The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 4, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1971
Page 3
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MONDAY, (JANUARY 4, i97i Sis Offers Latest Word Dear Helen: There are so many departments for all kinds of problems; Why isn't there a national organization tor singles-without-children? "Parents Without Partners," while a wonderful thing for those who qualify, leaves out the growing number of people who find themselves alone and childless ~ or with children grown, or with the other partner. B . " ' ! \' : j Some of us women in our 30s and 40s tried a computer dating service. No luck and we didn't get our money back either! We don't like to haunt "singles" bars. You make no lasting attachments there. | We- aren't panting for marriage, but we'd like to mingle in a slightly less female society. ! I „ Why don't Singles Clubs all oyer the country iave a registry, put out a bulletin, or newspaper or something, sd that unattached people won't feel sp alone? ~ C.M. Dear C. and all You Other Singles: A start in this direction is being made in the San Francisco Bay Area where SINGLES INFORMATION SERVICE (5.LS ^offers bulletins aimed at helping the unattached. i I Just off the press is an S.I.S. report on "Commercial Matching Programs -- Including Computer Dating and Introductions Services." It is free to anyone who sends a stamped, self-addressed envelopeto SINGLES INFORMATION SERVICE, 217 Graces Drive, San' FrahciscoJ California 94132. ill This bulletin is a must for those' who consider computer dating. Also, if you 1 live in Central .California, SIS has a list of nonprofit social organizations for single people— names, addresses and descriptions. Would you believe: There are over 40 in all! The -list is yours for a stamped self-addressed envelope' to the same address is above. Says an SIS Director: "We are also preparing bulletins [on tax reform (for singles) and problems of housing: Once SIS gets going, we hope it will have branches throughout the country. The singles remain an exploited and unorganized minority group — fast becoming a majority group!". j; |. If you Single Persons out there are interested in making SIS a national organition ~ write to 217 Garces Drive, San 1 Francisco, and say so. It can only gr^pw with your help! -- H. j Dear Helen: I don't want sound hard-hearted but when I read in a UPI release that the Federal Government is paying up to $181,000'of the" cost of a $747,000 permanent gravesite for Robert F. Kennedy, I wonder — WHY? And I think Bobby Kennedy himself would echo • my question. He who worked tirelessly for integration and an end to poverty would never want nearly one million dollars spent on a useless memorial when the money could be used as a LIVING memorial to help the oppressed. Even if this were all private funds and not partially our Government's, it seems unbelievable — when so many are almost literally starving in the ghettos. More and more, I understand what the young man by the hypocrisy of "The Establishment." Examples of "our".failures are all around us...We commit sins against God and man that our younger, long-haired generation would never think of doing. I see why they want to be "different" from their well-groomed elders. --KPDLE-AGEDREBEL ' •'. ' •! j • Dear MAR: . ' j. ^ • ,'That kind of money could provide adequate housingfor over 100 farm workers — or building a school where "unemployables" might learn a trade. Just sign me "Another Middle-aged Rebel.*' — H. This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOUj She will also welcome your own amusing experiences.. Address HelenfBottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY. TRIBUNE. East Union CL» a. Off.- Mr. and _Mrs. Nathan Sweet entertained "on Christmas Eve for Mr^nd Mrs. LaVerne Clingenpeel and family of Amboy, Mr. and Mis. Vernon Henry and family of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Don Henry and Clark Redmon. ,- Mr. and Mrs. Phil Overdorf and family were supper guests Monday evening of Mr. and Mrs.j George Wilburn and family of! Frankfort. . Mr. and Mrs. James Curtis and sons visited Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. George Overdorf. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rode and daughter spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rode and family of Vincennes. NEW IN LET US PUT OUT THE MAT FOR YOU! '6354451 fkMN. cer& The Faithful Followers Bible School Class of the East Union Christian Church had ajpitch-in supper Tuesdays evening in. the Arcadia Town Hall. After the supper, a business meeting was conducted by Larry Rice. Mrs. Dana Lockwood gave the secretary's and treasurer'sj report. The following! officers were elected: teachers, Earl Spur geon and Phil Overdorf; president, Jerry Rode; vice president, Dana Lockwood; : secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Jerry Rode; assistant, Mrs. Keith Garst. Devotions were led by Earl Spur geon, who read some poems and closed with prayer. Present were Mr. sua Mrs. Wayne Phifer and daughters-of Kimberlin Heights, Tejnn.; Mr. and Mrs. Dana Lockwood and daughter Paula, Miss Bonnie Lockwood and friend, j Mr. and Mrs. Keith Garst and family, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rice,).Mr. and Mrs. James Gartis and family, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Overdorf and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rode and daughter Amy, Mr.! and Mrs. Rusty Mendenhall, Mr.; and Mrs. Earl Spurgepn and daughter Anita, Miss Mary Dlges, Miss Marie Hlges, Miss Sarah Smith, Steve Delph, and Claude Spurgeon. THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE £ncjacjetl to 14/ecf Doctor in the Kitchen* by Laurence M. Hursh, M.D. Consultant, National Dairy Council NUTRITION A LA CARTE • Carbohydrates are the economical source of human energy and this explains why they are the . mainstays of most diets every' where in the world. If you. eat 'too many, carbohydrates are stored in the body as fat. So don't eat too much of foods rich in carbohydrates / or any' food, for that/matter, "but include enough carbohydrate for energy, • Fats are a chief source of energy, and some- vitamins. But that's not all. Fats make our foods much more appetizing.. They alsodelay the time your stomach takes to empty.' This, makes meals seem more to "stick to your ribs" and you don't have to eat again as soon as otherwise. Thus, if you control total calor-, ies, fats can help in weight control. • In colder weather .with, our well-heated houses, you , really don't'need a lot of extra-food .for energy or body heat maintenance. But if you're outdoors a lot and energetic, you might benefit from some extra fat and carbohydrate in your meals. Protein needs and your need for vitamins and minerals are about the same all year 'round in any climate. • ' • Milk is a. perfect convenience food. Just get the bottle or carton .from your refrigerator and pour. You have immediately a . beverage ready for drinking or. an ingredient, for cooking. For parties, young people often enjoy flavoring cold milk with fruit, juices. This gives them vitamin C along with milk's superb variety of nutrients. • Here's another food fallacy that, that, needs debunking: People often say fish and .celery are brain foods. Well, special foods do not build special tissues. It's true that nerve tissue, which is part of our brain, is rich in phos-' phorous — and fish does provide phosphorous. But so do meat, poultry, eggs, and milk. Whereas celery contains very little. • Proteins make up the basic material of each cell. They are necessary for growth, maintenance, and .repair of tissues as well as for :many other body processes.- Your best sources of protein include eggs', milk and milk products, meats, fish, poultry, soybeans, beans and peas, grains and cereals, and nuts. • You should be careful about total fasting to lose weight. A physician's advice is needed. Through fasting, you can lose valuable body tissue, not just fat. Also, after fasting the body .regains tissue but medical-scientists aren't sure about the composition of new tissue. Thus alternating fasting and feeding; to control weight can be dangerous. . * Page 3 Little New York Miss Marie Cyphers j Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Cyphers, Windfall, announce the engagement of their daughter, Marie, and Skip L. Servies. Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Servies, Tipton, are the parents of the prospective bridegroom. | Miss Cyphers is a 1970 graduate of Windfall High School. She is, at the present time, a student at the Indiana Business College in Kokomo.: j I Her fiance is a 1968 graduate of Tipton High School. He is presently employed at the Chrysler Casting Plant in Kokomo. I No date has been set for the wedding. I By Mrs; Eugene Kirby. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thorp and son, Jeff, of Chicago, Illinois, enjoyed a visit during the holidays with'Mr. and Mrs. Von Hawkins in Kempton. , Christmas dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wood were Mr. and Mrs. Herman L. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wood and sons, Indianapolis, and Mr. and Mrs. James Alterr and family, Tipton. a Christmas dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McMullan, Kentland; Jim McMullan, jwho is in the service statidnedat Norfolk, Vir. ginia; John McMullan, a college student at Terre Haute; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thorpe* and son, Chicago, Illinois; Mr', and Mrs. Von Hawkins, son, Dick, Mr. and Mrs. Bill McMullan and family, Kempton. . *. j , Mr. and Mrs. Dale Riggs and daughters, Danville, spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. William Staffordl Life is Worth Living Does Someone Care? "In the path where Iwalk they have hidden a trap for me. I look to the right and watch, but there is none who takes notice pfme; no refuge remains to me, no man cares for me." (Psalm 142:3) While hiding in a cave David must have felt all alone in the world as his pleading voice broke the stiUness...longing for someone to care about him. V How many times during the day are we guilty of passing by a person who is silently crying David's prayer. We live in a fast moving world .that is demanding of our . time. We can become so obsessed with our own personal commitments that we 'overlook the real need of the hour. There are many lonely, de' pressed persons in the world... those who seek compassion or maybe just a smile to-brighten their thoughts for a moment. There are the young andoldalike Coming Events .. MONDAY Know How Extension Homemakers Club -7:30 p.m., Mrs. •Robert Wesner,.445 Columbia St. TUESDAY Phi Beta Psi Sorority - 7:30 pjn., Mrs; Gregory CaldweU, route 1 Prairie Extension Homemakers Club - 1:30 p.m. Mrs. Lavone Orr, route 1, Kempton . Phi Beta Psi, Associate Chapter 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Claude Hoover 302 S. West St. WEDNESDAY Eye Cue Home Demonstration Club - 1;30 p.m., Mrs. Jackie. Miller, southwest of Windfall Women's Association of Presbyterian Church - 1 p.m., coffee hour at church. Miss Li'n- : " da Myer will be speaker. Fellowship Circle of the Normanda Christian Church-7:30 p.m., at church ! Dunbar Extension Homemaker's . Club, Mrs. Lloyd Grinstead Redi-Maid Extension Homemaker's - 7:30, Mrs. Alan Schulenburg, route 5 THURSDAY Present Day 'Club, Mrs. Margaret Hobbs, !' 414 Green St. WSCS of Goldsmith United Methodist Church - 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Bernice Phifer, Goldsmith Tipton Union of WGTU - 2 p.m., Mrs. Don Clouse who feel they have been)cast aside by society. They mayhave lost purpose in life or be struggling with a deep inner war, with themselves. • ' How many times have we rushed by a friend and neglected to see the furrowed brow.. .the sad-! .dened eyes or failed to hear the pleading voice? .How much happier the World would be if we each vowed this new year to look beyond theisnr- face of- life and care about,people with compassion and concern; if we could become selfless enough to develop a new understanding and insight of our neighbor. • .j-' A smile can mean so much to a lonely heart.. .an extended hand of friendship and an interest in a person's well-being can show that we do care about one another. A new peace and love can exist when we stop long enough to care about the: needs of others during our daily walk through this life. And the remarkable part about it all is that as we see a 'spark' return to tear-stained eyes and a smile creep back upon a downcast face, our own hearts feel an added surge of happiness and joy. Ekin . By Mrs.) Eugene Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alexander, route 1 Sheridan are the parents of a girl born December 27 at River view Hospital, Noblesville. She has been named Tina Yvette and weighed eight lbs., 13 ozs.'.-'-) I '• Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Alexander and Mr: and Mrs. Jim Foutch, Sheridan. Great grandparents are Mr. ana" Mrs. Harold Waggoner of NoblesviUe; Mrs. Mabel | Foutch of Ekin; and Mr. and'Mrs. Chester Singleton of Sheridan. I Mr.'and Mrs. Otis Small entertained Christmas for Mr. and . Mrs. Robert Small and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Small, Kokomo; Mrs. Gwen> Jones and children, Joey,. Jeff and Jenny, Tipton; Mr. and Mrs. Leon Rutledge and sons, Arcadia; Mr. and Mrs.Don- ald Dunn and family, of near SharpsviUe; Miss Lynne Walk-, er, Tipton; Mrs. Martha.Teter, of near Scirclevilie;. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Fulton and daughter, Jody, Tipton; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Small and family, Whitestown. Mr; and Mrs. Herbert Wood visited Sunday with Mrs. Arley A. Wood:and son, Scott Arthur, in Elkhart. h \ Christmas Eye dinner guests in the home of Mr. and. Mrs. Otis Stewart and family were Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stewart, daughter, MaUnda^ and son. Tommy, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Samuels.'- • Mr...and Mrs. Ted Stewart and family spent Christmas with the' latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Harold Hinton in Frankfort. Rev. Daviil Kim has been selected as pastor of the, Boxley Bible Presbyterian,Church. Rev. Kim received his B.A. from Seoul | University and his Master of Theology degree from Faith Seminary, Elkins Park, Pa. He is married and has two daughters, Grace and Eunice. Lt. Arley A. Wood, son of Mr. and Mrs! Herbert Woods is serving in Vietnam and has the following address: Lt. Arley A. Wood, 17th Special Operating Sqd. (PACAF); PSC Box 11158; A.P.O.- San Francisco, California; 96321. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Gibbs and family enter tainted at a Christmas Eve dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Dorsam and family, Frankfort; Mr^ and Mrs. Fred Gibbs, Florida; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Molden and daughter, Tipton; Mr, and Mrs. Jerry Gibbs, Kokomo; and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene. Gibbs and family, Kempton. Previews Uathennan-Morris Dependable Ambulance Service , Phi Beta Psi : The Phi Beta Psi Sorority [ will meet on Tuesday at 7:30 ! p.m„ in the home of Mrs. Gregory Caldwell, route 1. Women's-Association ! The Women's Association of the Presbyterian Church wiU { meet on Wednesday in the church ' at 1 p.m., for a coffee hour. Miss j Linda Myer will speak on Haiti. I Fellowship Circle ' •' The Fellowship Circle of the Normanda Christian Church will meet on Wednesday at 7:30. p.m; at the church. ~ Dunbar Extension Homemaker's Club The Dunbar Extension Homemaker's Club will meet on Wednesday at the home of Mrs_. Lloyd j Grinstead. j Present Day Club The Present Day Club will' meet on Thursday at the home of Mrs. Margaret Hobbs, 414 Green St. Mrs. Bertha Graves' will be co-hostess. j WSCS • •! The WSCS of the Goldsmith' United Methodist Church will meet on Thursday at 1:30 p.mj in the home of Mrs. Bernice Phi-: fer, Goldsmith. All members' are urged to attend. . Redi-Maid Extension . The Redi Maid Extension Homemakers will meet Wednes . Mrs. Charles McMullan. and daughter, Vivian, entertained at [ ; Rural Progress ' The Rural Progress Extension Homemaker's Club met recently in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mort Nash for their December meeting. . A grilled steak dinner was enjoyed by all members and their husbands. Mrs. Paul Dawson returned thanks before the dinner. After dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Robert Orr showed movies of their recent trip to Hawaii. Mike Orr, home on leave from military service, narated. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Barr, Charles Campbell, Melvin Bridgewater, Paul Dawson, Johnnie Henderson, Victor Lynch, Mort Nash, Wm. Robert Orr, Doyle Rockey, Max Simpson, and Ward VanBibber.^ The next meeting will be on January 26 at the home of Mrs. Paul Dawson. " Friday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Stafford were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith and family, Anderson. Mrt^and. Mrs. Robert Stafford and family have returned home after spending a holiday vacation with Mrs. Stafford's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Baker inDeSota, Missouri. i . Q. What lis the name of this cut of meat? A.. Beef Shank Cross Cuts. • Q. Where do they .come from? How are they identified? A. Beef cross cut shanks are made by cutting the fore shank perpendicular to the bone. The cross cuts, varying in thickness from 1 to 2Vz inches, contain considerable connective tissue as well las' a-round bone. • ! Q. How are they prepared? A. As they are a less tender cut, long and slow moist - heat cookery, is recommended. Cross cuts make. . a meaty soup. Brown-3 to 4 pounds of cross cuts in .lard or - drippings.; Pour off drippings, add 2 quarts.. . water and seasonings, cover and cook over low ' heat for. 2 hours. Add vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, celery, rutabaga or turnips and simmer, covered,! about 30 minutes longer or until meat and vegetables arc tender. day at 7:30 in thejiome of Mrs. Alan Schulenburg, route 5. Mr: and Mrs; William A. Stafford were'Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stafford and daughters. Afternoon guests were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reynolds and family, Atlanta. WCTU The Tipton Union of the WCTU will meet on Thursday at the home of Mrs. Don Clouse, 325 N. West St. Mrs. Warren Mulligan will be the leader and devotions will be by Mrs. George. Stroup. All members are urged to attend and visitors are welcome. .. • : Entertains for Holidays Mrs. Marion Henderson, route 4, entertained with a holiday dinner Sunday, visiting was enjoyed, and gifts were exchanged in the afternoon. Present . were Miss Louise Henderson, Miss Carol-Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Henderson; Mi-, and Mrs. Warren Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Henderson and son, Jimmy, all of Indianapolis; and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hodgin and family, Carmel. Miss Henderson spent Sunday night with her sister-in-law, and visited Mrs. Bonnie Shrock and Mrs. Ray Bevelheimer and daughter on Monday. | - Tipton Rotary Club. Tipton Rotary Club met Tuesday night with twnety three members and two visitors present. One visitor was Rotarian Mike" Haley from Logansport Club, a former Tipton Rotarian, and other was MikeStockweli, grandson of Rotarian Max Stpckwell. Vice president, Walter Miller presided and presented Mrs. Constance Zimlick, guidance director at the Tipton High School. She explained the many and varied duties of being a guidance director. This enlightened many Rotarians as to many of their, duties that are not generally understood. Next week a prominent businessman that is interested In education .will be the speaker. Mr. and Mrs. Louis. Kirby and son, Guy, weredinnerguests on Christmas in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ramseyer, Kempton. Otheroguests were Rev. and Mrs. Philip Robinson and family, j of RockviHe, and Miss Susan Stillabowef, Tipton. Saturday supper guests in the home, of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. ,4« FARMEP5 LOAN • ' . . . r '. • - • • TRUST COMPANY 110 E.Jeff. St. ' Tiptco, {DdJau >^ Stafford were Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Ogle and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stafford and daughter, Linda. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kirby visited Wednesday evening in the home of Mrs. Robert Lively and daughters, NoblesviUe. Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Stafford, Mr.' and Mrs. Robert Stafford and family were guests for a family holiday dinner in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Stafford, Indianapolis. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. John Stafford and family, Columbua; Mr. and Mrs. SanpEby, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Eby and family, Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kirby, son, Guy, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ramseyer and Miss Susan Stillabower visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Millard Collins, Fort Wayne. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Beck, Evans- vttle. . Cathy and Alice Reynolds, At- ,ianta, visited Fridayeveningwith Mr. and Mrs. William Stafford. Mr. and Mrs. ,>Eugene Kirby called at the funeral home in Arcadia Sunday to pay their respects to the family of Mrs. Bertha Lively. ' The annual Christmas dinner for the White family was at the Lion's Club building in Tipton. Attending were Mrs. . Minnie White, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ramseyer, Kempton; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoover, Mr. 1 and.Mrs. Gene Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hoover, Mr; and Mrs. Don White and family, Kokomo;. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Silence, Indianapolis; Miss Susan Stillabower, Tipton; and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kirby and son, Guy, of near Little New York. " •' • f - Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Thornton visited Saturday evening in Indianapolis. Sunday guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Stafford were Mr. and Mrs. Mike Oliver and daughter, of Topeka; and Mr. and Mrs. Ron .Cox and family, Fort Wayne. 1 Standerford Class The Standerford Class met January 1 in Fellowship Room of West St. Christian Church. Routine business carried on ending with social hour. Eleven members 0 were present. Next . meeting on February 5. The news ir^ilrnim lliis year is in denim .stretch knit, which pves a sometimes stiff fabric {greater mobility anil ease. (lenUemens Quarterly, in the current issue,' sinews a two- piece denim knit suit with a short, snap-front cowboy jacket and matchin<r jeans. Suggested for wearing with this outfit: a striped lank top.with a halfway front zipper. Accutron* by Bulova the most accurate watch in the world The heart of an Accutron watch is a tiny, electronically-powered tuning fork that splits a second into 360 equal parts. This split-second timing is so precise th££ . Bulova guarantees accuracy to within a minute a month.* DXTCMO DAY "V" Stalnleu itttl. Etiony dial. »17l £arl Rhodes feWeler •W* will Mfest to this toltttnc*. If

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