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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
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Saturday, January 18, 1964
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2—Saturday, Jan. 18, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts TELEVISION IN REVIEW WASHINGTON internal war perils GOP if Goldwarer is rejected By Bruce Biossat WASHINGTON — (NEA) —,and including the GOP conven- Dangling over the Republican party at this moment is t h e threat of severe internal bitterness if Arizona's Sen. Barry Goldwatcr does not get the 196-4 GOP presidential nomination Not too many party men speak candidly of the danger. Quite a few, including some southerners, insist they will labor valiantly — to perhaps good result — for almost any candi date. Only New York's Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, they s a y, leaves them utterly cold Yet a careful reading of the comment buzzing among Republican leaders in all camps and all areas makes the peril evident. In a mid western state, populous but not one of the country's top seven, a leader says: "If the East foists someone else upon us, it will be a bitter blow. . . I'm afraid most of our people would just go home and sit down. We won't take an easterner this time." J The spokesman for a spacious! mountain state says every orga- tion at San Francisco July 13 The reason is simple. Party conservatives, having vainly sought the nomination for one of their own since 1936, never have smelt the roses so strongly as now. The late Sen. Robert Taft came within 104 votes of nomination in 1952. Bitter as his partisans were at Gen. Dwight Eisenhower's triumph, they could shrug and say: "Oh, well, you can't beat a national hero Goldwater's partisans sec it By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Notes to watch television by: The headliners: Kirk Douglas stars in "Lust for Life," about Vincent Van Gogh, on NBC-TV's Saturday night movie Feb. 1. . . Maurice Evans reads Shakespeare on same network's children's show, "Exploring," Feb. 8.. .Milton Berle will appear in an episode of CBS-TV's "The Defenders" as a comedian committed to an institution.. .Miriam Hopkins stars Monday on ABC-TV's science-fiction series. "The Outer Limits," as a recluse whose husband lives in a box. The series: CBS-TV's Phii Silvers Show, having its headaches, revamps drastically Feb. 1 — giving the comedian a fictional sister, niece and nephew .Same network's "East Side- differently They have the man, ^ SM d . . ^ they have the lead (real but ap-l controversia] subjcct mattcr has parently diminishing) national hero stands them. and no against In these circumstances, they Washington Window President's budget to be released Saturday By Lyle C. Wilson TOUGHENED PRESIDENTIAL CAR—The custom-built Lincoln Continental, in which President Kennedy was assassinated, has been strengthened in Detroit with armor siding and a bulletproof glass top. The car has also been equipped with heavy duty springs, shock absorbers and brakes to allow for the increased weight. President Johnson's reduced:necessary to give the man in ; 1965 fiscal year budget will be'the White House the best J distributed to news bureaus of any close decisions, jSaturday and will be presented! FDR Quit Hoping to Congress and published! Thus, the budget estimators I Tuesday of next week, Jan. 21. i enabled Franklin D. Roosevelt Let this essay be a warning I to the taxpayers: Don't believe I everything you read next Tues- to predict a balanced budget and a surplus through the first six or eight years of his presi- day about the budget. Every- jdency. It never came off and. j thing? The sad fact is that you finally, FDR puit even hoping are a sucker if you be-lfor a balance, lieve much of anything about | The horrible example, per- IN HOLLYWOOD Actors? They are talked into films plenty of sponors. . .NBC-TV's "Telephone Hour" marks its 1,000th performance on the air the middle of next month — 24 years on radio and teJevison... _, view as the crudest stroke the j A return of video's private eyeM 0 "' 1 accept roles. They arc'agreed with them, developing effort to "stop Gold- , „ = tj as ' j nter .jtalked into them. If no one didi Lubin started taking. By Erskine Johnson TUCSON. Ariz. — "Actors!standard fees. Their water" — and that is a properj nalJona | agcnts in ^ c mystery-jthe talking, there would be noto Peter and Bob and said Kookie not happy in land of Communists By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — What agents happens when a teen-age idol i encounters Communism in real I went!uf c behind the Iron Curtain? label despite the distaste for it among the big state GOP leaders now seeking another candidate. If the results of the presidential primaries and the trends of other spring events help to nour-l nization Republican down to Uiei JS^^f^^^^MYn™! ~' last county chairman has openly v™,f H ^ Camcra " is "P° rt endorsed Goldwater. They ,/™ p ^ e * H « i C<1 beinS b ° unced becauSe ° f al 'warfare seen in decades. | Icged unnappiness with its ten . thriller mold, is expected from!motion pictures at all. That's -Look. the networks. Foreign stuff: There were no tobacco commercials on British television the day that the U.S. surgeon general's report on smoking and health was issued last week.. .Germany's version stand with him in convention to the end — and be crushed if he loses out. how deeply insecure actors are."iright? Ronald Lubin is talking. Energetic, articulate, ambitious. A trim, wiry, fast-thinking man. Once a top actor's agent is now a producer of such movies as "Billy Budd" and "Judgment in the Sun," on location here. As Martin Ritt directs Paul we all love the story. They agreed. "We're all rich, right?" Lubin then asked. "I wasn't rich. In the case of Edd (Kookie) Byrnes he got a strong new idea of what it means to be an American. , Young Byrnes, who co-starred he said, re-i m -77 Sunset Strip* for several Lubin[membering his approach, "buti yearSi spen t two months in 1 didn't let them know that." They were all rich, they agreed. "So," said Lubin. "I then proposed, 'Let's do something we love and forget about Contemplating this, some topj dency t0 disturb p riva cy; we! Ncwmanin YsceneV Lubin has j salary. Well all share in the Repubucans regret the choice of | couJd vcrv easi!v livc without' tjme on his hands , 0 ta lk about profits, but we won't worry California They fear for the that in convention I the American version too. | how actors arc s hoehorned into^bout it because we're all doing that setting hotheads Again and again, this sort of • ,.„„ ,„-„,.,.. ..... , , ,. , .ivoung pro-tioldwatcr thing is heard from the ardent -•„. 7 „„,.„„ J:,.,.., K .,„ „,,.-. T . ,. . • •< • might create severe nisturban Goldwatentes. The threat in it is plain enough. They argue, with a good deal of provable substance, that in countless places the senator is the overwhelming choice of thej »«/ 1 GOP rank and file workers. WQPrSn S SCO These pro-Goldwater men say • • • that with any other nominee, OH prODQTIOIl they will have a very hard time recruiting workers, raising mon-t SAN DIEGO (UPI) — A Serious stuff: Panama's am-j ro j es bassador to the United Nations 1 is interviewed tomorrow on ces and fan fiercely the flames jCBS-TVs "Face the Nation". . . of bitterness. j NBC-TV plans a March 15 spec- _iial studv of California's higher 1 Impersonator of ! e ? uca . tion - • - II al f is : e p° rt , < : d r _ 1 planning a special on Australia — and a sequel to the outstanding "Voice of the Desert" pro- "Offer any actor any part," says Lubin, "and he immediately finds three things wrong — the billing, the money and the role. That's when you start talking, whether you are an agent, a producer or a director." Lubin remembered David Niv- something we love Their agents screamed, but Ustinov and Ryan did the film. When Rod Steigcr turned down "The Al Capone Story," which earned him a fortune, for fear of being typed, Lubin again started talking. "The studio," he recalls, "assured me that Rod would have gram in which naturalist Joseph! , , . iWnnrf Knitch intrrwovp the sub-i en - '» e nked ,ne role an " ne .... 26 J c," of natu f and° pW.osophykcd the billing Paramount once; the right to rewrite,anythinghe — ° — - » 1 „,.„,. . „ ... , rnm Rr at Ar ; zona home The se-1 ottered him. but he demanded; d'dn t like. So I asked the head cy and stirring any real cam-jvear-old store cle^ of thc studio t0 invite him t0 nis paign effort. In other words, sit-i in S s ' 0re -. ,vho passed himself] QUC- » is aireo, apparenuj, J . _ ,_„.__ „ — f „,„„„„ ct„io„.. down is the prospect. 1°"" as the son of U.S. Chief Told of these comments. aj Justice Earl Warren, was placed prominent eastern chief glow- on a three-year probation Fn- crcd: J day that includes no drinking, no "That kind of talk makes myi tr 'P s to Mexico and no check uuti. if it is aired. a H1 .». ......j. - , , , e«-!»— would concern Uic Grand Can-^red $90,000 and promised him office for a conference Steiger yon !S6.000 extra for two weeks of;was flattered and asked me if rehearsals for a total of S96.0G0.:he should see the executive Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, and concluded: "you really begin to appreciate your American citizenship once you've been on the other side of the curtain. "I think American Communists would change their minds in a hurry if they spent a few weeks in Yugoslavia or East Berlin." Byrnes, who returned to Hollywood a few weeks ago. said his two-month stay in the land of Tito seemed like five years. "Everything—big things and little things—is depressing. Take the food, for instance. We had most of our meals flown in from Rome. Yugoslavian food, except for fish, is so bad youl can't eat it. ! "I stayed at the best hotel in Dubrovnik, the Excelsior, paying S20 a day for a tiny little room with no bath. The guys haps, was in fiscal year 1959 during Dwight D. Eisenhower's second term. Ike was an honest man who wanted a balanced budget and to reduce government spending. He estimated for fiscal 1939 a budget surplus of S466 million. Not much, but a surplus. When the returns were all in at the end of fiscal 1959. Ike had a deficit of S12.4 billion. The late President Kennedy was in the habit of estimating for a surplus and ringing up a deficit. President Johnson now estimates '65 fiscal year expenditures at S97.9 billion, half a billion below the Kennedy budget for the current fiscal year. Johnson estimates for a deficit of S4.9 billion. His estimate of fiscal '65 revenue is S93 billion. These are mere guesses until the books close in June 1965. the budget. President Johnson will report it next week to Con gress. This is not a reflection on President Johnson. It is simply a fact of life. Most citizens next Tuesday will read some of the budget headlines and a few paragraphs ol the budget stories. Friends, do not be conned by the majestically rolling cadences of the President's budget message nor by the piously prim accounting in billion of dollars and odd cents on the cost during fiscal 1965 of this or that function of government. Be not sold, either on the government income figures which will be set down precisely as so many billions fromthis tax, so many billions from that tax and so on. j Estimate Is Guesstimate j This whole budget business is guess work. At best, the estimate of what government will cost in fiscal 1965 is no morej DISTRICT NURSES than a guesstimate. The ex- SCHEDULE PROGRAM perts always are wrong. Con- Co , or ^ ?„»n P TfI etg? c lH °P e j n Peru will be shown at mg to Congress next week iSi..„r,. „, . •„„ „„„,• „ _ r „„ „„,-„,„„, ;„ the Tuesday evening meeting of an estimate of government m-L-, rt • i.. . x- » • „, „,,,„„:„ «„„• ,.„,.|Cahfornia State Nurses Associ- come and outgo in fiscal year! ,. • , „„ , : , .,, „, . . ... ation. District 39. starting at 196o which will not begin until , • ' , I,.I„ 1 „r it,-* i»T ;u „„ J 7:30 ln 'he community room of i ^,t « ™ n ,h% En- d| S«»rily First National Bank, about 18 months hence on June, Dr C / T nMmg Q[ Red , ands blood boil.'' Sitdown in the Fall election campaign is thus not the only prospect. A lot of blood could be boiling — and flowing chief justice's son, also was ordered to pay $102 restitution to The schedule: Tomorrow's Question game on CBS-TV.i Niven was stubborn. "No," he! ' 'He s a big man, ."Alumni Fun." includes Eva pouted, "my salary is SlOO.OOO.-jtold Steigcr. Well, he went, andimumst party functionaries who I Marie Saint for Bowling Green! With that Lubin, then the; the studio head gave in to State University and Quentinjstar's agent, started talking. "I;his demands. Next day he asked j ^"^"g workcd ri «ht in- the way, how did thejehtdins the elevator. But no one ing accounts. Arthur M Warren whoi sta,c Uiw'c-reity and Quentin | star s agent nif,M«rf m,tL I MAcinV U ,{,„ I Refolds and Ruth Husscy forjsent him my personal check forjmc: pleaded guilty to posing as tho|„_;.._ .... n _ „„:J„,. ...:.u _ _„,„ T 1. .rv „,.l •• • I'who ran the place were Com djmunist party functi all I made it clear they didn't like will be narrator for the film, telling the story of the ship outfitted by the people of the United States to take medical and dental information to the developing nations of the world. Because of the interest of the program, it will be open to all who wish to attend. Refreshments will be served. Brown University.. .On Monday,jS280 with a note. It read: 'Dear| i NBC-TV's By lover there dares to complain. •Hollywood and the David: After paying income tax-studio get my phone number?' , ,, .,,,,:„•.,„„ 1 r •> t> 1 — .. 'Does jt mat-' And that s the most frighten ZhcoZz Hotel[where ief^i^ dc ™!f^Jl™! 0 ? a sa ! ary of *™>™ inste f dl .„ 3. 1 SaW W3S ' the party combat up to was arrested Dec. 16. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner • f.!.W. na to Fabian: no kidding.. .oldtim- er George Tobias plays an agent next Friday in "The Seven Little Foys." the story of the famous vaudeville family, on NBC- TV's Bob Hope Theatre; Tobias also appeared in the movie of the same name. "You like the new hat? It's a fringe benefit in the new- coat settlement I negotiated with Henry!" Must provide support SANTA MONICA (UPI)—"You might as well realize that you are going to have to provide for your children's support," said the judge. "You can do it either by getting a job or by being sentenced to work on a county road gang." Albert R. Davis. 46, an aircraft worker, got this message and then five days in jail Friday from Superior Judge Edward R. Brand. Brand acted after learning Davis failed to keep up child support payments and turned down a job to accept unemployment benefits. Davis said he passed up the MAN AND SPACE By ALVIN B. WEBB Jr. United Press International ing thing of all, thc acceptance; by the people of the terrible; conditions. It takes three people; in each family holding a jobj in order to make a living. Their i wages arc as little as $5 a week ! for an 11-hour day, 7 days a ! week. ! "The commie propaganda is everywhere. You can feel thc fear in the people and see the terror in their eyes. They are afraid of being arrested or getting into trouble with the government. "Even visitors like myself automatically go on guard. I was aware of being watched over there and extra careful not to get into trouble. "There are pictures of Tito ftwo years ago, then by the Min-; looking down at you in every |uteman sites and the giant gan-jstore, in every window. I felt I tries for the revolutionary, hy-;l'ke I was on parole or somc- of $96,000 you will net o n 1 y ter? $280 more. I don't want you tof Again, Steiger objected to co- blow $96,000 for $280, so here's starring with Claire Bloom on a check for $280.' " j Broadway in the play "Rasho- Niven, Lubin remembers, mon." "The play," Lubin "saw the light." laughed, "gave Ciaire top bill- ling, and Steiger stormed to me, Peter Ustinov and Robert 1 'I'm not going to take second Ryan were in love with the story]billing to that dame.' " Even- of "Billy Budd," but they want- tually Lubin talked him into the ed no part of the movie Lubin role and today "that dame" was planning because what be Claire Bloom is Mrs. Rod Stei- offered in salary was below their'ger. 30. 1965. Even with the best of intentions, the politicians and Budget Bureau numbers sharks can do little more than guess what revenues and expenditures will be. Much will depend on what Congress does or does not appropriate; on what Congress does or does not vote in the way of tax cut. Moreover, there probably will be supplemental appropriations (ACCEPTS CHAIRMANSHIP sought and obtained from Con- WASHINGTON (UPI)—Presi- gress as fiscal 1965 wears; dent Johnson accepted the hon- away. Projects budgeted for SI orary chairmanship of Brother- billion will be found to be cost- hood Week of 1964 and said the ing $2. Or income will sag or Feb - 16-23 observance would an emergency will arise. come at "a time of deep ap- The Bureau of the Budget.jpraisal for all Americans." like another famous hot spot, isj Sunday is visiting day on Cape Kennedy's range paved with good intentions. The budgeteers do their best, usually tempering their best when You'll Find a Ready Market Thru Fast Acting Facts Classified Ads OUR ANCESTORS by Quincy $1.60 per hour job, because he |Wa would be getting more money by drawing unemployment insurance payments. CAPE KENNEDY (UPI) —!drogen - fueled Centaur space Our car, approximately No. 20.-j rocket. 183rd in line, moved steadily for-j Veterans of the space business ward at a top speed of f 0 u r, wonder about all the excitement, feet per minute Cape Kennedy seems remark, The wife, fairly bubbling vrith!??^ duU ~ * vas ' ex P anse °' -the excitement of four years of I high-grown; shrubbery pierced iting. was ready with 68.274 ;hcre and[there by cold metallic NAMED CHAIRMAN WASHINGTON (UPI) — Margaret K. Hickcy, public affairs editor of the Ladies Home Journal, was named chairman of the Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women Thursday by President Johnson. questions. I merely wondered what I was doing here anyway. Thc daughter was bored. A Pan-Am guard at the pass gate gave us a snappy "Go" and there we were — on service towers and igloo-shaped blockhouses and hangers that look like those at any good airport. The few rockets that are on hand are hidden from view by Los Pios RANCHO Open Every Day 9 AM.-5 P.M. Cold Crisp Apples — Pure Raw Apple Cider Los Rios RANCHO Oak Glen Road OAK CLEN Yucaipa, Calif. 7 MILES EAST OF YUCAIPA 10 MILES NORTH OF BEAUMONT signs, ana mere we were — uu;_„_ . , .„ . Cape Kennedy itself, spaceport ^ va . s ' » rac . .} nil be U.S.A.. the land of rockets and; 1 """ 1 !*' * hll ^ e v,SItors arc gantries or. as one comedian ™? ,h 8 3 T put it, "Disneyland East." j But they come for various «a. , u J , . ! sons — the wives, who previous- It looked just as I had left it ly had bcen banncd from , he three days earlier. |"g!amorous" worksite of their This was the road that, in a, husbands; tnc taxpayers who day not too long ago, was the| havc an honest-to-goodness in thing—one mistake and, pow into jail." Byrnes had a good word for the Yugoslavian people. "They are very kind and friendly," he said. "And they like Americans. But they are also fearful of the party big shots. They can't afford to be too friendly. "The really sad part of it all | is that they've been brain-' washed into believing they have a high standard of living and that America, France, England and the rest of the free world are falling apart from hunger and poverty. YUCAIPA C.D.A. COURT TO MEET Court Holy Spirit, Catholic Daughters of America, will have a business meeting Tues- pathway for the privileged few.' tC rcst in where all the money isid a >' at 8 p.m. in the social hall It took a string of badges. a! go ing; the tourist, who simplyj° f St - Frances X. Cabrini windshield loaded with stickers| Wa nts to tell the folks back !C,, urch in Yucaipa. Members and sanctions just short of a home he was there. K'" votc on 'he applications of "Prospecting for gold? No, I'm looking for oil the hard way!" Congressional order to get past that same pass-gate. The Great Curtain This was the base that once Interesting Question j prospective new members and As we drove along the north ^ ns for ' nitiat '°n w > u be made side of the cape, down ICBM road, my wife was letting loose had its commander, Maj. G en.'with the avalanche of questions. Donald N. Yates, dreaming of J Among them was an interesting ways to erect a great curtain to hide its activity from the curious public. No more. For three hours one: "Why all the secrecy? Secrecy has always been more fiction than fact at Cape Kennedy. Firing schedules, ostensi- each Sunday, Cape Kennedy los-|bily for only those with a "need es its privileged privacy and be-jto know," have been available comes a mecca for tourism. [ at any reputable bar, restaurant The Air Force decided this;or hostelry practically since the month that times have changed|day Cape Kennedy leaped into enough to permit the taxpayers j the headlines at least a "drive-through" look at the billion-dollar-plus missile base. And every Sunday, the cars jam up hundreds deep to wind along the roads between gantries and hangers. Thus our presence on this particular Sunday, along with hundreds of missile workers conned by wives and families into making a trip that proves wearisome enough during the week — and. of course, the tourists. The license tags ranged from Massa-i chusctts to Hawaii. j Rocket Pads j We sped along Lighthouse road, past the Redstone pad where astronauts Alan B. Shepard Jr. and Gus Grissora were! launched into space more than' The rocket burning times often are classified — but any sightseer with a good stop watch can find it out. The types of rockets are supposed to be hush hush, but with a little practice and a dozen shots anyone can become an "expert" observer. Our car sped past the south gate, back into civilian land, about one hour after we started. It was a profitable trip. Thc wife had about four years of questions answered. The daughter had a chance to see thc launching pad where her father picked up the latest member of the family, a stray cat named "Pogo." But that's it. Never on a Sunday, again. for February 4. Mrs. John Cenkner of Redlands, district deputy, will be a guest. Mrs. A. R. Hoover and Mary Etta Bryant will be social hour hos tesses. Now You Know By United Press International The dog population of the United States is an estimated 24.5 million, according to the Hollywood, Calif., chapter of the American Humane Association. MAKE f R1ENDS A child who uses his own money for some items learns the value of the green stuff. DISPELL THOSE PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS ABOUT FUNERAL PRICE Many families have pre-conceived opinions regarding funeral prices which are not based on fact. It pays to be aware of costs before necessity forces the family to make a hasty decision. F. Arthur Corfner's will be happy to discuss services at any time under no obligation. f. ARTHUR C0RTNER 221 BROOKSIDE AVE. • PY 2-1411

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