The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana on June 6, 1942 · 6
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The Shreveport Journal from Shreveport, Louisiana · 6

Shreveport, Louisiana
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Saturday, June 6, 1942
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m i ODAY and TOMORROW By Walter LEppmaan will They Believe Us? Will the peoples of the world believe us when General Marshall says that "We are determined that before the ELM sets on this terriblei i struggle our flagl :: -' --4"' I will be recognized! - -t4 i 4 throughout the1 1 s I ir''-----'' world as a symbc11 !”7:- ::il :( f- 4 of freedom on the '44'1 1:4:164---- kione band and of 4t -4'4e It'-'''o verwh elming V":-'1 ? 0 - :- -'' A force on the oth-1 '' :: A- r or'" The only A A : s' -45 - ipi4 - 11 ''':'44-r -::vs3 to answer 1 r(- ::' '''t that question bon- 1 lketly is to say 1 Ithat the peoples! G-ZZat LdrJOt the world will' I waiter ummaniu have tt b EnOW11 They know that we believe in freedom They know ! that we are capable of becoming ! very powerful But they do not yeti know whether we have the wisdom ! and the knowledge and the wllJ power and the perseverance to use ourItower in the cause of freedom THIS IS THE UNANSWERED! QUESTION IN THE MINDS OF MEN EVERYWHERE AND BE-1 CAUSE OF IT WE ARE IN ALL1 DEALINGS WEAKENED AND! THE WHOLE CONDUCT OF THE WAR IS HARDER Thus when the! peoples of the world read the! speech which Sumner Welles has just delivered they will note that Mr Welles was not only making a great declaration of American policy They will note that Mr Welles was aware that be must still debate the foundations of the policy with his own countrymen The voice of America is therefore too uncertain and unclear to be convincing Our voice is muffled and our actions are undermined because we can not be sure that we are moving towards a great peace and not towards another great debate in the senate of the United States This is the ghost from our past which haunts us wherever we turn whatever we say whenever we try to make any long plan for the conduct of the war or for the period of the armistice which will follow the war or for the settlement of the peace and the demobilization This ghost is not laid when public men stand up and say that no matter what they thought before since Dec 7 they have given unreserved support to the war The ghost continues to walk because nobody can forget the history of our actions from Nov 11 1918 to Dec 7 1941 The world remembers that on armistice day of the other war our flag was recognized throughout the -world as thesymbol of freedom on the one hand and of overwhelming force on the other We stood then where General Marshall says we are determined to stand at the end of this terrible struggle The world remembers that in the next 15 years -we dismantled our force and except for occasional pious words we rndoned the cause of law and order upon which the realities of freedom depend AND SO UNTIL WE CAN CARRY THE CONVICTION THAT THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN WE CAN NOT SPEAK CLEARLY OR ACT EFFECTIVELY Certainly we can not convince our Allies or the enemy peoples or the neutrals unless it is evident that we have convinced OURSELVES What does that mean? IT MEANS I SUBMIT THAT WE CAN NOT BE THE RELIABLE! CHAMPIONS OF FREEDOM JUST BECAUSE WE ADMIRE FREEDOM AND HAVE GREAT MILITARY FOWER The crucial question ic whether in Mr Welles' penetrating observation we are convinced that our own enlightened self-interest demands that we take our part in maintaining the law and order of the world There is no use telling the world that our hearts arli soft The question is whether our heads are hard For while we are let us hope generous and chivalrous in our intentions we need not pretend—because no one will believe us—that we shall act greatly over long stretches of time unless we feel it to be self-evident that this is the only sensible the only safe the only profitable way to act For the exaltations of war will pass And unless the promises we now make and the resolutions we take now have be- come ingrained in our common sense they will float away again as in 1919 upon thin air solving our alliances and dismantling the war controls? Will they believe they can have one more try at a policy of let-her-rip and the devil take the hindmost? If they do think this they will find politicians to do the demagoguery to carry out such ideas But if the industrialists or any considerable n)nber of them take this line they will surely ruin themselves They 'will cause a national disaster They will wreck all prospect of peace in the world Yet we must not fool ourselves The temptation will be strong The flesh is weak and will be yielding This will to resist the temptation to sacrifice the long future to immediate profit requires 'Der Henked at the Gate It would hardly be fair to say the civilized world rejoiced over news of the death on Thursday of Reinhard Heydrich for that would be uncilivized: but we go so far as to say that untold mMions of men and women including some in Germany breathed a sigh of relief when they read the announcement that he had succumbed to wounds inflicted by a patriot of Prague three daya before Throughout all Europe Reinhard Heydrich at SS was known as "der henken" the hangman) or as the butcher of Bavaria" He had richly earned either title or both by his utter ruthlessness in carrying out orders of the German gestapo itself the most cruel and barbarous organization that ever functioned in any land There Is some satisfaction perhaps in the circumstance that he lingered three days before death ended his suffering—days In which at least during conscious intervals he had Opportunity to review his career in butchery Reports from Prague state that three blood transfusions were given in an effort to save a life that had been devoted to the shedding of innocent blood but these proved unavailing—perhaps for the reason that nowhere in Europe could be discovered blood of the Heydrich type And that is something that can be recorded in Europe's favor It is not likely that the hangman experienced a genuine change of heart during the time that elapsed between his wounding and his passing even so we are by no means certain that an eleventh hour conversion would have saved him—we are unorthodox to that extent Our belief would be that when Reinhard Heydrich crossed over into the unknown realm and appeared at heaven's portal he was met by St Peter guardian of the gate with a firm rejection And as Heydrich departed we can imagine the stern but just guardian angel holding his nose with one hand and waving the Bavarian butcher out with the other saying between clenched teeth: "Back to the hell which spawned you and to the devil who was the model for your life on earth" And so the end of der benken Rules for Bike Riders Unfortunately there are not any satisfactory rules covering the use of bicycles on the streets and highways but it is going to be necessary to formulate them and have them promulgated by states and cities There are it is estimated by Public Safety Magazine some 9000000 bicycle riders in the United States today—and as many more who'd like to have a bike if it could be bought The two-wheeled affair using foot-power only is becoming popular again and there are many automobile owners who are depending upon this method of transportation who would have scoffed at the idea a few short months ago We have had no count as to the number of bicycles now being pedaled along the streets of Shreveport but it probably is several times as great as it was two years ago and it poses a problem for motorists bicyclists and pedestrians While there are we believe no ordinances on the statute books governing the use of the streets by bicyclists the National Safety Council makes these suggestions for safety: 1 Obey all traffic laws signs and signals 2 Ride at the extreme right of the street with traffic—not on the left facing it Do not zig-zag 3 Ride single file—not two or more abreast 4 Keep both hands on the handlebars Do not stunt or indulge in horseplay 5 Never bitch a ride on another vehicle 6 Carry packages in a basket or attached securely to the bicycle where they will not interfere with steering pedaling or vision 7 Never ride double or carry a passenger on the handlebars S Keep your headlamp and rear reflector in good working order if you ride at night A rear light is better than a reflector And by all means have a horn or bell on your bicycle—and use it 9 Use arm signals when you turn 10 Dismount and walk across busy corners 11 Take it easy and be even more careful that when driving an automobile A bicycle is no match for a car 12 Remember—your bicycle is subject to the same traffic rules as an automobile Obey them If these simple safety rules are heeded it is certain that accidents will be held to a minimum— probably human lives will be saved The Journal suggests that every bicycle owner young or old make it a point to memorize the above safety tips—and then scrupulously carry them out Discouraging Figures The city of New Orleans for the first five months of 1942 has chronicled as many automobile traffic fatalities as have occurred in Memphis Dallas and Houston combintd—a record that to say the least is discouraging Yet and strangely enough most of the Orleans members of the general assembly have always opposed enactment of a drivers' license law for the state of Louisiana It may be that the fatality figures this year will cause most of the members from the metropolis to change their views—and their votes Some support from Orleans has already been promised this time—a good sign BIBLE VERSE To shew that the Lord is upright: He is my rock and there is no -unrighteousness in Him— Psalms 92:15 The What bappens will depend I believe upon how the industrialists Washington—Thousands of de of America interpret the tremend-itermined women eager to don the ous experience which they are nowiWAAC uniform are driving WAAC I having Will they think that they 1 s officials wacky can return to normalcy in another ft ipolit'4 '!k '1 The campaign Harding-Coolidge era? Will they k4A-k ir' for enlistment3 in think that our armies can be de-i :4'-:' z''''' ' the Women's army mobilized and Industry recon-1 : :?fr'eii'' auxiliary corps verted and trade restored by dis-I i -t:'ic ' i''' has succeeded too self-restraint and character of a higher order than men usually ex or even before 1941 BUT IN THAT bilift in the aftermath of a war WORLD THE INDUSTRIALISTS ARE BY WHAT THEY ARE NOW All orte can say is that in the last six months American industrialists DOING FOR THE COUNTRY have by their deeds regained and WINNING A PLACE AND THE bave enhanced the reputation they CERTAINTY OF BEING ABLE TO last in the collapse of 1925 In the FLAY AN IMPORTANT PART IN struggle for survival against all SHAPING THE WORLD OF THE the other social orders they are FUTURE proving their fitness to survive All this will however vanish if The world of the future including they yield again to the demagogues the American world will never of normalcy The reputation of again be what it was before 1929 business men will collapse with the four weeks' some 275000 6 r 'Iroleporir --egicturttat SUGAR RANIOti ter4P1 a: THEY CANI-Do THIS To MY LIFE it PAI GONNA DO SOMETHING ABour IT - V2i4Atio)C el-44140144tx- 104 ‘ Washington--Thousands or cle- 1 four weeks' training This leaves! -mined women eager to don the some 275000 disappointed would-be1s AAC uniform are driving WAAC WAAC's out of an estimated regis- officials wacky tration of 200000 El z&-- - : ?- 1 1sioitt 1- The campaign TOUGHEST JOB OF ALL FALLS iA"I'2 '''r'for enlistment3 in UPON THE CHIEF RECRUITING vRss: "':--e-g- A'S ' the W omen ' s army OFFICERS IN THE NINE ARMY " ' W e t t e ' ' ' ' "auxiliary c o r p s CORPS AREAS IT IS THEIR JOB It -: has succeeded toolTO SORT OUT THE WAAC REG- :' iw- well Major OvetaIrTRANTS AND SELECT THE ' -evir - t - Culp Hobby and 'LUCKY WOMEN t ' V 2 her chief lieuten- Those chosen then must face a V ants Mrs Arthur series of very stiff aptitude tests s:1 0"116F Woods and Mrs and physical examinations before ta 41‘' 44 Genevieve Forbes they are finally inducted s i ' ' :zCC-:' Herrick have a ( - - -- -'-' ask A bear by the tail r Caotured Jap Sword Robt S Allen and they know it c Sad truth isj It looks as if the sulphuric per- ( that there can not possibly be 'sonal relations between Philippine more than 500 WAAC officer-candi- President Quezon and Philippine dates taken in now High Commissioner Francis Sayre No "auxiliaries" that is non- will have to be toned down a bit officer WAAC's can be recruited for the sake of Philippine unity until the officers have been trained Trouble between them started possibly around Sept 15 The the day President Quezon landed greatest number of WAAC's that in San Francisco at which time he can be taken in this year is esti- telephoned long distance to a for-mated at 25000 and all of theselmer governor general of the Phil-will be subjected to a minimum of lippines now in Washington -7!o 11144Yar' - 11‘ Noma '211116:W10' fr ---- - - " N 074-ctylt - wAN Z I T 1)1C JOURNALOGS THE STRETCH When you get through stretching rubber Try this system with a smile: Do not whimper do not blubber— But just stretch your legs awhile —Sunflower Daly This we read is Antinoise Week We hadn't heard of it on account of the noise Some of those bombs dropped on Cologne and Essen were in payment perhaps for those dropped on Malta in the course of some 2300 raids by the nasties Those flying fishes that used to play along the road to Mandalay—they're flying fortresses today Another thing we have noticed: Whole strings of moving freight cars without a "free rider" anywhere to be seen A Yankee paragrapher Itters to El Paso as being located "deep in the heart of Texas" Get out your map brother and you'll find that El Paso is nearer the heart of Mexico Out in California vast quantities of sugar beets have been plowed under Heck! We thought Henry Wallace was vice president not secretary of agriculture Rumors come from Germany there will be no more beer after the first of July all the grain being needed for bread This is truly terrible in a land where beer not bread has always been considered the staff of life There are some old fogies among the male topulation who dislike women in slacks—and here's Biblical ground for this attitude (Deuteronomy 22:5): "The 'woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man neither shall a man put on a woman's garment for all that do so are abominable unto the Lord thy God" That of course was written a long time ago—and how times have changed! " overnor word 4 10 7 sword! sword?" CAS RATION -RUMP SKORTAGE 'Uno Who' said At sworn my sworn:- "What sword?" was the puzzled query "That Japanese sword the high commissioner gave to President Roosevelt He said it was from General MacArthur but it was from me One of our Philipnine officers took it from a dead Japanese and I sent it back to the president by Sayre- Returning to the United States Quezon "my puzzled and Comment GIAIME ONE 0 THOSE WAR BONDS Now AN1) RESER10 EVERY PA VI-Ator---7: tAl Ta W t e LIM' Gets Mad 0 MT79 Saturday June 6 1942 The army of jobholders seems to be growing even more rapidly than the army of fighting men New York gangster who shot one of his own pals by mistake got 20 3-ears That's thinning 'em out It begins to appear that the law of compensation is still functioning The house ways and means committee rules that hereafter a woman receiving alimony must return it as income and the man who pays it must be allowed to deduct it from his return Among the industrial plants of Cologne bombed by the RAF was one engaged in the manufacture of poison gas which Hitler claims Germany has no intention of using In this case demolition of the factory need not be regarded as of very great importance Miss Myrna Loy (in private life she was Mrs Arthur Hornblow) journeyed out to Reno and got a divorce after a ten-minute hearing showing that she is a fast worker off the stage as well as on it Can it be possible there is a real Thin Man in Miss Loys life? Labor troubles in the Bahamas caused the Duke of Windsor to cut short his visit to Washington after a stay of less than 24 hours but the Duchess remained—a guest of the British embassy If she wears out her welcothe there the old home to'wn of Baltimore is close by The American raiders refrained from bombing the emperor's palace at Tokio though it was in plain sight—and an easy target But we'd like to bet that if occasion ever comes and there is good reason to believe Adolf Hitler is at home we'll dra wa bead onBerchtesgaden The two big bands with the Ring ling circus went on strike at Philadelphia to enforce their demands for an additional $250 a day for each musician So the management canned the band and used canned music for the evening performance but since circuses do not come under the beading of war necessities the NLRB doesn't seem to have a change to intervene Daily Washington Merry-Go-Round Here is the Chinese picture now being presented to United States war strategists: After five years of war the Chinese are war weary Most discouraging thing is the ironical fact that the Chinese are worse off now with allies than they were before fighting alone The Chinese were delighted after Pearl harbor because it meant they had a powerful ally against Japan TT NOW AFTER SIX MONTHS until the officers hare been trained Trouble between them started clas- the people who yearn for res- possibly around Sept 15 The the day President Quezon landed toration of normal business who greatest number of WAAC's that in San Francisco at which time he Shaky China would rather have a chance to can be taken in this year is esti- telephoned long distance to a for- Chinese leaders in Washingtoni make money and live peacefully mated at 25000 and all of theselmer governor general of the Phil- will be subjected to a minimum of lippines now in Washington are not shouting it from the house-!even under the laps than to pay tops but behind closed doors theylthe frightful cost of continued war are doing some tough talking to thel Meanwhile Japan seems deter- or even before 1941- BUT IN THATcollapse of the American economyleffect that an increasing number of 'mined t crush China now ApWORLD THE INDUSTRIALISTSIlt will collapse if business men do iChinese are getting discouraged parentbA he United States bombing ARE BY WHAT THEY ARE NOW 1not teach the politicians who pro- about the war and would like to raids on Tokyo scared the Japs fess to represent their interestsisee some kind of appeasement with !sick mahie them see the danger of DOING FOR THE COUNTRYIthat this is in tirrith fnr the a2triedian2n rt-TINPSP LEArIERS CIVEinear-bv Chinese bases caused them clas- the people who yearn for restoration of normal business who would rather have a chance to make money and live peacefully DOING FOR THE COUNTRY that this is no time for the same Japan CHINESE LEADERS GIVE Inear-by Chinese bases caused them WINNING A PLACE AND THE old tem-toms and war whoops the THIS AS THE REASON WHY to shift their strategy to cleaning CERTAINTY OF BEING ABLE TO same old hobgoblins and scare- CHINA MUST HAVE AIRPLANES up C 'na ahead of other wv—fronts PLAY AN IMPORTANT PART IN crows and—speaking literally and —AND HAVE THEM IMNIEDI- united States war chiefs re-SHAPING THE WORLD OF THE soberly—the same old damned non- ATELY alize the urgency of the situ-FUTURE !sense which gave us the Harding The Chinese don't demand a lot ation but also face vital de-All this will however vanish if !era as a reward for our trouble of planes But they do say that mands from Russia the new they yield again to the demagogues 'the last time even a small fraction of the muni- second front in Europe and of normalcy The reputation of (Copyright 1942 New York tiOnS going to Russia would work MacArthur But now it looks as business men will collapse with the Tribune Inc) wonders in bolstering China If promises made to China two 'á months ago finally will be fulfilled a a a Capital Chaff Squatting on the floor cross-legged talking to Mahatma Gandhi did not agree with 200-pound ex-War Secretary Louis Johnson He came back from India looking al Nation-Wide Gas Rationing There may be divided opinion through the country regarding the need for nation-wide gasoline rationing especially in the Southwest now glutted with surplus oil But there is no divided opinion in the office of price administration A nationwide plan is being drawn up in full detail and announcement will be made F non Basic reason is that gas rationing is the only way to conserve rubber which OPA offictals describe as our most precios and irreplaceable national resource to Supreme Court Differences With seven of the nine justices of the United States supreme court appoiVed by President Roosevelt and an eighth made chief justice the natural expectation would be that these New Deal selections at least would see eye to eye That however is not the case on the contrary the term now drawing to a close has produced more split decisions than any other of record Five-four verdicts have cropped up on many occasions and unanimous decisions have been few and far between notwithstanding the "liberals" chosen by Mr Rooseveltare in complete control According to one Washington correspondent Jay G Hayden two bitter personal feuds have developed during the past year one involving Justices Black and Frankfurter the other Justices Murphy and Jackson the last named quarrel is a hangover from the days when both men were in the department of justice Statistics show that in 45 divided opinions of the court Justices Black and Frankfurter have been on different sides 20 times in split verdicts Murphy and Jackson each wrote the opinion for his side four times Jackson subscribing to none of Murphy's findings and Murphy siding with Jackson but once Justice Owen J Roberts sole remaining "conservative" from the old regime might have been expected to dissent most often from the 'liberal" New Dealers but as a matter of fact he landed with the majority 28 times and with the minority only 14 times Justice Douglas has been the most consistent dissenter with 20 cases in which he was on the losing side and 25 on the inning side We are not convinced that this proves anything in particular beyond the fact that lawyers continue to disagree on legal questions—as they always have disagreed and as likely they will contitwe for all future time to differ The public in general and litigants in particular would no doubt be better satisfied if all our supreme court's verdicts were unanimous thus leaving no room for doubt in the layman's mind But human nature being what it is this is entirely too much to expect A five-four decision of course is just as binding as one where the justices are all of one mind but it causes litigants to wonder how come the nine young men can not get together Opposition to Taxes Shreveport merchants retailers and wholesalers alike at a meeting attended byapproximately 200 persons adopted a resolution protesting the proposed sales tax upon wholesalers and jobbers and sent a representative to the state capital w here such a measure is being considered in the legislature now in session A similar meeting was held at Baton Rouge with wholesalers present from a number of South and Central Louisiana communities and similar protests were made It has been announced by Governor Jones that there must either be additional revenues found or in the alternative some state services will have to be curtailed It is the duty of the legislators to decide which course shall be followed and the governor has wisely refrained from making any official suggestions in regard thereto In our Opinion the general assembly would be very unwise to adopt any new taxes at this time w hen the war burden upon the people is heavy unless of course there should be emergency that could be met in no other way And especially unpopular under existing circumstances would be a sales tax for the reason that the present state administration was placed in office upon a pledge that the old sales tax would be repealed If the legislators in their wisdom decide to letain all state services now enjoyed and to find additional revenues to pay for same they should seek some other source but we believe an os erwhelming majority of the citizens of Louisiana would prefer the lopping off of some services-- trimming the expenditures to meet the expected revenues which it is certain will be drastically reduced Economy of the strictest kind should be practiced in Louisiana while the war emergency exists Other Newspapers Views ACTION IS DISAPPOINTING The sweeping manner In which the house ways and means committee has rejected the treasury's proposals to tax the interest on state municipal and other public securities is most disappointing The treasury had urged removal of existing exemptions from both outstanding and future issues of this kind Now the committee opposes taxing caber There is a strong case against taxing present securities issued with a tax-free provision and purchased in good faith by investors relying on that assurance These bonds because they are tax-free have enabled states and other governmental bodies to obtain revenue at low rates of interest They have been bought in large part by life insurance companies and other fiduciary institutions because of the element of safety and the assurance of a steady yield The extent to which they have been purchased by individuals of large wealth in order to avoid income taxes has been much exaggerated Tax-free securties deprive the federal government of revenue which must be made up by the mass of taxpayers most of them of small means The privilege with regard to future issues by states and municipalities should be withdrawn just as has been done concerning future federal issues There is no reason why the house committee should not have discriminated between outstanding bonds and future issues and made only the latter subject to federal income taxes It would be most unfortunate should its action block this imperatively needed reform—Philadelphia Inquirer By Robert S Allen and Drew Pearson standing d "flow-back This will difference control" require -ator tear book ev Will be the This will require that a filling station operator tear coupons from the driver's book every time gasoline is sold And the dealer must sir-render these roupons to the bulk station before he can get a replenishment of supplies The bulk station in turn must pass along Itment covering them to the refin- coupons or a state- most as wraith-like as Gandh11--he -- certified -- 1-- made a beeline for a health check up at Mavo's Pennsv1-1 — L iery ayre - aitly asa”lot ocapcA HS TIT vania's ex-Gov George Earle re US EVERY Dam OF GASO- Returning to the United States BUT NOW AFTER SIX MON cently returned from touring the - Tt 101 nLNE A F NB‘RNDE:ALT H THE HODBNEEI or RLNAEEFCTDI CENIOsECUTRINRyt TE1 11! uKOD - ! T some weeks ahead of Quezon High Y NI OF IT THE ALMOST NI ISII t edit Pr ra nean with Bill Bullitt Commissioner Sayre had presentediTHEY HAD BEEN LEFT TO ts y a s the Nazis always aim to attack Roosevelt with a Japanese offi-IHOLD OUT ALONE i the British at t ea time cees sword NEWSPAPER AC- That is why recent reverses in' Credit Sydney Baron with main- COUNTS QUOTED SAYRE AS Burma and along the China coastspringing THE INDIVIDUAL GAS TANK the idea of Wendell Will-I A- - day'" all the other Iowa districts corn- The nation-wide syem will dif- bined Jacobsen la being opposed ter radically from the plan now in by a president of two banks (Copyright 1942 by United Feature effect in the Eastern states Out- Eynclicate Inc) ABE MARTIN Copytight John Milo Co Some tolks might as well be in th soup as the us) they at it Actors an politicians never quit in time Vase Salt Lake City: Please send us a RIIYMOGRAM that will teach us the correct pronunciatinn of that vexatinus word VASE Mrs FL M Answer: As a Rnymogram let me quote part of a clever verse written many years ago by James Jeffrey Roche in which he tells of four young ladies visiting an art museum Tbey are from Kalamasno New York Philadelphia and Boston respectively They stand admiring a rare and beautiful vase: Long they worshipped but no one broke The sacred stillness until up spoke The Western one from the nameless place Who blushing said "What a lovely vase!" Over three faces a sad smile flew And they edged away from Katsina zoo But Gotham's haughty soul was stirred To crush the stranger W it h one small word Deftly hiding reproof in praise She cries 'Tis indeed a lovely vase!" But brief her unworthy triumph W hen i The lofty one from the home of Penn With the consciousness of two grandpas F Exclaims "it is quite a lovely vahz!" And glances around with an anxious thrill Awaiting the word of Beacon 1-lilL But the Boston maiden smiles courteously And gently murmurs "Oh pardon me I did not catch your remark because I was so entranced with that charming yaws!" Nowadays the rhyme with base case face is best cboice It is listed in first place by all American diet ionaries "Va se" is second choice "Vain" and "vaws's it IW not often heard in the standard speech of America Dont miss my new pamphlet which gives the correct prounciadon of BIBLICAL NAMES an ims portant reference for ministers Sunday school teachers Bible students etc Its free Send a stamped GIcl self addressed envelope to Frank Cothy in care of The Shreveport Journal Ask for BIBLEl NAMES pamphlet (Released by Bell Syndicate Inc) And what of us F hall writers pen A century away? We fought for liberty for men And childhood's right to play! Against the force of dynamite And fearful tylant rule We were the last resource of right And home and church and school Some scholar seeking truth shall turn Old VIIIIIMPS eazer-eyed In some dim library to learn How nearly freedom died And in agreement he may nod His bead above the pages And write: "We saved the world for God And freedom for the age's" (Copyright 1942 Edgar A Guest) Copyright 1942 Pub 114htir1 Syndicatit MY WORD By Frank Colby JUST FOLKS By Edgar Guest OUR HISTORY AUNT HET t‘ t"t":10 4Vir 11111 "It tank a war to dn it but Jane has finally learne1 to rank a Sunday dinner without sending cover for a cup a' sugar" 5brcutport eVournal sonal relations hakn Chinese between l'Inhppine 1 1111110111X 11-17 ri-LULA - i SAYING THE SWORD HAD BEEN ihave se determination! 1 The system is frankly a FCIIPMe:Publianed Every Afternnnn taapt aundar !lila running on both-- Republican' President Quezon and Phillorine:F-vr T1V CENFR AT MACAR-Idown to the foundation Ito force drivers to save their tires' Foundel Jan? la95 h " 4 Preid nterod stFotzendpins-Itanoft7v:A:tb1 sent Quezon and Philippine Kle 1 111111111A rktfpuuLtuctu' ito force oze thir —E-11--AL----1‘-IA—C—A-11-11down to the foundation land Democratic tickets as governor drivers t av High Commissioner rranci and Democratic tickets as governor i s Sayre ev Etered t 1 n e the Pnet OM at hreeport Et en in areas where gasoline is a will have to be toned down a bit WAS A CLEAR-CUT MISUNDER- THUR APPARENTLY THERE1 Generalissimo Chiang Kal-Shek Louisiana as Second-Class Metter drug on the market for the sake of Philippine unity !STANDING 1Is not weakening But many Chi- inese are especially the well-to-do of New York fet — Peilitirat ric1nA I THE JOURNAL PUBLISHING COMPANY Authorities have received com-IDOIJCLA8 ATTAWAT President nd Pub plaints that Gen Robert Wood and lusher Thomas Hammond ex-America a e HARPER Vice President and Super intendent First leaders are quietly working J HOMER JORDAN Treasurer for the re-election of isolationist DotpH FRANTZ Secretary and Managing Senator "Curly" Brooks—despite Editor the fact that they are civilian off' sustscraprIox RATES: dials of the army's Chicago ord Payable in Advance 12 months 16 on- nance branch Complaints are Sm 0 :Iiiltrin ta ' au t68?ria ?iralnirotdhsatriln214a62nest based en the Hatch act which bars 12 roOnths SIO SO: 6 months $54u a federal employees from political nrmrana "" 1 Month SOg activity Energetic Repre- NATIONAL ADVERTISING AGENT: sentative Bill Jacobsen of Iowa la nsTht:wfthl'errUldTrri'lhiinill207n1Gor::rybacrhiliit12: i the possessor of a potent campangn mealy sulltrg' kilnta: spitol-- Bani argument He has obtained more cult Indgto : PillAs:vvithtarocr:tfiuillroott Si war contracts for his district than Angeles Security Building Portland MEMBER A S$OCIATED PRESS The AllOtittel PYCSIO Is setlistvele ca titled to the use for republication of all news disoatches credited to it or not Ulf W1e credited lo this paper and ISO the local nes published berete t p 'Der Henken I at the Gate ABE MARTIN It would hardly be fair to say the civiliz Oi ed world i Itiaptetepar t °X Supreme Court Differences I i 1 t currta With seven of the nine justices of the United Copy tight John Me Co rejoiced over news of the death on Thursday of States supreme court appointed by President Roose- Reinhard Heydrich for that would be uncilivized reit and an eighth made chief justice the natural but we go so far as to say that untold millions of 0 1 expectation would be that these New Deal lec- IP q se lig 0 A s men and women including some in Germany tions at lea would ould see eye to e mA-r ye That bow- Ski DIE — - W breathed a sigh of relim ef when they read the an- ever is not the case on the contrary the term (TO 4' 11)Zyk 7:41 ( lititt nounceent that he had succumbed to wounds in- 14 now drawing to a close has produced more split M decisions I stzo 1 ell" : I Meted by a patriot of Prague three days before li1 v f- r Throughout all Europe Reinhard Heydrich ic ctis at ddennasvo than y cropped other p er o o n f record ec nonryd occasions F i e- four s and l-te- IT (600 ' 'Alt A 111i 1 b p' P zst was known as "der henken" the hangman) or - A 4 0 L as the butcher of Bavaria" He had richly earned ' unanimous decisions have been few and far be- - teen notwithstanding the "liberals" chosen by in) hall 14) " be- either title or both by his utter ruthlessness in Mr Roose l elt are in complete control 11 i 2Itgmb-- v - carrying out orders of the German gestapo itself According to one Washington correspondent tatl 411111‘ - 1 i ible the most cruel and barbarous organization that ever 0 J I ay G Hayden two bitter personal feuds have de 5 r: --t flag v l functioned in any land There is some satisfac- ' eloped during the past year one Involving Justices - ized tion perhaps In the circumstance that he lingered commen Black and Frankfurter the other Justices Murphy the! three days before death ended his suffering—days ''11111011111111 and and Jackson the last named quarrel is a hangover --- JA 1 t b h cell In which at least during conscious intervals he had from the days when both men were in the depart rol Opportunity to review his career in butchery Re- - Ment of justice Statistics show that in 43 divided — el-Li cCli SUG kIlOt CAS RATI AR Ili ON -RUB8ER SK ORTAGE r7-6-1 to4- 0 CUFFS ARE OUT ' -- 1 'fr2N:: te A-E- FOR THE -If C vr --- 4Iitra1 -44f ---- AON 45:111111" k 7 4 o t - -v '-'------ Z C!OlfInt 4 4 DURTI ---- o- 4--:---e-"- -- - gb Q 11: v f AFT 1- f - iifre- I!-4 -2' t:a ‘ Z 0" ' C - a 1--- ' - :4 tw-1 4 t b‘ 1 t 1 ' - r 77 7 1 :- rift N irl'i- 1 th-L1- 1---tt - t 44 Nst r lat sal 4 S't' 11740' - - Z ' -oi - ' ' - -V1 44 ttif t f 01 :" ) :-' 1 41:4' - ::z4‘vt' -ir::rc" 4 L t -eNriis "Alleretb4 : -vs--''::4 :s7- :- - --" -------'rcild4 1-2 -- : q 1311274a 71171' !--Tr!": -4:1 N 0 1:: frirot 16 T I a ib if A""- :"-!: ' --- '-') :‘- : t-- 4 'GI - - I ''- V' r io- -1104- - ' --'''- - ' 41-::f: lg ---- I -- --t--' 4- -r- -T ' 14 4 iT) 5--1- -- !-- ( - --- -- --ti '-'-!3"N- '''''t 74'4 — )N - t 0A-- :Ir ' 10t4 fe- p 4 -" e -s : - :7 - :Ic ' - 4'4 ' sk --I''''''- - :-- ' -7 -: 1:7-7 ' --) ---1c?n-r 4 4"!4-:i 1' - '''''' -t 4W '-'?--- - :- '''4" '"-13:71 - - :--ft5---- : licc- -' it1154:24 b r:t-5iP:-----r--::"1:: : e - --4:- -- - - ' - ''-'-' ' '''f4134 - S GlivoilliE otidE E-:tivivrvcroRyp-4: 00: THoSE WAR '-'---(' BUY f ' 1 ?q-44 17:e81- '- m ANoat:6 Now -:' t -c- WAR ':-' ' : ''ff -:-'PBOINins t'''''4-t'::::"'" I) Ite$ERVE ONE - i t-o-v m- Ne-- 1 EvEky pAv Aerr----- :: zi I etlsrAm p s -- ort 4 tAl Int we rt -Wit : eitvi-1 7 f f - - - - Licit vi igC-t'1' : MT9-750P7tICT p : - 7-- ---ArtAi' -!-" J-- ' 00 1-444-7 1 1 to - - st- -7 :(At: - : - :7ipr- it : : 7 ' ' too pok 1 ' -CLi -A If - -- ' - 1-- -ve - - ::-amili0 e---- -111-k -----'4 - Attme'''--- 0I:: : I -1 '70 ------- A -) 4 ' -- '':ci'7"' t-f- 'i'" ' -401''-- :111411-"i''"140e1(1t- !- ' 1''iWt-'- - -16 '''':--4 1 ' --e-7 -Nao- - '"-21140100 11 1 i 4 ::44-1—ifi'Aii‘ft 1 '' 1Ni'''' '''''''' ' '- 1 ' '''' '''': '''''''''' WIfA-:'''''''''W4Z-:Ir'Z'llk2:''71-ii::4'''''''' ':'''':"' '''' :''"A:ilo -"':' 11-7tH40"'' tilt 'tf':::11 '':1‘ Ti''"'-''':'" -!t4'77W75' :' - -1:--s2L-- - '--' ‘ ''' 7: 4 ' ' 2' :-)-7-- :17 t 4-ti447 ''' -7-1 - CS1 ' ' ':- ' ' ' ' :'-:1‘'-':e: -: - S '''''iv:144:--' "':ts':-C: 'r' --' - ‘::::Ti -- " - :-:!:11- 4-7le''e:''- i F 7r - )-4- :'Z'-7461'-:::1 RC3CMAN NI 1 N(C - —4'4 A - 4'P-5--$9- dismoL 1101 C10:''-''' e l': fOVklAiiiig-4 11iA THEY CAN'T 1)0 THIS TO my LIFE it IA1 GONNA Do SOMETHING 1 ABOUT 71 - - - ----- - : k -5 - - --- :- - P - or ' 1 "" )- 5 0 -:i ' 4 :r 1Si :i ' - zI -- -4:4 Is irK42111WW'"7:Af-' - --'- : It4s i§-:::41- Ipi 'I'l :-:1- ' ' V4e17-4-' '''' ' ''' -Cv- - -'''' -- 4erobrqr (11-'' - - " ' g '1 --- : -roSN i 1' 40 ':Iro 4L m -: c e 64' oir' °II A-F 4 '11 Ili a ("t t-IWO 1 00 WOO ' : 1 i'-44t"410-4-y i' : 15 ifr -'''i - 1644 '' ki if ''''''‘' 114441'?i 1' tt: 0 ' - 9f:4 ": 4V 1 ev'''":4 " 4 ‘ ' '-- Akki'w 1 t'" -'0! 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