The Irish Builder from Dublin,  on November 1, 1888 · Page 8
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The Irish Builder from Dublin, · Page 8

Dublin, Ireland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 1, 1888
Page 8
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THE IKTSH BUILDER. 275 Nov. 1, 1898. tioa. It takes a high polish, some of it is pare black, some dark grey, and other spaci-mens black, beautifully marked with fossils in every variety of form. The operations at the works are not confined to the manufacture of Kilkenny marbles alone many other kinds, both Irish and foreign, are also worked into the various forms which marble can be made to take. AUDOf."'? cnURCH, ST. C J.y thi ee Wahh, Morgan, and William Vaher died in office as of St. Audoen's, and the burial of only two in St. Audoe.v's is recorded, viz., of Liijlaburne (Dean of Derry) and H'uUh. Fyclie (Dean), tiynye, and Thiimai Cradock (Dean) were buried in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Itii hnrdson died in London, Hubert C'sher at Oswestry, and Win Craduek at Edinburgh. Hubert Uther was buried at Dudleston, Shropshire ; Jlusicell at St. John's, Dublin ; Vubbe at F'inglas ; Morgan in the ' Cabbage Garden ' ; and O' Sullivan at Chapelizod. t'obbe, 1'helan, and Strung, were Rectors of F'inglas. The Grattans and Strom died unmarried. Finylasse held our prebend for 41 years, when he resigned, and Thus. C'adock held it for 52 years, when he died. None of the 34 prebendaries had ever served as curate of the parish ; and all seem to have been graduates of some university. In our last issue we announced the receipt of a memoir of the King family for publication in our columns. We regret to 6ay that, owing to its length, we are nnable to find space for it. Ed. I. B. 8. Georgina Isabella dec), b. 1832. 4. Lucinda Elizabeth, b. 1834. tj. Rosalie Angelina, of London, unm., 1835. He in. (2nilly) in 1847, Louisa Jane Thomas Id. circa 18-.1), dan. of Benjamin Thomas, of Dublin and the Co. Wexford, by whom he had the following issue : 6. John George, i. 1849. 7. Frederick AugustuB, fc. 1830. 8. Chas. Wm., '.. 12 Jan., 1852, our. 3 Feb. same vea . 0. Louisa Jane '. 1853, i. Nov., 1.8815, m. 11 Nov., 1870, Da fid Frederick Kelly, of Clare College, Cambridge, and the Middle Temple, London (now Professor of Classics in the Adelaide University. South Australia), eldest . of David Kelly, Esq., of Castledawson, Co. Kerr-. 10. Gustavus Adolphus, b. 20 Dec, 1854 ; d. at Adelaide, South Australia, 1880. 11. Arthur Wm., b. 20 June, 1857, m. 1887, Alice Beatrice Bingham. 12. Chaa. Edw., b. 15 Nov., 1858, Jar. 30 Mar., 1859. 13. Sophie Armstrong, of London, b. 1301. Dr. Aheltdiatiser ('. 14 May, 18C0, at T.C.D., in the COtu year of his age. After his death, and in accordance with his wishes, his widow aud all his surviving children assumed iu 1871. instead of Abelt-shauser, the surname of d'Aret.'oerg, which was the original family name. 1859. Alexander Leeper, D.D., (The present Incumbent and Prebendary.) I The following list will show the succession 1 for over 400 years (1407-1888) of the 34 ' clergymen who have filled the office of Prebendary of St. Ai'dokn's, sine 7. when the prebend wa3 separated from the ! Treasurer-ship of St. Patrick's Cathedral by Abp. Tregury : UTS I7I 17;7 17 no 1741 1 7. '.4 17W 17 1774 I77 l-.'T 1 s.' ISO 1317 K-,1 Crarl Walsh John FinKlnM EiIwhM "yiif J' lin W yn:m Robert Gunari Jiin liratun IM. Cluloiier Cotib Allen Morcan Wil .aui l'her liiiam Cialoek Tbomaa Crj'iiM-k Mortimer O'stiliiean Jamea I'fieian CnwleJi strmig J inn Howie I. G. At-eiul:tier Alexander Leeper I4TS ! l.VD 1.VJ7 r. j ! IM4 l'.ii ll 1 6 IT IUi-41 lf..l 16 1UU-1 Rotvrt White fieotTrv I vene Viiiam Power Jolm Aii'iuwa J'.h't Ilrowne Jame Hum. rev Nk'hoIhi Miau Ii'i!rt Ia)y John Allen lUniM Sanker Koliinson J"ln kiriianlMia KoiTt caer iiutiivv itweii Ctirialoplier l)im Robert I'airy Win Lijtrutiurne CORN MARKET: ITS HISTORY FROM ITS FOUNDATION TO THE PRESENT TIME. (Continued from pace 24.) THE PREBENDARIES. 1847-1851. James Howie, M.A. James Howie, h. in Dublin, 30 Not., 1804, t. of Thus. Howie, merchant, by his wife Jane, dan. of Hayes, was baft, at the Scots' Church, St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin, 14 Dee., 1804, by the Rev. Jas. Horntr. Having been educated under Mr. Franklin, be entered T.C.D., 10 Oct., 1820, as a pensioner, in his ICth year. He graduated 13. A., 182;, and M.A., in 1832, in which year he was ordained. Having been for a time curate-assistant of St. Mary's, Dublin, he was collated to the prebend of lloirlh on 13 April, 1847, and was installed on the 28th of the same mouth. He was collated to our prebend of St. Av.oen's, 2 Aug., 1847, and was installed and inducted on the 4th of the same month. On the 8th of the same month, he read his issent and consent in St. Acborx's. On letters patent of 11 Jan., 1851, be was instituted on 17 Jan. to the Deanery of Cloyne, and the rectory of Farraby (income 487 3 0d.), Dio. Cloyne, and was installed on the following day. By order in council of 23 Oct., 1851, he received the rectory of h'illeayh, Dio. Cloyne (471, as the corps of his deanery, instead of F'arrahy. He also held the curacy of the imppressed benefice of Diigin Donovan, Dio. Cloyne (income 10). Dean Howie was one of the few clergymen who declined to conimr'.e their ecclesiastical incomes nnder the Irish Church Act. He d. 6 Dec, 1881. aged 80. Dean Howie was twice married (his 2nd wife being a Miss Snow). 1S51-59. Iq.NATICS GlORGE AbELTSHAI'SER, LL.D. Dr. Abeltshauser, i. of Jean Geo. Ahelt-hauser, a military officer, by his wife Anne Marie, ilau. of Kcderlin, was b. at Stras- burg, Alsace, 27 April, 18)U. Hsviug been self taught, he entered T.C.D., 0 Jan., 1838, in bis 31st year. He graduated li.A. 1812, M.A. 1845, and 1,1. li. and LL.D. in 184J. He was French master at the FVinaiglian Institution, Dublin Isee Irish Lrium, 15 Sept. and 1 Oct., 174, and 1 Aug. 1887.1, and subsequently, in 1842. he became Queen' Professor uf French and German in T.C.D. He was admitted to Piiest'a Orders, 22 Aug.. 147, in Chrit Church Cathedral, by the Abp. of Dublin. On 27 Sept., 184'J, he was nominated by the Crown to the perpetual curacy of St. Doulough's, and was instituted 3 Ji t. He wan collated to our prebend cf St. Audoen's. 19 Feb., 1851, and was installed on the I 'J th of the following mouth. On 23 March ho read his assent aud consent in St. Patricks Cathedral. Ho was appointed Rural Dean of Dublin South. In 1857 Le published " The Study of Modern Languages : an Introductory Lecture." On 18 Mar, 1.VJ. lie resigned our prebend, and was licensed to the incumbency of lii rry-lussary, Dio. Olcudalough (iucome i.'3'JO, .. jd 80 acres of glebe laud). He in. (1st) iu 182, Catherine, dan. of Kennedy, and widow of John Uacou, by whom he had the following issuo : 1. Catherine Maria, b. 18 '.'.). 2. Clementina Anna, b. 1831. THE " CRAFTSMAN'S COLLEGE " OUT OF PLUMB. The writer of a series of clever papers in this journal, entitled " Unknown Dublin," gave a description of the doings at the "Craftsman's College" iu Abbey-street, from which we reprint the following : " ' Were you ever in the Craftsman's College,' quoth the ' Oldest Inhabitant ' ; ' it is quite a uioiiern institution, and it occupies the site of a noted theatre I used to frequent in my early days. A few odd characters were, some years since, amongthe directors a misccl.aeous lot of clerks, artists, shopkeepers, architects, mechanics, attorneys, and gentlemen of no occupation, but who never.heless coutiuued to occupy their time and other people's time in debating and building castles in the air. There were two parties of disputants within the walls of the Workman's University the senior wranglers and the junior wranglers ; hut anion the juniors, singularly enough, there were as many white-headed, or rntber grt-y-headed, hoys as among the seniors. The junior wranglers not being able to turn the seniors out of office by fair fighting, resolved on ulterior measures. They enlisted outside professional opinion to certify that the biiiliiiug was badly built as well as badly managed, and that consequently the funds were wasted. One architect, a member, described the structure as a tasteless heap of brick unrelieved by a single oruamcnt, and as gloomy in external appearance as it was hollow within. To hear out his remarks, he called on a quondam friend of Lis, a practical bricklayer and a po't. The poet was an intelligent mun, nith a wonderful coiiiiiiani of speech. 1 Fellow citizens.' said he, ' I am culled upon to express an opinion on the construction and stability of this building, and I shall give it without hesitation. Lust week I losi half a day's work for too purpose of t'stiug the truth of the public statement made respecting this edifice. I brought with me into town a plumb line and bob, a Upt l'KI ft. long, and a to foot rule. I got out on the roof through the dormer ; I dropped the hue from I he parapet to the area, aud I found that th line below at the basement stood out 1 J in. from the wall ! This, geut'e-iiieu, is I think proof positive that the building overhangs and is out of plumb. My decided opiniou is, fellow member and citizens, that the first storey must come oil.' What do you think, sir, after this oration. It will bo observed that in the foregoing list there a.e two Cthrrt ithe later being great, great, gr'at-griindson of the second cousin of the earlier!, two 11 rattan ibrotnersi, and two t-'ntdtnk ibrothers). I.iijhtburne bsd been chainin to II bishop ; Parry was a near kinsman of three bishops ; Odd and the 1'radnvks were nephews of archbisbops ; and l(brt Culur and Nynyi' were sons of arcbuishops. (The Prebend was iu the gift of the Archbishop of Dublin.) t'i-he. William r! hrr, aud Strung became archdeacons of Glunilelngh ; and liirhardsmi beciiuie archdeacon of Dowu and of Connor. Party became dean of Lisinore; 1,'i'jhibarnr became dean of Derry ; iuir becaiuo dean of Cloyne ; and pif-h? and Wm. L'rtitbnk became deans of St. Patrick's. Four of our Prebendaries bcc.imo Bishops. Daly berime Bishop of Kildaro. liirhardgun mid litdxrt Culur were Fellows of T.C.D. lii -hardmn became Bishop of Ardagh. and i!brrt L'shrr became Provost of T.C.D., and subsequently Bishop of Kildaro. StjH'jr became successively Bi-hop of Clou-fert. of Cloyne, of Ferns aud Lciguliii, and of Elphiu. I I Three Ilyitnc and the Cradmki were j Librarians of Marsh's Library, where two of I th-m died Wynne aged 8ii, and Tuouiaa i Cradock aged 85. ' IVkn- vn lia'-lln : by tlie MHitl htdaMtant.' edited l"P Milk Philip o r'Uiifeiitn. l.C.H" Thase (nn n mil r(ircia;ii wine dirt)' Nwue tile l-l.ll RciLP-K. an 1 It hna l-een .unti'Uu tliat re-'Wtie ..t then i'l ene. d r n would I. ' Tin we Htiail wi IItikIv mi leruk-' n, hi a n.fl;itnl 1 utlicnl'tri art wMatnaJ, to ux-cr vutiay. Tlif mnf " Mr. Koli nwin " lotnitteil in nnr notice of the Prtl-emlaiieni iper In 'lie Mule 1'ai-ei C'emlr Setlom Preliei.ilal'J', Um Value uf liui JitebCJld bullg gilUl M HI . luu.

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