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MM0WPMOnMMMAE1 4111 OM111aP111 mow alitamononrogiumpomommoommonompoutiponumblmommommPot TODAY'S NEWS TODAY-WITH TODAY'S PICTURES FOUR A THE SHREVEPORT JOURNAL TUESDAY APRIL 26 1960 'Nothing Like (Ugh!) Healthy Competition 'Nothing Like (Ughl) Healthy Competition (OuchlY "For the OtIttutp-ort 4)1d44i' Et 4 441' 41' ft 4' 4-444' I 9 Not All Rhee's Fault By John Caldwell A i -40 Arot illt I () I I it' ae "k4 ANC 'Founded January 7 IS93 Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday JOURNAL PUBLISHING COMPANY INC 4 DOUGLAS ATTAWAY President and Publisher GRAFTON Vice Presicent MRS DOUGLAS ATTAWAY Treasurer GEORGE SHANNON Editor and Secretary ROBERT PACKWOOD Managing Editor DOUGLAS ArTAWAY Publizher 192k1957 Entered Shreveport Louisiana Post Office as Second Class Matter Under Act of March 3 1879 Member of the Associated Press Telephone 2-0381 No Shreveport Journal Stockholder Owns Stock In Any Otber Shreveport Newspaper Spiting Festival McNaught Syndicate Ins 1 1 -1 c11 1 4 1 7z -t-ili 44 II': ''''I )el i '1 i i ie i -'''11': 4 i 'i '4i Ofr Prj- ft-N 1 i i 1: okl) ''s 4 14 4i'i ') 't 1 I i 4 'I' '''1 i' 34 -i''F ''il4L''' VP- i 1' it II ts410' i '''-2' 1'7'' 4 't 1 4' 1 't -1J 7 i1 -0 A A f4i 114t 1 104: 4141 II- lic Nkil'dill)N1 litit te 1 i 1'41 4' 9 t) i 7 4r s'''' 111LE I 4 ir 41V 1 el tri I (11 1Avt of 1 i'i 1' I 71- '''''''1'ii)-e41 7 '''1-' 1'''' 4 4 'I'l" 44441! I 'I 4 rf ''''et ''r k4 '')'-t -2 1414 I 01 qc illo 1 i ::7 511)1' A 4Ae 111 I 7 t- 7: e'vl k'41rf4 4 'i 4p4iit: td (-t- 'P V'(" '4'' 411' 4 '')411 7 4''' t- 1' ''i tI1 II 14'''''''' 1 iL i )1 ''''i' F'iv'i''6--e'V I '4' 4 -4'-: tiX kt1 t4'''q'itZVinof 4 (3! 7 e're 17 fQ 1 ii -A -rj11 1 McNaught Syndicate Ina Ji "I ijohn Caldwell is an authority on matters concerning Asia and IS author of several books including -Still the Gtass Grows Green" and 'Communism an Out THE FULL TRAGEDY and significance of present events in South Korea can only be understood if one has been a part of the Korean scene since the end of World War II Furthermore I would venture to state that full understanding is impossible unless one also knows the nature the hopes the strength and the weaknesses of President Syngman Ithee Your correspondent has known the South Korean President for ten years' has been in and out of the country since the days of American military occupation I cannot condone dictatorial policies and these have been in evidence yet for much of what has happened we have only ourselves to blame In the four years of American military occupation US policy was hindered at times by an abysmal lack of knowledge and under standing One charge against President Rhee's government has been that the police are brutal and use third degree methods It is either forgotten or not generally known that US authorities kept Japanese police officers on in Korea for some time after the end of World 1S'ar II that Korean police who had risen to power under the Japanese were kept in office by the American Military JlitelfelJUIL I Holiday in Dixie Shreveport's annual Spring Festival starting tomorrow provides five days of celebration for Ark-La-Tex chit zens who each year visit this community by I the thousands to view and participate in the exciting and colorful events The 1960 edition of the festival Oil see the inauguration of the Holiday in Dixie Mall on Milam and McNeil Streets adjacent 'to the Courthouse Square The mall is an expression of the desire of Holiday in Dixie i officials to create a maximum participation the festival by all citizens There will be continuous entertainments exhibits and dancing in the mall each of the four nights of the festival starting with the opening night Jamboree Wednesday i In addition to the mall there will be the Shreveport's Queen I loliday in Dixie contest review and dance the Junior Ball bowling tournaments pistol shoots a golf tournament a square dance festival the brilliant Classic Parade at 7 pm Friday and the colorful and imaginative School Parade at 10 am Saturday followed by the gay Youngsters' Frolic flower and art shows an open house at Barksdale Air Force Base at 2 pm Sunday and numerous other events The 12th edition of the annual Spring Festival promises to be greater than any of its predecessors If the citizens' response matches the effort and dedication put into the festival's planning by thousands of volunteer workers in all walks of life Holiday in Dixie will continue to grow as one of the nation's outstanding community attractions history There was a time when the Confederate armies were within a short distance of Washington flow many of us are aware of the bbridgements of civil liberties which took place in the Washington of 1860 to 1862-and in the name of national security? President Syngman Rhee is undoubtedly wrong in his belief that he must hold supreme power until some miracle occurs that will remove the Communist threat from his doorstep Ile should of course have given up hope of final settlement long ago Re should have accepted the peace that came to his nation even though with the peace there could be no security Without doubt this old man has so identified himself with the future of his people that to him rule by any other is inconceivable a a a TilE REAL DANGER and the great tragedy is that present events are following the exact pattern of Communist hopes and plans plans which are based on the fact that the whole Korean character has changed through the years of division and occupation war and uneasy peace Fanned by the thousands of Communist agents who can so easily slip through the few miles separating the North and the South the young and dispirited intellectuals are undoubtedly tired of the old regime They are tired of the police the time to time censorship But behind this lies a much deeper disillusionment that has nothing to do with Syngman Rhee and his government It is a sickness of soul that has its seeds in a divided nation and divided families in the hopelessness of trying to make half a nation into a workable and healthy economic whole In the story of South Korea we can see the difficulties facing all free men in their fight against communism for the other side needs only to wait to let the seeds of past mistakes sprout into discord and hatred It may well be that South Korea is on the eve of revolution and upheaval but it would be blind in deed to lay the blame for these events solely on the shoulders of a tired old man Orleans Race-Mixing Quiz Is Rigged Parents in New Orleans are being asked 'loaded" questions in a so-called public school "integration poll" being conducted by the Orleans Parish School Board The board has mailed a questionnaire which permits the parents to answer "yes" to either one of the following two state' ments: Urges Continued States' Rights Letters to The Journal IT IS FORGOTTEN that there need not have been a divided Korea in the first place and that a need for dictatorship might never have arisen had there been understanding of Communist methods and practices South Korean political leaders with far felt sympathies were encouraged in our misbegotten notions of being fair and square with all political parties It is not understood in America that a front line at some places only thirty miles away from the capital city is not inducive to trust or the full development of oemocratic policies and practices What has happened and is happening in South Korea might be unuerstood in the context of our own ance" but it knows that it operates under state law which prevents it from mixing white and Negro children without legislative approval Further the Board should know ALSO that the people of Louisiana have just elected a governor who is PLEDGED to invoke the Doctrine of Interposition to prevent the forced integration of white and Negro pupils that the governor-elect is pledged to CO TO JAIL if necessary before he will allow a forced mixing of the races The South Louisiana Citizens Council has sounded this warning to parents: The Journal welcomes readers' comments on matters of current Interest Such letters should be courteous and more than 300 are subject to editing Each letter must be Editor (1) I would like to see the schools kept open even though a small amount of integration is necessary (2) I would like to see the schools closed rather than to be integrated even in small amounts Washington and your officials will obey if the master speaks We can get up off our knees if we want to IL CARVER 430 Melrose Shreveport than anything else would be to travel as much as possible In other words the people wno live in the far eastern part of the United States should go to Washington Oregon and California and see the states on the western coast ROBERT HUEY 1651 Vivian St Shreveport "To vote for even token integration Is to open the doors to more and more Negroes who will be pushed into the white schools by fiendish and circumscribed pressure groups that will stop at nothing until the school system is reeling from unrest confusion chaos disciplinary problems disorders and possibly even bloodshed-- "There will be no Stopping this trend once the traditional fortifications give away" Obviously by design the School Board hopes to mislead parents into believing they need accept only a "small amount" of integration in order to keep the schools open Such is not possible The Supreme Court decree that public schools be racially mixed means that the court intends they should be COMPLETELY INTEGRATED Once the people of any community agreeto accept any degree of race-mixing they will be opening the flood-gates to eventual full-scale integration The Orleans School Board is aware too that the results of the poll can almost be foretold since the questionnaire has been mailed to both white and Negro parents and since there are more Negroes in the Orleans Parish schools than whites The Board claims it is seeking "guid King Jr and the federal referee plus the world's greatest army for protection and this nation will be plunged into destruction In less than one decade I say our house is on fire I say we are in Egyptian bondage with no Moses to bring us out no Abraham Lincoln to come to our rescue Ike has betrayed us Lyndon Johnson seeks to bewitch us Kennedy hopes to blindfold us and Nixon thinks he has the cat in the bag Do you remember Representative Hayes of Arkansas? Ile thought he had it in the bag until Dale Alford proved it otherwise I received a letter from an attorney in Seattle Wash in reply to my last letter in The Journal in which I suggested the Southern states withdraw from the Union and elect Governor Faubus president This lawyer asked me to withdraw this suggestion because said he loyal citizens of the North want to vote for Orval Faubus We must all arise as one man come November and when all loyal citizens cast their votes remember Little Rock think of our grandchildren and the unborn generations Perhaps Ike wishes there never had been a place named Little Rock BRUMLEY SR' 2301 70th St Shreveport The Orleans School Board's rigged questionnaire is an insult to the citizenry It is plain that whoever drew up the questionnaire hopes to lull the people into acceptance of gradual race-mixing which would destroy the South's way of life tempted to organize (National Assn for the Advancement of White People) court action was taken against them forcing dissolution As a Negro Joe Louis while owing the government over a million dollars in income tax is living a happy normal life completely free to thumb his nose at the Bureau of Internal Revenue Any white man under similar circumstances would spend the remainder of his life rotting away in some federal prison Some Negroes such as Josephine Baker and Paul Robson have made statements and accusations against our government in complete freedom while if some white person had spoken these same words it would have been labeled as treasonable and said person prosecuted Every Negro in the United States is loyal to his race and rightfully so however by some strange absurd screwball line of reasoning every white person is expected to be disloyal to his If a white man states his honest opinion regarding the racial issue even in mild and gentle terms he is immediately denounced as a cad pervert bigot etc but when a black man voices his opinion on the same subject in any terms he is a hero There are no huge bundles of rights lying around unused For every privilege extended the Negro (in addition to his voting right) certain fundamental rights must be exacted or taken from the white race By their actions it is obvious that the Negroes are not seeking equality under laws under which the rest of us are compelled to live In fact they show considerable contempt for law even when said law is operating to their advantage 'What they are demanding (and getting) is preferential treatment under the law simply because they are Negroes During the course of our brief history our Ship of State has floundered but never before has the crew openly mutinied with half the ship's crew egging them on It is clearly apparent the black race intends to either control the ship or sink it In either event they intend to possess all the life preservers WALT BURD 208 Nickel St Truth Or Consequences NM Mixed-U Senator CLAIMS CAR MARKET AIMED AT PACESETTER Editor Shreveport Journal Over on page ten of a recent newspaper I see where the great Ford Motor Company is making serious plans to manufacture a really small economical car that can compete with the foreign makes The year 1929 would have been a much better time to have started something like that That was the year that universal debt cancellation tried to get into the fashion parade Trouble was those mean old creditors wouldn't cooperate And bless me if most of them are not still fighting for their rights! The topic of low priced products can be a delicate one but also a very sore one More so than any other the automobile industry has always tried to ignore a poor man's market They design to please and serve the pace setter and who ever heard of a pace setting Jones that didn't have a big off-the-pacebonus in reserve to use as a short cut? To demand that all products be equal uniform and of the same price is one thing and to demand that all paychecks be the same amount is another Whether they earn it or not it is still a very common scene to see two people working side by side doing the same thing and with a big question mark as to who is doing the best work but with a salary difference of ten to one or more At the same scorekeeper's window it is not too UnC0111111011 to find the pi-ice tags on standard goods marked up higher in a so-called poor man's market than elsewhere Static equality is a poor argument even at a crow's nobody can find the handle But if they must have it somebody will need to come up with a better "inn'vention" than a cotton compress NED CUSHMAN 142 Ilamilton Shreveport SAYS MANY SUPPORTERS CAN'T SPEAK PUBLICLY Editor Shreveport Journal I am enclosing a letter I dipped from the El Paso Times of April 12 I would like to send Mr Walt Burd The Journal for two months and am enclosing $2 for the subscription I just want to say that my husband and I have enjoyed reading the editorial page so very much and wish you much luck in your fight for states' rights also against certain literature that appears on the library shelves Please let this remain anonymous as my husband still has until January before he retires from the Army and you know how they feel about anyone speaking their mind publicly We have had The Journal sent to us wherever we have lived in the States or overseas and I sent it to my husband when he was in the South Pacific area and also in Korea Ile will be returning to Shreveport upon retirement in fact we are in the process of arranging to build our house on a lot we bought in Bossier City Keep up the good fight There are a lot of people behind you who can't speak out publicly STATES' RIGHTER El Paso Tex EDITOR'S is Walt Burd's letter forwarded by "States' Editor El Paso Times: In every racial dispute in this country or anywhere in the world for that matter the white race is automatically universally damned and condemned Seldom if ever will you hear the Negro give the white race credit for anything With one breath the Negro states that they are proud to be American citizens and with the next breath they castigate our antecedents for bringing their ancestors to this country thus making it possible for them to be American citizens No place in the world is the Negro as well off as in the US This certainly is not due to the talents or initiative of the black race As their theme is supposedly love mercy peace and understanding would it not be just as easy for them to show appreciation as it is to cast aspersions against our forebears? Had it not been for this deplorable event in our history they would not be American citizens The black race is free to organize (NAACP CORE etc) collect dues and in every way unite to fight for their convictions: yet recently when some white people at DECISION TO DISARM MADE BEFORE SUMMIT TALK? Editor Shreveport Journal Of immediate importance is the proposed Summit Conference to which many thinking people are opposed It has been stated that it was already decided that we would disarm even before the President attends the conference This would leave Russia with a vast army and all its arms The people apparently have nothing to say to this except to protest the President attending the Summit Conference Several so-called secret bills are now before the House and Congress such as House Joint Resolution 83 and SCR 558 which were slipped in while there was such a furor over the repeal of the Connally Act but which actually cover the same ground I am sure that while many of us are greatly concerned over states' rights and the civil rights issues we may have been overlooking some of the matters which are going on so quietly all of which appear to be part of a "big plan" for "one world ism" ruled through the "UN" As someone remarked in a magazine recently "Let's give Red China a seat in the OURS AIRS I RUSSELL clo Box 9035 Jewel la Sta Shreveport Please send the Journal for one month to Robert Russell 6012 Auburn Ave Oakland California and Jack Bazer Arnegard North Dakota Enclosed is $2 Senator Wayne Morse of Oregon is running for th Democratic presidential nomination in the District of Columbia primary May 3 Last January Morse spoke on the occasion of the opening of the campaign for Congress of Frank Ross ler a member of the executive board of the Toledo Teamsters local Morse said the local paid him his usual lecture fee of $300 and expenses for speaking on the Landrum-Griffin Act and incidentally introducing Ross ler The meeting was interpreted nationally as the beginning of an attempt by James Holfa international Teamster president to purge all congressmen who had voted for the Landrum-Griffin labor reform act During the Landrum-Griffin debate Morse said he had introduced a set of amendments given him bySid Zagri director of political activities for the Teamsters As far as he knew he said the Teamsters had not contributed to his primary campaign and he added "I wouldn't accept a fee from Jimmy Hoffa" lie took a fee from the Toledo Teamsters local he introduced the Teamster candidate for Congress he put the Teamster amendments to a vote in the Senate but he would not accept a fee from the Teamsters' head man lie draws a very fine line VOTERS HAVE VOICE THROUGII REPRESENTATIVES Editor Shreveport Journal Let's not be like the man I met at breakfast time Saturday when I showed him Mr Nesmith's (Houston) report on the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment and what happens to the $38000000000 down the rathole His and the common stock answer was what can I as a one man voter do about it? If he would wake up and use his strength and potential in protest to the representatives he elects Brooks Russell Long El lender and any others who are working for him (the voter) it would be quite a different story Get busy and demand that this Sixteenth Amendment be repealed Also resolutions 83 and 558 We grounded the resolution 94 Now they are trying the back door with 83 and 558 You Mr Citizen can do wonders if you will Check up on your Constitution and find out what you can do and don't be caught asking a politician what you can do Common sense will wash out all the professional brain-washers in all the educational and national federation of churches if you will make up your mind to use your common sense CASTLEBERRY 539 Vine St Shreveport Inside Nikitqls Private Weakness? By Victor Riese! 4 glikv PREDICTS ELECTION OF 1 NEGRO LEGISLATORS IN '64 Editor 1 Shreveport Journal As expected all we Republicans in general election April 19 were soundly defeated There's never been a Republican in Louisiana Legislature since Reconstruction days It will probably be several decades yet before a Republican will be elected a governor or legislator in this state but since the haters of the South in Congress have passed a so-called civil rights bill for Negroes only will send some political hypocritical hack a so-called referee to supervise registration and qualifications of Negroes for voting rights I an confident the communistic NAACP with help from shady crooked politicians will elect one or more Negroes as members of state Leg islature at next election in 1964 as members of the long-lost Demo eratic Party Wanna bet? Grevemberg without my vote and support received almost It times the total Republican regis tration in the state I had the fire beaten out of me as a Republican candidate for state Senate but topped Grevemberg in my parish as I received 42 times more vote than the Republican registration in my parish I merely qualified bought a paid article in the Shreve port papers announcing my plat form Did not run an article in parish papers did not campaign a minute nor did I ask anyone for his vote other than in newspaper article VOTING CONDITIONS UNDER 'RIGHTS' LAW VISUALIZED Editor Shreveport Journal Probably by the time this letter reaches the editor Ike will have signed into law the notorious civil rights bill empowering federal court referees to hap Negroes vote Louisiana and perhaps other states have certain standards by which one may qualify as a citizen to Tile white or black It all will finally boil down to this After John or Susie (if they are Negroes) have failed to meet these standards at the registrar's he or she has served one term in the state penitentiary and one in the NAACP referee can ignore this elected official (the registrar of voters) march John or Susie into the voting booth ignore the duly appointed commissioners and say "lielp yourselves John and Susie This is your civil rights" You may say "Aren't you drawing on your imagination?" No Only the sky will be the limit Then all the Negroes regardless of moral character will stage one of the most talked about bloc votes this USA has ever known They are letting no grass grow under their feet They intend to elect Negro officials from the president down to the school board member Token integration in schools and elsewhere will be a thing forgotten Give the Negro unlimited power to vote as he has long dreamed about with the help of Martin FINDS AMERICANS PRISONERS OF MODERN Editor Shreveport Journal Once a missionary was at a native village of cannibals and was told they had a native from another tribe whom they were fattening hoping to cat him in a few days The missionary sent for him and through an interpreter told the man that he would soon be eaten by the village people but that if he cared to escape it might be managed The captured roan said he knew about their intentions but he did not think he would go along with the missionary Ile claimed they gave him all the food be could eat and he did not want to take a chance on going somewhere else where he might not be fed so well Ile stayed and took the consequences I am sure you feel this man was stupid and needed his head examined well look in the mirror and see are doing this very thing in America today The statistics show 69000000 church members in the US If each one will write one letter we can put 69000000 letters in Wash ington and I am sure before all are even counted we can be rid of this ungodly United Nations and "world government" We can be rid of the income tax fraud and we can have the "Big Nine" exported to the place where they belong It depends on you Now if every one will write we can flood NEW the intensely informed men who met here at the AFL-CIO World Affairs Conference there are those who believe that Khrushchev's personal pedestal is a slippery summit at home There are documents in the hands of some of these men which Fay bluntly that the Soviet Chairman has lost power and prestige inside the Central Committee of the Commuinst Party USSR True the men who report this are but a few out of several hundred of the nation's labor leaders True they were gathered above Pershing Square last Tuesday and ednesday thousands of miles from Red Square But they did have authenticated reports of Soviet Central Committee members blaming Khrushchev for vast crop failures strikes youttt uprisings and the dangerous disgruntling of 2-0000 Army officers There are no great philosophical and ideological upsurgings The army men for example are in an uproar because they want good jobs or pensions since they have been tr demobilized They have families to support Yet many of them are too young to be eligible for military pensions And their Socialist fatherland can't use them in well-paying jobs because they are too old for training for modern industry after their years in the army THEY HAVE BEEN sent to the "new construction sites" in Siberia the Far East and Kazakhstan which runs out from the Caspian Sea to the Chinese border They don't like being used as raw heavy labor They blame their loss of much sought after in Russia as in Westchester Ithrushchev's desire to make world propaganda It was none other than Minister of Defense Marshal Malinovsky who said "The release of over 250000 officers will be accompanied by certain difficulties" Ile was quoted in Red Star Jan 20 Ile appealed to the patriotism and Communism of the affected men and asked them to "show proper understanding of and a correct attitude toward the circumstances that have arisen "It is hardly fitting for Soviet citizens Soviet officers Communists and Komsomol members be disheartened by the necessity of changing their pro fession or because they have to leave the ranks of the army before they have served the time laid down as ua I if icat ion for a pension" Malinovsky Mated APPARENTLY those dispatched to Kazakhstan according to reports here thought patriotism was a matter of taste There was an Uprising and a strike (her 100 were killed during the protest against low wages and dismal living conditions at the construction site of the Karaganda Metallurgical Plant The director of the big steel and iron complex was thrown out of the fourth floor window Khrushchev is depending on the metal from this plant to put steel into his boasting that he will out-race us into the skies and bury us with rockets In the heavy documentation of all this surly restlessness there is much to pick perhaps the point is best made by an action of the Party's Central Committee and the Council of Ministers of the USSR on Jan 20 They took sudden and public note of the penple's need for hospitalization and health protection The Soviet pea pie were told not to worry any more about illness THE TEXT of the statement was practically a promise to abolish diptheria tularemia polio malaria uncinariasis trachoma and a few important diseases as veil as the promise to "reveal the causes of cancer and to set up elaborate measures for their prevention and effective cure" Apparently the high command is desperate fcr a real opiate for the people This move is characteristic of a series of promises of sudden delivery from hunger decrepit housing and low wages as well as from pestilence Inside the Central Committee there is more and more open criticism of and an understanding that can front for the USSR so long as he knows that the real power is not his That's what some documents here state Soon enough we shall see if they have analyzed correctly the private weakness of this public strong man BELIEVES IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONS NEEDED Editor Shreveport Journal I believe that the 1960 census takers estimate the population of the United States at about 180 million people So there is no telling how many people will be in the United States by 1970 And it seems to me as the nation is increasing in population so rapidly that we need restrictions about letting foreigners come to the United States Perhaps there are lots of foreigners who are related to the people in the United States and of course no one would blame people for wanting to see their relatives in the United States now and then but on the other hand it is out of the question to induce foreigners to come and settle in the But what I think would help the people in the United States more CY KETCHAM Gibs land La i RIIIP WOIN TrOrNr oPP00142novrot1 itfun 10471C -E1- -7 4 te Y1 -14' 4 rr '4 14 4 4.

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