The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 27, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 1
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, 'ITKSDAY, OCTOBKR '21, 190S BRYAN ENTHUSIASM THROUGHOUT THE NATION ALL GOTHAM MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, i that, whether the Democratic party NEW YORK, Oct. 26.—At the close! won or lost, Its policy of publicity of I contributions would become the law of the land. another ovation at 11:55 o'clock. of a trying day—a day of outdoor speaking In a drenching rain, of fast flying trips by auto and special train, of receptions and formal dinners, and of three big evening meet- Ings in different sections of the city, W. J, Bryan addressed In Madison Square Garden tonight the most notable gathering of his three campaigns. The great oval amphitheater of the garden held an Immense throng, limited only by its vast capacity. From platform to the .farhermost reaches of Bryan was given when he concluded He had spoken several times of the lateness of the hour but the crowd called to him to "go on." The demonstrations of applause and cheering seemed to Increase In spontaneity and volume rather than diminish as the midnight hour approached. Hours before the doors of the big auditorium swung open, the crowd jclamored for admittance. »the loftiest of the four encircling gal- Cortrlght wlth severa , hundred _ lerles there was no vacant place. The | ,, ce under h , a command( formed V af police early in the evening cut off all i eordon around the bu , ld , ng and on , y access to the building, with a disap- Ucket holderg were permltted to pa88 pointed waiting line blocks in length. ^ jj ne Notable as it was In the size and en-! -.''.,, . „ ,_ j., thnslasm o f the great crowd, the meet- J ' Sar 6 ent Crom of Tammany hadd Ing took superior rank in the distln-' opened th « meetlng , w , Ith »e nomlna- gulshed personnel of It 8 speakers and' tlon for cha rma ° of forn ? er Judge , D ' party leaders who sat with Bryan up-' Cad * Herrlck ' who was chosen ' Judge on the platform and cheered his every sentiment. It was 10:15 o'clock when Bryan finally reached the garden. His com-1 Ing was heralded by eager outposts at the door and the first cry. of "Bryan" brought all to their feet In one rising wave of humanity. A flag was in the hands of every person In the vast' audience and the scene us the presl-; dcntial candidate made his way through tho alslos was strikingly a' repetition of the demonstration at Denver when Mr. Bryan was nominal, j ed. The waving of flags in a rippling sea of color, the cheering and the mu- s!<; lasted fourteen minutes bel'or Mr. Bryan with uplifted hands finally secured the silence that permitted him to proceed. Mr, Bryan appeared tired and worn when he began to talk, but as he pro- 'j|ceeded the cheers of his hearers seem•* ed to imbue him with new strength and he spoke with all his characteristic vigor. His voice, clear and resonant as a bell, filled the big garden to Its farthest corner. Bryan devoted a large part of his time to labor topics. The enthusiasm reached its height when he predicted Hear the Californian's Election Returns Tuesday Night at Bakersfield Opera House On next Tuesday night the California!) will announce election returns from the stafrc of the B.ikcrslield opera house, and the public is invited to he present and hear the earliest results of the great contests in the nation, state and county. To facilitate the rapid announcement of news, the Call- fornian has arranged to receive its report over a wire direct to the theater. An operator will be on the sta-e, and the news, fresh from New York, Ohio and Indiana and other doubtful states, will be given to the puhlie just as fast us the returns are gathered. The Californian has also made arrangements to secure early returns from the several districts of this county, and the'vote by precincts will be announced as soon as the counts are completed. The opera house, with its large, capacity, and its comfortable seats, will be an ideal place for the announcement of returns, insuring as it will, comfort for the interested and waiting public. A cordial invitation is extended to the people of the county to avail themselves of the opportunity to hear the news ov^r the Californian's wire, and as it will he announced from the stage. Further notice will be given as to the hour of the first bulletin and it is the advice of the Californian that those desiring seats come early. The interest in the restdt is growing intense, and there will without doubt he a rush for seats in Bakersfield's up to date theater. Special attention will be given to providing seats for ladies and their escorts. DAY IN ME UNO IN YORK OIL FIELD NEW YORK, October 27.—Today's political program Is one of Intense activity In New York City and In the state. Both candidates are hurrying from point to point lu the city and nearby towns. Taft started for outlying districts That rally in the oil fields on Friday night promises to be a record- breaker, and already Interest among the enthusiastic Dryan supporters there Is at fever heat. The Union Band, Itself made up of wage earners, will discourse music £or the "special" with the speakers] aboard, having been enthusiastic- j ally greeted at every point from j Bed Bluff south. Corruption Fund for Indiana early today. The first meeting was at | the men who toll on the leases, and there will be an anvil salute and fireworks. Charles F. Johnson of the Kern River Oil Company and C. B. Colby of the Columbian lease, are at th« head of the committee on arrangements, and no detail will be left unattended to, to Insure the success of th« meeting. A requisition for one outside speaker has been made on the state central committee, and In addition, there will be In attendance Rowen Irwlu, nominee for the assembly, District Attorney Laird, Thos. Scott, H. A. Ja«Iro and others. Tonight Rowen Irwln will addreaa the citizens of Randsburg, and tomorrow he will speak In Mojave. Matthew S. Platz and Mr. Irwln, BJ. L. Foster and others will speak at Marlcopa on Friday and at McKlt- trlck on Saturday. At Delano on Thursday night there will be a big meeting anrl on Saturday night there will be speaking at Panama and Roseflale. The Bell-Phelan special is scheduled to reach Kern at 6 o'clock this evening, and the speaking will begin at the Bakersfleld opera house at 8 o'clock. The reception committee and other Bryan enthusiast will take a special car at the Southern corner at 5:40 to meet the incoming train. The band will also go to the train. The Bryan Club held a meeting last night and arranged to join in an impromptu parade which will form at 7:30 in front of the Dexter stables. The meeting promises to be the biggest political affair of the year, ANOMR WILL It is reported tint the C. \V. B. Oil ! Company, the Bandettlni Company in j McKlttrick, struck another good well ; late last week. The Bandettinl well 1 No. " was one of the sensations of the; McKittrick field and oil men who luive j seen the new well. No. 4, are unite.1 [ in the opinion that It is another great. producer. The company is shipping i about $7000 worth of oil a month. i W. P. Cunningham is going deeper! in his well now being drilled on -sec- j tion 14, In the Midway. He Is down ; about 1400 feet, is now using 6 Inch casing and is reported to have a fair^ showing of oil. The petroleum is not ;• * in paying quantities however. I * Superintendent Murphy, drilling the ! Jones well on the same section, Ls j £ down about 700 feet. | The water question is still vexing j the Midway producers anil things are not improved any. Additional com-1 panies , have closed down. For some , reason the supply from the railroad ' I has fallen off during the p;ist few day* , land the Strutton system U not yet in j ! operation. The Knob Hill is one of the most recent to shut down TIPTOX, [nil., Oct. 27.—"I ani. reliably Informix! and maku this specific charge that, a hundred thousand dollars, largely contributed by trusts and combines, was brought into Indiana last. Sunday and passed through the hands of Hon. Fred Sims, secretary of state." Vice Presidential Candidate J. \V. Kern made the above charge before an audience here. "I think every thoughtful, patriotic citizen should see the necessity of publication of campaign contributions before election. No wonder the Republican party Is declining to give the names of men and corporations contributing," said Mr. Kern. Dry'laslot Hurt the Town Yonkers and a series of cities and towns along the Hudson us far as Tryon. Bryan devoted himself to Greater New York, beginning at 3 a. m. In an address to night workers at City Hall Park. After a few hours' sleep he addressed a Broadway meeting, thjpn going to Brooklyn, Long Island, and later crossing over to New Jersey. Both gubernatorial candidates are In New York City. Hearst and Sherman also speak tonight. I NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—All factions) in the party In Brooklyn took part in the demonstration today. Bryan said ho felt well after a 27 hours speaking trip yesterday, which he said was the most strenuous he ever had. He estimated he will speak to over 300,000 today. In his first speech, Bryan said he "could not tell the size of the sweeping victory by which the party Is going to win, but the indications arc that it will bo a very large one. Reports from Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, toll that I all those states will give their vote to tlie Democratic ticket. MJ\V YORK, Oct. 27.—For the first time hi history at'stich an hour, the gray walls of the old City Hall were lighted with red fire at 3 o'clock this morning. Hrynn, bare headed and smiling, was Introduced from the steps of the building to the big crowd of night workers. Before the cheers had ceased the ttres died out and Bryan made his address in the dark, the street lights giving hardly enough light to distinguish the form of the speaker and those standing with him. A brass band entertained the crowd. Bryan was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Mack and Mrs. Bryan. He eulogized the workers and spoke on general issues. PRIZE WALTZ FOR OIL FIELD SHOW One of the best entertainments of the season Is being planned for the oil fields Thursday night. A special feature will be a prize waltz, for which the American Jewelry Company has donated the prizes. The beat waltzing couple will receive a real ... rose hat pin for the lady and a sliver .{.'match box for the gentleman. In ad- .gjdltion to the regular program of mor- . ' Ing pictures and Illustrated songs, specialties will be Introduced between films. ONE CHARGE REMAINS NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—The conspiracy count in the indictment upon Morse and Alfred other city, has felt the general de preBslon during the past year, I be lleve there are more new houses be-'which Chorlos W. ing built, more new improvments Curtis are being tried In the United and developments being made and ^ states court here was dismissed today more prosperity at the present time | |, v Judge Hough. This leaves Morse In Long Bach than in any other city and Curtis to face only the charges of, C. J. Walker, former mayor of I^ong Beach, writing with reference to the report of conditions in that city, takrf's exception to the, statement that tho ••ilry" movement has hurt the town. A ' letter in the hands of Rev. W. H. LONDON, Oct. 27.—A dispatch from j \ vieman says; I AMERICANS TO HAVE THREE CARDINALATESj b) I.. Allf.K P, UKuS » Ij \ Rome to a news agency says the Pope, i has decided that a special consistory | shall be held for the nomination »!' ; new American cardinals. After tho r>?- i organization of the American dioceses, ! the Americans shall have three canli i nals. In California." IS CAVIARE FISH OR j SHOULD IT BE EGGS. I NKVY YORK, Ocl. 2«.—Importers of j caviare have brought another test cilKC before the board of general appraisers in an effort to finally decide tho Ktattus of that article under the customs laws. A recent cuso was <le- violation of the national banking law. THE WEATHER. Southern California: Fair tonight and Wednesday. "I wish that the people of Bakers- cidod against that tho importers, who field and Keru County might know tho claimed that the authorities were In actual conditions in Long Beach, j error In listing caviare as fish. They which in the Interview are very much j claimed that caviare, while the was o more fi.,h WORLD'S 25-MILE RECORD No New Suit Yet ? Well then it's time you were pay ins; us a visit and allowing us the pleasure of assisting you in seleutintr a hue, stylish winter suit. We've been outiittinj,' all the well dressed men of Bakersfleld in suits, and we're sure we ean satisfy you perfectly. If you want a stylish suit, one that has some class to it, is neat/stylish and swell, then come to iw-fur we have them. Suits here at ull prices. THE TOGGERY misrepresented. As you know, Long Beach went "dry" eight years ago, , .since which time Long Beach has • prospered as never before, and has SHATTERED, -u'own more rapidly than any other i 'city in Southern California. We have j NEWARK, N. J, Oct. 25.— Frank m-own from a population of 2,000 to j L. Kramer, the champion bicycle rM- :in,OoO; school buildings from five ' er, broke his own world's record for SI ,iali ones to ten large ones; teachers twenty-five miles, unpaced, la compo-, from thirteen to 102; lumber yards tltlon at the ValUburg track today,'from one to five; banks from one to of sturgeon, hen's egs are poultry. than * CINCINNATI CLUB LEAVES FOR CUBA. was riding the distance In 57:36 3-5. previous record, made in 1901, 57:52 4-5. Kramer rode against a field of ex perlenced long distance cyclers. , seven, and everything else In propor Now, if 'tho saloon closing of | Long Beach has totally wrecked tho CINCINNATI, Oct. 27. —Thirteen, members of the Cincinnati baseball club left here yesterday for Cuba, where they will play the leading clubs of the Caban League. SPECIAL CAR TO MEET THE BELL-PHELAN TRAIN Bryan supporters arc- Invited to go to Kern on a special car this evening to meet the Bell-Phelan special. The car will leav« the Southern hotel corner at 5:40 and will carry the re lOWIU * MM* BATTERY WARRANTS ARE SENT TO VI8ALIA. Harry Monahan, Frank Warner and bu.iineSB of the place, 1 I believe that ' j{ Karrelly, who are wanted on a bat : Bakersfleld and all of Kern County j t(>ry ( .h arge preferred by George May, would do well to be 'wrecked' in the , ni , t rans f ( » r ma ii, as a result of Mon- same way. Beach is known as a summer resort and the Hotel Vlrglulo, our mil- alum's KiiccesHt'iil attempt yesterday, at tho Southern Pacific depot to evadu i the payment of a $3 bill, were not ar- < lion dollar tourist hotel, lias closed for, rested In Portervlllo yesterday as was ; a few months during the winter, the , planned. The Portervllle officers ! same as the large tourist hotels in could not be communicated with and ( Pasadena, or any other winter re- last evening the warrants were for-j last evening the warrants were for- ceptlon committee, and all who desire, sort, close during 'he summer months, j warded to yiaalla, where ttu^pleturea Leat her The Latest Conceits in this Serviceable Material. *• You would handly believe that such beautiful things could be made of leather aa we are now showing. The following goods can be found hore in variety. No better gift could be thought of than something from this line. Ladies' Handbags In Alligator, Seal, etc., etc., Pocket Books, Purses, Cigar Cases, Card Cases. Bill and Letter Books, Wrist Bags. Prices arc- most reasonable on everything. Come in nnii lot UA show you the goods. See our Window. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phones Main 04 and 74.

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