The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas on May 18, 1936 · Page 2
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The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas · Page 2

Waco, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1936
Page 2
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THF VT- NF,W? THim NT-. MONDAT MAY 1* P'* Severe Storm Of Wind. Hail. Rain Hits the Midwest ‘BIGGEST STEER’ LOOKS OVER FAIR Originating the D ì i I tn Nebraska, irhance reps Î 1'srcc Adjoin* i • S' Communist Rule In France Likely w To Collapse Soon K\cn Before ( lining Into Power, I eft 1st Ptopic’s Í f ont \ppears Fo Ik' < Irackimi uni people i ram«»* u#'« th «inly par re.«een bv tt< of * *f> r. d • tatorship lik* -,<•> renter Pierre LavaJ v. :?r. hi* e. mnmv forro* » been revived The man to *r uhea and if the people's lapse* ha* not yet appeared. \nother Probabilité >ft ?*>'■' ma> undertake * dictatorship, »om* French ■■ ? < . f obstruction by the minority makes hopdim •han;frt«r.- lawmaking task tent ■with the policies of Students kissed For Science; Now Studv (hertime hy ñ ccN teil rrcor fil t That w of the pr - vM of- pêt Bloodless Coup In Bolivia Overturns Presidential Rule Army * Mfiecrs W a 1 k I nto (jovernment Palace and Vnnounce Mie> I lad la ken < «liarle CONTINI'JED FROM PaGE osti coud «»s executed without resist* TÄfÄ. Japanese Explain , Latest ‘Invasion’ Oí Northern China f in * Take l!‘ Htli* With « leap nf Oser it Feet ANGELS CAMP rihf Ma- IT <rp' A fr ¿ that the riti» *en» ñf a r. k e ; * ramp »wake for ios n . v th hi» be owint i I hc> Insist I hat Mo\C- mcnt of 1 roops Intend- ¡* * 'Amp* outside the minine imp won the annual Oalivera» imping frodi contest todgj The ^ mn<ir ’v»« * -*n ♦ Tsk« Tt •e entry of Roy Wmmer of Angel* ».nee V» .'it \ f ■ • ■ • s ‘ i, ‘ Í country through post-Chaco »ar in­ terna! problems, President Sorfcgno walked from *hc gosernment house utter »».siting this statement Tn the diH-harge of my office, I am inspired bv love of country Phe victory *u the hometown product « ah extmordintry popsii i". for “out'Anders” have been carrying off the top nm.* m recent year» ng ht* Can t lake It f .ok the money oy tuncet three inches Aerial Smuggler Mexican Strikers Stir Displeasure Of the President *a f or no prog» ie bei i hurí KD FROM PAO* ON F i to moie, The poi qtii ed as Warning t«1 Chi“ nese (Communists m *.tin: r n rao r. one -he Red* »ho recently ir *> . from e. rern China to * northern provinces S iitinnallst* Handicapped it »' a* r •■«'•i r»i¡* ha» extensive folio »¡tig m the nortti ? roc ■ ■ » vt-: ¡.i' ro raven ta :r tip disfn- t» whi n tpe com* i n i ^ -* no v ha-, e occupied Conaa- *i * he d<-.-'s not wish to stand the side of the co* expense of additional campaign» ming o*, cr thè ry I thank thôi ■ I with me tr. t na'. e noble >t! p npxt Action of Railroad Km* ,p!o\ cn ( Condemned as n«nt at Illegal and Against the y Publie W efarc nt at the i» .* not and co: Irmi l«í«ut'a ílanit«’*t< aa.H fathered »peed A* the tail lifted for the takeof*’ Kbfka «a* flune to the ground, us cut and bruiaed but not hurt seriously. He aatd he told the pil t t<* get out of the ah¡p but the fiv^r responded bj pushing him away an t speeding dow n the runway Several pilot* who witnesae 1 th-' incident boarded their plane* immediately and took off m pursuit if the Boeing They returned 1st *r and reported the :!ec:np plane hfid Japáhese He a1 culcd run: for their . ha* «pent ?r* tn h:» -h h^ ha* ‘ past e sht •re that tha gai lantento o< jec a ip a* !’ looked around for th< a* gon^ Hit- by a desi bett< Pension Caravan Allred to Discuss Reaches Capital; Pension With I . S. Long Trek Ended Bureau 0 f f icials Townsend (¡roup I lands (lovernor of I evas and Petitions to (Congress* Others Rather \ ague m a n Si j*ned b\ Over \bout 1 I is Exact Mis* lOJHMKCHHt Persons sion in Washington WASHIN<»ON M -i' !? • t A P > W A.< Hi NO TON Ma- IT IT* r » "PS 'eposterous pro] ns ’ and Franco- OONTINi Ef FROM PAO Opposition for Blum 16 pOW- La raro Carden» demonstrated bu ‘»trike lacks all a frequf t sa\s i legality.” »neral Confedei of L a * Certain leaders of the ra; t . whi ion with dtcate, it contin i es, have ea of t anting him de cree îa to the iw pow- take into eomtu leration ired by d 1 meco-« fie i i g Rocque. no legal justifici »tion, poi ; the rightist t ni 5!. B tic de Feu, >n, pre- portunUm or e . non;ic re, When pi taxicab, r Reward for Safe Drivers ha' h China >d f > u*a aeifeftat Bua• ve ¡ n «00 * f*»w r**Ri* lapane»« ntlv has *m h# Tt asi dieted ”«11 Fronce’ would turn toward the Croix de Feu when ‘parlia- • ion* sh wS itself ungovernabl# — aervicea and n< Vitamin (- Pound To l^e m^nt *ni •* e Uaihv 8; ^ Fu dit 'er\ ,»nt*> ( Cure for Spring Aches rr r , • * structure of the let F\pprt Trace# f .> i*.* nf >fan> affected fhe r ''pannai ( omplalnta Man ruca loan* f* tranacor A M HE H a . Grey hound Rus Runs into an Vutomobile B\t Fi»r*on* Injured Hne rri«r»lly. In Gw>rgfa Crash KOGANS VELI E. Ga . May 1? ft; pv—a.'x of rann» »-era infttred, one a 1 1 w Ays are public only the manage- )10J es but the en* ♦nomk and »octal country would be the proposed walkout, oueewiv*»* laid in food Mas? Mav 17 —i!N3t *fufis fearing an increase in pn • * i npnnft fever enemv because of the *'hedu1ed S-v »r-ung to Carl R Fei- t-'-stn^* t,:>.in;.'a*;on^ na-. ‘partm'ent of hortteul« ?ov5.”ns?!rn.f .K ^rvf . ‘ture* et Masnaehu* liege 1 ha kache» ard »ore me in the »print «re lack of freah fruit» Th# depoffdprès ideili S ol hit W'AS a ig v^a5 held Palo Alto Hand« the a s ti î n s t MÇî'îi perse>!**Uys thejunta T b'kets toa Si (L Th#» revoluti animi fiounrr .,4 PA LO ALTC ^... c Ä111 1.1^rnus&tiOTS t< 1 up lioi d ali e> «»ting ■ i IN8 * Palo A110, 'he , ; 1 ;. . ... V( A» Mìlflit iicani he-cÉ’ ait it reputat ion for traffic ledged no at tfMíl p t wou !d be made hard-•hearted c ops h » chai çe the trover 913) ñ rtn ¡es ne« kind of •"ticket ' í the Chaco war treat y, in whi. h n obile driver*. iol i via rece is ed îhe »i tare c if the I nlike the us¡uà! kir ••ated natío toda y' g i MlUp \* un ñ long re cip traffi sent to ap ic judge., pear bi the ne SÍil'il Il'II'I# ‘o nor nie ar iá soci al re- the r ii An or wo man w > vèr y followin g thè < Dhaco war. : le iiaest o f the « hich d^VÄfttn ted I B IÌÌ« n po w - j theatre as a re ware € r, seriously e i 8 anger« 1 I dm ii ig Hi nrvof h^r fiar \t iiñ and i ■opper i Ka<h dav th,s weei £f! lîUlfîR ff*ft » r > ja o s , nnû 1 r f\ u i»ed a V ¡ 1} * 11 > * i , j ■;íi »c«S9ioniftt î move n.te.üt. in Santa a n d driver? May 17. ity u ith t safety a invented hand am Not to Vttack Ruota F ¡re c ;• o?i.-.erver* s.r "r val! v aereed v ' '■ ! > - **‘i" ■ : * - oeI tax • Japan has not the ein-htest inter* tion of pushing farther into Soviet<■ ■ • n t r cd * it*-r - rt a at thi» time and will d" m*:h,ii tli.^t muht pia e a ■ a 1Swrav.« -•.im on Ru»* ‘io-.iifrciriese relation It wa» an- ticir''tted. i iwe\f*r that .Japan w ill soiidate her prmition ija and will in«i«t oil •a • r* f r th<* inner pvr:a iz province To tare for W >r FrUonert if -mediate import was the re of W.OOO Chaco war pris •arel ’ off 1 ftre Î i at ui continue trs sn inner Mor pro-Japanese Mongol non »'hiñese pt Japanese a# Shansi prc throughout kianr tec . »a d a in mn and ■a of Sin* the diet. Feller» f tl s that the Tiers who eat p< - ttona1 Association of Industry wrote President Carden*r that 'he matter passes the bounds of prr/ate conflict and threatens serio»* harm to the ontirp national economv p^rs A mietine of th^ strike commit tee wi?h leaders of the union brought ! a deciaion last night no? to postpone * the strike .under anv circumstAnees i urdes.s their demands ar° granted oners, who now are returning 1 tome in s -all grnup» *f*er from tw o to four soars interr nor.t on Para¿. i s. yen »oil, Kor these repatriates allex- arm'- r.’.er there -va» little f¡' do un» less they went tc s uork in the m ine» Thti problem of their welfare v as beloved uppermo i»t in the army 1 ead- er s oserthrow- of government to- I t \ as Kducator May •n# c f <*• * Head Arizona I niv. Switch Kniine Kxplodes Fred j *>«<• «f i rtf T ^mom ' TBeint < onsidered HMIU I n t Ñ IN JAI I PERRY. Mo i I P Joseph Mur \ lire the full vp i* mand er expained ; The b ? effect at fresh e p M« —- A wag# increase ts th»» principal de- ¡ pro 1 » wife and 10 chi idrer Railroad W itch‘c*n tn I nev , plained Blnst \t Pampa - Th* F\MP> '»a IT XT \V. T ñt rn¡ '. n cht watchman for the ' S >nta Fe railroad here was fata 1> 'nr * ■ r. ]ur#d earfv todav in a switch en» 1 uni ve gme explosion The caus<» of the blast wd not exactly known Gill s bod' w a s found l.V> yard* from the »c^ne of the explosion, fcytdfy mangled. No or.» ■ as near th* e. a’ the tune of the explosion except permitted to use the cit* jail as a d to go into i home atter Murphy » as evicted j from h;s house ie waien. sine weiening tnree tons, was thrown ■■ arda Those Being 1 M\ ? Ma’. JT - 1.P» Pn - er- * of Arizona hoard Ut«« ék •n-.ert as p-e* 1 c r>f the .. • v here est<*rdá> but an* nour.ced • e.r se!e.-,-.or would not be made until May 2T « * . ■ 'ce *jt .-1 ' ' eed T>f- ITomrr t , Fi • 'r •• > he* resigned to be ce head of t • e u ,ld life dt* ;ston of f l e national f< eat aervi*-#. i . .-->?■ rs - der r< - 1 »»rat;on in* cl ,cc-l 1 c : a "r* f . *atson de- Dartmcn' t‘; versi'v of Texas s^.id •hich fetder Railroads Fighting For Vddcd Revenues Ht FCffiVt ran^fit School for Th ie\es Is Discovered in Budapest hi w Fit Her I leart Too I ar£e stud, nt^- of Thi» in»tiuiti«m care fulo Trained b> Prof. 1 ear-Old R»n*a* City Girl r ,T'\PKJ?T Ma’- !“ .ii'Pi- ( Confederate \'etcran! mg outh Illinois Republican 1 eaJer Dies Suddenly L.**n 1er Governor of the ■limbi Sunday C ior the body, Feller» declared. Hunt Continues For i Oklahoma Desperadoes Bloodhounds Following Trail of Two Of the f ijtitixes V M.}'' " FR, Ok la Mav 17—(TP> -••Hard-bitten s ithei'tern Ok!a- , homa pr?-if-' cn ton:ght continued! the <ic:> rr- -d search which al- 1 read-, has returned five of the eign’ j leader.? of a bioodx prison break to the Ok 11 homa penitentiar-. T • #'■ 1 cheved thev w#»re close on the rn.. of < :,:ude Reavers, a third-! term ro: bery convict reputed to ha' e led the break in which one pr. ■ .m employe wa* slain and twn o*- c;■ s were wounded. Rioc-dh« Minda were put on Beaver? ■ ni-fii i?ard s today after peace off ern » i.;h'e ! him list night and O' cr h-unds from sta-e pen ■itentiary also were working on a ' <"'i ; fii t.o ■'■# that O" Julius Kch.m.'c ?• oother desperado. The ' ;rd • ¡g - •.» * i McArthur »as : vi ■ > 1 to ha e shaken pursuers, •Lûaoioüty \ , M IS*» F i> ^ A '5 »••-•• »s f r •’•«■« Fan» Mt* T:*rr-'-•! -if Wa-i.t High schoo, freas Ufi 7 Ui- a «herí üm» *$n, tii" * ¿»>>8 «'oicora aven ;» OF “ALL THREE” LOW-PRICED CARS ONLY M3TM0UTH GIVES YOU BOTH « f RIF Dr, B O. Htrri ar f a si# » V*--1er1 ; , ap» ? to T' received th»-«. J. frrara B A (f Tft v i li ^sgffîamc: mtsæÆM SH & CO. RAIN-COTTON JLw>ert> Biog. Three Perish in Flames ■ ourth M.-mUer of a !íentuck.\ 1 arm i^r and long a ’» action who ttttb ä î his re* ì- ( L í rain »■Iv Injured .: r -,r » , ri C!&k\*'0©d ceas 1 RI S 'I« \(.st H R S . ;v-r. S -s Ker.t* P-» » - m k r n SX r tr, Friday ’ xíe’ho'l.*! churrn Qmav Pa.-R^r cf- »V Mr Pugh and : - .a ; r. • ¿eraid •* rge ar. h* ro'Mfter s:.*’»r, Mr* Ann» \¡ nm (' ard a cousin ■ifri* Klm Mett. bean M -K -T. ata- -tt for the past 13 to the honp'.tal for da ■ .* a► Sh# had t-; -he r irr Mott H cl agf. I l «I si I i> fwo W omen \hducted R\ 1 ustful \e¿ro Men i-lo'th the V « iíoiv Marro d and 11 1 -, o < hildr o •;» T. w W 4 j A ¿3 /H’I JUNK “'(IRON SHU! SMELTING 8 BEFiSIIIS n 9 |¿4iá jì I HIOIiiST t ' \ sii p fi If i < (j I If K s i jit \ n r e VVi W A P tie * i C’oietR-a.B 8a |.fl : ^M Tr ' •> ’-* ill r * : a* Va*“d and Fi farer» wül h* Dr. astir 1 8i J T d, Asher Xtifltr-, n T St Reed of rur? * Reed of The Safest of “A 11 Three AND YOU GET ALL THESE OTHER BIG FEATURES \ TOTE THAT PLYMOUTH ¡S not only INI tho safest of “All Three",, .hut nlso the most economic«!. ( »wrior- hoa-'t 18 to 11 miles per palJon...phenomenally low oil consumption and Only I lymouth of “Ail I hre< * offers all Midi great, cconomy features as: 6 at AJI 'I'hree” before buying. Today, they’re priced about alike... * , .. . GUI ovili MR* sì SAN H * for Mrj Suaan r» “ f' ' '' ' O-s- ‘rtr 9 ' w rtied »* her rMiétnc«. •ii^,'.t rna-Sf. • " !• a ,. te sorth r .»\cnth str#«t at 10 4"> a m « . ■ r ? Si- d .-*• * e -S from th* hom* at I . . frr,„! \. ■■ :ìì •' - Dr c T Catdw«!* tìfft- <■; .1 ' t i> *ern »•-* ¡n a*i<w#M eeme»ery. '** «I pr.•>. . i*e *■ !-> - ; r.our , • „ , . .... rharge pa • earers wiit be W. an h < • ' •• A K ihman. M !. Ph - ì; i/i'f, a C lì, U : >an:/*' and ................ ^ -, S;--: ■.•■•”,■ Survivl.ns ar« +wo ■' f * tnt.-e and Mi** f »**".' /!■'<•, het f ,',.ieo. a »<•!■ A H • S -p Ari./, cn# - --..1 her. • io Texftf frorn •... t v.i, fi m •» :- *»,d had • *»1 he-e r.-' n ’• ’ .* <• i " . : « r. -- ■ * *a* ©om ta Ph;.a :a.pòia inif ht iead io aootiter arre et. J Jwi* 3*. lUi> cylinder ‘‘L-head" engine Mtaplicity but riymoath gives greatest, extra* ... full-length water jackets.. .direc- the roomiest...handles tional vratrrcirculation, calibrated easiest. Ask any Chrysler, Dodge or ignition. ..four piston imgs ... four De Soto dealer to arrange a tryout, main bearing crankshaft. P lymouth Dn lsion of C hrysler C orp . lune in Fd W j iui and Graham Me.Isame« Tues.Jay Mghta, W FAA-HllAP, 7 -30 ChT “Lowest in Upkeeps TJrtTlng through bog«, aand and rut* is a!| In « day’« work, ’aar« Oil Field SupenUanr V. P. <~k>ndry, of Conroe. Teias **Thla oft eoun- try llrka other rare . . . bur noi Plymouth t At first I couldn't believe I was getting 25 milea ro tha gallon. So I built men quart feat er. i «a. air. Ji mil«» Ja the figure " CHRYSLER, DODGE AND DE SOTO DEALERS BUILDS î* a n ^ GREAT CARS

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