The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 27, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 2
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BAKERSFIELD CALKfcl NIAtf. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1908. Che Bakersflcid Californian | Tuesday, Oct. 27 lisueil KMT.'. Kvenitu; lint Siiinlii>^ Jit Biikersllel.l. KITH Cuiinly, (';ilifiu ni:i. ! DEAR TOM:_ Don't you think that City and County ^•{^i&Offici.Tl Paper your ''best girl 1 ' iLTorod in i^iiNeo ;,t 'i(;,K".-ndd,'' w ° ul d enjoy a box of cai, .is s. !••.::(!-cbvs Mail Matter. . Gruenhagen' H candy? CM ,-,' ; i I 'u,,,t!i ; ^:;";, v,,,i ; iii \ iv^iiTT. 1 Of course Khe would --• -.-.- -, —'so buy her a box to- ALFRED HARRELL, Editor <ircl Prop. ' n ^ j.^ ^ ^ J,jj e r 0 'ie V ' S • Te'cs'i:'-' ••'• M^in 31 BILL Fsr President. WILLIAM J. BRYAN F-r Vice President JOHN W. KEF.N For C• rrjrnssmnn—-Eighth D'Etrict W. E. SHEPHERD frr .i'l'i'ce of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY For Ju-i-jc cf the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, G6th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, J. A. JA8TRO twt -i i-eali/e that what has ie, I I he | pie iii 1 he past i"' miauled in Ihe future, ters of the 1'mted Slates N,dints tacitly approve \\. he years of inaction. ears of subserviency to 11 <• resl s. J. B» Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. (Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street ; The unbroken record of fVilurcs , to leu-isL-ite t'nr tlie people is ein- jpluisi/.cd 11\ tin- loenl paper in the j Idlest is>ue. There is need for 1 liiifinciiil laws, it says. But twelve yeiirs of inaetivily Inive aecoui- ; plished nothing. i The (rusts ouirlit to ho eontroll- ! ed, sjiys our neighbor—hut tln.'y 'have not been controlled. '1TKSUAY. OtTOHKU 'JT IF NOT, WHY NOT? With but a week mtcrveumu; lift Ween now a President. er. There is between or Ihe ( and the selection n!' i't us reason to^etb- •hoiee for the voters two candidates only. One tlier will be eleeted. and individiuil voter is to lie a factor in determining \vjticli one. It develops from the party pbit- fonns, from the iirtruinents in t.hi'| W(1 press and from the rostrum that: there are many irovernmental evils j llnit demand abatement and it is, for the voters to decide which one of the two parties and which om-^ of the two candidates are most ^ likely to serve the interests of tlie; people. I On one side we have the doini-1 "Continued commercial activity will prevail if Taft is elected," says our funny contemporary. And this, f too, with an era of hard times on the country that lias brought siift'erino; from oeenn to .ocean. Mills are idle, workmen in a thousand different occupations are out of employment ; waives have been cut —but tlie 'trusts maintain that all will be 'well---!!' Taft is elected. Why is 'not all veil now? What is there | to prevent unrivaled prosperity if the Republican theory of govern- incut is correct ? And if all is not now. how can the party make a satisfactory guarantee for the future? Inaction, ineffective legislation, MATCH|[|U/FD YOUR FXPFNSFS NEXT MONTH LUIILIV lUUIl LArLllOLO - One of tlie next events on the sporting raliinilei- In ii wrestHng mutch between Crawt'dnl, The eastern champion, ami Ilrown, a loenl man. Articles have been .signed for the meeting between these two for November 20, in Armory hall. Walter Harris and Arthur Ferguson are the rival managers. These two gentlemen are devotees of the sport and are anxious to make It popular with local sport patrons. The first attempt at wrestling here In many years was made during fair week when Crawford easily disposed of \Vrenn. Hoth the easterner and Brown will begin training early next month. They assert they will post $50 each as a side bet. WHO GETS TH ROSPERITY? During the past 12 years of Republican government the average cost of living has increased 48% HAS YOUR INCOME INCREASED 48 BRYAN AND KERN'S ELECTION MEANS REAL TARIFF REVISION AND LOWER COST OF LIVING. % WENT TO WORK FIVE MINUTES BEFORE DEATH l.ron lams, was the name of the unfortunate workman killed 1- miles out from Mojave by the cave-in of an riant partv contending for voti .. . . on a platform of many planks. i<" tl '" "unkm^yoter. each one ph-d'/mir its nominees to I some specific thinir in the interest ! of the country. There is a direct answer to every one of the>e pie.ides. IK'm'KTUINi; NKKDS TO UK IM)NK. \V11V HAS IT NOT UKKN DUNK : For twelve years the parly has failure to enforce the laws, have an aqueduct tunnel, lams, it appears, placed a fjreat party on the de-' was a new man on the job and had re- I'ensive. As an np-iit of "prosper- ^™"*""""!!^^''*"'""''*^~!""T'''''"^!! ity," it has been proven a failure. J Its boast in this connection is "li'itt.'i-iMl, »»d it is before the peo-, Ihout MM issue that appeals A FEW FACTS SHOES that cost $3.00 a pair in 18%, now cost J4.00 and $0.00 because materials have gone up 52%. Trust controlled, tariff protected, sole leather has gone up over 170%. BEEFSTEAK that cost 16 cents per pound In 1S9G now costs 24 cents. Why? Increase in population outstripped increase In supply. South American Beef barred by tariff protecting the Beef Trust. American cattlemen get less, American consumer pays more. SUITS OF CLOTHES that cost $25.00 in 1S96, cost $35.00 today. Tariff bars foreign woolens. SUNLIGHT is free, but the glass in your window, that cost 75 cents In 1896, costs $1.88 today, thanks to protection. You pay 48% more to live under Republican Government, because of the tariff that enriches the few. VOTE FOR BRYAN AND KERN AND LOWER LIVING EXPENSES ported for work but five minutes before the fatal accident occurred. Coroner McGinn and Court Reporter Laird returned l-.Bt evening. "If the President dies, who gets the job?" "The Vice President." "No, the undertaker."—Judge. Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 IPHfflfll \\ Ii v needs •I'M I'e '. Irv - \ -.lei vision. been in absolute control ol department of the o'n\ eriini lias been in pnMtiuii to ena legislation Iliat the micro the count ry demand. 11 tie still c/larini; abu-e not been abated ! If, as the Cine, clares, the tarill' why has it not lie t'f tin ] sound and is a me lii'ino of I h 1 - ;i-i llOl III 1 ! 1 !! l-ellled'i ' II' the Iriists in <ltlstry and robbii why have thev tn.M be a pros i lieity, why passed .' These tions si|oo< answer is legislation iK'cause th under e\is the leo'islat government ;•;•>,."i;e" t . ilrich and i passed. All of th.'M interests that Blood so stonily auainsl rein laws, are now liuhtin-J- val'n for Tal't's election. Why' they want him in Ihe presith clini r, because they think In- stand for Ihe interests of the people, or because they know he will not 1 What is Yol'U answer to the question? Pitted itL'iiiiist Mr. Tafl i* \Vm. J. Bryan, the pioneer in the 'jreat movement for uovernmental reforms. Twelve years au'o. In- was deemed an extremist, lie has hv- de to see his political enemies profoKS to occupy his position of 1890. Political' parlies have jnoved forward several steps in twelve years, and there are tew men today who denounce Mryaii as an agitator. His content ion-, of 1890 are fairly -ond |{epnblica_:i <|oolrine today, when the parly is in need of votes, lint though pro- fessinji 1 to stand for those reforms for the past four years, the party in power has contented i! 1 elf with WOl'ds only. If tile .;>eo;ih bel'eve that the Hepublicnn ran;-' will «!•. between 1f(09 and 1 1 ' 1 .'' wh-i'- il h failed to do in twelve years, with full control of the yovenimpnt* •why then they can vote for Taft and for tho Republican nominees for conni-OKs. But every thinking Worst Case of Eczema Doctor H;id Seen in 40 Years— For Six Months Father Expected Hie to Die -Blood Oozed Out All Over Her Body-Had to Be Wrapped in Silk and Carried on a Pillo'.v— Now She Is Perfectly Cured, DOCTOR RECOMMENDED CUTiCURA REMEDIES M - little ni"I «; her I mil- uiul -— • <• •'••,-' '• •.-•;!'.•<.. hfr hnily, (In ru (wi wo'ks my wifo died fniir h.'UIH nfter (he ' turlh ef i,in- (hild unit I Inul to i;:i.~e ! tin- KllliV eli Ultl- f. u.I fuoi^. Six , in. nth* afd-r liirtli she liruke out ninl I Inul I wo do< te'.-' ill U t t e 11 (I II I! ee. '1 here wns nut a part tele nf hkll. left iie'/.i'd out ju.-t ^ linvvi here, :unl we hud le wrap her in ^ ik ' mid curry her un a |nlluw fer ten \vi"k-. | She waw'tli ' ni"-t !• rrilile ^ifjit 1 ever • m\v, and t'nr ^ix tixnalis 1 looked f. r , li.-r '•! ^'o t'i her iiiatna, I'Ut (hunk (i>d j UMl'i III'.' line!.IS, sin 1 is It 11VI' Blld V,'e|| , I. <l;i\ and 'he will lie three yt-nrsi old the sevetuli ,;f Ded' and fins tn ver litui a »-i(!ii 't the dreiid (rnulilf Mine. ' I u-ii-ii every knnwn remedy to I'.lle- Tiaie her r:iifl'i'iinj{, for i( «us (enil.lo to witne-iH. |)r. C pave her ui> unit then I went to C — F --- and frit Dr. 11 and lie and Cutieurii JSoiiii mid CiiHoura Uintment saved her. lln n-'-'iniii'-iided (he ( i.iii nni Kenie<iie.s, er Mud wo «c'!-e "'.;',lit in making use of (liiMii. A-; iieanv as I can reineinlier, we ii'od ei>.;l:i i ;ikes ef Ciuieurn S' i'p ard (liree IIOMX of Ciuieurn Ointment; Inn V'lii 1101 ! lal.e into <:oi\siileratii u Iliat her-? v,.is an exeeptional case, fur nil old and f i >d dmtur i-uid (hut it was the \M.r-1 ea-e that had cuiue ti> him inf'irl.v yeiiiv.. I ha\'-e nlwuys hinired • n Cutieura S'iap (o keep her skin soft and/ tn t?ive her a pure i onipi.oxion. JanieH ,1. Siniili, \V'iinl and Metal Pattern Maker, hox L'.'M, Huenu Vista, Va., Oct. 14 and iJJ, I'.iUC." Complete Fxti'rnitl unii Inti'rnal Trcatmi'nt for Kvury Humor ut Inluiuii. chililffii unit Ailiilict wuwliilH ut culU'ura Soup t.'V i toeli'ariHi 1 Un 1 ^klu. (Mlifurii Oliuini'ht i.Mir.) in lli'iil Ibi- skin, mid CuUruni Ht'solvi'iit t.Mk'.) (in Hie Itirin ot etti" ulatu t ujAti'd Tilli* l'- r »i'. IHT vial nt Ol't in rurlly tin* HlomV Bold ihroimlmui tin 1 wurlil. l-uiur IiruK A ciicm. tx>rn Suli' 1'roiM.. Dmittiii, Ma&s •arMallwl Vne. Cutlcurn Buok un Skin U'WMW. Fortunes of the World Are Founded on Oil JJatioual 'iBank BAKERSFIELD 'A checking account with the First National Bank hat •o many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial affain. If you have not already such an account with us we •hall be pleased to have you open one and test it fo* yourself. * ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. Chanslor, now several times a millionaire, was, not so lonjr aj^o, a clerk in Los Ane lion-owed some money for the purpose of operatint; in California oil: the result .101 evles. was that it made him one of tlie wealthies men in the stale. John A. Bnntintr. formerly a lirakeinan on the Southern 1'aeilie. through the investment of $170.01) in California oil land, lieeame ;i millionaire. THE REAL TEST Of Herplotde !• IB Giving It • Tfc«T- ongk Trial. There is only one test by which to l Judge of the efficiency of any article iiid that IB by Its ability to do that which It Is Intended to do. Many hair .•'Kors may look nice and gmoll nice. uut the point Is—do they eradicate Dan- ;ruft and stop falling hair? No. they do not. but Herplcldo does, because It goes to the root of the evil and kills the germ that attacks tho papilla from whence the hair gets Its life. Letters from prominent people everywhere are dally proving 1 that Newbro's Ht-rplclde stands the "test of use." It la a ilPllRhtful dressing, clear, pura | ninl free from oil or grease. j Sold by leading druRKlsts. Send 10o. in utamps for sample to Tho Herplcldo Co., Detroit, Mich. NOTICE_OF MEETING. Xuiii'i' is hereliv nh'i'ii that the an- ll'inl Ilieeliim ol' the Mneklloli'.ers of i'if lieiow nanie'l eanal c'oaiuuuv for tlie iHiruose ol eleelinir ilireetni'H ami thi' transaction ol such other busiaess as nmv lie hriiau'hi liet'on 1 tlie iiii'oilni;. wMl be held at Ihe olltee o'' said Com- IIHIV, Ki.-rn Counts' l.atiil ('oiaoaii^ si dlllce builiiini:. coinei' of Hull aiul ii ! streets. HaUei'stii'lii. California, at the date and hour sei ooiiimite the lunie: I Keiti liiver Canal and Iniu'atlnii co..xov. ;. '»-^.'. l .V i 'j«v Ii ,, NXKll See. to above named Canal Coinnanv. Kern Conim Land Coninaiiv's office tmildintr, corner lltth and 11 streets, Bal.crHlleld. Calif. m-"4 IN CATTtl CAM Bl MCVKNTtO CUTTER'S BLACK LEO VACCIHB California's favciritf. the most tuc- c«ss(ul, oaMe.n us«d and lowest nricfil reliable vaccine niftde. Powder, string or pill form. Writf lor frvc HUict Lta Uooklet. THB CUTTBR LABORATORY ! BBKKBLIV, CAU. If your druggist doe* not stock oui VKcmes. order du«ct from us. \Ve could tell yon of liitiunierahle others. Why were iiuntliiK. Chanslor and many others, \vlio made their money through investments in oil, successful? Deeaiise they were shrewd, level-headed, observing men posse^siim unhoiindfd confidence in the uri-at I'utnn,' of the CaliHornia oil fields and tlie oil industry. The demand for oil is IncrenslnR daily. The consumption far exceeds the output. Several oil companies paid substantial dividends when oil was selling at fifteen cents per barrel. Oil is now selliriu' at SIXTY CENTS PER BAR- UICI, at the well. The total dividends for the year I'.ins from all the oil companies now doing business In California, not including tlie Standard, will probably reach the $i;,fi(ii.i.(ii.iO mark, and reach the .«ln,nun,nun mark for Ihe year 19d!t. Therefore, the natural conclusion to arrive at is INVEST IN OIL SKCI'UITIKS; INVEST AT ONCE. We are of- f'Titu; for sab 1 a limited number of shares on what we consider to be one of tlie best Companies oper- at iie.; in Kern County, in fact, in California. \Vo refer in the slock of the KERN ASSOCIATE!! Oil, COMI'ANY. The Muck of the KERN ASSOCIATED (ill, COMPANY is the best oil proposition ever oiiVrcd the investment public. This Company own-, tree ill incnmberance FORTY ACHES IN THE VERY 1IE\RT OF THE KERN RIVER Oli, DlsTuii'T. and situated on the Southern Pacific Railroad. It adjoins the San Joaquln Oil and Development Comp'inv's property, whlch'was recently men;,.,| with the Associated Oil Company, whose STOCK is NOW SEI,i.INC; AT $;M.OO PEH SHAltl': l! also adjoins the justly famous Dis. co\er> well, \\lii re nil was first discovered in the Kern l(i\ei ,,|| fields. THE KERN ASSOCIATE!.) OH, COMPANY has two wells on Us property. Well No i is IN OH, and gives about sixty-five barrel; nt <•>.', p.-r ,i a \. With a greater depth and a moie ,,,\ed pump, the production will be l.iri'.ely in. r-ised The company desires to sink four mine well . ami to Install modern compress.' 1- air IIIIIIIP- \Ve helieve that well No. 2 will, with iMvater iiept!'.. |,iiii|iii'e a larxe and inexhauptlhle nil supply, as aie the other wells on adjoining lirupeiiiis We are offering a limited number of shares in ihls Company at 20 cents per share. Ho you reali/.e what that means? It means that in purcliasini; this stock you become interested in a company that can produce the oil. It Is not a case of "Thev may," "Thev should," but "THEY ARE" Let us again impress upon you these highly important facts: Tlie property is a producer; is entirely surrounded liy reliable producing properties; that there is sufficient acreage (forty acres) to justify the drilling of forty more wells, all of which svouUl he in tlie very core of one of the richest oil-producing districts in Ihe world. Remember that Kern County produces as much oil ns any other throe oil-producing counties in California. Shipping facilities could not he bolter, for the property adjoins the Southern Pacific tracks. The company tins valuable assets In Improvements. Two wells, derrick, tanks, tool and hunk houses, etc. Before accepting the fiscal agency of The Kern Associated Oil Co. we thoroughly investigated every detail '<. rt;tiuing to the Company and its property. We did not take snap judgment, we never do; consequently want to assure yon that the stock of this Company at twenty cents per share is the most unparalleled opportunity for the investor tliar ever came under our observation. We sincerely believe that the Kern Associated Oil Co. is destined to pay dividends as surely and as regularly as the Associated Oil and other companies operating on adjoining properties, and we see no reason why within twelve months the stock should not he M,toted at many times its present selling pric". We unhosit'"'!>•.;!v idvise you to buy every share you can possiM 1 . .ifford. Watch the stock advance from twenty ienis to two dollars. Do not delay. (!et yni|!' or.l- ; in to US quickly. * $ :!'i will I ii/ mil shares, par value $ T»0. $ r>o will buy ITK) shares, pur value $ 250. JlOi) will buy r,oo shares, pnr value $ iiOn. j")iiii will buy 2.»0(i shares, par value $2500. From the above cash price you may deduct five tier cent. If you are not prepared to pay cash, then buy on our easy payment plan of one-fifth cash and one-fifth monthly. 100 shares for $20—pay $1 down and $4 monthly. 25(1 sharjPi-i for $50—pay $1 (1 down and $10 monthly. 500 shares for $100—pay $20 down and $20 monthly. 1,500 shares for $300—pay $60 down and $IJO monthly. THE STOCK OF THE KERN ASSOCIATED OIK CO. IS THE BEST BUY ON THE MARKET TODAY. ACT QUICKLY, BEFORE THE SHARES ARE ADVANCED IN PRICE. PAYNE '& Funeral Directors Embalmers AMbULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night, JOSEPH J. HOGAN COMPANY, 802 3 Metropolis Bank Building SAN FRANCISCO COUPON JOSEPH J. HOGAN CO. 802-803 Metropolis Bank Bldg San Francisco, Cal. Please send me the Kern Associuh full particulars •1 Oil Co. nbout Name Street .. City JOSEPH J. HOGAN 00. 802-803 Metropolis Bank Bldg San Francisco, Cal. I onolose $ 11 a res of (1st Name Street . City for piirl pu.vment. '''' full payment Kern Associated Oil Co. BROS."'"''* Are Agents for • THE ALBANY NURSERIES If yon need anything in tho • nursery line .-ee them at their * ranch oppoutto Producers' Hofln- * cry on BenrdKley canal. Write •I- them Itural No. 1, Box S. Or ^ call them up, Black fill. BAKEJKSPIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU When you want reliable ftelp of any kind nt no cost to you call Ufl up. We ilso supply Chinese and Japanese help. Phone 313. 1219 19th 8t •{• -J. ****.;. .J. *.;. .j. ^. .^ .;. .5. ^ A * * •» •> DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakersfleld. OLD 1ILIABLE Painters 8NYDER & JAOK80N Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING BIGN8 Phone Main 1198 1527 Wall 8t •ak«rafl«ld, Oak

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