The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 27, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 4
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BIO ELKS PARADE TOMORROW Hochhoimer's—Bnkersfield's best store for men. Last hardwar E !amed € .j ( •> a om > n'M li^hl midnight, the' . store of A Weil) was bur- The loss, so lar as ascertain- .out $J.~i", revolvers, Knives r-.vare ami about $1 in change bavini: been stolen. The discovery was mad. Sill, a clerk In the stme. front oi the establishment 11:4.". he chance^ to look noticed u briulit rctle-tii that the mirrored d - ' canes weie 1;.: 11'-' • ! a' K, ' d was not as it -b< uld he. .ed and immi di.'t' 1. glaty had been col. drawer, whi< h bad II in change, was i revolver, silverwai by I-''"! I 1 ''-- i"K in at about inside and "• 1U ' saw I' the show i Hell. Tills The first day's sale of seats for tin; IUK Show \viis satisfactory and assures crowded houses. There are ,howev- or, still some five hnndred dollar scats left, the mom of them for the second night. As stated before everyone of these seats la a good one for this kind of an attraction, and all holders of tickets and others are assured that they will not be disappointed In any |iartl(-nlar, should they happen to oc- be no jamming at the entrance to the ' th'Titer The parade will start from ! the opera house punctually at 12' o'clock, march down Nineteenth street to K street, where a tar will meet it ' and take the boys to Kern. After parading In Kern, they will return to the car and come to Bakersfteld and march mi Chester, Nineteenth and other stre"ls. The parade will be a hummer .irnl worth weeing. ,i !,e. .-o Sill enter- iHiiiid that a btir- iiniited. The cash contained about n the Moor and the • and knife cases rifled nnd empty boxes scattered ovef the door, lining to the rear of the talesroom, the door dividing that and Ihe store room was ajar and a hole . cut through where the lock Is placed, j A window at the side of the rear portion was open, showing conclusively that entrance had been gained through it. A crowbar which does not belong in the store, was found, having teen used, probably, In forcing the window upward. ' The burglary was committed sometime after 10 o'clock. Officer Doll passed 'he establishment at that time and looking in saw nothing to attract bis attention. Officer Goodall, on his way >o police headquarters a little before 10 o'clock, passed down the alley In the rear but did not see any- ( thing to excite suspicion. Al Connors, who has secureed sufficient subscriptions to pay him for again as- • Burning the duties of nightwatehman, began bis work last night. His atten- : tion was not attracted to the store by anything out of the ordinary. John Oswald, manager of the department, estimates the loss at about: $250, It Is fully protected by burglar | Insurance. Some one evidently familiar with the store perpetrated the crime. Nothing further than the mon- cupy these seats. The public is again] The appearance of the above artist ey drawer and show cases containing warned that the curtain will be'before the footlights will be the sig- the plundered goodB was disturbed. In prompt at 8:20 o'clock and everyone nal for a demonstration that will i cutting through the door to spring the should be in their places by that time. ; bring down the house. For years this i All preparations are complete for handling the big crowd, so there will Now Fall New F«ll New Fall Now Fall Underwear Shirts Hats Neckwear Genuine "Priestly" Cravenette Overcoats For rainy days or sunny days—overcoats that keep you warm and dry, no matter what the weather. It's overcoat time now— and .overcoats are less ex- * pensive than doctor bills, So come to overcoat headquarters and be fitted out. Pay the price that best suits your pocketbook— $12.50, $15, $18, $20, $22.50, $25. $30. A SAM FERGUSON The "Big Noise" of the Elks' Show. lock, the hole was made true. Officer Uoll last night discovered that the, rear door of the store room •where the bankrupt stock of the l.'nlt- cd Harness Company ir- being sold, op- en and the Key in (he door. Nothing was missed this morning. The clerks evidently forgot to loci; the door last night. comedian has occupied a commanding! position on the stage as America's j leading minstrel and in the production this season, he will surpass himself He has had hi* voice filed down and | ironed out and it is in better shap than ever. Without doubt, Sam i NO DIRT Solloel hi'M'.s of Ihe -aP-lc- >.;'!:er ,]....., c,.,t .'i- nt,, t- • !'.•::'_•!!. I*s ;n,x-"l • / •: chinery. 1'ak'il is ami is always fresh. awl wh"!e>i,nie. Annett'sBakery 1G27 19th St. Phone M 230 _ __— s\*YS* i »r»Tr»r* ""' " l!l ' iKtlt I!a >' " f ^inshine" and! 0/5 ORGANiZhB* ° "i^±r"li""""""'•! A CLUB A Boys' Club hag been organized of ihe o.i. ei mi lulu rs. oi ihe Sunday - . iii'o| i, i St. Paul's I'hurch. Miss K. Phis.- is in < barge. The bids are going The 'Westerner' IFFF WANTS JLir Trrinlu uuu« „ m TO KFDEE - Very P -!? asin|f The proposiid VVeUh-Sayi-rs fipht has been ofHelal'y cull< ii off. Yes. -ii terdav a telegram was. ri.d ived from 1 '•'o. • ]••' ilia 1 , ihe 10'. nier is played i " . 'was excellent. Ihe situations ,,,,., , , ... ' < hiimpiim .Inii Jeffries (iivl'ig the In- wnh ni ts. I... h. liaer has loaned the. 1 = , sei-on i aci were \-erv funnv, a . . , .. , v . : ... t-lligeiv,. that he would exptct $'M"U , , . , • , . . . Fn>m 'ini' to lime the club mem- M'tct \ lor bis services as nten .. and also! iihal, after considering the match,! Well h, the little Knj-'lish champion, I bars will present entertainments and enjoy L'i'Od jolly soiial times among then:s< Ivi s Following is the mom M. i -i.i]; 'i-t: K .'.v.': :lai. r. K.i\sin I'lieschel, ".- ':•; •' ; l..oyd Tilton. Harold Hick• , .. • '.!,. . '.it .l.'ine.-on, \'ernal Munn. > , Wi' ,.i:u I'n•tchell, Ui'orge (lard- in.. ':':••]. ;:ii. and Wade .lac'Ksoii, Vani i ir- Taylor. Caiyl 1'rice. I.elTier Mil . '.ef, T' .: !> i.ufulns and Cioor^e Sfo- wanted n guarantee, of ?i;»<i and a ten | i.ast night's ],i riormance at the t'n- ion T'II ,'." r "wii- a vi :y pleasing one. 'Mi. 'ii id Urackt.-tt. -Abo played th" part ol .James. Krrol. the Westerner, in the and in d miinner he had the audience in roiiis ot laughter. The 'Umax in the next act was the Matthew Law- per cent bonus. 1'n yo K/re liehfeld spent ',u^' Uammam liatbs? The local llghi ;ii'!i Uiey were doinu .l'-ft.-!i favor by ntlimpi'.ni.' ' matcli lor the Hit'ii Ciii In November. I,M' - .;; same loomed u;> '••• •':• \\oinlt-r that' ton's office in the -u exchange was i the c'-i-e. •it the'"' 1 ~'' "'' ' '"' ""'"''•'•" k ( 'l't falling Mower and i<>u•• r ;<:.d he was on the • is thought: , ; rd Welch a' procure, a: r-! man early •• promising j ••'•.•i<<u in the' .'wfully clif- i ; verge of t-iiii. A;, tin audience was kept in n tension ai.d The scene ; the re.,eue IM . L'irl he lovi d ir ard. who -,v;!s i work. :m i the < lo-iim ,,t the MI • .-u BUSINESS IS IMPROVING, S ,1. Blomenthal, traveling salesman for M. A. Gunst & Co., San Francisco, is here on a regular business trip. M". Blomenthal finds business conditions throughout the valley very much improved. VISITOR'S CARDS. At the Woman's Club it has been decided to issue visitor's cards hereafter, which tan be presented at the door. Any member wishing at any time to bring a friend, can procure these cards from Mrs. Frank Webster. « . «, „ Managing Editor (to reporter)—Are you engaged to be married, Mr. i Scarehead? I Air. Scarehead—Er—yes, sir; I— Managing Editor—Kindly draw on the office for forty shillings, get married Immediately, and let me have two columns on "Married Life In a r.reat City" by 12 o'clock. And-er- the father ,,r th.'|' w ° colllmns ° n "Married Life In a ongratulations.—London Spare Mo- YOU WON'T DREAD BAKING DAY when you use Kern River Mills Flour, for this is the finest flour made and all your cakes, pies and bread •» are a success. Order today. Handsome Steins 50c to $5 All -,tem elitllit-ia-is -,'•!"•;!.! sei- (iiir eleuatit assortin.-'i:. It 's jmpiissihle' t'nl' Us I" in 1 - Kcnhe their heatity. so just a word 1" tell you that f"f (H'i'jinality, artistic desioii- alid heanty. mil 1 steins •-'!" pass aiiythiii'- ever shuwi ]f y,,l| l,;i\.. i: lYien.l '- \vlinpi yii:t'v'- ^roMtisi'il a sd-ill, '/I-! it Ili-lV U'ili'l'i' Viel c;, I! 'j'. } '.'<.'.<• !:aiM ' • i MC'-I . All -v--. Fred Gun!:herLo. Fan.i'y '.•''• '•• -< '!"••' •- Store ;M". '. v, • • ; ]Mh street. ,\ i :r ' cin- • I'hone Main W. I'orent doii'i i her l.:.i-A P ." However, thi re h -i untiling lirf-w- NOTICE. ''" B '''"' :l • s "" v ' "•'"••" ' iut ''- l''rank Car- ln-reliy ''veil t!'.;;t I inli'tid riilo has taken l-'ranl; Morris, a prom- ( tne :-i.,ie i'.o.ud of 1'rison Ising welter, und (T his wit.g, and the ' !>w "' !t r '' I! ''- n ''•'"' " " :peds are ti • t M..,,t. ,. .n , , .,•„,.„! '> i(t ' :eceptio:i uj- iroai tl:e stati r In, a< : onling to ' !uw. ' Sii'ii.'••!.' AirTIIfu'li SAMI'IOl.S " "K 1 ' 1 N"veml,, r Ts No. "!i-107. known southern , »-»». lions have noi -,, ! Mr. \Vm. .1. Ur. ••,• vay De Heard to spe.;;'.; an the issues of the day at ' i[Niedeiaur s Furniture Store, 1408 I'.ith ' ; sti'feo;. i. erne in und uuar Him '•d"ii:- will be given ; '• .'!i with gnme well '.'><'. The nogotla- ' 1 •' • i; te: ruinated. j heavy. 'Mi" I'lil.l-lnrhr.i 1 .! us Mis< l.nwti.n was fharm:!;- and in her simple, i. .'<i;:oUish !':ai.l : . r -he -eemed he received ,1 nice :eceptio:i u; < .. }-. r lirst appearance rijn the s'ai-i many friends \\'>.<i the clevi r acti'i s-i. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. ' ni':lit from the • i hai nnd with li-r towns were extremt-ly pretty avi she tot om oi I her part, ail there was in It. i Harry Stimrt made a veiy gnoi ] i! 1 ,! 1 ! 1 '.!";!', " li 'V 1 :' : : ' •' " : '' ','- •• '/'' v 'b"-' ! Harrv l.awton ar-; se,-n:e,i ,,, tei asenue. ..i, !,. ;, Keiii Co.intv. • , " "' CiililorniH •'•• : i i. - :- .... rhe'iiiia'.ism of the mu-'cles ul the N'otlie i..- i,,:i T),!s ai'.ment is usually by isma'.l "i the back, and is quickly cur- ', 1 !i;V,""i : " ! ',••'','"' I ed by applying rh.'inbcr'.ain's Linl- : sesMneni iv,, i','".',':' ':'..,'' Irui't two or three times a day and ner shar.- \\a>. l.-vi. '. :n. : -n !m,,«:, V :ng the par's at each applies , ^oo^o^thc i;,^,..:,,, ! ';or.. r or sa.e by I.HT I'.ros., liakers- ed State-, t,, th, , • ••• liieii'; K>rij Drug Co, Kirn. • ' i(M ' "f the ,-naitinn-.'!. !.'. i -»»•• ' •"••'•• -l".'l. II ,i,'i \, ' '•. ! ll:< Ii' id ill 11 fell: II ; T. 'I;.'.' M tile doctor ' o da \ o: Ni,. e:e : .- : , ni, "'I' M nnd a'l\ <•: " •• e '• ii.;- uly called dur- |j ( . .,;,, ,-,,,, ,..,., '•'' i left thii; !(••! "; ':.;.;;.";, , .; ; ii v. rile Ibi il 'I 1 ' 1 •>. " -n trouble in hi-hip in love with Jessie, who was played by Mi',- Kames. Her ", I;UM| worl< wns •''•••'" v<!: '' -' ''• fin 'l she has ie'ln'-' 1 ' ecOT ' ; ' f| " i! '' !l i:;v '•'' Mr N'ugent ' I'nit- j made a very tood '. •:<>•• .,-.,1 u, K,, U . !""cal!i "'^X :ini1 •' !i>s An-- :i -id ^,,,,1 work .' i'.Y^ ; in' 'b.> eon-.e.iy n .. , i. •,, ,.. a (hn ,. •'• ! l p- ' niif'.li'y i :: iovKble j •. • •• v, MI . . STEAM HEAT NOV. 1, Philip W. Nicdcraur The Home Of Good Furniture Dress Up Your Home I chin- rv and H' atlv.t EMPLOYMENT AGLXOIES - A'.is'in Ma- mpany Is pet- i!i:ir h'- i'li.rt i- fV;-.]. '. r the rcsump. tii.n >'f -hr> .-!' arn h- ;i'. service this •.vintvr. Ti:e -ir-ari •-. i'l be turned on Noveni 1 ' r 1st. jTHE BAKERSFIELD EMPLOY| MEl^T BUREAU. I We also eiii|: I .lapanese hel|). ! 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313 * PA'ST YOUR HOUSE IN.UM 1 pa:n;!ni; ':.- ::.y specialty. ! u-i- not'i,h.; i'-.r, :l:e bpst mare- rial-. LMiar.inii'e no wor': and cb.ivi'e rei;sonabli' pi Ices. .. I, D. MEREDITH, Contractor 2117 B St. Phone Main 172 (iet somctliiiiir I'm- the ilininfr f" that ID the appearance- of the lluine, A CHINA CLOSET, A BUFFET, A DINING TABLE or a set df ni liners. We havn just \vh,''l VDII Iteeii. The One Price Store I 1408-10 I9lh Street Phone Main 173

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