The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 27, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 7
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN * * * Mathie Brewm ORDERS 1,000 NEW REFRIGERATOR CARS ompany OF LOS ANGELES bbo One thousand now refrigerator cars h;ivc hern ordered by tlio Pacific Fniit KxiircsR Company, to bo added to its iM'-sriit equipment of *'.£"" fill's. "We had no tnmb!e wltli -n car I he past season." said A. M. , southwestern manas'M- I'M; "Mi :!i:y, "but facilities for haivl tbo .. ;i i' S by tho railroads tin- i year havr boon excellent. With M < ml inrrense of business they ma\- t 1 able to do as well, and it HA.Vt STEAM HEAf Celebrated Wurzburger Beers EYRAUD, Agent PHONE MAIN 241 <«;;• ef|':;p:n»-rif on (lie move, as i? 1 v\V do no wish to he caught \\itb n (;tr shortage, and so have ordered •AM a equipment. It, represents i !i bin outlay, as these ears cost Jrom i ?lSnn tl , 520011 onch.*'~ Los ' Kxpi i ss. MAIN 12d— PRICES lOc, 25c, 35c, 50c MATINEES SATURDAY, 10c, 25c. "' THI WEEK The best beer of all—a $1000 guarantee for purity and quality. Free delivery to Bakersfield and Kern. smu—-This begging business is ] hard work. r Friendly Policeman—How so? —You've got to look half- i slnrved, and it's bard to keep that \vay when you're taking in from three to fivo dollars a day.—New Orleans Pk'ayunc. Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday Stt M «• •! •;*» * ^^ Jta^^ ^ the Mercury\ Climb Alaska outside—Florida inside. When the blizzard comes it will be impossible to comfortably heat the cold rooms. Then, and ^during the months of "between seasons" you'll find a PERFECTION Heater (Equipped with Smokeless Device) just what you need to make the mercury climb. It's light enough to carry from room to room and gives direct glowing heat from every drop of fuel. Turn the wick high or low, there's no boiher—no smo 1 no smell—smokeless device prevents. Brass oil font holds 4 quarts burning 9 hours. Superbly finished in japan and nickel. Every healer warranted. The makes a good companion for a long .... evening — brilliant. ** y I1 |v t 7- rcw « n 8' **wing ot fancy work doesn't liie the eye*. Made of brass, nickel plated, with latest improved central draft burner. Every lamp warranted. Write our nearest agency for descriptive circular if vour dealer doesn't Cairy the Perfection Oil Heater or Rayo Lamp. STANDARD OIL CO MI (Incorporated) AS THE DAYS GROW SHORTER You IVol the need of hejivior clothing, yet hesitate to purchase winter weight. Xot necessary—soml last spring's s\iit lien; for renovation, cleaiiiny: and pressing, ami \vt''ll jint it in shape to wear ; please your eyes, however critioa! von nav be. Pioneer Cleaners and Dyers A. C. Jacobsen, Proprietor. COPYRIGHT ,i .•-.. 17P 2uib SL Phone Mam 168 THIS IS THE Thirty Now try and conceive a car almo 1 as silent as the photograph itself— car vibrant with pent-np power under fH:uror-t!p control; a car that will glide noiselessly tip alongside Hie aristocracy of motordom ami lac-U nothing that the latter possesses except a higher price-ami yon will have formed a fair mental picture of the revelation that awaits you. Uismibs from your mind the tde t that you have ever seen a low-priced car which was in the same class as this $1^00 lour cylinder no horsepower CndiHae. Where you have seen little cars at a low price, yon will now see a nip: car til a low price. \Vhere you have Hitherto seen spidery outlines and bandbox proportions, you will now see size and BfeniMh an 1 mxiilty. Where you have seen indifferent material skimped and saved to make possible a low price, you will now sec a i-ar built of the finest uteeU money can buy, used In full and poner.nis measure - and the same p.tin^tak- ang, conscientious system of cons: run ion. down to the last mi' and bolt, that has been typical 01 the Cidillac plant from the first ye.iv oi its history, Deliveries early next month. Ki M car load already sold. 0. E. Getchell, Agent, kersf ield Auto 19th and 0 Sts. Tel. Main 1260 CHEERS The WEST m party is inaugurating a new era in American politics. The investigations, the disclosures, the revelations had shown what enormous campaign funds have been secretly collected and corruptly used and uu awnkeued people demand that that should slop, but the Republican senate and house refused to listen to the demand and a Repub- (Continued from Page One). Herrlck attacked the policies of Roosevelt, which he said would be perpetuated should Mr. Taft be elected. "Thfe election of Mr. Bryan," he said, "means a cessation of these policies." The mention of Mr. Bryan's name - - — - - — --- ™- — — -— — — -.^ — » — — _^ ^.^ ^^ v ^ _ f v v -^ called forth prolonged cheering and j lican national convention rejected n presaged the demonstration that was p | ank that was aime(i at honesty in ' politics. Friday, Saturday and Sunday A Forced Payment Prize Matinee Saturday LADIES' PRIZE WAIST CHILDREN'S PRIZE A PAIR OF SHOES to come. Governor Francis, who was secretary of the interior In Mr. Cleveland's cabinet, referred to the fact that the Democracy was united this year and said It was time there was a chang' in the administration, of Federal affairs. The arrival of Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler, Democratic candidate for. Taking up tho President's letter ro- governor of New York, provoked a;P» |t( ll»K labor, Bryan said the J'resl- great demonstration. He told briefly 'I' 1 "' criticised Compers tin- other day "Our committee applied ine doctrine of the platform to the present campaign and has done what our national j Business address committee never did before—it has taken tho people into its confidence and laid bare tho sources of its campaign contributions. The R committee refused to do this." Phone 161 THE MAJESTIC. of his tours through the state and de- for criticising the courts. clarea that the sentiment everywhere " ! submit,' In- declared, * that Mr. encountered was not only in favor of ( <!ompi'rs has ne\er criticised (he tho state ticket, but for the entire i rom ' ts moiv K™.rely than President Democratic ticket from Bryan down, j KoosoV|111 hjls ri ''" ( '^* <( l ttl " < Governor Hake Smith "as a Cleve- ' Tho ""'nocniHe eamlUafe land Democrat" eulogized Mr. Hryan' l|l: ' r lh( ' ''''"*'<J' 1 "' was now issuing n L^lLll^^ * 1 t • ami s:iid lie resented tho idea of any- l: y "'""'"» iissiinnn im- projiir tlint one nttomptlnK to compare the Hei.ub- A "' Tilfl Wils " "' 1 " 1 " 1 "' lil1 " 11 ' " M - v Hcan t-andJclnte "with that eHtinmbl.-. i ri ' 1 "" ls '" '"' sail1 ' """'''" is " '•" rUlin Christian gentleman from Nebraska." !''»""»"»;«'-'" r.'l.-n.l«HI|.: bmli sides MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue While (.JoviM'iuir Smith was Keitkin Mvynn came. In an instant a ronr oi' Konnd from the drowneM the governor's voice, leaped £ to their chairs and waving flags, cheered for fourteen infinites without cessation. Bryan stepped to the platform rail •Without introduction and waited for the demonstration to cense. When quiet was restored, ho begun speaking. have to he consulted and Mr. Koose- veJt eotisdlts only on* 1 side when he y '\ Itliseusses Mr. Tuft as the friend of la- expectant crowd I , , i j bor. 1 care not what lu- may sav about Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 Admission lOc N High Mr. Tal't's friendship for labor. Mr. Taft's recortl showed that lie is not in sympathy wilh those who toil in this country." Mr. Bryan qu•)"• ! .1 : ]•_ «- Tiff's decision in the ease of Tliomas vs. the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas | ... . ..,, -Pacific Hallway Coinpnny, authorixiiiK His voice was in j^ood condition nnd i . . ' , . , , I *»*• receiver to make a eut ot lo per he was hoard in all part> ot the 1111- STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. ^'Living Posters (cpmedy( » A n Indian's Honor" (drama of the "Lady Janes' Flight (romance) west) "Love Laughs at Locksmiths" (ro- "The Promise" (a dream) mance) SONGS—"When We Were Two Captured by Telephone (comedy) Little Boys" "Romance of a War Nurse" (spe- "When the Harbor Lights are cla| ) Burning." Entire change of Program Monday an.l Thursday nights. Matinee Saturday, and Sunday. Coupons given every night. At end of month the holder of the lucky coupon fs entitled to a gentlertu n's $25 overcoat or a lady's $25 cloak. I < ball. "1 expect lo be in Washington after .Mj'.rcli -Ith," he sai 1. "I ant ulad," he continue!!, "to be encouraged by the reports that cume from your city ayi! your slate." He pleado.I Tor a fiemoi-rat jc <'«m- Kross to help the remedial lenisl.i- lion uhlch the Denver )>);)i!'m in demanded nnd said that It would be possible to s<"mi lo the senate measure after measure, "ami with a majority of the American people behind MS we can lU'inand that the senate >i['»nif to the Will Of the people e\p|eS:-"d it' llie poMs." Bryan once a^ain took oei-asion to it iu the \vauos of the employes and j denying their ri^bt to appeal. i The candidate eUcifed wfM entlius- | iasm when he said that in the west i .Mr, Tail WJIK running on bis nniond- 1 \ r inents to the Chicago piatf<u-m, while 'in Hi-- east ho-was running on the offl-' cial plaUortn. Mr. Bryan close;! with a bitter denunciation of the Pn-.-ddent. for as he said, making himself a dictator. NNUAL n I i ><>n ,-HTivinK u\ (VHJjjei I'nion, i where he proceeiieil I mini-ilia t el y upon leaving Madison Square C.nrden, Bryan found a larp,e cheering crowd which had waited for live hours for his coming In his speech then- be t . ,. , , ,i 'lesclaimed all personal credit for the urtre the eb-ction ol chanl'-i .HK! the t . - - , ,. ,!„„(,. • l" 1( '^^»c^ ot the doctrnes u'hi<-lt he entire Uemocraie ticket. ('mi'muiirj, , advocated. Bryan's day's work did not end with Ills t'oopcr I'nion Bpeech for he was scheduled to speak at :\ o'clock in the UERADE I ' ALL Ladies Aiuxilary Mr. Hryaii said: .... . . ., I have waiched ihi , ,. ( tit thi ,, lllitl want now, a- th«- cam, ln .... (1 m l";»ve . . is drawin to .* clo- with ou thouhts I I ."Move. MK of Tuesday to an audience of to the B. of L. E. O. U. W. OCTOBER 30, 1908 MASKS MUST BE RAISED AT DOOR At A. worthv of \ our considerat ion In-fore * * yon vole I rharue that t h* i!> cans no louder lead the ni.uht uorkers in City Mall Park. PRIZES WILL AWARDED I I voters. I relit ve that better e\piv:M-s the real majorit> of ilie Kepuhllc-ah lurni • of a ttl the Re (i<th 1'nitr-d Stale- tlian their d« I, - * e\'d hi the Uepuldlran pt;ii!''irin." 1 |e called .-i! !ei|l toll to wlia' li' 1 S;i|d was the departarr of the leaders from the i.leals of »'i puldlc'ins. "The l<<- ''li'iican party li.i- c to In* :i ^ . ,1 v of nturalii :• ." h chired. "It has clalnieij to conscience of the nation. I charue that L today it misrepresent.; ihe general sen ' tlmeut of the country ami hetrnxs the ^ conscience of the American people." ', i "There Is a great quest Ion ot 1 con science hefore the American people. It i.s honenly in politic*. Von cannot have honest government without honest principles and the Democratic r. J. S. Weiser of (lie Optical Co., 10:;:! 1 street, Fresno is in !iai;<.'rxfict<] tins week coiii<MH'iM<,r, Monday, October 111, 1908, and will stop at tin; NVw Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free All Work Guara nteed GRAND OPENING OF Dreamldn Skating Friday, Oct. 30th MUSIC EVERY EVENING Special ^Program Each Tuesday And Friday SMITH

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