The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 27, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1908. THE BAKERSPIELD CALIFOR Dependable Qoodi at Welll's DOES YOUR BED NEED MORE BLANKETS AND COMFORTERS? The cold weather is here to stay anil it's time you were buying more blankets and comforters if you aren't well supplied. We carry a full assortment of blankets and comforters and can please you both as to price and weight. Don't run the risk of catching cold or endure the unpleasantness of sleeping cokl these nights, but conic clown and let us supply you with the best. j *••<*•••!.?•*: ifctf. ' All prices! * * '"" Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. BEST CATARRH DOCTOR This IH the little ityotnei inhaler, a doctor that has cured many thousands of sufferers from catarrh, bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, coughs, colds, grip nnd croup. It's easy to cure yourself with Hy- omel. Pour a few drops in the little Inhaler and breathe It In. The healing, (toothing and antiseptic air will reach every nook and crevice of the mucous membrane of the nose and throat; will stop the Irritation almost Immediately; will allay the Inflammation; drive out the foul odor; ?erms and cure the disease. two months for catarrh. She has received more relief and benefit than from any other treatment." — E. S. Parrett, Jeftersonbllle, O. Baer Bros, the druggists, sells Hy- omel (pronounced Hlgh-o-tne) and guarantees It. A complete outfit, including Inhaler, costs $1.00. "This gas bill Is only for 10 cents." "Well, sir?" "Couldn't you add $4? I've been wrting my wife that I'm spending my kill the; evenings at home."—Louisville Cour"My wife has been using Hyomel for ier-Journal. AVcgctablePrcparalionfor Assimilating iheroodatulReguta ling the Stomachs and Dowels of Promotes Digestion.Cheerful- nessandRest.Contains neither Opium,Morphine nor Mineral. NOTNAKCOTIC. A perfect Remedy for Constipation. Sour Stonach.Dianrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Feverishness and LOSS OfSLEEP. Tac Simile Signature af NEW YORK. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought The Woodmen Inauguration meeting last night was a flue success. Several hundred choppers were In line and It Is estimated that at least 60U or TOO filled the Armory Hall for the speaking and other exercises. About 7: in the parade formed In front of the Armory and proceeded to march down Nineteenth street and Chester avenue and back to the hall In a blaze of red fire. Small boys ran along the street touching off sacks of the brilliant and at intervals the Woodmen, eacli carrying a Roman candle, Ignited the powder sticks. A drum corps furnished the marching time. The procession was headed by the drill team, followed by automobiles bearing the officers of the Women of Woodcraft and the visiting officials who delivered addresses. I. I. lioak, head consul, P. R Gllroy, head organizer and T. Clinton Veale, head adviser, were the principal speakers. It was announced that during the present campaign a special dispensation of $1! for initiation fee would be made. Securing of membership applications begun Immediately and will continue until December under the direction of District Organizer Craw. Mrtnbers of the' Woodmen's hall committee addressed the gathering in behalf of that undertaking and announced that bids have been opened, but the contract will not be awarded for several days yet. The meeting last night was eminently successful and the credit Is due the following committee, which had*lt in charge: C. A. Barlow, chairman; Hoy Clilchrist, Professor George Iviiehn, W. L.. Bolender and T. F. Burke. BLOOD SECURES Bears the Signature of In Use For Ovei Thirty Years CASTORIA THC OINTAUH OOMFANVi HCW VOflK CITY. A lease went on record yesterday conveying to II. H. Blood the well known San Francisco oil man, a portion of the much disputed section 11:!i;-l::; in the Midway. I. Mlrshfeld is the lessor and the terms arc for forty years and one-eighth royalty. 1 Blood has turned th<- land nvt>r In ih-.- Oceanic Oil Company, under the same terms. The hind is described as follows: South half nf north ha!!' of southwest quarter of northwest quarter, north half of north half of south half of southwest quarter of northwest quarter, nor'h half of north hall' of southwest quarter of northwest quarter, south half of south half of .-.until half of northwest quarter of northwest quarter of section M-:!^-:;;!. NOTICE. fc To whom it mav concern:--.Notice is herebv alven that we, the utilei- slunpd. have this Ifith dav of October. I'.niS. entered into articles of agreement and co-tmrtnershin for the purpose of conducting a ireneral merchan Special Professional Visit of Physicians and Surgeons Representing the Electro-Medical and Surgical Institute of New York and Los Angeles Our Specialist from New York CURES ALL THE DISEASES OP MEN. He makes no misleading propositions; promises no impossibilities, but performs all he promises. Fair dealing:, moderate fees, faithful service and speedy cures have won for us the confidence of the afflicted everywhere. We Have Cured Thousands and Can Cure You WE HAVE NO SPECIFIC CURS-ALL PREPARATIONS, BUT TREAT EACH CASE SEPARATELY AND SCIENTIFICALLY, ACCORDING TO ITS PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS. We Cure the Cases Others Cannot llml others i'n i I to euro arc cttr- A hold statement, but just ,'is Imp IIH it in bold. Not nil citses *blc by our methods, but fullv S5 per cent df them are. The way to learn if your caw is curable is to consult OUR SPECIALIST FOR MEN. bail years of experience .in treating diseases of men. He knows what be can do for you. case is curable be will treat you. If it isn't he will not. Consultation and Diagnosis free. Our honest and candid advice costs you nothing. lie has If vour Nervous and Chronic Blood Diseases Cured to Stay Cured Lost Manhood, Fits, Insomnia, Rupture, Premature Decay, Nerve Affections, Kidney Troubles, Mental Weakness, Indigestion, Heart Troubles, Liver and Bladder Disorders, and any affections of the Vital Organs hitherto thought incurable are successfully treated. ALL CONSULTATION BY PATIENTS STRICTLY PRIVATE. CONTRACTED DISORDERS Of all diseases pe.cii.lar to men contracted disorders are the most abused by cut-and-try, hit-and-miss treatment administered by good friends, druggists, doctors in genera! practice and most of the would-be specialists. It Is certainly interesting to hear the story of the average patient, tellimg his experience with the different kinds of so-called treatments ho has been "up against." A large majority of our patients come to us with the original disease and part or all the complications resulting from delay and mistreatment. We generally have to cure them after "some or'all of the following symptoms have developed: Stricture, or all of the chronic bladder troublos, diseatwrt prostate, sores, swellings, etc., besides a patient whoso confidence and mind are so diseased through failure and disappointment. Don't, trifle with these disorders; go to n doctor who knows how to cure you; it Is the cheapest, surest and shortest way out. We have been 25 years in the business. N. B.—We wish it distinctly understood that we do not claim to perform impossibilities, or to have miraculous power.. We claim only to be skilled and successful Specialists, thoroughly Informed In our Specialty, CHRONIC DISEASES OF MEN AND WOMEN. All applying to us will receive an honest opinion of their complaints. NO EXPERIMENTING. We Guarantee a Positive Cure in every case we undertake and do not accept for treatment any case we are certain we cannot cure. Dr. Bell, Ph. D The well known orator and lecturer, will deliver lectures on the cure of many of the above diseases before we leave this city. Grand Hotel Rooms 15, 16, 17, 18 and ID. Electro Medical and Sugical Institute. ' Office Now Open 10 to 1; 2 to 5; 7 to 9. And by appointments \ KNIGHT FOR A DAY" Kern, and State ot California, under the flrni name and stvle of the "Mo iave Mercantile Commmv. Dated this IGth dav (if October..!!"!* Restdlnc at Moliivp'. E-RU-SA: The Only Lawful PILE CURE Because it docs not contain narcotics, mercury, cocaine, lend or any poisonous and injurious drugs. Because E-RU-SA CURES PILES. IT. S. Dispensatory recommends every ingredient ^ of E-RU-SA. Drug laws make "false or mis-leading statements" a crime. All old or narcotic pile medicines affect the brain and spinal marrow, produce constipation, never cure and are therefore illegal. E-RU-SA is not for sale at opium joints. Berkeley, Cal., July fl, 1908. Dr. L. Griffin, Dear Doctor: We certainly can NOT conscientiously recommend or legally sell cocaine, ergot, lead, mercurial or narcotic Pile medicines except upon proscriptions. Yours truly, Muller & DeMerritt, University Pharmacy. R. L. Reed, R. J. Taylor Graduates in Pharmacy. Only druggists of highest standing sell and endorse E-RU-SA. For one solid year "A Knight for a Day" ran at he same theater In Chicago, giving this new musical production a permanent slanldng In theatrical records. Thiu remarkable achievu- ...v.,.,.— Si T' I'N \I'P'""I munt - wus a *- Wulluck's Theater, New Residing at Mouive. California. ' York, followed by a run of live ~~~~ mouths of this wonderfully I'asclnat- ,;. .5. .;. .5. .;..;..;..> .5. .5. »;« <« .> •> -J- , - I[IK ;U1( | picturesque musical success CHESTER AVENUE +j al the Tremont, lloston, and is now NURSERY OH its way to surpass any and all records for musical pays. It will come to tin' Hakersfield Opera House on evening and will enable .seekers after tills style of amuse. * incut to verify and endorse! its immense success in three of the largest cities in this land, "A Knight For a l>ay" has seemed to have n hypnotic liillueiice over all, who enjoyed it from the first, as has been demon- ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. * 1- First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, * I- Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Fk..-- * s . lUln | av •• al Designs. Orders promptly filled 4 fr Corner Sixth St. and Chester A«e. * * 'Phtne, Main 745 ******•••* -J- ^ * * * * * * •! THE BASIS FOR NEMOMPAM FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD WINTERS, BRIDGES, SIMPSON CO.. 1800 K street, phone Main 134; new and second hand furniture bought and sold; houses furnished on easy Installments; furniture rented monthly; special granltoware and kitchen utensils. 25c. _ » •:• * 4 * > 9 «• fr f » » . .5. .5. .5. .5. .;. .j. .5. •;« PAINT YOUR HOUSE •» House painting Is my special- •» ty. I uae nothing but the beit i materials, guarantee my work + and charge reasonable price*. + I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor ..* 211V a bv Main 172. 4 .3. .5. * .5. .5. .5. Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET strated in the unprecedented popularity of the Hubbell music and the vogue of the play. The entire production lias been taken en tour to a few of the largest cities, and so It will lie- seen here as completely and expensively produced as In other cities. Nothing In years has proven mora captivating and surprising n musical and artistic achievement than "A Knight For a Day" and the Inspiring strains of Hubbcll's compositions are being whistled, hummed, sung, (hummed and played on all sides and amid every environment. It wll be quite necessary to secure seats well in advance. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oil and Asnlmlluiu any. Location of princiim iiislnfisH. Oakland. Callforn Notice is horeiiv uivcn tlia Com- ce of ce h eeti nlar meetint; of the Hoard of Oil til-Id on the 1!>th dav of October Iml at a of Direr ret- tors .. 1HOS. an assesspjcnf of one cent uei share was levied ution the subscribed eanital stock of tile corporation naMihlc lin liatelv In I'nltod States uold coin The following from the Los Angeles Times has been causing much comment In oil circles today: . Tlie Kern Associated Oil Company is the name of a stock company that is selling its shares in San Francisco. It states that lt& properties arc- In Kern River, adjoining the San Joa- quln lease of the Associated. Thurt; IK a great deal of vacant, territory In I hut part. Home of It <[MiU- good, all practically prove'n. In its stock advertisements the company says it has two producing wells. The section is not given in tile adxerl ihetlient ween by the writer, but. tin; California Our- rick, an oil journal published In San Francisco, Majsi it is on the northwest iiuuric'r of the northwest qmirU-r of 11, i!!M:f>. Kither this ih u mistake ur the. land does not adjoin the San Jon- quiti, which Is on 0, 2'J-^S. Section II in this township Is several miles from r>, and on the south side, of the I river, The forty acres described by i the Derrick, have, according to late j maps, three wells that have never been pumped or operated. With the exception of four on the southeast. corner of section 8, adjoining, they were the only ones south of (lie river. The forty acres mentioned by the Derrick are credited on maps '» ih' 1 Spring Oil Company. The company is cn|niall/.ert iit $1,0110,11011, treasury stock Sl'iiui'm. The olllcei's are: C. A. On. 11,-ikeh-y, pres i Ident; Charles T. liurKe, Oakland, 1 vice president; Herbert. M Orr, San Kranclsco. secretary :iinl treasurer. 1 The company has absolutely no connection will) the Aisocla'ed Oil Company. Wore Than Enough Is Too Much. To maintain health a mature man or woman needs Just enough food to /s;-"'r the waste and supnly enorgv and body heat. The hamtual consumption of more food than Is necessary for these purposes Is tbe prime cause of stomach troubles, rheumatism and disorders of the kidneys. If troubled with Indigestion, revise your diet, let reason and not appetite control and take a few doses of Cham- berlaln's Stomach and Liver Tablets and you •will soon be all right again. For sale by Baer Bros., Btkersfleld; CASTOR IA For Infants and Childien. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of ' NOW IS THE TIME HERE IS THE PLACE LITTLE IS THE PRICE To get the Only Roofing. MALTHOID ROOFING \Yill cover n multitude of holes in your roof. ' You can root' your house in M day at it doesn't take a work's waives to pay for it. OIICP on it lasts for years See us. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 88. Ou» lohamblin me.llatelv In lulled States uold coin to the secretary of said (.ninminv. at its oni(•<>. room 72, at iiftd Ilromlwiiv. in the citv or OaUiimd. ( allrornl" Anv MOCk 111)011 which tll'.i iln.-.e _ i.ieill shall remain unnatd on the 17ih dav of November. 190K. w 11 lie (lelimiilent and advertised for sale at nubile auction, and unless rmvment Is mmle before will ho Hold on Mondav. the 21st Am- "* IJecpmbnr. HIOK. to nnv tho delinquent cost i sale. assessment, toce.ther with inn i .\ ..... __ j - noon Be H of scretarv. ! The property which i^ cliilnied by the Kern Associated formerly was owned by the Spring Oil Company and two months ago was foreclosed by F. \V. Robinson as trustee. Harry R. Peacock of this city bought flu- land. There are ten months yet in which to redeem the property. Gallfornlan ada bring quick returns. NOW OPEN—THE GOLDEN WEST HOTEL Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. 1'nrter the old management, at tile old location, but New, Modern and Up-to-Date in Every Respect ino Hnoms. Private lialhs. Steam Heat. In the Heart of the City. Opposite railroad and steamship offices. Especially corm-nient 'or commercial travelers. Pioneer Hotel of San Francisco.

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