The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 2, 1971 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1971
Page 4
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l'iife'e 4" THE TIPTON (INDIANA) JTRIBUNE -VTURDAY, JANUARY 2, 1971 Tipton County--sees construction start on $6.5 million jiospftal addition and a $4 million Middle School. Above is hospital groundbreaking ceremony. A semi-truck driver their lives in traffic mishaps escaped serious injury in an accident on U.S. 31 while ten individuals lost ' during the year 1970. Tipton County was included in the Federal Transcontinental! Traverse •; project with towers erected in selected sites in the: county. : Thousands of individuals convened, upon Tipton to ,1, Bow by t 1. tion' gov' 3. yeaij-end review, of the top stories in Indiana in 1970: jenjoy the-second annual PorkoFestival. JANUARY 1969 .'traffic death toll reaches ali : time record of1,665. 1. Notre Dame bows-to top- rajgjH Texas, 21-17, in Cotton the firs^bowl appearance fie Irish in 45 years, inllianapplis becomes na• 12th largest city with 800,000 people'.as result of."Uniform of city-county government; . I Indianapolis has 10 inches of show. 6. .Temperature 12 • below at Fort.Wayne, tying re- corc. ' 6. 2,200 public school teachers strike in Gary. '•.}•' 7. Temperature tiits 20 below at Lafayette. 7. Jack Moilenkopf retires as Purdue football coach. Bob De- Mos s named as successor a day • later.- ' •• • _° 9. Killer, cold, wave blamed' for at least 7 deaths. • 9. Record • 66 consecutive . hou:-s of zero and subzerd weather ends at Indianapolis, ."li, Three killed and six hurt when pipeline coilapses at U.S.: Stet 1 plant in .Gary. • j '15. Bandit gets" $3,910 in;Lo,:' gansport bank, robbery.- li. Indiana football coach l| Joh;i Pont says hehas declined • offer to head selective service system; 2). Mercury dips to 18 below at Lafayette. I i 2). Four'members of Columbus family die of fumes from spaoe r heater. 7' .21.' Home fire kills four menbers of Indianapolis family: 21. Cold wave blamed for at leajt 9 deaths. , . . j , .', .23. Governor Whitcomb rules out special legislative session oh reapportionment, saying propo- - sal is unconstitutional. 2?.' Masked bandit gets $2,200 from Indianapolis branch bank. •Zi. Three-judge" federal panel refuses to "stay its order for new redistricting map. 2;). Judge issues restraining ord ;r to end . Gary teachers stride. ZS. .'• Most Gary teachers ig-, nore order and stay on strike. .30, Gary teachers vote to end. 25-day strike, accept latest contract offer.' '.'- • .FEBRUARY 2. Supreme Court stays three- jud^ge legislative reapportionment-.'order pending | further study. £ 3. Indiana Supreme Court refuses to accept appellate court case in state's bid to.escape paying $12.7 million in inheritance taxes to Marion'! County*' 5. President Nixon '• and six cabinet members come. to Indianapolis' to. discuss urban affairs with group of mayors. \ 6. Supreme Court by-7-1 vote upholds Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall's ruling freezing three-judge panel's redistricting map of Indiana. ' . 24. Three bandits get $7,700 from Indianapolis branch, bank. 26. State .Auditor Trudy Etherton' ordered to jail b-y appellate court for non-payment of $12.7 million to Marionj County, but is freed oh own recognizance by superior courjt. order. • MARCH )..._" ' 1.. Former Gov. Maithew. E„ Welsh says heis not after Democratic national chairmanship despite endorsement .from Hubert Humphrey.. • .' f 4. State Auditor Trudy Etherton pays $12.7 million to Marion County.'but announces state will appeal case, j : ' _ | •••'• 8. 1 Joseph Lloyd Thomas, one of FBI's "10 most wanted men," is arrested at Peoria, 111.; wanted for February, 1969 bank robbery at Terre' Haute. ; • 9. Two gunmen get $4,091 from Darlington bank, lock five persons in vault. ' ; 9. Purdue's Rick Mount signs lucrative pro basketball contract with Indiana. Pacers. ."!'. 16.. Supreme Court agrees to review federal panel's order reapportioning Indiana legislature. .'. 16-1-7. Several bomo hoaxes force evacuation arid search of several (schools, businesses around state and a jet liner at Indianapolis. 19. (Nine arrested in anti-war demonstrations at Marion County Selective Service Headquarters, j : 21? East Chicago Roosevelt rides unbeaten No, 1 rating to t Indiana high school. basketball • crown, 76-62 over Carmel. 26. Spring snowstorm hits Northwestern Indiana with 10-14 inches of snow'; drifts close roads and schools. 0 26. John, Pont says three of last Jail's Indiana football boy- Icotters are through because of negative attitudes. 31. Farm couple from Lynn bow to Randolph' Circuit Court and agree to have five children treated for diphtheria despite religious objections. ; . APRIL I. Father and-stepmother of Sen. Birch Bayh's wife, Marvella, found shot to death in murder-suicide case at their home in Enid, Okia .- . ..' -' 6. Gunman gets about$12,500 from Indianapolis branch- bank. 7. Two gunmen- get $5,681 from* bank in Lanesvllle. '9.. Indianapolis teacher Louis Russell becomes worlofs longest living, heart transplant recipient.' 10. -Four killed in two - car wreck near Lagro in Wabash. County. II. Four young brothers perish" in home fire at Gary. 13. Richard Papenguth, 67, Purdue, dean of Big t e. n swimming coaches and a former Olympic -coach, 'killed in traffic accident' near' West Lafayette. I "... 13. .Estranged father f r 6 m ; Elkhart slays five persons in Memphis, .Tenn., including wife, and their. two children. 13. Bandit gets $2,000 from Fort Wayne branch bank.-. 19. Tour kiiled in Indianapolis home fire. "' ' 19. Tornadoes hop-skip across Central and ! Southern Indiana, few. injuries reported. „ 21. Coroner says Indianapolis fire victims of the 19th were slain before .fire was set. 22.' Gunmen get about- $5,000 from Indianapolis branch bank. 22. Fire causes extensive damage to TWA jet parked at Weir Cook Airport in Indianapolis. . 23. At least two arrested in disturbances at Indiana State University. . ^ 23. Hoosier Comedian Herb Shriner, 51, and wife killed in Florida traffic accident. 26. Air Force Maj. Delbert Fleener, Indianapolis, draws 16- year term at. hard labor for- smuggling opium from Thailand to Saigon. 27. State trooper shot and wounded by robbery suspects near Dyer. ' , Arson was suspected in the Atlanta Elevator Fir^which'kept the town apprehensive for several hours as wind whipped sparks towards,homes!in the area. . Joins Staff— Vi 3urr, society..editor, Eldon Cage, sports'editor and Marie Overdorf, circulation manager, joined the Tipton Tribune Staff during 1970. ' 28. Heavy rains cause same flooding' downstate. MAY 1. Ronald Bohle, 23, 'Michigan City, is convicted of" air piracy for hijacking Eastern' •Airlines' jet to Cuba in January, .1969. 5. AH II incumbent congress- 1 'men nominated for re-election in primary. .6. Man sets self afire in Wabash College' anti-war demonstration; burned? critically. 7. Rep. Richard Roudebush, ,R-Ind., announces for U.S. Senate nomination. 13i Buena Chaney re-elected Republican state chairman. 13.. Hammond. bank- robbed of nearly $2,200. 16. C A1 Unser is fastest of 17 first-day qualifiers to win. pole- for Indianapolis "500." .• *. ' 16. Indiana wins Big T e n track and goif titles; first in track since 1957. 21. Teachers strike in Terre Haute over contract dispute. , 23. U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago rejects move to return. Indiana to Central Time Zone. 24. . Weekend traffic! death toll is 22, one of the liighest of the' year. 25. Terre" Haute teachers re-, tiirn to work. ' ,25.° Fastest "500" lineup ever averages better than: 167 miles per hour. '. 25. Eight "Beaver 55" members convicted oh . charges of government property destruction at selective service office at Indianapolis Oct. 31; 1969. 25. Indiana Pacers win ABA playoff championship, 4-2 over' Los Angeles. • ' '• • •' , 26. Four killed -in W e lis County traffic accident; 28. State Highway Commission adopts 2-year, $446 million construction program. . 30. Al .Unser wins Indianapo- . lis "500." | 31. Tony Hulman announces record $1 million "500" payoff. • . JUNE • •'-•' | .2.- Policeman shot to deathun' Gary." ,- { , ; . ' | • 4. Former Indiana basketball; coach Branch Mc.Crac.ken dies! at 61. • ; , ~ • " 5. State Treasurer John K.. Snyder withdraws as candidate for GOP - U.S. Senate" nomina-; tion. 7. Fountain City town marshal, and f deputy shot to death. " 9. Twenty - one;persons arrested for interfering.with oper^ ation of public building in demonstration at Indianapolis welfare dffic'e. :! * - 10. Gerald trotter of Indianapolis Attucks elected governor of Hoosier 3oys State. 12. Three men indicted by. Elkhart County grand - jury for kidnapjslaying May 23 of; Larry Conley, 28, Elkhart, whose body found later in Alabama river. 13. Mary County deputy lieutenant fatally, wouncied i and one of several bandits killed in Indianapolis ! supermarket robbery. 16. ; Sen. Vance Hartke re­ nominated by: Democrats f o r third term. 16. Bandit gets $3,300 from South Bend branch, bank, uses woman as hostage, 18. Republicans nominate Rep. Richard Roudebush for U. S. senator. . • 23. Mart' grabs money bags containing, about $60,000 at Clarksville branch bank. 23. Aviation • pioneer and speed flyer Rbscoe Turner dies at 74.. . • 24., Marine Pfc. Thomas R. Boyd, Evansviile, j.^cleared of murder charges to .slaying .of Vietnamese woriien and child- • ren. 1 .-'•-|- : '• JULY • . ... j • 1. Record temperature hits 102 at Lafayette. I'/ j: 2. Massive power failure hits heart of Indianappiis; about 10,000 persons evacuated because, of underground fires. | 2., ;: State Rep.^Elwopd Hillisbf Kokomo wins 5th District GOP congressional nomination'^. replacing Repi Richard Roude" bush. •2. Record temperatures in 5 1 day .heat wafe hit-102 it Lafayette ,anp .Terre^ Haute;, wid*-,' spread storms follow^" causing • extensive damage-.* •*' • ' "" *' 2. .Hers(Ael.NawsornV65,.C.o- 1 . ,-" lumbus, ^fbrnier .master^.the T- iJatidnat Grange for 18 years,** : dies. - : - i- ' • -'-•••\-';\. 4.' Right-hander Milt W^ilcox,' 2o, pitches-no-hitter for Indiana-, (inning • first poiis Indians' in 2-6; 7 " game against Evansviile Indiana no-hitter since 1959. 5. Race driver Gil Hess, 38, Cincinnati," kiiled in S a lira springs.- , .!-_.- . '• !' I :" ' ' 8. Buena Chaney withstands second attempt within a yedr to oust.him as GOP. state"jchair- = man, winning a vote o/i confidence by state committee;! 12-1.0. 8. Eight members of' Beaver '55V[anti-war group sentenced to four ysars in prison and. fined$5^pQ0 each • for vandalizing Indianapolis selected service office last year. : ' j ' ^12. Governor Whitcomb calls -out National Guard after, second night of disbrders in Miphigan City; at least 30 person's arrest' Logahsport 1 attorney grand• 106th ed, 10 hurt. • 13. Glenn Miller installed exalted ruler of Elks atjf grand lodge convention. 14. National* gurdsmerij withdrawn from . Michigan City. . 17-18. Indiana's Lake Michigan deep-water port dedicated. at Burns Harbor. 18. Deborah Sue May. jbi Remington, an Indiana University senior, is crowned Miss Indiana. 20. Four killed in two'! - car wreck, near-Peru. J 27. Teen-ager from Detroit found bound j and slain in|creek- near South Bend; girlfrierd shot and raped. o j' '••'--. 27. About 1,200 evacuated in ,10-block area of Indianapolis as fire destroys warehouse housing deadly' chlorine gas; about 50 made'ill by fumes. '28. Rebecca Lynne Wrede, Monticello, is elected president of Girls Nation. j j 3L Attorney General Theodore Sendak says state givern- mept opposes federal laijr giving 18-year-olds the right to vote.. j 31. Former Richmond Police Chief Dan Mitrione taken hos- jtage by terrorists In Uruguay, i 22-23. Two parties seeking - 22. Highland wins . Central .states little league baseball title, advance to world series'. -24... LouisiRusselloflndianap-' ;olis begins third yea-r with borrowed -heaxt.! '• ' ' ' 2.4., Indiana Supreme;.Court • orders iiejv trial ]fpr Harold Devault^ ; «jnvicted"' > hi. > Qalumet Twp.. Lake ilojinty- poor relief sca Q Jai.v:..j *.. - . 24.. Mjcljigao sqldier lujacks ' T.W-A" : jehiner over Northern Indiana, '-.'is'- jcharged . at Fort Wayne two ilays" later. t ^5. L isja ' Ciiildress/ 17, daughter , of : Spencer' Judge, •crowned state fair queen on eve of 13-day'exposition. 27. Jim Jordan, 18, .Renssa- laer;. shows'- grand champion steer it fair; brings $4,100 at auction. •; ". September 1. Indiana Supreme Court orders new trials ! for Gertrude Baniszewskij and .daughter Paula, serving life .terms "for 1965 •torture i slaying at Indianapolis of Sylvia Likens. :''.-.-.' 3. ' Traffic; death toll reaches 1,000, about- 11 days later than last year.; . -j . . 3.. Four members of • one family killer in' car-truck accident hear'-Worthington. 4., Bank bandit gets about $1,000 at Mirioa. 5. CUriext invoked at Fort • Wayne where ;'arrests :made in racial trouble] .. i ! ' 6-7. Mofej disturbances and arrests at Tort Wayhei , ' .7. .Fiver ailed • in two - car wreck in Kosciusko County. .3. Teachers '-at,;'Hammond strike' over jcontract dispute. • 9. Four, [killed'-in ' two-car wreck' on 1-70 near Indianapolis. 9.- Gary bandits '.get more than $4O,00C from branch bank. 10. Fede ral . '!• government blames obsdete air traffic, control rules'.for.ah-flighHcollision over Shelby which killed 11. State! nies petitions of three parties for ballot. "'•; 15. Thousands- County a year ago 33 persons.. election board de­ spots on November of: minority Hoosier .UAW- members join nationwide strike against General! Motors. ... 21. : Two - week hammond teachers, strike ends. 21. Frank Swinney.i Wichita; Kan.;'gets jfive life tjjrms 'for them in jWallace place on IncUanajballot nominate candidates. six murdeijs, four in I Indianapolis fire in April. 29. Temperature hits 34 at Indianapolis;, lowest ever for this date, October 7-8. More than 60 arrested in racial disturbances in S o u t h Bend!" l . 13^'Former IV football star Mi£e Raboi<f, 33, Bloomington, killed in- traffic'accident. 17. 'Fdur Washington area teens killed i'n Daviess Xounty traffic accident. 20. Federal panel of -judges •"rules at Ham.'tnoncL that In- .diaBa's sixrmonth residency requirement to vptt/ is unconstitutional. • / . 21. Sixty-foun Indiana counties designated disaster areas as result of .southern leaf blight . drought. ' 26, Prof. Paul Samuelson of MIT, a native of Gary, wins . 1970 -Nobel-prize for economy. 26. Three boys perish in Indianapolis .home fire. '26. Supreme Court refuses to review Indiana's inheritance tax .. dispute, 26. Shelby Circuit Judge Harold Barger says 91 Indiana counties are dife more than $16 miiiion in inheritance ta,x funds. :• 29. UPI newsman Frank Frosch,. 28, Indianapolis native, one of two UPI staffers killed by communists in Cambodia. •NOVEMBER " 3. Sen..Vance Hartke, D-Ind. declared winner for re-election over Rep. Richard Roudebush, 'R-Ind., by 4,383 votes in. Indiana's closest senatorial race in history; Democrats sweep 10 of llstatehouse arid state judicial offices and pick up one seat in , House, cutting GOP margin to 6-5. .4. State election board orders all voting machines and mater^ ials impounded due to closeness , of race9 '•-'-.": . ' 6. President Nixon names William Ruckeishaus of dmdi-' anapolis to head nation's new Environmental Protection Agency. 8. Purdue Athletic Director Guy "Red".Mackey/65, suffers stroke. • l J \. 13. Governor names outgoing state auditor TrudyLEtherton as commissioner of Indiana Bureau of Motor VehiclesJl 14. Twenty-eight. Ohio State. hurt in two - bus wreck at Lafayette. 14. Indiana gets! first taste of snow and' sleet this fall. 15. Mrs. A Maude,Schricker, 84, widow of two-term Governor Henry Schricker, ; dies .'in Indianapolis hospital. 'G ' (Continued on page six)

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