The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 27, 1908 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 10
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10 LEGAL. LEGAL. LEGAL. LEGAL. thirds of Its capital stock, or two- thirds of the members thereof. A cer-J tlflniite of .siicli vot e or consent shall be Binned and sworn to by tho president and secretary, and by a ma-.j iorlt? of the directors of the corpora-: tion. a ml filed and certified In tho maun- i- and upon payment of I'eps required ASSEMBLY CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 3. CHAPTER 19. Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 3. Resolution LEGAL. -I- LEQAlu ; propose that section seven of article 1 governor, provided for In section 10[Into said seawall sinking fund, an and cited as the "Second San Fran; nine of the constitution of the State hereof, prpp-irs vwo thousand suitable; amount equal to the monthly Interest Cisco Seawall Act." of California be amended so as to bonds of the SttHf at .California, in; then due on all bonds then sold, de- read as follows: Section 7. The state board of edu- tlon in to law lor tiling and certify•; of incorporation, and the term of tho corpora],,- extended for the period .-i|i Ii cerilllcato. and sin Ii -.ball tboreiifler p»v ail her fees recjiiired by law i\ corporal!.in; 1 . to amend section 2'/ 2 of article 2 of : Im , nil)( , r! , : the constitution. ' March 6. 1907. tho denomination of one thousand dol- livered and outstanding. The board Ints c.icj'. Tho who't- issue of said I of state harbor commissioners are | cation shall consist, of tho following! n. nils :<h:ill not <stood the sum of two. hereby authorized and directed by the million dollars, au'i caid bonds shall I collection of dockage, tolls, rents SBC. 13. All acts and parts of acts' In conflict with the provisions of this- act are hereby repealed." SENATE BILL No. 812. , 1. The- governor. 'boar inn-rest at the rate of four per, wharfage and cranage to collect a sum , _ | \>. Tho Mipoiintention! of public lii-icontui per annum, from tho time of o f money sufficient for the purposes | CHAPFEK tJi. «n act to proviae Tor The legislature of tho Statu of Cal- j H trnction. j the sale then of. ,nid both principal of this act, over and above the amount i ifornln. at its thirty-seventh session, t ;• .\ |.,,|,,,.seiit -:tivo of the state un- und uit« rest hiiall be- |-ayable in gold I limited by section two thousand five' •onuiioiiciiiK on the 7th clay ot Janu- j Ivorslt.v, selected by the president coin of the pn soi-.i standard value, | hundred and twenty-six of thc Politl HIV, nine leeu hundred and seven, two thirds of all the members elected to . arli ol the two houses of said legislature voting in favor thereof, hereby proposes that section UVfe of article 2 therof. I. A repi -psi'Mlal ive of tin Stanford ,lr. I'liiversiiy, sell the president thereof. SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 32. CHAPTER 23. Senate Constitutional Ami'ndrrcnt No. 32. A resolution to propose to th c people of the State volitions, ol • - amendment to the rc'pi. oi the constitution of the State of: normal school California be amended, so as to read . dents ihoroof. as follows: | '•• A (iractir-al business man, not ill- SiTii<<i -'-.. Tliu legislature shall ( roc.tly c omiccted with any school, so- have the power to enact laws relative | let-ted by the governor. jjind they shall bo paynblo at. the olllco j oal Codo of tho slate of California, l.olancl i of the state treasurer, at -the -explra- j Between the tirst and tenth day of No-1 •tod by j tlon oi nineteen yoars from their date, vember, in tin- year nlnetcon hundred i subject, however, to redemption by und eighteen anil between thc first und j to the election of delegates to con-j 7. A ropre»emai political parties; and the I schools, selected by legislature shall enact laws providing { Intondonls at tho WOMT. to of the Htutellot ics in (his act horoinafter provided. 1 tenth'day of November of each year! selected by the presl-.Said bonds- shall boar date the second , thereafter until the maturity of said] day of January, A. I), nineteen hundred i honcls the said treasurer shall, In tho' and nine, and shall bc> made payable | presence of tho governor, proceed to j on the second day of January, nine-j drawn by lot such an amount of hondsj Itec-ii liiindred and twenty-eight A. D. | ns B hiill be re(|iilred to exhaust, as noar-j rural The Interest aeeruliiK on such of said ly !ls may bo tho amount In said sink- ; bonds as are sold shall be due and : (fig fund at that time, and shall there- of the tho county super- [ a^K^H^ri 1 ^. vvr' n !r« «<- ->• S new sed.on thereto to be number- dates tor p ublir net by_ Rectors, po i^^ ^ ^ ecl section 2*> of article four there- Ii Ic >«' ^. , "X™ 0 ?^ tendents at the superintendents' bio? "fatmg to Mm* Ion of the ei- electors without conventions, at elec- OT reiiiimy l ^ __»'.,.._ i._ t,..,.„.., «n,l Hcielirnntorl n*. pense of employees and assembly. Adopt, -,J March 11. The H-giMatu ennlal convention. of the senate'tlous, to be kuowa and designated as, primary ^"^g™? 0 ™»$& nic Hchools, ihe principals the tests au<l con e'of the State of Cal-' electors, political parties, or organtza- ^Mr 1 ^. 'ff^Ulature ffl a,!«Ai Pop«UIJo». with-* m ± of the ix>lytochnlc high schools receiving state aid. The state board of education shall compile or adopt a uniform system of text books for use in the day and evening elementary schools throughout the state; and shall perform such other duties as may he prescribed by law. The legislature shall provide for iiporintendents' hi-1 payable at tho office of the state treas-j upon'and before the tenth day of De-l uror on tho second day of January, and comber following, give notice by pub- on the second clay of July, of each ]| ( ; advertisement to be inserted twice lyoiir jit'ter the sale of the same; pro- n week for two weeks In two news- i vidocl, that the first payment of inter-1 papers published in the city and coun- I OH! shall be nmde on the second day; ty of San Francisco, and also In one of January, A. D. nineteen hundred | newspaper published In the city of and ton, on so many of said bonds as [Oakland, and also In one newspaper mny have been theretofore sold. At t published In the city of Los Angeles, the expiration of nineteen years from I u nd also In one newspaper published the date of said bonds, all bonds shall in the city of Sacramento, stating the 9. A representative of the polytech- text books, when adopted, by the superintendent of state printtog at the state, printing office, and, when BO printed and published, to be distributed and Hold at the cost price of print- Ing, publlHblng, and distributing the same. The text-books so adopted shall cease to bear Interest, and likewise all bonds redeemed by lot shall cease to bear Interest as in this act provided, and the said state treasurer Bha.ll call In, forthwith, pay and cflBBeT tHe sTTme, out of the moneys In the second San the printing and publishing of uuch Francisco aeawall sinking fund provided for In this act, and tie shall, on the first Monday of January, nineteen number of bonds so drawn and that the principal of sold bonds will be paid on presentation to the treasurer on or before the second day of Janvary, following, and that from and after BiJ?Q last named date, all Interest upon, bondf? thus draws shall cease, find It shaft b'e Hie £ii£ £ i£« iESSSUT-i the issuance and sale of state bonds to create a fund for the acquisition by the board of state harbor commissioners of a necessary area for a tidal basin for wharves, piers, harbors, and appurtenances In the city and county of San Francisco; to' create a sinking fund for the payment of said bonds; and defining the duties of state officers in relation thereto; making an appropriation of one thousand dollars for the expense of printing said bonds; and' providing for the submission of this, act to a vote of the people. Approved March 21, 1907. (As amended at Extra Session by Senate Bill No. 7.) SENATE BILL No. 7. CHAPTER 4. An act to amend section five of the act entitled "An act to provide for the Issuance and sale of state bonds to create a fund for the acquisition by the board of state harbor commissioners of a necessary area for a tidal basin for wharves, piers, harbors, and appurtenances In the city and county of San Francisco to create a sinking fund for the payment of said bonds'; and defining the dutfes of state offl- er as soon as said bonds S3 drawn by — -• —-- — — it — ™ — - - - — *;i aa o\j*ju a a ou«u isisuuo ow ui a w u uj hundred and twenty-eight, also cancel i o t are surrendered to him and paid to and destroy all bonds not theretofore j cancel the same, and the interest sold. All bonds Issued shall be sign-• coupons thereon, and each year be cd by the governor, and counter-signed J by tb« controller, and shall be endors- ginning with the year nineteen hundred and eighteen, the said treasurer ttte t*Cke he Increusi.'ti titter Or appointed. if> »ENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 33. ASSEMBLY CONSTITUTJONAL AMENDMENT NO. 7. CHAPTER 22. Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 7. » Senate ConetlluUPnal Adopted Marru 8, 190.. Amendment NO. 33. A reaolutlw tp i yj, c legislature ot" Uie State of Cal nropose t» the people of the «WW }j forto ,^ ^ lu regular i««lou. com of California an amendment to the ; uu!us | U g y w ifj» seventh Uay of JftBU ^institution of said state, UHMgiW Ury, A' V. nlnetf!o» hundred and —" Article XII thereof, by Jrn«£ , wl >«.UUiljt Ui it 1 ! ifeif W'WJi" 8 x section Ml thereof, relating to thel, 0 ofu .b ,„• i\ ltl [i u u a ^ Vuliug U» ^_ ItabiHty of stockholders of a corjjor-1 jjigruof, u«<«by piupo«ii' tbal ttwtlon atlon or joint-stock association. • Tfl va of article olrtYcn uf Adouttjd March 14. MtVJ. _ I tion continue In use not less than four ed by the Btato treasurer, and each shall. In the mariner aforesaid, pro years. The legislature shall provide shall have the_seal of the state stamp- cee[ i to draw by lot such an amount bonds as shall be requisite to exhaust as nearly an may be the amount aald sinking fund, and proceed In the manner herein above stated. After tho payment of all said bonds, the inn grunting of teacV'*' certificates | a«a«neu to *acn or said Donas. BO mat surplus or balance remaining in said within tb«lr respective (jurisdiction. '-— u -. _.,.u-... ....... ASSEMBLY CONSTITU^IPNAL AMENDMENT, No. 29. CHAPTER 46, Assembly ( such coupons may be removed without sinking fund, If any there be, shall j Injury to or mutilation of tho bontl forthwith be paid into the San Pran- iSald coupons eball be consecutively O l««o harbor Improvement fund. At ! numbered, and eball be signed by the t he time of the respective drawings i treasurer. But no Interest on [any of said bonds Hhall be paid for .... .— ... . , ^- '»iny /Ime which may Intervene be- tional Amendment No. 28. A »«*t»lu-< j-ween Jbe date of any of eatd honda tion to propose to the people of «?£l-uul tho i?sue ana sale ther«ot to ft State of California an amendment^ section 16 of article 4 of the tutlon, In relation to and return of bills by the , . if and the exercise of th* veto poyy, 'I 1 " ?* -- «•- -—**••••* •• jht- sta of tho State of Oali- Adopted March 14. 1907, 4]umi|s that, may be incurred by iWffT/ by lot, as aforesaid, and also at maturity of sold state bonSs, said treasurer shall sell the United States or othej bead? then Iff said sinking appropriation of on* XL- .. Ian for the expense of prints," . K bonds; and providing for the w»«l. mlasiofl of this act to a vote of the people," .approved March 2t, 1907, relating to the redemptfoir Of such' bonds and creating a sinking 1 fund 1 for such purpose, and adding a new' section to eald act to be numbered 1 section 10'/2. relating to the publics' tlon of said act, and providing for the payment of the cost of publication of the same. Approved Norember 23,' 1907. The people of the State of Calllcrnja, represented in senate and asse,nf-' ^ 'tol>v do enact as fo'lcws: t Secllon I. For the purpose of prb-- a fund for the payment of Uw indebtedness authorized to be incurred by the board of state harbor commissioners for thw acquisition of thw Its thlrty-soTontto ot uU of U TOtillg of Jo*- «r«ri lor llio in furor i ,._ tiiuirtion or appoiutmont, in 1 ibe nc'vural c:oiiiitic>B, ol boards of 8U- to i > of ,aia I'll ill tCJl . ,1 11 tn th. ttmroof. hui-c.'brj 3HB ot tbe constitution tlallfcrniu bu amondeu '" 'A Uitn-ixjf. »o a» "foUovf*: Soctlou 3. Km Ii sttwKlKMl o«rporation . or Joint ntot-1. tton, rfmll be Viidivldiuilly *"d L"i sonally Uable for sm-u prwpoi'Jlou "' afl its dobtB und llabllill •» .-uutjw !''i. or incurred, during tbf tli.i- b>.' «•" a, Btockholder, as tin- amount ul utoc* or nhftrc'K owned by linn wfeolo of the subscrlhi'tl inpitiil sto or shares of the corpuiaUmi or iw citttlon. 'I'he dlroirtoi'H or iru»tn<.'» oorixirntiont ttona shall able to th lor all mon proprlatc poratlon during tht rector or Nothing of this Kf< »o any <fxpoaltlon compiiii.v to pniiv.oti' 1 anil <'arry on n llonal exposition or w In th«> State " r ' a - HoblHt- oallfbt'tim. iUnl '!'«• BtooMUit«i"vn in "ny s'" h county elerka, Ht'uiii.'y.-i auJ tfU^U UlA 1 ! 1 ' couuty. luwnahii), nuU muuiuipal of- tluiMn as public; i-oiiYi'ulonoft may re «»IVii, •''' 1 (iball iir.'Hc-ribi' Uielr Uu- "-•* Itk ill' 1 !!' ttM-ius of olllcu.. it fund, at government market J'ates, aft'i Accessary area, fov n tidal basin ex- er adTertlslng the sale Uiereof In the i tending of the ai'ffa of India basin o"B- monne* hereinbefore prorldsl lor thei the water front of the city and wumy sale of bonds hereby authorized {fl 6e] 0 f gan Francisco, as provided IB t& ^amted, anrl shr.II use the proceeds for, a jf fill titled "An acl to authorl»« Butt in haTlng Bait!.the payment, s? 6U cft bonds as may be! direct *b& fepard of state harbor corn- Said amount efial!.drawn by lot, and at the maturity of | m i ssloners [o* lastltute condemnation Ta.iH hnnri s outHtandlng shall pay and j proceedings again?* Certain property Raid iinalnrea outstanding nortn 0 { i na i a hasln an v t.P««tfd!nB to said moneys In said fund i s i s j s creek in the city aiM (XJwi-rty of e»tinguiahment of said bonds on Sau Francisco, and extondlnff Oi*lr j- t ,a HUMLX of C*lltornla bel .-MIOP^U .-..•">'•' iht' r T)ft'v<i put or fix* Ran »ra.noisco nar- said bonds o n ,rf uo. 1*Mftl« •* , i * J fef* .- UoKolved by the UB«!iuMy. th* sen- b ' t , m(;n( fuplT TO CTOli-onr.Vs vftdei»t» md X, I ^ iSa^r^r t n- <& ™™<$*^£ ffKfrt? ^' "^ *™» «>< ^ "'~' j ^,^1 - »aU unironn Uw.. --I ^^l^-nth -e^u ^^^ duly (lmwn ,^|^.diS^erlh. ™~«d V». md «'.T«n two-third"of^ all the• mc-ni-Iduly nxecutMl. they shall be by the that pnrpow. ; vldlng tw t ho naypaeftt of Judgment^ JCTS ulcctt-ri to thv two hoiws of Haiti I stutf trwwurer sold at public auction.^ SBC. S. Thp state controller and j from the proieean of bonds %fl(16a ULd in favor thereof. I to the trwwiror shall full and all f the con lip -if I'tilifoniia ;, vrf—r-* < >J ^. ii TJ t in .* • .„«.-.. --r, bidtler for eitah. In such j the tha" Jw'oVlo'n le'o'rar-'l>:iri'fl» ulid numhtrs as said tnwsureri pnrticulnr account and record of istitutkni «f tin- State i shall he directed by thn governor of; their proceeding unrt^- •'•' uutlt-r soal thprnof. after a ' th«» anal! ' — " it " '"- sold under the provisions of an act entitled, "An act to provide for UT6 of state bonds to i establish ,-olliTti-d by piM-t'onni'il i" l1 "'"' re ' i"; iu tin 1 uuiiiii* 4 !' aud i.'mvi.ifd I'Y lav/, au.l lor may c-hu^il'.v the <ouiit.H'8 ir !ind iV shall pvovlue u;,-t a<-iMiunt:tbillty "f t'ounty jllif-ra I' 1 " 1 1|U 1 °'" i olh'ftt-d by them, and i.'v.'iy lii)| *fjli'h I he' lfi;i»;latuTt< fi!l<M it's a law, l;o -iir|,p,, n | '.If hi- .-i.v )TO ,.Iia:.' «l«ir it, hm if i'_,,%,. turn it. with his i lioiisi- in whiC'h ir , shall ;•'";•«• ""--^ TV^'tloiiB uiv., u >tMil*,'d to L! H, 111' Shall iv. tn tin 1 uiav'bavc been ailoiittil by th'e h,'.-i stal«- luubor commlBsionerH; treiinurur must reject any and f for siiltl iKinds, or for nny of which shall be In-low is-id bonds w wftptfrn"; I nllhn annual rr»n>r-t, to be- the ev.s of frf slale harbor neceesary area for SUl}r& ^^T£r.,o^r^".««.| ba^in 'for ^^^ «J r al! «2ir sr wss : A allml .t^.-! o? l ^K= S co;t as n . sssz r wtm,Ji)apct.. viMinmB 10 u, ^ times Ifun.l for tho payment of said bonds. uuv party I anil dettnlni? the duties of state offi- nr'the at-! CCM-S in relation thereto; making an "«: rco'mmlVJo of oUh-! appropriation of $1000 for the o, wi "• _ _ ^ ; m ,..^ ! ,,,. ,,,- ,vvl,-,c tnor Gtttct l^onclS. tlllCt ^* for tn this act ,«>I5' ttftPr thtS tho duty of thfc: Due notice of the time of!^^oL.^r oc '.mK^;h !U«n per nnnum, irym "'^ ""•" -- . • si Uc- theruOf, tmd both pr nclpal fMf i prior to BUC>> . ,n"i' >!"•* ASSEMBLY CONSTjTUTiONAU AMENDMENT NO. 8. CHAPTER 21. Assembly '?or by to of in hfCotiu- a law lu HKi had bi'i'ii MKiird by journnii'tit. If any SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 34. j ii'ljoiinin'oiii POMS (if such publication, -hnll be paid: p( > 0 ,,^, <rad lor n-iurniiiK. c^ V AB*Hig interest snail DO paya. »» "' *|^ " •" n!l -i»n-init do- mlt ot th<i Snn Fv« harbor im-.aiid proclaiming tho vot' *\. ^ UH u j o £ tlw un-scnt stantlani. >,^'^^'' i ..IWf of »!,.-. s ,. 0 *rmv«-nwnl f'HHl, •!,„ controller's war-1 wild .-xpcctc-d provisio' '^ ncl »halli »«>' J»V'\ ft °,K- ut t«f-WPlrn»on fh I-IM- it slrill vautailuly drawi f«r that .purpose. 1 hv , i a i<r. i.ffci-t immodla 1 ^ Hh» Watti troa8U ! f ' 01 i\i,W clalo sub- sK^^^S't^^irtsg^^ss^ ^•w^v-,„-,„„ g$ H^y W iii M-l't in ^- J^ , lK , ho .. Sw , K*n*™\ •' ^rti,.'to bo holclwj. *» >lio % y ol janju-y, A. D. nineteen hun- >. V, ,,^y objc-i-t, • !•£J*f- •'_ ( s ^^ p ,, >vlil , Kim(li .. „„,, ', h tf November. A. P» t «Hpieteen «^ ( , niul •„•,„«, nn d shall bo made pa>- \vh!L- iipprovrnf,' """.," .','' /.v,.h\sl\ ; flv for tin- con- .•*•<! -iincl eight, and m -Ballots ut aWe ou ,,the second day of Jamwiy, l.l) i,, „„,.!, nillrft be UM'll OMIWhlVV l> ,IV1I u>< urn j s ,.. .,y.1 ,11111 »->h" 1 ' ' j-i..^,. ,l,ni-n. f 1 .' '. MV , , i ..,,.1 t mnii t v-olllht A. i in; I,,, 7th day «r January •• ; ' 1 ' ivd " <>f ' n V?,Vnsea :s iius iliereloi, a s so ol)jcci''il t-i unless pati.-eil vein, as hi'i-ei'il is 1 al:i <<.•• govern iiiovi on tho water front city und county of San Frar ;;;•.: Or'nftH and warrants upon "<••' " ih.- Hi-hool -_,. porato %!ock, •n\or shall triiiinnii to which Iho bill tn initial AW\\ t>titn-iii'-Hl. aud ill 1 "' "•- ill t ill. ch'ools. normal ( 1'iVd in the nani" munui-v a' schools ft8 lOftY i whli-h Uuve. I»'''U .li-;t|'l-v..\,-,l i> loclrtlatui'o, o v I governor, authority 1 SENATE BILL No. 461 „,.,.,.„. i Khali be drawn upon an;) ; H out of said fund In (he s • ,.;,„' drafts and warrants • ' ^',.. . " v ,,," Iniiise inl°" f* '.XOVtMlll't.'!, r*-' »'^ T^ I( .^^ . . ;>iml eight, and Wfl -Ballots ut Veiion shall havtf ^Vlhfod there- vnd at tho end'tlio'roof,-tho. words, • tho San Fiahrlaco Spa-wall Act,, in a soparwrp »no under the samo Is "Agklhst l «io San -Francisco '- Act," and'O>poslfe.,8aid lines ,. shall be left Hl«;s -irt may make or the . a cross to out SEC 1 , ii. For i principal and bills! sinking fun ' naled as I Boa will 1 I tho from lov - t.;'oht of the j. I'd be known u,ricl doslg- 1tv> ''Hi'i-ond Sau Francisco S\»ikliiK Fund," Hhall bo, and tn liot-oby i-voutocl, as fol- Ottllf^-nlu be amemU-d BO as Kohool fu"d si-luslvly to vonln". oleniontary l>; jiei'islaturo may U) road („'bo levied a o Bluvll cause school coinlary s;( , ( . oniu . y . ,,-hool*, or -Hhor of such ?,S nST»S,SS» on .he part o one la ehooto. In>l system, ASSEMBLY CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT No. 24. nbly r^Vhp con«tit«;tion of the State, by amending sVofmn seven of article ,, M . dtv n^e thewof. renting to bo.rds of ; , „ ,„„ nine thereof edU °**Kt,d March 11. W Tho li-lslatiiro of the State 1 ' ^Arss-^ ^S^^^'^^Sl^ qpatract f"» a " ^ ,. e to perform , n d t-v-:'' 1 -' " ;'..,„„„ ,,f m i»- anv damaeea HIT i.m»' Ji.n^ani>. -i»«to,i in oacb of tuo nous>«B ... to create a fund tor the const tion by the board of state commlsslonefs o1 wharves, seawall, state railroad, spi';x purtenancea in thc city ^ n j county of Sari Francisco; to create n sink infl fund for the ,iayment of said bonds; and proving for the sut i mission of thi* feet to a vote of the people, Apprufl'J March Ul, \!'u7 The iiooplo of Iho State of Oa'Miui uia. n'lirc'sontod In st-nato and as;.m lily, do ouui't as follow^- SKl'TION" 1. For tlio |iui| • () f providing a fun-d for the payun-ut of Uio Intlobti'diieHK hi'roliy authorii'.i'd to bo Inoiirroil by the slate board o: Mate harbor commlssioii'-r.-i fur the- .-vc>o- tlon of wharves. |i!.-rs, s":iw.ill. s-tato •ailroad. spurs, and ap|niru-ii-nic-.'s in and counlv nf San Kraiu-isc, t not to oxeooil two iidlHun lollars (which said wharvou. |i|i-rii, to-wft; The from Ihe San "! Improvement fund . whether they v.oU? lot • oi BanH the said act, And those voting for said act shall/do HO by Plnclng «i cross oppoBlto tho words "For the ban Francisco Seawall Act" and a hoso HI) II* l#U '1.11** 13V.-V.V. «.•» —— v a neteen,' hundred ami twenty-eight A. I) The interest accruing on such of said bonds as nre soltl, shall bu due and payable at tho office of the s a o treasurer on the second day of J.inu- urv. and on the second day of July, ot each year after the sale of the same; provided, that the first payment of interest shall be made on the second day of January, A. D. nineteen hundred' and ton, on so many of said bonds »t\ may have been theretofore sold. A'- tho expiration of nineteen years frmu. A K i'nst the Pan Francisco Senwull Act "Tho governor of this state shall Include tho suhmlsslon of this act to CHAPTER 424. An act to provide fori ' »«UK on Iht- day of cmc-h and 7M!i\? t . I '^ 1P c'ihift 8Kft fCr Pi sald "eneral"ele'c- the issuance and snlo of state bon-' ^.ffry iOOVvth fitt.-r tht- s-il- of snld InmilH, matlon c.uimi, by tho tinif tho I tfid outMtiimllnK have to •j^ial the' principal of the i'nd initstandinK iit tho Francisco harbor mill- then wild run. will ucn mini as. tion, SEC. r rancisi-o c*t;«»><»•' -r , ,, , ini- I.-AI'II*»-.»'.* "• •- • ,, , , ,,1 v-ottnfi against, tho said act shall do so h lnte of 8nl(1 Don(lBi a n bonds sold bv placing H cniBS opposite the words shall OC(180 to 1)Onr interest and WUt> • • . -«-- n»« wnnntann Sc-nwiiii ^^ a jj {jonds redeemed by lot anati " '» to hear Interest as in this act provided, and the said state i- shall call in, forthwith pay and can- Thi! voit-s inst for or afiainst this net shall be counted, returned and canvassed, and declared iKinds sold I (n tho samo manner and subject to timo said i tho samo. ruloH as votes cast for state Hhall no tako waiil uum from I o fflc«TB; and if It, appear that said act H hall hnvo received a majority of all the voKw cast for and against it at said election, us aforesaid, then tho dame Hhall have offoct as hereinbefore provided, and Hhall bo irropealahle until tho principal and interest of the liabilities herein created shall bo paid Snn Krnuctttcu harivor improve- the iimnuut thereto- r nnld pur- :ho Hiiiii In :>-o seawall fund i-reuU'd by *\i\-. act. Said fund. lore talii'ii tlii'ivfrtiM |ios<;; raid hi- shull ,\t'-- \\M- si^.oiut San Htnto irxasnter nhall, <•• warrants duly drawn t'o: 1'iiiploy the "inunoys in fund mtrollor's colTthe same, out of moneys In tho India basin sinking fund pro" in this act, and he shall on - Monday of January, nineteen h«ndred and twenty-eight, also cancel and c c stroy all bonds not theretofore, sold. All bonds Issued shall bo signed by tho governor, and countersigned by tne, controller, and shall bo endorsed by- tho state treasurer, and each Bhai have the seal of tho state stamped thereon. Bach bond shall contain a clause that It Is subject to redemption by lot after the year nineteen hundred and eighteen. Sec. 2. Interest coupons shall DC at- Biic coup injury to or mutilation of the bond. Saiil coupons shall ho consecutively ih.,i purpose. I, m a discharged, and tho governor shall i " w -"• ""XT,".; :~j;i lionds so thai ... .... ,. ,, M«ld sinking I muko proclamation thereof; but It'a tac tied to each of ««'! ^ f^ ^ f in tin- iMiwhase of bomlH o[ tho! majority of tho voles cast, as afore- such coupons may bo lemouowiuiou orl Stall's, or of the- Stnto of Cal-(said, aro against this act, then the fonila, or ol' thc several rountlos orlsaim' »linll b« and become void. imiiiltdpaliUt-K of thc- Ht-itc- of C'altfor-l BBC. U. It shall he the duty of tho nla. which wild bonds shall lx> ki«pt in Kot-rotnry of stato to have this act pub- a propc-r i-f.-t-ptaclf, appropriately la-' ilHhotl lu at least ono newspaper In bfli'tt; but, lie must iu-op alwaysi on each county, or city and county, If ono hand a miltiob'iit amount of money in i said Hlnkini,- fund with which to pay iiumborod. and shall bo signed by thu slftti- treasurer. Hut no interest on any of said bonds shall'bo paid for Umu which nitty Intervene bo- any each couny, or cy an co, ,,u, ......~ «•• •—;• :, f ,,„,,, hon ,i s bo published therein, throughout thi B |tween the date of unj of ^ id Don (is HI.UV for thrpo months next preceding i und tbc Issue anrrnnh! theioof to .1 seawall, state railroad, spurs, and up-' tin- interest on Biii'h of tho slate bonds heroin .provided to bo Issued as may have Miorstvfore been wild. And to purU-nancert the Imanl of state harbor roiumisHloiK-rs are lu-reby iMiipovvenul to consitnict in the manner by state, for three months next preceding j tho K(-neral election to be holden In tho month of Novomhor, A. I), nineteen hundred and eight, the costs of .„.„.„. The sum of one thousand dollars Is hereby .appropriated W_pay toon nuntivoii aim einrit, mo cumo w. uuim.n .o ..^.-.-^ „,.,---,- ,,_-^rt hv urovlde'monnB for tho payment of In- publication shall be paid out of tho the expense that may b*''"cUrrea oy i»w mi. st u not to -xcee-l Kt on the bonds that may be sold San Francisco harbor improvement the state treasurer in> bating Mid. i u-o mil ion dollars the state and outttanalag. said treasurer shall fund, o« controller's warrants duly bonds prepared. Said apoont shall I two aiiiiion tioiiais), tno stale auu ". ._,._ v?l_ .w~ a«« <a.a««<iuuv j___._ ;__ ., . »»« nairi nut of thcw/SAn Francisco nar-

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