The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 27, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFOR NIAN. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1908. TELEPHONto MAIN 39 and 86 Still Got That Cough and Cold ? GARTMAN FUNERAL ,us .-mil Honey C..n-li Syni|>. V\"'. ^M lllllt it Will -itn|l Ill'll >f,f(gh hccMiiM' v,v know rh,»t it <l"ii'' I'"'' "tli'T" .Mril know wliiit il '\ ;i : 'I 11 i" 1 ' ,mi.. Get. il at HMCIX The Store of Eastman Kodaks. Baer's Ueading Druggists. The D! I., (iarlmnn "'111 he ncUl tomorrow ;n 1 o'clock from the undertiikinK parlor* of Dlxon it Sons. j Coroner Mcllinn for several days past h:is been endeavoring to locate li'i'-nds | of the deceased, supposed to be re- i silling :it various parts of ,the slate. Mr. Taylor of Tnhirc will he in at| ii-mliinci; iiiul will serve as one of the 1 pall bearers, while the others will he cho.-i'ti from friends In this city. The i iieci-iiscil leaves an estate valued at -i.-,t-nil hundred dolars. PREPARE FOR NOVEL HIGH SCHOOL DANCE. ASSESSMENT WORK AT COALINGA COAI.IN'GA. (>rt. 27.—There is being planned a lot of assessment work aoiith Of town to be done this fall. Many parties are now busy surveying ; the sections In which they are Inter-! egted, with a view of making aubstan-' tla[ development work In the shape or: new buildings. Soon after election j this work will be commenced with an earnest desire to have it In proper ! shape to meet the critical eye of the government men who are now Investigating for the general land office, ! and whose efforts have extended the! oil -/.one from one to five miles east of ! the line laid down l,y the geological ' j survey, under Ralph Arnold. There (appears to he a disposition on the' i part of the general land office to al- NAL CREST __ YOU WANT IT ! iOLD ONLY IN TINS Bakersfield Grocery Co. Bakersfield, Cal. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th Th. Senior dance arrangements are •i:'- m:i>le very satisfactorily to the . la,-, and it is hoped for those who , , f)W thc o| , mjner suffici( , nt Ume tJJ ( , e . \\,;i attend. .1aci<-o'-lanterns are being made of large pumpkins', which will lu arranged around the room, inter minuted with lanterns or a smaller si/e. The lighting will form a rich, led glow from covered lights. The si ene will he very attractive with cornstalk nooks and corners, with a dim light over al'. He.-i nf all, pumpkin pie and coffee will he served as refreshments to delight the appetites. All those desiring invitations should see Ysaliel Forker. velop enough of the land within thc 1 1 supposed oil zo'ne to prove its mineral I quality, \\~ith this stimulus th'e op- i orator has taken new heart and has | entered Into the game with refreshed I energy. |TooLaie*For Classification Redlick's $ Boys Suits GLASS WON SUNDAY'S RACE AT PORTERVILLE. Kahler Says Now is the time to buy Rubber Goods Buy them now and make use C>T them these eold iiiorniii";s. An Absolute Guarantee for one year "oes with every . Hot Water Itoltle or Syringe *from us. Get one today. BAKERSflELD DRIG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Com«r 10th A I 8U. William Class' sterling runner, Dr.'• S< hater, In a match race with Outh-' ric at Porterville Sunday handily ile-, I'eated the northern horse. The dls-' tance, three-eighths of a mile, was negotiated by Dr. Schafer In the good time of I!" seconds. Jockey Culeman ' had the mount on the local horse. Glass won a handsome net on his animal, which is holding its claim to one of the fastest horses in this sec- lion or the state. E. M. ROBERTS CONVINCED IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE It pays to advertise. K. M. Roberts took three prizes at the county fair on his display of Jersey Durock hogs. Since then he !s receiving orders from remote parts of the county and is disposing of the pigs at fancy prices. FOR SALE—Four nice shoals. Apply L. H. Larson. Kern. Phone -Main 12»t. 77 ; LOST—Monday, a gold chased bracelet. Fin-li-r will please leave some at !in2 Chester avenue and receive I suitable reward. 77 Boys* Serviceable Shoes The lio.vs require shoes that arc solid and well tntide. We luive them. Shoes made of velour, siiti'i or box i-!iIf, in luce or blucher style, heavy sole, solid heels mid counters j every pair guaranteed. .„, .rfj Sixes 2' L . to Til... price $1.50 to $3.00. Si/es l:i'o tn '.!, price $1.25 to $2.50. Sixes !> to 1:1. price $1.00 to $2.00. Are Rain-Proof and Very Strong Get your l> >y a $5 suit at Redlick's. Our $5 suits "stand the racket" as no other hoys' suit will. To besrin with, Ihe cloth it is made from is selected because of the wearing quality: by a special process it is made rainproof. Then the suit is made ri<:ht. Made on correct lines so as to allow perfect freedom of movement. Put together with that same wearing quality in view. The seams 'are silk sewn and taped. "Doubtful" points are reinforced. Buttons are on to stay on. A Redlick $5 suit is as near "boy-proof" as men who know boys can make it—and it is just as stylish and good looking as it is stout. FOR SALE—Two large draft animals; can be seen at the Dexter *tabl"s. Also two saddle horses and two driving horses, which may be .seen and tried at the Dexter suible. SO TO KXCHANOE FOR HAY—One dark iron gray mare; three years old; . weight Him pounds. \Vm. (1. Hick.s, Mojave. 87 DRESSMAKING and childrens sewing! at the Willow, rooms 2ii, 27. 2S. Mrs. Russell in charge. Prices reasonable. Also a full line of millinery. While felt hats cleaned. 7!) LOST—Saturday night. In Redlick's store or oil sidewalk, a handkerchief 1 with knotted crochet luce. The per- SMI who found it will p!.-,ise leave , name with the t!oor walker at Red- I lick Bros. 77 ALL SCORES ARE BROKEN | IN THE TARGET PRACTICE MANILA, Oct. 27.—The scores of the cruiser and gunboat squadrons made in the target and battle practice just concluded is as yet unannounced, but all previous records are broken. Scores of night tiring exceeded by '.'.mi per cent anything previous. NOTES AND PERSONALS. i Mrs. Howard Nugent of San Diego ' arrived from the south this morning. ! M. II. Murray, an oil man from I Beaumont, Texas, is here today. AV H. Graham and J. E. Moore came down from Fresno last night. HOLY COMMUNION AT ST. PAUL'S TOMORROW. niurrn-.,- is si Simon and -St. 'S day in Episcopal Church cir- and holy minni'iinon will lie held i ,1'aiil'i Church at In o'liock. uii! be corporate communion or S'. Paul's GUI!;. The address by Uev. Crahtive will bi- alun^ (he line of guild work and all members of the Guild and the Hector's Aid aie ur,;ed lo attend. r. lit > Hallo lion Fred ert are Nevins is in town from Fres- OIL COMPANY FILES ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION The California Oil Land Company has filed articles of incorporation. The capital stock Is $25,000, and the Incorporators are S. O. Foltz, J. 0. Hoffman, A. G. Ackerden, all of Los Angeles. « * •• — MEXICAN GIVEN 100 DAYS FOR VAGRANCY. Francisco Salazar, an old Mexican rounder, who just finished serving 15 days' sentence for drunkenness and vagrancy, was again arrested last evening by Officer Glenn. He was sentenced to 100 days In jail this afternoon by Judge Thomas on a charge of vagrancv. MEETING AT PANAMA. There will be a socialist meeting Friday night, Oct. 30, at Panama church. I. T. Sharp, candidate for assembly, will speak and a local will be organized. 78 nl the Bon 7G kert and Miss Nellie Kick- itors here from Bear Val- NEW CLERK AT SOUTHERN. After several months of service, J, P. Dickinson, day clerk at the Southern Hotel, has resigned, and left for Los Angeles. Mr. Dickinson is an experienced hotel man and popular with the traveling 'public. He made man? friends here who regret to have him leave. Ozro Morrell, a well known hotel man, arrived from Los Angeles yesterday and will fill the vacancy. Mr. Morrell has been employed throughout the valley and lately re- GOOD PICTURE SHOW AT MORLEY'S THEATER. GETTING IN to ti well stocked hnriiess shop like ours you Iftive uuiueroiis styles to select from. Look ;it our $5 plush robes, our $4 wool robes, fjiir^e horse blankets, $1..">0 with double Hnrc.iiijg-le. Street blankets, 84x91). $2. Gloves all styles ami all priees. 4. B. HEREINGTON 1517 19th St. The pictures at Morley's Theater last night were very entertaining as well as Interesting. Views of Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and Incidents In his life time are shown. There are several excellent comic features iu addition to the illustrated songs. TRUSTEES DID NOT MEET. The city trustee.? did not meet last night Mayor Bailey called ,,ff the session dtirinii tiie afl"nioi>r. The 1909 Kissel-Kar IS HERE "The Kissel Forty" • Will be continued for 1909 at the same price. The improvements on this popular model consist of heavier, brakes, 36-in. wheels, heavier front axle, 115-in base. It will also be much better finished, and possessed of easier riding qualities. Al Thackery, Agent Kern County. naukrupt sale of harness, saddles, ' whips, robes, blankets, buggies and i I »verytlil:u pertaining to the harness! ; and saddle business now on at the ' corner of Chester avenue and Twen- ! rlPth street. tf | Mrs. It. M. Hamilton returned this : morning from San Francisco. | I Myron Holmes is in San Diego for j it Tew days. ' i Win. Collins of Mojave is a visitor. i here. | White felt hats cleaned and re- blocked. Leave orders with us at the | Willow; also old liars, retrinimed and i made to look like new; jjet our prices : before going elsewhere. 73 • James Smith was iu town today buy! Ins supplies. He bought a coffee mill i and will hereafter grind Folger's Gold| en (late Coffee fresh as he uses it. He used to ask the grocer to grind it. All classes of harness, saddles, whips, robes, blankets, buggies and everything belonging to the harness and saddle trade are °n sale at the j bankrupt sale of the United Harness Cotflpany, corner Chester avenue and Twentieth street. tf VOICE CULTURE MI§S JANE BARBER Late of Detroit Conservatory of Music Studio Phone 338 Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC Handed Down From Father to Son, In til '"«!! Il nf f.llluli.'l. illl v»r III" Uu I. Si'h k , >j dll . ROADSTER, $2150. IG CAE, $2150. Ask for demonstration. SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS , Pl.«T»n.|S-|»Ul'..«l«!. £* f '>knni''"ri,''i7 v '" ' ' VP'ti..n,.-.'i.-ku..,','i ! . l ,'!,;:!:i ll !l, l ,! 1 ';";,' H. C. HARNESa With J. W. BrocKman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bakeraneld, Cal OF PERSONAL SATISFY LIEN riON AND SAFE ll«.uU.,iei. I;.,IH|,..,., nl i i V VI M" 1 i" > Th-'V SCOenCk's Vk "Llvon the Llw" Mandrake fuiA\ DR -' H.SCHEJCK i SON I Pills are For Sale Everywhere 25 cents a mx *v5 box or bj uH. NOTICE OF SALE PROPERTY TO FOR PROTECT KEEPING. Notice is hereby u'.ycii. that on tho Jlth day ot Ocloher. I'.ios. at the hour ot In O clock it ni. of that dute. the nnderskned will sell at nnhllc auction '''i l . 1 "\i' ^V-'""",."'' T - - s s ' p. M. Kern Comity. Ca.1- toilowln:.' uersonal iiron- U. ::.-) K.. M. I'oruia. the eri v: One 22 h. n V. M. uasoline >ur-st:uni) mill coiniilete: two 511 Kill. gas tanks; I blacksmith vise: 1 J'orue- • • iron wheel harrows; 1 anvil; 1 KUIO storage lank: 2" emntv distillate drums; 1 2-horse wagon: 1 sicraner: 1 hand inimu; 1 log chain: 1 coal T Vt 't, l » V- 1 l|rll: - st( '!'' forks: 1 I mil' Miiffalo scales: 1 grindstone: 2 '"road axe.; 2 I.ii--— pipe cutters: 2 smai nine culler^: .; still.soii wrench,''^. .' iir. large H. s. tongs: 2 or. land Xcut saw; ( Jack iilni|e; 2 \\ mill chisels( > 11 i rn I.T, . ^. .... _ . . — ...«^. ,-md bit; 1 shoeing hauiine^-; 2 li)-lncn 1 haniiner; 1 brnce 1 nr tin shears: His: „ liamniers. 8 .' iilneh liars- 1 le ti hammers. Ibs: 1 draw . . ver wrench: wrenche.s: II ^ short drills:! mo- s old shovels: 1 nr. tM>itllie,r s: I si't blocks: 2 yds.- "' ..... ' — v >> laiiius; 1 assavers tileries: »i>i-|ni{ cots; III . l.UUUlt?! yds. sheet rub;-s out tit: ;i wet leilhet&laylor FOR Brussels Sprouts Peas String Beans Green Onions Lima Beans Celery Cauliflower Head Lettuce All kinds of fruits of season. Bellflower Applet, $1.50 per box 1423 19th St. Phone Main 401 1 "alr-tluht ii;-.ui'i . i luriie cnair: t ciialra: 1 wall ciock: 1 alarm clock: 1 vmtlnir desk: i nil; stand- 2 letter files: 1 waste basket: 1 dining table: Jill "-In. trut- l - |U -^ f; for nrotec- loom house: istv ti ,.,.,.. safe; 2ui) ft. Jshes; 2 lart •ook BJ IIUB; 1 ,-, { . . - buuk luMi^e; i 2-room i: 2 larterns; 4 dis! •<n \ ' , c ,V ok s">ve; 2 hand scales; mill bmldjuii; 1 assay office; t llvln link house; . ..„._. . . ... stame; 1 mink hpn«e. to sat, eu or wotec tiqn an 1 sate keeiilna of the aforesaid in 'lertv In section 1C. Township •JS S i; mue :;5 K.. M. D. M., at Tunnel Sii' ne;s. |\ern Countv. California. 1: or so n>ach th sai'v to satlslv siile. s-iid lieu belnc lielnn It) niont month. The said tie d to beli niav be neces- said lien and costs of beliiB for the sum of hs at $40.ffO tier 'louir to Cvuiild MIlllnK and Cvuiildljie Com])ii eorooraUon. uud.L.,S. Tweedy ptuera. Tlie underBtBned IB Ttt' m the uoHsesslon ot the said on tor; Its orptecjlpn and fr'- t -"" Dated tKl8 6th dav of Jiiertv cis MliiinK. l>anv. ttwfuHv : DROP IN = On Your Way Home A little chat is good for you, and yood for us. Get acquainted with the ''Collegian Clothes". Something for you, and something for the boy. A neat little suit for your boy to wear to school. Or surprise him with an overcoat. Yon are proud of that boy; and he will be proud of himself when he wears one of our suits or coats. Yon must, see the goods to understand our new proposition of combining quality and price. No argument on our part; all we do is show the goods. Yon are the .judge, and yon are the jury. Don't take our word for anything, but take a look at those all wool cheviot suits for boys; a nice double breasted coat and pair of trousers to match. All for $4.50. We don't sell cheap goods, but good goods cheap. I S.WISEKOPF NOT THE CHEAPEST BUT HE BEST.

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