone With The Wind S '' IS vx '"'tww vxyt tp, r having attracted a larger "I- m p -? ence- And to those who followed trie growing family jee from Kunta Kinte, the Mandinkan youngster captured by slavers In Gambia, West Africa, in 1785, through the trials and agonies of his descendants to Chicken e. r1 sa kit if -A t A Sr 7 at r vi a ftnVdfc 1? isl 8 8v Todays Viewing 2 15 pm. 7 Exploring the World of Science 2-30 P.m 4 Dialing for Dollars wilh Lynn Lehmann 7 With Liherty and Justice tor All 7 Cover to Cover 2 pm. 2 The Partridge Family 7 Up-Date In Quality Parenting 11 Antiques 3-30 P.m. 2 The Little Rascals 4 Hotel Balderdash Presents Bugs Burny and Friends 7 LUias, Yoga and You 11 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 3 55 p M 5 Spotlight Mve 4 pm. 2 Emergency 1 4 GHIIgan's Island 5 Dinah 7 Sesame Street 11 Sesame Street 4 Mp m. 4 Bradv Bunch Jp m. 2 Hogan's Heroes 4 ABC Evening News 7 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 11 nf.nlfy Factory l-M p m rsss 2s keVt 2 LATEST IN WORLD A AND NATIONAL NEWS iS NBC NIGHTLY NEWS A Mv Three Sons S CBS Evening Nows 7 Electric Company 1 1 Zoom I tic? m estfe' tft .2 WATE8WATQH ANEWFEAtURE WITH MASK EUBANK CHECKS UTAH'S WATER SITUATION A Artion M pws 5- C rL iA2iliTtbS M Ws 7 Zoom 11 Ncwsroorn 6 30 p m v i r v vflv W f 2 RIDE TH NUT WATCH WITH ICED AND MftUOY 4 Conrntrtion 5 Ut s Make a Dd' 7-Ont r Urnn 3 Classic 11-Mac Lrtror RtPui t 7 P rn. 2 Baa Baa BUcL Shetp 4 Hrjnpy Davs 5- w u J w t- Ho a toTC'c Pvvnt 11 BYU LvotOTfOl IS ,uiS Mr. Schindler SJ CM fra V ', n T mg t3f P 7 mg mcoune pr tiqt'enr bv HC method 7M p m. 4 LaVerne and Shirley 7 MarNeil Lehrer Report 7 45 p m. 11 Conference Reports 8 pm. 2 Pohre Woman 4 Rich Man, Poor Man 5 Kolak 7 Cooeland In America 11 Decades of Decision 9pm P- 1 V,y. 4 r ' - tt , k. Vx ? ' A 2 DOCTOR BREAKS UNWRITTEN LAW ON MARCUS WEIBY, MD 4 FAMilYKATE'S MYSTERIOUS visitor 5 M ASH 1 ) Evrmnq at Symphony 9 30 k m S One Dav at a Time -.American Indian Artists M fcvemng at Symphony 10 p m. 3 vi rr .-1 'wyxh , if A 2 WATERWATCH A NEW FEATURE WITH MARK EUBANK CHECKS UTAH'S WATER SITUATION 4 Action Mews :3fi25ag 5 FASTEST! MOST COMPLETE! Channel 5 Eyewitness News With NOURSE, WELTI end JAMES 7 . 11 Li I ids VogaardYou 10 30 o m Ton.ghf Sr 0 A k a -ty Movie ot the Mock ' I Wrik The Lire Wat ll I thrpf RtPOrt 10 4ip m C mstnokt Ipm Virj o 's on j f tL Noa ,i oo m 11 Mom Crintionoo AT f f wururn fvr jj' -Cfrtion j Anr t v r pg 11 Ui p m F B I Midnight TnturroA )2 v9dm Mod $ iuad 12 40 d S-- 7i Adve-tisemunt Gpcree" and hi oon Tom Murray, a blacksmith who started the successful and free generations of the family those viewers must decide the worth of til Surely ABC took m'ghtv financial risks in stirt-auing the in nudum sCleenp'idy a rms eight consecutive nights, it was all or nnhing There were some shortcomings, but in the overview, Kects,' was a clear, nioiiumenidl Discerning viewers might ask why the premiere episode was written to include a totally imaginary scene of Kunta Kinte chasing a bird 'the book has him seeking wood for a drum). But once aware that ABC has a contract with a jmpular running back for the Buffalo Bills it becomes apparent the scene was included o children could say- Oh, look There's OJ Simpson1 FOR WHAT ITS WORTH: Moscow is playing musical chairs with the lSHO Summer Olympics and NBC isnt very happy. Bright and early Monday, USSR bargainers let it be known that it was negotiating with ABC for U S broadcast rights to the games NBC announced Sunday it had sewn the games in the bag and would sign the agreement by Tuesday But according to the Soviets, No one has yet been awarded the rights. NBC veep Carl Limlf man said tersely Confusion seems to reign, but we iNBC) will sign the contracts tomorrow And to make the whole schmear more interesting, u that s how dealing with Moscow can be described, an American trading company (SATRA) which specializes in U S -Soviet trade, said it signed a protocol agreement last December for television rights and as yet has not been informed its agreement has been canceled What it all proves is what sports fans have known ali along whei it comes to the Olympic games, the Soviets are no amateurs Tune in tomorrow for the further adventures of .ABC and NBC vs CCCP. In the busy times of Roots, and the rest, you may have forgotten to tune m The Pallisers, on KUED Mondays at 9 p m So catch it on KB YU Wednesdays at 9 p m The Anthony Troiione novel will continue foe 22 episodes with Susan Hampshire, and who needs a better reason to waicii? Valentine In keepmg with Februarys favonte observance, the Salt Lake County Library System has scheduled valentme parties and sessions on how to make valentines for the early part of the month The parties will be held at the Kearns Branch, 5350 S 4220 West, Feb. 5 at 10 30 a m and at East Mill Creek Branch, 2266 Evergreen Ave (3425 South) at 2 p m on Feb 5 MlWd?B0BiaB8f bausTEi iiawnouqirmiq sf mail's Enforcement of Utah's smoking law restricting indoor public smoking is weak at best. Some smokers ignore the !sw, many businesses make only token compliance, and health departments lack the manpower to crack down. Action Repoiter Lynn Packer has a plan to correct this problem. Watch his reports on the Channel 5 Eyewitness News, Monday through Friday, .! 12:30, 6 & 10 PM. L v "I th vc A J . . ; h Crafts Set Another party is set for Feh 14 et 10 30 a m at Holladay Branch, 2150 E. 4800 South Workshops where children can learn to make their own valentines will be held at Soutn Salt Lake Branch, 2480 S State, Feb. Eat 2 p m ; A E. Petersou Branch, 927 Sego Lily Dr., (9800 South), Feb 9 at 3 30 p m and the C. S Smith Branch, 810 E. 3300 South, Feb 10 at 4 p m yyyM .1, ID, ,,,U iiifer I" '(a .iY, 'Hi, ''I",1!' u,(:; iV$ 'jhl '' 'll ( 1 1 1 in )w - . t !H I1 w;f, j Wife of IDS Chief k awMagTgaa-ra re" 4)r -i ' ,,Rwr 1 A-.W r- iL. -' "v lsuv4rJS- Mrs. Kimball Special to The Tribune PROVO -Mrs Camilla Eynng Kimball, wife of President of the Church of Jesus Chnst of Latter-day Saints Spencer W. Kimball, will icurive the E.temphry Womanhood" award Thursday during the second annual women's conference at Brigham Yeung University. Plans Workshops The conference, sponsored by the BYU womens office, runs Thursday through Saturday and will feature various workshops to attract women from throughout the United States Needs Experiences Mrs Kimball believes the fulfillment of womanhood cannot take place exclusively in the home, and says, A woman, to be well ruUliued in her personality, needs many experiences m and out of the home She needs to be concerned with church, school and community If she buries nerself inside four walls she doesnt reach her potential Mrs Kimball will de-bver the keynote speech for the conference as it commences Thursday at 10 a m. in the Marriott Center. Lass Channel tit CC -$. W ' C -.---5 ' Si TjH rkV Stephen W Wade, president of Stephen Wade Pontiac-Mazda, will head the American Cancer Society, Utah Division s annual fund dme, which starts ir. April with a goal of $450,000 I'ho 1077 ctfjta rmsarip chairman said that last year's campaign raised a record breaking $405,554 Named Salt Baku County t'n.t crusade chairman was Einie Smith, a vice president and associate with Ivory and Co Utah Division officials at CIO E South Temple said Salt Lake County's goal is half of the state's Doe F. Andersen, excu-tive assistant for administrative servicps in the offices of the Presiding Bishopric, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was appointed to the Utah Division's Executive Committee Other Executive Committee members are Dr Gerald P Stevenson, chairman of the Holy Cross Hospital department of radiology, division chairman, Barry F Pulham, retired IIul Air Force Base employe, vice president; Dr Upland B Cowan, surgeon and radiologist with thp Iceland R Cowan Cancer Clinic, Muriay. president-elect, Ellis R Ivory, businessman, PM a(l IlUiU 60 E. SO. TEMPLE PIGNSEER ELECTRONICS OF AMERICA K P-21 2 COMPACT Clir7 WITH AUTO MtCT AND PAST FO0WAIQ Fast Forward fiewmd Automatic & Manua Ejpct !C Amplifier FULL LINE DEALER hWf DEADLINE 4 r- -Si S.VX -V J- 9 5- ri 5 t h 1. f J tWv. -9 $ ft6 &. Mr. Wade chairman of the board, David R Irvine, attorney, secretary, and Jerry D Holvoak, senior vice president, Zion's Bank, treasurer and chairman of the finance committee Other committee chairmen are Virginia Conkling, service com mittee, Dr Delbert T WS'- Resident of Layton Wins AF Awards Special to The Tribune IHLL AIR FORCE BASE - Awards totaling $5.(V-fl have been presented to a Layton resident for a pacKmg method thaf has saved the Air Force $10 million to date J Robert Bennett of the directorate nf distribution here received an additional $1,000 award to bring the total to $5,000 for devising a method of packing SUU-30 aircraft bomb dispensers winch are earned by Air Force bomber and fighter aircraft. Mr Bennett designed a wirebound plywood container that holds two dispensers The dispensers are supported within the container in premolded polystyrene cushions, making a smaller overall package EXPERT GUARANTEED OHE Itr TV SERVICE (In the home In most cases) By tactory authorized technicians Reasonable Rates 25 years m business 255-4253 Tm:iiiui SHaQisa 1 V?TM 11 1 1 : 1 ri 1 1TTIV MEN & WOMEN . f L X Mwip Supoemn Vour Income LU A vt Whii Helping Otnr X VJ fee EARN CASH PiS Hp WEEKLY SI t KiSAY, FLBkUAKY 1 i yj- Y. 9- Y' 1 Y -4 L ' If tP S V ZU vjy 4. c 'XvYMM'1 -ix. ; ; x . Mr. Smith Goates, public information committee. Mrs Carolire Eyring Miner, public relations committee, and Dr Lawrence E Stevens, professional education committee Dr Charles R Smart is national delegate director, and Mrs Wilford M (Dorothy) Burton is national genera! delegate. HOPS SHOWKASE 7980 So. State tl,, j FM. . . .- . - . 'f .jf kt Fm . M 1R A rfL , an..

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